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5 jul 2019
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Yes, there is a Chernobyl Game, even if at it's release in 1987, it was named in somewhat poor taste. It's one from a collection of Nuclear Reactor Games / Nuclear Reactor Simulators / Power Plant Simulators / Nuclear Power Plant Games released over the years, which also help to explain how Nuclear Energy works. The Chernobyl game also, handily, is included in this episode, featuring Scott Manley explaining the workings of a nuclear reactor, and me taking a look at Nuclear Reactor games from the 1980s onwards. Titles include the rather dubiously named Chernobyl for the Commodore 64, Reactor for the Atari VCS, Reactor for the ZX Spectrum, Chain Reaction for the C64 and SCRAM for the Atari 8 bit series.
Thanks to Scott Manley for helping out with this episode:
Also thanks to supporter James West who I keep forgetting to put in the credits of these videos!
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Full STALKER Ferris wheel observation:
If you believe I have forgotten to attribute anything in this video, please let me know, so I can add the source in. It takes time to make these videos and therefore it can be easy to forget things or make a mistake.

  • Apologies, I had to re-upload this video due to blurting out the wrong year at the start of the previous version. Sometimes, a typo can make it to voice and be completely overlooked in the thick of editing, so I appreciate those who commented to point it out. ONWARDS. In other news, I'm planning to play some of these games on a certain streaming site that rhymes with Snitch, in the very near future.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Many thanks, I've been looking for "things do you need to survive" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Landonfen Disaster Genie - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

    • Weird. I missed the original and this reupload. How the frak did that happen? :(

      antdudeantdudeÅr sedan
    • Why shouldn't you wear Ukrainian underpants? Because Chernobyl fallout.

      00År sedan
    • I have the Stalker series, very good series. This was interesting. Loved the bit of dramatization without being cheesy. Scott Manley is great, nice to see a collaboration!

      TheCaptainTheCaptainÅr sedan
    • The green lighting and foreboding music was spot on.

      Kyles IslerKyles IslerÅr sedan
  • Plainlydifficult , if I spelled that correctly, has some great disaster pieces including alot of historic nuclear disaster incidences

    Michael McdowellMichael Mcdowell15 dagar sedan
  • 3.6 megabytes. Not big, not small.

    Kirk EbyKirk EbyMånad sedan
  • As an FYI, the Chernobyl tv series is *fiction*. It is *not* a historical source, and gets nearly everything wrong other than the basic fact that Chernobyl happened.

    Paul GPaul GMånad sedan
  • People have a lot of praise for the HBO series, adn while it's certainly well-made, I think most of the viewers fail to understand just how extremely dramatized, and often completely ficticious, it is. It's not a documentary with dramatized visualizations such as a NatGeo show like Mayday, it's a piece of dramatic fiction based on history, more like Der Untergang/Downfall. One notable example is how the initial cleanup crew are depicted as being forced to go in naked, when in reality they were all volunteers who were given the best protection available on site.

    Kasper Soldal NielsenKasper Soldal Nielsen2 månader sedan
  • the Legasov tape trick (or reference) was actually very original, good job!

    YszapHunYszapHun2 månader sedan
  • Funny fact: Stalker (Сталкер) is pronounced like "stullker" not "stawker" it being a russian word from the eponymous Tarkovsky film based on the Strugatzki novel Roadside picnic.

    F. OttoF. Otto2 månader sedan
  • Surprised no mention of the arcade/Mega Drive Chelnov/Atomic Runner. Not a nuclear simulation at all but it was still related to the point that, supposedly even with it was created two years after Chernobyl, people in Japan had noticed its inspiration and Data East had to distance it from the disaster, for bad PR.

    spartonberryspartonberry2 månader sedan
  • 11:30 "Beehive Bedlum"? is it not just a dime-a-dozen Puzzle Bubble/Bust-A-Move clone like it looks?

    spartonberryspartonberry2 månader sedan
  • if i were to play any modern game on a old computer, my house would immediately become a radiation hazard

    luisluis4 månader sedan
  • no mention of windscale?

    matt thomasmatt thomas4 månader sedan
  • Im old enough to remember that accident, we had to stay indoors in school for a whole week for fear of radiation LOL

    LuzurLuzur5 månader sedan
  • Glad i'm not the only one who remembers beehive bedlam

    Ketone-KunKetone-Kun6 månader sedan
  • Fascinating

    ogsmakil213ogsmakil2136 månader sedan
  • a game called chernobly 1988 is coming out

