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4 dec 2019
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Goto Day 3 of the Story at; Hugo the Troll, remember him? Well, if you're from Europe, probably, if you're from the UK, maybe, if you're from Brazil, almost definitely, North America? Maybe not so much. But Hugo the Troll was a sensation back in the 90s, in fact, his game was one of the first game streaming experiences, as a player controlled Hugo via. the phone, and we gazed in amazement at our TV sets. Appearing on Saturday morning TV such as What's Up Doc, I take a little look at his history in this video, before committing to the Christmas edition of Hugo; Hugo's Christmas Calendar. That's right, this might be a Hugo the Troll based video, but it's also time to kick off this year's advent calendar.
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  • Fun fact: Hugo the troll was made by IO Interactive. Yes, the same guys that later went on to make Hitman. ITE/Silverrock invented the phone-in interface which sat between the phone jack and an Amiga which converted DTMF into the equivalent of keyboard commands, but IOI made the actual games (the first 3 anyway). They made Oswald to replace a pinball game and then three versions of Hugo for Danish TV2 - The show "Eleva2ren" actually means "the elevator" and was meant to signify that the show was a mixed bag of all kinds of stuff, but to add to the gimmick they had guests come out of a fake elevator. Once IOI made Hitman everyone were surprised it was the same guys that made all the Hugo games

    SteelRodentSteelRodent10 timmar sedan
  • I remember seeing Hugo regularly on TV (in Germany), and some similar game about guiding a ball along a path full with obstacles (if memory serves, the ball was the logo of the channel Sat1). Even as a kid I always got the impression that the show hosts would deliberately pretend to not understand the commands on the phone so the callers never won. It was uncanny! Whenever a caller managed to get far in the game, at some point on the higher levels, the host would always misunderstand the command or not hear it at all... To be fair, I may just be remembering the blatant examples. But this really was a wake-up moment for little young me.

    ZersetzorZersetzor2 dagar sedan
  • I saw this game Hugo on a national tv channel in Venezuela many years ago, it was popular but, of course, no one ever won because of the lag. In that time i thought that those players were really bad at pressing buttons, what an ignorant i was haha...

    Manuel PereiraManuel Pereira9 dagar sedan
  • hugo was pretty huge back in the 2000's on argentina, it was on tv until december 2005 i have so much memories from those days... i tried so hard calling to tv show phone number to play but never got any chance :(

    sebastian olmossebastian olmos15 dagar sedan
  • The Danish program Eleva2ren is a dumb play on words and pronunciation of numbers. Elevatoren (Elevator in english) where "to" in Danish is the number 2. So instead of just writing the name of the show out in a simple way, i guess they wanted to get modern with tt and add the number "2" instead of the word "to". Which would be like spelling Skater like Sk8ter in English. Pretty dumb. But great show, and Nina sure was hot. Not sure any of this makes sense.

    pronstorestiffipronstorestiffiMånad sedan
  • I loved playing it when I was at my grandpas PC in his storecabin,.. ahhh memories! :D (Austria btw)

    KeineAhnungKeineAhnungMånad sedan
  • I only know the hugo game compilations for Windows and I loved the ones we have at home.

    Martin FritzMartin FritzMånad sedan
  • I'm in the UK, I remember Hugo

    MannyJazzcatsMannyJazzcatsMånad sedan
  • This telephone game was also popular in Singapore

    ultragarrisonultragarrison2 månader sedan
  • 16:30 These next few moments sound an awful lot like slavery...

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • Well. As an American, I am out of my league in this one.

    Mr. OuijaMr. Ouija2 månader sedan
  • Hugos full title "Skærmtrolden Hugo", translates directly as the Screen Troll Hugo. However actual translation would be something like "The TV Darling Hugo", as a "Screen Troll", in it's most endearing meaning, means someone who is constantly on TV.

    Michael SørensenMichael Sørensen3 månader sedan
  • Hugo was actually really popular in Argentina in the 90's

    ManuManu4 månader sedan
  • Wauw. How did you find footage of a Brazilian kid show where the hostess isn't half naked.

