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19 okt 2018
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You can find out more at Here I have a 1/4 sized Pacman Arcade machine from Numskull designs, which I've been sent because... Marketing. Sold under the Quarter Arcades brand (with more machines to follow), it's like an actual Pacman arcade cabinet, but smaller. The thing is? Does this concept work? Does it play well? Why am I playing a small pacman arcade cabinet? What is this life even about? Is this the arcade version of mini consoles? Pacman mini?
I presumed I didn't need to clarify the double meaning of quarter sized machines. As in you'd use a quarter to play them, and they're quarter size.... Clever stuff, ehhh? Well, unless you live somewhere else, like the UK, where it cost 10p to play. Then it doesn't work.
If you want one, grab it from
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  • So the screen scaling issues & sound look like they will be sorted for the final production machines. Numskull have put a video up showing the improvments...

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • They haven't said anything about fixing the defaults, from 5 men and 15k extra, to 3 men and 10k, which is the standard arcade defaults. later -1

      negative1negative12 år sedan
  • Make one of these for ROBOTRON!

    G BG BMånad sedan
  • I love it but it’s too bloody small

    Chicken BitesChicken Bites2 månader sedan
  • those 3 wires are for a serial connection probably for programming the board

    michael andrewsmichael andrews4 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the awesome review!

    sjt66sjt664 månader sedan
  • A quarter of a quarter?

    drew jenndrew jenn8 månader sedan
  • Wait there is an hdmi cable? Can you try using it in a tv?

    Jack the gamer 3Jack the gamer 39 månader sedan
  • Hey idiots. You recognize this, don't you. We know that some of you out there are stupid enough to pay for what's, essentially, a public domain game at this point just because you remember being 12 years old once. So, please waste your money on something that will be dust collecting garbage sitting on display in your house for 99.99999% of it's lifespan. Put them next to your Funkopops as a shrine to the fact you're an ape that will waste resources on the adult equivalent of dangling keys in front of a baby.

    SweetestsadistSweetestsadist10 månader sedan
  • u can use 2 fingers to hold the stick moron

    The DragonThe DragonÅr sedan
  • I like the sonic on your shirt

    sonic_animates dc2sonic_animates dc2År sedan
  • Thanks for sharing this look at that pacman cabinet.

    ThomasGrilloThomasGrilloÅr sedan
  • 200 bucks? No thanks

    Wing NutWing NutÅr sedan
  • I'm still waiting for somebody to Star wars the arcade version of something like this you know you would think because the final movie comes out this December that companies would be all over and yeah I know Disney owns it but you would think Disney would release one for god sakes the thing would sell more units in any other arcade device ever I bet it would sell over 10 million in the first day guaranteed

    Scott BynonScott BynonÅr sedan
  • Hold up, why's that hiding spot work? I understand why it fools Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, but Blinky should be able to catch you in *any* location. What's messing with his AI?

    ManabenderManabenderÅr sedan
  • I have an idea, throw enough quarters in it to make it the desired weight.

    Jason HattJason HattÅr sedan
  • My dream is to have a full pacman arcade machine but the 1000 pounds plus so gutted

    Angry- ChefAngry- ChefÅr sedan
  • >company logos during startup yeah, that's gonna be a yikes from me, dog

    GhostedBearGhostedBearÅr sedan
  • I just got mine today, biggest disappointment ever! Build quality is the pits! The artwork on the sides has bumps in it, presumably nails or screws that have not been screwed down enough? Also a dent in the wood, looks like it was in the wood prior to being painted. The marque at the top is not lined up enough, has a gap down one side, just makes it look shoddy. Mine arrived with the coin slot panel swinging around the inside of the unit, had to fish it out to find one of the wires to the add coin buttons broke. Currently packing it up to go back to game, I wont bother with a replacement and I have no interest in any of the other proposed arcades planned if the pac-man one is anything to go by. Definitely not worth £150

    Sam MSam MÅr sedan
  • I like the way how you make the video, Awesome !! :D

    Wicked Gamer & CollectorWicked Gamer & CollectorÅr sedan
  • Is there any way to save the high score even after turning the machine off? Did the original arcade do the same also after turning it off, reset the high score?

    Richard CarpenterRichard CarpenterÅr sedan
  • all I know is they BETTER make the following cabinets, TRON, tempest, centipede, and donkey kong

    Aliens Guy 42Aliens Guy 42År sedan
  • The sound "jumping" dramatically in volume means the wrong potentiometer was used. It probably has to be half the resistance range. So you talk about the joystick and didn't say if it has a 4way limiter. That's make or break for these old games. Hitting a diagonal by accident is typically suicide once the game gets intense.

