Bitmap Books | Nostalgia Nerd

15 jun 2019
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Bitmap Books. That's what I'm looking at today; Books filled with bitmaps. Filled with glorious pixel artwork. Filled with nostalgia.
I was sent these last year, so this video serves to both highlight these glorious tomes AND ease my conscience about hanging onto them for free. If you want to grab a copy of any of the books shown, then links are below;
ZX Spectrum Visual Compendium:
The Art of Point & Click:
Neo Geo Visual History:
A Gremlin in the Works:
Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech:
Limited Signed Copies:
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  • I love the smell of new books. It's just so delightful.

    1Thunderfire1Thunderfire9 månader sedan
  • I came here for the KoF artwork in the thumbnail Four minutes in and im starting to feel clickbai... Oh there it is! Nevermind

    Seto KaibaSeto KaibaÅr sedan
  • Noooo not more awesome books I have to buy! My shelves are so full I have piles of books just on the floor :P

    HarveyHarveyÅr sedan
  • FYI I just ordered your book this morning. Didnt even know you had a youtube channel until I read a review of the book. Eagerly looking forward to reading it.

    CaskasCaskasÅr sedan
  • Nice video man! Well done!

    matt myersmatt myersÅr sedan
  • Wait, didn't you unbox other pixel books like the one about the SNES not too long ago? Can anyone point me to the right video please? 😅

    rockapartierockapartieÅr sedan
  • When I saw the "RETRO TECH" book, I was like "oh cool I just got that!", then I realized "oh wait, yeah, that's right"

    Nick EnchevNick EnchevÅr sedan
  • 🥳🥳🥳Congrats on 250k subs matey👍🏻. I’m catching ya fast race ya to 500k😉🤘🏻

    bigstackD CastingbigstackD CastingÅr sedan
  • you know you don't have to wear an ESD bracelet when touching books.

    Julius HeideJulius HeideÅr sedan
  • Great books, got the SNK Neo Geo book and the C64 and the AMIGA hardcovers. Waiting for the SNK Neo Geo Metal Slug book. I got only the Neo Geo AES, VIC 20, C64’s and the AMIGA 500’s. Now i beginning with the AMIGA 1200 project.

    Johan den HertogJohan den HertogÅr sedan
  • Thank you for bringing to my attention that I didn't own a copy of 'Neo Geo: A Visual History' This was rectified immediately.

    James CameronJames CameronÅr sedan
  • I can also recommend Bitmap Books for their excellent service, my books were damaged in the post, they sent out new ones straight away (obviously after seeing photos of the damage).

    Douglas KalbergDouglas KalbergÅr sedan
  • Bitmap books are well worth the investment. They arrive with the corners protected and within a few days. Cheaper or alternative by retrofusion I would avoid. They arrive with the corners damaged and if your lucky sometimes only a month wait.

    Steve LeonardSteve LeonardÅr sedan
  • Man... those look superb. We need more from Bitmap featuring a few other systems/developers.

    RetroDazeRetroDazeÅr sedan
  • SNK book looks good but the binding ruins it a bit

    London Metal MonthlyLondon Metal MonthlyÅr sedan
  • And this made me wanna get the book. I did as of the typing. Also, I wasn’t born during the microcomputer boom, I was only born only a few months after the PS2 had been released. So I guess that makes me one of a kind.

    Kei NishimaruKei NishimaruÅr sedan
  • As soon as I have a spare $AU24 I am buying your book of Amazon.

    Geoff TottenGeoff TottenÅr sedan
  • How was your trip to Scotland by the way? :D

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • What I miss the most from the 80's is a good programming book. I used to spend hours typing code in my ZX Spectrum while making a few changes of my own. With correct translations for other basic systems, they could still publish new books today. Just a thought.

    Daniel T.Daniel T.År sedan
  • I wish I could afford all of these beautiful books. But I think I'll settle for ordering the The Art of Point & Click.

    BaboonLoveMonkeyBaboonLoveMonkeyÅr sedan
  • I do own The CRPG Book published by Bitmap Books. The quality is superb.

    A KA KÅr sedan
  • Can you remember sitting in math class at school and doodling pixel graphics on the squared workbooks? I wonder if kids today still do that. Or even use such things as "books" at school.

    Paul GascoignePaul GascoigneÅr sedan
    • @Snikur "Stop misbehaving or I'll give you your iPad and send you to your room!" I don't know why, but kids these days seem to enjoy it. What a strange world..

      Paul GascoignePaul GascoigneÅr sedan
  • I have the Point and Click book and. I LOVE it. I always loved adventure games and this is so cool, along with the interviews. Oh, and your book is also cool.

    Arne SchmitzArne SchmitzÅr sedan
  • Neo Geo, how to make yourself go broke buying Arcade boards to use in your own home.

    TornadoADVTornadoADVÅr sedan
  • I want the Zed X and SNK book. I already own that saucy piece of literature Retro Tech😁

    Darth BukowskiDarth BukowskiÅr sedan
  • Not gonna lie, the point and click book made me wet. I was positively salivating jaw line over it. I even had a flash back from playing the monkey island remastered version, that intro with the music... then it hits you with actual graphics that my 14 year old mind created at the time. So impressed.