    Rizon1985Rizon19854 månader sedan
  • Grew up in Serbia. Hugo was huge for kids in early 2000s. I always thought he was supposed to be a gypsy.

    darkowindarkowin4 månader sedan
  • This character is so cringe-worthy but me as kid gobbled it up

    Jonas NielsenJonas Nielsen4 månader sedan
  • They are 2 hugo games in North America but none of them are released America

    Mary VallejoMary Vallejo5 månader sedan
  • 4:45 TURKEY . Hugo parmaklarının ucunda.

    tabiat bekcisitabiat bekcisi5 månader sedan
  • God I remember this. Barely though. It must have been on "Going Live" or "Live and Kicking' on Saturday mornings. This is why I love your channel Pete. Bringing back memories that I didn't even know I had.

    Tom HillTom Hill5 månader sedan
  • This went completely past us in the Netherlands :o

    Minix SkynetMinix Skynet5 månader sedan
  • Позвоните богу Кузе

    tsartomatotsartomato6 månader sedan
  • As a kid, Hugo was a legend to me. Always wanted to play it but never was able to call.

    Paulo ConstantinoPaulo Constantino9 månader sedan
  • Hugo was more or less a traditional kids game show here in Malaysia. I don't remember them having the phone in mechanic in this country.

    RAMChYLDRAMChYLD9 månader sedan
  • Phillip Schofield sounds no different.

    PLEYORPLEYOR9 månader sedan
  • Andy Crane knew his shit when it came to games! Useless fact: Hugo the Troll had a ps1 release in 1997..... it was horrendous!

    syteanricsyteanric9 månader sedan
  • I bet it was more stable and semi-responsive than Google Stadia.

    Deliveredmean42Deliveredmean4210 månader sedan
  • A bit of trivia for you: The dark haired girl who presented Hugo on Danish TV2 is Nina Klinker Stephensen. For a brief period she dated our crown prince Frederik back in the day, when they were both studying. I thought she was soo cute ;-)

    Lars JacobsenLars Jacobsen10 månader sedan
  • We had a huge Hugo audience in Brazil.

    Luiz MarcosLuiz Marcos10 månader sedan
  • Bruh theres like 8 employees listed in the credits, maybe a little company restructering is in order

    TwerkToSpecTwerkToSpec10 månader sedan
  • Here in the U.S. in the early 80s, a New York station, WPIX, would air a daily segment in the afternoon where people could call in and play a video game over the phone. One was Intellivision's Space Battle and another was some generic game where a rectangle would travel up or down the screen and there was an angled paddle to fire a shot at it. In both games, players would yell "PIX" into the phone to fire. I'm not sure if they had a sound-activated switch attached to the console or if someone in the studio just pressed the button when the person yelled.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrul10 månader sedan
  • The nostalgia nerd is butthurt about Katie Hopkins winning lol.

    boobio1boobio110 månader sedan
  • im brazilian, and loved hugo when i was a kid ahahahaha holy shit, nostalgia got me pretty hard right now

    Rafael Silva DanielRafael Silva Daniel10 månader sedan
  • Wow this brought back memories of watching the Hugo TV game in Puerto Rico so long ago. I think it only lasted a few months before they stopped doing it though.

    MigueMigue10 månader sedan
  • Can you at least label parts 1 & 2 as such?

    gibbonduder182gibbonduder18210 månader sedan
  • That voice does not fit Santa whatsoever. Not nearly ho-ho-ho jolly enough.

    DoggoneNexusDoggoneNexus10 månader sedan
  • why did you call Katie Hopkins a witch?

    James GoldieJames Goldie10 månader sedan
  • 7:12 - when you've had so much Botox a laugh doesn't reach the rest of your face, lol

    YellowblankaYellowblanka10 månader sedan
  • In Slovenia, the TV version of Hugo was super popular in the early 90s, and I also had (surprisingly Danish language version) PC variants of some of those games.

    Saavik256Saavik25610 månader sedan
  • I was super popular in Russia too. He was renamed Kuzya. And the show was called "Call Kuzya".

    saratov99saratov9910 månader sedan
  • Hugely popular in France as well (circa '93-'94?), with Karen Cheryll being the presenter of the show (usually occurring at 8:00p on France 3 channel). It was known as "Hugo Delire" (something like Delirious Hugo or Crazy Hugo), it was so cool to see a video game you could remotely play with your phone (remember that time you only could play games on your computer and consoles. Online gaming was limited to very basic games that you could play on the Minitel).