    JackTradesmanJackTradesmanÅr sedan
    • It's a good question. I'm waiting for the final version to arrive and test.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Hook up that serial connection I'd love to know software thier using.

    Sionyn JonesSionyn JonesÅr sedan
  • Just received my final production model. I’m pleased to report that the scaling and volume issues have been resolved. This thing is awesome. Can’t wait for the Ms. Pac-Man model coming out sometime next year.

    dgeviperdgeviperÅr sedan
    • Good to hear, gonna wait on more reviews to be sure But yeah for me, im gonna get the Ms Pacman and Galaga

      Captain KirbyCaptain KirbyÅr sedan
  • Why do you look like pewdiepie

    Ander FountsAnder FountsÅr sedan
  • I would but this one day, But not for $200

    Mr.ArtsyFartsyMr.ArtsyFartsyÅr sedan
  • I'll buy this for my cat

    TheCookieJarTheCookieJarÅr sedan
  • Now, if someone would only make a quarter-scale Bride of Pinbot...

    zooblestyxzooblestyxÅr sedan
  • Looks good. Now, just patiently waiting for it to arrive.

    AshkanAshkanÅr sedan
  • Now I'm curious if they make other arcade cabinets like this one.

    WhompWhompÅr sedan
  • This gives me an idea...

    SireSquishSireSquishÅr sedan
  • Purchased Just arrived! A This is the best thing I've seen I am a big fan of these games I am really foward to seeing a ms pacman cabniet.

    GoldieGoldieÅr sedan
  • $199 they have lost there minds.

    Mike WhitMike WhitÅr sedan
  • Should be $75 at the MOST!!

    Quietstorm tcbQuietstorm tcb2 år sedan
    • They took a whole pacman machine, shrunk it down and even gave it a light-up marquee. That's an engineering feat and money well spent for me.

      Andy FrostAndy FrostÅr sedan
    • i would like it to be 9.99

      The DragonThe DragonÅr sedan
    • Are you serious, or are you a child? That pathetic Coleco Pac-Man that was released in the 80's was $65? If a couple C notes is too much coin for you to handle in 2018 you better step up you life skills.

      Dave MustaineDave MustaineÅr sedan
    • A game disc is over $60 now. What kind of boomer thinks you can produce this and make a profit at $75?

      Ja-a-a-ames Ba-a-a-axterJa-a-a-ames Ba-a-a-axterÅr sedan
    • But then they cant pocket 100 bucks lol

      Wing NutWing NutÅr sedan
  • 'I WAN IT!!' .... (although mrs magnitude has actually got me a pandoras box 7...anyone know if they are any good?) Also - anyone seen the 1up street fighter 2+ce+turbo+super arcade free play cabinet?

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal2 år sedan
  • what the hell, now we need 'sorry hun, i shrunk nostalgia nerd' - so he can play it properly !!

    Stephen HarrisStephen Harris2 år sedan
  • I'll wait until I have Fuckwits' opinion.

    SejezSejez2 år sedan
  • 4 of those wouldn't equal the size of 1 arcade machine

    Patches McAdamsPatches McAdams2 år sedan
  • Seems to me, the volume control is linear and not logarithmic

    canadianman000canadianman0002 år sedan
  • No no no no (no). Won't be playing pac-man with a puppy's cock, thankyouverymuch. At least I got to see it properly (thank you very much Peter, fuck you very much Stuart)

    Ios the BrittunculiIos the Brittunculi2 år sedan
  • Gimmy a Galaga NOW!!! 😁

    Nathaniel ChisholmNathaniel Chisholm2 år sedan
  • Our own Mini Namco Measum? Awesome

    SpinSpin2 år sedan
  • Be good for a caravan or something

    Camroc IanCamroc Ian2 år sedan
  • Oh, I get it, its 1/4 scale of an arcade 1up lol

    Graysons dadGraysons dad2 år sedan
  • 1/16th scale maybe

    Graysons dadGraysons dad2 år sedan
  • So the question we all want to know is, can it be hacked? It would be SO cool if you could upload your own emulator & ROM set to this thing! I wonder if it has any flash RAM on board? The CPU and RAM specs seem like it would be more than capable of some serious emulation! I would freaking LOVE to get a chance to hack this thing to play my entire retro ROM collection! Then again, i'm forgetting about the lack of buttons... that could be a bit of a problem i'd say.

    skins4thewinskins4thewin2 år sedan
  • Wow. Almost $200 for this? One game. (And let's face it..Pac Man is a BORING game.) and just 1/4 scale? This makes the Arcade 1Up garbage look decent. For $100 more you get a somewhat usable cabinet with at least 4 games. I mean..this couldn't throw in Ms Pac Man too at the very least? At least that game takes 15 minutes or so to get boring. Three times as long as Pac Man.

