What Happens if you Recycle My Computer? | Nostalgia Nerd

23 jan 2019
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What Happens if you put My Computer in the Recycle bin? It's a question which has been answered in the Big Play Films short at seworld.info/will/pZe8xq_IeqSDpmA/video, but I wanted to test it out in real life. I also wanted to cover the story of the Recycle bin a bit as well. Perhaps which computer had the first trash can, and how the Windows Recycle Bin evolved from DOS to Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.
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  • Error You can't put My computer in Trash because trash is in My computer and if you take it out then it will break

    Peter RezkallaPeter Rezkalla10 timmar sedan
  • "It doesn't let me put it in there" Me: safe to try then OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seth GrissmanSeth GrissmanDag sedan
  • why am i watching a Win95 video in 2020.

    kaiyun zhaokaiyun zhao5 dagar sedan
  • try making a recycle bin shortcut then put the real bin in the shortcut recycle bin B)))))))

    •Hero• Charles•Hero• Charles13 dagar sedan
  • i did that but i was scared and then i got it back some how LOL

    ChER_GodlyChER_Godly13 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 and thats what happens

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBaby25 dagar sedan
  • i did this in windows 10, it lets you move it in the recycle bin but it just does not appear in the recycle bin so you can't erase it forever

    ᚺ 7ᚺ 727 dagar sedan

    xiuan zhangxiuan zhangMånad sedan
  • Goodbye computer :'(

    Stephanie cupcake kitty cat phoxtueStephanie cupcake kitty cat phoxtueMånad sedan
  • Hey none of us expected the computer to pop out of existence but we still wanted to see what happened so it’s not pointless

    Mixup 221Mixup 221Månad sedan
  • The real way to destroy your computer use cmd and write del system32 or del My computer

    flame RBLXflame RBLX2 månader sedan
  • 😭😭😭Is this real?😭😭😭

    Karlosek 420Karlosek 4203 månader sedan
  • Ah SEworld algorithm.... I went from a video of dry aging steaks in peanut butter to putting My Computer in a recycle bin.

    ladawg81ladawg813 månader sedan
  • is that really real? Be tell the truth and honest.

    Dalmacio AntonioDalmacio Antonio3 månader sedan
  • The story is about a old man deleting 𝗠𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗿 on Windows 95. And he deletes 𝗠𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗿 on Windows 98.

    Opera Plays Gaming & MoreOpera Plays Gaming & More4 månader sedan
  • 3:17 😂👍

    王兆成王兆成4 månader sedan
  • 2:10 is the answer! :D

    coraadcoraad4 månader sedan
  • 3:16

    Chrystal OrourkeChrystal Orourke4 månader sedan
  • Please make a video of putting the recycle bin into the recycle bin.

    Wally MeerschaertWally Meerschaert4 månader sedan
  • Anyone who has to actually be walked through this is beyond help.

    mashroobmashroob4 månader sedan
  • "UP-GRADE TO MS-DOS 5 MAKE DOS APPLICATIONS COME ALIVE" - Spitting some bars there.. doctor.

    Matthew GroenMatthew Groen4 månader sedan
  • I thought this was going to be about what happens when you physically recycle a computer, and show footage of a shirtless Chinese boy with no respirator, holding PCBs over an open fire and whacking them on a rock to knock the chips loose, which they will paint, re-brand and sell back to us on ebay as NOS.

    MosstoneMosstone4 månader sedan
  • did anybody else see "virgin net" at 2:25?

    Obese ChildObese Child5 månader sedan
  • Did the vid really have to be 9min

    ij Tr0Nix jiij Tr0Nix ji5 månader sedan
  • MOTHER OF GOD 2:18

  • I hide my gta5 and all other games my mom doesn't allow me in the trash bin so next time my mom comes to check my desktop she won't find them

    BG gaming channelBG gaming channel6 månader sedan
  • Bet it was hard to move that computer out of montage to do the vanishing edit

    YiogunaYioguna7 månader sedan
  • Your jokes are so not funny

    rickysmythrickysmyth7 månader sedan
  • You can however delete it on Windows 10 .-.

