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13 dec 2019
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It's that time again, the time is the time for mail box time, or as us British folks call it, post time. That's right, here's the entire hoard of goods that you've sent me in the past 6 or 7 months. Ranging from retro games of delight, to cartridges that enable the Jaguar to play any game from it's library, this is one hella haul. Thank you to everyone who has sent items in, and now if you wouldn't mind, here are links to some of the items which have been sent in;
Retro Gaming Cables -
Remute Cart -
Studio Cult -
Elegoo Starter Kit -
Bitmap Bureau -
ZX Spectrum Book -
Atari 8 Bit Book -
Atari 2600 Book -
NumSkull Designs Merch -
Simulant WiFi Dongle -
Wireframe Mag -
NES Doom Build -
Mega Drive HDMI Cable -
Team Sonic Racing -
STEM Project Kit -
Atari ST Books -
Tauon Electronics (All in one PC) -
Retro HQ -
BittBoy PocketGO -
Terraonion (Mega SD) -
The Retro Future -
TrueBlue (PS Mini Crack) -
Also, thank you to Ocatv1us for the "assistance" It's also worth noting that our back and forths are in jest. It's BANTZ innit.
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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2019
Blue Snowball Microphone

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  • Just to make clear, our quips and back and forth are almost always in jest. We love the BANTZ innit. Also, please find some links for your delectation; Retro Gaming Cables - Remute Cart - Studio Cult - Elegoo Starter Kit - Bitmap Bureau (XenoCrisis) - ZX Spectrum Book - Atari 8 Bit Book - Atari 2600 Book - NumSkull Designs Merch - Simulant WiFi Dongle - Wireframe Mag - NES Doom Build - Mega Drive HDMI Cable - Team Sonic Racing - STEM Project Kit - Atari ST Books - Tauon Electronics (All in one PC) - Retro HQ - BittBoy PocketGO - Terraonion (Mega SD) - The Retro Future - TrueBlue (PS Mini Crack) - Did I miss any?

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan
    • You two are terrific! I couldn't stop laughing... You're a tape head cleaner! Lmfao!!

      Zero x ZeroZero x Zero10 månader sedan
    • @5Rounds Rapid 100% Peter is a good guy.

      John HuntJohn Hunt10 månader sedan
    • When you can pick with someone, and they think it’s funny, you really have a good friend there! You’re a top bloke for just being her friend through such a tough time. 👍

      5Rounds Rapid5Rounds Rapid10 månader sedan
    • So... she's your youtube wife.

      David HunterDavid Hunter10 månader sedan
    • Anyone would think you were a married couple 😂

      Andrew HutchingsAndrew Hutchings10 månader sedan
  • He's so fucking cute, it's unbearable, hngh.

    David McGahanDavid McGahan7 dagar sedan
  • Very entertaining!!!! Love your back and forth with octy:)

    Ev LloydEv Lloyd24 dagar sedan
  • Aside from the intense envy, this video has also left me with a craving for Purdeys You prefer the silver or black bottle?

    Game BoothGame BoothMånad sedan
  • "It's so wangly"...sadly, every words muttered by every girlfriend I've had.

    CoindoorDaveCoindoorDaveMånad sedan
  • I don’t know if I approve of N≡N being outed as having a human name.

    Dave ListerDave ListerMånad sedan
  • You guys are pretty cute together

    Retro Tech Bits ‘N’ PiecesRetro Tech Bits ‘N’ PiecesMånad sedan
  • Action Fighter was freaking awesome.

    Rizon1985Rizon19854 månader sedan
  • Anyone else find the girl actually really annoying?

    RCapricotRCapricot5 månader sedan
  • 24:39 doDO

    476MHz476MHz5 månader sedan
  • Someone who knows Nerd and Octav1ous watching this: They are so funny together. Someone who doesn't know them watching this: Wow, that marriage won't last. hahahaha

    Dick DawsonDick Dawson5 månader sedan
  • While both excellent channels on their own, the videos you two do together are so damn fun to watch :)

    Applied ZombotronicsApplied Zombotronics5 månader sedan
  • Octav1us have such a bloody fun humour. You two should make more videoes together, because you two are such fun together. :-)

    brostenenbrostenen9 månader sedan
  • Very comical video. It's like Christmas day all over again. I hope you got space for all your new stuff.

