Doom Rendered in TEXT - 1337D00M | Nostalgia Nerd

28 sep 2018
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Get your SEworld compression hats on, because today I'm looking at what happens if you combine ASCII Text with the wonderful world of Doom. Well, you get 1337D00M by Dario Zubovic, created in the Unity engine, but using the shareware Doom.wad, it is a feast for the senses. It also feels a lot like being NEO, in the Matrix, which is nice.
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  • Тараторит больше чем показывает геймплей...

    Михаил ШвецовМихаил ШвецовMånad sedan
  • excuse me what the fuck

    Aivaras SungailaAivaras Sungaila2 månader sedan
  • Right, we need this running on a c128 in 80 column mode 😂

    Notmah CuppateaNotmah Cuppatea2 månader sedan
  • If you blur your eyes, you can actually kinda see whats going on in the low res mode, which is honestly quite cool! How many pixels do we really need for a fully interpret-able 3d environment really?

    TheNapalmtorchTheNapalmtorch2 månader sedan
  • In other words, kriwovoworgkoskegoodpwgoodoap.

    Niko KourouklisNiko Kourouklis2 månader sedan
  • So cool.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus5 månader sedan
  • I remember the sales assistant in virgin megastore trying to sell me yoshis island, instead of buying SNES D00M, i was like "No, please get get outta my way." There was nothing on the planet that was gonna stop me playing D00M. I couldnt afford a pc or a playstation back then, so had to settle for the low res snes version. I played the shit out of that game. I even completed it on nightmare then played thru it again on nightmare to have a secret harder nightmare playthru!

    Chris DazeChris Daze5 månader sedan
  • How could we turn this into an 80 column bbs door lol

    TweakTweak6 månader sedan
  • ok... interesting... taking out the glasses really help... very interesting

    Welton BarbosaWelton Barbosa8 månader sedan
  • Nice mod! )))

    Александр ШумаковАлександр Шумаков8 månader sedan
  • Wow, Screamer! Had lot's of fun with that in the late 90's.

    Luiz MarcosLuiz Marcos9 månader sedan
  • Interesting as I have always had exceptional vision (I think I have eagle DNA) and there was NO WAY I could ever play Sonic with all that detail.

    bleuflamencobleuflamenco10 månader sedan
  • Talks about ASCII, shows a machine that uses PETSCII... Lol

    bleuflamencobleuflamenco10 månader sedan
  • Anything involving coloured characters is actually ANSI not ASCII. ASCII is a 7 bit character code and does not define colouring. To acheive colouring ANSI escape codes where traditional sent to the terminal before the ASCII character code. The combination of ASCII characters and extended information is generally refered to as ANSI encoding. Though in fairness if the output was monochrome restricted to 7 bit of character encoding with outbut of one byte per cell, that is ASCII encoded. Thanks for the great content :).

    Goddesses StarTrek Online FleetGoddesses StarTrek Online FleetÅr sedan
  • Kills my eyes, but looks amazing.

    Jason BeardJason BeardÅr sedan
  • You should try the ASCII shader in Reshade ( ) It can be applied to any game, and in my opinion looks better. But I'm biased since I'm the developer of the ASCII shader.

    CeeJayDKCeeJayDKÅr sedan
  • So most of the creative devs came from Croatia. Noted.

    Matthew CobaltMatthew CobaltÅr sedan
  • I am nearsighted, or, as you call it, 'short-sighted' (Never heard that term before.) I can confirm that it does in fact make lower quality images seem to be higher quality, at least a bit.

    E SnethenE SnethenÅr sedan
  • Oh dear god that’s ridiculous. And actually looks a lot like normal DOOM without my glasses on, wow. Except my prescription is nightmarish and without my glasses I can barely see.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
  • Resolution seems too high. Did such resolutions even exist in text mode back then?

    kosiak10851kosiak10851År sedan
  • this destroys my eyes

    ScreamingBeastScreamingBeastÅr sedan
  • So it's just a shader? Meh

  • If you put enough letters in it it would look just like normal doom

    Pierre KuchmannPierre KuchmannÅr sedan
  • Lowerig the resolution actually helps here.

    oali 24oali 24År sedan
  • You can also just unfocus your eyes. It's kinda amazing honestly, you can just barely make out what's happening on the highest difficulty setting.