    GoodRiddanceGooglePlusGoodRiddanceGooglePlus2 år sedan
  • I don't know how can you play Pacman with one that's skills.

  • Waaaaaay too small

    DWINCDWINC2 år sedan
  • $200?Hell No!!

    The flower twins RobloxThe flower twins Roblox2 år sedan
  • Can't believe you went through the whole video without discussing whether it saves high scores or not. Perhaps this would be more useful information rather than talking about the Beano or Dandy.

    Steven AstleySteven Astley2 år sedan
  • OMG you just made me spent £150 I had no intention of spending! XD But that looks way better value for money than the £25 mini keyring cabinets currently doing the rounds. I just hope they stagger these a bit so I can "catch 'em all".

    Michael RogersMichael Rogers2 år sedan
  • Looks great fun. I will get one for my 1/4 sized self.

    Andrew BarrattAndrew Barratt2 år sedan
  • Simply too expensive for what it is + at this price tag I expect something near perfection.

    SSGmasterSSGmaster2 år sedan
  • 5" TFT screen - cringed. Micro-USB - cringed again. I think that's arcade is "Pleb Edition".

    IceBoxFreezIceBoxFreez2 år sedan
  • You blew my mind with that hiding spot

    MoonmodelMoonmodel2 år sedan
  • Wish they'd release miniature 1/4 sized Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Cruis'n Exotica, San Francisco Rush, Rush 2049, California Speed arcades.

    stormchasingk9stormchasingk92 år sedan
  • I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BKMessiahBKMessiah2 år sedan
  • Nostalgia Nerd: what's funny is that the first three ports of the game that managed to have all the patterns and tricks like the hiding spot work properly were on Palm OS, MS Pocket PC (both the original MS Pocket Arcade, and later re-release Namco at the time did through another company), and surprisingly the Neo-Geo Pocket Colour. Imagine having the first arcade-perfect (especially on later Colour Palm and compatible handhelds with proper audio hardware) ports of it and Ms. Pac-Man for Palm or Windows CE/Mobile that you can just slip into your pocket.

    TheRetroDudeAbidesTheRetroDudeAbides2 år sedan
  • I'd definitely be interested in a Galaga one.

    jmcinvalejmcinvale2 år sedan
    • Very nice. Might have to save up for one. One of my most favorite arcade games.

      jmcinvalejmcinvale2 år sedan
    • Galaga is coming in 2019!

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan
  • Other than as a novelty for a hardcore PacMan collector, I just don't see the point of this. Looks like your hand gets in the way of the screen while using an unconfortable controller. It's like driving your car using your knees instead of your can drive that way if you chose to, but why would you?

    jeff jacksonjeff jackson2 år sedan
  • I saw one of these at the London Gaming Market this weekend, it looks very authentic in the flesh

    RetroRecommendationsRetroRecommendations2 år sedan
  • Im a huge Pac Man collector. Been collecting anything Pac Man for years. I've got to have one. Thank You so much for sharing. I can't wait.

    M GM G2 år sedan
    • How do you like it? I want to get one

      kevintemidokevintemidoÅr sedan
  • That Sonic Hoodie is LIFE, love it!!

    Petir GardaPetir Garda2 år sedan
  • How much do they coost

    Awaking BareAwaking Bare2 år sedan
  • It is small. the problem is that i have a smaller arcade machine in my room.

    mattias johanssonmattias johansson2 år sedan
  • Oi've got mine in me pocket.

    Carsten LervadCarsten Lervad2 år sedan
  • Hmmm...still debating on whether I should purchase one or not 🤔

    The Gaming MusoThe Gaming Muso2 år sedan
    • You totally should!

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan
  • On the closeup of the joystick, it looks like it's telescopic. Is it?

    PowerGlove79PowerGlove792 år sedan
  • The purist in me cringes at how badly scaled the image is on this thing, nearest neighbour misshapen pixels everywhere, eurgh.

    Justin WilsonJustin Wilson2 år sedan
    • Awesome, thanks for the update :) @Numskull Designs

      Justin WilsonJustin Wilson2 år sedan
    • The sound, volume control, and scaling issues have been fixed for the release version. :)

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan
  • TFT screen? Couldn't spring for a 1/4-scale CRT? /s

    StarkRGStarkRG2 år sedan
  • Shouldn't be too hard to Mod add a working coin hopper + coin box

    hitechguy18hitechguy182 år sedan
  • Iz so so smol

    Benchy TestsBenchy Tests2 år sedan
  • That looks bloody lovely

    BordersDudeBordersDude2 år sedan
  • I've pre-ordered their Pac-Man version and will also get the Ms Pac-Man version and that's it. The other games are not my thing.

