Mouse Cheese Commodore 64 | Nostalgia Nerd

1 dec 2018
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Here we have an box of items, collectively known as "Mouse Cheese". The purpose of this box is to provide mouse capability to the humble C64, and give you a paint program to use it with. The mouse is (of course), the Mouse portion of this package, whilst the paint program is known as Cheese. What a wondrous thing. Oh, also, the mouse can also be used as a Joystick. Because, reasons.
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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018
Blue Snowball Microphone
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  • Chesse sandiwsh mouse

    Juan 666Juan 6667 dagar sedan
  • I was kind of hoping he woulda grabbed that rat and slid it around the desk and tried to click it...

    MorreskiBearMorreskiBear15 dagar sedan
  • You mean 'polystyrene' I think!

    dobythedogdobythedog21 dag sedan
  • Operation wolf worked with this!

    Craig OverCraig OverMånad sedan
  • Is it compatible with Operation Wolf?

    Sash WindowSash Window2 månader sedan
  • A band called TTF (The Time Feequency) did a cover for one of their singles on a amstrad 6128 with a similar bit of software and hardware :) Amstrad Action did a article on it away back in the day....

    Dolphin Hates HatsDolphin Hates Hats2 månader sedan
  • Acrylic paint works fine on Styrofoam

    Robin CampfensRobin Campfens2 månader sedan
  • The ad for this video was for cheesy crackers. Then the video begins with. Cheese---- mouse------ mouse-cheese.

    Chris CoxChris Cox3 månader sedan
  • subbed for ashens reference.

    Chris MooreChris Moore3 månader sedan
  • Strangely enunciated numbers,

    Robert HayesRobert Hayes3 månader sedan
  • "An Excellent Mousecheese"

    Robert SealeRobert Seale3 månader sedan
  • you should stop complaining about tape load times, i mean brits grew up with it but it was never the ideal format to store software on, i hope you do understand

    arPos KraftarPos Kraft3 månader sedan
  • your word joke doesnt really work because Americans tend to pronounce "gouda" wrong, its not good-a , the sound doesnt really exist in the anglon speak but to change it to good would be massively off; its more like the sound of the german "Frau" if you cant imagine you can audio search that, Auwwhh we use the sound a lot , Oude Gouda kaas wou ik schouwen, de vrouw zag blauw van jou... o wait you do have it ; S-ou-nd ...there it is; Sound... thats the phonetic you use

    arPos KraftarPos Kraft3 månader sedan
  • Cheesy Ass Video.

    Wires, Chips And DipsWires, Chips And Dips6 månader sedan
  • Video: *Exists* Ads: *UDEMEY*

    Wires, Chips And DipsWires, Chips And Dips6 månader sedan
  • NN, how does Arkanoid with a mouse stack up against Arkanoid with a paddle?

    tziirkqtziirkq6 månader sedan
  • That was too big to be a mouse, it was a rat. I know that because I got some pet rats. Was it a rat of a certain person who has a youtube channel and likes PS1 games?

    MrStephen182MrStephen1827 månader sedan
  • Got this with my C64 and had a lot of fun with it

    Sean O'NeillSean O'Neill11 månader sedan
  • I remember using this and running it through a VHS and creating animation - the result was terrible because a)pausing and restarting on a VHS left a load of distortion and b)I can't draw for toffee! - still it was fun and kept me quiet for days!

    Andy DrakesAndy Drakes11 månader sedan
  • Well this brings back memories... actually it doesn't, by the time that I started to use computers you only had to plug the mouse on a ps2 port. All this looks like a hell of compatibility to me and I was an early user of palm computers, what is to say a lot.

    Gecko oGecko oÅr sedan
  • Love the reference to Stuart

    Darian KimberlyDarian KimberlyÅr sedan
  • let's have a playdate for our ratties

    nunuÅr sedan
  • I want a "pint" command for my computer. so that I can type it in any time I like and get a pint of lager. (kind of like a muffin button...)

    1973Washu1973WashuÅr sedan
  • I thought this video would feature a mouse that looled like a piece of cheese...

    Gigidag77Gigidag77År sedan
  • Huh. I'd have figured it would work like a pair of paddles.

