Do Old Viruses Work on Modern PCs? | Nostalgia Nerd

8 jul 2020
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Big thanks to TotalAV: Visit to get 70% off TotalAV complete protection... I don't know why I get curious about these questions. But here I am, trying to run old computer viruses, DOS Malware and other such malicious code on Windows 10. I thought we could first take a look at some malware from the 80s and 90s, before trying to get it to run on a modern PC. Then it seems a natural progression to run as many of these malicious files as possible and see if it is indeed possible to take down a Windows 10 PC using just DOS Malware.
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  • A few people have asked about the "test" PC. It's this one, from Ebuyer -

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan
    • do you mind if I ask about the cheap windows key?? I'm abot to build a gaming rig and am tempted to go for a discount key rather than shelling out the £110 odd for it off microsoft, but how do you tell a safe key from an unsafe one?

      Seannyboy217Seannyboy21711 timmar sedan
    • @kyestar88 just like most browsers are based off Mozilla browser and still have its design flaws.

      Scubysnax2012Scubysnax20122 dagar sedan
    • You should set the memory for the iGPU to the lowest in the BIOS (should be 50MB or something). Using a dedicated GPU and exceeding the amount of dedicated video memory results in it spilling over into the system memory but since the integrated graphics use system memory anyway... You see where I'm going with this?

      Malcolm MacDonaldMalcolm MacDonald7 dagar sedan
    • @TheDarxide23 a

      CheeseboymadCheeseboymad7 dagar sedan
    • should do it with a top teir pc with hella ram so it can run everything and super fast nvme drive so we can see the shit show better lol

      Lavasmoke1Lavasmoke1Månad sedan
  • When a man buys a computer for 370 pounds and I still cannot buy a pc and use the same 2013 laptop

    trongamer56trongamer5645 minuter sedan
  • imagine the antivirus to just say "holy shit dude, nah.. I'm out!" and closing itself

    AlucardAlucard2 timmar sedan
  • i fear fishing sites

    ItzVerxItzVerx6 timmar sedan
  • Now all the vengeful viruses have merged into a new "Super Virus" that will soon take over the world and launch every single active nuke at once Good work son!

    Oren MauritzenOren Mauritzen8 timmar sedan
  • I know what we're gonna do today Ferb!

    UltragamingguyUltragamingguy10 timmar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure the specs of that pc is better than my main (same ram tho)

    NamelessNameless10 timmar sedan
  • Wait ... Win10 32 bit version doesn't have PAE?

    Southern SoulSouthern Soul13 timmar sedan
  • So do you actually use TotalAV or did you just use it here because they paid you?

    Ortund GamingOrtund Gaming15 timmar sedan
  • FLAGRANT SYSTEM ERROR Computer over. Virus = Very Yes.

    15thPresident15thPresident18 timmar sedan
  • Back then my Dumbass brother installed a virus that made the entire system unusable I got blamed for it

    Night LordNight Lord18 timmar sedan
  • hope it work for cryptocurrency 😂

    FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectlyFirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectly20 timmar sedan
  • Agreed, sorting out the irqs and various devices driver dma conflicts was it delightful challenge. could you get your sound card and midi card and Visa eide cashing controller to work on the same system ?!

    Fu Fu2Fu Fu222 timmar sedan
  • now send it to the geek squad

    XRazenBrandXXRazenBrandXDag sedan
  • I guess that any 6.000 random programs opened simultaneously would f*ck up your pc.

    ArtinArtArtinArtDag sedan
  • Ha ha I remember these! XD

    iRoxanneLadyiRoxanneLadyDag sedan
  • R5 3400G can run GTA V but can't run OG Doom, lol

    Helgan PlayHelgan PlayDag sedan
  • Now do it on something bellow 16 bit!

    Lord BaconLord BaconDag sedan
  • Where do you get windows 10 for that price!?

    jakeblake17jakeblake17Dag sedan
  • all I got from this video: 2:12 "10 reasons not to visit Australia" in his recommended.

    Screen SavageScreen SavageDag sedan
  • This is a good video. Everything is nearly perfected.

