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24 okt 2019
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Critic reviews start at 6:38; The Megadrive Mini / Genesis Mini is here. In fact, it has now been here a while, but FINALLY I have got round to looking at it. But as normal, I'm more concerned with the past than the present, so I thought we could look at the Megadrive Mini / Genesis Mini games, and find out exactly what critics thought at the time. After all, there are plenty of Genesis Mini reviews. So let's delve back to the 1990s and see how much fuss these titles actually caused, let's look at the excitement, let's feel the energy surrounding them, rather than just plodding through like a disjointed ghost of Christmas past.
Oh, also, I take the controller apart, and have a look at the Mega CD easter egg. Because, well, I can, and I wanted to.
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  • The constant change of narrators you so often do in your videos is distracting af. It breaks the flow of the ease that the data you show is taken with.

    HempLemmingHempLemming2 dagar sedan
  • 22:30 You might say the streets would be enraged by such a decision.🤔 Bare Knuckles would be white in clinched anger.

    Slyguy threeonetwonineSlyguy threeonetwonine12 dagar sedan
  • Who is the Jeremy Clarkson sounding fella?

    Slyguy threeonetwonineSlyguy threeonetwonine12 dagar sedan
  • What said critics then

    Patrick GlaserPatrick Glaser16 dagar sedan
  • Give that controller a few years of heavy use. I guarantee it will end up every bit as shiny as the original. The originals had a different texture new than they did after they were used for a long time. Also, the very first, original, first revision of the Model 1 Genesis did have red A, B, and C button lettering.

    Michael OckkMichael Ockk17 dagar sedan
  • Retrobit pads are absolute trash they dont deserve to be in business. Why do you think japan made their own 6 button controllers

    ze trollololololze trollolololol19 dagar sedan
    • I don't know what you're talking about. I have one of the Retrobit six buttons right here. Next to the original, unless I look at the connector (my Retrobit is USB), or at the back of the controller where the patent/copyright info is at, you cannot tell the difference.

      Michael OckkMichael Ockk17 dagar sedan
  • These mini clones have nothing on common with the originals...!

    Marius SchäferMarius Schäfer22 dagar sedan
  • its was soo hars for me to choose a game when i was a kid..all game were in english but i was in a french province..damm you canada loll

    jean francois du tremblejean francois du trembleMånad sedan
  • Outrageous, someone put a mega drive mini video in my adverts. Great vid tho 👍

    I Mac aI Mac aMånad sedan
  • I've also purchased your book on Amazon it's the go -to book for in depth retro consoles reference with gorgeous glossy photos , Fantastic work thank you.

    Dreadpirate RobertzDreadpirate RobertzMånad sedan
  • Your content is awesome thank you

    Dreadpirate RobertzDreadpirate RobertzMånad sedan
  • What the hell is going on with Lucy's voice??

    Linkovich ChomofskyLinkovich ChomofskyMånad sedan
  • Wished they released the tower of power in the Western world!

    dtesterdtesterMånad sedan
  • I'm really not a fan of these mini consoles. They seem to want to package them with controllers that are complete garbage. I know the joysticks they packaged with the Atari 2600 mini looks like it should, but it's got no meat to it. It just doesn't feel right. =(

    James AnthonyJames AnthonyMånad sedan
  • Throw the controller the only true test. Bet the new one breaks and the old one is just like you got more?

    findantufindantu2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else think the box cover for Eternal Champions looks like the poster for National Lampoons Vacation?

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy2 månader sedan
  • The text on the thumbnail makes sense even if it was read in 2 diffrent ways

    WinDestructWinDestruct2 månader sedan
  • I had an original Sega Genesis with Altered Beast. Sonic was an ok game of course but I'm not as nostalgic for it

    DickBurnsDickBurns2 månader sedan
  • 12:54 You are wrong It came out in US in August 1989 and UK in November 1990

    Ben RapaportBen Rapaport2 månader sedan
  • “What critics said then” Or “What said, critics then”

    Chance KearnsChance Kearns2 månader sedan
    • I read it as the latter. In Barbossa's voice, without the comma.

      Bryan LiguoriBryan LiguoriMånad sedan
  • In shining force I also name myself Aaaaa

    Spider GeniusSpider Genius2 månader sedan
  • ToeJam & Earl is quality, loved it;

    Rob BennettRob Bennett2 månader sedan
  • OK...Now show me where Virtua Fighter II Touched you.

