Super Magic Drive: The Original ROM Ripper | Nostalgia Nerd

15 sep 2019
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Ever wondered how we got hold of cartridge ROMs in the 90s? How they were originally extracted? Well, usually it was through a device like the Super Magic Drive. This little unit hooked up to a floppy drive and not only allowed you to "backup" cartridge ROMs to floppy, but also load those floppy ROMs back into the console. This was useful for development purposes as well as for PIRACY. A lawsuit linked to the devices was inevitable, but rather than being aimed at it's manufacturer, someone else took the brunt...
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  • Now a days you can easily play via emulator install all game via pendrive.All those games inside your pocket

    Dark princeDark princeDag sedan
  • My neighbor had the supermagic drive. I absolutely loved that thing. Wish I bought it from him.

    Niels WullemsNiels Wullems8 dagar sedan
  • "Don't copy that floppy" mmhm, everyone did, though. It's like telling a 4 year old not to do something, they ultimately do the opposite.

    Astro's Electronics LabAstro's Electronics Lab12 dagar sedan
  • Ripping ROMs is illegal if you redistribute them, but if you use them for a backup or for a emulator without redistributing them, you're good to go.

    Miroslav Daniel RoshalMiroslav Daniel Roshal14 dagar sedan
  • Wow again a lovely made clip. What I especially like is that ya are somehow the first I see here one yt who also take care for some correct and 'speaking' *subtitles* .

    asselpunk1asselpunk115 dagar sedan
  • I recall this to be a baud rate issue. Setting the correct rate should fix this.

    Steven van PeltSteven van Pelt29 dagar sedan
  • That weird feeling when you watched this video on your Acer's laptop.

    nerd0Chijanerd0ChijaMånad sedan
  • Maybe you cannot copy a 32X game with that particular one, but can you with any ROM copier? Also, I’m super curious about Sega CD (and Saturn and Dreamcast) copiers and ROMs. New games aren’t a huge problem because they’re priced within reason, but old games aren’t (Saturn’s Clockwork Knight 2, for example, costs over $500+ for a used copy!).

    Michael GaritiMichael GaritiMånad sedan
  • Very similar to the Super Wildcard. All the features are here but the Wildcard has allot more going on. Making Floppy discs a bit bigger with the format option, also a internal drive for the floppy, using FX chip games on roms at the same time to piggy back from the cartridge with the FX chip on it etc...

    cyb3rp0nkcyb3rp0nkMånad sedan
  • Rise of the Robots, is Not one of the best games. I disagreed on that 👎

    Number 1 Fan My Favorite ChannelsNumber 1 Fan My Favorite ChannelsMånad sedan
  • "You wouldn't steal someone's girlfriend, would you...?"

    WellBeSerious12WellBeSerious12Månad sedan
  • Oh and you can't say 'density' either lol... What is 'high dentity'? Lol

    Guy SkyGuy SkyMånad sedan
  • Why do so many you tubers have such a problem pronouncing the word 'the' properly. We have 'dee' 'vee' 'va' and your 'ver' I must confess I've never heard that one before. Even more confusing is that ever so occasionally you get it right 😂👍🏼

    Guy SkyGuy SkyMånad sedan
  • Late to the party here but I have some insider perspective to the Sega busts that happened in the Bay Area in Dec. 1993. I was a SYSOP for a comparatively small time Amiga / Console BBS called "Spatula City" which was located in Vacaville, CA. This is about an hour or so away from San Francisco and across a toll bridge. It is also about 45 minutes away from Concord / Walnut Creek and across a toll bridge. This is important because I remember getting voice call from the Sysop of a BBS called "Skull Factory" that Sega was going from house to house confiscating computers with law enforcement. According to my paper journal 3 BBS systems were raided, including one of the largest Amiga warez boards, 'The Ghetto" and 5 others decided to shut down, at least temporarily. I turned off my BBS and took the equipment to my grandmothers house... The next day I get another voice call from the Sysop of "Skull Factory" saying that he overheard that they were coming for me but either didn't have law enforcement cooperation in my area or that, get this, they didn't want to make the extra drive or pay the toll to come take my Amiga 3000T full of warez away. In the end, I ended up just removing Sega stuff from my BBS. My main line of "business" was selling access to my Amiga and SNES wares to local callers and working a racket out of the local Software Etc store to fill up a 10 pack of blank disks with whatever someone wanted for $20 if they supplied the box, usually from my store. My apartment rent at the time was $560 a month and I covered most of that with the BBS, and what I made working at Software Etc was spending money. The Super Magicom I have was imported through MAFIA.