    ScientistAbeScientistAbe10 månader sedan
  • * *Hank Venture listens intently* *

    Peng WinPeng Win10 månader sedan
  • I hated Hugo! Always seemed to be on TG4 (the Irish language channel in the Republic) and he was dubbed with the worst imaginable voice

    Misterman1982Misterman198210 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know where to get the christmas game?

    Dennis HartmannDennis Hartmann10 månader sedan
  • even in france hugot was here with Karen Cheryl she was pretty hot even for the kids who watched the show.

    gael jehannogael jehanno10 månader sedan
  • Hugo have a cool mobile game 👍 Appstore and Google Play

    Foreign PowerForeign Power10 månader sedan
  • holy crap, I got that first Hugo game on PC back in the days

    Takashi KamiyamaTakashi Kamiyama10 månader sedan
  • #HugoForSmashUltimate

    pgj1997pgj199710 månader sedan
  • That bitch Hugo was popular in Germany. I still hate him. :LEL:

    Alles TollAlles Toll10 månader sedan
  • 0:49 I remember him. Does anyone remember his name?

    ChocolateTamponChocolateTampon10 månader sedan
  • A significant part of the unavoidable lag experienced was due to how live tv was delivered to customers. For analog tv systems of old lag was entirely dependent on how far the signals (physically) and how many times the signal was converted along the way. Lag of over 3 seconds was commonplace for catv systems that use satellite receivers and around 1 second for those rich enough for fiber lines.

    B HB H10 månader sedan
  • I always wanted to p[lay Hugo on TVjust to win a cool prize but I always thought there was someone sitting on the other end of the phone in the studio controlling the game. Thanks for another great video I'm sure others really appreciate the effort you make to bring back those great memories

    Brannen ThompsonBrannen Thompson10 månader sedan
  • Ahh the old Packard Bell 🛎

    Michael ElsyMichael Elsy10 månader sedan
  • You've heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, you've heard of Mario the plumber, I'm sure you're familiar with Zool, the Lemmings and Cool Spot... Wait, what's that? You kids haven't heard of Cool Spot??

    MnnvintMnnvint10 månader sedan
  • It was so popular in Turkey, good old days

    Hüseyin Fahri UzunHüseyin Fahri Uzun10 månader sedan
  • Hugo was quite popular in Finland, being possibly one of first games that was fully voice acted in Finnish. I had his ps1 collection game of same games seen in this video, out of which I could find even funny bugs. In ps1 pal copy of skateboard ramp game, you can input left to make him make his brief aerial jump before landing, but if you input from left to right during his aerial he would start to float until warping back to bottom of screen and floating on, making the game easy to beat if not for the high score aspect. It also did not work on right side of the screen. Also as Finnish person, I commend the localization of Hugo as his punny mannerisms and trolly voice were highlights that brought smiles to both children and parents.

    SumeaBizarroSumeaBizarro10 månader sedan
  • It's crazy how far technology has come, they spent $100k to pull off something you could do on your phone today

    TacticalBBQSauceTacticalBBQSauce10 månader sedan
  • "Eleva2ren" should be pronounced "Elevatoren" (in English "the elevator" or "the lift").

    A Rude GestureA Rude Gesture10 månader sedan
  • When I first saw the video I was hoping it would also go into Joe Razz and Magic Pocket.

    Spiceymike0Spiceymike010 månader sedan
  • I didn't realise that Hugo was made specifically for TV games. I remember the mine cart game on Going Live but I always assumed he was a cartoon character.

    DominoidDominoid10 månader sedan
  • I was one of the lucky (unlucky?) Swedish kids who got play the game on a morning show. All I can remember is that, while Mega Man games posed no threat to me as a young child, Hugo jumping on logs was a nightmare.

    RachenvielRachenviel10 månader sedan
  • And here I thought this was a Germany only thing. I remember seeing Hugo games in the stores after having seen them on TV for years and thinking who'd want to play this without being on TV?

    PahricidaPahricida10 månader sedan

    Toru the Red FoxToru the Red Fox10 månader sedan
  • hmmmmm here in the us we didnt hav phone in games in the 90s

    kamil douglaskamil douglas10 månader sedan
  • Hügo was big in Turkey. The most interesting part of its legacy is there is an urban legend going around that says some kid swore on the show after losing. No one has any proof since no one has a recording of the live show but some people are really damn sure that it happened. What makes it interesting is the host Tolga Abi denies that this ever happened. Is this a case of collective false memory? I also have a memory of this happening but thinking about it I can't tell if it's actually my memory or I heard it from somewhere and now think it's a real memory.