    Kyle MatlockKyle Matlock2 månader sedan
  • Is that Daniel Ibbertson DJ Snopes reading reviews??

    Joe DiGiovanni IVJoe DiGiovanni IV2 månader sedan
  • Earthworm Jim on the snes was way ahead of the megadrive genesis. The graphics were much better with solar artifacts.

    Bernard HamillBernard Hamill3 månader sedan
  • I first played Earthworm Jim on the PS1 and I was blown away when I found out years later that it was originally released on Mega Drive/Genesis

    Stephen Hugh CookStephen Hugh Cook3 månader sedan
  • Best NN video ever!

    TazmanianTazmanian3 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand a fuck of what's happening on the screen when playing Sonic?

    dalmocalmodalmocalmo3 månader sedan
  • Sonic Pinball was $30 USD when in launched in the states.

    Jeremy GregorioJeremy Gregorio3 månader sedan
  • Real nice man...nostalgia with those magazine reviews....Im from the Netherlands and used to buy the magazine C+VG mostly...just love the times anticipating over the releases on all the different consoles and platforms...good ole pre internet era...remember great issues of that mag with headliners such as ghostbusters 2 , chase hq and crackdown on the home computers, ghouls n ghosts and magic hat on the megadrive, golden axe.... Really cool that they covered the arcades as well...

    Marcel TielMarcel Tiel3 månader sedan
  • Not a single football game. Shame.

    dtz1000dtz10003 månader sedan
  • Actually, when the Genesis shipped in 1989 a few of them actually shipped with red letters on the controllers instead of the white ones most people had. I can't remember if I had white or red lettering....interesting. I got my Genesis on Christmas Eve in 1989.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • review on the megadrive 2 please sometimes (?)

    musatorimusatori4 månader sedan
    • I kinda dependent on its pad for several games such as Mortal Kombat 1 2 3 UMK, or Yuu Yuu Hakusho

      musatorimusatori4 månader sedan
  • i love games with good gwafficks

    SmittenTheKitteninMittensSmittenTheKitteninMittens4 månader sedan
  • Master System Mini? Yes Please!

    DannDann5 månader sedan
  • EGM > Game Pro

    KidNatoKidNato5 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately lag is always going to be an issue for old crt consoles on led screens

    j0nnyismj0nnyism5 månader sedan
  • Why does the thumbnail say, what said critics then ? :)

    David T-RexDavid T-Rex5 månader sedan
  • A Japanese mega drive adapter? Just cut away the corners! It's free.

    19822andy19822andy5 månader sedan
  • Forgive my distraction, but... is this some kind of new hairstyle I'm too old to be aware of?

    Siosal01Siosal016 månader sedan
  • I’d seriously love to see a video about Ecco the Dolphin by you as I love your videos and that game.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel6 månader sedan

    Smug Anime GirlSmug Anime Girl6 månader sedan
  • That bizarre Virtua Fighter II conversion is such a weird curiosity, I can’t help but love that.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel6 månader sedan
  • that golden axe glitch is also present in the sega megadrive classics collection on the switch

    jason finnjason finn6 månader sedan
  • Legend Of Oasis Omg!!!

    Marc BouchardMarc Bouchard6 månader sedan
  • For me Ecco the Dolphin is the best 16-bit game ever created. Just a shame that Tides of Time is not included here.

    saldek2saldek27 månader sedan
  • All I'm paying attention to is the Yuji Naka cutout in the back.

    Mark ZimmermanMark Zimmerman7 månader sedan
  • Oh man, I remember some of these magazine articles. I read Mega Games back in the day until they effectively ceased. Or ceased being decent, I forget which.

    IdelacioIdelacio7 månader sedan
  • Great video! Not just going over the games, but doing it through the old review mags was just an amazing slap of nostalgia right in the feels. Brilliant stuff.

    jody briggsjody briggs7 månader sedan
  • Thanks to the people at Mod My Classic, They gave us a way to add more Genesis/Mega Drive games to the mini with Project Lunar. I added titles that I played as a kid on mine.

    Ernesto87Ernesto877 månader sedan
  • Very good video!

    Billy BadassBilly Badass7 månader sedan
  • That original controller looks like someone attacked it with Armor All. The Retrobit Saturn pads will also work with the Genesis Mini. Handy because L+R immediately takes you to the menu screen for quick saves etc.

    MarginalSCMarginalSC7 månader sedan
  • "Emulation issues with the sound" bruh. Sega genesis sound is incredibly hard to emulate.

