Santa went Online in 1986 and got Trolled | Nostalgia Nerd

22 dec 2018
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As strange as it seems, Santa (Father Christmas to us in the UK), was actually online before most other people. In fact, during 1983 Santa was already electronically sending and receiving Christmas letters via. electronic mail. In 1986, he opened his electronic arms to the UK, via. Telecom Gold and MicroLink, which allowed people to communicate over Bulletin Boards using their home micros and a modem. The thing is, some of the messages which Santa received during this time, were, shall we say, somewhat less than helpful. You could almost say Santa was trolled. Happy Christmas!
Thank you to both Slope's Game Room and Octav1us Kitten for lending their fantastic voices in this episode. Please do check out their channels if you haven't already done so.
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  • I distinctly remember in grade school (circa 1985) my school had a charity for Christmas where you could send Santa an electronic message. They told us the computer's modem line was pointed north to go directly to Santa. Even at the time I thought that was moronic, even if Santa Claus did exist WTF difference would it matter WTF the phone line was pointed? It all goes into the ground and so forth.

    M ChambersM Chambers2 månader sedan
  • I wish I knew I could go online with my C64. I definatily would have pestered my parents for a year until they finally broke and got it.

    SmattlessSmattlessÅr sedan
  • Dave sounded a lot like Gurularry

    earthwormjim91earthwormjim91År sedan
    • Oh DJ Slope, I'm still not convinced they're not the same person though

      earthwormjim91earthwormjim91År sedan
  • is it christmas yet?

    San TarcisioSan TarcisioÅr sedan
  • 3:04 "How much does it cost to use MicroLink?" "Just hand us your credit card. And your arm. And leg. And firstborn..."

    matchesburnmatchesburnÅr sedan
  • OMG, Prime 750s? I used to work with those back in the day. And the ridiculously named Wang.

    Skraeling1000Skraeling1000År sedan
  • 1982, the year i was born

    Mangy_DogMangy_DogÅr sedan
  • Are you mumbo jumbo?

    realRoforbrealRoforbÅr sedan
  • Online north pole, yeah porn site for sure.

    Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc PicardÅr sedan
  • Weird. I missed this!

    antdudeantdudeÅr sedan
  • I think you might mistake Telex with a telegram message. Both were transmitted by teletype devices, but telex was a subscriber service. User had own teletype with a number assigned to it, and could send and receive messages directly. It was literally like making phone calls. While using telegram service, you simply had to left your hand-written message at the post office. They handled transmission and handed it over to the recipient.

    Atlantis1986Atlantis1986År sedan
  • Fascinating. Good work! :)

    XantheinXantheinÅr sedan
  • OMG you need to find Neil Newell.

  • Behold, your dad's 4chan

    xed alphaxed alphaÅr sedan
  • One of those old 80's Micro TV programs had a bit where they said pepole had vandalised their bullitin board, wish there was archive of that board.

    krull1981krull1981År sedan
  • HOW....HOW DID I FUCKING KNOW it would be Larry Bundy voicing the "Naughty" Emails!?

    Trantor The TrollTrantor The TrollÅr sedan
  • Why Swedish though?

    xenaretosxenaretosÅr sedan
  • LOL, was there a way to read all the messages that were sent to Santa?

    wildbilltexaswildbilltexasÅr sedan
  • What is a mince pie? My daughter wanted to leave one for Santa, and I had no idea what she was talking about.

    Tom ThiessenTom ThiessenÅr sedan
    • Small cakes eaten at Christmas in the UK, it's a pie crust filled with a spicy fruit filling.

      Rob FraserRob FraserÅr sedan
  • I'm on pins and needles here....did Dave get his Christmas wish????

    YellowblankaYellowblankaÅr sedan
  • батя рождество

    tsartomatotsartomatoÅr sedan
  • I think I met Dave.

    mur38mur38År sedan
  • Nice clickbait title. I should try this.

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  • What do you get when you cross the Nostalgia Critic with the Angry Video Game Nerd? Well, you'd get Nostalgia Nerd.

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  • Holá

    Fidget gamerFidget gamerÅr sedan
  • MicroLink in the UK would have been very simiar to CompuServe and The Source here in N. America. All were expensive to use and had horrible user interfaces.

    LilZebraLilZebraÅr sedan
  • Wow, the Atari gets a mention in a Nostalgia Nerd video!

