Do Old Viruses Work on Modern PCs? | Nostalgia Nerd

8 jul 2020
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Big thanks to TotalAV: Visit to get 70% off TotalAV complete protection... I don't know why I get curious about these questions. But here I am, trying to run old computer viruses, DOS Malware and other such malicious code on Windows 10. I thought we could first take a look at some malware from the 80s and 90s, before trying to get it to run on a modern PC. Then it seems a natural progression to run as many of these malicious files as possible and see if it is indeed possible to take down a Windows 10 PC using just DOS Malware.
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  • A few people have asked about the "test" PC. It's this one, from Ebuyer -

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd3 månader sedan
    • @The Goose 69 i know I was responding to you

      Cndvdx YhjblbilgCndvdx Yhjblbilg13 timmar sedan
    • @Cndvdx Yhjblbilg i dont mean you. i mean Nostalgia Nerd's pc

      The Goose 69The Goose 6913 timmar sedan
    • @The Goose 69 my 700 dollar pc is better than yours

      Cndvdx YhjblbilgCndvdx Yhjblbilg15 timmar sedan
    • My 300 dollar pc is better than your pc that you bougth

      The Goose 69The Goose 69Dag sedan
    • Well of course they do as Windows 10 is still a DOS based system. :)

      kyestar88kyestar886 dagar sedan
  • holy shiiit

    Isaac romanIsaac roman4 timmar sedan
  • me : see's antivirus software also me : just what i needed

    Alex JohnAlex John5 timmar sedan
  • I was hoping the viruses would just infect each other and kill everything

    Aithon-Cole CaldaldaAithon-Cole Caldalda7 timmar sedan
  • this is the equivalent of every army of ancient times ever fighting against a small group of modern US soldiers

    SpazzSpazz8 timmar sedan
  • so basically after running all the viruses you've created Windows Vista... Nice ! also running the anti virus results "you have 28,000 viruses" if you ran Nortons it would be like: "you have 2 viruses"

    chipmunk3kchipmunk3k11 timmar sedan
  • So ther answer is" no. unless you really really want it to"

    Kichi WaflesKichi Wafles17 timmar sedan
  • i use totalav too!

    Hoverboard2525Hoverboard252518 timmar sedan
  • fuck I stopped listening for a few minutes and started focusing on that background music around 3 min, does anyone have a sauce for that?

    RenhorableRenhorable20 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist: as he distracts us with old virus videos he's hacking into our computers and taking all of our moneys.

    VinnyVinnyDag sedan
  • Bruh, you will get same result if you run 6000+ instance of MS Paint.

    Ray MaiRay MaiDag sedan
  • But can it run Corona Virus!??

    tainor89tainor89Dag sedan
  • Put these five characters in a batch file to crash your PC: %0|%0

    shekyshekyDag sedan
    • @sheky I first wrote the reply as a joke but then I actually ran it and I couldn't even shut down my computer after like half a minute. I had to force shutdown to save my PC

      R ZR Z19 timmar sedan
    • @R Z lol i couldn’t expect someone would actually try it

      shekysheky20 timmar sedan
    • First I thought it just piped the output of itself into itself, then I realised it recurred without a base case Probably shouldn't have run it

      R ZR Z20 timmar sedan
  • so thats where danooct1 gets his fix

    YobamaYobama2 dagar sedan
  • Don't just deallocate all of the memory on the P.C. to get a real clean computer you should set every bit to 0. After erasing as much as you can on the computer itself, don't put that drive into another computer before it's been... Actually, you should maybe just get a new drive.

    Caston YoungCaston Young2 dagar sedan
  • What, running windows 10 on 1,5 GB Ram

    Didi AbdillahDidi Abdillah2 dagar sedan
  • So, are you like the British version of LGR?

    K-lebK-leb2 dagar sedan
  • @1:40 well we still have problem solving but in other places. Just most of the annoying things are out of the way. Leaving room for other annoying problems to take our attention.

    __Dudewitagun ____Dudewitagun __2 dagar sedan
  • One has to work really hard to get infected these days. I am glad the spyware, adware, and malware have all become an endangered species. Ad block software helps to prevent this too. Any site that is so desperate to strictly demand I disable my ad block software just to download certain files, I much rather just block and blacklist the site itself than compromise. I learned from terrible nightmares with criminal sites that if they have to go to the extreme just to prevent us from downloading on their site, than their trust is not worth the risk. Chances are very likely they wish to infect your computer. Take NO chances!

