Advent Calendar for Windows 3.1 | Nostalgia Nerd

8 dec 2018
20 966 visningar

Watch days 9 to 25 opening at Opening an advent calendar, that's where we're at. Welcome to a strange place, a strange 90s place. A place where a Windows 3.1 advent calendar resides, and we get to open it. Welcome to the joys of Christmas.
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  • Perhaps if Ashens and Dan Nerd³ are in lockdown this Xmas, they could play off on old computer based advent calendars, rather than going out and buying the ridiculously overpriced real ones.

    Benjamin KappelsonBenjamin Kappelson2 månader sedan
  • ...As a specific sort of nerd, may I inquire as to what's in that "speak" folder?

    Alex HauptmannAlex HauptmannÅr sedan
  • Oh s=/!

    SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' TrollsSMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' TrollsÅr sedan
  • Paul Gyugyi! That name rings a bell... ah, yes, he made a library of Lego shapes for the netshade raytracer in the 1996-8 timeframe.

    John ElliottJohn ElliottÅr sedan
  • 1:56 so that's where R.R Martin got his name from for his evil characters.

    John DripperJohn DripperÅr sedan
  • So did you send him 10 bucks? :)

    Valentin KozinValentin KozinÅr sedan
  • Hey, we have the same chocolate calendar lol

    mtohrwmtohrwÅr sedan
  • 'big video'? 5 minutes. Okay then.

    Legacy DepotLegacy DepotÅr sedan
  • pleeeeease do a review of the gateway pc in the day 486 dx chip and dune cd rom virgin game it was an epic time x

    Peter HaganPeter HaganÅr sedan
  • This is the first time I have heard of an advent calendar

    Phillip RhoadesPhillip RhoadesÅr sedan
  • Thanks for reminding me to complain to the advent calendar people about all the missing sweets. Remember, kids, stick to the expensive ones. Fewer disappointed children.

    JabličkaJabličkaÅr sedan
  • If you think about it, Advent Calendars are like Windows... to chocolate.

    SamSamÅr sedan
    • I DID actually think this. But I didn't think it enough to talk about it.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • "..... him." Yup, that drew an audible LOL.

    Anonymous FreakAnonymous FreakÅr sedan
  • "I bet it's a little bird...HOLY CRAP!!!....." LOLOL Gold!

    touring21touring21År sedan
  • LOL. Merry Christmas! :)

    Bolling HoltBolling HoltÅr sedan
  • Please invest in a Schindler or use this little tip:

    Martin MengeMartin MengeÅr sedan
  • Yay! I have the same moo free calendar.

    XantheinXantheinÅr sedan
  • Yep, I'm a 3.1 kid myself. On a Toshiba laptop if memory serves.

    Finite TuningFinite TuningÅr sedan
  • I swear I remember that weird ass rabbit from a cd of clipart from the early 90s I found in a thrift store a few years back.

    Kandi GlossKandi GlossÅr sedan
  • You should so send the £8.50 to him, and see if he lives there ;) As for the've got a junky rabbit, a squirrel that either a) froze to death or b) got caught in the act ;) and a sad lonely reindeer stuck up in the tree. I know Windows 3.11/3.1 was basic, but this for their standards is taking the piss!!

    Music Uploads Here, There and EVERYWHEREMusic Uploads Here, There and EVERYWHEREÅr sedan
  • So.. The chimney turns into Rudolf. And Rudolf condemns the family to death by carbon monoxide poisoning. I hardly find that in the festive spirit!

    Paul GascoignePaul GascoigneÅr sedan
  • Can I have your Packard Bell CRT with the speakers on the side? :)

    Mark BassettMark BassettÅr sedan
  • way to milk a fanbase for views...

    Pickle RickPickle RickÅr sedan
    • No, it's actually a milk free advent calendar.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • its got mixie that rabbit

    roy brownroy brownÅr sedan
  • 01:17 This scrolling would be so much less jarring if it was rendered in 1080/60 :O

    Elliot BridgewaterElliot BridgewaterÅr sedan
  • lol u see it doesnt make sense until u see its the rabbit tripping bawls on some bad cabbage

    Jay MeansJay MeansÅr sedan
  • It's the squirrel that got me. I'm in.

