That Time Amstrad Casually Rewrote James Bond | Nostalgia Nerd

19 jul 2020
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[The first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium:] The Sinclair ZX Spectrum James Bond 007 Action Pack; a bit of a mouthful (no crude Bond jokes here pls). Released in 1990 by Amstrad, this was a computer and game bundle which pushed the ZX Spectrum technology into the 90s, and in doing so, actually did something even more drastic; it rewrote the story-line for James Bond's The Living Daylights. It may not be canon, but the whole pack, and the way it went about things is both a curious tale, and an interesting thing to inspect. So let's delve in.
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd3 månader sedan
    • Love the way they have the original ‘q’ but can’t get the music right, it’s like the simpsons version of ‘Beverly hols cop’

      Andrew DyndorAndrew Dyndor2 månader sedan
    • The prices, people complain now, but think of inflation the prices were insane, we get things much cheaper now.

      Daddo And Son.Daddo And Son.3 månader sedan
    • Living Daylights is my favorite Bond movie. It came out when I was a kid and I loved everything about it.

      Roxy RainyRoxy Rainy3 månader sedan
  • My dad bought me this after many years of asking for an Archimedes. It was great but I could never find a way to use the light gun in my basic programs. It used the rs232 port and now, 30 years later I probably could get it to work using some pokes I guess.. now though I'm almost 40 and have kids and no time for that kind of nonsense. Cest la vie

    John HuntJohn Hunt11 dagar sedan
  • 10:18 - at the time Eon, the owners of the Bond franchise were in a lawsuit with Kevin McClory who owned the rights to SPECTRE and also claimed to have created the cinematic James Bond and was the rightful owner of the franchise. I imagine that their legal department made sure no reference to SPECTRE was made so that McClory didn't have more ammunition for his court case.

    knotsandcrosses1knotsandcrosses129 dagar sedan
  • O man, this does remind me of some confusing (story) games from (end of ) the '80s... Hey that's funny. Almost at the end of this episode there is an actual commercial about te 25-th Bond movie No time to die. Cool. :)

    Jeroen de JongJeroen de JongMånad sedan
  • Why does Q's voice sound like it would be sampled in a Hideki Naganuma song?

    Nikku4211Nikku4211Månad sedan
  • The SPECTRE name change was due to a long running legal dispute with Kevin Mcclory who part owned SPECTRE and Blofeld and wanted obscene amounts of money for them to use them again.

    nightwishfan60nightwishfan60Månad sedan
  • My first game console/computer. I remember playing James Bond and being absolutely rubbish as I was a wee 5 year old. Oh man this brings back memories

    GaryZGaryZ2 månader sedan
  • Havent heard this for 30 years

    djhillfingerdjhillfinger2 månader sedan
  • 69k views. Nice

    Radu Andrei VarvaraRadu Andrei Varvara2 månader sedan
  • Tough talk time: I think Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond.

    scottydu81scottydu812 månader sedan
  • "Impotent blue passports appeal to some" *chef's kiss*

    Chris BillingChris Billing2 månader sedan
  • Shoot him in the body you say....Whitiker says to Bond - your PPK is not match for the latest body armour. He's wearing body armour!

    LordBorak316LordBorak3162 månader sedan
  • The Amstrad‘s Light Gun looked amazingly similar to the Sega Master System‘s one. Is it the same with light optical changes?

    apri79apri792 månader sedan
  • Rodger Moore and Sean Connery were the best.

    Aaron SnowdenAaron Snowden2 månader sedan
  • Great video as always. Never knew how well the pack was held together with the theme. I also share your own fave bond. Timothy Dalton was criticized for playing the role too seriously but he was the best BECAUSE of that. And yet here we are in the "amazing more realistic" Daniel Craig era. Sigh.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA2 månader sedan
  • I couldn't get past the guy with the balloons!

    Krissy Mark LewisKrissy Mark Lewis2 månader sedan
  • True story - Timothy Dalton is awesome in everything he's ever been in.

    Stuart CoplandStuart Copland2 månader sedan
  • Octopussy is rare? Bloody hell I know I have a copy of it somewhere!

    Captain DildofaceCaptain Dildoface2 månader sedan
  • This video gets a like purely for stating Dalton was the best bond ever!! Told people this for years, they thought I was crazy, finally exonerated!

    QuaddersQuadders2 månader sedan
  • Timothy Dalton the best Bond? nah..Sean Connery was the best Bond.