    sactownchadsactownchadMånad sedan
  • 6:55 "six separate sega-ments" heh :D

    Richard EadonRichard Eadon2 månader sedan
  • Wow this makes me really appreciate Everdrives. We are so spoiled nowadays. I still try to support new stuff though by buying a Nintendo Switch and downloading a game once and a while that I like. Most of my games on Everdrive I have original copies for. I only do piracy on dead systems that have already made their money. Nothing new. I look at it like music but remember the M.I.B. are always watching. Piracy is a crime. ☠

    Michael DemersMichael Demers2 månader sedan
  • I want buy this super magic drive

    YOUQIANG GUYOUQIANG GU2 månader sedan
  • 'have a great evening' you know damn well I'm watching this at 2am. again.

    The StrangeThe Strange2 månader sedan
  • Before and during the boom of piracy we were borrowing games to each other in the family or playground instead of you know, buying the games. Now companies just want each living consumer to buy their own single copy... of disposable, non-collectible, virtual good.

    Norman G.Norman G.2 månader sedan
  • Talk about copying.... in time of Commodore 64, there are already copy tools and hardware boards for it. So yeah, they are weird times and i am somewhat happy to play some games, copied from another friends in my homeplace. At that time, i never thinking about piracy. As young child, i don't care at all, as long i can play something. Internet was also not big there, so information was not so much there. Now today, i followed through time so many privacy and understoot also more what damage it can bring. But i saw also some companies are doing at wrong way and are even greedy about money. Some games are too expensive, or there was hardly some discounts in normal shops thanks to fixed prices. That is not great at all. Anyway, i will hunt for lowest prices as possible and buy discounted games. Not all people are rich.

    mrdummymrdummy2 månader sedan
  • A question - will this work with a 32X installed on top? I'd hate to have to remove the 32X to use it.

    23Brodieman23Brodieman2 månader sedan
  • I just stumbled upon this amazing channel. Lying on the couch with a huge smile on my face whilst my most fond childhood memories reappear. I would never have found those memories again if it weren't for this video. Thank you very much, it really means a lot to me! I'll Guess it's time to unpack my SEGA MEGA DRIVE from the attic and plug it in again! :) You just got a new subscriber!I

    7KT SWE7KT SWE2 månader sedan
  • I had one for the snes you put it in the cartrige slot and inserted the disk in the macine just below and downloaded from cartrige to disk the only game it would not do was international superstar soccer it gave you a telling off wich was quite funny at the time.

    Mark PenwardenMark Penwarden2 månader sedan
  • Soak the area the batteries leaked with distilled white vinegar and replace those electrolytic capacitors

    rwdplz1rwdplz12 månader sedan
  • I had a similar device for my N64 back in its hayday that used Zip discs you could store about 10 games per Zip disc. I believe it was called the Z64.

    PONGbyATARI Tim A.PONGbyATARI Tim A.2 månader sedan
  • Retro gaming is expensive even with ROMs

    DarkSpawnDarkSpawn2 månader sedan
  • I would like to see a Sega CD under that Genesis, then the Genesis, then that Mega Drive, then the 32X, then the X- Band, then Game Genie, then a copy of Sonic and Knuckles, with Sonic 3 attached to the very top. Did I miss, any other add-ons we could sandwich between any of these? Edit: Just finished the video and saw the 32X wouldnt fit, and the Sonic & Knuckles didn't work....Oh, well!

    bound2thefloorbound2thefloor2 månader sedan
  • Game cartridges is actually a form of an SSD

    Chaos DomChaos Dom2 månader sedan
  • I dont know if I missed it but is there something similar like this for the N64 ?