    A Handsome FridgeA Handsome FridgeÅr sedan
  • You can download Advent Calendar from here: It still run perfectly on Windows XP 32-bit and possibly above... enjoy :-)

    ZilinaSKZilinaSKÅr sedan
  • Who Waits until the last day of the Advent calendar to watch all the Advent calendar videos

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameÅr sedan
    • @BertyFromDK binging all the advent calendar video after they are all out is my method of choice

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameÅr sedan
    • I just can't do that; i'm the kind of person who opens all the doors as soon as I get the calendar home.

      BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • Paul continued with computers:

    tbird81tbird81År sedan
  • I wish computers stopped evolving at windows 98. Smartphones suck big sucks and have destroyed humanity. 5G service will make people even more impatient and I hope Verizon shoves all the 5g antennas and motto mods up they're ass.

  • (3:27) No Maximize, but the button is still there. It's just like many _Shovelware Diggers_ episodes on the *Pixelmusement* (Ancient DOS Games) SEworld channel.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • I'd rather advent calendars pass into obscurity, but legacy windows programs are always interesting.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Your... Extra channel. Well, then- someone here hasn't been paying attention. Time to fix that.

    Qun MangQun MangÅr sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd Haha - I of course meant me- you're fine. :D

      Qun MangQun MangÅr sedan
    • Usually me

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • "Willing that snowman into his grave" brilliant

    JikyuuJikyuuÅr sedan
  • better then ashens one this year

    Scott TraynorScott TraynorÅr sedan
  • well that got a little dark and creepy

    JoNNy_CoD PhiloJoNNy_CoD PhiloÅr sedan
  • The good ol' days when it took so little to entertain us.

    Kowboy USAKowboy USAÅr sedan
  • Cool, but kind of annoying you don't just show the entire application. Not gonna subscribe to another channel and watch dozens of short vids just for 1 piece of freeware.

    OttoNLOttoNLÅr sedan
    • Well, it's YOUR loss, especially when we get to door 24. Holy crap, I reckon that's a corker.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • I'm sure we'll all miss you.

      tbird81tbird81År sedan
  • I don't understand what this is hahahahaha, I never heard of "advent calendars" hahaha

    PelgerPelgerÅr sedan
  • That rabbit is tripping balls. Maybe this could become an annual feature, with terrible computer advent calendars. I doubt this is the only one out there.

    DvdbytesDvdbytesÅr sedan
  • geez i thought the images were going to be more Jesus related such as the night star when Jesus was born.

    CyDragonGMCyDragonGMÅr sedan
  • A Snowman humping squirrel 😂

    Darth BukowskiDarth BukowskiÅr sedan
  • I was hoping for a custom/hacked version

    AcheForWakeAcheForWakeÅr sedan
  • The keyboard - what kind of keyboard is it at 0:48?

    William of BaskervilleWilliam of BaskervilleÅr sedan
  • i prefer the teletext advent calendar, used to love seeing the new one everyday before school

    Little Dan Mac ConmaraLittle Dan Mac ConmaraÅr sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd yeah it was brilliant, it must been some years ago since it stopped. i forget the number, i think it was three single numbers, like a'555' or '888'. useed to go to go the page and then click next and it would go to the next page which was christmas art. it was great, im sure you could find it somewhere on the internet under ceefax artwork

      Little Dan Mac ConmaraLittle Dan Mac ConmaraÅr sedan
    • There was a TELETEXT ADVENT CALENDAR?! How did I not know this.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Any chance you could do videos in 60fps rather than 30fps?

    SCBSCBÅr sedan
    • I do when I'm playing something that warrants it, but Windows 3.1, really?

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 0:06 I have the same calendar! vegan chocolate! 💚

    bodhiBitbodhiBitÅr sedan
  • Entertainment, pure 😂👍

    BitPALBitPALÅr sedan
  • Paul Gyugyi

    David HallettDavid HallettÅr sedan
  • Squirrels raping Snowmen

    Bob MaganaBob MaganaÅr sedan
  • The bauble looks more like one of those ketchup dispensers you used to get in places like Wimpy and the "Queen's own ketchup" from the chess scene in Bottom.

    MegaWayneDMegaWayneDÅr sedan
  • Avent calendars still aren't big with Catholics so I never had one growing up.

