Sonic Chaos is Back! | Nostalgia Nerd

28 aug 2018
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We've only just covered Sonic Mania Plus, well how about Sonic Mania 2? Well, this could very well be a contender. I loved Sonic Chaos for the Sega Game Gear and Master System. Mainly as, for me, it represented as close to a 16 bit Sonic game as I could hope for, but now, Sonic Chaos as been re-imagined for 2018, and it looks gooooood.
Download Sonic Chaos Re-imagined:
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  • I should have given more credit to the music in this game, because it's spot on.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • Tee Lopes

      AiyanTheHedgehog Aiyan_Ultimate11AiyanTheHedgehog Aiyan_Ultimate1111 månader sedan
    • Skin4thewin Well i have it on the Master System and i personally would rather listen to something new!

      Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
    • Because 90% of the ppl that are going to play this game are the ones that played the Game Gear version. Nostalgia is one of the main reasons that we play these old games. Therefore my question is why WOULDN'T you make the music akin to the original? It makes zero sense not to! It would only add to the enjoyment if they had. It stands as a missed opportunity to touch on some serious nostalgia imo.

      skins4thewinskins4thewin2 år sedan
    • Skin4thewin Why does everything based on an old game or IP have to have a sentiment of nostalgia about it? Why cant it be its own thing?

      Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
    • How do you figure? It doesn't sound anything like the original Sonic Chaos which to me is a real shame. Could have gotten a real nice nostalgic kick if the music had sounded at least similar. I feel like that was a missed opportunity for some nostalgia. It is after all supposed to be a remake or re-imagining of the original game

      skins4thewinskins4thewin2 år sedan
  • Is this project still alive?

    King KazmaKing KazmaMånad sedan
  • SEGA

    Wahyudianto STWahyudianto ST3 månader sedan
  • I trust this game has come on leaps and bounds since you made this video?

    Cammie RacingCammie Racing7 månader sedan
  • I don't know if you are already awere, but there is a demo of a remastered "triple trouble" out there!! and it does deserev a lil' of love ^^

    wodkanna Annawodkanna Anna9 månader sedan
  • 3:33 What about Sonic CD?

    AiyanTheHedgehog Aiyan_Ultimate11AiyanTheHedgehog Aiyan_Ultimate1111 månader sedan
  • I love how you compare the slower natured, linear aspects of 8 bit Sonic games to MArio games. ROFLOLMFO YES! SEGA RULES!!! ^~^

    Screw The NetScrew The NetÅr sedan
  • Ah, a Sonic game from the Golden Era. Ergo no Nintentards here whining about "Muh Sonic Adventure 3 pullease Sega for my Switch". God I hate modern Sonic "fans".

    mlc449mlc449År sedan
  • this isn't Sonic Mania 2. it just uses the same graphics. Sonic CD uses the Sonic 1 graphics but it's not Sonic 2.

    Greyce RibasGreyce RibasÅr sedan
  • Hey sunshine SONIC CHAOS was never publicly released. And you goddam know it mate lol:) I love your channel and will always watch as you are an enigma of the past:) The choice is clear pay £30 plus or pay nothing for the DEMO and thoroughly enjoy a well-made game, I must admit I never liked sonic and didn`t realise what all the fuss was all about until I played this fantastic game, but this SONIC TOURQOISE HILLS? is a bit of a catch and I for one find myself playing it with my 5year old godson!(THIS IS THE WAY TO GO IN SELLING AND PROMOTING GAMES, BACK TO BASICS IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT THEN YOU QUITE RIGHTLY BACK IT!) I believe in the demoware world and if it`s good enough to demo you will buy if you like it:) I must admit this game SONIC CHAOS is worth £2.00 of my money and hope the programmer and studio go from strength to strength and would go as far as to offer investment in their product as I believe the game is fantastic and I wish all of the programming team and tea/coffee makers the best. ps please contact me if you feel investment/capital would help make a difference as I truly belive this project has true portential as you already know:) PPS please contact me as I think this program/game has true potential and I will help as much as possible and I have over 20yrs of experience of the computer games market. Thank you for your review and please, please keep up your video reviews as I find your content and review style most appealing, sir God Bless you and your family matey :)

    Karl WalkerKarl WalkerÅr sedan
  • The fact that they could translate Sonic Chaos into Mania is impressive on its own.