    EraseDiskNowEraseDiskNowÅr sedan
  • Did you caled that rat a mouse? Mouse hate when people do that.

    OhmloudOhmloudÅr sedan
  • i vehemently hate whoever captions your videos because they don't seem to understand that captions have to match what's being said in the video ;(

    TiramiQTiramiQÅr sedan
  • My Mum and Dad bought me the C64c Counesiour Collection for Xmas from Dixons for £299 and with a handful of blank cassettes and friends the in pack games didn't last long, Cluedo and Monopoly were ok though. I knew I'd seen that Mouse and cheese box somewhere in the thumbnail, oh the memories this has brought back, as always thanks NN.

    Brannen ThompsonBrannen ThompsonÅr sedan
  • That's a rat

  • The concept of this is bad because the C64 is not a true pc so its unfair to require hardware that uses up precious memory. Even if you had an early laptop ibm would not have tried integrating things like Microsoft network because it discriminates the demographic of customer and jumping the gun on hardware always results in embarrassing failure.

    ghost Unixghost UnixÅr sedan
  • Aww now I miss my 2 pet rats :'(

    InnSewerAntsInnSewerAntsÅr sedan
  • I never knew the C64 could even support a mouse. fascinating. I don't think there was that much use for it though, not much software.. was there?

    LiquidcadmusLiquidcadmusÅr sedan
  • That's a rat.

    Digital LobsterDigital LobsterÅr sedan
  • Stay fresh Cassette bags

    tomrowtomrowÅr sedan
  • Maybe you had to hold the mouse button to put it into joystick mode for the tape version?

    kailomonkeykailomonkeyÅr sedan
  • Not sure if you mentioned it in the video, but would a 1351 work with that Cheese software? Seems the Neos mouse is nearly a 1351 in brown mousy clothing.

    Conrad VogelConrad VogelÅr sedan
  • Now review your pet mouse. That's a cute lil' animal.

    A BirbA BirbÅr sedan
  • The subtitles are great. xD

    LucasRazorBladeLucasRazorBladeÅr sedan
  • LOL I had one I bought it for £29.99 in stoke.. god knows here it went ... LOL

    Kcin Platinum GamingKcin Platinum GamingÅr sedan
  • An Excellent Product

    memememememememeÅr sedan
  • Where did you find the rat?

    Lisa CampbellLisa CampbellÅr sedan
  • Anyone else get a cheese ad before this?

    Blaze JenkinsBlaze JenkinsÅr sedan
  • There was someone offering a version of this for the Tatung Einstein. It was the same mouse but with an adapter and software written for the Einstein. I tried to get hold of it in the early 90s through B&H Computers but they couldn't get hold of the mice anymore :(

    2thinkcritically2thinkcriticallyÅr sedan
  • A spray? In a MOUSE? You Nuts boy? :-) The buttons are sealed, you cannot fix them with a spray. The ball is operated by shining a light through those two wheels at either side and spraying will just.. well do nothing except move some dirt around. The usual problem with these mice is that the buttons corrode inside (where the spray cannot get to it) and the ball becomes slippery so the wheels have no grip on it anymore.

    vinny142vinny142År sedan
  • lasted 40 seconds

    nityking1nityking1År sedan
  • i need more of that rat, please use the boy in more videos.

    John CenaJohn CenaÅr sedan
  • I have pet rats too!

    Jacob HuntJacob HuntÅr sedan
  • Cheese, pet rat, cheese, pet rat. -Livia my t´fat tabby cat highly approves :3

    Jacob Bøge AndersenJacob Bøge AndersenÅr sedan
  • 0:48 The carrier in the spraycan melts the styrofoam, the paint itself is fine. Hold it like 20cm away and the solvent dissipates before the paint hits the foam. It's super tedious to paint like that though, you are better off just claiming that the castle is made of white marble... or salt.

    DAudIcIDAudIcIÅr sedan
  • Pretty sure that's a rat.

    Dana WDana WÅr sedan
  • I used a trackball...Clear with lights..

