Inside a Deserted Gaming Convention | Nostalgia Nerd

11 maj 2019
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Play Expo Manchester 2019. It's a lonely place when there's no one there. Also featuring DJ Slope falling off stage and hitting the deck.
Play Expo SEworld Panel:
Lady Decade:
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  • I actually spent so much time filming at this after party, I only got a chance to play on 2 machines. Battlezone, and that Nintendo console...... Bummer.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • @AstraLethality MasterKnight The good ole days...

      blue552blue552År sedan
    • Aww man that's a bummer, Next time enjoy yourself first and then do recording .

      Duncan KDuncan KÅr sedan
    • that girl with her hand on her butt looked disapointed, like she expected to get alot of money from fartnight or something.

      Grant MackinnonGrant MackinnonÅr sedan
    • Next time you're in Manchester, visit the Arcade Club in Bury (if you haven't already).

      Steve HufferSteve HufferÅr sedan
    • I appreciate the sacrifice you made for us, we got an insight into something that literally leaves me in awe. Technology, some of which was made before i was born, is PLAYABLE and ALL GATHERED TOGETHER IN ONE ROOM? IS THERE EVEN ENOUGH TIME IN THE WORLD TO GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE IN THAT PLACE? I don't think so, which is why what you did for us is that much more special and valuable, thank you, random youtuber who i have never watched before until i got recommended this video xD.

      LazyNate31LazyNate31År sedan

    MastaGambitMastaGambit2 månader sedan
  • wow, that step did its job with all the firmness of an air hockey puck... poor DJ Slope!

    CormoranCormoran3 månader sedan
  • Beautiful video. Thank you.

    DiepzeevisDiepzeevis9 månader sedan
  • Anytime discussing Battlezone, it's worth mentioning the Vector graphics. Thanks for the video. Cheers.

    Bushy BBushy B10 månader sedan
  • Looks AMAZING! To bad I live in the USA 😔

    Duncan KDuncan KÅr sedan
  • Downvote for clickbait title that doesn't match content.

    Care BearCare BearÅr sedan
  • i have just folded space from manchester. many machines in manchester... old machines. better than those in blackpool.

    vaikkajokuvaikkajokuÅr sedan
  • 3:10 wholly shit i actuly after all these years had no clue the simpsons game was made by fucking konami :o

    PixelLightShowPixelLightShowÅr sedan
  • it looks like glasgow train station

    JoshTGHJoshTGHÅr sedan
  • The 360 and ps3 are like 15 years old, so they are dated as hell.

    ThenoseflapThenoseflapÅr sedan
  • bro clickbait and you know it lol dislike anndd un sub

    n balaboonn balaboonÅr sedan
  • What did he mean about Blackpool? Canadian here and I'm genuinely Curious.

    Crashus MaximusCrashus MaximusÅr sedan
  • Clickbait.

    ShinyCookieShinyCookieÅr sedan
  • IF that was like the penal colony from alien 3, there would be a lot of bloodshed and naughty attempts on people being attempted. *smfh *

    Screw The NetScrew The NetÅr sedan
  • DJ Slopes.... NOOooooo 😅

    LostElectronLostElectronÅr sedan
  • i wish there was something like this in my area

    Stink PotatoStink PotatoÅr sedan
  • Guest staring The Gaming Muso

    Eddie JohnsonEddie JohnsonÅr sedan
  • I guess you can say DJ had not prepared for a slippery slope 🤣

    Powerhouse 1996Powerhouse 1996År sedan
  • thank u sir for the show around. i know how crowded and energy killing those days are. so deep respect for you to go throu the trouble of filming this

    demofilmpuntnldemofilmpuntnlÅr sedan
  • I bought a copy of your book today as it would happen.

    Rob ArnoldRob ArnoldÅr sedan
  • 56k views :D

    SpruceMarooseSpruceMarooseÅr sedan
  • I very much appreciate the presentation of this video. It's rare that I would watch anything more than once, even a star trek movie. But this I feel like I want to leave it running all day like a Seaburg record.

    The Aussie Repair GuyThe Aussie Repair GuyÅr sedan
  • As a man, a programmer and an enthusiast and to this day, I disavow how our hobby became what it is these days. Every purple hair 'gamer girl' or 'man bun' just helps me understand how Google got Evil; posers and losers stole my joy...