    Chris FalconChris FalconÅr sedan
  • This was the first Sonic game that kept me interested enough to actually complete it

    Mark BMark BÅr sedan
  • no rocket shoes no sale

    PurrplewolfPurrplewolfÅr sedan
  • Im have sonic Chaos is in My video game called Master system

    Caco Playz007jr.Caco Playz007jr.År sedan
  • Ah man! This is my childhood! 😁 ✌🏽

    Rav SinghRav SinghÅr sedan
  • Looks like we get to listen to one of the best level themes once again *A Q U A P L A N E T*

    Jello NogardJello Nogard2 år sedan
  • Great video love Sonic

    Mai Kim DangMai Kim Dang2 år sedan
  • this looks incredible (i don't even really play sonic but i want this)

    ky uhhlky uhhl2 år sedan
  • no u

    rockrock2 år sedan
  • This is some genuine nostalgia for me. To me, it was awesome that I could do spin dash and loops on Master System.

    ajuk1ajuk12 år sedan
  • 4:53 I can't tell a png from a high quality jpg but I can see some blatant differences, like how the one on the left has a visible mouth while the mouth of the one on the right appears to be sealed shut. Also the pose is different but I'm going to chalk that up to you comparing the wrong frames...

    mattwo7mattwo72 år sedan
  • Would be neat if this got picked up as an official game but I doubt SEGA would ever go for that level design, it's far too complex and gameplay gets broken up too much.

    Razor's Retro Game ShelfRazor's Retro Game Shelf2 år sedan
  • You sound like a nice Yahtzee Croshaw...

    kasterborouskasterborous2 år sedan
  • I love the SMS versions of Sonic 1&2 as much as the Mega Drive originals, they're great in their own way. I just couldn't get into Sonic Chaos though, something about the gameplay was just so off and too distant from what I loved about the first 2 SMS Sonic games.

    ValgarValgar2 år sedan
  • Looks incredible! However, I do dislike the fact that the music doesn't sound anything like Sonic Chaos. It would have been SUPER nostalgic if they had made the track at least sound somewhat like the original. Shame that they missed the ball on that. It would only stand to increase the enjoyment if they had.

    skins4thewinskins4thewin2 år sedan
  • Now nintendo sega xbox and sony are gonna want credit out of this

    Maria PMaria P2 år sedan
  • A big thumbs up because I loved it!

    ModernRelikModernRelik2 år sedan
  • I have yet to play Sonic Mania but do own it and plan on giving the game a spin very very soon. This possible Sonic Mania looks great!

    PearlJammer07PearlJammer072 år sedan
  • Remake is on point

    Gary KoreyGary Korey2 år sedan
  • I always had the GG sonic titles as a child but I had no idea these were even on the MS

    Future PantsFuture Pants2 år sedan
  • Wow. With just a few minor tweaks to the physics, this could be a "sidequel" of sorts to Sonic Mania Plus. Incredibly polished for being a fan made game!

    Crazy ChrisCrazy Chris2 år sedan
  • ive beaten sonic mania countless times. I've gotta say This reminds me nothing of it. But this is coming from someone who didn't enjoy the Metoid 2 remake AT ALL.

    FilmsFilms2 år sedan
  • your mean to the choa

    My god. Jelly Donuts are so scary.My god. Jelly Donuts are so scary.2 år sedan
  • Sonic mania is the best thing that happened to sonic in a long time.

    Shawn GorsuchShawn Gorsuch2 år sedan
  • Wait! This should be called Sonic Masters, they should take the best levels of all the Master System games and then make some of their own! I'd LOVE to see both the Bridge and Jungle zones from Sonic 1 SMS remade into this and hear remixes on their awesome themes.

    Gaming Pal OllieGaming Pal Ollie2 år sedan
  • Turquoise Hill zone act 2 looks fucking beautiful

    TheWyman55TheWyman552 år sedan
  • Woow! Tpot

    NetNerdy & JayNetNerdy & Jay2 år sedan
  • already made a voice mod for the game!

    Nick YoushallnotknowNick Youshallnotknow2 år sedan
  • I love how this looks but I wish they would make their own sonic sprite instead of taking the one from Mania. Just doesn't feel right and doesn't match the rest of the game's color pallette. Here's hoping they update it for the final release.

    BigGeekEmpireBigGeekEmpire2 år sedan
  • It's amazing this fan made games, I mean Sonic Mania is a product of the community in a way... btw I've never heard about Sonic Chaos, and I had a Master System (and Genesis)

    vanhalenbrvanhalenbr2 år sedan
  • the drop dash have a little problem ´but not much.

    henbruhhenbruh2 år sedan
  • now we just need remakes of tail’s adventure and tail’s sky patrol from game gear.

    SwigtimeFoxySwigtimeFoxy2 år sedan
  • just found out the music was by Michael staple, I always thought he should have produced the music for mania thank me later seworld.infofeatured

    morsoe1morsoe12 år sedan
  • Awesome!