    JaMaMaa1JaMaMaa1Dag sedan
  • his name is a mix of the nostalga nerd and avgn

    Nicolas GutierrezNicolas GutierrezDag sedan
  • Just shows that viruses of any kind are the real apex lifeform, or apex program ... hard to kill bastards

    LegionnaireScoutLegionnaireScoutDag sedan
  • You pay for Windows? Lol

    Paradoxoner KnoxParadoxoner KnoxDag sedan
  • When you said you liked the problem solving of old Windows i cried inside, I have tons of problems with Windows 10 bsods etc

  • The one virus that destroyed my laptop way back was the Flu Burung virus... it just had Daffy and Bugs talking

    Shayur MohunShayur MohunDag sedan
  • i clicked like @2:25 xD

    Vladimir KuharikVladimir KuharikDag sedan
  • i love the mouse

    Hornii BoiHornii BoiDag sedan
  • I would just like to say that my laptop randomly shut off while watching this. The anxiety was real.

    Jacob AlvaJacob AlvaDag sedan
  • Shoutout for the Isaac Butterfield video on the YT front page :D

    tryAGAIN 1987tryAGAIN 1987Dag sedan
  • Oh my god I remember getting viruses like these on my only PC and feeling so fucked

    I Hate Living in ApartmentsI Hate Living in Apartments2 dagar sedan
  • Wtf where is the link for the PC at that price ?

    I Hate Living in ApartmentsI Hate Living in Apartments2 dagar sedan
  • 9 Seconds into the video - Case closed

    DkDk2 dagar sedan
  • So this is essentially my computer when I install 1 Game Rom from anywhere.

    Enzo ZambrottiEnzo Zambrotti2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine your computer getting invaded by 30+ year old viruses...

    MDMD2 dagar sedan
  • Wauw the future, now you need to be a computer expert in order to run viruses correctly.

    _Galaxia__Galaxia_2 dagar sedan
  • Got to 0:13 and got my answer. Later!

    Eric SteinbornEric Steinborn2 dagar sedan
  • DoS program jokes are viruses now... M'key. Ignorance at full throttle. Listen... old viruses was violent and brutal, they was able integrate code in system files. Not just set of stupid files and .exe in temp folder or recovery partition. Not long ago, about 22 years, was a joke: "Imagine new viruses, they will have their own executable and lib files, they will be larger then 1Mb. But our own HDDs will be so large, so we'll not notice such tiny viruses". Part for "Larger then 1MB" was so hilarious. Try now to find virus lesser =D.

    isidzukuriisidzukuri2 dagar sedan
  • I didn't even know there were 6000 dos viruses in existence

    Ummm HelpUmmm Help2 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't use have used a virtual machine?

    TherapyDergTherapyDerg3 dagar sedan
  • Awesome, thanks for the tip on that Windows Key. What a deal

    KilocronKilocron3 dagar sedan
  • Windows: *forces us all to update regularly for our safety* Also Windows: *can't defend itself against basic old viruses*

    DarknoorXDarknoorX3 dagar sedan
    • Didn't he disable all of the antivirus' running on the computer. Including the one built into Windows? Also all viruses are simple. It's just a matter of executing them. Just because a program was made over 30 years ago doesn't mean it won't run. In this case under 16 bit emulation.

      inlovewithiinlovewithiDag sedan
    • To be fair, Windows 10's built-in antivirus is actually really good, and among the best I've ever seen, if not the best one ever. Your meme still holds for all other Windows OS. Or you can just use Linux.

      Marcelo EliasMarcelo EliasDag sedan
  • Bri'ish

    Gaming Person who makes ContentGaming Person who makes Content3 dagar sedan
  • Bro why tf you didnt use a VM

    SomeoneSomeone3 dagar sedan
  • This is longest add what I saw so far.