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford8 månader sedan
  • Happy to provide! Great to see it all lovely and working here matey

    gamesyoulovedgamesyouloved9 månader sedan
  • 2:11 You noticed that there is no shadow between him and the computer

    give me all ur BOBUX right now or ill shoot yougive me all ur BOBUX right now or ill shoot you9 månader sedan
  • *Recycles System 32*

    Jason HouleJason Houle10 månader sedan
  • You can’t get to the recycle bin without my pc

    Mylo FryettMylo Fryett10 månader sedan
  • When he attempted it two minutes into a nine minute video, I of course assumed the rest would all be for the long procedure of restoring it

    Roskin GreenrakeRoskin Greenrake10 månader sedan
  • Anyone remember 3 quarters

    Camille MayberryCamille Mayberry10 månader sedan
  • Nothing

    Camille MayberryCamille Mayberry10 månader sedan
  • 7:07 well i just cum i frigging miss old school paint, it had a rainbow paintbrush and god damn bumble bee stamp

    feck cakefeck cake10 månader sedan
  • i can put it there but im too scared to try (it dosent block me from doing it)

    rancer's weirdnessrancer's weirdness10 månader sedan
  • i recycled your computer

    megamanyoutubermegamanyoutuber10 månader sedan
  • “Linda”

    Owen SharmanOwen Sharman10 månader sedan
  • I do like how Windows recycles their files when Mac puts them in a plain old bin - even in the computer realm, Apple litters all its junk.

    dogdog10 månader sedan
  • That's cool, but what if you put the recycle bin in the recycle bin?

    wardrichwardrich10 månader sedan
  • I was hoping this would be about dropping an old PC into an actual recycling bin!

    trmblingblustartrmblingblustar11 månader sedan
  • What a waste that comp couldve been used for old dos games.... Captain Keen anyone lol

    Joe PoelmansJoe Poelmans11 månader sedan
  • Next video: How to unbake a cake. 🎂

    Robert BratuRobert Bratu11 månader sedan
  • Totally pointless, waste-of-time video.

    Edward FrancisEdward Francis11 månader sedan

    Lillebrorsan VincentLillebrorsan Vincent11 månader sedan
  • Nice shirt. Where did you get it?

    SonicFishiesSonicFishiesÅr sedan
  • of course Windows is made for idiots, because all the computer has to do is whatever you tell it to do. by rejecting your wishes in such a derogatory manner, the best you can do is grab the computer with both your hands and throw it off the damn window.

    Rodrigo G. LópezRodrigo G. LópezÅr sedan
  • "Delete all your data from all your drives. And no one wants that" Linux Users: what about sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root--

    Scott's Tech LogsScott's Tech LogsÅr sedan
  • Try deleting explorer.exe lol

    Graham BriseboisGraham BriseboisÅr sedan
  • I used computer to delete computer

    Manchurian CandidateManchurian CandidateÅr sedan
  • Undelete has been around since dos V4 (If I remember correctly) via 3rd party utilities. Norton utilities and Central point (the one that dos 5 uses is from central point) had these as TSRs. They'd basically have a small data base that had the file names in them and then they'd rename the 'deleted' files to something else and/or move them to a new folder and set them as system/hidden. Delete files would get permanently deleted when the real free space went below a certain threshold. I think some of the utilities also used to lie to DOS and tell it that there was more free than there really was and then would deallocate the files for real in the fat when the space was needed. Sort of like how stacker etc worked. Free space in stacker volumes is usually a lie. This is based on my memory of using them back in the late to early 80s/90s. V4 of dos added some better hdd stuff than dos 3 but dos 5 really should be the minimum that people want to run these days if you can't get open dos v7(what is the current version?) or free dos as the more modern versions have all the functionality but some better and handier utilities.

    skillet panskillet panÅr sedan
  • That icon is just a shortcut, if you could actually put it in the recycle bin all that would happen is you would lose the My Computer icon off your desktop. It is not an actual physical representation of all the data on your computer including the OS and your statement at 2:35 is wrong

    templargfxtemplargfxÅr sedan
  • The real question is why the old man is using the mouse with his *Left* hand?

