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7 jan 2019
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Densha de GO! is a popular game in Japan based around trains. Specifically driving trains with a high level of accuracy and skill. Although never receiving a Western release, this is a set of games which appeals to my outer nerd, and so I had to get a Japanese PS1, a Densha de GO! controller (what is essentially a mock train controller for the Playstation) and become a prestigious driver on the Japanese main line. Released in 1996 in the arcade, but 1997 for Playstation, this marks a glorious time to be alive. Let's go training.
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  • That controller sounds click nicely

    zetathixzetathix11 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: The GBC port of Densha de GO! 2 is actually the largest cart on the system, even being larger than any individual SNES game. I don't remember the exact size, but I think it's about 6 MB in size. (With the max size being 8 MB)

    MegaTheProtogenMegaTheProtogenMånad sedan
  • I take it that this Japan's version of the _Excalibur Test_ from "The Last Starfighter?" All the kids play it so the Minister of Transportation can find the next great train engineers. =)

    James AnthonyJames Anthony2 månader sedan
  • Bought Densha De Go for my psp when I was in japan in 2005. It’s my favorite psp game and is region free if I remember correctly.

    Travis TaylorTravis Taylor2 månader sedan
  • You should check out Jet De Go too.

    Scott I'AnsonScott I'Anson4 månader sedan
  • Where do you buy that densha de go controller?

    M.Naufal OktaM.Naufal Okta8 månader sedan
  • Wish they'd made a steam train version...

    Shipwright1918Shipwright191811 månader sedan
    • You can get them for about $50 on

      Scott I'AnsonScott I'Anson4 månader sedan
  • Here in N.Y.C. the L train is completely autonomous, from the starting stopping and breaking to the opening of the doors and announcements (the later of which is usually performed by the conductor, not the driver.) I could remember it being such a big deal when it started, people were "outraged" that a "computer" was driving the train and not a (flawlessly infallible and ever so precise balding middle aged high school drop out) human being. My profile pic is actually (& ironically) on the 86th Street platform waiting to go out for a few drinks w/ friends lol. To clarify, the entire system isn't computer controlled (Well... locations, signals etc are) and the one that is isn't like remote controlled from a giant all knowing computer with winding tape reels and booping/beeping thingies with lights from some super cool underground retro tunnel oversaw by the robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still, it's just one small line from Manhattan to Brooklyn and the computers are onboard, not remote. Probably a frigen Pentium II in a bland beige case and some ugly 8x CD-ROM drive that is just a tad off white and really stands out :( ...but one can still dream, boop.

    Daniel ValleDaniel ValleÅr sedan
    • Oh and btw, for so-called safety reasons and strictly nothing to do with Union crybabies, there is still a driver AND conductor aboard which basically kills off ANY inherently cool aspects of a "self driving train" and is more like hitting cruise control on a KIA. I swear, if Gort was running things down in the space tunnels there'd be none of this nonsense.

      Daniel ValleDaniel ValleÅr sedan
  • watching while geting out a train simulator.

    StandardDifferent aka. samsausageStandardDifferent aka. samsausageÅr sedan
  • did you say dentures to go?! amazing

    Alick BoychAlick BoychÅr sedan
  • 7:24 Her hat has 鉄 (tetsu) on it which can mean either iron or railway.

    SarahLJPSarahLJPÅr sedan
  • I’d love To Play this Game Doing the Amtrack Auto-train from Lorton Virginia to Sanford Florida in America. It’s an Overnight trip that I’ve taken before and Not only would it be fun To see the Rout rendered into a Virtual world complete with Passing the Barbervile Yard Art Emporium with its Dinosaurs and Giant pink Chickens (no really look it up) but also it would be interesting to see how this game would handle both Day to night and night to day Transitions. OwO That would be cool

    willku9000willku9000År sedan
  • Obligatory, Tomska/ASDF Movie “I Like Trains” joke Although all memes aside, this game series looks rather interesting and I wish I could give it a Try. After all, I like Trains as well

    willku9000willku9000År sedan
    • You can buy a PSX, this controller, this game and postage for about $250 from