    Ssman gamingSsman gaming6 månader sedan
  • Do strip poker for the C64 We found a copy of the game with runstop unlocked so named img1 to img5 and 5 to 1 so they were naked from the start lol I gave a lad a copy and we didn't see him for a few weeks, no joke

    Karl SmallphonesKarl Smallphones11 månader sedan
  • When the meltdown was taking place the UK government told us to stay in doors as much as we could, not to go on the hills and not to drink from streams So as the radiation drifted over Cumbria and its hill sheep, I went hiking up to a submerged Village, stayed there for two days and drank from the streams Never let a nuclear disaster stand in the way of a planned trip

    Karl SmallphonesKarl Smallphones11 månader sedan
  • Sadly these all play into the fossil fuel industry's campaign to smear nuclear power. The HBO series has had the people the characters were based on claling them out for falsehoods:(

    Joseph KeenanJoseph KeenanÅr sedan
  • I thought S.C.R.A.M stood for "Safety Control Rod Axe Man" due to on the first nuclear reactor ever, when Enrico Fermi was still testing out the theory, he literally had a guy with an axe to cut the thing holding the control rods to drop them.

    EraseDiskNowEraseDiskNowÅr sedan
  • I spent countless hours playing "Three Mile Island" on my Apple ][+ back in the day. After causing many a disaster by closing random valves, neglecting maintenance on key components, and overriding safety features , I discovered that wreaking havoc in a reactor was relatively easy. Actually running the reactor and keeping up with power demands, maintenance schedules and profits was much more enjoyable. I got quite proficient at it. I played it recently on an emulator and while it was pleasantly nostalgic, I could never achieve the zen like mindset that I had back in the early 80's. It just wasn't the same as being in my upstairs bedroom in my parents house and secluded from all the distractions of today's social media and adult responsibilities. Thank you for the time trip. :)

    Kae EberhardtKae EberhardtÅr sedan
  • scram looks boring to me.

    OffGrid Aussie Prepper™OffGrid Aussie Prepper™År sedan
  • why not call it chernoble, who cares if its in bad taste. look at it from the other side of the coin it will ram home the message that nuke power plants suck and learn the lesson and use alternatives.. also these things educate people on what happened or how it happened.

    OffGrid Aussie Prepper™OffGrid Aussie Prepper™År sedan
  • Конечно,все начали смотреть ролики после просмотоа Чернобыля от HBO Yes,all watching videos about Chernobyl after film "Chernobyl" from HBO

  • I played Chernobyl a lot. No matter what I did, I always got "Radiation detected in cooling tower" But, the plant was running fine, so I just ignored it. I wonder if real nuke plants do the same?

    Travis ParkerTravis ParkerÅr sedan
  • Hmm, ad for Chernobyl tours on this video they matched that one well lol.

    SeraphinaSeraphinaÅr sedan
  • Really enjoyed this one, got a taste for running my own reactor now...

    Colin HoadColin HoadÅr sedan
  • ronjen? RONJEN?

    tsartomatotsartomatoÅr sedan
  • Ooh please do lunar landing or whatnot next and get certified as an astronaut. That VCS cart manual was also thick!

    JackTradesmanJackTradesmanÅr sedan
  • Bloody ell I'm a tough guy but I wouldn't mess with Scott Manley!

    MrWeekendoffMrWeekendoffÅr sedan
  • And I thought it was disgusting for HBO to make this horrific incident a form of money grubbing entertainment, same could be said about WW2 I guess. Im sure our forefathers would be totally cool fighting and dying to protect our freedom and way of life just so some huge corporations can make millions turning their sacrifice into a form of entertainment.

    Disent DesignDisent DesignÅr sedan
  • Communism is a bad thing, fuck them!

    Deus VultDeus VultÅr sedan
  • Unfortunately this type of fear mongering is why we are still using dirty power like coal. Computer driven plants would be the safest and cleanest energy source. As long as they don't skimp on safety features (fukashima) it would be very unlikely to fail.

    Richard ServelloRichard ServelloÅr sedan
  • Chernobyl was a disaster no doubt, but the real nuclear disaster were the thusands of aerial and underground nuclear bomb test. USA, URSS -Russia, UK, France the main countries that causes the elevation of the global radiation. And the rest of the world have to suffer the consecuences of their stupid politics. The nuclear power is not dangerous if it is used properly but we have to find a better energy source.

    madjhmadjhÅr sedan
  • Great video!

