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20 mar 2019
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The Sims almost certainly wouldn't exist, or at least, be the same without a game released in 1985 known as Little Computer People. Published by Activision, it's one of the first instances of a "virtual pet" or "human simulator" and was arguably well ahead of its time. Here I'm investigating the original Commodore 64 release which poised as a special new research project, to observe actual living people who resided in our personal computers. By creating a house on a disk, the idea was to coax these little people out of the circuitry, and into a 2 1/2 story house, where we could interact, play games and even starve, if we so choose. Good times indeed.
Thank you to both Stuart Ashen of Ashens, and Clint Basinger of LGR for lending their superlative voices for this episode.
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  • As to why Bobby would rather become ill of dehydration than drink directly out of his tap, is one of life's greatest mysteries. Maybe he's not a fan of the water hardness in his area.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Well, good place to mention a Long Play of LCP : :-)

      SeaJay OceansSeaJay OceansÅr sedan
    • Maybe he lives in Flint, Michigan which hasn't had drinkable tap water since 2014?

      StarkRGStarkRGÅr sedan
    • @matt myers and stuart ashen for the other voice almost all the great youtubers in one video

      Notmah CuppateaNotmah CuppateaÅr sedan
    • Bobby is English for police.

      Pingu McPingPingu McPingÅr sedan
    • please review police quest for dos. its still a mystery to me

      buddy guybuddy guyÅr sedan
  • 90's-Marketing hype bullshit really propelled cpu-Scientific tech research forward by a few decades when you think about it.

    Sociable Netw0rkerSociable Netw0rker9 dagar sedan
  • So you got bored of your digital minion and immediately wanted to see how badly you could Ruin His life. The original Undertale

    Jonathan FaberJonathan Faber21 dag sedan
  • Fuck the Sims! Play Rimworld!

    SatanicSexGodSatanicSexGodMånad sedan
  • Interesting. LGR is a BMW dealer? The game idea is kinda cool, but it completely monopolizes the computer. If I had gotten this game, I'd probably wait until the little guy was happy, then choose that as a stopping point. I'd then likely never play it again. There would be other things I'd want to do with my computer, than keeping the little guy fed. If I saved the game, I could insure that he'd never go hungry again, until I played the game again. You could lose hours of your life on something less exciting than Age of Empires, which had yet to be invented. There's also BASIC programming & Zaxxon.

    Jeremy GeorgiaJeremy Georgia2 månader sedan
  • Sigh, looking back at the past, only to realise how many developers EA swallowed up. Cancelling most of them.

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • 3:47 'You better make good graphics!'

    Robert PalmerRobert Palmer2 månader sedan
  • "Im the invisibile man"....

  • Why is Bobby's living space in the attic

    John ZombiJohn Zombi3 månader sedan
  • I saw this video title and said, "He's not talking about Little Computer People, is he?" And he IS! I bought that for my college roommate when that first came out (it wasn't available for the computer I had, an Exidy Sorceror, but then, basically nothing was ;-) . I had to write my own software)

    gejyspagejyspa4 månader sedan
  • This is an informative video. It is interesting to see how ideas evolve incrementally!

    Degerhan DegerDegerhan Deger4 månader sedan
  • That's what happens when you live alone during pandemic time.

    AltSysRqSyncAltSysRqSync4 månader sedan
  • Those aren't steal toed boots! Those are shopping bags!

    Evan FehrEvan Fehr4 månader sedan
  • 2 unlimited has a greatest hit? Didn't they only have like 2 albums with the original lineup? And then 1 with the imposters?

    Evan FehrEvan Fehr4 månader sedan
  • What winds me up are the little purple pants/green shirt combination and well as the total lack of toilet in the bathroom...Oh you think you're better than us Bobbie?!

    SandyRiverBlueSandyRiverBlue5 månader sedan
  • Unlike The Sims, at least when LCP play the piano their hands actually match the notes being played. Checkmate, Sims.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah5 månader sedan
  • So cool. History and documentaries are cool, it makes things more comprehensible.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus5 månader sedan
  • I played this a lot on my C64 or Amiga, I forget which.

    John Michael StockJohn Michael Stock6 månader sedan
  • Remember “playing” this over at a friends house. Both of us got bored of it within an hour.

    Rapp ScallionRapp Scallion7 månader sedan
  • Poor Bobby!

    Trevor GibbsTrevor Gibbs7 månader sedan

    Mark OrendasMark Orendas7 månader sedan
  • Why does "I love being an American" sound strange today?

    david gagnondavid gagnon9 månader sedan
  • Little Computer People huh? Maybe this was also the inspiration for Tron, and also Reboot.

    Kaiosama TLJKaiosama TLJ9 månader sedan
  • Strange but I actually remember mine's name. Calvin and he had a dog as well.

    Neil ArcherNeil Archer10 månader sedan
  • Comic Gold, loved it!