    Sharif SourourSharif Sourour2 år sedan
  • nostalgia strong here

    bunk aaabunk aaa2 år sedan
  • The spindash looks ass 😐

    luckysoupBowl :3luckysoupBowl :32 år sedan
  • Kool

    Derick AlexsanderDerick Alexsander2 år sedan
  • I was hoping this was a Sonic Mania mod or something. I remember getting this for christmas for Game Gear. I spent a lot of time on that game.

    Denji2006Denji20062 år sedan
  • I had the Game Gear version of this, I do hope they use the Game Gear versions of the tracks, especially for Aqua Planet Zone. The Game Gear version is in triplets, swing timing in other words, whereas the Master System isn't. ...Come to think of it, they could use the different rhythms for Act 1 and Act 2, and base them off different genres of music.

    GravianSGravianS2 år sedan
  • You should play sonic fangames

    Tarkan ErtugrulTarkan Ertugrul2 år sedan
  • Well sonics sprite does look the same as manias sonic

    dragonslayer 101dragonslayer 1012 år sedan
  • That looks a lot like Stuart Ashen's couch.

    Dan ReaderDan Reader2 år sedan
  • That's just a fan game

    Lol LolLol Lol2 år sedan
  • Sonic mania plus is Sonic mania 2

    Lol LolLol Lol2 år sedan
  • Wow!!

    RodniDementalRodniDemental2 år sedan
  • I really dislike the light blue Sonic Mania sprite, it just looks off. I much prefer the original dark blue with a very slight purple tint.

    Fred AlmeidaFred Almeida2 år sedan
  • I never got to play this one. By 1993 I'd moved on to a MD but I remember hearing about this game and the collective "FINALLY we get to play as Tails!" from other MS owners who felt jipped by the MS release of Sonic 2 (which was still a damn good game but the MD version was far superior). Hopefully they release this on PC so I finally get to play it!

    Andrew WallingtonAndrew Wallington2 år sedan
  • another game coming from the fans for the fans Just like sonic mania :D Thank god Sega is not sisi baby like nintendo to take down the game :/.

    Viktor kotsevViktor kotsev2 år sedan
  • I always kind of... _wanted_ to like Sonic Chaos? I think I'll really enjoy this remake.

    Dissociated Women IncorporatedDissociated Women Incorporated2 år sedan
  • So this is effectively a Sonic Chaos AAA remaster in development. It’s actually a very interesting concept to come up with and work on and it’s already looking sick so far! It shows that there’s also potential of a Sonic Mania 2 happening, which would be really cool, especially with this brand new Crimson engine! 😎

    COOLPRO195COOLPRO1952 år sedan
  • How do you get a Master System 2 to run on a modern TV? (Or were you running it on a Mega Drive?). I had to buy a Master System 1 to have a compatible scart lead

    Samuel CoeSamuel Coe2 år sedan
  • Playable on an actual megadrive?

    GRUSS NewtonGRUSS Newton2 år sedan
  • I think this may come to my bday

    HajDejHajDej2 år sedan
  • I want to die

    Logan HarrisonLogan Harrison2 år sedan
  • Will Sonic shoot a fireball?

    New Gabe OrderNew Gabe Order2 år sedan
  • Get this I actually like the 8-bit sonics as much if not more than the 16-bit games. Triple Trouble should get a remaster. I played sonic gems as my first sonic and I loved the 8-bit sonics.

    Mist XMist X2 år sedan
  • i feel like maybe this should not be given to sega, because then a bunch of spineless assholes will start hating on the game and sega for milking a style. and the last thing any of us want to hear is an acne infested kid calling this game a piece of shit simply because mania was enough. the devs were amazing with this one and the musician might as well be Tee Lopes' rival!

    EngineMusicEngineMusic2 år sedan
  • This probably sounds silly, but I think it'd be nice to have a European 50HZ option in the menu, and have that option in Sonic Mania, playing the original Sonic The Hedgehog on the Master System as a kid, I'm very familiar with it's gameplay and rhythm, I've tried emulating it at 60HZ and it feels so wrong to me. I'd love a remake/remaster of the Master System version of the OG Hedgehog ;D

    Potato lolPotato lol2 år sedan
  • I must say I really like how they done for Sonic chaos Sprites but I like how he done it pretty good I like how they did but what could this mean could it be another Sonic Mania on the way or Could It Be Sonic Mania 2 but I like how they done remaking Sonic chaos I would be definitely looking forward for the remaking of Sonic chaos although I would like to see Sonic triple trouble being remake

    Anonymous UnknownAnonymous Unknown2 år sedan
  • Time ti show some spotlight to the SAGE, but you should look a bit into sonic 3 AIR

    TheA_Gamer554TheA_Gamer5542 år sedan
  • Looks great, if sega hasn't already picked them up to do an official release they probably should. 💫 😎

    Josh MJosh M2 år sedan
  • See, stuff like this is fantastic, and kudos to SEGA for being sports for letting smaller, very talented developers to handle their flagship property. What the hell is your excuse, Nintendo?