    Aleksandrs MasharoAleksandrs Masharo3 dagar sedan
  • Klären Haß! that is german (my language)

    Mick 0mMick 0m3 dagar sedan
  • Why do you need to buy windows

    Mikha KeyMikha Key3 dagar sedan
  • The behavior seen on the desktop probably isn't the actual intended result of any of the viruses. The computer probably just had a backlog for the scheduler since you ran like 6 thousand processes. Whatever process handles drawing to the screen probably wasn't getting enough time with the cpu to function properly. Try opening 6k of any process and see what it does to your pc.

    askmilleraskmiller4 dagar sedan
  • Is Total AV a good anti-virus software? Is it better than Norton?

    ᐅᓇᓕᒃ ᓇᓄᖅᐅᓇᓕᒃ ᓇᓄᖅ4 dagar sedan
  • The workarounds you had to implement to get these malware to work kind of proves that Windows 10 is effectively immune to these old walware programs unless you, the user, purposely modify your system to comply.

    James YountJames Yount4 dagar sedan
  • Could you warn someone before putting the footage of the LSD virus on screen. Some people with epilepsy are watching this video as education.

    tsujacktsujack4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine ryzen, 1 channel ram

    André BurkanAndré Burkan4 dagar sedan
  • He said 300 pound and I just thought damn that's a heavy setup

    DrunkVolcanoDrunkVolcano4 dagar sedan
  • Uncle Jobel be damned

    Moth ManMoth Man4 dagar sedan
  • He bought a pc just to test shit on it... I don't even have a pc Damn son, you're winning

    pipocadocepipocadoce4 dagar sedan
  • I think this is how Skynet was created.

    Biff BambooBiff Bamboo4 dagar sedan
  • I already had to clean laptops with over 5000 viruses myself, and I cleaned them easily without having to format.

    Kobi BladeKobi Blade4 dagar sedan
  • 2:08 2nd video to the left on the bottom, nice creator that man is.

    FloydyFloydy4 dagar sedan
  • Помню в детстве от друга от его сд диска поймал червя. Так червя антивирус почти сразу отловил. Зато осталась классная 3д заставка на экран ожидания и ползающими и поедающими твой монитор червями. Крутой бонус. Вот раньше вирусы были так вирусы, не то что сейчас :-D

    Станислав ФёдоровСтанислав Фёдоров4 dagar sedan
  • No hate but... you shouldn’t show the outcome at the beginning of the video so people will want to watch more of it!!!

    Bobbi RakusBobbi Rakus4 dagar sedan
  • if brute force doesn't work, *_You're not using enough_*

    TofuDaTurtleTofuDaTurtle5 dagar sedan
  • *_We're going to make Joel's destruction look like a fucking tea party_*

    TofuDaTurtleTofuDaTurtle5 dagar sedan
  • I am surprised at that LSD virus. I wonder how hard it would be for people to make art like that on modern software because I doubt I could do it without a lot of effort.

    sigurdthebluesigurdtheblue5 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna play command & conquer or generals :/ sell me a windows 98 system someone?

    BigUpVideoBigUpVideo5 dagar sedan
  • Yaaaaaawwwwwwn …….Zzzzz…

    BigUpVideoBigUpVideo5 dagar sedan
  • "Lenovo" Ah! I see you're pouring out the BIG bucks fro this experiment.

    Crimson VulpesCrimson Vulpes5 dagar sedan
  • Total-AV must have thought, "Is this user trying for the high score?!"

    Jim BoJim Bo5 dagar sedan
  • When you use a PUP to scan for malware: yes accurate results Yeah I mean totalAV it's classified by Malwarebytes as a PUP now might wanna update that and tell people not to download it because it's probably more annoying than McAfee lol but at least McAfee is a legitimate software

    somewhat bewilderingsomewhat bewildering5 dagar sedan
  • Of course DOS viruses will still work, Microsoft STILL uses DOS as a basis for Windows 10.

    JaybeeJaybee5 dagar sedan
  • So, what about that 'HUNDRED' new file?

    Luiz RafaelLuiz Rafael5 dagar sedan
  • Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate! Clearing hate, hate!

    facopsefacopse5 dagar sedan
  • The programs were still running at the end, so there is the possibility of it just being a slow PC, no? How did it run after a reboot?

