The 'Realistic' PC Golf Experience | Nostalgia Nerd

23 apr 2020
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... If lockdown is getting to you, then how about you open up the fairway with PC Golf; a classic interactive golf adventure from Sports Sciences Inc., which came with a REAL golf club, sensor, game and most importantly... ACRES of fun?!.... actually I'm lying, well about the "fun" bit anyway.
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  • honestly i think its just that youre not much good att real golf

    Dux Ducis HodiernusDux Ducis Hodiernus26 dagar sedan
  • So, installed Links on my Amiga hard drive back in the day. It took ages to render the view/shot but it was realistic. Factor in guys shouting 'Be the ball' and you can imagine the immersion factor here!

    Carlos FandangoCarlos Fandango26 dagar sedan
  • Scottish golf by core design was my jam

    omfgbunder2008omfgbunder2008Månad sedan
  • The ball didn’t move cause that’s how far it would go in the real world if you swung the way you do

    X99ZeroX99ZeroMånad sedan
  • Love to see if you could use a red flash light or laser to see if it could be "hacked" to run without the club.

    C MillerC Miller2 månader sedan
  • The deep dives into the companies and what happened to them is always a nice touch. The if, buts and maybes of their decisions laid bare. Also I thought all the bird song was to cover up Peter swearing.

    Stephen KeelyStephen Keely3 månader sedan
  • If Abby had a PC Pro Golf club, Joel would still be alive today.

    the dudethe dude4 månader sedan
  • I once got SOOO PISSED that I sliced a shot with this thing that I swung it over my wifes head repeatedly....thank god that little foam thing was still on it cuz she didn't so much as even wake up and never knew about it in the morning.

    Jip JacksonJip Jackson4 månader sedan
  • Yeah golf was better on Nintendo wii and now on ps4 vr but if There's one thing i like about wii sports is ten pin bowling

    Bunny RabbitBunny Rabbit4 månader sedan
  • Well this video was funny and entertaining! Lots of what are you doing moments! Come on! Are you not good enough for your home? How? Why? What were you thinking? Yeah good times and laughs lol

    Terry LeeTerry Lee4 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the shout out in the vid. Pretty honoured man. I can only speak for the snes version, but you really do have to go all out when you take a swing. I wouldn't call it a kids toy due to the power you need behind each swing to make a decent shot. If you look at my vid you will notice how hard I have to swing the thing to get it to work correctly just like it were a real club. Once you get that sorted, I found it to work pretty well. Not quite as good as a mouse/controller but not far off. A mouse/controller will give you a better chance of winning a tournament but the Teev/PC golf I found it to be a more realistic representation of an actual golf game when used correctly. In my opinion the teev golf was the best simulator accessory for the snes. Better than sports sciences batterup and a bit better than the laserbirdie.

    16bitSprite16bitSprite5 månader sedan
  • I swear to god I never get notifications for your videos and I have all notifications enabled

    The Mad ModderThe Mad Modder5 månader sedan
  • RIP Access Software

    Karen ElizabethKaren Elizabeth5 månader sedan
  • It looks like you need to choke up on the handle there - by quite a bit actually. That way more light goes over the sensor.

    HonklertonHonklerton5 månader sedan
  • I had the Sega Genesis version of this. Yeah, it wasn't what I had hoped in my child mind.

    RowsdowerRowsdower5 månader sedan
  • I hope I can play The Last Of Us 2 with this

    Heaven Piercing ManHeaven Piercing Man5 månader sedan
  • Stfu shiller

    DrGreenThumbNZLDrGreenThumbNZL5 månader sedan
  • I think you were too close, red dotted line on floor sensor marks where light from club should be. If yours did not cover both sensors, read errors might have accrued. 10:30 vs 15:08

    IgorsIgors5 månader sedan
  • Dell DX66: Hey! You stole my monitor! Stop it!

    Fubuki KaiFubuki Kai5 månader sedan
  • It would be fun if somebody could make a compatibility layer that translated your swings into equivalent keyboard/mouse controls. Then that could possibly make the 2000s classic "Polar Golfer" a ton better.

    Dragutin MaricDragutin Maric5 månader sedan
  • I wonder if you can play The Last of Us Part II with this controller.

    AscyltosAscyltos5 månader sedan
  • YES! It's an extender!