    ChristopheChristophe2 månader sedan
  • stop joking! connery is the top bond

    aldo baldo b2 månader sedan
  • Overall it looks like a solid package. Thanks for this Peter.

    thenodfatherthenodfather2 månader sedan
  • Have to disagree with you there, never once have I thought Timothy Dalton made a good Bond. But as they “your experience may differ”

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott2 månader sedan
  • Wow, somebody other than me thinks that Timothy Dalton is the best Bond. So rare and I am so glad to hear it. He was amazing Bond, movies he stared in weren't the best, sadly. The Living Daylights is alright, Licence to Kill has interesting premise but feels bland, even great Bond girl, good villain and Q in action cannot save it completely. Brosnan is Bond that I grew up with but Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton are my favourites. Daniel Craig is right after them but only Casino Royale was really notable in my opinion. Others are alright.

    Jakub LulekJakub Lulek2 månader sedan
  • The Living Daylights was one of the short stories. It starts at the shooting range, then goes to the sniping scene outside the orchestral concert, which the movie pretty much copied verbatim. The story ends at the part where Bond says, "whoever she was, I must have scared the living daylights out of her."

    Ken KnightKen Knight2 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact: "License To Kill" was initially named "License Revoked". The title was changed when a study showed that most American audiences didn't know what the word "Revoked" actually means.

    Petros LaoudikosPetros Laoudikos2 månader sedan
    • @yaohunter In Italy, it was titled "Vendetta privata", translating to "Private revenge" or "Private vendetta" because "Agente 007 - Licenza di uccidere" ("Agent 007 - License to kill") was already the title to "Dr. No". Now THAT sounds cool!

      AledownloadAledownloadMånad sedan
    • To be fair license to kill sounds cooler anyway

      yaohunteryaohunterMånad sedan
    • Rumor has it that the studio also felt it was too close to John Gardners title, license renewed. You have to admit, license to kill sounds a lot cooler.

      mat5267mat52672 månader sedan
    • Yes, I know, but I also read that many mentally linked the title to driving licences.

      AledownloadAledownload2 månader sedan
  • I find it interesting how in the advert at 1:31, there are no shots at all of the game being played. I wonder why that is?!

    CPC Game ReviewsCPC Game Reviews2 månader sedan
  • i had that tape recorder, they dont make them like that anymore ;)

    Christopher CrumpetChristopher Crumpet2 månader sedan
  • Good graphics I had no idea the people were so detailed in those days.

    Qlqn JeffeyQlqn Jeffey2 månader sedan
  • Wrong manual, thats from the +2 as the +2a manual was much thicker and black in colour, as it had better BASIC programs in it, Bustout and Telly Tennis. My introduction to programming, just aswell really because I got my spectrum that christmas (and my parents certainly weren't rich!) but the tape deck didn't bloody work! So I spent my christmas learning to program instead, and learned those first programs pretty well because I couldn't save them either! I was very relived once we got it exchanged for a working model....

    SlotGrinderSlotGrinder3 månader sedan
  • License to Kill was GREAT.

    Taxi RobTaxi Rob3 månader sedan
  • I had this pack but don't remember the games at all. Probably played them once, thought they were shit and loaded up Chaos or Skool Daze instead

    Chuck HabeggerChuck Habegger3 månader sedan
  • I got one of these packs for Christmas when I was a kid, it seemed sooo good at the time. Used to love getting the Spectrum magazines where you got a cassette on the front with demos and free games.

    minkymootwominkymootwo3 månader sedan
  • Pierce brosnan is my all time favorite bond

    Ansel MeltonAnsel Melton3 månader sedan
  • Ahh the memories, i have this exact version of the Spectrum

    CrashMCrashM3 månader sedan
  • The Dead Eyes Opened!

    redsmeg74redsmeg743 månader sedan
  • Please tell me I'm not the only person who heard him say the zx spectrum was 80 years old lol

    metaleggman18metaleggman183 månader sedan
  • Could you have played the audio side of those tapes in the ZX Spectrum?

    modembuddymodembuddy3 månader sedan
  • Dalton and Brosnan are my favorite Bond actors

    Micah BlomgrenMicah Blomgren3 månader sedan
  • That Spectrum was purchased from my local Dixons store :)

    Matthew BeamanMatthew Beaman3 månader sedan
  • Enjoyed that Z. Was a good review. Timothy Dalton was underrated, I quite like his Bond too. Who at Brentwood HQ should be fired then? I also quite like James Pond: Licence to Giil.