    Morgan Just GamesMorgan Just Games9 månader sedan
  • are you smashing octavious ? lucky twat !

    the bird shedthe bird shed10 månader sedan
  • Look at me! I got a girlfriend! Throwing gifts and donations around without any respect for the content or people who donated. Looked at, thrown aside, discarded and on to the next box to throw around through the room. Great job!

    Gerben KuipersGerben Kuipers10 månader sedan
  • Octy! :D

    AleAle10 månader sedan
  • YOU'RE a head cleaner for a casette! Best insult ever! =D

    Roger SkagerströmRoger Skagerström10 månader sedan
  • Wow, this made me unsubscribe...

    Jakob GedionsenJakob Gedionsen10 månader sedan
  • That time you hear "good luck knickers" instead of "necklace"...

    xenaretosxenaretos10 månader sedan
  • It's not a pin....It's a bloody BADGE!!!!!!!!

    FlashPanFlashPan10 månader sedan
  • I like your uploads but please learn to say "The", " "Those", "These", "That", "Other", "With" and "This" properly instead of saying "Vhe", "Vose", "Vhese", "Vat", "Ova", "Wiv" and "Vhis"... etc, Basicly just learn to pronounce "Th", "Wiv" is not a word! It just makes you sound uninteligent, although you clearly are not. Please do this!, (not "Vhis"!), don't sound like a moron for the remainder of your life ;-).... Really!...... Please........

    x-illusion-xx-illusion-x10 månader sedan
  • You two are so besty's

    David TaylorDavid Taylor10 månader sedan
  • Heh, a copy of Unreal II: The Awakening. Not sure if I should be disappointed or pleased that you didn't mention it. I did get some enjoyment out of that game, to be fair, and the intro is pretty swish.

    Stephan DolbyStephan Dolby10 månader sedan
  • Leave the singing to octy peter :p

    MiggyManMikeMiggyManMike10 månader sedan
  • Those packing peanuts made me snort! 😂

    geezerdiamondgeezerdiamond10 månader sedan
  • all you need is ed the duck, and a butler costume and you are laughing

    Marc HudsonMarc Hudson10 månader sedan
  • Love the video, Merry Christmas guys. Wangley!

    CrisisRik08CrisisRik0810 månader sedan
  • I've always loved the dynamic that you and Octav1us have, it's always super entertaining to listen to and watch.

    James SiskJames Sisk10 månader sedan
  • Hey NN I'm an electronic music composer and if you want me to compose you a custom musical theme for free let me know.

    Robb PriestleyRobb Priestley10 månader sedan
  • Not my proudest wank

    What's next?What's next?10 månader sedan
  • love the dynamic between you two haha

    Dave SheenDave Sheen10 månader sedan
  • Imagine if there was also some food in that boxes... after six months :-D

    Vincent GRVincent GR10 månader sedan
  • that was a joy to watch :D

    Dave BurfordDave Burford10 månader sedan
  • Such a cute girl, be nice to her, toxic man. ;)

    AaaalteerAaaalteer10 månader sedan
  • I love how he takes the lord's name in vain.

    welkflingerswelkflingers10 månader sedan
  • (15:22) _"It's, like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is... none."_ -- This is Spinal Tap

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel10 månader sedan
  • (7:13) Not heavy, you say? Would you like Ocatv1us to toss it at you like the other packages? *:P*

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel10 månader sedan
  • Is there any way we could just....get a room and quit beating around the bush as if were?

    Jip JacksonJip Jackson10 månader sedan
  • (0:45) _"Throw me the rubbish."_ -- Ocatv1us What else would you expect a kitten to do? Kittens play with the packaging, that's what they do.

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel10 månader sedan
  • I send you a voucher for £100,000,000, expires in 5 months. Dude/mate/bro/legend/human, respect the mail and the people behind it within an acceptable time frame. Return to sender?

    fourdee4dfourdee4d10 månader sedan
  • Where's the hoodie from, homie?

    Elliot BridgewaterElliot Bridgewater10 månader sedan
  • How can you tell when you're argue-acting and when you're arguing for real? When Octavius tries to STEAL STUFF

    Balor PriceBalor Price10 månader sedan
  • Omg she needed to shut the hell up. I couldn't even make it 5 minutes. This is why unboxing videos are typically only one person.

    Wayne ChristopherWayne Christopher10 månader sedan
  • "Take my clothes off" and suddenly this becomes a different kind of video.

    Juan BritsJuan Brits10 månader sedan
  • If my Uncle was my Ferranti...

    Jonathan ClarkeJonathan Clarke10 månader sedan
  • 10:03 that is one funky heatsink! What is it for?