      Scott I'AnsonScott I'Anson4 månader sedan
  • The little girl that tells you what to do and is also featured in the opening of the squeal is SO CUTE, I'm amazed that no Fetish Community has taken notice of her yet

    CoastakuCoastakuÅr sedan
    • @Rakhim, Abdul naaaaaah, Let her be fattened, transformed or Inflated

      CoastakuCoastaku2 dagar sedan
    • Let the mascot be pure.

      Rakhim, AbdulRakhim, Abdul2 dagar sedan
  • JDM Train Simulator, before it was a thing

    needforsuvneedforsuvÅr sedan
  • 8:30 You have to keep the time on schedule even if it is non-stop station. If you keep it exactly on time you have a spare seconds added to the top of screen. Or, if you are ahead of the schedule, you may need to slow it down, seeing the yellow or red ATC light to drive slower (8:45) . This is to prevent collision to the train ahead of you in real world scenario.

    Yao WeiYao WeiÅr sedan
    • More recent versions (and super-deluxe 2017 arcade) consider schedule and stop position equally important btw.

      Yao WeiYao WeiÅr sedan
  • Early Days of Densha de GO! series Logic: 1. Never late(even 1 second is NO) but never too early(If you stops at stations too early, you may get Yellow, or double Yellow singal and forced to slow down, then you will late again) 2. Never Re-Acceleration at the stopping stations or you will be penalized 3. (Only use for Densha de GO! 2 or later series) Never using the Red "E": Emergency brakes at the stopping stations or you will be penalized twice(From driving and Stop judges) 4. You have to memory all the Speed limit at each routes(Especially 5-stars level routes because limits will appears only ~50m before the limits apply, and you will have no time to brake) or you're screwed up by over-speed penalty

    第3の風第3の風År sedan
    • 5. ATS/ATC braking is the strongest brake at most of the Densha de GO! series (Expect the latest 2017 arcade) 6. Horn at the Tunnels/Bridges/Construction staff will most likely getting bonus point(But Horning too much at the some of the series will causing penalty)

      第3の風第3の風År sedan
  • long train rides are boring. long train rides with a carton of marlboros, 3 mates and a few bottles of scotch. now that's a f'ing good time.

    Sean PriceSean PriceÅr sedan
  • Taito! OMG so many memories!

    Alex SnowAlex SnowÅr sedan
  • I wonder if this was at first was going to be a training simulator for Train Engineers but got developed into a game for everybody to enjoy.

    Onida AitsubasaOnida AitsubasaÅr sedan
  • Wow that's a whole 2 years before Microsoft train simulator

    Tanco playsTanco playsÅr sedan
  • They were going to release a version for London tube drivers but it was overpriced and just kept refusing to work for no good reason.

    Kwaidan1905Kwaidan1905År sedan
  • I got into the series a couple of years ago. I’m determined to collect all the main entries. I’m only missing a couple from the PS2 and the DS one. It’s so addictive and surprisingly soothing to play. If you’re thinking about giving it a try, I’d recommend importing the special controller, it makes all the difference.

    gammaphonicgammaphonicÅr sedan
    • Have you tried Jet De Go? Super fun too and much easier, lol.

      Scott I'AnsonScott I'Anson4 månader sedan
  • asdf movie sponsored this video

    Xavier RollindeXavier RollindeÅr sedan
  • can someone explain to me why you speed up by dragging the handle to yourself... wouldn't it make more sense to put it forward when you, well, want to go forward?