    Jason SmithJason Smith3 månader sedan
  • I want that classic Dixons cat.

    oxo goodoxo good3 månader sedan
  • Impotent blue passports?

    Jet Set WillyJet Set Willy3 månader sedan
  • Na Licence to Kill on the Amstrad CPC128k was my first James Bond game I played. Took me years to complete it. 😂 Flipping those tapes reminded me of my MSX and MGS 5 🤔

    Tim KingTim King3 månader sedan
  • “Imoetus” - I wonder if you meant “gravitas”…

    MatchstalkManMatchstalkMan3 månader sedan
  • I got that James Bond Spectrum pack in the thumbnail for Christmas when it came out. It was my first computer, and the greatest gift I ever received. I'm now a professional programmer, and I owe it all to that awesome present. Thanks, mum and dad.

    superscatboysuperscatboy3 månader sedan
  • The Light gun looks very similar to the Sega Master System one.

    WarraxWarrax3 månader sedan
  • The Spectrum + 2 was based one the Amstrad CPC 464 except it has the same memory as the Amstrad CPC 6128

    Cricket EnglandCricket England3 månader sedan
  • Wait a minute. In the Dixons brochure that is shown a Commodore 64C is 159.99 GBP as is the Spectrum +2. But the Spectrum was a poor mans C64. Who in his right mind would buy that piece of sh*** for the price of a C64?????? With the color clash and games as meager as the Atari 2600 (well, some would argue that the Speccy was worse than the 2600)?

    meneerjansen00meneerjansen003 månader sedan
    • You had to buy a datarecorder with that C64 I believe. The Spectrum +2 had one build in. Keep in mind that a datarecorder for the C64 wasn't as cheap as the ones you could use for other systems.

      Theo BuunermondTheo Buunermond3 månader sedan
  • Only you will be able to use the gun. Bio identification failed, please try again is exactly what I want in a shootout

    iamagiiamagi3 månader sedan
  • Oh man , Q was always so awesomely grumpy 😅

    TomiTomi3 månader sedan
  • By FAR the best Bond

    dvdmike007dvdmike0073 månader sedan
  • 1990 and they are still using cassettes, ugh! Careful that audio tape might self destruct in 5 seconds.

    GrandeTacoGrandeTaco3 månader sedan
  • 👍

    MiamiMillionaireMiamiMillionaire3 månader sedan
  • In a few years, you can bet people will be finding this video and noting how Hollywood rewrote James Bond history by making him originally and primarily a woman.

    Asterra2Asterra23 månader sedan
  • On the topic of Bond, Sean Connery is my personal favorite. However, of all the actors who played 007, in my opinion Roger Moore is the best AS James Bond. If that makes any sense? Lol

    blackhawks81Hblackhawks81H3 månader sedan
  • Does that stereo means we have the ghetto blaster in this game?

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva3 månader sedan
  • I like how the memo has a P.S from Moneypenny

    Badre BallyBadre Bally3 månader sedan
  • How much! Wasn't the Mega Drive £190 at launch? I can also see listings from 1989 of a Master System with Light Phaser for £100. I never knew these old (at the time) systems cost so much, the C64c was also £160 in that catalogue, I understand now why there were none about when I was a kid in the early 90's (it was all Nintendo/Sega).

    mcrecordingsmcrecordings3 månader sedan
  • Any chance we can get a scan of that Dixon’s book??

    Matthew DoddMatthew Dodd3 månader sedan
  • Well this was A wonderful TRIP!

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez3 månader sedan
  • it looks so bad, maybe in 1985 it would be cool but not 1990!