    Ed ashEd ashÅr sedan
  • @ roughly 2:12, is it really 512 microseconds? So it's written to the register almost 2000 times a second? Dang, that's not shabby, considering the default USB polling rate is only 125 Hz. I know, writing to registers at nearly 2000 Hz vs. polling rate on USB aren't the same thing, but still.

    jubuttibjubuttibÅr sedan
  • God, i had this and totally forgot until now. Dunno why I got it as I can't draw.

    EscapeMCPEscapeMCPÅr sedan
  • that ashons refrence lol

    Gore ObsessedGore ObsessedÅr sedan
  • Those mouses look a lot like the atari ST mouses which use optical sensors, which also seemingly just die like this. Usually a it's capacitor / chip failure which can be fixed easily enough.

    SIN3R6YSIN3R6YÅr sedan
  • Minor detail, but that's not Styrofoam. Styrofoam is blue. That's expanded polystyrene

    AntneeAntneeÅr sedan
  • Manufactured by Nihon Electronics Company. Could it be possibly the NEC that we know now?

    Kyouhyung KimKyouhyung KimÅr sedan
  • Nice :)

    It's a Pixel THINGIt's a Pixel THINGÅr sedan
  • It’s a rat

    Mowgli-Mowgli-År sedan
  • I had this and never used the paint program. I just used the mouse playing operation wolf...

    Wisty BoyWisty BoyÅr sedan
  • Pint Screen!? Will if you insist, bottoms up!

    Stephen KeelyStephen KeelyÅr sedan
  • upload a backup of this software to

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameÅr sedan
  • Ive been saving the black build up from my mouse and keyboard at work since 2014. I want to make a sculpture out of it when I collect enough.

    Derek ParrotDerek ParrotÅr sedan
  • The 5:26 mark was An Excellent cameo

    Steve PorterSteve PorterÅr sedan
  • Good stuff way ahead of its time

    RealmasterorderRealmasterorderÅr sedan
    • Agreed

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • I love the nod to Chef Excellence. LOL

    The Late Gen XerThe Late Gen XerÅr sedan
  • I had this as well. I didn't really explore the paint program much as i had the tape version, which took so long to load & didn't give you any visual feedback that it was loading so i just assumed it didn't work for the longest time. I'm pretty sure i was able to use the Neos mouse with Operation Wolf, though..

    Rooflesoft GamesRooflesoft GamesÅr sedan
  • I miss my rat :'(

    YamiGekusuYamiGekusuÅr sedan
  • Computer cheese, now all we need is internet ham and we're sorted.

    Encore1234567890Encore1234567890År sedan
  • Can't say I ever cared about this mouse, nor do I find the branding anything but silly, but I think the VICE dev-team might actually be interested in this - friend of mine asked me about those neos mice a while ago. So feel free to contact them :)

    Hans MeierHans MeierÅr sedan
  • Oh wow, I almost forgot about 'Mouse Cheese', at least in the sense I forgot its name. I had one of these with my Commodore C64c around Christmas 1988 or 89, I forget which. But What fond memories I have. Cheese was a pretty good little paint package too. The only game I remember using the Neos mouse for was Operation Wolf, as it was a heck of a lot easier than with the joystick!

    Matty112ukMatty112ukÅr sedan
  • You call that plastic-encased junk in the intro "cheese"? Come on, Britain has so many great cheeses.

    KaroKoenichKaroKoenichÅr sedan
  • run a round look like rat

    move skymove skyÅr sedan
  • dude, thats a rat

    Jaco Du PlessisJaco Du PlessisÅr sedan
  • I had Cheese for my C64. Loved it! Great video as always. Have you done anything on GEOS at all?

    Ben RidsdaleBen RidsdaleÅr sedan
  • DOOD

    Ten Minute Tokyo 2Ten Minute Tokyo 2År sedan
  • **An excellent ashens reference.**

    PartackPartackÅr sedan
  • "what else would you call a paint program?" uncomfortably long pause it's "paint"

    Pickle RickPickle RickÅr sedan
    • Funniest shit i've ever seen

      ARandomUserARandomUser2 månader sedan
    • draw , sketch

      arPos KraftarPos Kraft3 månader sedan
    • If they called it that, it wouldn't be hot shit.