    EstorEstorÅr sedan
  • Nuclear games born from disaster?.... Sounds like rhe origins of fall out 76

    Benjamin SmithBenjamin SmithÅr sedan
  • 10:12 This is also good advice for real life! (In fact you should always assume you only have one life, since that's what all the science indicates you do.)

    Stein Gauslaa StrindhaugStein Gauslaa StrindhaugÅr sedan
  • 7:59 Who else was distracted by notice about the death of Emmet Kelly?

    Stein Gauslaa StrindhaugStein Gauslaa StrindhaugÅr sedan
  • I don't know why, but that moving and rotating thing in the centre of the screen in the game Reactor looks scary to me..

    d vibe (swe)d vibe (swe)År sedan
  • Does anyone here remember the game "The Armageddon Man?" I had it for my Spectrum back in the day, it would be wonderful to see a review of it on this channel but unfortunately, it is somewhat of a pretty obscure little game. I think I must have invested a good 18 months into it back in the 80s. ♥

    THX 2208THX 2208År sedan
  • This video is brilliant.

    Animal FactsAnimal FactsÅr sedan
  • brilliant video

    Tabby DTabby DÅr sedan
  • I just finished watching "Chernobyl" a few days ago, very impactful, highly recommended.

    Benjamin RamseyBenjamin RamseyÅr sedan
  • Is it safe to smuggle uranium in uranus?

    Ondrej ScerbejOndrej ScerbejÅr sedan
  • 5:13 - An important note: "The China Syndrome" film was in movie theatres less than a month BEFORE the Three Mile Island incident. TMI's owners were pissed, cliaming the movie's depiction of events "couldn't happen" and "unfairly criticized the nuclear industry". Then events happened *exactly* like the movie.

    T OrrentT OrrentÅr sedan
  • The 1983 Parker Bros. game _Reactor_ for the Atari 2600 VCS is an arcade coin-op conversion of Gottlieb's _Reactor_ [1982]. The Atari 2600 VCS version is okay, but the original arcade game is way better, especially with its sound and music:

    Code Optimization WareCode Optimization WareÅr sedan
  • 4:38 If destroying rods slows down the reaction, they must be moderator rods. Moderator increases the reaction rate (by slowing the neutrons and increasing fission probability on collision).

    Doug GaleDoug GaleÅr sedan
  • The Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator was the one i played. Can be downloaded from abandoware sites, give it a try.

    Drako DragonDrako DragonÅr sedan
    • They are still updating it today and you can find the newest version here:

      Michael RichmondMichael RichmondÅr sedan
    • You can play the old one here:

      Michael RichmondMichael RichmondÅr sedan
  • You forgot "COUNTDOWN TO MELTDOWN" for the C64!

    0xGEEK0xGEEKÅr sedan
  • LOL at that green dramatic lighting, great video

    Cinema MacabroCinema MacabroÅr sedan
  • Another excellent video! :) ("Mother" was Alien and not Aliens by the way)

    Andrew ForbesAndrew ForbesÅr sedan
  • I remember Chernobyl on the C64 so well, that game was the first thing I ever "hacked" into as a kid. I didn't have any manuals, so using a disk hex editor, found the code BNL401 to bring the reactor online. Believe it or not, I did manage to get the reactor to melt down.

    MistahHeffoMistahHeffoÅr sedan
  • The scariest thing about Chernobyl is that I'm old enough to remember the news coverage of the time. I was 23 back then, and Chernobyl was one of those iconic events in history where you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. The media at the time were torn between scaremongering on the one hand and trying to play down the significance on the other. Of course this was not surprising as this was pre-Glasnost so the stream of information coming in from the soviet bloc was thin on the ground and not always accurate (though this wouldn't become clear until years later)

    Count ZeroCount ZeroÅr sedan
  • Thought for sure The Last V8 would be in there, but nope.

    Robert HayesRobert HayesÅr sedan
  • Why do Russian men wear tight underwear? Because Chernobyl fall out...

    Bjørn again ChristianBjørn again ChristianÅr sedan
  • What can we reasonably expect from a nuclear power station sim on the Atari 2600? Answer, not much at all, no surprise there. SCRAM on my Atari 400 was pretty fun. Can you do a vid on nuclear war games please?

    Uncle JoeUncle JoeÅr sedan
  • STALKER was pretty damn amazing for its time

    2 Headed Hero2 Headed HeroÅr sedan
  • I loved SCRAM. My 8th grade teacher had an Atari 400 in the back of the room, I spent many hours learning thermodynamics from that game.