    Ellipsis of Triple TapEllipsis of Triple TapÅr sedan
  • Amazing venue for such event and amazing to see all the Arcade machine, pinball, retro consoles etc. would have loved to pay it a visit.

    Serge LeonSerge LeonÅr sedan
  • Thank you SO much for taking the time to film all of this. I know it must have taken a great deal of the time you could've spent walking around and exploring for yourself, but I certainly appreciate it.

    Adam HammackAdam HammackÅr sedan
  • damn i think i should go next year!

    Mangy_DogMangy_DogÅr sedan
  • Not deserted.

    Cyrus HaleCyrus HaleÅr sedan
  • abandoned or maybe closed??? mmm a difference

    jorge blastjorge blastÅr sedan
  • was a great Event, made new friends and had tons of fun

    M NXM NXÅr sedan
  • Haha.. mhhh Tables🤘🤘🤘😋😋😋

    M NXM NXÅr sedan
  • 11:27 is when ragdoll physics take over after the initial animation lol

    mcrsitmcrsitÅr sedan
  • F E A R S ! ! !

    Optima-NovaOptima-NovaÅr sedan
  • I love videos like this.

    DaehawkDaehawkÅr sedan
  • 10:48 - watching politics

    Kre SoKre SoÅr sedan
  • Definitely a game cube fan amazing system imo. Deserves an atari jaguar style video for sure.

    wayne clarkwayne clarkÅr sedan
  • Such a great event - nice idea for a video too! I walked around when it was quiet eerie but cool

    gamesyoulovedgamesyoulovedÅr sedan
  • I once set up for a trade show in the Javitz Center in NYC. I had only ever been there before during NY Comicon. Very strange to see a place that large sp empty.

    Ryan TRyan TÅr sedan
  • Could you please start recording in 1080p60?

    ErlendErlendÅr sedan
  • Really interesting

    chocolatepainchocolatepainÅr sedan
  • Grrr I missed this and it is only a short train ride away, oh well maybe next time.

    Mark DaviesMark DaviesÅr sedan
  • that building you are in is amazing. wish we had stuff like that where i live

    Mud Therapy NCMud Therapy NCÅr sedan
  • 1:15 "SHIT ME!"

    DivideBYZero69DivideBYZero69År sedan
  • Did you find any stimpacks?

    0% Serious0% SeriousÅr sedan
  • Best thing about late night PAX Australia. Crowds vanish, and you get to enjoy everything

    genghisbunnygenghisbunnyÅr sedan
  • *searches for flights to the UK*

  • Wooo, I thought this would be your cup of tea. Im an Events IT tech at Manchester Central and walked around while they were setting up. All looked very very cool however sadly I couldn't go when it opened as I was camping. I hear it was packed on open day :)

    The MamosiansThe MamosiansÅr sedan
  • @Notstalgia Nerd: Battle Zone rules! But I suppose you are too young to have experienced that back in the day. 1980 I was 14 years old.And although not allowed in arcades I went in anyway to play it. Aah, the golden era of video games. New games popped up on a monthly basis and became better and better fast. Like 1978 we had Space Invader. Only two years later Battle Zone blew everybody away. Something not thought possible 1978.

    Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • That camera...

    DarkLight748DarkLight748År sedan
  • At the convention chat - from left to right: Some woman, Adrian Adonis, Million Dollar Man and the Genius.

    EvilkingusEvilkingusÅr sedan
  • This kinda stuff is why I tend to like staying at conventions really late at night. It feels like such a different experience from the daytime convention experience. (Would love to go to one with a game room as awesome as this video's sometime.)

    Cabbusses's Retro ObscuritiesCabbusses's Retro ObscuritiesÅr sedan
  • Not abandoned nor deserted ... not really just closed after hours ... not as cool or nostalgic

    Neo CrusaderNeo CrusaderÅr sedan
  • Really enjoyed this chill video, Peter. Great choices on background music, too. What was that piano piece at the start? Very nice. Could any attendee stick around after-hours like that or just special guests such as yourself? That's exactly where I'd be and when I'd be. Just so surprising how few folks were there at night. I'd have gone chair-to-chair in that retro console area. Such a great looking expo! When I visit the UK, I'll def plan around this event. Looks fantastic! Thanks very much for filming this and letting us enjoy it quietly!