    weeneweeneÅr sedan
    • @Gernot Schrader *Jesus christ thats one hell of a childhood*

      weeneweeneÅr sedan
    • Why not? Honestly i never seen one doing it not even my dad and he was left handed. But well he wrote with the right hand because when he grew up you had to write with the right hand or being slapped. But for anything else he used his left hand so i see no point why a left handed shouldn't use the mouse with the left hand? Hmmm.... it's not bad i could imagine it. But well he wasn't that kind of "old man", he was into machines since they exist, almost hired by Siemens for industrial system development but he feared not to be good enough for that, he was educated as locksmith. Anything else came one after the other to him and i remember him well hopping around in a white smock in front of giant magnetic disc storages. He was faster in calculating with his slide ruler as you can type in the numbers. And i liked to visit him at his workplace because it was so fascinating exclusive. Almost like in a space ship in midst of cows and goats. He build a Pong and a Lightgun game for me when i was about nine years old. Yep electronics & computers was and are an important part of all my life. Each time i smell "Gauloises" or flux i smell the other to and everything comes back to my mind.

      Gernot SchraderGernot SchraderÅr sedan
  • "Even though we could manually move all the contents into the recycle folder, ultimately what the hell is the point?" The point is WE CLICKED THE VIDEO TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO THAT!!! >:(((

    Emo to the ExtremoEmo to the ExtremoÅr sedan
  • lol that 1 second flash of fury 3 brings back so many memories

    Link238Link238År sedan
  • I'm mostly watching this to see if I remember correctly what happens from trying this back in the day :D

    lovfrolovfroÅr sedan
  • Thats a surprise actually, I just expected it just to delete the shortcut from the desktop

    Detective SquirrelDetective SquirrelÅr sedan
  • I had that exact Packard bell PC.

    pointedspiderpointedspiderÅr sedan
  • Before you launch CMD as admin after seeing 8:05, sry boi. Tried on Windows 7 and that just ain't how it works anymore.

    Walnut SpiceWalnut SpiceÅr sedan
  • My family's first computer was a Packard Bell and it had the exact same monitor, I have never met anyone else who had one. This was a fun trip down memory lane.

    Matthew GivenMatthew GivenÅr sedan
  • On my first pc with windows 95 i had it 3 weeks and was cleaning the desktop of shortcuts and one of the icons said win95 and i deleted it not my computer and my pc crashed out and would not restart you would get to the win 95 screen and that was it it cost me £40 to get it backup and running

    xfloss1xfloss1År sedan
  • My Computer, Network Neighborhood... they're all so-called Virtual Folders, so they don't even exist on disk... why deleting them? It's obviously impossible! 😂

    Lorenzo De MarcoLorenzo De MarcoÅr sedan
  • Lol! You get it man! Your mouse hand looks like a pile of pink mouse. Lol! I loved this! Knew what would happen already!

    Oak City GamersOak City GamersÅr sedan
  • I once did put the explorer in the bin with windows 95 (it can have been 3.1 it's a long time ago and my memory is not the best but I am pretty sure it was 95) when I was a kid and windows was gone. I emptied the recycle bin as well. My mother was not happy because her favorite game disappeared. I had to reinstall windows all over.

    Stoned BeaverStoned BeaverÅr sedan
  • I'm more interested in the large black tape wrapped package on the floor. What is that 👀

    Tru DigitalTru DigitalÅr sedan
  • .guhjiff

    Elliot GreyElliot GreyÅr sedan
  • What....Me ..recycling YOUR computer? ... oohhhhhhhhh... :'D

    Sl1pp1Sl1pp1År sedan
  • What happened if you remove the My computer? What will do?

    Diego PlanetDiego PlanetÅr sedan
    • on Windows 10 (and presumably anything past XP ) it unchecks the This PC icon. Same goes for network and control panel. they stop being on your desktop (though the folders still exist and you can still show them again through personalization) however special folders that aren't desktop icons (like libraries) can't get deleted. and you can't delete the trash.

      βωρδάρτβωρδάρτÅr sedan
  • When DOS deletes a file with the internal command DEL it just truncates or lops off the 1st character of the filename in the FAT rendering the entry effectively invalid and therfore all those allocation units are now freed to the OS, that's why the 1st characters are missing in the undelete utility. that's all. Spose it's faster than overwrting all the allocation units with 0's. The FAT is stored in memory too, so much quicker than accessing the actual data on disk.

