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2 okt 2018
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No covers were revealed in the making of this video (until you get to 5:30 at least). Zzap 64 was a magazine many of us Commodore 64 owners read in the 80s and early 90s. It was the best magazine for games. Serving the C64 population as well as Crash magazine did for the Spectrum community. That's why it's so excellent to see its return in the shape of a 2019 annual from Fusion Retro Books. Join me on a trip down memory lane and let's have a sneaky peek in the process.
Please note: Small cover spoiler alert at the end of the video.
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  • Just to add guys - this is ALL new content with many of the features and reviews done by the original ZZap! 64 staff. All the game reviews are of games produced since the commercial days of the Commodore 64 - thanks for your support :)

    Fusion MagazineFusion Magazine2 år sedan
    • Mine arrived yesterday. The annual, calender and pin are all top quality. Excellent value for money. Thank you for making this!

      Animal HouseAnimal House2 år sedan
    • Mine arrived today! Really pleased with it. Thank you!

      DiamondphobeDiamondphobe2 år sedan
    • need 2 more things to make it feel more authentic/immersive such as Advertising for reminiscing on the hardware and software goodies that were available and those subscription cards you always find stuck between the pages .

      clumasterclumaster2 år sedan
    • I think we should be thanking you for making these wonderful annuals and magazines.

      Spectrum UserSpectrum User2 år sedan
    • Add free uk shipping and i will buy it. Yep im poor.

      WrongWayWrongWay2 år sedan
  • I figured I'd wait a month or so before buying it and they're sold out now :(

    Gaming Pal OllieGaming Pal OllieÅr sedan
  • I sooooo forgot about the COVER TAPE! Mixed memories there :)

    Hans de GrootHans de GrootÅr sedan
  • Audio track is Future Joust - On The Knife, for those wondering.

    Make Mine MelodicMake Mine MelodicÅr sedan
  • Nice to see Rockford back.

    John JacksonJohn JacksonÅr sedan
  • at 2:22 I see my face LOL... Zzap!64 is nostalgic. Those were nice times. Peeks and pokes and screenshots with tips and tricks.

    Ramond de VredeRamond de VredeÅr sedan
  • £1.25 in the UK, £1.93 in Ireland - not bad, surprising that Eason's didn't add on another 50p themselves.

    Tom TraubertTom TraubertÅr sedan
  • Decided to order a copy, can't wait fotrit to arrive...

    Ramon MastenbroekRamon MastenbroekÅr sedan
  • Where to buy ?

    mule1991mule1991År sedan
  • The Strategy and D&D pages were great in ZZAP

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan
  • "maybe with a pipe" We hear ya, mate. lolz....

    Blue DolphinBlue DolphinÅr sedan
  • Proper unadulterated nostalgia. Spotted Robin @2.46. What a man.

    MrVertical73MrVertical73År sedan
  • Thank you very much. A must have.

    NoahideNoahideÅr sedan
  • 0:33 what a prominent finger given LOL

    FrankoFranko2 år sedan
  • How does this video didn't appear in my notification/email? It's a shame. (Back to watching)

    FrankoFranko2 år sedan
  • 3:22 the blonde in the Fire section looks like caprica 6 XD

    Jordan StrayerJordan Strayer2 år sedan
  • 'nothing beats the smell of the pages' yeah ... turns out that addictive smell ... its just glue, man

    M F-HM F-H2 år sedan
  • Love you and such video of yours!!!

    makdel Labsmakdel Labs2 år sedan
  • You have the gift. Great intro!

    ApplecompuserApplecompuser2 år sedan
  • yes, Maps

    Hugo SilvaHugo Silva2 år sedan
  • I made a new Zzap64 cover with way of the exploding fist. It was weird as I seen this mentioned in a comment and I hadn't heard about it. I was actually working on the cover at the time. I will be asking for it to be added to my Christmas list.