    Lord IheanachoLord Iheanacho2 dagar sedan
  • The kind of experiment that accidentally wakes up the killer AI

    Robert M.Robert M.2 dagar sedan
  • You should get a virtual machine, you can test viruses and OS's safely.

    Screamin' Eagles!Screamin' Eagles!2 dagar sedan
  • Why do you sound like Jazza?

    TOMOTOMO2 dagar sedan
  • ram not on dual channel?

    Mattia TrovatoMattia Trovato2 dagar sedan
  • I think if u would try even turn on 4000? dos programs even without virus on your pc it would crash/freeze or maybe I am wrong I have never tried something like that.

    Maciej PruszynskiMaciej Pruszynski2 dagar sedan
  • 13:50 his wifi is still on lol

    ReplicationzReplicationz3 dagar sedan
  • You Should Colab With The SEworldr Enderman!!!

    Aurora JuniorAurora Junior3 dagar sedan
  • windows is a fucking joke

    CrimshitCrimshit3 dagar sedan
  • Missing the problem solving days well then you can try installing gentoo Linux

    Sumit KumarSumit Kumar4 dagar sedan
  • Single channel RAM with a Ryzen APU? Call Low spec gamer to the one who made that computer!

    Kurnma377Kurnma3774 dagar sedan
  • Wow, it's actually really interesting to see all these familiar (to me, old malware has always been a special interest of mine ) viruses attempting to be run on modern machines, with some insight as to how windows has involved in terms of its structure and what still remains from DOS. If anyone's particularly interested in many of the seen viruses, check out danooct1 who does full videos on their function and sometimes dysfunction.

    Meaghan ElizabethMeaghan Elizabeth4 dagar sedan
  • Viral battle royale!

    GrusharaburasGrusharaburas4 dagar sedan
  • Why were they all 1600 except for the one sitting at 1614? What was special about that one?

    Nun YaNun Ya5 dagar sedan
    • Also, I've had issues with that mouse glitch in the past. Always had to restart explorer to get it working again.

      Nun YaNun Ya5 dagar sedan
  • i literally got a totalav ad on a video they sponsored

    GalaxyMaster673GalaxyMaster6735 dagar sedan
  • you sound like the radiostation moderator on WCT-R in gta san andreas xD

    yo dawgyo dawg5 dagar sedan
  • "LGR wil not be happy" *MWAR*

    QuinulaQuinula5 dagar sedan
  • viruses together strong

    HemlolHemlol5 dagar sedan
  • im not sure... if the virus was the reason ur PC is acting up or the over 6k processes running in the background...

    Addicted To LoliAddicted To Loli5 dagar sedan
  • 3:59 : this is cccp

    Vũ VinhVũ Vinh5 dagar sedan
  • Getting 10,000 DOS viruses at once? Think of the herd immunity you could achieve with that!

    rob domrob dom5 dagar sedan
  • bring on the junkie. I love this feed stoned was first written in 1987 :) On May 15, 2014, the signature of the Stoned virus was inserted into the bitcoin blockchain. This caused Microsoft Security Essentials to recognize copies of the blockchain as the virus, prompting it to remove the file in question, and subsequently forcing the node to reload the block chain from that point, continuing the cycle.

    matthew abbottmatthew abbott6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being a computer youtuber in 2020 and filming an LCD monitor xD Real nostalgic vibes :P Also liked and subscribed

    Cody NemoCody Nemo6 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 that really deserves it's own comment

    rgerberrgerber6 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 Mikko Hyppönen is also the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, one of the biggest cyber security companies in Finland.

    CactuSTSiCactuSTSi6 dagar sedan
  • I think the MAIN thing with new operating systems, browsers, and such is that it's far, far less likely that you will get infected in the first place, like it's kind of difficult. You have to download it, and you will be warned beforehand 99.999991% of the time

    2 Devoted2 Devoted7 dagar sedan
  • macOS: *removes 32-bit support* Me: HOW DARE YOU. Look at Windows and LEARN. See? Windows can still run 32-bit. Feel ashamed! Windows: Yes! I can even run 16-bit DOS viruses! Feel ashamed! Me: wait what

    BillBill7 dagar sedan
  • Your PC is now stoned

    Willie MoralesWillie Morales7 dagar sedan
  • 14:37 STRONG SAD: Have you been using the Internet irresponsibly? STRONG BAD: No more irresponsibly than usual. STRONG SAD: {His lower body starts walking away in place.} Did you get a virus? STRONG BAD: Uhhh, noo... STRONG SAD: Did you get four hundred thousand viruses? STRONG BAD: Yes... very yes!