    RicwashereRicwashere3 månader sedan
  • Appeal to most likely the majority of your country. Get used to it lol

    Orange ArchipelagoOrange Archipelago3 månader sedan
  • “Jew to the games”

    Taffy AdamTaffy Adam3 månader sedan
  • when l read "rewrote" lve thought it was for the better.

    hard modehard mode3 månader sedan
  • Dalton was a brilliant Bond shame he never made more 007 movies but yeah Brosnan was very good for a while but his later 007 movies were as bad as the Daniel Craig ones

    Christophe AyresChristophe Ayres3 månader sedan
  • A light gun that fire's armor piercing shells? Does it only work on 'light armor'?

    kenstr321kenstr3213 månader sedan
  • sick passport burn.

    cam the foolcam the fool3 månader sedan
  • The audio tape is a fascinating touch. Brings to mind the rarely used feature that the Atari micros had. Atari tapes were actually stereo, but on the vast majority of tapes the left channel is blank. this is because the right audio channel has the data, while the left is an audio track that the computer plays directly. Combine this with the fact that the computer has software control over starting and stopping the tape motor, as well as the ability to use sync marks on the data section of the tape, and the computer can actually play tape audio in time to program specified prompts. It's finicky, but fascinating. In a way, it's a cruder and more limited form what we'd later see with games that have CD audio tracks... Would have worked really well with something like this... But, the Atari, owing to it's lack of popularity likely wouldn't have seen a pack like this. Given the era though, would have been funny to see an equivalent pack for an XEGS...

    KuraIthysKuraIthys3 månader sedan
  • "SPECTRE" was likely changed to "SPIDER" due to the legal battle between film rights holder Danjaq and Fleming's friend, "Thunderball" co-author and "Never Say Never Again" producer Kevin McClory, a battle destined to end only in 2015. Even the "From Russia with Love" video game or the earlier "James Bond Junior" sub-franchise were forced to change the terrorist organisation's name (into "OCTOPUS" and "SCUM", respectively). Also, even the original screenplay for "The Spy Who Loved Me" included Blofeld and SPECTRE, but they were both deleted.

    AledownloadAledownload3 månader sedan
  • Replacing Spector with Spider was because of the legal issue with the author of thunderball and ION the plan might have been when the first game was made to use the Iconic group but ION legal refused and spider was looped in.

    Jeffrey PiattJeffrey Piatt3 månader sedan
  • The Living Daylights is my favorite Bond movie, but Roger Moore is the best Bond.

    Clay3613Clay36133 månader sedan

    iRdMooseiRdMoose3 månader sedan
  • I have always felt the same way. I rather loved timothy dalton's portrayal of bond. Sure there wasn't gadgetry, but the story and the dark depth to bond I really liked and appreciated. To me, I wasn't really into the cheesiness of the previous bond movies. I mean I still liked them for what they were and still do, but it felt like hating batman for not being as cheesy as the originals or as ridiculous as mr. freeze. I always found them to be my favorite, along with goldeneye. It may be confirmation bias, but I have appreciated when people give recognition to timothy dalton's role and I wish there could have been more. I have seen half in the bag agree that these were actually really good movies and one of their favorites.

    Jeordie WhiteJeordie White3 månader sedan
  • In the 90s we used to have this phone game thing where you could call in to the phone number and they had these choose your own adventure type stories. It would read a story and come to a fork and you would have to press a key to make a decision. They sounded exactly like they audio tape, brought back memories lol.

    Chris FaulknerChris Faulkner3 månader sedan
  • I like how the 128k logo looks worn out in the advert :).

    SkuldChan42SkuldChan423 månader sedan
  • You had me at Timothy Dalton

    The Bacca That ChewsThe Bacca That Chews3 månader sedan
  • 20:10 Is that soviet officer wearin a pair of doc martens??

    honestguy77 !honestguy77 !3 månader sedan
  • This very pack was my Christmas present in 1989, and my god it was amazing. Everyone wanted to play it. Start of my live of spectrum. Then my one set of my grand parents got me a cheetah 125 joystick and others got some code master games for me. Honestly it was amazing.

    Robson Rover RepairRobson Rover Repair3 månader sedan
  • As a Bond aficionado, I've enjoyed the Dalton films and find them to be underrated but the plots of the movies are well... typical of late 1980s fad of every villain being a drug kingpin. Your synopsis of The Living Daylights film is spot on.

    KeoniPhoenixKeoniPhoenix3 månader sedan
    • well, between the soviet union becoming weaker and weaker, them running out of Flemming material, and the AIDS epidemic making it less suitable for bond to sleep around, they had to change something. And drug kingpins chainsawing people apart helped make Dalton to be a more serious bond, to help washdown years of Moore camp.

      anon videoanon video3 månader sedan
  • The kid points the gun right at his head - cracking

    ShelbyShelby3 månader sedan
  • Even with James Bond who the fuck would buy the Spectrum when you could get a C64 for the same price???