    TheGarage GamingTheGarage Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Paranoid computer nerds always make offsite backups.

    Dylan LaymanDylan Layman2 månader sedan
  • Why people send rare hardware and stuff to SEworldrs? Is it a kind of fetish?

    CastoriCastori2 månader sedan
  • im just BACKING UP my game for FAIR USE and then uploading it for EDUCATIONAL purpases. See i called the file "this game is good.rom" so its COMMENTARY too

    1337 4llison1337 4llison2 månader sedan
  • they said dont copy that FLOPPY. they didnt say anything about game roms :(

    cyberpunk64bitcyberpunk64bit2 månader sedan
  • I wonder if anyone has timed a speed run in piracy from release to rip.

    Scottius Maximus IScottius Maximus I2 månader sedan
  • So, basically. Super Magic Drive is an early Everdrive... and the floppies store the rom files???

    Daniel DiPietroDaniel DiPietro2 månader sedan
  • 12:48 Playing Master System games on Sega Genesis was a real thing. Sega released a peripheral called the Power Base Converter that plugs into the cartridge slot on the Mega Drive/Genesis and then you just plug your Master System cartridge into the Power Base Converter.

    Amy LeeAmy Lee2 månader sedan
  • How expensive was this back in the day?

    ingusmantingusmant2 månader sedan
  • For our American friends, "Bespoke" means "Custom" or "Proprietary".

    Anton NymAnton Nym2 månader sedan
  • Retro collecting... without collecting.... ... And a retro...

    OverRideOverRide2 månader sedan
  • packard bell?!?!!@? it still works?

    Richard ReevesRichard Reeves2 månader sedan
  • I used to have a "copy box" For the Nintendo 16 bit. I owned all games 😂

    AMD phoneAMD phone2 månader sedan
  • Corporations rip each other off and copy all the time, but we do it, its bad

    BorisaRedBorisaRed2 månader sedan
  • Double pro fighter

    Phil DawsonPhil Dawson2 månader sedan
  • The device that stood tall and shook the heavens.

    TonyBManTonyBMan2 månader sedan
  • D o n t c o p y t h a t f l o p p y

    Jim PicinsJim Picins3 månader sedan
  • Was this thing capable of writing to a recordable cd from that connector? I have an old CD ROM caddy (with a cdrw inside) that has the same serial connector on the back. I believe in olde pc speak it was known as an IOMEGA CD ROM (it was used to backup pharrlapps ghost image files from old PC's)

    Pen FoldPen Fold3 månader sedan
  • Is that Altera FPGA or older CPLD? Did you ever open the Analogue mega sg?

    Christopher BloomChristopher Bloom3 månader sedan
  • bull shit

    iosef francisciosef francisc3 månader sedan
  • If you are taking apart electronics to look for problems. I always like to look for capacitors where the + on the top is bulging outward (known as Bad Caps), meaning it has gone bad and can cause audio or video problems.

    Fusion DeveloperFusion Developer3 månader sedan
  • Not the greatest soldering skill there.

    Chris BjörnChris Björn3 månader sedan
  • Man these anti-piracy ads are getting real mean

    20kilovolt20kilovolt3 månader sedan
  • *me, pirating about 20 games at the moment* "Daddy?"

    John ZombiJohn Zombi3 månader sedan
  • UK hotline called. You are going down sir!