    Sollow PatricksonSollow PatricksonÅr sedan
  • "most people know their way around Doom. At least the first chapter" You don't know many non-whites do you? Not saying you should. I recommend against it.

    Blood ScustBlood ScustÅr sedan
  • I don't like that this is incredible for you. Your in a bad way.

    Blood ScustBlood ScustÅr sedan
  • The English alphabet? Yep, it runs DOOM.

    Jomaster The SecondJomaster The SecondÅr sedan
  • ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI

    XzTSXzTSÅr sedan
  • the server responsible for SEworld compression basically melted encoding this video.

    Tony BananersTony BananersÅr sedan

    Tino TrivinoTino TrivinoÅr sedan
  • this was worth my time just to find out about turtle skull, oh boy they're great!

    no nameno nameÅr sedan
  • I was going to say you can blur your eyes to make out the image with less ascii and then you mention short slightness. No need, you can just blur as needed.

    3800Tech3800TechÅr sedan
  • I'm short-sighted to the point of being legally blind without glasses (I can barely distinguish a face under shade more than two feet away) and if I cross my eyes a little I can see the monochrome mode on full settings.

    Michael JurichMichael JurichÅr sedan
  • While on this subject, there's a cool app for Android smart-phones called AsciiCam. Where you can take pictures, and it saves them into ASCII text files.

    Michael TurnerMichael Turner2 år sedan
  • boo

    Foxtrot Mike LimaFoxtrot Mike Lima2 år sedan
  • But can i play H-Doom on it?

    sweet kickssweet kicks2 år sedan
  • It looks much better if you lower the quality to 144p

    NisseNisse2 år sedan
  • tats bretti cool :DDDD

    NisseNisse2 år sedan
  • this just gave me a headache

    8bitfrenzy8bitfrenzy2 år sedan
  • "Apologies if I sound like a congested yak..I have been feeling a bit horny!" - Whaaaatt!!

    ojbeezojbeez2 år sedan
  • Have all the "not being blown" jokes been made or I still have time?

    pop2unopop2uno2 år sedan
  • I love the ascii graphics libraries. I remember SSHing into my computer and showing off fight club playing in ascii to some of my friends in high school. It must have been strange if anyone was home and heard Fight Club randomly start playing. Because I totally didn't mute the sound.

    thumbwarriordxthumbwarriordx2 år sedan
  • @vargskelethor

    David HallDavid Hall2 år sedan
  • Finally i will be able to navigate the Matrix Code

    OcodoOcodo2 år sedan
  • I took my glasses off to see that crap and it looks crazy!! i can see it almost clearly.

    Internal BleatingInternal Bleating2 år sedan
  • this is not even playable croatians are damn idiots who hate games

    Dominic HillsDominic Hills2 år sedan
  • Take a look at "textmode demos" from the demoscene if you think this is cool. I think you would love it. A good place to find them is here on youtube but if you want to run your own binaries take a look at

    growlingbehemothgrowlingbehemoth2 år sedan
  • I love watching a 1080p video in 144

    Daily HacksDaily Hacks2 år sedan
  • I'm confused. Short-sighted means that you see near objects more clearly, and far-away objects blurry. How does that help? "Short-sightedness, or myopia, is a very common eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred, while close objects can be seen clearly."

    Truman BurbankTruman Burbank2 år sedan
  • Just cross your eyes and it looks just like the game

    domlee590domlee5902 år sedan
  • Hey take a look Brutal Doom gameplay :)

    Chief_WolfinjoChief_Wolfinjo2 år sedan
  • All you have to do is hold your screen far away, problem solved :D

    ChadwardChadward2 år sedan
  • I removed my glasses for a smooth version

    TechMaxTechMax2 år sedan
  • I can't listen to this speech impediment.

    MrNerdSmasherMrNerdSmasher2 år sedan
  • This... Uh... Actually looks pretty awful. I don't know why you would ever do this.

    Operator 801Operator 8012 år sedan
  • A congested yak :p

    TravisTravis2 år sedan
  • I can't even see it. It's too dim.

    KC9UDXKC9UDX2 år sedan
  • *why*

    SwoleRadroachSwoleRadroach2 år sedan
  • Wow you missed the opportunity to play math metal in the intro smh

    jack longjack long2 år sedan
  • Squinting also makes it look more like the original by blurring it EDIT: Squinting makes the clip at 4:35 WAY more recognizable

    TheYaziTheYazi2 år sedan
  • Ur voice like ymfah Why this is in my recomemdation :D

    OrionOrion2 år sedan
  • uhhhh that's not in ASCII... its using the Unity engine.... At best this is a SHADER; I kinda don't really see the point as a playable game...

