A 120MB Super Disk -- Floptical Disk | Nostalgia Nerd

4 jun 2018
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Old technology, don't you just love it. There was a time when floppy disk was king. Indeed for many, it remains so. But there was also a time when 120MB of data, even 240MB of data could be squeezed on a humble 3.5" floppy disk. This is a relaxing look at that very medium; The SuperDisk LS120 and LS240, floptical disk drives. A range designed by 3M to go head to head with Iomega's ZIP drive and achieve the title of Floppy Disk: The Next Generation.
Also, if you're unsure what the difference between MiB and MB is take a look at simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte
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More info on the SuperDisk;
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  • I should note that Imation was a spin-off company of 3M, rather than a brand..... also.... I always associate DOS with FAT16, but ~as some have correctly pointed out~ floppies are formatted with FAT12. The Mebibytes point is a reference to hard drive manufacturers deviously using base 10 (especially these days). Floppies don't technically hold 1.44MB...BUT that's how we commonly refer to them. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd I'm sorry that you're fu/cking illiterate.

      Some characters aren't allowedSome characters aren't allowed2 månader sedan
    • The superdisk was a _flop_ ;)

      Mike TurkMike Turk11 månader sedan
    • already knew about them, have some laying around

      darknessbladedarknessbladeÅr sedan
    • @greggv8 thanks for the suggestion, however I own the parallel port version of the Imation LS-120, so a USB driver will not do any good. But if I run across someone who needs a usb driver, I will pass on your suggestion to them.

      TechluseTechluseÅr sedan
    • @Techluse look for Maximus Decim USB driver. That's Windows Me USB mass storage (and other USB stuff) drivers packed up in an installer for 98SE. One must first remove all 3rd party USB drivers from 98SE. Someone else got inspired to do the same for original Win 98.

      greggv8greggv8År sedan
  • so this is the LS-120 I see in my BIOS boot order

    周瑜周瑜5 dagar sedan
  • Well I do have a drive with usb. Plugged it in my Mac and it works. Will try out Mac is classic 9 but I’m sure it will work out of the box.

    Marco RaapMarco Raap8 dagar sedan
  • I had one of these fall into my possession (no idea from where) around 2000. Still have it, never used it beyond making sure it worked. It was an internal model. It's in my huge box of stuff I need to throw away, but the basement stairs are so many, so tall... the box is really heavy. I may end up hiring a junk crew (≧▽≦)

    Thaddeus GearhartThaddeus Gearhart14 dagar sedan
  • My brother had an internal LS-120 drive at one point, but he too quickly realised that the discs were not reliable and that really made them unusable as a storage media. The discs were also not easy to get hold of after a couple years, since many retailers didn't want to carry something that's just going to come back to bite them, so the drive served out its days as a normal fast floppy drive. What's interesting is that Sony's MO disc never had any of the reliability issues of LS and ZIP, but it never caught on. Despite being superior, it was also abusively expensive and like many other of Sony's formats, it was abandoned and the technology instead used for the MiniDisc

    SteelRodentSteelRodent16 dagar sedan
  • I still have four or five of the disks in the drawer. No idea what's on them any more. Drive died ages ago. Never could find one on ebay or anywhere else. Of course, as time went by, it became less and less important to pull the data off those SuperDisks.

    Jason NemeckJason Nemeck17 dagar sedan
  • 0:07 It's actually FAT12

    Joe KoopJoe Koop22 dagar sedan
  • Thought an advantage of Super Disks is it's reader's compatibility with conventional floppy disks, unlike Zip, whose disks are slightly thicker & thus require a different drive reader

    Zhi Han LeeZhi Han Lee29 dagar sedan
  • I'm watching this in 2020 and I say to myself: "What is a 'Floppy'??"

    no postno postMånad sedan
  • 32 mb on 1.44mb disk via 240 drive wtf how compression?

