Did Microsoft Steal Disk Compression? | Nostalgia Nerd

23 sep 2020
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Head to ​www.squarespace.com/nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... I often ask myself; why have I been thinking about DoubleSpace and DriveSpace for almost 30 years. I have no answer. It's why I make these videos. It's why I'm talking today about why Drivespace replaced Doublespacce in Microsoft DOS 6.22, and why Microsoft creating Doublespace actually led to a lawsuit with a company called Stac Electronics. Did Microsoft STEAL their technology? Let's delve in.
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  • There were shit load of apps back then that promised they would save disk space and the impossible: "Double your memory", but most did nothing but fool you with fake messages!

    RDE LutherieRDE LutherieDag sedan
  • well of course good fellow.

    erik61801erik61801Dag sedan
  • I remember upgrading DOS 6.2 (which our PC came with) to 6.22. It basically had to decompress all the DoubleSpace partitions and recompress them using DriveSpace. That posed a problem due to... lack of free space... Had I skipped 6.22 entirely an upgraded to Windows 95, this would have been unnecessary as Windows 95 was compatible with both (although maybe only starting with OSR2, I'm not sure).

    Boris ZakharinBoris Zakharin2 dagar sedan
  • the good old time of data losing..

    BitAuroraBitAurora2 dagar sedan
  • *How to remove Stacker.dll* The worlds first malware problem...

    Senseless InductorSenseless Inductor4 dagar sedan
  • And then Microsoft lies to Congress. As you could not install Windows. Without installing Internet Explore. As Internet Explorer was part of the OS Kernel....I won a $200.00 bet with my boss over that. As he tried for 2 weeks to delete Internet Explorer. Same thing with Microsoft Outlook Express..

    Claude RainsClaude Rains5 dagar sedan
  • The real question is "Did I steal DOS from Microsoft by copying that floppy?"

    Dycedarg's Elder BrotherDycedarg's Elder Brother5 dagar sedan
  • I miss the days going to the store to buy actual software. I still use floppy disks to store config files, wallets etc.

    Jay JayJay Jay5 dagar sedan
  • doublespace was terrible i used once and it corrupted my files ... even though i'd been warned not to use it and told stuff would be unstable.

    hakologyhakology6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a world without compression that costs you an arm and a leg. Thanks stack for nearly fucking us all you dicks.

    LucasLucas8 dagar sedan
  • Now the Chinese just copy everything and nobody seems to give a $..

    Gustavo NevesGustavo Neves9 dagar sedan
    • @Jari yeah ... been a long time. Here in Brazil some companies copied stuff when the country was still closed, but got copyfuck3d in the end

      Gustavo NevesGustavo Neves6 dagar sedan
    • now ? 20 years back to now -and yes nobody gives a damn

      JariJari7 dagar sedan
  • the initial question is, when did Micro$oft NOT steal something from others?!?

    dadautubedadautube9 dagar sedan
  • Stacker was before 1993. I was using it in 1989!!

    P.JP.J9 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for teaching me how compression works.

    Dustin SteeleDustin Steele9 dagar sedan
  • DoubleSpace always reported the amount of space left wrong. So it it showed you have 10mb left, it normally meant you only had 5mb and if you went over you'd get failures. I did anyway. So already I needed DoubleSpace, it was annoying.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting9 dagar sedan
  • Great video 👍 😁

    Grant RennieGrant Rennie10 dagar sedan
  • 13:24 back in 1980 I developed a similar system for compressing large vector fonts in limited memory. Please send all the royalties my way...

    Peter D MorrisonPeter D Morrison11 dagar sedan
  • I knew Gary Clow during those days and an interesting twist was that Art Collmeyer a Stac board member received Microsoft and the board hadn't really discussed what they wanted from Microsoft, so he "threw out" the 43x $1M/month and the $39.9M investment. He didn't think MS would accept but they just said "OK"! Art was on the board of a company I ran called Syntricity.

    Jeff TezaJeff Teza12 dagar sedan
  • The most tenacious, legally available virus: Windows OS. I switch to a Linux Distro, and never will go back. MS knows this, and so is now trying the 3E approach with Linux.

    JarettJarett12 dagar sedan
  • I just remember DoubleSpace and DriveSpace utterly killing CPU and Disk performance at the time. I didn't really ever use it as it was about the same time that hard drives started getting really cheap.

    Richard PurvesRichard Purves12 dagar sedan
  • "Did Microsoft Steal X?" the answer to this is pretty much always "Yes", no matter what it is.

    TiramiQTiramiQ12 dagar sedan
  • Bill Gates has been morally handicapped from the get go. He's an object lesson in how sociopaths rise to the top.

    Alida WeberAlida Weber13 dagar sedan
  • DID MICROSOFT "NOT" STEAL ANYTHING ?. /jbsweden/ jb.se

    Jason Evan BaldwinJason Evan Baldwin13 dagar sedan
  • be tah pay tents LUL

    CoolCatCoolCat13 dagar sedan
  • Did all of mankind steal the knowledge of cooking an egg from the first person who did it

    Nehpets AmeniedNehpets Amenied13 dagar sedan
  • My friend Mac's response, at the time, was that he could either spend the $149 on a license of Stacker, or he could buy a second HD. He always went for the second HD, thinking that way he actually got something tangible for his money.

    Robert ClarkRobert Clark13 dagar sedan
  • I never saw any reason to use any disk compression. The company I was working with valued reliability higher than the relatively small amount of money to buy a larger disk. Back in the day I didn't use a DOS computer at home.

    Someone ElseSomeone Else14 dagar sedan
  • Stacker was crappy. All the good boards had a copy available for download. Microsoft's antics (thefts) were well doccumented. Largely by the official boycott Microsoft site after the internet took off. The site is long gone, but I still remember the URL. www.vcnet.com/bms Outside of microsoft's scams and stacker's fate you have to remember that stacker didn't work well if your files were already zipped or arj'd or whatever compression method software was typically stored in. That means stacker hardly compressed anything other than the 360kb or so that dos its-self used and maybe your saved game files. Whoopty-do. The interesting thing about this case is that it brought to light Microsoft's Mode of operation in general. That is, steal software, resell it, pay less than they made in penalties later (if ever). It happened to more products than just stacker. Regardless of how Bill Gates is trying to buy his way into heaven these days, he's an evil man that made his money stealing from actual developers.

    Aaron KellyAaron Kelly14 dagar sedan
  • Forgive me, but I hate how much you rely on stupid stock footage these days. If that's an inside joke I don't get it.

    Marc AurelMarc Aurel14 dagar sedan
  • this seems like a trend Vista took some ideas from Apple at least when it came to interface elements like gadgets and the start menu search bar

    Ozzy HelixOzzy Helix15 dagar sedan
  • I'd say so yes as LS77 and LS78 are still used in compression today and they were devised in the 1970s by two chaps, the LS78 was built on LS77 (not sure if they are release dates); I wonder if Iching or Cuneiform is compressed, lol, hmm, imagine that; compressed hieroglyphics!

    Andrew SmailAndrew Smail15 dagar sedan
  • That was a fun period where all your info came from a month old computer magazine and the local computer store owners.

    Spore HuxSpore Hux15 dagar sedan
  • Ending track here seworld.info/will/g33IlqrOqWmDmHU/video

    Shubham SinghShubham Singh15 dagar sedan
  • if only modern windows had this compression today

    x35gamingx35gaming16 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft stole things, then sues the original creator much like impostor

    Athaariq ArdiansyahAthaariq Ardiansyah16 dagar sedan
  • 14:10 wtf is that clip

    JAGUAR StudioJAGUAR Studio17 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone still use disk compression anymore?

    John CraftonJohn Crafton17 dagar sedan
  • Seeing what MS did back then makes them look like angels today. And we all know they are still FAR from angels today.

    Seth AdkinsSeth Adkins17 dagar sedan
  • Anyone remember the RAM doublers of the time? Including the one that was a total scam?

    juliansarkjuliansark17 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft stole something?? Whhhoooaaa!??

    FewYearsBehindFewYearsBehind17 dagar sedan
  • Nowadays : "how do we thread bz2?" xz : "hold my beer"

    Hydride XYHydride XY17 dagar sedan
  • Xtree gold could have replaced dos file management. What a tool. Microsoft stealing great ideas, total tools.

    Andrew RadfordAndrew Radford17 dagar sedan
  • Oof, the stock footage is cringy

    BenediktBenedikt17 dagar sedan
  • You should consider stop using those annoying stock videos.

    erh33erherh43erh33erherh4317 dagar sedan
  • Damn Microsoft were ruthless back in the day. The irony of course is that they didn't bat an eye-lid when the iPhone went to market...

    Henry Jones Jr.Henry Jones Jr.17 dagar sedan
  • lol Bill Gates stole as much as he could, windows is a bad copy of good operating systems.

    Arturas ArmArturas Arm17 dagar sedan
  • Gates = cancer.

    new namenew name18 dagar sedan
  • Ah, DoubleSpace, I still remember the data loss it caused xD by the time 6.22 came out I wouldn't touch disk compression with a pole

    Alice WyanAlice Wyan18 dagar sedan
  • Holyshit, imagine if the spectrum had tape player as extra ram lol

    Welcome To The Jungle DJ AndeWelcome To The Jungle DJ Ande18 dagar sedan
  • I was running an Amiga 600 back in these days, you could easy quadriple your ram to 2 Meg for bits of paper with the queens face on!

    Welcome To The Jungle DJ AndeWelcome To The Jungle DJ Ande18 dagar sedan
  • DOS aka Dirty Operating System

    patto2kpatto2k19 dagar sedan
  • doublespace? (Laughs in Linux)

    Human JustHuman Just19 dagar sedan
  • "Connor", Jesus! I almost screamed in pain! Conner Peripheral Interfaces, later acquired by Seagate. Conner hard drives were strong and reliable, while Seagate was lame with their black drives. Once acquired Seagate improved a lot... for some years...

    John Smith RitterhausJohn Smith Ritterhaus19 dagar sedan
  • I used Dblspace and had file corruption when I defrag using an incompatible disk defrag utility IIRC. Took me a while to try Drvspace. When I discovered that Drvspace couldn't compress ZIP and other archive, I disabled it, just in case I run into issues with partition mounting and autoexec.bat. Those were the days.

    Eric TayEric Tay19 dagar sedan
  • They registered a number of pay-tents you say? My word!

    thetedmangthetedmang19 dagar sedan
  • What do you mean the US Patent System HAD issues? I'm pretty sure it still does

    EVWebEVWeb19 dagar sedan
  • I remember the Novell compression. Much better than anything . It did the compression off hours on files meeting some criteria. 40 windows 95 working with no disk, only on this Novell server.

    Christos KiliChristos Kili19 dagar sedan
  • So STAC was essentially acting as a patent troll. Why I don't feel sorry for them in the slightest ?

    Idle CommentatorIdle Commentator19 dagar sedan
  • Not watched video yet but when the title is "Did Microsoft steal..." the answer is almost certainly going to be yes lol

    Planet BarryPlanet Barry19 dagar sedan
  • SO funny you mention 850-MB of HD space. Was EXACTLY MY first ever Quantum 850mb HD.

    Paul HopwoodPaul Hopwood19 dagar sedan
  • I had Dos 6.21. It came with a coupon for a free copy of Dos 6.22, which included Drive Space.

    JoeCensoredJoeCensored19 dagar sedan
  • Scandisk was fantastic for the time.

    JoeCensoredJoeCensored19 dagar sedan
  • Did all digital manufacturers steal each others shit over the years?

    Daniel JDaniel J19 dagar sedan
  • I knew a guy who would "upgrade' peoples computers that had only 20MB of hard drive (yes only 20 megabytes). He would "replace " it with a drive that had 40 megabytes. Yep: DoubleSpace was configured He went to jail for that scam.

    Raymond RossRaymond Ross20 dagar sedan
  • Our first computer used double space, much to ire trying to save the dos games on it for use on modern hardware.

    AnimeKingKazAnimeKingKaz20 dagar sedan
  • I had one of the stac cards. It was bloody fast in a 286 but lost out on fast 386s

    MISC BITSMISC BITS20 dagar sedan
  • likely. Microsoft stole a lot of stuff back then. On the other hand, Gates wrote the "Open letter to hobbyists" back in 1976, accusing hobbyists of piracy. Piracy is now a power to reckon, and fear. Pirates and hackers proceeded to bust the XBox, the XBox 360 and the XBox One wide open, not to mention all the software and hardware that came before and after them, cracked into oblivion. So, "Microsoft stealing something" or "Pirates hacking something" have boundaries so blurred out that it's not easy to say anything.

    Walter ComunelloWalter Comunello20 dagar sedan
  • Never used it. I was a big DOS gamer, so I definitely could have used the extra space, but that conventional memory was sacred. My preferred method was to ARJ all the things. In fact, I used zip so little, I regularly had to look for a copy of pkunzip, while I copied ARJ.EXE right into the dos directory. I simply didn't realise what all the fuss was about, and neither did my classmates. Floppy copies were always ARJ's, spanned over multiple floppies, and ARJ was dealing with volume splitting slightly better than pkunzip. ARJ a *.* DOOM2.ARJ -r -jm -jm1 -m1 -v1440 and bam, you had half a diskette of free space left on the final archive. Perfect for slapping on a couple of trainers downloaded from some shady bbs :)

    devjockdevjock20 dagar sedan
  • It hurts me to say so, but in my opinion, MS did nothing wrong, at least in regards to patents... while they might have violated anti trust laws. You shouldn't be (and in Europe, are not) able to patent software, just copyright it, meaning that if you implement an algorithm with your own code in your own way that is different from the original, you should be good. You cannot patent a book or a movie, so why should you be able to patent software?

    SN CYSN CY20 dagar sedan
  • want some fun? test drive space on a dos based VM, you can push it stupid high on even chips as old as this x5675(@4.4-4.65ghz), and just get even faster load times...since less needs moved... i was having fun messing with it a while back. i have been told that there are RAID cards that support Host Managed SMR, that actually use hardware compression to both speed things up, and make better use of the SMR drives..(smr on a proper hardware controller, actually works very very well, its devices that try and do it internally that endup sucking for non-achival use

    Una Salus VictisUna Salus Victis20 dagar sedan
  • Lemme get this straight. You have 15 "executive producers", 36 "associate producers" and I lost count of "support crew" but all that this army of people managed to do was paste together 25 minutes of stock footage? Completely ridiculous.

    beeble2003beeble200320 dagar sedan
    • @Quadrenaro Ohhhhh. Oops.

      beeble2003beeble200320 dagar sedan
    • Umm... Those are patreon tiers. They don't actually have a direct hand in the production of tje video.

      QuadrenaroQuadrenaro20 dagar sedan
  • I came, I saw, I subscribed.

    SounakSounak20 dagar sedan
  • interesting story funny how digital research created dr dos (dos clone) after Kildall raged against microsoft for dos being a clone of cp/m.

    ytgadflyytgadfly21 dag sedan
  • I bought the MSDOS 6.22 upgrade, which at the time meant all you had to buy was any computer part, and you qualified for the upgrade. I bought a parallel printer cable, as that was the cheapest part they had in stock. I had no printer at the time, but the cable was useful as a source of hook up wire.

    SeanBZASeanBZA21 dag sedan
    • Parallel port transfer was so fast back then.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd21 dag sedan
  • Who fell for Stacker? I did!

    John DJohn D21 dag sedan
  • The amount of drives we had to recover thanks to Double Space was unreal. It was incredibly unstable in itself, but aggravated by the use of FAT and the general unreliability of the average harddrive at the time - the kind of drives most people who bothered with DoubleSpace used. It was not uncommon for the doublespace partition to go completely missing thanks to incorrectly written FAT on the parent drive and only certain undelete tools could sometimes recover it. DriveSpace (MS-DOS 6.22) was slightly more reliable, but by that time hard drives had become so big it was rarely used. But while that was MS's last DOS, IBM's PC-DOS 7 was a far superior DOS for anyone who still used Windows 3.1x. Never had a chance to work with Stacker, but I do remember magazines stating it was overall faster and more reliable than DoubleSpace.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent21 dag sedan
  • i love this bits of computing history. so many things nowadays we take for granted while just mete 20 years ago this stuff was just an engineers wet dream.

    Raffia16th BlazeRaffia16th Blaze21 dag sedan
  • The way you pronounced PAT-ENT made me unsub

    omnininjaomnininja21 dag sedan
  • Patenting basic computing is evil. There are only so many ways to compress data, so patenting a general approach that covers as many as possible is evil.. I've independently developed compression algorithms before researching how they were actually done before hand, in my uni days, and would have broken the ridiculous, spurious, profiteering, horribly protectionist Stac patent. You try avoiding hashing algorithms... Software is not hardware and should not be covered by patent laws but code should definitely be protected by copyright if the coder wishes.

    PrivateSiPrivateSi21 dag sedan
  • The Product Key software was stolen from a guy in Australia. Straight out bare-assed theft by Microsoft. Took years and blood, sweat and tears, but he won several hundred million from Microsoft. www.news.com.au/technology/ric-richardson-wins-multi-million-dolar-legal-battle-with-microsoft/news-story/12881c5c9c371bd720164a6e830f035b?sv=d8c88585078f16e02f35770ea1b33150

    Jay SmithJay Smith21 dag sedan
  • Even if Microsoft did steal in the past, why bring it up now? Trying to cast shade on Microsoft right before the new game system launches?

    TheVidzWatcherTheVidzWatcher21 dag sedan
    • Career thieves' past should never be forgotten.

      KuptisOriginalKuptisOriginal18 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for this video and in-depth history lesson! So in the end, what algorithm did DriveSpace use? Vanilla LZS?

    Joël BourquardJoël Bourquard21 dag sedan
  • Carlsbad

    HyperboidHyperboid21 dag sedan
  • The BIGGER QUESTION IS! What ideas DIDN'T MS steal!!! Xerox/mouse...

    Christopher PalmerChristopher Palmer21 dag sedan
  • Microsoft started doing this long before Dos 6. Look into their Basic Compiler ver 1.0 vs Basic Compiler 5.0 for a good excuse to bootleg M$ products... And they really publicized their calculator bug in Win 3.1 (subtract 3.11 from 3.12 and get 0).

    Jim OffenbecherJim Offenbecher22 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see that patent trolling was still a thing, even back then.

    BaconMinionBaconMinion22 dagar sedan
  • So it's not Microsoft being Trump but it's Trump being Microsoft. Do wrong now, apologize later, if you'd like it lol

    Yohanes ChristianYohanes Christian22 dagar sedan
  • I used MS & Stacker products for a while then reverted to uncompressed drives. It really wasn't worth the effective increase in access times.

    DataWaveTaGoDataWaveTaGo22 dagar sedan
  • It was this appalling ruthlessness that made me hate Microsoft so much. My teenage mind seemed to have no issue pirating all software though. So I wasn't an angel back then either.

    Damon CzanikDamon Czanik22 dagar sedan
    • I've always had a love-hate relationship with Microsoft -- in the late 90's, I absolutely hated MS Office, disliked many of their design decisions about Windows, but I loved developing applications with Visual Basic/Visual Studio. For whatever reason, my relationship is the same, but the targets have switched: I can tolerate Office (the tool ribbon is SO much better than digging around in poorly designed menus, I almost like Word now), strongly dislike many of the user interface design decisions of Windows (some are good, but treating every PC like it's a tablet is a horrible idea, and others are clearly steps backward), and while I still prefer VB.NET to C#, Visual Studio has become so huge, it's overwhelming at times (and they made some of the same idiot UI mistakes there as well)...

      Andrew MartinAndrew Martin20 dagar sedan
  • I'm really loving these computer history videos but at the same time they point to a sad reality of Microsoft bullying it's way to the top instead of actually innovating like the smaller companies had to do. I'd imagine Microsoft could have been an amazing company if they improved their OS.

    Jack KrakenJack Kraken22 dagar sedan
  • Nice history lesson, thanks for bringing up those memories. But with the advent of Windows 95 and the ever increasing hard drive sizes, Microsoft should have phased out the disk compression. But no, even in Win10 you can tick the box "Compress this drive to save disk space" which does absolutely nothing, except slow down the system, because most of the files today can't even be compressed anymore. I had dozens of clients over the past decades who thought it would be smart to use this option only to find out that their systems became unusable. Great stuff, Microsoft.

    doomguydoomguy22 dagar sedan
  • Well, considering both Steve Jobs AND Bill Gates both "borrowed" the concept for having a window-based graphical user interface from visiting Xerox back in the day and seeing what Xerox had already built and were using internally... yea, I wouldn't doubt it if he "borrowed" disk compression from somewhere else too, lol.

    DeathbrewerDeathbrewer22 dagar sedan
  • Great research and fascinating subject! Thanks for creating the video!!

    Greg GallGreg Gall22 dagar sedan
  • Microsux steals EVERYTHING!!! Like in that movie "Anti-Trust". If you haven't seen it, it's a great movie. LINUX for the win!!!

    Michael GriffinMichael Griffin22 dagar sedan
  • Better question: Was there ANY Micro$oft product that wasn't stolen?

    John GayJohn Gay22 dagar sedan
    • Didn't Bill write MS BASIC? I know he did not create the language I mean the tool, And they did buy QDoS

      Jeff DavisJeff Davis21 dag sedan
  • Love the Apple Disk ][ @ 1:48. In those days we doubled the size of the disk by cutting a notch out on the left edge so we could flip the disk over and use the other side as well.

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson22 dagar sedan
  • Good old Microsoft, if they didn't have it they would buy in and turn around and put everyone else out of business by adding it to windows. I ran Stacker back then. It was a good program to have. Then Microsoft came in adding their free file compression program and Stacker faded away. Fucking Microsoft wanted to control everything .

    Bill The CatBill The Cat22 dagar sedan
    • They still do but it's much harder for them to achieve that nowadays.

      KuptisOriginalKuptisOriginal18 dagar sedan
  • Ugh, forgot why I unsubscribed from Nostalgia Nerd, then instantly reminded.

    Ian HanschenIan Hanschen22 dagar sedan
  • Before he began trying to force vaccines on us, he stole other software. Go to hell, Gates, like your father probably is.

    TheCastellanTheCastellan22 dagar sedan
  • For starters, nothing increases you disk size. What it does is change the size into a ratio, so, it appears the size is increased.

    Sphinx RisingSphinx Rising22 dagar sedan