    Chris aka SchulbusChris aka SchulbusÅr sedan
    • @gwishart oh, ok, that makes sense

      Chris aka SchulbusChris aka Schulbus2 månader sedan
    • It's a safety feature, if you lose consciousness while sitting at the controls of a train (either through fatigue or medical issues) you're more likely to slump forwards.

      gwishartgwishart2 månader sedan
  • A train-like controller for train simulators? Hell yeah

    MP SpecialMP SpecialÅr sedan
  • densha de go 2 tutorial girl best girl it do be like that

    Jaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De RiveraJaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De RiveraÅr sedan
  • I know this is a nostalgia channel, but really, nobody has nostalgia for 480i. All it does is make your videos look potato. Just shoot in 1440p60 and call it a day.

    awesomeferretawesomeferretÅr sedan

    SilicaSilicaÅr sedan
  • I once played Train Sim 2015 on the PC after a large line of ketamine. Crashed it outside Darlington and was convinced I had *actually crashed a train* and was in a lot of trouble...

    M Davydd PattinsonM Davydd PattinsonÅr sedan
  • c h o o c h o o m u t h a f u k a

    32X 199432X 1994År sedan
  • Germans and Brits would love that too.

    IronBatIronBatÅr sedan
  • Whats the jazzy music in the beginning of the video

    Galaxy HeroGalaxy HeroÅr sedan
  • Was a mini game in San Andreas.

    Karl SlicherKarl SlicherÅr sedan
  • now let's play the parody crossover with initial D: densha de D

    Niek NooijensNiek NooijensÅr sedan
  • I saw the Densha game for the n64 in a magazine back in the day, and the idea that there is a whole world of games and hardware that never was published in my country fascinated me.

    GarfuckGarfuckÅr sedan
  • I love trains. Playing with HO model trains used to be my favorite pastime until I got into computers. I've tried various Densha de Go games, but never understood how to play them properly. I can't really enjoy a game if I don't know what I'm doing. Even if I'm not good at a game, I need to feel like I understand what's going on and why I'm doing poorly at it.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulÅr sedan
  • Your beard is pointless, it's basically transparent

    Super Hans ✅Super Hans ✅År sedan
  • First PSX game I emulated on a PC.

    The Retro MacaqueThe Retro MacaqueÅr sedan
  • fell in love with this series after my first visit to Japan, brought all of the releases up to Final on the PC. My favourite was Railfan on PS3 that used real video. Theres also a 3DS series that's very similar called Tetsudou Nippon. Glad to see someone covering this series. Keep up the great videos!

    Shutter ChimpShutter ChimpÅr sedan
  • Brings a great lot of memories! Actually I once flew to Osaka for a 3-day journey and this was one of the main reasons. Finally played on arcade and it felt like a dream.

    Jimmy YaoJimmy YaoÅr sedan
  • There are things in this game that would be really cool in modern train simulators. I would never want to give up the openness of the newer train sims though.

    SnakeFaceSnakeFaceÅr sedan
  • Gameboy Color release? So you're telling me I can play a game riding a train while actually riding in a train? That's some Inception level public transit.

    mattoramamattoramaÅr sedan
  • Japanic Attack!

    SmartzeneggerSmartzeneggerÅr sedan
  • _that moment when you can actually read japanese_

    YusufYusufÅr sedan
  • if anyone is curious there is an android and ios game very similar to this called hmmsim2 although you do have to find more routes for yourself

    paul smithpaul smithÅr sedan
  • there are several 3ds versions as well and I quite enjoy them

    hteekayhteekayÅr sedan
  • As someone who enjoys trainsims, and a lot of shit talking from you in the beginning, I found it quite entertaining you enjoyed yourself towards the end. Switched my thumbs down to a thumbs up.

    nityking1nityking1År sedan
  • are there also simulated suicidants in this game?

    ultor europaeultor europaeÅr sedan
  • Trains are serious business in Japan. The trains themselves are expected to run on time, to the second. Even being ahead of schedule is frowned upon.

    D3VliciousD3VliciousÅr sedan
  • Wow that is cool! As a train buff, I approve!

    Champlain Valley Rail SnapshotsChamplain Valley Rail SnapshotsÅr sedan

    Michael LinMichael LinÅr sedan
  • Also not in the PlayStation classic.