    James WattsJames WattsÅr sedan
  • lol, that outro shot of that guy falling over and over and over and over was a great round out

    uglyduckling81uglyduckling81År sedan
  • I would have had spent hours and hours at the Starfighter machine :-)

    KellerkindKellerkindÅr sedan
  • Damn! I missed this, it's only 30 mins away too. I was freezing my nuts off in a tent in Chesire. Thanks for the vid, looks awesome :)

    Lucas RainfordLucas RainfordÅr sedan
  • Awesome video ! Too bad you didn't play Tron :'(

    TheDrunkenMugTheDrunkenMugÅr sedan
  • I remember my uncle acting as guarantor so i could by a 48k zx spectrum from dixons, i paid just over £6 per week for it and was only 16 at the time, i had just left school and was on a yts (youth training scheme) course which was run by the now dwp, i got £25.50 every 2 weeks to live on and £12 of that went to pay for my spectrum so at the time i had no money to purchase games for it, my uncle brought me ghostbusters by activision and underwurlde by ultimate play the game (now called rare) for christmas and i remember having to sit there with a small screwdriver aligning the cassette drive head so i could load the games as they both used fast loaders and the cassette deck i got with the speccy was a cheap thing and very temperamental but after about 50 r tape loading errors they loaded and i remember playing them to death as the only other tape i had at the time was the horizons introduction that actually came with the speccy. ahh good old memories, now i'm 50 and wondering what happened to the last 34 years :(.

    Steven CopsonSteven CopsonÅr sedan
    • Haha cool story. My first comp was a Atari 800XL. Wait a feckin enternity to get a boot error at 99%, rewind.

      Lucas RainfordLucas RainfordÅr sedan

    Dade Lee MurphyDade Lee MurphyÅr sedan
  • Amazing video

    Viorel Nicolae StrimtureanViorel Nicolae StrimtureanÅr sedan
  • does someone know the piano song in the begining?

    Hamsterpowered lHamsterpowered lÅr sedan
  • Nice. I enjoyed that :)

    Gary PinkettGary PinkettÅr sedan
  • Beautiful to see a Puck Man from before the name change!

    Mistah MegaManFanMistah MegaManFanÅr sedan
  • 7:17 A wild Gaming Muso appears !

    Rodent Of The AstrowasteRodent Of The AstrowasteÅr sedan
  • Such a relaxing video. Thank you so much! I have to get to a convention some day.

    murphyebassmurphyebassÅr sedan
  • nice video, quiet after hours sure but deserted is an absolute stretch of the imagination lol

    Peter ElstPeter ElstÅr sedan
  • Wish I had a gaming convention near me. Thanks for the chill looks. It's so cool!

    Richard BrennerRichard BrennerÅr sedan
  • Had never heard of that "Speed Buggy" game before this video...looks neat.

    YellowblankaYellowblankaÅr sedan
  • Loved the tone of this video. I've built stands at a couple of cons over the years, and that feeling of being there when the crowds aren't is something else.

    Aitch PeaAitch PeaÅr sedan
  • A very calming video with a touch of sad mystique of it being all empty. Relaxing to watch. And then poor Slope takes a tumble.

    mightyfilmmightyfilmÅr sedan
  • 11:25 RIP DJ Slope. I like the way how cutthroat retro youtubers are that noboy rushed to help him up. Top hat gaming just stood up in hope he was dead and stood watching with a face of disappointment as DJ slope got up again.

    RedscopeRedscopeÅr sedan
  • The location is stunning!

    Martin MyreMartin MyreÅr sedan
  • To be honest, anywhere would be an improvement on the Norbreck.

    stealth bananastealth bananaÅr sedan
  • Dan Wood in his natural habitat

    FuZZbaLLbeeFuZZbaLLbeeÅr sedan
  • Excellent. Cor I Wish I could have gone. Really nicely done thanks!!. Nice to see Yourself, Kim Justice and THGM at 11:46 . Quality. :)

    Stephen ScuttStephen ScuttÅr sedan
    • Yeah, it was a pretty good panel. Be sure to check out retrounlims video on it.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • clickety click bait for you and me.

    Johann BezuidenhoutJohann BezuidenhoutÅr sedan
  • Coloquem isso num Shopping no Brasil pra ver se nao lota

    MrjoaozZMrjoaozZÅr sedan
  • Oh my god.. how do I not know about this. Does this happen every year?

    time engineertime engineerÅr sedan
  • im so jelly i wish there was osmething like this near Toronto Canada soon :P

    D ViceD ViceÅr sedan
  • nice atmosphere.