    Ivan KrupičenkoIvan KrupičenkoÅr sedan
  • well if your computer is not working well then all you need is a super fantastic software that can help your computer to run fast. www.webdevelopmenthelp.net/2019/05/system-mechanics-your-pc-speed-maximizer.html

    Maham HussainMaham HussainÅr sedan
  • The universe implodes

    モレナウエルモレナウエルÅr sedan
  • Finally a video which doesn’t co-star octaviuskitten

    lawbag1lawbag1År sedan
  • no

    Ivan.jokalovIvan.jokalovÅr sedan
  • I asked google what happens if you deleted recycle bin and said that would make mini black hole and infnite delete root

    هشام البيوميهشام البيوميÅr sedan
  • Anyone know the details of that Packard Bell? I had one of those back in 99 (it was my first Windows machine) but I dont know the specifics.

    Patrick MoorePatrick MooreÅr sedan
  • I had to try this myself on my modern PC, and yeah, it doesn’t work. I’m so tempted to try and delete the recycle bin with my command print though.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
  • 5:01 it's probably an internet café ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_caf%C3%A9 )

    Michal NemecekMichal NemecekÅr sedan
  • Why Happen Recycle Windows 2000’s My Computer

    Jacky LazarteMJacky LazarteMÅr sedan
  • Awww Packard bell. My 1st PC was one

    dan mayhewdan mayhewÅr sedan
  • Internet Explorer does NOT belong in the Recycle Bin!

    Andy MaddenAndy MaddenÅr sedan
  • My daughter manage to delete the recycle bin itself how she did it I do not know

    michail okeefemichail okeefeÅr sedan
  • First off: Getting a plane ticket is expensive Second: I'd probably get the cops called on me for breaking and entering Third: It's pretty heavy

    Joseph ArneyJoseph ArneyÅr sedan
  • your computer dissipates into the aether. The end.

    SpenSpenÅr sedan
  • That was my very first PC and I bloody loved it, despite it not being really powerful.

    Phil's Solo TravelsPhil's Solo TravelsÅr sedan
  • I miss Win 95/98. I got games that I want to play again and DosBox really is annoying.

    maloc1824maloc1824År sedan
  • why have I never thought to do this

    Electric HarmonyAc7Electric HarmonyAc7År sedan
  • most stupid video ever. what if you put your shortcuts in the bin, this was a big fucking waste of time..

    pata nackpata nackÅr sedan
  • It's experiments like these that will one day end the world.

    VollificationVollificationÅr sedan
  • Actually, the "My Computer" icon itself is a shortcut, albeit a special one. "Network Neighbourhood" and "Recycle Bin" are also special shortcuts. If you somehow successfully deleted "My Computer", it would just remove the icon from the desktop. It wouldn't delete any actual files. I think you can screw with those icons somewhere in the Registry, but I don't know exactly where.

    KeithKeithÅr sedan
  • Just put it in the fucking bin, no need for theatrics. Thumbs down.

    Ric BachmanRic BachmanÅr sedan
  • Ad : Plays perfectly in 480 Actual video : Keeps lagging in 144

    Ric BachmanRic BachmanÅr sedan
  • Try this with an old macintosh and the main drive.

    KonivingKonivingÅr sedan
  • 5:00 Just made my day XD

    Davi DiasDavi DiasÅr sedan
  • Packard Bell kill it kill it with fire!!!

    Alcar SharifAlcar SharifÅr sedan
  • Dude where tf is my computer.

    Far MistFar MistÅr sedan
  • Aww, view as webpage was awesome because you could set gifs/streams as background images. I built variants of the XP default background where after 30 minutes, weird stuff would start coming over the hills and then altered the backgrounds of friends/colleagues for very, very slightly amusing times.IIRC at one point I had a webcam feed of an aquarium's shark display as my background, that was cool. Then win 7 came along and it was no longer possible :(

    OkSharkeyOkSharkeyÅr sedan
  • rm -rf / temp/ NO!!!!!!!

    John ClarkJohn ClarkÅr sedan
  • 3:16 (When you can't uninstal internet explorer) NOOOOooooooooo

    1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]År sedan