    Mac GyverMac GyverMånad sedan
  • "mebibyte" is BS and you know it!

    tyler robertstyler robertsMånad sedan
  • I miss my Iomega 100MB Zip drive. =(

    James AnthonyJames AnthonyMånad sedan
  • when you said *erotic* and the screen was blue my dirty mind got confused

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER AbdlmounaimMånad sedan
  • I had one, and had similar problems. The drive was recycled years ago. I also experimented with Rewritable CDs / DVDs for back up. I use USB thumb flash drives now.

    Peter MeyerPeter MeyerMånad sedan
  • Honestly, a little disappointed you didn't manage to source an LS240 and media. That is far more obscure... even when they were the "in" thing. I never has reliability issues with mine, but I never had one till my BIOS directly had an LS120 & LS240 option as well as XP... I never had to use the driver disks. I primarily used mine to format special format floppies (the weird formats that always seemed to be used by commercial operations that nobody could reliably format on their commodity drive) such as the Microsoft DMF format and such.

    menotu 000menotu 000Månad sedan
  • The latest magnetic media tech could easily fit 25GB+ on the size of a 3.5" floppy.

    Nian BanksNian BanksMånad sedan
  • The 120Mb SuperDisk would've been the ideal upgrade & replacement of the audio cassette tape.

    AfrocanukAfrocanukMånad sedan
  • This sums up the installation experience of everything from the mid 90s to the mid 00s nothing worked as it should, compatibility problems etc.

    Teresa ShinkansenTeresa Shinkansen2 månader sedan
  • This is porn!

    Mac ManiacMac Maniac2 månader sedan
  • The floppy drive on its side looks like a wii

    lure muziclure muzic2 månader sedan
  • Oh, yeah I remember the iOmega Zip Drive killing this off from day one... then their larger 1Gb Jaz Drives "click of death" killed off the whole company!

    Teds WorldTeds World2 månader sedan
  • You should have downloaded the W98 drivers, the enclosed driver disk versions are usually old and defective.

    Breakfast of ChampionsBreakfast of Champions2 månader sedan
  • 9:44 From what I recall, USB drives did not really become common until well into the 2000s and floppies/zip disks had by then already been long obsoleted by CD burners which started to become affordable and common in the late 90s. I'm sure they had their niche uses for personal storage, but they were not really a good fit for the ones USB drives and CDs - portable storage that could be used anywhere - since Zip drives were fairly uncommon.

    forbjokforbjok2 månader sedan
  • I had one of those. Wasn't that good of a buy since all my friends got ZIPdrives, and if I remember correctly the Superdisk wasn't very reliable or fast.

    SycokaySycokay2 månader sedan
  • instant flashback to the times i used an iomega parallel port floppy with 100MB. this was *so* cool at the time... coming from an era where PC's didnt have a hard drive at first, and then like 40MB ones.

    cutterboardcutterboard2 månader sedan
  • I remember schools that had mac's that used floppy disks still. When apple removed the floppy disk drive on their new iMac G3 in 1998, these were everywhere as I don't think usb thumb drives were around yet.