    Ahmet C. AyAhmet C. Ay10 månader sedan
  • In Russia Hugo was renamed to Kuzya (Кузя). Not a single word about it. Welp. No likes from Russia, i guess.

    IceBoxFreezIceBoxFreez10 månader sedan
  • Being from Denmark I remember this guy from my childhood :)

    hedgehog3180hedgehog318010 månader sedan
  • err the day of pre defined charcters

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards10 månader sedan
  • I remember playing the jungle island games and the one with the girl trying to break Scylla's stone spell on pc when I was young.

    Me and My Little Big MouthMe and My Little Big Mouth10 månader sedan
  • Computerphile have done a great video on the Acorn RISC PCs used by the BBC for phone in games.

    Paul PotterPaul Potter10 månader sedan
  • haha "Cool Spot"! That guy is just soooooo 90's.

    R69NiXR69NiX10 månader sedan
  • Because of course the ginger haired kid was a little bastard.

    whoshotdkwhoshotdk10 månader sedan
  • I remember this Hugo games on a TV show in Italy back on those days! I think it was aired on RAI1.

    pincopallinopincopallino10 månader sedan
  • I loved this game as a kid! I had this exact Christmas version, the Portuguese (Portugal) one!

    João Ricardo LourençoJoão Ricardo Lourenço10 månader sedan
  • He also was very popular here in Brazil and i got to play it in 1998. Got a shirt, a small bag and a sticker as the basic prize. Later that same year the game for the playstation arrived on the street and i couldnt believe it was the same thing from tv and it was. Was really expecting for it to be a side scroller or 3d adventure. Now i must ask if you know about other show of the same kind, i guess was also created on europe and was about two monsters who fought between each other. One was green dressed in black and white and the other was blue and there was a third character who was a sheep. Around here it was on mtv hosted by the singer of a punk rock band so it had a LOT of cursing every week day.

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva10 månader sedan
  • Hugo was huge here in finland.

    Kilppari TVKilppari TV10 månader sedan
  • Too bad you didn't add the Portuguese footage from the show. We also had it here in Portugal, RTP broadcast it here back in 1998-2002, was a very watched show back in the day but the Portuguese show had one very, VERY particular thing about it, which thankfully Nintendo, Squaresoft or other companies ever noticed, for RTP's sake lol. For some reason they added remixes of Nintendo games, especially games that were on Nintendo consoles, so some Hugo mini games like the snowboarding one had Donkey Kong Country land music, Hugo's baloon mini game has Tetris Type-B music in it, Hugo Labyrinth had Final Fantasy's VI battle theme, etc, and you can bet no music rights were ever paid and it was all an inside job from the music tech working in the show. Could have ended up with a massive litigation process over it, but I guess they never knew about it. (you can check the music by searching here in YT "Hugo RTP2 1999 [jogo ]" and "Hora H: Hugo RTP1 2000 [jogo 1] " to listen to the remixes they made).

    FinalFantasySeteFinalFantasySete10 månader sedan
  • Clickbait, where is the attractive woman from the thumbnail?

    Eric UnbekanntEric Unbekannt10 månader sedan
  • That background music at the start of the video is going to be stuck in my head for the next week, I just know it.

    Justin WilsonJustin Wilson10 månader sedan
  • Greetings from Germany i played this on my old PC with windows 95 when I was a child the hugo games are rly fun so thanks for showing a piece of the past

    VenatVenat10 månader sedan
  • Oh I remember "TV games" and Hugo in particular. Never was allowed to call in and play though, so I was just sitting in front of a TV, cheering for whoever was playing at the time. Somehow the entire thing slipped my mind over the years, so thanks for a reminder 😁

    PixelPolishTVPixelPolishTV10 månader sedan
  • I had been thinking for a few years that the Saturday morning interactive phone in games would be a great subject for someone’s SEworld channel. Thank you for covering the subject! 😀 Joe Razz on ITV’s What’s Up Doc was a particular vivid memory for myself, very difficult to find info about it though.

    Stuart OttersonStuart Otterson10 månader sedan
  • A Performa 630!