    Paul PotterPaul Potter5 månader sedan
  • "I suggest "feather touch"." "You have entered POWER DRIVE."

    Bob and Kim RivardBob and Kim Rivard5 månader sedan
  • This whole concept pretty much sums up VR for me right now. It's very satisfying when it works but other than that it's just a pain in the arse to setup and cumbersome. You still need a mouse and keyboard to set everything up and quite frankly games are just more pleasing and responsive to play with a mouse and keyboard. There's been so many different designs of input devices over the years but nothing has, and I don't think anything ever will, top the humble keyboard and mouse.

    FlyboyFlyboy5 månader sedan
  • looks like an expandable baton lol

    Gae ShowsGae Shows5 månader sedan
  • I remember sitting on my 486 Sx 25 playing that. I was hooked.

    LockedOutLockedOut5 månader sedan
  • Saw a box copy of the Sega version of this the other day for about $30 and was tempted. It's still a very interesting piece of tech, even if it's not exactly good.

    We Like What We Like NetworkWe Like What We Like Network5 månader sedan
  • that AOL apparel, classy.

    krankymankrankyman6 månader sedan
  • Sounds like octav1us' mardiness is rubbing off on you. XD

    Double MonkeyDouble Monkey6 månader sedan
  • heh-heh-heh telescopic shaft.

    Madfox AxyMadfox Axy6 månader sedan
  • TBH, given the thumbnail and the fact you took the battery cover off I was expecting the batteries to have flown out and wrecked the monitor or something.

    DaedelousDaedelous6 månader sedan
  • Oh come on Nostalgia Nerd we all know the only golf game worth playing is “Leaderboard” on the Commodore 64

    Cricket EnglandCricket England6 månader sedan
    • WCLB on the Amiga 500... memories

      spud4242spud42423 månader sedan
  • Fairly certain I played this on an Apple 575, too

    David Thomas-DalmanDavid Thomas-Dalman6 månader sedan
  • Don't forget to wear your Wii Wrist Strap

    Matthew ReaseMatthew Rease6 månader sedan
  • My dad was given one of these like 25 years ago, and installed it in his office. My one uncle came by, tried it, and immediately smashed the head off the club by hitting it into the ceiling fan. Broke the fan, too.

    Mike StavolaMike Stavola6 månader sedan
    • Lol!

      dronespacedronespace4 månader sedan
  • aol sweatshirt is by far the best thing in the video (not that the golf review wasn’t cool, i played one similar on an older relatives pc in the late 90s-early 00s)

    MeebMeeb6 månader sedan
  • If it had been LGR he would have called it oddware I think a nintendo wii provides a better golfing experience

    Tobias PedersenTobias Pedersen6 månader sedan
  • You should do the golf game for the ps2/ps3 with the wire straps

    john Dingo-Foxjohn Dingo-Fox6 månader sedan
  • "Let's do some golf," indeed!

    Johnny CarcinogenJohnny Carcinogen6 månader sedan
  • As a person who has played plenty of golf. This is exactly how things happen. Miss the ball, hit too hard, hit too soft & plenty of swearing

    Lewis LeptonLewis Lepton6 månader sedan
  • We needed a Happy Gilmore swing.

    bran1986bran19866 månader sedan
  • You have to do a FULL swing from top to bottom. There’s probably a sensor in the head to tell if you do that.

    Joe SmithJoe Smith6 månader sedan
  • Now not that it has anything with the video and it’s not from the 19 thousends but anyone remeber this?

    Casper KCasper K6 månader sedan
  • The hours that my cousin and I spent playing Links. Good times.

    Greybeard TechGreybeard Tech6 månader sedan
  • not to be that guy, but it looks like your hands are the wrong way around

    strawberrykicker2strawberrykicker26 månader sedan
  • switch off the light !!

    POL SinusPOL Sinus6 månader sedan
  • My dad had a PC golf simulator thingy when I was younger, it used an actual golf ball on an arm. The harder you hit the ball the more it would rotate around and that's how it detected the strength. You would use a real golf club too. It worked pretty well from what I remember, until you missed the ball and smacked the arm and totally destroy it that is. I just looked it up and I'm pretty sure it was called the QMotion.

    s8wc3s8wc36 månader sedan
    • Qmotions.