    Juan PretoriusJuan Pretorius5 dagar sedan
  • "microsoft store needs to be online. it looks like you're not" microsoft, why are you so passive aggressive

    bittersweetVICTORYbittersweetVICTORY5 dagar sedan
  • 16:30 looks like a lag out, give it a minute and stop clicking XD

    bbbusterbbbuster5 dagar sedan
  • A file, that opens its self twice. Lags out and crashes the pc.

    bbbusterbbbuster5 dagar sedan
  • Right let me have a rant here. Its nice to see British videos on youtube :D. Nearly every video is american and my self being British, its well nice to see some videos. Thank you for uploading! (:

    Benjy HarrisBenjy Harris5 dagar sedan
  • did anyone else notice that ugly ass mouse

    kwamekwame5 dagar sedan
  • 3:26 I like that name pronunciation ngl

    Mico PesonenMico Pesonen5 dagar sedan
  • This is like infecting yourself with TB and trying to cure it with Antibiotics

    DjKhaled with CancerDjKhaled with Cancer5 dagar sedan
  • The real question, can Total AV save the computer after the flood of DOS malware?

    Terror TalksTerror Talks5 dagar sedan

    Mitch HicksMitch Hicks5 dagar sedan
  • thats like messing with unknown diseases, i wouldnt use that PC on my network ever again, probably should burn it.

    RIP SaebriRIP Saebri5 dagar sedan
  • the one that survived from the 16bit OS all the way to 64bit is prob the real skynet.

    catch10110catch101105 dagar sedan
  • That PC is a bargain! Also reminds me of back when I used to have so much fun playing around with net devil (on my own machine never anyone elses) when I was like 12

    FizzerFizzer5 dagar sedan
  • For anyone who asked: The bottom text at 6:54 is written in Russian. "Everyone's at sea!"

    Anon YmousAnon Ymous5 dagar sedan
    • Kind of. This is more like an invitation : "Everyone to the sea!"

      Not A GingerNot A GingerDag sedan
  • but can it run GOB’s Program

    obscure referenceobscure reference6 dagar sedan
  • old malware are so fun atleast it isnt just a blank screen while your getting hacked like bruh a friggin casino game for your data back? thats amazing

    hank bothank bot6 dagar sedan
  • You actually bought a copy of windows ?

    Penelope RacingPenelope Racing6 dagar sedan
  • LSD is very impressive.

    M4 MediaM4 Media6 dagar sedan
  • I mean it seems like it takes executing a lot of those ancient viruses for it to actually break your computer

    Gaming Master AnthonyGaming Master Anthony6 dagar sedan
  • 6:17 was that one of the enemies from Bad Street Brawlerr?

    Brian GreigBrian Greig6 dagar sedan
  • Viruses in the 90's: Troll the user Viruses in 2021: giv bitcoin and i giv your files bacc

    RändomWalter1RändomWalter16 dagar sedan
    • it's all about the money now 😂

      Farrel ArrayyanFarrel Arrayyan14 timmar sedan
  • The fact that he had 404k subs is perfect

    Frostbit LionFrostbit Lion6 dagar sedan
  • What if one jumps species to a Mac though?

    illiterate thugilliterate thug6 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 "No conflicting hardware, no device drivers to install, no corrupt [files]. It all does it itself." None of those are true

    PuyoPuyo6 dagar sedan
  • Why not just run it on vm and record screen?

    Ignacy KosmowskiIgnacy Kosmowski6 dagar sedan
  • Can't you do the same thing on a VM? Or does that defeat the purpose somehow? Just trying to understand why you would get a new PC.

    Jordan AngleJordan Angle6 dagar sedan
  • Windows security is bad... Try the EXECUTIONER ROBOT Malwarebytes.

    Aaron EmmanuelAaron Emmanuel6 dagar sedan
  • wouldn't we define a modern pc as running a 64bit system to begin with?

    NugologyNugology6 dagar sedan
  • My laptop already acts like this even without viruses

    Anthony BugananAnthony Buganan6 dagar sedan