    PolocatfanPolocatfan7 månader sedan
    • Phoenix it is now, thanks to programs like project Lunar it's super easy to put more games on it and overclock the cpu.

      MaxmattMaxmatt7 månader sedan
    • Would you say it's worth it regardless of the difficulties?

      PhoenixPhoenix7 månader sedan
  • Not a fan of ray?

    Luke The DrifterLuke The Drifter8 månader sedan
  • I didn't read Megadrive mags, is that Julian Rignall of Zzap64 fame?

    sheep83sheep838 månader sedan
  • you guys had crappy sonic reviews only because PAL sonic was slower than NTSC

    BooMz N BladeZBooMz N BladeZ8 månader sedan
  • So strange - I prefer Streets Of Rage 1 too.

    Chris BChris B8 månader sedan
  • Me reading the thumbnail: what said critics then or what critics said then

    Anvil ClankAnvil Clank8 månader sedan
  • Eternal Champions was straight rubbish. I can’t help but think the magazines were paid off. How else could it score 97%

    Roy RoyRoy Roy8 månader sedan
  • You musta been smoking crack when you played the Arcade version of Golden Axe if you think the Geneses version is better... The game-play is pretty much identical but the Arcade version has better graphics and sound. The Genesis/Mega Drive version is missing animations and sprites... Plus the Arcade had sprite scaling and the Genesis version obviously does not. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the home version... but it was NOT better then the Arcade. For instance... In the Arcade when the larger enemies would walk up the screen you could see their back. In the home version (on the Genesis/Mega Drive) they are always facing front even when they are walking up the screen (like into the distance)... Just play the MAME version right after playing the Genesis version and you'll be convinced.

    Kristofer StollKristofer Stoll8 månader sedan
  • Do these little machines recreate that nostalgic feeling .... No they do not, lag, lag and more lag. It seems like every single thing just makes more and more lag, it doesn't even feel comparable to me. For any of you people who have never played these systems that people frequently talk about, if you do ever get to play them, just know this 1 thing. It isn't even comparable. Go buy a crt, and an old system on ebay, and then play it, otherwise just know you aren't.

    Matthew HolevinskiMatthew Holevinski8 månader sedan
  • I have my Comix Zone free CD and listen to often. 😂

    warpigroadkillwarpigroadkill9 månader sedan
  • Not surprised that Slasher Quan would have bashed Castlevania Bloodlines like he did. He was notorious for being anti-Sega in every publication he wrote for. In fact when he wrote for GameFan magazine later on, a letter was posted where someone called him out as the "Lord of Sega Bashing."

    SNARCastSNARCast9 månader sedan
  • A cool addition to the mini is that they added Puyo Puyo into the mini in the Japanese section :) I kinda liked that one more :)

    FrenomFrenom9 månader sedan
  • Games master was the daddy magazine back in the day for me not mean machines.

    JAK _189JAK _1899 månader sedan
  • Have you done double dragon series for the pc or the dizzy vs seymour for spectrum?

    Gen X - Dad and TeacherGen X - Dad and Teacher9 månader sedan
  • 12:09 Richard Leadbetter, now on Digital Foundry!

    UofM studentUofM student10 månader sedan
  • The error with Sonic stopping I've had on real hardware.

    Daniel MillingtonDaniel Millington10 månader sedan
  • Enjoyed the video as I too grew up with the Sega mega drive and loved it 👍👍👍👍👍

    Mai Kim DangMai Kim Dang10 månader sedan
  • 40:17 "After the disappointing "Alien Soldier" I hope that guy was fired right after it was published

    Madson FreitasMadson Freitas10 månader sedan
  • Hands-down, best megadrive mini review 👍👏👏👏👏

    Andrew ButlerAndrew Butler10 månader sedan
  • How very nostalgic... you were about 5 years old when the Mega Drive hit the shelves, boy.

    Arthur DentArthur Dent10 månader sedan
  • Lovely review. Question: did you forget to shave the right side of your head? Looks weird with just one side shaved 🤔

    Max WMax W11 månader sedan
  • Ah sonic spinball, reminds me of good times at Alton Towers

    EdgyShooterEdgyShooter11 månader sedan
  • Dude... You never got into Shining Force back in the day? One of my favorite games of all time. Shining Force 2 is even better... In both games the town wandering sections are basically RPG like, but the actual battles are more strategy, think final fantasy tactics. The music in the Shining Force series is some of the best in video game history as well imho.

    blackhawks81Hblackhawks81H11 månader sedan
  • They didn't put Sonic 3/Knuckles on it?