    ScallywagScallywag3 månader sedan
  • I had that Packard Bell running windows 3.1... At the same time I had a Genesis (American Megadrive for the maybe one person who doesn't know that) ... I could have done this

    Dillon PerryDillon Perry3 månader sedan
  • You would shit in a policeman’s hat. Then mail it to his grieving widow

    Martin WooderMartin Wooder3 månader sedan
  • Wait - who filed their 3.5" disks "shutter side up"!? Heathens!!! :-)

    CoindoorDaveCoindoorDave3 månader sedan
  • "No one would make backups of cartridge games which are reliable" I have encountered several games which refuse to play, or if they do play, they have several issues. Backing up games is something I have grown accustomed to just because I'm well aware of failure.

    TheGuyWhoIsSittingTheGuyWhoIsSitting3 månader sedan
    • Cartridge games are generally more reliable than disk/disc-based media. At the time especially. 20 years down the line, DS, 3DS, Vita, and Switch carts may be having issues just like NES, SNES, Gensis, etc. In some cases, it's a matter of age and use. I do think it's perfectly normally to back up your games tho lmao. I don't have hardware to back up my NES and GB(C) games, but I back up my GBA games as soon as I get them (don't have other systems at the moment). In my experience if something doesn't work, some isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

      MechaDragonXMechaDragonX3 månader sedan
  • Three products come to mind that allowed you to "COPY" w/o any STOPS or Regulation. First Gen Go Video combo VHS/VCR/DVD Players, First Gen NERO BURNING ROM editions 1-3, and THIS THING ! LOL VJVMD

    Vincent VenturellaVincent Venturella3 månader sedan
  • I LOL’d at their copyright message on the menu. (c)1993 JSI. Pirates asking you not to pirate their work? 🤪

    Andy CraigAndy Craig3 månader sedan
  • Once a copy gets out there is always another one somewhere.

    Charles HinesCharles Hines3 månader sedan
    • @Jackson Burns damn bro, that almost makes me wanna seed

      Intenselly LItIntenselly LIt2 månader sedan
    • @Jackson Burns and russian and chinese spyware

      Haruhi SuzumiyaHaruhi Suzumiya2 månader sedan
    • except for a torrent ive been downloading for 5 months because it has no seeder

      Jackson BurnsJackson Burns2 månader sedan
  • His name wasn't "brewdjoe" it was brujo Spanish for Witcher or Druid. So it translates to Digital Druid.

    Neo PrototypeNeo Prototype3 månader sedan
  • Like copying tapes or other formats

    Kane SevenKane Seven3 månader sedan
  • When the song started I thought I was watching sideways for a second

    Rafael -Rafael -3 månader sedan
  • Remember the Television show "Captain Video"? If you don't you never will. It was rendered for chemicals. I once tried to buy a video game only to find the company had gone out of business. And I passed up a chance to pirate it... gone... Gone... GONE.

    Moral MonsterMoral Monster3 månader sedan
    • What?

      Elyce GrimesElyce Grimes2 månader sedan
  • What sort of maniac stores their floppys with the metal slider facing up? lololol

    Paul CarterPaul Carter3 månader sedan
  • I still have my super magic drive. But sadly the floppy drive died decades ago.

    Stephen EdwardsStephen Edwards3 månader sedan
  • This is neat and all, but why bother? Are these games that desirable?

    thefactorypilot145thefactorypilot1453 månader sedan
  • Also hit the other buttons my dude there should be a hyper button and a normal button

    YourownerYourowner3 månader sedan
  • How are you suppose to play with out a joystick?.................................jkjk i came out of the late 80s i know how it works

    YourownerYourowner3 månader sedan
  • But tell me one thing, what happened to the Acorn computers, i remember in 1993 or some other year in the last century, when i had my Macintosh plus with tiny grayscale monitor and i bought a external hard drive, good times, glorious times, nerdalicious times, i remember seeing an ad for Acorn computers, and it seemed like a Macintosh clone with mac OS clone environment and all...

    Guds777Guds7773 månader sedan
    • The company is gone, the RISC OS operating system is still alive and actively developed, much of the hardware has become sought after collector's items, and the ARM architecture they developed for their CPUs still exists in almost every smartphone and tablet, due to its superior efficiency.