    Paul JensenPaul JensenÅr sedan
  • Gotta say, I really like how the originals look. Feels more coherent than the later entries (the ones with the PS2/PSP home versions). Might be the lower resolution and the large pixels gelling everything together.

    TehstroyerTehstroyerÅr sedan
  • Just ..... Wow. My official 2019 wish list is now: 1 return ticket to Tokyo and 1 family-size bag of *sniff* sniff _staying-awake powder_.

    bluerizlagirlbluerizlagirlÅr sedan
  • It looks miles better than X-Treme Xpress.

    Barry MmmBarry MmmÅr sedan
  • Or download it and play it on an emulator.

    yogibear2k2yogibear2k2År sedan
  • actually trains are superbig in europe with all those train simulator yearly releases and thousands of dolla DLC packs

    tsartomatotsartomatoÅr sedan
  • i like trains

    tsartomatotsartomatoÅr sedan
  • I think it was made for small Japanese cans of beer. You know, what's for the engineer.

    mikipankmikipankÅr sedan
  • Don't dislike the video, but I wouldn't play the game

    DraeasDraeasÅr sedan
  • Trains AND sprinklings of Anime filth!? I bet that has got a few Japanese train drivers hot under the collar in the past hahaha!

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • Land 2m off target and your career is over. Yep, sounds like Japan.

    Mr HeckMr HeckÅr sedan
  • I've played the latest one in a Japanese arcade. They even give you white gloves and a train drivers hat! And it was nearly impossible as I hadn't a clue what to do, great fun though!

    pyroheimpyroheimÅr sedan
  • There was a UK version of this game, but unfortunately it couldn't leave the warehouse due to leafs on the controller

    simon shepherdsimon shepherdÅr sedan
  • There is Engilsh fantranslation for Nintendo 64 version of the game. aka Densha de Go 64. Works on Everdrive.

    ksenologksenologÅr sedan
  • they have one for the ds. and a few similar ones on the 3ds. the 3ds ones are called Japanese rail sim

    Xander PeckXander PeckÅr sedan
  • Last comment, I'm adoring that JVC CRT television ... Look at the buttons on the front! Is there a door to hide them or has it gone? No, it looks like it's supposed to be out there. Looks so NASA. Mission Control. with the speaker to the side in a sly way. Brilliant. And stackable!!! Like making a giant screen out of 50 TVs in the 90s, whereas you could just use a huge LED thing.

    McKinleyMcKinleyÅr sedan
  • Honestly, having to drive a train with pinpoint accuracy and on schedule by the second sounds extremely German ... no wonder Japan and Germany were allies.

    McKinleyMcKinleyÅr sedan
  • You know who LOVES model trains and has been interviewed in Train model magazine more than Rolling Stone? Rod Stewart. Serious, look it up.

    McKinleyMcKinleyÅr sedan
  • I played the first one on the WonderSwan. I wish I spoke Japanese because yeah, you are expected to use the horn in random places and other things like that. It is a good game, though.

    WindowsMECustomBuiltWindowsMECustomBuiltÅr sedan
  • Great content as always.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • I use the train controller for Tekken and Ridge Racer.

    LightBlue2222LightBlue2222År sedan
    • Jk

      LightBlue2222LightBlue2222År sedan
  • Densha de Go!It's hard to play Bust a Move>My favorite QQ

    RugalBoAyaRugalBoAyaÅr sedan
  • Never thought I would need a Japanese PS1 but now I see I must have one

  • It also came out on Saturn!

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • I suspect all these 'insert mundane activity' simulator 201x are just experimental mind control projects.

    Youtubers Behaving BadlyYoutubers Behaving BadlyÅr sedan
  • I make train axles for a living :)

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • Train sims never took off? microsoft train sim... rail sim, railworks, and the rest of the annual train sims by dovetail, run 8 (for diehards), openbve... open rails and so on!!!