    NinjatendoNinjatendo2 år sedan
  • Dam, that's trippy.

    The MockracyThe Mockracy2 år sedan
  • Doom Fortress. UristMcImp has died

    kabob 007kabob 0072 år sedan
  • "Looks better if your short sighted" Wait what 'moves phone farther from face' wow it actually looks like a game now

    one-stop killingone-stop killing2 år sedan
  • yo, what's the song during the first part of the video ? that's hot

    ecatecat2 år sedan
  • Did you feel like Tank from the matrix?

    LoundsifyLoundsify2 år sedan
  • Now run it on gta5

    CarpentrezCarpentrez2 år sedan
  • Completely false set up, thankfully your audience is intimidated enough by numbers that even they can't be upset. At least they liked your video.

    Disambiguation144Disambiguation1442 år sedan
  • its the sequel to "text to doom" ( "doom to text"

    Da DmitriDa Dmitri2 år sedan
  • Can you edit your videos to be brighter? Because i cant see shit.

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ2 år sedan
  • @3:05 just blur your eyes

    piworowerpiworower2 år sedan
  • Watch in 144p!

    NiwolosNiwolos2 år sedan
  • You mean "incredible tracer?"

    Sampo KemppainenSampo Kemppainen2 år sedan
  • Blurry Doom!

    Justin NizzaJustin Nizza2 år sedan
  • Please, someone, insert "RTX ON and RTX OFF" meme here.

    VitazVitaz2 år sedan
  • I love the videos but commercials with the Democratic propaganda that they put on there I could do without

    Vincent DiVernieroVincent DiVerniero2 år sedan
  • That's awesome.. Always wondered how it's done, do they literally type out each piece of text or is there a way of converting the data in an image to the closest resemblance in text Edit: Just watched the video, that answered my question :) Interesting stuff

    what everwhat ever2 år sedan
  • Doom Fortress

    ßup _ßup _2 år sedan
  • Reminds me of DF...

  • I'm short-sighted too. Should I take off my glasses when I'll try 1337DOOM then?

    OriginalTeoOriginalTeo2 år sedan
  • If you blur your eyes, the game becomes much more playable in hard modes.

    F_A_B123F_A_B1232 år sedan
  • w0w a shitty unity filter.

    NeckNeck2 år sedan
  • The only downside is the 1080p compression on youtube means we can't pause it and look at how cool it is.

    J MartinJ Martin2 år sedan
  • The leet engine, or 1-3-3-7 engine if you're pompos

    MrHocotateFreightMrHocotateFreight2 år sedan

    some guysome guy2 år sedan
  • It's entrancing to just stare at. Groovy.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah2 år sedan
  • If you squint your eyes on Impossible kt looks okay lol

    Milsurper88Milsurper882 år sedan
  • I swear to god, this game can run on any device in any way.

    DieselDizzelDieselDizzel2 år sedan
  • At first I couldn't see the game in the harder difficulty, but the second time I could see a pretty clear picture . . . .

    That Guy AgainThat Guy Again2 år sedan
  • My eyes hurt

    muffin stuffmuffin stuff2 år sedan
  • Played Doom and Quake in text mode 20 years ago with aalib. It's neat that someone else has decided to make their own version of the concept, and I think such hackery should be celebrated even if someone else did it first. It just feels a bit wrong to talk this up, and barely mention aalib.

    TetsujinTetsujin2 år sedan
  • Doom ascii strangely looks like the monitor I had that got dropped. I played with it for a month til I could afford a new monitor back in 90s.

    TheZXKUQYBTheZXKUQYB2 år sedan
  • /)00/\/\

    Collin NicholsCollin Nichols2 år sedan
  • Watch in 144p for the full effect

    fedeyzmafedeyzma2 år sedan
  • 25 year old game and we're still getting great content on it.

    TheFridayVerseTheFridayVerse2 år sedan
  • This text toom is a bit tricky. You use colors to make shapes istead of using symbols

    MalloriakMalloriak2 år sedan
  • watch this video at 144p

    0F970C0F970C2 år sedan
  • R.I.P my eyes

    NivecNivec2 år sedan