      Wires, Chips And DipsWires, Chips And Dips6 månader sedan
  • Ah the 80s where computer mouse packages are bundled with paint-like program.

    rashidiswrashidiswÅr sedan
  • I miss Chef Excellence

    Keir HardieKeir HardieÅr sedan
    • @Lightway Animated Pictures brought to you by chef excellence

      Nick RollstuhlfahrersonNick Rollstuhlfahrerson6 månader sedan
    • @Nick Rollstuhlfahrerson an excellent opportunity to talk about my excellent pingas.

      Wires, Chips And DipsWires, Chips And Dips6 månader sedan
    • An Excellent thread

      Nick RollstuhlfahrersonNick RollstuhlfahrersonÅr sedan
    • An excellent statement

      93シャドウ93シャドウÅr sedan
    • An excellent chef

      Nick RollstuhlfahrersonNick RollstuhlfahrersonÅr sedan
  • The Neos mouse was also compatable with Operation Wolf.

    Teatime and biscuitsTeatime and biscuitsÅr sedan
  • Rat

    splo1ngersplo1ngerÅr sedan
  • Heh, I played that Super Copter game today.

    Drake TungstenDrake TungstenÅr sedan
  • Wow I can remember this as a child in the 80's loved how you could create digital drawings. You could also save them with the tape version too. But mainly used it with Arkanoid having competitions with my dad who could get furthest. Anyway thanks for showing such a classic piece of equipment. Keep up the good work.

    james sprayjames sprayÅr sedan
  • Grafik Maus sounds like the name of a German EDM band.

    Dead ReckonDead ReckonÅr sedan
    • @Stefan Noack ohgodwhy

      Dead ReckonDead Reckon3 månader sedan

      Stefan NoackStefan Noack3 månader sedan
  • Doesn't Britain have a version of the Epyx Fast Load cartridge? It would make disk loading so much better. If y'all have a Final Cartridge 3 there's a turbo tape load function IIRC.

    LeftoverBeefcakeLeftoverBeefcakeÅr sedan
  • did you hear about "GEOS" for the C64?.........

    Duro DrkafonDuro DrkafonÅr sedan
  • I had this! Cat eraser..

    chazzy2501chazzy2501År sedan
  • They missed the opportunity to name it MAUSX instead of Maus for MSX. Shame

    ¡Gñ!¡Gñ!År sedan
  • Cheese is better

    AppleisbestAppleisbestÅr sedan
  • I loved this thing with GEOS back in the day on my C128

    Commodorefan64Commodorefan64År sedan
  • Is it any Gouda? Well done sir. Well done.

    Deckard GamesDeckard GamesÅr sedan
  • Mainly uses right mouse button? And I though Blender was the only program with a weird right-mouse-centric operation!

    MrMargaretScratcherMrMargaretScratcherÅr sedan
  • hey if there's any adapter to convert the input to usb you can use it on modern PCs.

    CyDragonGMCyDragonGMÅr sedan
  • 🐁

    Octavius KingOctavius KingÅr sedan
    • did you lend your own pet rat to the video, it dose seem very familliar to me

      Name LessName LessÅr sedan
    • 🧀

      erieriÅr sedan
  • I still remember the day I got mine, my father bought it for me and I remember being in the car looking inside the box on the way home. I'd already gotten a printer before then so it was great to be able to print out pictures instead of text. I'd quite often draw and print out pictures for visitors. Was a damn sight better than a Koala pad anyway.

    6581punk6581punkÅr sedan
  • Had exactly that mouse in the day. The softvare was crap but the mouse was wonderful to use in other programs. Such a difference compared to a joystick or keyboard.

    Göran GustafssonGöran GustafssonÅr sedan
  • Please use the Cheese version of your logo over Christmas.....

    KingofPotatoPeopleKingofPotatoPeopleÅr sedan
  • playing arkanoid on mouse vs joystick sounds like cheating... if you can move faster

    mrlithiummrlithiumÅr sedan
  • Mouse and cheese. What lovely simple times. Fast forward 20+ years later and what we get? Two girls and one cup.

    Slavomir GSlavomir GÅr sedan