    Foebane72Foebane72År sedan
  • I’ve just bought your Retro Tech guide as a present to myself. Great book, and an absolute steal, though it’s hard to read without dubbing your voice over in my head!!! Merry Xmas all!!!

    Nick JNick JÅr sedan
  • Wow this is wasy cooler then sending massages via iphone, it just feels sooo much more appealing & rewarding, too bad it took 13 years later untill the moddified BBS system known as the the internet became mainstream to the masses.

    johneygdjohneygdÅr sedan
  • Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas!!

    Binkman85Binkman85År sedan
  • And yet more Octav1us 🙂 Interesting.. 1982. Wow, we got our VIC-20 in 1982. Seems like a lifetime ago!

    Erwin de WitErwin de WitÅr sedan
  • (5:02) Looks like reality television just came to the internet. That's comedy gold. EDIT: Oh - the "keys" fell out! I thought she said "cheese," making another slam at the Spectrum. Either way gets the point across.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Wow, I used to use Shades and Prestel! Thanks for the memories

    Captain StonkerCaptain StonkerÅr sedan
  • Very sensible Acorn request from Octav1us!

    C.R. FitzGeraldC.R. FitzGeraldÅr sedan
  • 05:24 thanks, this made my night.

    Juan BritsJuan BritsÅr sedan
  • Users sending online messages to people claiming to be somebody they're not. Hmmm. Now where have I heard that one before?

    1911marmonwasp1911marmonwaspÅr sedan
  • Im surprised anyone read any of the messages, I would have just used a script to send a generic auto-reply and delete the message.

    meetoo594meetoo594År sedan
  • Sarah A.K.A. Octav1us

    Hunter's MoonHunter's MoonÅr sedan
  • Did the UK have prodigy ?

    Mike JanzenMike JanzenÅr sedan
  • Love the channel. Keep cranking out the great media and content! I think you have an accent.... or do I ?

    Mike JanzenMike JanzenÅr sedan
  • Happy Christmas, Nerds!

    David ParkerDavid ParkerÅr sedan
  • 5:22 Wow..that was unexpected. Finns det många svenska prostituerade i just England eller är det bara den gamla stereotypen meddelandet beror på?? x"D

    HelMaschineHelMaschineÅr sedan
  • I bet the Speccy that Sara mentioned must've been a Spectrum+; I remember one reviewer mentioning that several of the keys simply fell off when he turned the machine upside down.

    BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan

    BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • Don't use #Patreon - unless you support censorship from sjw-cucklords

    mattiusgmattiusgÅr sedan
  • It's videos like this that sometimes make me wish I was born 10 years earlier so I could experience the magic and adventure of the arcane world of early computers.

    Chime Bird PlayerChime Bird PlayerÅr sedan
    • But then you'd risk never having experienced it anyways and ending up in the current time a bitter old man who dislikes all technology wanting to be born 300 years earlier when "reproduction" and alcohol were the only means of fun. My dad won't even watch a single animated show or play a single video game, because it's "not real". Would you really have wanted to risk becoming someone like my dad, incapable of enjoying any of mankind's greatest technological achievements? I'm just glad I got to fully experience the PS3 and Newgrounds. 2007-2011 Newgrounds was *AMAZING!* MAG on PS3 was the only worth while online-only multiplayer FPS, amazing loadout and skill system, 256 players running about on a single map, with virtually unlimited respawns, and always having the equipment you wanted. I'm sure the PS3 will be looked at as the height of video gaming, so many weird games that will never be attempted again because of the risk involved, like how all new anime is nearly the same and the classics, the weird ones, are REALLY out there. Simply be thrilled that you live in a time where nearly all of recorded human history is available to you at the touch of your fingertips. Although who knows how long Newgrounds will be a thing or even compatible with computers for that matter, or how long online components of games will be available (rip Wii and most PS3 online games). And the NES and SNES probably won't be playable for much longer... The point is that NOW is the time to EXPERIENCE *EVERYTHING!* While it is still available and working.

      Trainboy1EJRTrainboy1EJRÅr sedan
  • 1986. Not sure i know anyone who had this service. Was it just very well off at time, and how many people even know about it.

    Stephen RoweStephen RoweÅr sedan
  • what could go wrong

    ¡Gñ!¡Gñ!År sedan
  • back then online text adventures were called MUDs btw: Multi User Dungeon. I fondly remember a couple of them

  • Awww the early days of being "On the Line."

    Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • When are you going to come out and admit it You're dating DJ Slope

    holnrewholnrewÅr sedan
  • This is too informative to be clickbait

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  • How many people mistyped “SATAN” at that prompt and ended up talking to the wrong guy...

    magazmagazÅr sedan
  • Sounds like Guru Larry was asking for Hookers. Put in a word, they never responded back in the day.

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesÅr sedan
  • 5:30 Many spanks, amirite?

    Anidn MenoscwiczAnidn MenoscwiczÅr sedan
  • Nice cameo Octav1us! Also lovely video.

    sonixthatsmesonixthatsmeÅr sedan
  • Just bought your book ,looking forward to it :)

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • Trolling in the 80s.... Using a MicroLink or telephone. It was like choosing your weapon before battle.

    Duke TogoDuke TogoÅr sedan
  • Thanks , i found this video very entertaining. Merry Christmas.

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • Clever Prime.

    Hellsw0rthHellsw0rthÅr sedan
  • How does this vid only have 4 videos in the recommendeds?

    Johnny CarcinogenJohnny CarcinogenÅr sedan
  • Funny, I was 16 years old that year and asked Santa for the same thing Dave wanted. I hope, at least, Dave got his gift. I'm still waiting for mine to show up. Nearly 30 years later, I'm not sure if I'd want them now.

    John McdougaldJohn McdougaldÅr sedan
  • Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, falalalala, lalalala...

    ShowsniShowsniÅr sedan
  • Stop using patreon

    flashclynesflashclynesÅr sedan
  • I hope trolls are watching this to remember their roots.

    TrainyTrainyÅr sedan
  • Sixty-five-thousand-five-hundred-and-thirty-fifth! (Bugger!)

    Gareth FaircloughGareth FaircloughÅr sedan
  • Multitude...... 😜

    Michael FishMichael FishÅr sedan
  • Dave!

    JikyuuJikyuuÅr sedan
  • Who knew that Slope was into Swedish ****!

    The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • He sees you when your sleeping... He knows when your awake...

    The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • I think this is how Weird Science got started.

    Aderack OnlineAderack OnlineÅr sedan
  • Wherever there's a use, there abuse! Pissed up geeks abusing fat neck bearded men with a penchant for red/white clothing to ask him for things they really do not deserve! I bet it made for a few epic stories that were printed out onto dot matrix printers and kept for a laugh and then retyped/reposted via BBS

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • I am viewer 2,752

    Dee-jay luig-jayDee-jay luig-jayÅr sedan
  • happy xmas from canada. love your work and channel and i hope we all get many more vids and lots more content from you in 2019. I saw your book come up on LGR and i sure hope its selling ok as you really deserve it. all the best man, be cool.

    Canadian ThomasCanadian ThomasÅr sedan
  • Watching the advent this month has been fun and interesting.

    Darth BukowskiDarth BukowskiÅr sedan
  • Hey Peter- we've all been singing your praises in the comments of the last LGR.

    beetooexbeetooexÅr sedan
  • Dear Father.. I wish for a merry x-mas for all british and non-british.. ... and in the comin' year a win win solution on that pesky brexit situation..

    Allan Ø.N.Allan Ø.N.År sedan
    • ​@beetooex "I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end. " Margaret Thatcher

      Allan Ø.N.Allan Ø.N.År sedan
    • Ha! Even Santa couldn't sort this mess out.

      beetooexbeetooexÅr sedan
  • Of course DJ Slopes played the troll

    Mark HendersonMark HendersonÅr sedan
  • 1st dislike........... trolled

    Matty PaulkMatty PaulkÅr sedan
  • It's a Nostalgia Nerd Christmas tradition!

    Kowboy USAKowboy USAÅr sedan
  • you're my wife now dave....

    baz zabaz zaÅr sedan
  • Was that Neil Wizard the same as the RetroManCave Neil?

    Herbie HuskerHerbie HuskerÅr sedan
  • Ha! Memories...When I was 8 in 1987 on my fully outfitted multi thousands of dollars Commodore 64 (obsolete at that point, but hell it's what I had) communicating with my best friend down the street. I had a 300 baud plug in modem 😂...he had a 1200 baud (1.2k) modem on a phone cradle on some early obviously BASIC based system. I spent many hours (and library trips with Mom) perfecting the ability to send messages back and forth. Thanks to my Grandfather who looked like Mr Wizard, and had an electronics "laboratory" and Ham radio outfit-who gave me the computer and his debugging/answering questions time. The good old days! I played a text based game all the time called ZORK, anyone remember it? It was like a computerized choose your own adventure game...