    Loren HelgesonLoren Helgeson2 år sedan
    • Someone made a Super Mario Bros porn movie in the 90s. That's what set them off.

      digiangel234digiangel2342 år sedan
  • The original wasn't a good game to me anyway. Just like most of the Sonic Gamegear games (except Sonic 1 8bits which was decent). Like to me, in all of the Classic games, only Sonic 2 MD and Sonic 3&K were great, and Sonic 1 16bits and 8bits and Sonic CD were decent to good. And I'm sorry, but I'm against the idea of pixel-art/retro aesthetics, it doesn't keep up the evolution of the gaming industry, it doesn't try to advance it, nor to revolutionize it, to stay in the present. It only wants to dwells in the past, by selling based on the pleasent memories from the old games, somewhat like a safe space. And that's the same thing with Classic Sonic, to me e belongs in the 90's, in the past, and should remain in it. Sure it was cool to see him in Generations, but it was exceptional, it was that one anniversary game (or games since the 3DS version has its own levels). But know with games like Mania and Forces ... I personally don't like that; because to me Classic grew into "Modern" Sonic in the late 90's to adapt with the times. And to me that resurgence of Classic implies that objectively the Classics were perfect and everything after it was trash. I know I'll get a lot of flag for saying this and I'm sorry to come off as rude, but this is just my opinion, and I know yours would be completely different, so whatever. But to me, if you love those games so much ... then replay them (even me Sonic 2 and 3&K are a blast to replay, those games are great !) ! Btw I'm sure you may be one of those people who says "The last good Sonic game before Mania was 3&K (or another Classic title past &K)". Well it's not because they're objectively bad, just that you didn't like them, they didn't interst you (or else why would games like Adventure 1 and 2, Unleashed, Colours and Generations be popular ?) and despite the fact that I come of as rude, I respect your opinion (but that doesn't mean between 1998 and 2017 there hasn't be objectively good Sonic games). So I'm sorry if I come off as rude, I know you'll highly disagree ...

    Vilmy21Vilmy212 år sedan
    • > Pixel art stagnates the gaming industry I doubt it. Meanwhile, you have lots of people who do wonders with 3D art, yet still most works come around as bland and lifeless. Take a look at Anthem, for example. Millions of Dollars invested for a mere plagiarism of Warframe.

      Chris FalconChris FalconÅr sedan
    • You seem to think you can only have one or the other, either classic sonic or modern sonic. When actually you can have both, and we do. Some of the 3D games are absolutely brilliant and get undeserved flack from people who've never played them, but I also bought sonic mania and loved that too. And good pixel art never died, in fact it's better than ever, and you saying we should just give up pixels is like saying no artist should use paintbrushes and canvas anymore because they can use a Drawing tablet and create paintings digitally. Pixels are just one artistic tool, polygons are another, and both have their place and many people prefer the look of pixels. Like I play modern games that are beautiful looking like the Far Cry series, but Shovel Knight was also one of the most beautiful looking games I've ever seen. You don't go into an art gallery and only like one wing of the gallery dedicated to one particular art era and gate everything else in the gallery. Or maybe you do, I don't know.

      duffman18duffman182 år sedan
    • I remember playing the original and being pretty happy with it. Remember it's competition wasn't the Sega Genesis Sonic but Gameboy's Fugly ass games.

      Marty MooseMarty Moose2 år sedan
  • As far as remasters go, this is insane levels of quality. As far as fan made remasters go? *passes out* Team deserves such a big pat on the back.

    The Artist Mark FlynnThe Artist Mark Flynn2 år sedan
    • Hey I seen ur sonic design video boi. Toei sonic is okay but I prefer adventure m9

      JJ's ContentJJ's ContentÅr sedan
  • Mania 2 was literally in most people’s mind when they saw this

    Evan PlaysEvan Plays2 år sedan
  • This is beautiful, prepare for SEGA's law suit.

    Mark DicksonMark Dickson2 år sedan
  • I got one question , why ain't there a master system HD clone system. There are loads of nes , SNES and mega drive clones but no master system . I would buy one in a heart beat if there was. I can dream, PS side note really , I have just come back from pontins camber sands for a holiday and what a shit hole . sorry just had to get that out my system lol.