    Wee BobWee Bob2 år sedan
  • What no tips section not a true zzap mag

    Trevor DunneTrevor Dunne2 år sedan
  • The 2002 pdf only issue was a one-off they insisted would never come again.... yeah right. The demand for retro has hit much bigger than they would have foreseen. May the annual continue indefinitely. Plus, now that tape production has started again, it's time to see if the cover tape can be brought back at a reasonable cost. Since Commodore Force finished there have been LOADS of cool games that most people have never seen

    Ken KnightKen Knight2 år sedan
  • aaaaah how i regret giving away all my Amstrad Action mags and tapes, can't think about it too much as the tears are already starting to build in my eyes, snuff snuff

  • I was very excited, when I found my old favorite computer magazine from the 80th archived in the Internet. archive.org/details/your-computer-magazine not, that I'd like to type the Programs in, but funny to read those stuff again

    Rocky B MusicRocky B Music2 år sedan
  • What are the music tracks used. Couldnt see them listed in the desc or vid. Thanks!

    UXXVUXXV2 år sedan
  • I used to own both a C64 and a Spectrum at the same time, so every time my parents gave me my allowance, I used to buy the latest issue of Zzap!64 and the latest issue of Crash at the same time. I even occasionally used to buy Amstrad Action, even though I personally never owned a CPC...I just liked to keep up with what was going on with the system on occasion.

    Can You Introduce Me As Joker?Can You Introduce Me As Joker?2 år sedan
  • Is it possible to have this shipped to the USA? Their website does not show US dollars. Just askin'

    3D Texan3D Texan2 år sedan
    • Yes - just go through to checkout...

      Fusion MagazineFusion Magazine2 år sedan
  • Online reviews aren't as good. I know this because I heard it in an online review. :)

    HebaruSanHebaruSan2 år sedan
  • The more I watched you turn the pages the more I felt I needed copy for myself.

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott2 år sedan
  • Mmmm, fireplace, pipe, retro content. I see no downside in aging.

    RetroHQRetroHQ2 år sedan
  • Ah, I used to look forward to getting a copy of Mean Machines. Loved that mag. Magazines of that era were full of cheeky charm, Happy days.

    Superade 79Superade 792 år sedan
  • I wish someone would make something like this for ST Action!

    LordSenileLordSenile2 år sedan
  • I always pronounced it z-zap... as in zed-zap. I'm sure there's no right or wrong answer on that one.

    PaulioBeePaulioBee2 år sedan

  • They really need to do a Your Sinclair one of these...

    B SmithB Smith2 år sedan
  • I saw a nipple!

    Phaik YouserPhaik Youser2 år sedan
  • As the NNerd said in the beginning, everyone computer user has their favorite memories of their computer using history. Mine was exploring Egghead software each time or spending hour sifting through all the software game post mid exam during the late 90s.

    TheZXKUQYBTheZXKUQYB2 år sedan
  • Thanks for that massive nostalgia trip. As one of the second generation writers for Zzap! 64 (and Crash) back in the day, it's good to see this annual. I'm going to go and get a copy sorted, and if you're looking for contributors at some point for next years annual Chris, I'm still here (older but no wiser) :-)

    Mark CaswellMark Caswell2 år sedan
    • Cheers Mark - will be in touch :)

      Fusion MagazineFusion Magazine2 år sedan
  • I like that you accidently focus on tits here and there.

    LuzurLuzur2 år sedan
  • Reminds me of the boxes of ST FORMAT magazines sitting in my parents' attic (which I told them to never throw out, of course). I think I have all the cover disks in a box in my home, though.

    xnonsuchxxnonsuchx2 år sedan
  • TY just ordert it :D

    Lulu katLulu kat2 år sedan
  • On the lack of game maps... I remember how magazines often displayed the whole map of some games (a particular one had A3 sized pages, go figure what kind of amazing real state two side by side A3 pages can deliver) . The amount of effort put on image capture, page layout and so on with the means available at the time must have been ridiculously high!

    BilisNegraBilisNegra2 år sedan
  • Fuck I loved Zzap.

    Mat DeeringMat Deering2 år sedan
  • I just Googled other artwork by the 70 year old Oliver Frey and some of it is err.. well dodgy. I am now considering formatting my hard drive with zeros..

