Classic Skins in Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Nostalgia Nerd

4 okt 2018
39 058 visningar

You can choose from 3 classic skins in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but the question really is... should you?
Also, do we call these classic skins, or original outfits? I mean, an outfit doesn't change your entire face does it?
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • "...was destined for failure"...pfft dumb millennials making dumb statements hahahahahahaha

      Lord KazumaLord KazumaÅr sedan
    • What are you talking, this looks way better thant the original PSX or the PS2, and everybody loved that games, (well... not angel of darkness) have you forgotten the "nude hack" for tomb raider ?? and yes... everybody wan't to see that polygons naked.

      J. H.J. H.2 år sedan
    • To quote Lara herself from the ending of Tomb Raider II: "Haven't you seen enough?" SHOTGUN BLAST TO FACE. :-)

      d2factotumd2factotum2 år sedan
  • Am playing The Shadow Of The Tomb Raider in my PC while passing some time on Tomb Raider The Last Revelation in my laptop, I never forget the old Lara

    Hikari No SekaiHikari No SekaiMånad sedan
  • lol it's bizarre but amazing! But why no Legends era Laura? I just want to see someone in the game get self aware and just go wtf? what even are you right now?

    The WatcherThe WatcherMånad sedan
  • The stuff of nightmares.

    Franko WalkerFranko Walker2 månader sedan
  • Shame it didn’t include the ability of turning the entire game into classic Tomb Raider

    Lee CroftLee Croft5 månader sedan
  • Yes just what I wanted

    team moonlight 1team moonlight 15 månader sedan
  • that's creepy i love it

    TheCreeplerTheCreepler8 månader sedan
  • I like it tho😂

    mody. drawmody. draw8 månader sedan
  • Well shit, now I'll never be able to sleep

    mockiermockier9 månader sedan
  • Quality!!!!

    Dane HenryDane Henry11 månader sedan
  • She looks like she is wearing cardboard.

    BlackDolphin90BlackDolphin90År sedan
  • I can't believe I got excited about reading nude raider cheat long ago...

    H KoizumiH KoizumiÅr sedan
  • ahahah the Cutscenes

    Haramasch AbrasirHaramasch AbrasirÅr sedan
  • sooo... with TR2 I had a hack that replaced her clothes with something.. well... less.....

    Andreas HugeAndreas HugeÅr sedan
  • It's the uncanny valley - games look realistic now so combining them with low poly stuff of the past makes them look odd.

    Raven GamingRaven GamingÅr sedan
  • The Angel of Darkness skin does fit better. I agree that the 1997 skin just looks plain weird.

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanÅr sedan
  • Why do they never add the 90s CG Cutscene lara? Always the horrible triangle boob ingame 90s lara. :D

    Da RushDa RushÅr sedan
  • Ha

    onefastdeskjockeyonefastdeskjockeyÅr sedan
  • THis is why I buy this game, love the old lara!

    Kraito KrombongusKraito KrombongusÅr sedan
  • Its almost like CGI Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One

    bobdole57bobdole57År sedan
  • Кто от Гуфена?

    Алексей КотятинАлексей КотятинÅr sedan
  • Wish they actually made high poly models of the classic outfits.

    Riasat Salmin SamiRiasat Salmin SamiÅr sedan
  • LMAO

    Murilo SantosMurilo SantosÅr sedan
  • It feels like they just ripped the original models right off the PS1 games and threw them in here to troll us. Especially those who continuously asked for the original costumes as alternates 😒

    YarugumaSouYarugumaSouÅr sedan
  • Well then again graphically they had like almost nothing to work with, the most enriching stories often had quirky, or unique ways of telling stories often through cutscenes like How Spyro trilogy worked, so the models In-Game where often lower quality compared to the higher quality Pre-Rendered Video Models They didn’t always use In-game models for animations like they do now.

    Proto PropskiProto PropskiÅr sedan
  • Thats pretty cool though

    Elliot SmithElliot SmithÅr sedan
  • I like it for the Nostalgia. But they should’ve just added the outfits, not the polygon models as well. Ugh.

    Rafi 666Rafi 666År sedan
  • Jesus 1997 compared to know makes everyone else even more real. As you say look how far we have come, wow

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanÅr sedan
  • I wish they made low poly models for the other characters if you happen to select those skins.

  • Trolls finest :D

    out4spaceout4spaceÅr sedan
  • It reminds me of a certain Dire Straits video from the mid eighties A LOT.

    roonroon2 år sedan
  • In the original TR2, she actually blinked and had facial expressions (by that I mean two, but yeah)

    Odin AkechiOdin Akechi2 år sedan
  • tbh, when the camera focuses on Lara, the polygon model made the blurred background seem real. Like someone Photoshop polygon Lara into the photo.

    HDoseHDose2 år sedan
  • It's like Frank

    OrgspasmOrgspasm2 år sedan
  • I only ever played PS1 Tomb Raider. Never seen the film or any other render of her after the PS1 version, or remember what she looks like from seeing her in the steam store. So this skin is what I think when I think of Tomb Raider. I wonder if this will break immersion for me? I watched this video (slightly high) and guess for a game its feels normal in a strange way?! I may now buy this game yet had no desire to before!

    tomtalk24tomtalk242 år sedan
  • lol 1:38

    tomtalk24tomtalk242 år sedan
  • I like it, it’s funny! It’s also totally your choice.. you don’t like it! Don’t do it!!