    Prolific InventionProlific InventionÅr sedan
    • Zork? Can't say it rings any bells. Nope, never heard of it **gets eaten by a grue**

      Aitch PeaAitch PeaÅr sedan
    • It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

      Aaron LottAaron LottÅr sedan
    • @Outtheredude Yes, I never forget to be grateful nowadays as I have been extremely lucky my entire life.

      Prolific InventionProlific InventionÅr sedan
    • Wow! Living the '80s hi-tech childhood dream, complete with your very own friendly neighbourhood Doc Brown! How the time must have flown! ;-)

      OuttheredudeOuttheredudeÅr sedan
    • Prolific Invention ZORK is to me one of the most iconic text based games.

      The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • So, loading games online (at 300 baud, no K, certainly no M), was slower than loading from local storage (cassette). Yet 30 odd years on, we're still living in the '80s? Brilliant! :-D

    OuttheredudeOuttheredudeÅr sedan
    • That will never really change, at some point external (networked) storage will just be fast enough to allow direct streaming of assets but it will never exceed local storage in speed.

      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulÅr sedan
  • 6:32 title "RAM DISC SPEED" seems interesting, what is it about? o.o

    Michal KundrátMichal KundrátÅr sedan
    • I wish there was USB ramdisk (2GB would be nice) I could use with RaspberryPi and set is as swap device. Even old DDR2 modules would be good enough! And before you think it will be slow, check out this: I have old netbook with Intel Atom and 1GB RAM. It maximally supports 2GB, so I tried few memory modules, but it fails to POST after few power cycles. So I have to put original 1GB stick in, get it at least to POST and then I can change it back to 2GB one. That's not exactly user friendly, so I stick up with original 1GB. (In future I plan to read EEPROM data and try to rewrite 2GB modules to look (except of size) exactly same as 1GB ones, which could maybe fix that problem?) Few years ago when I was ill, I wanted to normally browse web in bed on by netbook and do other multitasked things. But 1GB of RAM is not enough! So I came up with idea - I made 12GB ramdisk on my desktop PC and mounted it on my netbook via 100Mb/s ethernet. Hell, that was fast! O.O I never imagined it would run that well over 100Mb/s ethernet!

      Michal KundrátMichal KundrátÅr sedan
    • @Michal Kundrát Looks like it! Must have cost a fortune back then - 512Kb of RAM.

      Dave FDave FÅr sedan
    • So it is practically RAM memory accessed as floppy? That is nice!

      Michal KundrátMichal KundrátÅr sedan
    • Pictures

      Dave FDave FÅr sedan
    • 512Kb RAM disk expansion board that came with the Opus Challenger disk drive. See page 42 in the manual:

      Dave FDave FÅr sedan
  • I can see why Santa might be confused for a pimp. He is well known for his Ho, Ho, Hoes.

    John SmithJohn SmithÅr sedan
    • @The SNES Man Fruitlessly?

      hjalfihjalfiÅr sedan
    • hjalfi How can you do gardening in the snow?

      The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
    • Maybe he was just really into gardening?

      hjalfihjalfiÅr sedan
    • Well what else is he surposed to do with the 364 days off he has. He also only has the night shift to do.

      The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • remembering simpler times 😍

    Wayne HogueWayne HogueÅr sedan
  • Imagine kids nowdays: Oi santa, i want an xbox onex, a ps4 pro, all the games and a fuckin massive tv with 4k at 120hz... I wont leave out the soy milk or gluten free biscuits until i have received my presents. And deliver them a day early because Sam already has a ps4 pro, and i want to play spyro with him Christmas eve. Thanks, Caleb. Lol, fucking entitled little bastards. Heard things of similar nature falling out of kids mouths yesterday at the shops but directed at mum...

    Notmah CuppateaNotmah CuppateaÅr sedan
  • Sarah must have hit her brother pretty hard as speccies are hard to break

    peter gilderslevepeter gildersleveÅr sedan
  • Trolling is just internet culture

    Winter337Winter337År sedan
    • @Winter337 People used to do the same with letters to local newspapers, pretending to be what they're not to trigger a reaction the following week. This was particularly common when the rag covered two local football sides. The challenge was to get it printed, as the rags probably had a good idea what was going on and acted as gatekeepers - unlike online today.

      flmoogflmoogÅr sedan
    • I'd consider this the dawn of trolling. You have to crawl before you can walk

      Winter337Winter337År sedan
    • Have you ever seen that video where 2 cats walks by another one sitting above them on sofa or something like that? The cat sitting on top slaps the one walking in front in the back of the head. It then turns to see what hit it, sees the other cat it was walking with and thinks it's the one who slapped it, so it flies into it's face. The cat that slapped the first cat now sits calmly and watches the 2 cats fight below it. That's trolling.