    Theodore SeeberTheodore SeeberÅr sedan
  • I never knew Putin used to be a newsreporter

    Gae ShowsGae ShowsÅr sedan
  • Chernobyl is horrible if you understand SCIENCE

    NeopantomImeNeopantomImeÅr sedan
  • I don't like how this was done, the mood lighting in half the video makes it hard to watch. The half I could watch without destroying my eyes with brightness difficulties was fine though.

    wolfrig2000wolfrig2000År sedan
  • While on the subject of grim games, did anyone else play Theater Europe and actually call the phone number to get their launch codes?

    Railz28Railz28År sedan
  • This is basic but pretty cool

    Andy DavisAndy DavisÅr sedan
  • the guys that made stalker should do a prequel game where your one of the few lads who unfortunate job of being part of the initial clean up crew , who then become the first stalker of exclusion zone with a bunch of other service lads

    jmm1233jmm1233År sedan
  • Chelnov - Atomic Runner in arcades. Pretty good.

    Kos TisKos TisÅr sedan
  • Typical. If it happens to the Americans they'd expect the world cry crocodile tears, but if a disaster befalls someone else or is caused to someone else by them, well that's evidently ok

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • so good, thanks for making the vid

    stingyringpiecestingyringpieceÅr sedan
  • Trying to code MUTHR from Alien in BASIC is how I taught myself programming, too.

    Jon PhilpottJon PhilpottÅr sedan
  • I am a bit surprised no one ever made a game with a movie tie-in for "The China Syndrome". Imagine playing as Jack Lemon or Jane Fonda as they desperately search for a way to deliver proof of unsafe conditions at the nuclear plant to the News studio without being caught by Security, before the plant blows up and melts a hole "down through the Earth, clear through to China".

    Cadmandu2000Cadmandu2000År sedan
  • Don't forget the 3 Mile Island game for the Apple II:

    M DM DÅr sedan
  • DEFCON 5 is the least cause for concern and where we are now.

    Muhammad al-KhwarizmiMuhammad al-KhwarizmiÅr sedan
  • I kinda feel bad for the guy who made Chernobyl(Syndrome). I can't imagine it felt nice having people slag his game for a name he wanted nothing to do with.

    Jesus ZamoraJesus ZamoraÅr sedan
  • The Chernobyl HBO movie was complete hog wash. Just a bunch of made up BS.

    Opferman Motors DirtbikingOpferman Motors DirtbikingÅr sedan
  • Interesting choice of a category to look into, and I was surprised to see a couple of large omissions since you were covering the era these games were released. #1, Countdown to Shutdown on the Commodore 64, which may not have gotten a release over the pond in Great Britain, but it was a hugely popular game similar to the isometric one you mentioned. #2 is Raid over Moscow. While not purely a reactor simulator, it's a cold war-themed masterpiece. The goal of the game is to induce a nuclear meltdown in a secret reactor in Moscow, after destroying a number of flights of nuclear missiles from your secret military space station you fly your space/atmosphere capable fighter jet to Moscow itself, use a bazooka to blow open doors to the reactor inside the Kremlin, and the final level is a pretty cool and hard sequence where you have to destroy the robot that is stabilizing the reactions allowing power to be generated safely. Okay its not realistic, but it's a cold war nuclear themed game ending in a reactor, and it was DAMN fun. I might suggest a part 2?

    Exidy YTExidy YTÅr sedan
  • Makes me wonder if Hideo Kojima has played any of these kind of games before starting the Metal Gear series. Heck of a series of simulators.

    PKHT JimPKHT JimÅr sedan
  • chernobyl was a graphite-moderated nuclear power reactor graphite was used to help control the reaction in particular chernobyl was an rbmk reactor the reason reactors not not built the way chernobyl was the rbmk had a positive void coefficient in the fuel channels steam could flash boil steam is not as good at absorbing neutrons if left unchecked can lead to an endless loop of reactivty that will continue to build which happened at chernobyl most of the world uses light water reactors which do not have positive void coefficients and so they are pressurized and don't work the same way as chernobyl they are 2 different designs

    Ozzy HelixOzzy HelixÅr sedan
  • I used to play 3 Mile Island as a kid! As a side note, my father was travelling through PA right by 3 Mile Island during the emergency before I was conceived and my mother was worried my dad's DNA might have gotten scrambled. Not sure she was wrong to be, considering how I've turned out...

    B ChinB ChinÅr sedan
  • Earthquakes huh. That was prophetic.