    Steve SkipperSteve Skipper2 år sedan
  • Ah the smell of freshly turned pages, boy do the memories of those days come flooding back.

    Chris ShawChris Shaw2 år sedan
  • Why ???? This is desperately, DESPERATELY irrelevant.It's like the milkman, the VHS tape, Slimcia and AYDS. It's time has been and gone.

    Gianluca BadejoGianluca Badejo2 år sedan
    • The milkman is becoming more popular again. People think the glass bottles as opposed to plastic is good for the environment. Funnily enough they're wrong. Lol Anyway, me point is people like what they like.

      DS9TREKDS9TREK2 år sedan
  • Great video. Near the fireplace with a what?

    skeletorroboskeletorrobo2 år sedan
  • Those magazines were better than the Internet...

    spearPYNspearPYN2 år sedan
  • I do miss those cover disks, often with FULL versions of games or utilities on them. My favorite 64 mag ever was "Info 64" here in the states, which became just "Info magazine" when the Amiga came out. Good times... I even miss those long type in programs that took hours and then still had errors...

    JustWasted3HoursHereJustWasted3HoursHere2 år sedan
  • I had those exact good times! My fav was C&VG though...

    Heath WellsHeath Wells2 år sedan
  • [:32] Is that cop flipping you the bird?

    JustWasted3HoursHereJustWasted3HoursHere2 år sedan
  • It was great fun working on Commando a few years ago now with the rest of the Nostalgia team, thanks for the mention, it made my day.

    Roy BattyRoy Batty2 år sedan
  • Zzzzzzaaaappp! OMG I love it. The cover tapes were amazing, that and Commodore Format were the only games me and my brothers had. Oh the memories.

    David WattsDavid Watts2 år sedan
  • The official ps1 magazine I use to love back in the day especially as most months it came with a demo disc and sometimes the demo disc even had save games you could download.

    Dean MorrisDean Morris2 år sedan
  • Damn! Right as my eyesight starts going funny! (Yes, I've seen the doctor,r, it is ongoing)

    Channel ZeroChannel Zero2 år sedan
    • I suppose being able to actually see the doctor was a good sign.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • Yeah i cannot stress enough how much i miss those day’s of the 90’s, but sadly these day’s everything get’s digital ,from stores to magazines to games, yes i can understand that doing stuff digital these day’s is waaaay cheaper then distrubiting analogue , but it’s not appealing and the wow factor is gone,back then, everything was unique & exclusive per individual person. These day’s everything is pretty much the same these day’s.

    johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
  • 30 seconds into your video and ordered a copy. This is going to make a great Xmas pressie - to myself haha

    Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson2 år sedan
  • I’ll wait for the AMTIX variant! :P

    Steve PorterSteve Porter2 år sedan
  • Thanks for letting me know. Wha tmusic was used int he video? Sounds good.

    MintythecatIsABeastMintythecatIsABeast2 år sedan
  • Having a physical magazine on a topic that you are really interested in is unbeatable. You just don't get that same feeling online. I picked up a retro gaming mag a few months ago and I'm still rereading everything. If it was offered to men online, I may not find it as special. I'm in the U.S. so it's harder to find these things.

    Aftersun 20XD6Aftersun 20XD62 år sedan
  • I know what's in my Christmas list this year!! Thanks for this.

    alanrmurphyalanrmurphy2 år sedan
  • Should i worry you were on "First name" basis with the newstand chap?

    Scott TraynorScott Traynor2 år sedan
  • Waiting on this and the CRASH 2019 annual as i already have 2018 edition. I also have Fusion issue 1 and 2 along with CD32 scene magazine and it seems I can't get enough of this kind of stuff.

    Spectrum UserSpectrum User2 år sedan
  • Did the 8bit guy get a mention in the magazine?