    xpyrxpyr2 månader sedan
  • ... and you were wondering about that gap in the case ...?? that drive most likely had been dropped which dislodged something inside the drive unit or damaged the controller board or both ... ... perhaps if you still have that unit, open it up to see if a cable may have come loose ! ... I know I'm replying to an old post ! ... ;) I had, or more correctly, still have a tower-case PC which originally had DOS 6 & W4WG 3.1 [not 3.11] and MS Office 4.3 Pro installed , when I managed get one of those Imation Parallel Port LS120 drives. [mid 90's] ... [ PC was originally running the first Pentium CPU (1993) - which as I found was suffering from their dreaded co-pro fault errors -- the co-processor fault not only had math errors , it messed with nearly every aspect of the running of the PC, including the games and reading CDs, and general read / write to the HDD etc., - I eventually received a replacement CPU direct from INTEL ] I actually never had any grief with those LS120 "super floppies" . I also found off the parallel port the LS120 drives could actually multi-task ! I could play music stored on the LS120 and write to the drive at the same time, without any lag like using a regular hard drive. anyways, after I had upgraded the PC to Win95B - I had an unusual find with these LS120 disks, where I had maxed a LS120 disk with some DOS files [running direct from DOS], and accidentally put the same disk in to dump a heap of backup from windows, the drive took both lots of backup and I had actually stored 240mb onto the same disk ... due to the different way the 2 OSs wrote the data onto the drive ! ... just to be sure not to corrupt the stored data, I moved the DOS data back to the HDD and dumped it onto another LS120. I still have an archive of at least 30 LS120 disks. I also have an IDE version of the Imation LS120 drive which I never got round to installing ... possibly due to getting a CD burner, and eventually portable usb HDD drives [first one with a 60mb laptop HDD in it] , and eventually exponentially increasing capacities of USB Flash drives - including micro SD ones with more than 512Gb storage, and now external HDDs with many terabytes capacity , Blu-ray burners which they reckon can do quad-density burns over 100gb , et. al. ... ... I digress ! Talking of unusual drives etc. I acquired a 16x CD burner drive by MSI which could store nearly 1.5Gb onto a standard CDROM using a double density write , but it unexpectedly expired when I updated the Windows version of Nero software which came with the drive to a later version, it may have fritzed the drive's bios. :( so, it's a shame you never got the chance to try out that LS120 . perhaps off ebay or a garage sale etc., someday you may get a chance to find a working LS120 drive ... -

    trog7777trog77772 månader sedan
  • this would have probably blown my mind as much as when i got a cd burner and realized i could offload data with a CD-RW from my puny something 2gb hdd

    AxonteerAxonteer2 månader sedan
  • miss the old intro and retroware tv

    AxonteerAxonteer2 månader sedan
  • So, Optical Disks In Floppy Disks?

    indeepjindeepj2 månader sedan
  • L I still have 10 ls120 disks, unfortunately I accidentally gave the drive away with a PC.

    LL2 månader sedan
  • I had a work PC with one of these drives built in. What I remember was the ad with the tired looking but still smiling regular floppy standing side by side with the fresh modern looking SuperDisk, emphasizing the backward compatibility SuperDisk had and Zip didn't.

    IrishCarneyIrishCarney2 månader sedan
    • Here's that picture: pbs.twimg.com/media/DVPVRPEUMAAH4F3.jpg

      IrishCarneyIrishCarney2 månader sedan
  • All that crap, and you didn't tell us how it actually worked? You suck.

    Sod AlmightySod Almighty2 månader sedan
  • I remember this when it came out in the 90's. I couldn't afford it but really wanted one :))

    Long isGoneLong isGone2 månader sedan
  • I had an internal one of these by Imation around the late '90s/early 2000s. Housing and front panel were flimsy though and broke apart after moderate regular use, unfortunately. Still have some of the floppy discs around for it for some reason.

    WR3NDWR3ND2 månader sedan
  • randomly popped into my feed :shrug: but yeah i still have my gateway laptop with built-in drive and a couple of these super disks :) (on a shelf obviously :D )

    Excuse Me While I NerdExcuse Me While I Nerd2 månader sedan
  • Had a little bit of experience with an IDE (ATA) LS-120 when I was in the software testing profession in the very early 2000s. No special drivers needed for Windows NT 4.0 -- in terms of the software, it just worked, although we only got to test standard floppies with it (the superfloppy medium didn't seem to be very readily available). Also had considerably more experience with Iomega Zip100 drives (heard of the higher capacity types, but never saw them) -- parallel, IDE, and USB. The parallel version gave by far the most software/driver trouble (the others just worked), so I wonder if this was the source of your problems with the parallel LS-120?

    Lucius ChiaraviglioLucius Chiaraviglio2 månader sedan
  • I remember Zip Disks ...

    McKinleyMcKinley2 månader sedan
  • I always pronounced iomega as eye-oh-mega rather than a single word.