    Richard SamborroRichard Samborro11 månader sedan
  • God i spent days playing this, loved it.

    sgtspitesgtspite11 månader sedan
  • What are you doing? YOU'RE KILLING HIM!

    SonicFishiesSonicFishies11 månader sedan
  • The old days when Activision and EA were the good guys.

    DeaflatDeaflat11 månader sedan
  • Activision then: "New experiences is our mantra!" Activision today: "Who's ready to buy Call of Duty for the 14th time?"

    EnkayEnkay11 månader sedan
  • i wash i har this still back in the i bougt a copy for my c64

    the dutch retro gamerthe dutch retro gamerÅr sedan
  • Seems like something you would sit in the corner of your room so you don't feel alone and glance at it from time to time to see what bobby is up to in his world

    Caolan RobinsonCaolan RobinsonÅr sedan
  • tron came out in 1982,

    pinbi7pinbi7År sedan
  • 5:36 Clint, you tricky little bugger what you doing here?

    TheSandwichSlayerTheSandwichSlayerÅr sedan
  • That's crazy that they got LGRs dad to do a quote in that magazine. The dulcet tones apparently run in the family.

    Jarrod StemenJarrod StemenÅr sedan
  • What would be interesting is transferring the NPC code out of the LCP house, re-encoded into python or LISP or C++, and put it in a new environment along with the ability to learn new skills, grow & develop 'his' own memories, and be your own little pet Cylon... careful how you treat him - he will remember ! :-O

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay OceansÅr sedan
  • Great C>64 pre-Cylon A.I. N.C.P.s

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay OceansÅr sedan
  • 8:20 Hmm, maybe because there are limited fucking resources? Jesus Christ...

    KatoKatoÅr sedan
  • What the fuck is Lazy Game Reviews doing in here?

    ツMαrιoMαrιo456ツMαrιoMαrιo456År sedan
  • Weird how everyone in this magazine sounds like better-known youtubers...

    TheOtakuXTheOtakuXÅr sedan
  • LGR for the camio win.

    DJ KinneyDJ KinneyÅr sedan
  • Is it weird I felt a tiny sense of sadness for Bobby when the game finally got powered off?

    The Shadowgate KeeperThe Shadowgate KeeperÅr sedan
  • 5:37 Nice, getting Clint to do the voice over, great touch.

    Barry R. BrownBarry R. BrownÅr sedan
  • Holy fuck that voice, It is from viblovox or something right?

    ez cheats ruez cheats ruÅr sedan
  • that packaging is super cool, love the aesthetic

    grace suzannegrace suzanneÅr sedan
  • I love it when I hear other people I know in places I don't expect them. It's kinda like pulling little SEworld people out of other videos.

    Rev JRRev JRÅr sedan
  • That game is so charming!!

    Kate CKate CÅr sedan
  • He didn't need food and water before you came are you kidding me

    Little LonerLittle LonerÅr sedan
  • They should've made a movie that was based on this game.

    Melissa0774Melissa0774År sedan
  • Yeet lgr

    Moto MedicsMoto MedicsÅr sedan
  • Why so many ads? Three ads in the first 5 minutes is ridiculous, I gave up watching halfway through

    NukearcNukearcÅr sedan
  • I remember having an Android phone widget that was like this. It featured a stick figure instead of a person though, and for the life of me I can't remember its name.

    ItzMichaelPhillipsItzMichaelPhillipsÅr sedan
  • He's taking a dump when you can't see him.

    TTLt106TTLt106År sedan
  • Wonderful video. I've often thought it wrong that the Sims were said to be "invented by..." when it had actually been done before.

    Lee GuestLee GuestÅr sedan
  • Clint's voice is too god damn perfect for doing computer documentary voice overs.

    RhewinRhewinÅr sedan
  • if Bobby has a computer, does that mean that he has people inside _his_ computer?

    GleamiartsGleamiartsÅr sedan
  • I just watched your beenz video and saw the logo in his Bow tie

    ashashÅr sedan
  • I had this for my C 64. One time I left the program running for a long time and when I checked on it, my LCP was gone. I restarted it a few times after that and he never showed up again. Maybe they actually were killable.

    Lagib28Lagib28År sedan
  • Rich Gold I really really want him to become a billionaire or something

    IwasneverhereIwasneverhereÅr sedan
    • Iwasneverhere uh

      Gaby SlowlaGaby SlowlaÅr sedan
  • Under Activision today, I imagine getting the Exclusive Tabloid Edition would have been another 30 bucks.

    TheRadPlayerTheRadPlayerÅr sedan
  • How about control/alt/delete?!

    700 Megabytes700 MegabytesÅr sedan
  • Is It just me or the house looks a lot like the One in the video of queen's "Invisibile man"??

  • 14:30 This is literally what God would do to us if he was real

    alex ojideagualex ojideaguÅr sedan
  • With quantum processing on the horizon real simulations of people could be possible.

    Tox LaximusTox LaximusÅr sedan
  • So, Tamagotchi was basically a portable version of this.