    FilamaxFilamax2 år sedan
  • Loved that intro. Ticked all the boxes of the 80's walk home from school.

    gallimeadgallimead2 år sedan
  • Zzap!64 Was the centre of my world for a few years, especially in a tiny town with a video shop that occasionally had C64 tapes as my only other access to new tapes. The art style was so gorgeous and it felt anarchic, although I was probably way too young to read it as I was 12 at the last issue (Miss Whiplash?!) The first edition of Commodore Force in December 1992 (Lemmings demo on the tape) was the last C64 magazine I bought before getting an A600 at Christmas, it seemed fitting as the end of an era and Force just wasn't the same, nothing was. Went on to One Amiga, but as nice as it was it still didn't have quite the same feel.

    Martin FrostMartin Frost2 år sedan
  • What’s the name of the tune at the end? Sounds great

    • According to Shazam, it's Powerwalkin' by Future Joust seworld.info/will/fGuurqrDeJ17yGg/video&ab_channel=AlrotaMusic

      ginkarasuginkarasu2 år sedan
  • Fantastic

    Merky BeamMerky Beam2 år sedan
  • just got me a sub to fusion

    No60508No605082 år sedan
  • Our downstairs loo has a magazine rack full of retro magazines. Love em

    cms1138cms11382 år sedan
  • This was my introduction to magazines. Previous to this I'd only ever owned those sticker magazines where you were shamelessly scammed into buying packs and packs of the same stickers you didn't need to complete the thing. So ZZap! was a breath of fresh air. It seems silly now but I remember being amazed at how the reviews had so much humour in them. How could they get away with it I'd think to my little self believing reviews should be something very serious haha. I would laugh as much as gawk at the amazing screenshots of games I too could own one day. I'd read these magazines from cover to cover and enjoyed the adverts too. For that brief period of time where there were still pages undiscovered and unread it was just bliss. After you'd read it all you then had a wait a whole month more before you'd get to do it all over again. Later on the tapes became the really desirable thing but looking back I don't remember those or anything on them but I do remember my time reading the mags and immediately thought of the name Julian Rignall when I saw that reviewer head shot. He was the go to guy to read first. Even games you didn't like the sound of were worth getting if Julian recommended it.

    Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
    • You were supposed to either swap your 'doubles' with a friend or stick them to the underside of a school desk.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • A metal pipe and slippers beside the skull laden fireplace of doom. Bravo!

    reggiep75reggiep752 år sedan
  • i usde to love picking up game magazines, the adds, the games that where to come and more. This looks awesome by the way.

    RDJ 134RDJ 1342 år sedan
  • Where can we find this wonderful piece of printed awesomeness. And how much cash will my wallet have to release to purchase it!?

    Saracen26Saracen262 år sedan
    • fusionretrobooks.com/

      Alan HammertonAlan Hammerton2 år sedan
  • I NEED that siZZler badge in my life

    Outdoor AdventuresOutdoor Adventures2 år sedan
  • I completely forgot that I ordered this a few months ago. I remember how sad it was when Zzap64 turned into what was essentially a crappy comic, around the time the C64 was dying out. Even though I had moved on to an Amiga by then, I really missed the old Zzap style, and gave up on it when it became Commodore Force.

    Animal HouseAnimal House2 år sedan
  • What the hell js that magazine made out of? Paper?! Gosh that takes me back!!

    The Gaming MusoThe Gaming Muso2 år sedan
    • Retro nostalgia at its best :)

      Bill ABill A2 år sedan
  • We had it good with the amount of mags we had firstly in the 8-bit era and later 16-bit era but a demo cassette was a moment to enjoy something without the fear of thinking 'I've just spent ten quid on this pile of shit!' as you bought a game that was crap or didn't suit you. It was a time of dipping your toes and making the choice of buying a game or some metal or chrome cassettes and copying your largely richer friends games hahaha. I was lucky to have teenagers in my street who'd see you right with a few games for a quality cassette or two. Ah the memories, the memories.... The memories now that my daughter can't understand as I show her some pixelated games on Speccy/C64 android emulator on her tablet and she looks on.... horrified!!