    SMIFFYSMIFFY3 månader sedan
  • 5:05 says the adult that worships an impotent blue flag with one less star 💀

    Red LineRed Line3 månader sedan
  • This was my first games machine. I remember being in awe at the fact they got Desmond Llewellyn to do the mission briefings, and with the other extra bits that came with it. I also remember the Mission Zero game being a bit shit, so I played the other two titles much more. My dad said that putting the light gun near the screen was cheating, little did he know just how bad the hit detection of that thing was.

    MarkMark3 månader sedan
  • Good video but typical can't avoid a whinge about a blue passport!

    James MJames M3 månader sedan
  • That Yellow VCR Combo.... That is the exact TV I had when I played my PlayStation as a kid!!! Like... The Exact model and colour! The memories are flooding back from that!!!

    Edison YorkEdison York3 månader sedan
  • Interesting that Q’s target range is in Brentwood.....Amstrad’s old HQ!

    KingofPotatoPeopleKingofPotatoPeople3 månader sedan
  • I agree Dalton was the best James Bond!!

    Paul0 ski19Paul0 ski193 månader sedan
  • Spectre is from some of the old Bond movies. The name is actually an acronym. It stands for SPecial Executive for Counterintelligence, Torture and REvenge.

    Jeff MullenJeff Mullen3 månader sedan
  • Dalton is an underrated Bond as well as Lazenby

    james brookingjames brooking3 månader sedan
  • Desmond Llewelyn ? Any relation to Robert Llewellyn from Fully Charged Show ? Or is it a common Welsh surname? - Btw i' m Greek, i don't know S#|t about British names... PS: The best James Bond Game on my beloved Amstrad CPC 6128 was Sly Spy! An American spy J.B. rip - off game like many of that era...

    Manpet EpetropManpet Epetrop3 månader sedan
  • Well it's no Golden Eye 64

    TVperson1TVperson13 månader sedan
  • Im not a huge James Bond fan but I would rather go without scenes of bond being whacked in the nads or the final boss scene and a good bit of the movie surrounding a poker game. I have nothing but respect for Daniel Craig though. Its not his fault they screwed up horribly in bits of the movie. Sure get experimental with the formula but thats taking it too far. The parkour bit was the best part of the whole movie and it was the beginning. It just went downhill from there. Sorry just I cant imagine what halfwit thought it ok to show the crappy bits. They could have segued to the world poker tour and it wouldn’t have made much difference. Really sorry not meant to be on a bond movie rant but ever since I saw that one I really just think they need to fire all the writers and get a new team.

    VapeyGamerVapeyGamer3 månader sedan
    • ​@VapeyGamer Well that is my interpretation but the poker setting during a poker hype on its peak seemed most def intentional. Anyway I think Daniel Craig was really well casted. Not exactly the usual "good guy" Hollywood Bond. I also enjoyed the le parcour stuff, etc. Overall I found he movie not too bad.

      Florian RabeFlorian Rabe3 månader sedan
    • @Florian Rabe Wow seriously? Just the thought of it even kinda working makes me uneasy. Im usually not so critical of james bond movies. I actually didnt hate any of them till they made that one.

      VapeyGamerVapeyGamer3 månader sedan
    • Oh no you are pretty much right. It was a shameless cash grab to make that kind of movie during a poker craze and it even kinda worked.

      Florian RabeFlorian Rabe3 månader sedan
  • pierce brosman was also their choice for bond originally, the 2nd choice was reluctantly dalton after he got renewed for Remington Steel. in the end it worked out as both embodied their own seperate eras, dalton the escalating end of the cold war and the 80s, brosman got to depict the fall of the ussr, realignment of global powers, and the 90s

    PsychoLucarioPsychoLucario3 månader sedan
  • Wow, that Dixon’s catalogue!

    namakudamononamakudamono3 månader sedan
  • poop game

    Major DisasterMajor Disaster3 månader sedan
  • He lost all credibility in that first sentence. DALTON? BEST? Never. Not in any universe.

    Derek LesterDerek Lester3 månader sedan
  • Love the "impotent blue passports" joke.

    Nick PatemanNick Pateman3 månader sedan
    • *cue Russell Howard shouting "BREXITT???!!!"*

      sausagesausage2 månader sedan
  • This comment is invisible so you won’t be able to read it

    masguapoakomasguapoako3 månader sedan
  • Nice, same thing for me that Timothy Dalton is the best Bond

    IronspiderPLIronspiderPL3 månader sedan