      Jeremy ErwinJeremy Erwin6 månader sedan
  • Great video, looks like your having fun mate, keep up the good work!

    Matt MyersMatt Myers6 månader sedan
  • When playing Links 386, remember two things: 1.)Be the ball. 2.) Mulligan is your best friend....In fact when I used to play this, about half the time I was repeatedly saying "Right, I'm going to fuckin Mulligan that," every time I missed...

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy6 månader sedan
  • I think a lot of this is user error. You're not even holding the club correctly! Seriously, though, this was intended for people who already play real golf and can at least get a ball airborne in the general correct direction and yes, I think they intended this for a larger room! :) Fun video though. Golf is fun, but I'm with Carlin on this one: "It's an incredibly stupid game played by rich people while they carve up the world in a little bit finer slices among themselves."

    Jeremy LandryJeremy Landry6 månader sedan
  • I've always found gold games relaxing. Real golf is a ball ache!

    Jonathan EllisJonathan Ellis6 månader sedan
  • Did i just stumble into a LGR Oddware episode?

    ICHBlNSICHBlNS6 månader sedan
  • no Bobcat Goldthwait... !!!?!? 0/10

    Arc CrenshawArc Crenshaw6 månader sedan
  • I want to meet the no doubt one person in existence who not only bought one of these, but proceeded to then buy the fifty dollar (sixty with shipping!) carrying case. I just have so many questions for that person.

    Robert SealeRobert Seale6 månader sedan
  • So you never tried new batteries or even a torch. Miss opportunity there.

    ProCactusProCactus6 månader sedan
  • Very nice video :)

    Alma ElmaAlma Elma6 månader sedan
  • It looks like you weren't using it properly, in the computer chronicles he hits it sideways so it goes over the first and then the second sensor to detect speed.

    turbine graphics 16turbine graphics 166 månader sedan
  • Looks like you play golf as well as I do. And why do these "pro" simulations never feature the windmill hole? Eh? Eh?

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA6 månader sedan
  • Do you think the 25 year old batteries had anything to do with it?

    Waterworld 360Waterworld 3606 månader sedan
  • Did you try a newer battery? the light might have been weak or unfocused.

    William RandlesWilliam Randles6 månader sedan
  • I TeeV Golf and Batter-Up for the Sega Genesis! The console club is much longer too. Ohio always invents the best stuff, yes I am very biased as an Ohioan.

    Clay3613Clay36136 månader sedan
  • "Looks like he hit a tree, Jim." Yea, I know it's not the same game. I just can't think of DOS PC golf games without hearing it in my head.

    TheDarxide23TheDarxide236 månader sedan
    • reminds me of this

      Hachi RikoHachi Riko6 månader sedan
    • Damnit Jim I'm a doctor, not a bi-racial superstar on PGA tour.

      3OrMoreBones3OrMoreBones6 månader sedan
  • Super rad! I enjoyed the crap outta this on my Sega back in the day. My pops used to take me to the driving range a lot. I liked the sport so much he ended up getting this for me. Pain in the ass and I almost broke my TV, but it was worth it!

    Marky ShawMarky Shaw6 månader sedan
  • Well, I have a 386 so...

    Rudolph BondefängererRudolph Bondefängerer6 månader sedan
  • It looks like a wii motion controller’s ancestor.

    DYKO designsDYKO designs6 månader sedan
  • I like how your last name is just horse sounds.

    Scott DavidsonScott Davidson6 månader sedan
  • I loathe golf in real life. I quite enjoy computer golf games, though :-D

    BaboonLoveMonkeyBaboonLoveMonkey6 månader sedan
  • FWIW, the box says it comes with the power adapter. Looks like you got stuck with a re-shrinked item.

    davidinarkdavidinark6 månader sedan
  • It looked awful same as for SEGA Mega Drive version. Wished it when I was a kid. But then finally found a video at YT showing how they works is and I’am happy for not having this. XD

    Pgo gamerPgo gamer6 månader sedan
  • Swinging a golf club next to a PC, what could possibly go wrong

    Darren's Toy channelDarren's Toy channel6 månader sedan
  • Its in the Deep Stuff LMAO..... Brilliant video

    Ian HughesIan Hughes6 månader sedan
  • That last line the rough! :P

    namcosnamcos6 månader sedan
  • I'd actually play gold if I could have Bobcat Goldthwait as my caddy.