    Christopher SobieniakChristopher SobieniakÅr sedan
  • no

    dacealksnedacealksneÅr sedan
    • There's no limits.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 🤣

    Sergiusz RoszczykSergiusz RoszczykÅr sedan
  • lmao!

    Ali107Ali107År sedan
  • Snowman looks like a witch with that hat and rabbit is definitely tripping balls.

    C. L.C. L.År sedan
  • Love this advent calendar, so vintage.

    KK ProductionsKK ProductionsÅr sedan
  • Liked just for not having fucking Nerd cubed in it.

    B SmithB SmithÅr sedan
  • I also do not care for the advent calendar, and I also do care about windows. Seems like this is the video for me.

    Wilson JimenezWilson JimenezÅr sedan
  • Aiming for five minutes, manages to make it nearly six-and-a-half. You have succeeded my good man.

    MrMortullMrMortullÅr sedan
    • JOB DONE. Now only the next 16 days to go.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • The Easter Bunny was mortified by the squirrel's behavior

    Stephen GillStephen GillÅr sedan
  • 4:30 squirrel caught in the act, up to something LOL I almost spitted my coffee ))))

    FrankoFrankoÅr sedan
  • Hey, are you vegan? I noticed you have a vegan / dairy free calendar.

    SkelliousSkelliousÅr sedan
    • Yis.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • From ASDA

      CPro RacingCPro RacingÅr sedan
  • this Conker's first appearance?

    Crazy_BorgCrazy_BorgÅr sedan
  • Looks like the squirrel has been up to no good with the rabbit.

    Genial Harry GroutGenial Harry GroutÅr sedan
  • There must be a better way for you to promote your other channel ! this looks terrible, I hope they didn't charge for it.

    Demon HighwaymanDemon HighwaymanÅr sedan
    • What?! It's I N C R E D I B L E

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • I got the impression that this was a freebie, and that "next year's" calendar would be for money.

      BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
  • Make a better calendar yourself. Te rabbit is obviously from Bambi, and what the fuck would expect from a cloud? Did you ever have an advent calendar? If so, you MUST recognise different pictures that have to do with christmas. No? I thought as much. Why are you mocking something you do not understand? Make your own fucking advent calender. If you are too stupid to see the obvious, then noone can help you....

    Main FrameMain FrameÅr sedan
  • This amused me more than it should!

    Jonathan EllisJonathan EllisÅr sedan
  • I've never found a decent vegan chocolate advent calendar yet. Any suggestions guys?

    DC FlakeDC FlakeÅr sedan
    • Jelly Belly do an advent calendar.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Moo free is decent, tastes like Magic Stars imo, I have the Candy Kittens calendar this year though

      cncgeneralcncgeneralÅr sedan
    • One here - Another one - The rest of them if you don't like the two i posted -

      ThatNormalBunnyThatNormalBunnyÅr sedan
  • I like the innocent honesty of the author.

    Jodie PriceJodie PriceÅr sedan
    • Yea i was thinking that

      wayne clarkwayne clarkÅr sedan
  • I have not even watched this yet but it is already my favorite video of 2018 just from the premise.

    CallOfDrewthulhuCallOfDrewthulhuÅr sedan
  • Ahhhhh rabbits and heroin, classic Christmas times

    M _M _År sedan
  • Yum, 油.

    Stupid LiliStupid LiliÅr sedan
  • oi

    MrNasaMrNasaÅr sedan
  • Dear me, those images were dissapointing, although kinda charming all the same! Any excuse to see win 3.1 suits me though! 🙂

    dr-nerddr-nerdÅr sedan
    • Technically, without wishing to add drama. The Windows I show booting at 0:43 isn't actually the Windows I'm using to demonstrate the calendar. BUT, It is still Windows 3.11. I just tend to use 3.1 and 3.11 interchangeably. Because they're pretty similar.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • @computers with nikita nikita 0:43 peel your eyes dude

      FrankoFrankoÅr sedan
    • @Franko really, Nostalgia Nerd said 3.1?

      dr-nerddr-nerdÅr sedan
    • @computers with nikita nikita thats what I thougth. Still, anything pre Vista makes me happy! 😀

      dr-nerddr-nerdÅr sedan
    • No he is on 3.1 not 3.11.

      computers with nikita nikitacomputers with nikita nikitaÅr sedan