    HazardsofEverythingHazardsofEverything2 månader sedan
  • It could never compete with Zip or Jazz despite the Click of Death

    Michael PowellMichael Powell2 månader sedan
  • Ah, the LS 120, one of the features of our 1999 Gateway PC (20GB HD and pentium 3 450Mhz processor.. mmmm), seem to remember it stopped reading the LS120s after a while, so just became a normal floppy drive, apparently a common problem?

    Robert MartindaleRobert Martindale2 månader sedan
  • The LS120 was a much better product than the Zip Drive. I loved it! One of the more graceful facets of its design was used on their internal units, being that they faithfully adhered to the 3½ floppy form. You could install it internally as an IDE device, and it could be mapped to handle A: drive duty so that you didn't need an actual floppy drive in the system, since it could serve as both. Sadly, Iomega was just better with their marketing, making them more standardized for package system offerings.... so most people don't remember, or have never even heard of the LS120. :-(

    1SqueakyWheel1SqueakyWheel2 månader sedan
  • I remember getting an Imation drive were I worked. There was quite a buzz in the office. Hard to believe how exciting it was back then! :-) However we found them very unreliable. It felt like an unfinished product that hadn't gone through enough testing.

    George SGeorge S2 månader sedan
  • I had one of these!!!

    Tabletop BattlezoneTabletop Battlezone2 månader sedan
  • Metal album on floppy

    Gabriel DubéGabriel Dubé2 månader sedan
  • Back in 2000 when I started working in the States, Zip drive from iomega was still the preferred backup media for individual workstations at most big companies in south florida. A Zip drive unit provided 100Mb and used to cost a whooping $200 and included one(1) 100MB Zip cartridge. Additional Zip cartridges were $20 each at office depot or office max. I remember that because as an IT worker, I was responsible of backups automatization which needed to be done manually sometimes for each workstation and was also in charge of IT supply purchases. I'm feeling old! lol

    Joseph TremblantJoseph Tremblant2 månader sedan
  • I did Compaq desktop support in 1995. That Presario really brings back memories. I remember when my legally blind coworker was given a 20” CRT, that was such a spectacle (pun intended)

    R.L. DaneR.L. Dane2 månader sedan
  • I would really like to get my hands on the elusive 240MB version with the special 32MB disk at once mode.

    J KJ K2 månader sedan
  • Loved the LS120 BITD, used to load 1.44mb a lot quicker too! we had loads of Compaq DP2000 machines with them fitted from Compaq as standard. Found a few Disks in the Shed, pulled my old mint Deskpro 2000 out the loft a few weeks ago, and no LS installed, I must have sold it and installed a Compaq 1.44 drive! Gutted!! :-( Edit: missed a NOS Compaq one for £15 :( Just picked up a used Compaq one for £20 :-)

    Terry GlasgowTerry Glasgow2 månader sedan
  • "subcribe "

    DogeTheEpicDogeTheEpic2 månader sedan
  • 0:45 48x16x48x talk about an hourglass figure!

    Phil CarrollPhil Carroll2 månader sedan
  • FAT16?? I thought that Floppies were FAT12?

    Victor / NeovoVictor / Neovo2 månader sedan
  • Perfect label placement technique.

    ThePrufessaThePrufessa2 månader sedan
  • All those MB and you'd need an entire set or two to hold all the data in your phone. You'd need one for every app or two or three.

    ThePrufessaThePrufessa2 månader sedan
  • New label... *Homer Simpson drool*

    Voltmayer MunchonianVoltmayer Munchonian2 månader sedan
  • It was more expensive than the IOmega Zip drive, I really wanted one(thinking this would be the next step on mobile storage), but with that price(over $250) in a 3rd world country... Oh no.

    John Smith RitterhausJohn Smith Ritterhaus2 månader sedan
  • There was an old UK computer magazine that used to come with a "superdisk" although it was just a standard 1.44MB. I can still remember being totally amazed with one that said "Welcome to superdisk 55" in some horrible PC Speaker sound.