  • I remember when I rented Sonic Chaos and could play as Tails and fly, was so awesome. The possibilities!

    NortradaxNortradax2 år sedan
  • I'm diggin' that music. =)

    Johnny ThousandJohnny Thousand2 år sedan
  • ...this looks better than Mania. At least potentially.

    SKLRSKLR2 år sedan
  • Those games after the first Sonic were too ambitious and poorly executed.

    Chauncey GardenerChauncey Gardener2 år sedan
  • I've never played the original and I had no idea this was even a thing! Such an awesome looking game!

    T&C Gaming TimesT&C Gaming Times2 år sedan
  • Sonic Chaos remasted

    SonicPie The HedgeTuberSonicPie The HedgeTuber2 år sedan
  • Even at the time I felt the Game Gear versions of Sonic were better than all the others. The game mechanic on Mega Drive always felt broken. It teases you to go fast and just punishes you every single time you do. The Game Gear Sonics however had much better balance in my opinion.

    Daz555DazDaz555Daz2 år sedan
  • Sonic Chaos was brought to my attention recently but I don't own a Master System so I could play it yet, which means this is great news! Even though no Sonic Mania can replace in my heart Sonic CD as the best Sonic game of all time, it is still great and I'd love to see this as its sort of sequel. It already looks better than Sonic 4 (I know, just kicking a dead horse here...)

    edhc44edhc442 år sedan
  • Sonic...MANIA?!?

    Chad SingerChad Singer2 år sedan
  • That master system case is so slick!

    Justin MohnsJustin Mohns2 år sedan
  • Need more bad influence episodes!!! And that bbc show in which two old guys talk about computers!!!!

    Ace of HeartsAce of Hearts2 år sedan
  • It's only been worked on for a year. Give them more time and all the kinks will be ironed out. Hopefully.

    PS4sos21PS4sos212 år sedan
  • With the success of Sonic Mania, the love for 16-bit aesthetic and fan made game like this, why tf did Sega make Streets of Rage 4 look like a Flash game? We had an entire decade of bland remakes and sequels in that style, the fans want pixels, give us pixels!

    Twice The Mega PowerTwice The Mega Power2 år sedan
    • At least SoR4 doesn't look like a game that should have been released more than 20 years ago. This artstyle looks nice

      Vilmy21Vilmy212 år sedan
  • I had absolutely no idea Chaos had a Master System version. This was my first Sonic game way back in the day....

    Cash NelsonCash Nelson2 år sedan
  • Sega Master System II.. The first console i ever experienced as a kid..

    -SakiSkai--SakiSkai-2 år sedan
  • Wow! Thank you, classic Sonic fans, for making Sonic Mania and now this (and hopefully more stuff in the future)! And thank you, Nostalgia Nerd, for letting me know about this! Sonic Chaos was a fantastic Game Gear (the system I had it for) game! And I love how it has been updated it's not just a ROM hack, but has its own physics, and now has more or less "Sonic Mania" sprites, which are the best sprites ever!

    RationalificRationalific2 år sedan
    • I'd disagree, these sprites looks washed out and overused to me.

      Vilmy21Vilmy212 år sedan
  • This looks pretty solid. I'd love to see Sega pick it up and release it as an official Sonic Chaos remake.

    Gameplay and TalkGameplay and Talk2 år sedan
    • I would buy it if sega picked it up for sure. It just needs a few improvements though it could be awesome. 🌟

      Josh MJosh M2 år sedan
  • Really really awesome, I had Sonic Chaos on the Game Gear, and it's honestly one of my favorite Sonic games to date(not my all time fav. but in the top 10 no specific order).

    Commodorefan64Commodorefan642 år sedan
  • Quick! Download it now before it gets taken dow.... Oh. Wait, this is Sega, not Konami.

    Nick WalletteNick Wallette2 år sedan
    • *not Nintendo

      Spider NinjaSpider Ninja2 år sedan
  • Just downloaded the demo, and much like Mania, it doesn't have 21:9 support. Feelsbadman. :(

    Markel A.Markel A.2 år sedan
  • I was rocking my Master System 2 well into 94 before my parents brought me a 2nd Hand Snes from the back of the Derby evening telegraph. I never got to experience sonic Chaos. Farthest I got was Sonic 2 at the time, I did get Mortal Kombat for my Master System the Xmas of 93-maybe 94?... Played the hell out of that and felt like a king, even though really I knew it couldn't hold a candle to my Friends Snes version!

    Poppy DogePoppy Doge2 år sedan
  • It's looking and sounding great

    JikyuuJikyuu2 år sedan
  • This was my favorite Gamegear game. Awesome!

    Parker ReedParker Reed2 år sedan