    Ray HarrisRay Harris2 år sedan
  • Don’t forget to turn the RTX on XD

    Meow WeiMeow Wei2 år sedan
  • It doesn't look that bad in the gameplay. Quality animations sure help a lot. And even in cutscenes I am only bothered by seemingly oversized head.

    failing@commentingfailing@commenting2 år sedan
  • The classic skins are the best part, it makes the bland story much better. I have to say why they didn't have the legends,anniversary and underworld skins too, as those might have been better to use.

    Bobby NickBobby Nick2 år sedan
  • Why didnt they just give us the game model for this lara and give her the clothing from the original games

    Charles XavierCharles Xavier2 år sedan
  • I'd play the whole game like this. All the characters are super low poly but the environment is as detailed as it can be, as is the lighting. It creates a very interesting dynamic; if I were a game designer I'd definitely explore that.

    CrAzYgIrLCrAzYgIrL2 år sedan
  • I didn't expect them to admit they made Angel of Darkness

    CrAzYgIrLCrAzYgIrL2 år sedan
  • That's scary. Like a robot or blow up doll

    lindsey krontzlindsey krontz2 år sedan
  • laught my ass off, thanks man, but "no history in 90s games"?? come on, FFfking 7 or Metal gear solid to mention a couple have deep inmersive histories that worked excelent within their poligonic worlds.

    Juan Pablo Ramírez MonteroJuan Pablo Ramírez Montero2 år sedan
  • This is hilarious! I was laughing when the cut scenes started! 😂😂😂

    Torben LarsenTorben Larsen2 år sedan
  • Who remembers this from rise of the tomb raider?

    Mysterious TitanMysterious Titan2 år sedan
  • Those eyebrows

    BoussoleFireBoussoleFire2 år sedan
  • Pushing stories from games in the 90s were destined for failure? Solid Snake would like to have a word with you.

    Charles BrownCharles Brown2 år sedan
  • So does the Angel of Darkness Skin have mouth movements at least? So that the game has any worth. Why couldn't they use the original Lara Croft cutscene modell though? Would make the game more Tomb Raider.

    BlackCroft666LPBlackCroft666LP2 år sedan
  • They should of somehow made it so if you play the classic TR2 Lara, she nods when she talks... just like the old games lol.

    Slater WomanSlater Woman2 år sedan
  • Stories in games was wrong when we had bad graphics? Really??

    Venom RavenVenom Raven2 år sedan
  • I think its really cool. Even unintentionally endearing.

    Venom RavenVenom Raven2 år sedan
  • Why didn't they add her from underworld? She was much prettier in that game.

    Lily FlowerLily Flower2 år sedan
  • It’s a shame the mouth doesn’t animate like in the old games.

    CamCam2 år sedan
  • You say marvelous, I say silly. It's marvelously silly!

    K31R616K31R6162 år sedan
  • Hilarious

    Blaine SandovalBlaine Sandoval2 år sedan
  • Honestly, I think if the entire game could be changed to that low poly look, while still keeping all of the modern effects, lighting, and some modified textures, it would create a certain charm that I think would work well.

    First LastFirst Last2 år sedan
  • The skins are a nice touch to the game if you don't like them don't use them they are brilliant for classic fans I use the TR2 skin all the time it's like playing TR3 again when your in the jungle

    RossKroft96RossKroft962 år sedan
  • The Survivor skin is horrifying

    RossKroft96RossKroft962 år sedan
  • fucking hilarious

    Bandana zXBandana zX2 år sedan
  • I love it

    Tommaso GaldiTommaso Galdi2 år sedan
  • No, this just reveals how poor of a voice actress Camilla Luddington is. The sassy smart English voice actress in the original games brought these polygonal characters to life in the cutscenes even with PS1/Saturn graphics.

    meerkat1954meerkat19542 år sedan
  • So they put a psone AND an angel of darkness nobody carez about but not even an underworld skin ???

    zeclezecle2 år sedan
  • Hilarious!

    Francis AgbadaFrancis Agbada2 år sedan
  • 2:44 "It also reminds why pushing stories into any games from the 90s destined for failure!" What are you talking about? Metal Gear Solid story is enhanced with the low poly models XP

    Deliveredmean42Deliveredmean422 år sedan
  • I feel like this is a response to the men who were complaining about her new (lack of) assets. "here ya go it's just like it was before"

    Pocari SPocari S2 år sedan
  • Its like augmented reality in a non realistic game.

    Ragna EyjadóttirRagna Eyjadóttir2 år sedan
  • I don't have any problem that the vitange skin doesn't have an animated face. The original TR games also had static facial animations (or lack thereof).

    aghastinaghartaaghastinagharta2 år sedan
    • They could have animated the AOD Model though. Facial expression was introduced in that game. She still looks good though. Instead of those prequels they should start a reboot of the Angel of Darkness planned trilogie.