    80s retro80s retro2 månader sedan
  • 9:42 No mention of SyQuest SparQ drive ?

    FrikinOSMFrikinOSM2 månader sedan
  • super floppy >...< sounds like ED

    Arcade AlchemistArcade Alchemist2 månader sedan
  • I do have some fond memories of this medium. It was towards the end of portable magnetic medium just before RW CD's came down into affordable price ranges. I was one of the proponents of LS120 over Zip100 right up until both became obsolete.

    Undead_UrsineUndead_Ursine2 månader sedan
  • I-Omago? Sure it is not pronounced I-Omega? :P

    Sem SkywalkerSem Skywalker2 månader sedan
  • I used LS-120 drives for years in Windows and DOS without any drivers - just connect the drive to IDE. It's mounted as A: or B:, depending on the BIOS settings. It also works on the Amiga, with every available file system. My Elbox FastATA is mounting it on secondary slave as DF7:. It also can read and write 1.44M PC disks with full speed. This was a nice file transfer method between PC and Amiga before compactflash.device.

    Gert Achim RenélGert Achim Renél2 månader sedan
  • I went through several LS-120 drives, but they were all unreliable. They were brand new internal IDE drives. They couldn't even reliably read & write standard floppies. Failing that, they were useless to me. My college used Macs for various classes, so I ended up switching to Zip disks. This allowed me to share with the computers at school - seamlessly. Zips were so much more reliable. By that time, Zip cartridges were rather cheap, as well. I ended up phasing out my EZ-135 drive.

    Jeremy GeorgiaJeremy Georgia2 månader sedan
  • Hey dude, do you have a computer's onlyfans? I live the commentary and my freedom we're exercised

    Dragon Slayer OrnsteinDragon Slayer Ornstein2 månader sedan
  • Isn't it pronounce Eye Oh Mega?

    Brandon SchillingBrandon Schilling2 månader sedan
  • Always fancied a 120 floppy but just stuck with zip100s instead for graphic design work back in the early 00's. I never needed to get the zip 250 drive cause I had got a LG CDRW drive instead, then usb flash drives came along. Also at this point Internet speeds were good enough to just email designs to clients circa 2005 with bb speeds at about 500kbit down? I'm not sure. And hard drive space was enough to backup all my jobs on my pc. Ah those were the days. I like having a good ramble I'm getting old. I did a design for reebok rbk logo they kept it on file! for reference or something.

    Chris DazeChris Daze2 månader sedan
  • Back then, megabyte meant mebibyte.

    Singularity24601Singularity246013 månader sedan
  • I laughed at the title “Super Floppy”. I’m so fkn immature xD

    austin_is_a_rataustin_is_a_rat3 månader sedan
  • Had an internal one of these buggers. Used it to took my Doom WAD files nicely organised 👍👍

    PhendrenaPhendrena3 månader sedan
  • Huh... I've never heard of this one. I also didn't realize ZIP got up to 750mb -- I was all optical by that point. Or maybe I had an external hard drive, not sure...

    DoctorX17DoctorX174 månader sedan
  • Why the hell is the drive popped out if it’s brand new?!

    Jose CarlosJose Carlos4 månader sedan
  • No it started at iomega, but with the more promising zip technology (faster reads/writes but not standard floppy compatible) was sold to 3M. I remember from that time because I was doing a computing degree, and read 4 computing magazines at that time. Bought 2 and read the other 2 in the library.

    Michael BrocklesbyMichael Brocklesby4 månader sedan
  • Oh yes! Watching you rub that label on got me so hot and bothered caused me to blue screen 🤤

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith4 månader sedan
  • Quite a few corporate grade computers used them. I saw these on Dell, HP and Compaq systems in the day.

    0311Mushroom0311Mushroom4 månader sedan
  • Oh wow - I am taken back to the time of applying fresh labels to floppies - and cassette audio tapes *sigh*. I used to pride myself on how well I aligned the label so it would fold over the back just right.