    KOTYAR0KOTYAR010 månader sedan
  • I love your book! (And this vid) I wish you both a merry Christmas 😊

    JennyBean90JennyBean9010 månader sedan
  • Shee is so lovely, iam melting... you must be lucky man!

    Hugo SauersteinHugo Sauerstein10 månader sedan
  • how dare you get a copy of POD...i just with i had parts for an old pc to build a system to play it

    Rob The SquireRob The Squire10 månader sedan
  • Octav1us literally has a personality of a rat. She just runs amok and tries to play with everything she sets her eyes on. Every one of my numerous rats have been doing exactly this. With more of nibbling and biting and less of ominous laughter, of course XD And I'm delighted to see her in such high spirits.

    SeknorSeknor10 månader sedan
    • Get grip of yourself.

      Gen X - Dad and TeacherGen X - Dad and Teacher10 månader sedan
  • "You're a head cleaner!" I was totally expecting Ocatv1us to hit you with one of the packages... =)

    2Toadz2Toadz10 månader sedan
  • You English geezer stop appropriating my American culture and get your own Britain Online hoodies!

    Jay-Z DentonJay-Z Denton10 månader sedan
  • Guys, the constant bickering gets really tiresome. Also, most of these products (Bittboy, Pound cables, Xenocrisis, etc) have seen massive review waves on SEworld already. Kind of embarassing to see you get to opening them just now.

    JopieHaargelJopieHaargel10 månader sedan
  • I have two very important questions - 1) Was Octav1us finally warm after wearing all those layers and did they feel the benefit when going outside? 2) Can I please have the AOL hoody? I don't have a first born to offer in exchange but I can offer my soul if that helps.

    Phil's Solo TravelsPhil's Solo Travels10 månader sedan
  • I had no idea AOL did hoodies? A new Megadrive game ? Nice. Octavia’s laugh :)

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadman10 månader sedan
  • Brilliantly funny.

    Alaric SmithAlaric Smith10 månader sedan
  • I had one of those Ferranti XT clones once, with a Hercules graphics card in it. The coolest thing was the power LED which was orange at switch-on, then turned green when the POST completed. I sold it, then years later wished I hadn't.

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor10 månader sedan
  • I’m really proud of you for helping Octavius through her horrible luck recently. I’m a very anxious, socially awkward person, and people like you really make life easier!

    5Rounds Rapid5Rounds Rapid10 månader sedan
  • I think that’s the most annoying piece of clothing I’ve ever seen (AOL).

    Michael BennettMichael Bennett10 månader sedan
  • Hello, retrofuture is a nob. FACT!

    play itcoolplay itcool10 månader sedan
  • 0:34 Helping… casing the joint… tomato/potato

    Sarreq TeryxSarreq Teryx10 månader sedan
  • There is just three words that can describe these two together. Old married couple

    Blue CoyoteBlue Coyote10 månader sedan
  • Wait, are they a couple?

    charvelgtrscharvelgtrs10 månader sedan
  • I like watching videos of you and your wife bicker, you should include her in more videos.

    Daxton AndersonDaxton Anderson10 månader sedan
  • ALWAYS do unboxing vids with Octav1us she is great and this vid was so much fun to watch. Also, 'It's so wangaly!' needs to be on a t-shirt.

    TheFlatulentCowTheFlatulentCow10 månader sedan
  • Someone at Numskull really fancies you mate...

    Chapman BaxterChapman Baxter10 månader sedan
  • What a beautiful hoodie.

    SmattlessSmattless10 månader sedan
  • I really enjoy nostalgia nerd’s videos..but does he post more often somewhere else? He is always saying ‘I need to make a video on this’ but only posts once a month on SEworld?

    BenKBenK10 månader sedan
  • Nerd: "Octavious is here helping me... off camera" Swayze: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy Modeler10 månader sedan
  • aghhhh!!!! what was that, you about took my face off. "i was only adding some interest and sparkle" interesting ways to take me out lol. funniest moment ever,

    Andrew MacLeodAndrew MacLeod10 månader sedan
  • Mega SD! So Jealous!

    Mike ReynoldsMike Reynolds10 månader sedan
  • Octav1us is so adorable in this video. Such fun this is having. Good times.

    oneuptheextramanoneuptheextraman10 månader sedan
  • Spoilt wa**er. I like both of them but don't act like a spoilt child with every box

    Greg TogneriGreg Togneri10 månader sedan
  • Honestly, it's just funny and awesome seeing you two interact with each other.