    • But Galaga!

      kevintemidokevintemidoÅr sedan
  • So I like these replica machines in a small size. Could none of these companies consider building full-size machines though? I understand the price factor, but we need a rise again of real arcades.

    Adam PorterAdam Porter2 år sedan
  • It seems these downsized arcades and game consoles with custom SBCs inside are getting really popular these days. I guess for some people basic emulation is not enough. That loose cable is probably a serial cable, which can be hooked up to a COM port to access the Linux console.

    Povilas StaniulisPovilas Staniulis2 år sedan
  • Beezer, too. I think it originated there and is where I remember it from ;)

    Colin JonesColin Jones2 år sedan
  • acoustic tiles on the walls.... makes for good audio quality

    paulanderson79paulanderson792 år sedan
  • Cool PuckMan cabinet.

    Philip CooperPhilip Cooper2 år sedan
    • @Philip Cooper yeah I know, I typed "ths" instead of "this". I've corrected it now.

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
    • *sigh

      Philip CooperPhilip Cooper2 år sedan
    • Philip Cooper it's Pac-Man. And yes I know that the original Japanese version was called Puck-Man. But this obviously isn't it.

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • Haha more like freebie there pal...

    SegaSaturnLadSegaSaturnLad2 år sedan
  • should have included a link to the manufacturer as well so people can get more info on it

    clumasterclumaster2 år sedan
  • Kinda cool. Thanks for opening it up. Love your videos.

    Binkman85Binkman852 år sedan
  • The imperfect pixel scaling would be a "no sale" from me.

    YourTaciturnFriendYourTaciturnFriend2 år sedan
  • Why don't companies release full sized machines... A lot of us have houses now and enough disposable income to buy a commercial arcade machine product.

    coolspot18coolspot182 år sedan
  • o h m y g o d

    Toru the Red FoxToru the Red Fox2 år sedan
  • Love your channel. Is there any chance you could start to pronounce your ‘th’ correctly ?

    UkeofCarlUkeofCarl2 år sedan
  • What is this? An arcade cabinet for ants?

    JussapitkaJussapitka2 år sedan
  • Sorry but the price is too high. $200 for 1 game, especially when the original cabinet depending on area is starting from $500. If money & space are issues, then one can consider more modern retro gaming; one could get the NAMCO Museum vol. 1 & 3 for the ps1 for about $5ech, and either a PS1 or PS2 and would be well under $100. If one wanted the look/feel of the old arcade machine but space is an issue, am reminded of the RetroPie, with a bar-top cabinet, it might cost about the same as this, but you would have more games. Finally if you want just the arcade look on a budget, one can find something similar to this for $20-75(plastic cabinet new or vintage). Just saying don't buy the hype when all you want is the game.

    Zach RonspeesZach Ronspees2 år sedan
  • Quarter sized? I've seen a lot of coins, and that is a lot bigger than a quarter.

    Herbie HuskerHerbie Husker2 år sedan
  • Does it have dip switch settings to alter various things like the amount of pac-men you start with? Any time I've played a full-sized Pac Man, it's set to start with 3 lives, not 5.

    David WalshDavid Walsh2 år sedan
  • I would buy this, but the poor scaling bugs the ever living F-yucks out of me. It was screaming at me well before you mentioned it in the video.

    Brian StoneBrian Stone2 år sedan
  • Numskull have some really good high quality key chains of miniature consoles. Pretty high detail in general.

    Some CoderSome Coder2 år sedan
    • Thank you - we've definitely upped the ante for the real deal!

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan
  • Needs an authentic CPU and CRT!

    Lu TelloLu Tello2 år sedan
  • Can i use it as a keychain ?

    Alessandro CussinoAlessandro Cussino2 år sedan
    • @Numskull Designs That's true 😆

      Alessandro CussinoAlessandro Cussino2 år sedan
    • That might be the biggest keychain ever!

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan
  • Why don’t they just make full-size arcade machines anymore? People would buy them.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
    • Just buy an original. I bought one for about $600

      Josh Films StuffJosh Films StuffÅr sedan
    • Yeah, I think Ive seen a full scale Ms Pacman arcade for about $1,000

      Captain KirbyCaptain KirbyÅr sedan
    • NuvYou Wait what!?

      Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
    • They are available and people do buy them.

      NuvYouNuvYouÅr sedan
  • The Beano and the Dandy. Yesss Dundee

    Jim up The bobJim up The bob2 år sedan
  • Ordered !!! Can’t wait to receive mine 😊

    Pop Culture MadPop Culture Mad2 år sedan
    • Thanks very much! :D

      Numskull DesignsNumskull Designs2 år sedan

    GooseGoose2 år sedan
  • Would have nice if it ran Mame instead of just the one game.

    meneerjansen00meneerjansen002 år sedan