    T CT CÅr sedan
  • Too bad you didn't mention "Please, Don't Touch Anything".

    Pelle OlssonPelle OlssonÅr sedan
  • I wonder if Anatoly Dyatlov was any relation of Igor Dyatlov, who was one of the unlucky sods who died in the Dyatlov Pass incident...

    Benjamin NolanBenjamin NolanÅr sedan
  • I spent many hours playing the Cosmi Chernobyl game. I remember it came on the Top 10 Cosmi Hits and was one of my favorites on there.

    NelwynNelwynÅr sedan
    • OakFlat seems to be pretty solid too, and more intuitive to play.

      adenowirusadenowirusÅr sedan
  • I like how this video is a bit more serious and reverential in tone, when dealing with such a tragic incident.

    AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
  • Homer Simpson controlling a nuclear reactor from home

    Lee AnthonyLee AnthonyÅr sedan
  • I never saw the game by Cosmi nor heard the music. Still it sounded familiar. Took me quite a while where I knew this from.It's from Forbidden Forest one of my favourite games. Also by Cosmi, using the same "SID setup". I remember another game dealing with meltdowns. "Countdown to meltdown" by Mastertronic from 1986. I wonder if it game out before or after Chernobyl. Or even might have triggered the real explosion remotely. ;-)

    Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • I had the exact same thought when watching Chernobyl; I wanted to play an RMBK 1000 simulator... for no particular reason

    PetePeteÅr sedan
  • Dude, shave your face. You look like a homeless person.

    BigRedWoodBigRedWoodÅr sedan
  • I clicked this video expecting controversy about the new C64 plug & play system, only to find out it's a history lesson of a nuclear power plant meltdown that led to games and even a TV series. Still, a pretty good video for what it is. Also, I'm glad I live in a place with hydro energy, even if power shortages can happen occasionally.

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster1986År sedan
  • 15:35 Answer: spent more money buying crap.

    Gaming For PizzaGaming For PizzaÅr sedan
  • Where is Octavius?

    James MelodyJames MelodyÅr sedan
  • On the spectrum reactor game, didn't you try to adjust the tape recorder head with a jeweler's screwdriver?

    Fausto PaivaFausto PaivaÅr sedan
  • The game reactor for the atari vcs predicted the nuclear disaster 3 years later.

    johneygdjohneygdÅr sedan
  • Excellent, comrade.

    Pete AllumPete AllumÅr sedan
  • I see several comments about how inaccurate the show Chernobyl was, but at least they didn't show people turning into mutated monsters after being irradiated and instead, they met an unpleasant death, so there's that.

    Kamryn RistKamryn RistÅr sedan
  • Uhhh... Chernobyl wasn't a light water reactor- it was a graphite moderated reactor.

    skonkfactoryskonkfactoryÅr sedan
  • Given what happened last time this I lightly criticised the show for misrepresenting some of the actions of the USSR (basically the show misrepresented the Soviet Union as covering things up that they actually didn't and they were praised for their openness on that front but it isn't like it's a anti-communist thing, it was clearly done to make things more dramatic for the story which is obviously fine), which ultimately ended in someone telling me I was a Stalin apologist (??), I'll concentrate on the fact that because I found SCRAM second hand I never got to see that amazing manual and never managed to work it out. I'm going to see if it's online and give it another go. These kind of games are weirdly appealing to me.

    Terry BeardmoreTerry BeardmoreÅr sedan
  • SCRAM is also thought to stand for Safety Control Rod Axe Man, for the same reasons. But no one is actually sure where the acronym came from or what it's meant to mean. But it generally is accepted as an emergency reactor shutdown, and that's what it's used for.

    Moon MoonMoon MoonÅr sedan
    • the first Reactor had an actual Man with an Axe to drop Cadmium Rods into the Core

      -RandomUserName--RandomUserName-År sedan
  • Great video, but can you please lose the faux scanlines filter in your emulated sections? It really looks nothing like the original effect and is in fact quite distracting.

    The LavianThe LavianÅr sedan
  • China Syndrome from Spectravision/video, on Atari 2600, is a great nuclear simulator

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan
  • 👍

    MiamiMillionaireMiamiMillionaireÅr sedan
  • Oh man, STALKER is such a good game. Loved the first one - haven't played the second one (Clear Sky) but you should definitely check it out.

    Mike AndersonMike AndersonÅr sedan
  • 12:40 "Very educational! Now I am an expert plant operator!" - Russian nuclear scientist, 1986

    Musical NeptunianMusical NeptunianÅr sedan