    GreystarOrgGreystarOrg6 månader sedan
  • I had something like this for my sega

    Steven ManserSteven Manser6 månader sedan
  • I mean based on the swings you showed where we could see the light going over the sensor your swing is way off center; Maybe that is why most of your shots were horrible? It is just a possibility. I think if you looked side by side with your actual swing (where the light goes) and the outcome of the swing in game you might find you are the problem not the device. But I'm basing this on limited shown footage.

    Adamas97Adamas976 månader sedan
  • Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge

    Raffaele GuidoRaffaele Guido6 månader sedan
  • I definitely prefer Gorf over Golf.

    Frank SchneiderFrank Schneider6 månader sedan
  • I bought this on clearance for $20 from Babbage’s in 1996. It was a bear to get it working, but I noticed that less ambient light around, the better it worked. Did you try playing this with only the monitor as your light source in the room?

    computerboy2kcomputerboy2k6 månader sedan

    C. L.C. L.6 månader sedan
  • For your information Mr Nerd, if you put commercials in the middle of your video, you automatically get a thumb down from me. At the start or at the end is fine. It's your call.

    JonnnLeeeJonnnLeee6 månader sedan
  • Movement detection-based videogames always suck.

    Chaos ConvergentChaos Convergent6 månader sedan
  • I remember seeing this in a store when I was a kid and wanted it so bad

    LeonardLeonard6 månader sedan
  • someone should make a thrift shopping simulator

    SilverX95SilverX956 månader sedan
  • Remember seeing this on bad influence,think it was called TV golf for the CDI then. Trust you to buy one 😉

    Christopher HowlettChristopher Howlett6 månader sedan
  • 08:12 That is the world famous voice of Bobcat Goldthwait!

    David NonsuchDavid Nonsuch6 månader sedan
  • did it work with all the youtube lighting off?

    Sine NomineSine Nomine6 månader sedan
  • Nice rubber soled athletic shoes btw.

    Miles HaylerMiles Hayler6 månader sedan
  • the gametrak stuff is interesting ive got the golf for PS2 and also the big gametrak setup with the hand straps etc

    Mat DeadMat Dead6 månader sedan
  • Links386 was a kind of tech demo for me (that 386 in the name was promising greatness), never really played it but those digitized chirping birds and photo-realistic scenery, that was something. Next level for me was "Unreal" game with 3Dfx and that castle flyby intro demo and music, I would just leave it on... (search for "Unreal Intro Castle Flyby captured from 3Dfx Voodoo2 SLI"). Game was amazing too.

    Krzysztof CyganKrzysztof Cygan6 månader sedan
  • I see you eating good bro.

    AdamJohnAdamJohn6 månader sedan
  • Did you try new aa batteries?

    Alan LonsdaleAlan Lonsdale6 månader sedan
  • I think you held the club too close to the board and the light passed between the two sensors.

    fidelxxxfidelxxx6 månader sedan
  • Squarespace ad? Yet another channel I'll unsubscribe from due to pushing sponsors onto us. Whatever happened to making videos for the sake of sharing, rather than to make thousands of pounds and only doing it for that money? Immoral, greedy pigs, the lot of you.

    CowsRusCowsRus6 månader sedan
  • EXTENDO! Is that it?? 😢 "Youve just got big hands ok!? Stop laughing.."

    BrackynMorBrackynMor6 månader sedan
    • The console versions are fully erect.

      Clay3613Clay36136 månader sedan
  • Скучнее гольфа может быть только его симулятор.

    Rocco SiffrediRocco Siffredi6 månader sedan
  • Batter Up? ... I thought that was a Scottish chip shop simulator

    BrackynMorBrackynMor6 månader sedan
  • 9:20 presenter goes “full Octav1us”

    Chris Hopkins BassChris Hopkins Bass6 månader sedan
  • It accurately mimics taking a cricket on-drive as a golf shot

    Blaarg2Blaarg26 månader sedan
  • It’s terrible when your shaft barely extends

    Chris Hopkins BassChris Hopkins Bass6 månader sedan
  • If I want to play PC golf I just fire up GTA 5. And billiards? GTA 4

    ¡Gñ!¡Gñ!6 månader sedan