    Erik TomlinsonErik Tomlinson7 dagar sedan
  • “1.46 usable” bro you have 8gb ram how is that possible

    Cinema moviesCinema movies7 dagar sedan
  • 13:34 i actually thought the lsd virus was causing it at first XD (Doesn't this kind of show people a step by step process on how to basically bomb someone's pc lol)

    jordan kerrjordan kerr7 dagar sedan
  • I would have enjoyed watching you try to remove all that malware. Running a 64bit version of Windows 10 would probably have been just as vulnerable as the 32bit version and that’s because all of the DOS programs were running in the dos vm that was downloaded automatically when you tried to run a 16bit app. I’m sure you simply ran low on system resources and that caused most of the funky behavior.

    Bob GBob G8 dagar sedan
  • Or instead of buying a new pc. you could have used a virtual machine. : )

    The JigularThe Jigular8 dagar sedan
  • as soon ad he mentiond total av i got an ad for it

    nightcore chanelnightcore chanel8 dagar sedan
  • please send these to comcast. They need exercise in their tech field desperately

    Autistic PixelAutistic Pixel8 dagar sedan
  • Yes Microsoft does kind of tend to insist that its spy and malware must keep on running. Just consider Edge, Cortana, Skype and a host of other Microsoft $$$h*t on Microsoft SpyWare 10.

    Guilleame van RooyenGuilleame van Rooyen8 dagar sedan
  • You ask WHY should they be able to run software from two decades ago, my question is, why NOT? Just backwards compatibility baby, used to be standard with lots of stuff.

    Jeremy KuehnauJeremy Kuehnau8 dagar sedan
  • Video: "At 370 pounds including this monitor, keyboard, and rather sensual vertical mouse..." Me: "Wow, that's heavy for a PC.. even if you add the monitor, what's that maybe..", start trying to do the mental weight estimations and arithmetic for longer than I'm proud of before going, "Oh.. those pounds. I did it again. Silly Yank."

    Illusion-XIIIIllusion-XIII8 dagar sedan
  • Lol. "S & S International" was the original name of "Dr Solomons Software", a UK anti-virus and security company.

    K CK C8 dagar sedan
  • WinNT -- Hmm. That explains why the .NET property: Environment.OSVersion is equal to Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.XXXX.X But I don't see the point in keeping that old version value. Cmd tells me my version of Windows I'm using, being 10 etc. Why doesn't Environment.OSVersion just tell us our win version?

    Luke NukemLuke Nukem8 dagar sedan
  • If you like problem solving, use Linux. LoL!

    Luke NukemLuke Nukem8 dagar sedan
  • Ryzen 5 with single channel ram... he should change that asap

    Largeyy!Largeyy!8 dagar sedan
  • try calling consumer's support of viruses creators

    JudasJudas8 dagar sedan
  • Only back to 16 bit works though On 32 bit windows 8 bit apps will work though

    yolosnuffyolosnuff9 dagar sedan
  • You! You just became the Josef Mengele of PCs, infecting innocent, harmless, just-out-of-the-box PCs with all these terrible terrible viruses. LOL

    stonytinastonytina9 dagar sedan

    KiridanKiridan9 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for answering the question in the first 10 seconds and thats not sarcasm

    YtivargYtivarg10 dagar sedan
  • How do you put a vires in a phone

    cheetor 536 .2 the universel gamer game timecheetor 536 .2 the universel gamer game time10 dagar sedan
  • Now double the virus to 12,000 and make your computer valuable

    Henry StickminHenry Stickmin10 dagar sedan
  • What's the difference between a virus and malware?

    WadelDeeWadelDee10 dagar sedan
  • HAHAHAHA i got an antivirus ad right before watching this.

    Tristian Tallman-HillTristian Tallman-Hill10 dagar sedan
  • When you said 370 pounds (currency) I thought you meant 370 lb in weight XD

    Alex LeeAlex Lee10 dagar sedan
  • 1:21 *screams in Arch Linux*

    LimeLime11 dagar sedan
  • 18:00 In my experience Total AV is total BS.

    Brian Jr SperoBrian Jr Spero11 dagar sedan
  • MWAR

    Jorge BustillosJorge Bustillos11 dagar sedan
  • You don't believe in ancient curses? Here's THE PROOF of them!!!

    Thamiri VonjaahriThamiri Vonjaahri12 dagar sedan
  • So Windows can still run old DOS viruses, but when I try to run old DOS games it stops them.