    JOYPAD RetrogamingJOYPAD RetrogamingÅr sedan
  • 4:31 - Oh god, Point Blank, Id kill to play that again

    TopremTopremÅr sedan
  • Cool spot and road rash damn they ate my time as a kid

    Luke JorgensonLuke JorgensonÅr sedan
  • With the abundance of power strips in that place, it seems like a massive fire code violation with video games in it. LOL 🤣

    SeanFromPVDSeanFromPVDÅr sedan
  • most of the video is panning, but all of it is veeery blurry :(

    skalturaskalturaÅr sedan
  • The elusive Octav1us spotted in her natural habitat, at the end of a row of arcade machines!

    C.R. FitzGeraldC.R. FitzGeraldÅr sedan
    • Octav1us sparks joy

      Alice WyanAlice WyanÅr sedan
  • Very cool video! Really like the different perspective. Kinda like a lost places video

    max straußmax straußÅr sedan
  • Was that buggy boy? Played that to bits on the ST...

    Euro CrusaderEuro CrusaderÅr sedan
  • Loved the location, the old train station look was awesome!

    OCG - Overwatch Console GameplaysOCG - Overwatch Console GameplaysÅr sedan
  • That's awesome dude! Great vid. When I read the title I first thought "wait on, someone ran a gaming convention and just abandoned everything".....ahhhh, not quite the deserted that I thought heh

    Jonathan JayJonathan JayÅr sedan
    • The dream.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Oh man, them pinballz! I would be in heaven.

    berry jordaanberry jordaanÅr sedan
  • I can only assume by this video that Nerd has died, gone to heaven, and somehow found a way to vlog from there.

    Nick WalletteNick WalletteÅr sedan
  • It was a great show, but it definitely felt smaller than the last PlayExpo Manchester

    Stephen EddyStephen EddyÅr sedan
  • I've never been to a game convention (on my to do list) but I've had two similar experiences. Oddly enough both horror/sci fi related. I live in the States in the New England era. About 2 years ago there was an exhibit at the Essex Museum of Fine Arts in Salem, Massachusetts called "It's Alive!" It was the private horror and sci fi collection of Kirk Hammet from Metallica. I got there an hour before it closed on a Sunday. Had the entire thing to myself. There were things like original movie posters for movies such as Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Nosferatu, Dracula, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Invisible Man, Godzilla and Star Wars. There were the masks from The Wolf Man and The Creature From The Black Lagoon. A lifesize wax statue of Boris Karloff and Bela Legosi and tons more stuff that took up 4 rooms. It was awesome. Then last year I went to an event we have in October called Rock N Shock where there's two venues on the same street. One is a convention the other is a rock/metal concert and you can get one ticket for both. I went again on a Sunday and it was mostly dead at the convention. Got some posters, books, movies from vendors. Some of it even for free as they needed to get rid of some of it. There was a celebrity area as well and there were no lines. Got to meet two of the cast members from Twin Peaks (who were also in the Twin Peaks Returns revival). Ted Raimi from the Evil Dead movies/TV show, Hercules and Xena, his brother Sam's Spiderman trilogy. Then the big one that I'm still like "No way that happened!" Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek Generations, Tank Girl, Caligula, and an IMDB list that goes on forever. No lines, no wait. I hope one day to have an experience like these two at a gaming convention.

    chaospoetchaospoetÅr sedan
  • lol your such a bastard with the end credits with DJ Slopes lol

    Neon EucNeon EucÅr sedan
  • Beautiful venue

    Dominic Davis-FosterDominic Davis-FosterÅr sedan
  • I would love to be part of this...this must have been a splendid day indeed except, where are the Amiga computers?

    Mr. SEAMr. SEAÅr sedan
  • Noticed the Falcon030 keyboard had an Atari ST Alternate key on it ;-)

    xnonsuchxxnonsuchxÅr sedan
  • Come to Glasgow Play expo on the 8th of June... i'll buy a book :)

    Nasal_Voiced RetroNasal_Voiced RetroÅr sedan
  • Click bait!!! Abandoned gaming convention? What you on about you tit! 2:47, are they cardboard cutouts that are playing Turtles and Simpsons?!!

    Steven AstleySteven AstleyÅr sedan
  • The 14 year old in me is freaking out

    TMCicuurd12b42TMCicuurd12b42År sedan