      SmattlessSmattlessÅr sedan
    • @Jayfive276 ^ This. Trolling is used to describe so many things these days that it's almost a completely meaningless term.

      Be N S O NBe N S O NÅr sedan
    • What happened in this story wasn't trolling. The internet has forgotten what trolling is.

      Jayfive276Jayfive276År sedan
  • Microlink sounds like the French Minitel

    Mick MickymickMick MickymickÅr sedan
    • I guess it was a little, only not as capable or popular. IIRC minitel was only possible because of an advanced digital switching telephone network which France bought from the UK after we'd decided it was too expensive and not good enough for our telephone networks. At least, that's how I remember it.

      Aitch PeaAitch PeaÅr sedan
  • That creepy hooker hunting Dave sounded mysteriously familiar... Lol

    The Generous DegenerateThe Generous DegenerateÅr sedan
  • 4chan before 4chan

    KurvinoxKurvinoxÅr sedan
    • That would be the Pompeii wall graffiti.

      Dr_Kachu sanDr_Kachu sanÅr sedan
    • To?

      Knuckles the EchidnaKnuckles the EchidnaÅr sedan
    • Not true because clearly autism didn't exist until vaccines

      Mark HendersonMark HendersonÅr sedan
  • Best Christmas story ever. Yay!

    Twilight SnarkleTwilight SnarkleÅr sedan
  • Wow, Trust made modems? Cause I always thought of them as a manufacturer of crap "gaming" devices.

    Aᴍᴀʀᴛʜᴀʀ DʀᴀᴋᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇAᴍᴀʀᴛʜᴀʀ DʀᴀᴋᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇÅr sedan
    • They make shit modems as well. My old trust 56k thing never worked properly.

      meetoo594meetoo594År sedan
    • @HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul I had a "gaming" mouse from them, and well... after a few months, the left button just stopped working...

      Aᴍᴀʀᴛʜᴀʀ DʀᴀᴋᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇAᴍᴀʀᴛʜᴀʀ DʀᴀᴋᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇÅr sedan
    • They make some "decent" stuff, but also lots of crap, onve of the brands where you really have to look twice. Certainly not as bad as "elCheapo made with chinesium" but no logitech either.

      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulÅr sedan
    • And I thought that my lvlUP keyboard was a cheapo (it lasted over 5 years of abuse before wasd caps started to get a bit holed from daily usage...) Then I started seeing trust's crap. Holy shit...

      Assassin AgentAssassin AgentÅr sedan
  • What’s the music used?

    WindowsLogic ProductionsWindowsLogic ProductionsÅr sedan
  • DJ Slope makes a surprisingly convincing creepy old man.

    Nimmo1492Nimmo1492År sedan
    • I have lots of practice

      Slope's Game RoomSlope's Game RoomÅr sedan
  • Tx baud : 300 OMG that is slow.

    O_OO_OÅr sedan
    • @BertyFromDK Both would be 300

      Paul PotterPaul PotterÅr sedan
    • The fastest modem I had for my C-64 and later C-128 was a 2400 baud. I thought that was lightning fast for trading warez.

      wildbilltexaswildbilltexasÅr sedan
    • Rx was probably 1200 baud, though.

      BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • Third (Dammit)

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Use your time machine!

      antdudeantdudeÅr sedan
    • @Mike Janzen 'The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech', all shiny & new from the likes of Amazon, eBay & many other good online book retailers, maybe even the odd offline one on your local high street too. ;-)

      OuttheredudeOuttheredudeÅr sedan
    • Outtheredude What book?

      Mike JanzenMike JanzenÅr sedan
    • If you’re not first, you’re last.

      Mike JanzenMike JanzenÅr sedan
    • @Outtheredude well many thanks!

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 2nd

    Evil FluffEvil FluffÅr sedan
    • Now run to your fat ugly momma and tell her son isn't loser anymore

      FrankoFrankoÅr sedan