    Charlie WCharlie WÅr sedan
  • Back then activision actually made new fresh stuff. Now they keep beating the rotting corpse of a horse. The games they crap out lately are that, litteral crap.

    SqualidsargeStudiosSqualidsargeStudiosÅr sedan
  • "This was Activision and new experiences was their mantra." Oh how the times keep a changin

    theultumzerotheultumzeroÅr sedan
  • I had a copy of this for the C64 and I liked it, but I was always disappointed that his actions were so random. I mean he never sleeps even at 3am, never eats anywhere near the same time each day, doesn't change his clothes much. He just wanders around the house doing random things. It really spoils the illusion. I think it would have been better if he mostly had a routine, but occasionally did other stuff. Maybe leave for a while then come back with a package, etc.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulÅr sedan
  • I miss you Wallace...

    wobedraggledwobedraggledÅr sedan
  • Praps e wuz avin a wank back in at room?

    Caleb EdwardsCaleb EdwardsÅr sedan
  • wow amazing I swear you sounded like Stuart or Clint there for a sec . You are very talented.

    gato38gato38År sedan
  • "Pet Person"... That just sounds like slavery with extra steps!

    Daniel EverhartDaniel EverhartÅr sedan
  • Now there are living computer people inside your phone! They are called "Google Assistant" (although I like to call them "Tamagotchi"). They can even make a hairdresser reservation for you. I do not understand what can attract an adult to such things.

    syrop26syrop26År sedan
  • If the sims story of starting as an architecture game holds water, then it most certainly would exist without this. Either way, fun video. I never heard of this, but our family got a computer a bit later than the commodore.

    Steven SavoieSteven SavoieÅr sedan
  • Wow I'm old, remember playing this on c64 when I was 3

    Colossal PrickColossal PrickÅr sedan

    damnsondamnsonÅr sedan
  • If nothing else, this video reminded me of "Azumanga Daioh Osaka Simulator". I can't tell how much time I have used watching that non-game.

    MiksaMiksaÅr sedan
  • Oh you also have a copy of 2 Unlimited Greatest Hits? Where every song sounded the same? :D

    Acme. Nipp-on-AiRAcme. Nipp-on-AiRÅr sedan
  • 7:51 For actual gameplay/ Running of The "game"

    Candy RabbitCandy RabbitÅr sedan
  • I disagree, it feels more like The Sims is a fairly recent game as opposed to one that came out nearly 20 years ago.

    StarkRGStarkRGÅr sedan
  • Does anyone have an NES ROM for Little Computer People? Every emulator download I've ever found, loads the FDS boot screen but ends in an error (err 25 or something like that).

    Liberated AmonLiberated AmonÅr sedan
  • fakkee newwwsss

    Jake NelsonJake NelsonÅr sedan
  • All that effort and these days they release 60% of a game on launch ha

    Owen PrescottOwen PrescottÅr sedan
  • "pet person" so...a slave?

    nonholographicnonholographicÅr sedan
  • 7 adds in under 17 min.....was gonna sub but not anymore. just letting you know. cool video though. nice narration as well. hopefully you can fix that.

    rocknessrockerrocknessrockerÅr sedan
  • This is where girls begun liking computer games

    James TaylorJames TaylorÅr sedan
  • Very nice video, as always.

    Rafael SchmittRafael SchmittÅr sedan
  • sim farm 94 lol

    resound xresound xÅr sedan
  • so are the irl people effected, is this the remote controller quija board using ac current?

    DeanRendar84DeanRendar84År sedan
  • He's more of Harold than a Bobby

    jmm1233jmm1233År sedan
  • that opening tune so very British lol

    jmm1233jmm1233År sedan
  • Bobby its called you can do it!

    Os POs PÅr sedan
  • I still have this on a 5-1/4. I remember enjoying this game a lot as a kid. You just had to tell him what to do and hope he listened. It really was cool back then.

    StephenStephenÅr sedan
  • I think my favourite sims game was The Urbz. Probably the first sims game I played even.

    MoistGoatMoistGoatÅr sedan
  • The true nostalgic feeling here is when game companies actually put effort into their games.

    MarcosMarcosÅr sedan
  • Ok what different with modern games you first have to watch 10 minutes commercials same as in you video

    J IJzerJ IJzerÅr sedan
  • is it weird that i atcualy also felt bad for the litttle person as soon as he started typeing the message that he was hungry and lonly

    StormcruzerloreStormcruzerloreÅr sedan
  • this isnt LGR...

    Sir LagsSir LagsÅr sedan
  • Patrick, Peter, Joseph and Justin are like the most common names anyway.

    mrlithiummrlithiumÅr sedan
  • @12:29 If my memory is correct, the music played from the record is from the game from ‘Master of the Lamps’.

    m2mm4mm2mm4mÅr sedan
  • F bobby

    SFS AtlasSFS AtlasÅr sedan