    QuixoteQuixote10 månader sedan
  • what a bunch of sheep... Hugo the quickly thrown together by con artist corporate executives, shoved out onto kids tv indoctrination channels, made popular by the telephone control on tv gimmick heap of shit. You lot of morons that threw your money at this garbage... wow.. made some asshole executives rich. it's plain sad that so many people are so stupid they fall for cheap shitty gimmicks like this, then you got one of them reminiscing about getting caught up in this scam like it was a good thing he did in his life, on a shitty youtube video.. oh humanity.. when will you learn

    Scientiae MagicaeScientiae Magicae10 månader sedan
  • Wasn’t good back then, isn’t good now, won’t be good ever. Games as a service is cancer.

    Eduardo Orlando Favero De FaveroEduardo Orlando Favero De Favero10 månader sedan
  • me cagaste la infancia. jk.

    vasalemvasalem10 månader sedan
  • What's up: This is Hugo our OC do not steal Denmark: hol-up!

    Son-MichaelSon-Michael10 månader sedan
  • Ah, I remeber Hugo. He was very populat here in Argentina. He lasted quite a long time. And they even gave prices to the kids who won the games. Of course, Hugo wasn't the only one who did something like this. There was also Kito pizza, and those two alien things that all their games consisted of two kids playing against each other with their phones.

    Capsy DashCapsy Dash10 månader sedan
  • This was so interesting as always!

    311 Jazzy311 Jazzy10 månader sedan
  • Hugo was largely famous in here Brazil too! Everyone I knew whwe I was a child dream of gaming Hugo through the TV. Good times.

    DarkestLostDarkestLost10 månader sedan
  • I played that Hugo cristmas game as a child, it was really good back then!

    LumocolorARTnr1319LumocolorARTnr131910 månader sedan
  • In the USA 30 years ago on Saturday we didn't see this. We saw cartoons all morning long.

    George WorleyGeorge Worley10 månader sedan
  • Hugo, along with a similar game was popular in Sweden when I was a kid. I did not participate in any phone game tough.

    All the Elevators! - By SummerADDEAll the Elevators! - By SummerADDE10 månader sedan
  • It is interesting to look at the earliest days of streaming! I remember I did this a long time ago, Justin TV in the mid 2000's you could use a TV tuner to livestream, but what people would see was your stream as a still image and you as a viewer had to refresh the screen to see a new image, and you kept doing that. Anyone remember this? I think I used an old school chat for viewers too and it was mostly a place for people to hang out, I remember playing the original version of Final Fantasy 12 in 2006 like this! I remember struggling bad with the game until I grinded levels in Giruvegan.

    BAI GAMINGBAI GAMING10 månader sedan
  • really enjoyed this lovely bit of PC nostalgia

    gamesyoulovedgamesyouloved10 månader sedan
  • It was really dificult to play, the input lag was insane.

    carlos canalescarlos canales10 månader sedan
  • Hugo was made in Denmark and I remember the whole phone in and play thing we had on the morning show on TV2. Did also have many of the games on PC and PS1

    MylifeintechnicolorMylifeintechnicolor10 månader sedan
  • Very popular in Finland, if I recall. Might have been due to the presenter being an attractive young woman. Something for dad to look at. Another one was "Vito's TV Game Show", loose translation, where vaguely racist italian-ish puppet in the style of, Spitting Images, I think, was the host. Fun stuff, CDi games through telephone, things like Burn:Cycle. I recall one kid managing to get through with a rotary, and then Vito facepalming when the rotary signals started to be heard, instead of dial tones...

    Jari HeiskaJari Heiska10 månader sedan
  • we also loved hugo in norway, first on tv early 90's and later on the amiga. Great memorys of that game :)

    solosolo10 månader sedan
  • This was really fun to watch. As I was a kid back in Denmark back in the 90s, I remember Hugo very well. I had quite a lot of his PC games back then, as well as one as of those Advent Calendar games, although I did not have the one shown in the video. It was really nice going down memory lane :D :D

    Mathies WienckeMathies Wiencke10 månader sedan
  • I don't remember Hugo, but I do remember The Dj Kat Show from when I was living in Germany. I believe it was on Sky One or so but it had one of these telephone game segments on it. I always thought it was so cool. I spent a good chunk of my life trying to remember what that show was called (Somebody on reddit finally gave me a link to it. Bless their soul.) The only way I could describe it to people was kids saying "Up up up up up down down right right right right right left down down right up up up up up up" and getting frustrated that the game was not in sync with their voices

    TrashHeap64TrashHeap6410 månader sedan