    Dennis EldridgeDennis Eldridge4 månader sedan
  • lol, a mebibyte? Stop trying to force apple's stupidity on people. A megabyte is 1024 kilobytes, apple cannot change that.

    Patrick OPatrick O4 månader sedan
  • Валяется у меня лет 20. Выкидывать жалко, вытяну его, потрогаю и обратно назад в ящик прячу. ) А когда-то это было круто.

    Александр СергеевичАлександр Сергеевич4 månader sedan
  • Borrowing habits from clint?

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks5 månader sedan
  • I remember my superdisk, actually still have it some where around here. I loved the thing, at the time I had a CD-WORM, Tape Drive and then this bad boy that I loved dearly. The superdisk at the time was my go to for all of my storage needs. Of course at the time all I had was a creative labs 56k v.90 modem so I didn't exactly have the wealth of data that I have now....how I miss those good ol' days!

    KevinKevin5 månader sedan
  • hi i got hold of one of the drive but have no drivers can you up load a copy of the driver disks thanks

    oslscoslsc5 månader sedan
  • Can u put a cd caddy in it and still be able to download music on the blank cd ? Can i open Ls120 disk or zip disk to replace it with a blank cd to download music when i put it in this drive ??? Can u just pust a cd in it to download music ??

    mangreat71mangreat715 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: The Amstrad Integra was named after a reportedly flawed amplifier by the same name, launched in 1975, back in the pre-computery years of the brand.

    BilisNegraBilisNegra6 månader sedan
  • I got the (probably later model) usb drive. I didn't know that what a superdisk exactly was at the time (still dont have one on that note) but all i had to read in the wikipedia page was that it could read regular floppies for me to buy as the only floppy drive i had at that time was in a chonker computer. Not in the best aesthetic shape but it feels like its got more years of use ahead of it plus it seeems a tad faster too than the actual usb floppy drive i ended up getting later (sadly its a tad bigger and requires a seperate power supply so i tend to use that one more)

    The AeronautThe Aeronaut6 månader sedan
  • it basically flopped

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim6 månader sedan
  • [Insert Super Floppy Disk Joke Here]

    SkorpiusSkorpius7 månader sedan
  • I had one and I think I may still have it in one of my plastic totes. I think all total i had 3 disks for it. The re wright-able CD ROM killed them.

    OldandwizeOldandwize7 månader sedan
  • I bought a zip drive back in the early 2000's, could never get the drivers to work on my Win98 computer to recognize the external drive, sadly.

    Snarky MarkSnarky Mark7 månader sedan
  • "Floptical Disk" I'm using that in my day-to-day life now. I love that word, Floptical.

    RAP64RAP647 månader sedan
  • Back in the day I would see certain motherboard BIOS with the boot option of LS120 but never really knew what it was about... I’m glad I finally caught this because it literally answered a question I’ve had for almost 20 years now...

    FireAngelZeroFireAngelZero7 månader sedan
  • Should do a vid on Jaz drives

    syteanricsyteanric9 månader sedan
  • i member those

    Sgt Joe SmithSgt Joe Smith10 månader sedan
  • 40 minutes to format 120megabits lol.... Oh the good old days. How I don't miss them.

    PS4sos21PS4sos2110 månader sedan
  • I knew quite some people that used those for daily system-backup because they were way faster than those tape solutions back then

    KonZ ZonKKonZ ZonK10 månader sedan
  • I remember those! I was so disappointed they didn't replace regular floppies!

    Pete EddyPete Eddy10 månader sedan

    samantha tangsamantha tang10 månader sedan

    samantha tangsamantha tang10 månader sedan
  • What about the UHD 2.88MiB 3.5" ?

    breakone9rbreakone9r11 månader sedan
  • but but what space would you get with a modern floppy disk if they still made them with modern tech?

    Raven4KRaven4K11 månader sedan
  • It was not 1,44. It was 1,72 if you know how to. ;-)

    GlobalBeamGlobalBeam11 månader sedan
  • Neat-o

    Mike TurkMike Turk11 månader sedan