    MK3424MK3424År sedan
  • In the Western world on consoles, there is Train Sim World released this summer by a British company named Dovetail Games. It's based on the Unreal Engine 4 and is very, very realistic. You can pratically use every button in the cab ! For the moment, there are British, German and American trains and routes, one of each with the game (three routes with six trains(3 British, 2 Americans and 1 German), seven (one more American train from a PC exclusive route) if you pick the Deluxe edition) + a few others on DLC's. But it doesn't have any special controller. It's made for a regular DualShock 4 or Xbox One gamepad. And that company, Dovetail Games, is also the developper of the Train Simulator serie on PC.

    imaginox9imaginox9År sedan
  • the modern version is raildriver, if you have a couple of hundred pounds to throw away, I mean invest in gaming pleasure.

    Clumsy ColClumsy ColÅr sedan
  • I see you have sound-dampened your room. You need more. Like in the roof at least. Sound in this video is awful. Mic is possibly to far away.

    John Kristian AasenJohn Kristian AasenÅr sedan
  • That was terrible... but I loved it !!

    OriTubeOriTubeÅr sedan
  • The Saturn 3D pad was a lot less "game specific" and was essentially just a pre-cursor to the DC pad and indeed analogue sticks becoming the standard shortly afterwards (though I did always prefer it's analogue ball to the sticks we've had ever since)

    PiousMoltarPiousMoltarÅr sedan
  • Oh man how far computer graphics have come. PSone games would may head to a different shape if I was to play it now lol. I wouldn't mind playing this if a British games company released one with obviously better graphics :)

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanÅr sedan
  • As many hours as I've spent on Train Simulator I could be a certified engineer many times over!

    Rammstein45Rammstein45År sedan
  • Your book arrived today ! Great read👍

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • This and the bus simulator on Dreamcast perfect.

    QuestchaunQuestchaunÅr sedan
  • There's a working version of the 1st Densha de Go arcade machine (produced in 1996) housed inside Google Japan, located at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

    limyzlimyzÅr sedan
  • Now I'm wondering if there are any canal narrowboat simulators. Thrilling real time lock navigating action!

    ShowsniShowsniÅr sedan
  • I have this game for the SEGA Saturn

    Matthew CamaraMatthew CamaraÅr sedan
  • Did I see arcade machines on the truck he crached in? Wouldn't be surprised if these where of the same series ^^

    Gehtdich NichtsanGehtdich NichtsanÅr sedan
  • I bet a Red Bull sized can would fit in the cup holder. Millennials will love it.

    murderdoggmurderdoggÅr sedan
  • There's also BVE on PC and it's free

    anindra pratamaanindra pratamaÅr sedan
  • Interesting concept for an arcade game. I play this sort of thing a different way though... and get paid for it ;)

    Colin JonesColin JonesÅr sedan
  • need one for the UK... 40 year old trains and you must arrive at every station a minimum of 10 minutes late, then go on strike

    Lewis DixonLewis DixonÅr sedan
  • oh yes I did play a lot of densha de go in about 2012 and I am not even Japanese EDIT: on the PS3 and PSP by the way

    Михаил ГенераловМихаил ГенераловÅr sedan
  • Japanese trains are never late. I think I could like this too. I don't know about Britain, but trains in Germany suck.

    ö. . ,ö. . ,År sedan
  • Well... DenGO 1, 2 and pro 1 were my childhood nightmare! They are extremely hard and non-beginner friendly! Until they got the Nagoya one with little flexibility on timetables, then move to PS2, the final is the best and easiest one.

    Tony TanTony TanÅr sedan
  • Being a train captain in Japan requires skills same as being a pilot. These rail simulators simply recreates the precise, accuracy and high reliability of real-world rail transport in the nation of rising sun. So, it is expected these games doesn’t have a Western release, because only the Japanese themselves can achieve high scores.

    Ricci ChoiRicci ChoiÅr sedan