    Simon JohnnySimon JohnnyÅr sedan
  • I don't know of this book you speak of

    horrorkeshhorrorkeshÅr sedan
  • Well.... There's my father's day present. Thank you

    gallimeadgallimeadÅr sedan
  • I have the Spectrum book, I even typed in the basic code in the inlay cover. Not gonna spoil what it does but it was magic.

    MoronicronMoronicronÅr sedan
  • Just a device for collecting dust on the shelf....

    KKNDKKNDÅr sedan
  • I want the Spectrum book, been eyeing that for a while.

    Robert CopestickRobert CopestickÅr sedan
  • i love your twitch streams when you play adventures.. :)

    baz zabaz zaÅr sedan
  • Lowres pixel art looks like utter crap unless viewed through a CRT. This is not open for discussion.

    MagpieMagpieÅr sedan
  • I have the Amiga book, the quality is superb.

    pronstorestiffipronstorestiffiÅr sedan
  • Mmmm nostalgia refreshment ... like a can of Lilt

    JikyuuJikyuuÅr sedan
  • I have the Bitmap books Sega Master system book. It's absolutely beautiful. I will definitely get their future Sega books

    J BJ BÅr sedan
  • I prefer books that make you go "Weh!"

    Andrew VrbaAndrew VrbaÅr sedan
  • You should also check out the Read Only Memory books. Those are equally awesome. I have the Mega Drive and Britsoft books from them with the Dreamcast one on preorder

    Jose JacobJose JacobÅr sedan
  • I don't think that The Titanic had a mast, just a big funnel

    MrPixelsMrPixelsÅr sedan
  • I was gonna comment that you can find those pics online so what's the point, but, you know what? You're right. You don't pay attention to the graphics while you're playing the game and having them on paper pretty much forces you to pay attention to the pictures. The attitude we have in front of a book and in front of a screen are totally different.

    モレナウエルモレナウエルÅr sedan
    • In many ways, you pick out things better and remember things better when they're in paper form instead of on a screen (I should know; I work in publishing). And really, we need to take breaks from the screens we look at all the time. Nothing beats a good paperback. :)

      1Thunderfire1Thunderfire9 månader sedan
  • What the hell is a book?

    Prime ConquerorPrime ConquerorÅr sedan
  • I highly recommend the Read Only Memory books as well but they are expensive even more so

    orbiting decayorbiting decayÅr sedan
  • I too enjoyed "Gremlin Graphlics" games!

    Martin BryceMartin BryceÅr sedan
  • I love how a lot of the "Point and Click" games featured are text parser games. By the way, Text Parser > Point and Click

    Herbie HuskerHerbie HuskerÅr sedan
  • Great video

    Timsalt3100Timsalt3100År sedan
  • ah, ive missed this fella.

    Paul MerandaPaul MerandaÅr sedan
  • You came to Scotland and you didn't visit me, a complete stranger? I'm shocked. Shocked I say

    espuriousespuriousÅr sedan
  • I probably spend just as much time reading about games as a do actually playing them.

    Patch BracemanPatch BracemanÅr sedan
  • Cheap plug, Mick Foley would be proud

    LarryLarryÅr sedan
  • @Nostalgia Nerd I'm afraid that Kim Justice has beat you to the Gremlin video: Sorry, Peter. ;(

    BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • Did you just admit to being a plonker?

    James FondrenJames FondrenÅr sedan
  • I feel of we weren't geographically incompatible, we would surely be mates.

    James FondrenJames FondrenÅr sedan
  • Books? I don’t have time to read books! I’m too busy trying to steal your computers!! 😂

    The Gaming MusoThe Gaming MusoÅr sedan
  • Ehrmagehrd! That speccy book is SO cool!

    BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • I have that neogeo visual history book and it is amazing! good choice!

    Omar JamesOmar JamesÅr sedan
  • “Make a vicar wetter than the mast of the Titanic” you win Peter, you win.

    AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
  • The Bitmap Books are beautiful but unfortunately I've never had the money to splash out on them 😍

    matteusbeusmatteusbeusÅr sedan
    • They are glorious things. But yes, more than your average book price perhaps.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • I remember books! They were those paper things published by Usborne that contained computer programs for you to type in! Or entire adventure games. Or even stories! Video killed the library star though... I saw you on the Caxton back in fourteen seventy three Lying awake intent at flipping through thee If I was young it didn't stop you killing trees... Oh, a, oh

    James O'GradyJames O'GradyÅr sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd They were lovely. I've got one upstairs that I need to read. "Machine code for beginners". The 1980s was so metal that they were teaching ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE to children. Beautiful stuff. I liked their "Book of Detection" where you were hunting Weedy Weaky, alias The Flat Man. Or their books on Spycraft that upset MI5.

      James O'GradyJames O'GradyÅr sedan
    • Mmmmmm, Usborne books were my favourite.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • On a serious note, added the Spectrum one to my Amazon wishlist. Cyclone! Such a great little game. The Great Escape! I'm glad I never finished Dun Darach as the "end screen" is disappointing to say the least...

      James O'GradyJames O'GradyÅr sedan