    Darren LandrumDarren Landrum10 månader sedan
  • she is trying to make your unboxing video have an Austin Evans flavor to it.

    RedWingBlackBirdRedWingBlackBird10 månader sedan
  • Where did you get the America online hoodie from, I want one

    Anthony GunbyAnthony Gunby10 månader sedan
  • you should clean up after a hand shandy as she has your tissue stuck to her back.

    turokforever007turokforever00710 månader sedan
  • i gotta ask,,,, what is his relationship with the medal lady?

    zoiuduuzoiuduu10 månader sedan
  • Great video, lucky you with all those goodies! Glad to see octavius looking happier. Wes

    Wesley FlavellWesley Flavell10 månader sedan
  • Stupid question.. Octacv1us is his sister right? Lol

    Chris KellyChris Kelly10 månader sedan
  • Aww it must be love. She is quite pretty but that was cringy asf.

    EAT MEEKEAT MEEK10 månader sedan
  • they together yet? If not i get dibs on saying sometime in funerary

    12me9112me9110 månader sedan
  • Numskull is sad to announce its dissolution after going bankrupt by sending Peter all its inventory.

    Maggie McFeeMaggie McFee10 månader sedan
  • Okay, I’m gonna say this because I care: - You’ve got a hoarding issue. It’s very obvious from your surroundings - and your buying habits. I’m not being mean, I’m just saying.. I’ve noticed this.. and I needed to say it.

    Michael O CallaghanMichael O Callaghan10 månader sedan
  • This was highly entertaining! I love watching the interactions between you two. Be well. :)

    Nat GrantNat Grant10 månader sedan
  • Great video, lot's of cool stuff! Nice to see Octav1us back and in good spirits! At the end, it looked like Octav1us crashed into a gaming gift shop and came out wearing half the stock! The "Take of my clothes" line had me in stitches too!

    RockRedGenesisRockRedGenesis10 månader sedan
  • Do the unboxing on your own next time! 🤣

    Nick BarnettNick Barnett10 månader sedan
  • That was a glorious chaotic mess. Glad to see Octav1us back - you were missed.

    speedwolfspeedwolf10 månader sedan
  • Yep, you and octav1us sound like a pair to me

    needforsuvneedforsuv10 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or do I want Peter’s AOL hoodie?! I love it

    Kai PreshawKai Preshaw10 månader sedan
  • What happened to octav1us? Everyone saying good to see her doing well?

    Morkus MorkusMorkus Morkus10 månader sedan
    • @5Rounds Rapid Ah. I see. Cheers for letting me know 👍

      Morkus MorkusMorkus Morkus10 månader sedan
    • A while back she got a copyright strike, and she had to pull all her videos out of caution. The owner eventually let her put them back up.

      5Rounds Rapid5Rounds Rapid10 månader sedan
  • Can't tell if they're dating or are mother and son... Or both...

    Benderdick CumbersnatchBenderdick Cumbersnatch10 månader sedan
  • Octavius sounds like Jen from The IT Crowd 😁

    hak1985orghak1985org10 månader sedan
  • id buy a burger

    Stephen ParableStephen Parable10 månader sedan
  • I have a fallout Christmas jumper from numbskull it's amazing 🙂

    Timsalt3100Timsalt310010 månader sedan
  • Oh what I'd give to have a Woman who says "I want that" to an Uno R3 kit. The icing on the cake would be "show me how to solder".... Heaven!!!!! Instead they just want money to go shopping for clothes, then try to sweeten the deal by buying me an item of clothing I didn't want.

    Pnoch EowellPnoch Eowell10 månader sedan
    • @The Deadpool Who Chuckles. Nah my work place is a Sausage fest, only on the weekends.

      Pnoch EowellPnoch Eowell10 månader sedan
    • Wouldn't a shirt you didn't want, be better than the usual restraining orders im sure you receive dailey?

      The Deadpool Who Chuckles.The Deadpool Who Chuckles.10 månader sedan
  • These two just need to openly admit they are doing the horizontal tango

    SecretOfMonkeyIslandSecretOfMonkeyIsland10 månader sedan
    • Synchronized Swimming?

      The Deadpool Who Chuckles.The Deadpool Who Chuckles.10 månader sedan

    Kevin O'NeillKevin O'Neill10 månader sedan
  • NN's foreplay revealed! : "TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF!" XD XD XD

    Lucan MonksLucan Monks10 månader sedan