    reggiep75reggiep752 år sedan
  • Used to buy the occasional Edge mag. When the Amiga was purchased then Amiga Format was the magazine of choice. The next thing was the PS1 and Official PS Magazine, with demo disks. Then it was back to Edge, more for the other content, as well as games/alternate consoles/formats. Back then you appreciated other systems rather than just slagging them off. Now I just download ripoff magazine PDF's. No cost equals no real investment so no commitment to a particular format and henceforth no real enthusiasm for anything. Is this the future for us old people who have been here since Space Invaders? Where is gaming heading ? Do I feel like gaming anymore? Answer - Not really, I'm not that enthusiastic about any game. Could be my age or even my attitude to life in general but the only things that interest me on the gaming front are Retro stuff. Sad and I know it. Had a mate who said 'Why, when you have all this up to date tech do you play Pinball Dreams/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2/Wipeout/Gran Turismo 2' ? Because they are and play like games with a decent challenge/reward system. But that's just old me, stuck in the way-back-when machine. V-Sorry, got lost in the past wearing my rose-tinted specs. Let normal service resume...…………..

    Carlos FandangoCarlos Fandango2 år sedan
    • @clay haha, you just triggered a memory, we used to buy a game, get the receipt then come into the shop next day, take another game off the shelf that cost the same (in the days before they took the tapes out) then go up to the counter and say it was faulty and they looked at the receipt which only had the price on it without description then gave you a fresh copy for nothing lol. That was in either W.H Smiths or Boots, cant remember exactly as it was over 30 years ago.

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
    • That is so hilarious! I wouldn't have dared do that. But cards on the table, full confession time. I do remember one cover tape or maybe it was a CD by then. It was scratched or the tape was buggered and I did swap it for a good one in WHSmith! I know its a shocking crime. haha I don't remember the feather. I think it would make for a great set of videos going through all those mags.

      Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
    • @clay, Remember the Edge issue that had an ad with real feathers glued onto the page? I think it was a 3d0 ad and the feathers symbolised a dodo or something. I used to read mags in the newsagents, also used to peel the 3.5` coverdisks off and push em up my sleeves whilst reading em lol.

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
    • Edge really was a big deal in the beginning. I remember it was the only magazine that was completely sealed. You couldn't even peek through it in WHSmith on a Saturday. I would buy it sometimes just because I had to know. Later on it wasn't sealed up in plastic and I could leaf through it and it lost its mystique. Now I think about it that's how I consumed a lot of those magazines back then. I couldn't afford them all so I'd read through one and go to another newsagents and pretend to browse, reading another article. Throughout the day consuming more and more of different mags. I completely forget I did that. lol

      Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
    • I subscribed to Edge for about 2 years, it was a good read at the start of its life but gradually devolved up its own ass and became really po-faced and faux arty-farty like it was mocking its readership as peasants. Last gaming/computer mag I bought was pc format about 15 years ago, it was bloody expensive, full of ads and wasnt a very good read.

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
  • At 1:26 the chap pulling his mouth open with both hands is my older brother :)

    karehaqtkarehaqt2 år sedan
  • hello which is better snes or mega drive

    Max Crusher998Max Crusher9982 år sedan
    • hi Max.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • I use to buy Dragon User magazine, I had a Dragon32, and I miss the physical copy of the magazines that were around in the 1980's. Pages filled with news, reviews and of course listings that you could a good happy hour typing in.

    Genial Harry GroutGenial Harry Grout2 år sedan
    • That made for a good way of learning BASIC, although I learnt BASIC back in the early 1970's so any mistakes where due to my typing.

      Genial Harry GroutGenial Harry Grout2 år sedan
    • An hour to type in and a day to debug that one spelling mistake. The worst ones were printed with spelling mistakes and they'd correct them next month. Bonus points were awarded if you could find the mistake yourself before then lol

      Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
  • 4:40 Oh, the Godlike entity of Julian Rignall and his bespoke mane of glory! I saw him from afar at a ECTS show in London once, circa 1992 AD.

    Man BeadleMan Beadle2 år sedan
    • I met him at the 1987 pcw show, he signed my copy of zzap64. Pity I lost it long ago :-( Also said hello to Alan Sugar at the show.