    Yaro KasearYaro Kasear11 månader sedan
    • Blame Michael Jackson's estate, they refuse to licence the soundtrack.

      gwishartgwishart2 månader sedan
  • Dont u dare FUCK UP .. not even a little bit.. or the comment section will take u down to china town!!! Get a life people.. Just inform the man and move on!!!

    sheepthehacksheepthehack11 månader sedan
  • FFS!!! When MAT started talking about GOLDEN AXE.. his MIC is so 'KIN good.. that i thought it was someone behind me.. scared the SHIT out of me!! :)

    sheepthehacksheepthehack11 månader sedan
  • Red letters on the pads were actually on very early models. Oops commented without reading comments. Sorry nerd

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal11 månader sedan
  • This video was excellent.

    GoProGoPro11 månader sedan
  • I remember when my mom bought me the Streets of Rage 2 Genesis package...I was so happy when I got it!!! I connected it to my stereo and I would just listen to the soundtrack sometimes.

    Jarrett GreeneJarrett Greene11 månader sedan
  • I like the sega megadrive mini but it has it's problems it needed filters . When you plug it into a massive hd tv it's really pixelated it ruins it for me because i had a sega megadrive in 1992. If they had've put a smooth filter on the collection it would have been a lot better!

    SUBZEROUKSUBZEROUK11 månader sedan
  • 32:32 You can actually play Puyo Puyo on YOUR MegaDrive Mini - if you set the language to japanese. Also all other games are playable in their japanese version. that way...

    MrPlasmaniacMrPlasmaniac11 månader sedan
  • Can you make a video about kid Pix the first version? Not the 3D version

    Tiferet AharoniTiferet Aharoni11 månader sedan
  • Shame it all looks a bit pants on a modern HDTV. No Scan lines or blur to help those pixels blend in. :-(

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 7811 månader sedan
  • Great video

    Mac GyverMac Gyver11 månader sedan
  • Very generous ratings back in the day...

    12inchRules12inchRules11 månader sedan
  • back in those days when you played altered beast, you allmost could feel the transformation!

    Crazy Pat 86Crazy Pat 8611 månader sedan
  • What get the European version when its only 50 fps and not 60 fps??

    MadSaltySkillsMadSaltySkills11 månader sedan
    • It doesn't run at 50hz though...

      Anto RetroGamerAnto RetroGamer10 månader sedan
  • Hehe, I always read the thumbnail of the video as "What said critics then?" in a Yoda voice...

    Jannie KirstenJannie Kirsten11 månader sedan
  • Delays and lags, of emulation, also really something that was presented in that episode of Star trek, (Spoiler Alert!!) ... the alien's emulation of the space ship computer was far from perfect...

    RisktevenRiskteven11 månader sedan
  • Golden axe is amazing! So is Columns. 2 game series that need rebooting on modern tech... imagine a Golden Axe RPG!

    syteanricsyteanric11 månader sedan
  • Do you use other SEworldrs to do voice overs on your videos..??

    RETROnutsRETROnuts11 månader sedan
  • It would have been nice if each parts had their own roms...sega cd has its own games,same for the 32x..when connected with each other its like the real thing..

    Steve RegimbaldSteve Regimbald11 månader sedan
  • It's a Sega Mega Drive... but is it, answer on a postcard... :)

    RETROnutsRETROnuts11 månader sedan
  • Road crash was the best game on megadrive

    SHIFTYSHIFTY11 månader sedan
  • I think the hardware looks nice inside, cheneese ripoffs have crappy small electronic stuff inside the controllers or console, this is different. Looks nice, like the nintendo mini stuff.

    madjhmadjh11 månader sedan
  • Nice video! Must have taken awhile to do.

    Michael HomerMichael Homer11 månader sedan
  • Did the hair trimmer run out of power halfway through?

    Nikki WrightNikki Wright11 månader sedan
    • My period stopped, couldn't finish the dye job.

      Nikki WrightNikki Wright11 månader sedan
    • I guess we could ask did you hair colour run half way through?

      Nathaniel ChisholmNathaniel Chisholm11 månader sedan
  • Recaptured some of the feels for me this one. Nostalgia, from seeing those reviews etc. I usually bought 3 games mags every month, MMS, C&VG and Games Master Mag. I almost felt like a kid again, if only for the duration of your video..... Incidentally. My favourite game ever on the Mega Drive is Flashback.

    Killing DeadThingsKilling DeadThings11 månader sedan