    Jaime Rosario JusticiaJaime Rosario Justicia12 dagar sedan
  • Mentions TotalAV Ad Plays Its from TotalAV First time in a long time thats happened to me

    Jonwar9Jonwar912 dagar sedan
  • I’m a little sad the 1812 Overture didn’t play after Vendetta tapped the baton.

    beamspringsbeamsprings12 dagar sedan
  • I’m doing this on my PC

    Mazey Xxmazemobilezz2Mazey Xxmazemobilezz213 dagar sedan
  • Run natas or emperor i dare you

    UlfhednarUlfhednar14 dagar sedan
  • Bruh you could've used a VM for much less cost than a pc

    Computer USB CablesComputer USB Cables14 dagar sedan
  • Dont be like that, dont waste money on a testing pc, theres a thing called vm.

    James BuflerssdJames Buflerssd14 dagar sedan
  • is the virus museum safe?

    Elkiwito 2.0Elkiwito 2.014 dagar sedan
  • Now I wanna do it to a sacrificial pc that is connected to my neighbor wifi that I hacked "evil laugh".

    serversC13nc3serversC13nc314 dagar sedan
  • you clarify anything.. ..or, do all you do, ramble about in dos head preambles.. ..bae bae unix.. ..370 pounds.. ..that's heavy.. ..instructions unclear, virus stuck in neighbors wife.. ..good grief..

    xlasingxxlasingx14 dagar sedan

    AeonGAeonG14 dagar sedan
  • Worlds best and most effective computer virus, the human operating the computer.

    Aaron McHaleAaron McHale15 dagar sedan
  • redirects to commercial guides bruh

    Reflecting Variation ツReflecting Variation ツ15 dagar sedan
  • What did the DOSBOX say to the LINUX 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲

    nachonacho16 dagar sedan
  • 14:48 "Genius Mouse Driver" - Dude, the hardware alone already classified as virus. Not matter how well you cleaned the ball housing and wheels inside up, their mice would never run smooth ever. For my brother that was reason enough to get a Key Tronic "Hawley wheel" mouse with 3 buttons (I think I've got that still being around here somewhere actually) which was kinda weird as it used two angled wheels instead of the common ball. Interestingly it worked a bit better, but was less reliant in diagonal movement. I remember getting a Logitech mouse with a scroll wheel back then (early adopting FTW) which worked exceptionally well, but I kept cleaning it up like once a week anyway. Even took that with me to school to use it there instead of the crappy things they had plugged. I literally was the only one in the whole class room who had a scroll wheel besides just having a mouse that simply wouldn't constantly lock up all the time which felt great, just great :D As for early adopting, I switched over to the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer somewhere in 1998 and used it until the rubber on it got so sticky I simply couldn't use it anymore because of that. Buttons, the wheel and sensor worked just as well as on the first day however until then. After that I had an Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 and several Logitechs (including a 120€ MX Revolution), all of which had crappy mouse buttons that would start to either not click at all or produce double clicks all the time after several months. Man, quality has been dumped a lot. I bet that Logitech ball mouse with the scroll wheel would still work just fine even if I had used it until now every day, same for the first Explorer, if it didn't have that sticky and greasy rubber...

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash16 dagar sedan
  • so the answer is no unless you deliberately download stuff that lets them. wow shocker

    WhiteStar ArmadaWhiteStar Armada16 dagar sedan
  • Monkey.B virus brought down my high school back in 1995. I think that was the first time any of us, both students and teachers, ever seen a purely tech apocalypse.

    Telengard ForeverTelengard Forever17 dagar sedan
  • Did you get a virus? No... Did you get 7000 viruses? Yes...VERY YES

    BadIdeas101BadIdeas10117 dagar sedan
  • This takes me back to the old times when I still watch danooct1 and TomKTW channels

    RogehRogeh18 dagar sedan
  • there is also a ntvdm 64 version out there that works on windows 10 64bit :)

    GlurakLPGlurakLP20 dagar sedan

    2 52 521 dag sedan
  • what happens if two ransomware programs are trying to encrypt a pc at the same time? who would win? edit: also, if your gonna use an antivirus go with one of the big bois like avast or bitdefender.

    Mirrored {} ChaosMirrored {} Chaos22 dagar sedan

    TpzBlaTpzBla22 dagar sedan
  • Ok, SEworld, you can stop recommending this video, I've watched, it's cool, ok?

    Luis ValenteLuis Valente24 dagar sedan
  • imagine having this dude as a dad...

    JediSpaghettiJediSpaghetti24 dagar sedan
  • Funny I got an ad on the side of the screen titled ""Top Ten" Best Antivirus (2020)" "Protect your PC today with our #1 free antivirus 2020"

    Otaku PersonOtaku Person24 dagar sedan