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
  • I nearly had a whole set.....then threw them away.. ah the joys of getting older and regret :)

    Self Indulgent GamerSelf Indulgent Gamer2 år sedan
    • @clay The bedsit I moved into was too small to take em with me and my parents wanted the space for an office, so up in flames my mags went. Probably worth quite a lot to the right collector now, but heyho, im not bitter lol

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
    • Damn I wish I'd been that dramatic about it! That's how you move on in style haha. I just moved home and left them all behind.

      Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
    • When I moved out of my parents house I built a huge bonfire out of full sets of computer mags I amassed over the years. Dear god do I regret doing that now lol.

      meetoo594meetoo5942 år sedan
    • I developed a bit of an obsession with tech related magazines. I would buy a lot of them but also collect up older ones in second hand shops and market stalls. I had complete runs of dozens of mags. I read them all too! Then the internet happened and I moved on and now don't own a single magazine. I don't regret it. I think I learned that collecting wasn't as satisfying as I'd imagined it would be. To own complete runs of everything I'd be the supreme ruler of all tech or some nonsense but instead you just have a lot of stacks of mags that were really hard to go through to find anything specific. The Internet really came through with search hehe

      Clay MannClay Mann2 år sedan
  • Loved Zzap 64 back in the day and the demo tapes here in New Zealand. they were expensive but they were the only way to know what new games were coming

    Dana VixenDana Vixen2 år sedan
  • my gaming mags (89-2000s) is the only thing I will keep around forever

    Cyrillo BagginsCyrillo Baggins2 år sedan
  • Because of magazines I ended up with hundreds of games, then buying a NES was a real culture shock as I'd be lucky to get a new game every few months.

    ChalkyChalky2 år sedan
  • So this is like Nintendo Power for Commodore 64 owners?

    Herbie HuskerHerbie Husker2 år sedan
    • Zzap originally started out more as a hobbyist magazine by a bunch of C64 enthusiasts. Nintendo Power was started by Nintendo themselves.

      Can You Introduce Me As Joker?Can You Introduce Me As Joker?2 år sedan
    • No,it's the other way around! Every country had great magazines for 8Bit computers back then...

      Fake TabletFake Tablet2 år sedan
    • Not really: Nintendo Power was more of an advertising pamphlet produced by Nintendo themselves to sell more games, whereas Zzap64 (and all other British games mags of the time) were produced independently of the games companies. So, better, in other words.

      PsyklaxPsyklax2 år sedan
    • Pretty much.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • Thats the least convincing looking newsagents ever.

    Richard MRichard M2 år sedan
    • It's actually a coffee shop.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • So basically they have taken a few old issues and reprinted them. Great mag back in the day but if you were a fan then you will have seen the lot no doubt.

    Skywalker ranchSkywalker ranch2 år sedan
    • @Fusion Magazine great stuff then Chris I may buy it myself, loved it back in the day.

      Skywalker ranchSkywalker ranch2 år sedan
    • No this is ALL new content....

      Fusion MagazineFusion Magazine2 år sedan
  • Very nice video :) I like the focus on giving us emotion through cinematic shots and storytelling, instead of just giving us information.

    UncleAwesomeUncleAwesome2 år sedan
    • Thanks. I think information on it's own can be a little too dry.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • fantastic!

    Raul GubertRaul Gubert2 år sedan
  • What is this magic?!

    Darth BukowskiDarth Bukowski2 år sedan
  • We used to occasionally buy Zzapp64! in Denmark in the 80'es.. they were expensive af (like 12 euros or 90 DKK in that times money) and hard to find - but we had to get them.. it was simply magic to get hold of a copy.. often the demos on the included tape didn't work ... but when they did.. oh boy oh boy...

    Allan Ø.N.Allan Ø.N.2 år sedan
    • :-).. truly exciting indeed if the cover tape had made the trip across the north sea.. I just ordered a copy to be ported (Zzapped) back into nostalgia myself.. truly exciting how it makes the trip across the north sea this time ;-)

      Allan Ø.N.Allan Ø.N.2 år sedan
    • Ahhhh, hastily mastered demos which failed to load. The staple of my youth.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • First

    • The first step is to create a vision, because when you see the vision - the beautiful vision - that creates the want power.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan