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31 aug 2020
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... In the 90's Intel released a kit designed for schools called, Journey Inside: The Computer. It consisted of a practical experiment chip set, a guide book and a set of video tapes. It's clear however, that Intel's ambitions were more lofty than pure education, so they also created a full IMAX Feature Movie and released it in selected US cinemas. It then made its way onto VHS for our home viewing (dis)pleasure. So what is this movie? Was it any good? and what was the plot line? All these questions and more, are answered within, as you join me on a viewing session through the film.
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  • I swear I thought you were going to put the tape back in it's sleave and then drop it in the trash! Looks like a great candidate for MST3K or Rifftrax!

    John MarshallJohn Marshall6 dagar sedan
  • Intel will probably get an Oscar Nominated Award.

    Osei DwomohOsei Dwomoh10 dagar sedan
  • I might be too old for this Intel movie, but I've never heard of it before. We did however have to watch a lot of odd movies in 6-9th grade IT class (1990-92) (because the teachers had no idea how to teach us anything about computers, since they didn't know how to use them). We watched Electric Dreams and Tron that I remember, and some other movie where they copied credit cards by recording the sounds the keypad made, and then we had to watch a bunch of presentation videos for various computer programs. Like we watched a presentation of the GEM work suite, which we didn't even have on the school computers, but they had the video on VHS for whatever reason.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent15 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was awesome

    JustAnotherGuy FromTheNorthJustAnotherGuy FromTheNorth20 dagar sedan
  • Worked on Star Trek Discovery and Picard? Not sure if that's a step up from this

    DrStrangelove - GamesDrStrangelove - Games22 dagar sedan
  • Olivier was in that right?

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy24 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure I saw 'The journey inside' in an adult cinema in soho in 1986...

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy24 dagar sedan
  • Hearing the kid went on to do work for STD and Picard makes me think he should stay far away from sci fi

    TheKillerStoveTheKillerStove25 dagar sedan
  • Underrated video. Keep up the great work nostalgic

    BishopStarzBishopStarz25 dagar sedan
  • This physically hurt to watch 😫

    SpiderSpokeJunki :3SpiderSpokeJunki :326 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't aware of this movie. Thank you. Will definitely watch the whole thing now. I love Golden trash like this. ^^

    Danny N.Danny N.27 dagar sedan
  • Alan Smithee was used by Barnaby Jackson to distance himself :) EDIT: aaand 10 minutes later he says it in the video..

    Randy Marsh 2020Randy Marsh 2020Månad sedan
  • "Sounds of Mechanical Acceptance" Best line on SEworld currently.

    TʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇTʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇMånad sedan
  • 3:46 *Laughs in current year* I think the rich are handling that well enough...

    ZoanBlade90ZoanBlade90Månad sedan
  • Star Trek Picard. How embarrassing

    bobdole57bobdole57Månad sedan
  • Is it available on blu-ray !

    bobdole57bobdole57Månad sedan
  • D O U G E S S E X

    McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPantsMånad sedan
  • Of course the bad guy has an English accent! Hollywood has brain washed Americans to think the English guy is always the bad guy!

    MiloMiloMånad sedan
  • This the Wizard level of bad...

    A N D YA N D YMånad sedan
  • Say Doug Essex really fast 3 times.

    melangekenmelangekenMånad sedan
  • 2:38 Man, if only Intel had given up on the stupid aliens plot and just made the movie 40 minutes of magnified CPU die photography accompanied by a sweeping orchestral score... I'd watch it.

    Jackson MileurJackson MileurMånad sedan
  • Alright. I put this video off for about a week, cause it seemed rather uninteresting. How wrong I was! Now let's put it back into the archive to only be discovered a hundred years later. No sooner please!

    Quietus PlusQuietus PlusMånad sedan
  • Filmed in IMAX, resolution of analog video. Perfect.

    securitycounterchecksecuritycountercheckMånad sedan
  • Don't let Octavius catch you entering your computer!

    TooleaterTooleaterMånad sedan
  • Makes me wonder how much Intel spent on this gem. lol

    Lurker1979Lurker1979Månad sedan
  • Love your videos, keep up the good work! :)

    StereozentrumStereozentrumMånad sedan
  • throws cyrix cpu in blows up intel

    scooter meowdacatscooter meowdacatMånad sedan
  • Have heard from Sarah recently? She hasn't posted anything in three months and I was just wondering if she was OK.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulMånad sedan
  • Funny

    Panny MoorePanny MooreMånad sedan
  • this thing exist on 70mm film? should there not be a dvd, a blu ray and a uhd blu ray avaible for it then?

    WegZurHölleWegZurHölleMånad sedan
  • Early adopters of Intel Pentium Processors: "Why do I get wrong results for some calculations on my brand new PC?" Intel: "Aliens put a bug into the fpu"

    Tom 2404Tom 2404Månad sedan
  • This will still hit blu-ray before The Abyss.

    RiddlewireRiddlewireMånad sedan
  • I think it made me blind in one eye.

    bakermanbakermanMånad sedan
  • i knew the spectre and meltdown flaws were from aliens

    Za96uzZ XZa96uzZ XMånad sedan

    slinkyfpvslinkyfpvMånad sedan
  • Ahhhh Imax trips, one of my teenage joys in the 90's and 00's! Saw so many, cheesy cliche story lines BUT amazing visuals and always optimistic positive ideas that the world was an amazing place worth living in. Space Station 3D was great, loved Everest too, so many of those films tapped into the 90's adrenaline rush sports, parachuting, hand gliding, surfing, good times!!

    QuaddersQuaddersMånad sedan
  • This would have been a much better video if he were relaclxed on a sofa and not in a normal setup obviously not watching anything ...

    TechnimechanicalTechnimechanicalMånad sedan
  • i did spew coffee a dozen times

    Michael HMichael HMånad sedan
  • Well, it has a 7.3 on IMDB. Ist this an indication that the film isn't so bad after all, or "so bad it's good again" - or that the voting system of IMDB suffers from grade inflation?

    E RynnE RynnMånad sedan
  • I'm watching this on an AMD Ryzen based laptop built by the evil Abacus.

    kemi242kemi242Månad sedan
  • "Aliens trying to stop aliens from slowing technology " so it's the aliens fault that Intel's behind. Makes sense

    Carter Thiel / XDomGaming1FTWCarter Thiel / XDomGaming1FTWMånad sedan
  • Oh, btw dude, join one of the biggest retro face groups "RETRO Machines"

    Mr. TexMr. TexMånad sedan
  • 15:22 you forgot to rewind the tape!

    VK3HAUVK3HAUMånad sedan
  • Well... I'm now going to have to watch this entire film.

    RoseTintedSpectrumRoseTintedSpectrumMånad sedan
  • Still a better love story than twilight

    Ferintosh Farms PhotographyFerintosh Farms PhotographyMånad sedan
  • It would have been cool if they rereleased it in HD for the 25th Pentium aniversary. Its so rare I can't even find a rip on "those" sites... Edit: He uploaded the full movie, look in the description. Big thanks!

    TheRailroad99TheRailroad99Månad sedan
  • 10:00 "Eventually they rock on over too...." disappointed you didn't say Electric Avenue :(

    Planet BarryPlanet BarryMånad sedan
  • Couple more Star Trek connections. Costume designer was Durinda Wood who did season 3 of The Next Generation (she did the initial costume overhaul that carried out the rest of the series) and Marc Okrand, doing the alien language here like he did for Klingon.

    Duotronic NoneDuotronic NoneMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry but I just can't like a video with a sponsorship stuck on the middle interrupting the content

    Sovereign BeakSovereign BeakMånad sedan
  • The guy playing the security guard also was on Star Trek Enterprise in the episode Fortunate Son. He was the captain of ECS Fortunate.

    Constitutionalist LibertarianConstitutionalist LibertarianMånad sedan
  • Intel exec in 1993: we need to waste this shitload of money "for marketing" or we won't get same amount next year. Some random dude with a friend who worked on some movie: k.

    Space JAGASpace JAGAMånad sedan
  • So Intel makes their workers sign NDAs but they just let kids run around their plant?

    Matthew GivenMatthew GivenMånad sedan
  • I reckon Jennifer is one of the aliens. That hair just disguises her weird shaped alien head. But as far as aliens go, give me Diana from V in that red catsuit any day.

    Mark BozMark BozMånad sedan
  • this looks like intel's version of star wars holiday special the skeleton in the cupboard they wish they could forget ;)

    Electrons NeededElectrons NeededMånad sedan
  • Looks like a prequel for Stargate SG-1, but with the Goa'ulds of micropocessor technologies 😂

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday CaliforniaaMånad sedan
  • explorers meets wierd science meets the goonies

    lordmuaddiblordmuaddibMånad sedan
  • According to IMDb the director's name is Barnaby Jackson.

    Thomas BohnThomas BohnMånad sedan
  • Yeah, I don't need shit read to me. Unsubbed.

    CreepCreepMånad sedan
  • Looks fun.

    ERIS CreationsERIS CreationsMånad sedan
  • Wait, there was life before video games and computers? Why wasn't I informed of this?

    Christopher GravesChristopher GravesMånad sedan
  • Do the Lego NES!

    Tom OdlinTom OdlinMånad sedan
  • Tron did it better.

    mgabrysSFmgabrysSFMånad sedan
  • Nostalgia Nerd can you please show us the full 40min video (if it doesn’t break copyright)

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMånad sedan
  • Rewound - which means it’s never been watched...

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMånad sedan
  • Hmmm bug in floating point... That's why first Pentium had bug, aliens did that!

    FlopsPLFlopsPLMånad sedan
  • 1:57 "Be kind. Please rewind".

    Kenneth RogersKenneth RogersMånad sedan
  • Do people in the UK dream of living in a very adequate flat with a reasonable amount of belongings? Great video BTW! Thanks!

    bwgtibwgtiMånad sedan
  • Oh, so it’s ALIENS who were responsible for the pentium FDIV bug.

    fluffyfluffyMånad sedan
  • This would be perfect for MST3K or RiffTrax.

    Stephen BlomstedtStephen BlomstedtMånad sedan
  • Ben Eater did a far better job of explaining how a CPU works. Of course, he took around 45 short SEworld videos to do it in. But he still did a far better job. And if you follow him along you end up with a working computer, albeit a computer which can't really do anything useful... unless you take what you learned during those videos and end up expanding the computer to the point where it has some proper real-world interaction.

    Melkior WisemanMelkior WisemanMånad sedan
  • It is better than Picard

    BizzLeVraiBizzLeVraiMånad sedan
  • Oh you , I got that damn outro song stuck in my head!

    thecoshmanthecoshmanMånad sedan
  • This is so bad it's good.. I must watch the whole thing!! Can someone upload it?!?! This is rife for Rift Tracks!!

    graphicsgodgraphicsgodMånad sedan
  • Oi mate, don't censor your naughty lingo with high pitched noise

    Gevell TorturerGevell TorturerMånad sedan
  • That was some RISC-y business

    Jordan SmithJordan SmithMånad sedan
  • Intel meets Tron! 15 years after the original movie.

    arbutuswatcherarbutuswatcherMånad sedan
  • Just wait till the aliens see smartphones. Really blown there minds.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion ScheMånad sedan
  • How did they fit a whole IMAX camera in a chip factory? That is the real magic inside. 😂

    HicknopunkHicknopunkMånad sedan
  • What would have made the movie, is after he threw the processor through the wormhole and the explosion occured, if the "intel inside" logo popped up and it did the little intel jingle.

    Shiver2002Shiver2002Månad sedan
  • Cough cough Spectre, cough Meltdown cough cough.

    Ian DarleyIan DarleyMånad sedan
  • After he discovered it was just a dream I was expecting the movie to end with him or his dad turning to the camera with bright werewolf eyes together with a laugh in the background and a freeze frame, disappointed...

    OwwZOwwZMånad sedan
  • Jimmy works on STD and STP? Great... Now aliens are really screwing his abilities.

    ccateni 28ccateni 28Månad sedan
  • Were they really teaching kids how to fry CPU's by hot plugging them?

    Rubén BaleaRubén BaleaMånad sedan
  • Hang on.. the bomb was so small it was on a micro chip? Explosion wasn't a threat then unless your a midget dwarf ant. Seen a bigger explosion from a mouse's arse with diorreah

    Neon EucNeon EucMånad sedan
  • 9:00 sounds like an emergency meeting at intel to get a 10nm product to launch before the annual stockholders' meeting.

    James MikeJames MikeMånad sedan

    Andrew HallAndrew HallMånad sedan
  • Yep, a massive house is the only way to go when you have land to build on. BTW that is not considered a massive house in the America.

    The KobraThe KobraMånad sedan
  • Oh Jimmy .... will you EVER learn

    Johnnyafc _Johnnyafc _Månad sedan
  • Three things: This had so much cringe, I had to take breaks watching you, watching it. Never more happy to have a square space bumper... 2.) Nothing wrong with that kids cordless phone. I mean, they were down to the $50 mark, so many people had one, maybe not just in the kids rooms though; 3.) This must be based on real life. The aliens planted bugs in the CPUs, which explains the P5 math issue.

    slightlyevolvedslightlyevolvedMånad sedan
  • I seen it at the "Science Museum of Minnesota" when i was a kid. I don't remember it being this bad. But i was a kid and it was a class trip, and any movie is better than school.

    CakeCakeMånad sedan
  • Another disappeared Imax film: Special Effects Anything Can Happen (1996)

    The Man Who Knew Too MuchThe Man Who Knew Too MuchMånad sedan
  • hum..maybe they tried. remember the P90 FDIV error.......

    Didier DubosDidier DubosMånad sedan
  • 7:32 oof

    MadsterVMadsterVMånad sedan
  • I have never seen you before! good to meet you finally.

    jarlaxle2445jarlaxle2445Månad sedan
  • Funny, just yesterday I thought again about a tech fair in the '90s that I visited with some of my friends (we were teenagers then), where there was a (presumably) hydraulically controlled simulator cabin for 6 or 8 persons, with a screen in the front, in which you could enjoy a CGI inside-the-processor flyby for a few minutes. It was definitely an Intel show (with the Intel logo on the outside of the cabin too, IIRC), and very similar to that which is in this movie, but longer. That was fun :)

    Elemér Sipos SzabóElemér Sipos SzabóMånad sedan
  • You take the piss (because it's funny) but this (manipulation) was the premise behind halting Iran's nuclear program using stuxnet.

    Lovely TobleroneLovely TobleroneMånad sedan
  • You didn't rewind the tape and somehow this makes me mildly infuriated.

    Kristjan SKristjan SMånad sedan
  • Well, that certainly was something else. They probably could've spent less on the IMAX part, and more on the writing, directing, and pretty much everything else.

    UpLateGeekUpLateGeekMånad sedan
  • The reactions are hilarious Also I didn't know you had such a huge production team

    Justin BussellJustin BussellMånad sedan
  • Im sorry but i dont like cutting into sponsor ad that sudden and so early, shouldve been first before content or announce it in middle and put it there

    Budy ArtoBudy ArtoMånad sedan