      BlackCroft666LPBlackCroft666LP2 år sedan
  • I love this

    The 1-Up_TriforceThe 1-Up_Triforce2 år sedan
  • I was having a blast playing the tomb raider 2 until I got to a stage were I was forced to play the modern character.... put the controller down and never went back.

    Craig SipsCraig Sips2 år sedan
  • Shame they didn't do like they did with the Legend-Underworld eras, by giving you the classic outfits and hairstyles but with up to date graphics.

    EyeShotFirstEyeShotFirst2 år sedan
  • She is a ventriloquist LUL

    John DripperJohn Dripper2 år sedan
  • The dialogue in this game seems pretty stilted. We may have come a long way in terms of graphical realism, but the voice acting is still b-grade.

    zedeightyzedeighty2 år sedan
  • "You completely lose immersion" .... THAT BECAUSE ITS A JOKE

    benjiman641benjiman6412 år sedan
  • It's also quite distracting how that girl Lara's talking to is clipping through the table.

    Axel PrinoAxel Prino2 år sedan
  • "This skins ruin the story" luckily for you there's no story to be ruined since this game is full of inconsistencies lol

    Carlos FloresCarlos Flores2 år sedan
    • @Vinh Bảo well yea, thank goodness for the reboot. My Lara get a decent character progression.

      Bro SplitBro SplitÅr sedan
    • @Bro Split TR was never known for its writing xD

      Vinh BảoVinh BảoÅr sedan
    • Well previous TR was indeed lackluster. The reboot is very decent.

      Bro SplitBro Split2 år sedan
  • That's hilarious, thanks.

    Kie 7077Kie 70772 år sedan
  • It looks so frigging cool, the realistic lighting makes these classic models shine. There should be a way to replace all models with low-poly counterparts.

    Thales Kruger GamesThales Kruger Games2 år sedan
  • Doesnt give it the old feel though the game was boring IMO.

    SaVior RSaVior R2 år sedan
  • To be fair... those cut-scenes are abysmally cheesy and stacked with cringe even with the standard outfits...

    McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPants2 år sedan
  • She looks like a blown up sex doll lol

    adevilscupofteaadevilscupoftea2 år sedan
  • Huh...neat

    Gore ObsessedGore Obsessed2 år sedan
  • HAHAHHA The music on the close up to the vintage face is priceless!!!! priceless!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Pablo AranzazuPablo Aranzazu2 år sedan
  • Sry but this is stupid. It’s a gimmick. There is an easy solution to your problem: don’t use it! It’s like saying: an auto pilot kills the feeling of driving a car.

    J L.J L.2 år sedan
  • Ever see those cosplayers at cons who wear cardboard costumes of low-poly Lara or Cloud? That's what this looks like.

    bitwizebitwize2 år sedan
  • LMAO! The cut scenes are awesome!

    ryan williamsryan williams2 år sedan
  • Lol what is the point of this video?

    Spunky McGooSpunky McGoo2 år sedan
  • we love a good blocky polygon heroine ❤️️

    The Dastardly GamerThe Dastardly Gamer2 år sedan
  • oh, its like I have been working as a 3d-designer for this game, and no one wanted to make me sad by saying it looks terrible.

    Andrew NAndrew N2 år sedan
  • Who in the world actually watches... what did you call them, "Cut scenes"? The assistance of those stupid intrusive movies is what disturbs me about modern games. When I'm playing a game, I expect to be left alone to play. I don't even buy modern games unless I can disable those disruptive 'cut scenes' from the beginning or skip them on the fly. If I'm in the mode for a movie, I'll go to the movies... Anyway, I like the skins in or out of game play mode.

    waldowocwaldowoc2 år sedan
  • Rtx off

    G-manG-man2 år sedan
  • She looks like a blowup doll in the cut scenes.... LOL

    Animal FactsAnimal Facts2 år sedan
  • Kinda reminds me of classic skins on Max Payne 3. That was funny too. Although they did update the models a bit there

    Comrade KalashnikovComrade Kalashnikov2 år sedan
  • I could almost imagine Frank Sidebottom teaming up with Lara in this video. :)

    Raven GamingRaven Gaming2 år sedan
  • LMAO thats so funny ^^

    Mac DanielMac Daniel2 år sedan
  • Looks like people are trying as hard as they can to don't tell Lara that something is wrong with her. Like when someone have a deformity that WILL get your attention, but also have to be polite and pretend that there's nothing wrong. Maybe a very subtle social critic?

    ZarazaZaraza2 år sedan
  • The story is a progressive mess...leave the classic skin on.

    Nathan TompsonNathan Tompson2 år sedan
  • This skin would be the only reason why I'd even play this Tomb Raider. So far, I've only played 2013 and it was incredibly boring, so having this skin would definitely take a load off of this new series' shoulders. Who needs a long dull story when you have a surreal experience of a lifetime?

    BlueSEFBlueSEF2 år sedan
  • i laught my f....... a.. of😅😅😅

    FlofutzFlofutz2 år sedan