      Elliot MelloyElliot Melloy3 månader sedan
    • Who remembers when you heard of a hard drives with 120 MB of memory and you thought it was GIGANTIC, and it would be all the memory you would EVER need for the rest of your life...

      Guds777Guds7773 månader sedan
  • Hi nerd was up dude!

    William ClarkWilliam Clark3 månader sedan
  • 7th hour of marathon

    SkyBlue 1988SkyBlue 19883 månader sedan
  • I got a definite green eggs and ham vibe somewhere in the middle there

    Gerard KeanGerard Kean3 månader sedan
  • 9:14 hehe backup goes RRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Trenton TelgeTrenton Telge3 månader sedan
  • Ah I remember selling some Kinder Eggs figures to a collector in the 90's when my eyes fell upon some bizarre box with a floppy drive in it sitting on top of a (super?)nintento. Instantly intrigued, although I didnt have a nintendo, they were eager to sell this 'Copy Box' to me for a mere 1000eur nowadays money...Just the fact that this existed changed my life forever

    danosdotnldanosdotnl3 månader sedan
  • dont copy that floppy (or other storage medium)

    enthusiasticGeekenthusiasticGeek4 månader sedan
  • Man I fucking LOVED Rise of the Robots!!!!!

    skizzik121skizzik1214 månader sedan
  • Wow, that's cool.

    ngantnierngantnier4 månader sedan
  • That's some funky, hardhitting music, with an aftertaste of soothing jazz right there

    ZyngardeZyngarde4 månader sedan
  • Don't leave the "battery fix" like that. The stuff left behind will still corrode the traces and in a few months, it'll be even worse. And also... don't use that type of battery. That new one will most likely start to leak again not far from now.

    SysGhostSysGhost4 månader sedan
  • you wouldn't download a car

    John HuppertsJohn Hupperts4 månader sedan

    Bethany LoweBethany Lowe4 månader sedan
  • Is the battery you replaced it with any more safe over the long term or is it basically the same kind of thing?

    Transcendental AirwavesTranscendental Airwaves4 månader sedan
  • Nice my ass... Moron

    Arnold101KnightArnold101Knight4 månader sedan
  • "Suitable PC" and/or "trusty" should never be used in the same sentence as "Packard Bell".

    AustynSNAustynSN4 månader sedan
  • That looked like switch bounce when you are trying to enter a name. Try a different controller if you have one, or perhaps replace the caps.

    BEdmonson85BEdmonson854 månader sedan
  • Great video! Very interesting.

    Lee WallbankLee Wallbank4 månader sedan

    FlickstroFlickstro4 månader sedan
  • Your soldering is horrific.

    TheRealDenzel2112TheRealDenzel21124 månader sedan
  • Next time if have to the battery replacement. Get a AA or AAA battery holder so that way you never have to worry about leakly batteries.

    thunderbird002thunderbird0024 månader sedan
  • You wouldn't download a bear.

    XZenonXZenon4 månader sedan
  • MSDOS makes me so horny

    brickman409brickman4094 månader sedan
  • I have to believe that there is newer equipment that can do the same job.

    wereid1978wereid19784 månader sedan
  • Don't copy that floppy.

    the dudethe dude4 månader sedan
  • Have you secured that immense ROM collection?

    Vincent GuttmannVincent Guttmann4 månader sedan
  • Nobody: Subtitles: [Nice piano music to lull you into a false sense of security]

    lasieisbaerlasieisbaer4 månader sedan
  • Home taping is killing music...

    SarkyBuggerSarkyBugger4 månader sedan
  • Fantastic video as always, thanks man

    Will BaileyWill Bailey4 månader sedan
  • I don't know if anybody else said this but they sholud have put "We put the drive into Sega Mega Drive" on the packaging.

    NotBartNotBart4 månader sedan
  • Ah that FACT ad always made me laugh, as did the IT Crowd's parody:

    D AD A4 månader sedan