Two Point Hospital Review | Nostalgia Nerd

30 aug 2018
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Two Point Hospital, is it Theme Hospital, or at least Theme Hospital 2? How does it compare? Well, it's certainly damn close, involving several members of the original Theme Hospital development team in its creation. Two Point Hospital, developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega offers many, many similarities with its Spiritual Predecessor, Theme Hospital, but also, quite a few improvements and alterations, making it a new hospital management simulation, fit for 2018.
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Usually, I'd release this video on Friday, but as Two Point Hospital is released, today, 30th August 2018, it made sense to publish a little early.
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  • Bullfrog is the most sacred video game company that ever existed, and I forget they existed all the time.

    Ghost DogGhost Dog8 dagar sedan
  • we might be older now , and things we see are not seen for the first time .

    Sana omarSana omarMånad sedan
  • "So..what's my end-verdict?" *shows a clown taking a shit next to a doctor having diarrhea* lmfao!

    Dan BDan B6 månader sedan
  • Truly the best review for this game on the internet. Love the comparisons to my old favourite theme hospital.

    Sharee HockingSharee Hocking7 månader sedan
  • Loved playing Theme Hospital on the P.S back in the day.

    sean whitesean white7 månader sedan
  • Got the game day of console release and ended playing for 4hrs straight.

    jennifer mckayjennifer mckay8 månader sedan
  • At the moment you can get Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Two Point Hospital, Street Fighter V, Graveyard Keeper, Dirt Rally 2.0 +DLCs + 3 more games for like 10 quid or 12 dollars (for all of them together) at Humble Choice, think it runs out on the 6th but I'm not sure.

    CommandufCommanduf8 månader sedan
  • it's a good game, only think I don't like is the menus. they look so "mobile game" style. Instantly feels cheap for me. Also in gameplay, I can't see the purpose of the ghosts. They're not adding anything to the game.

    rootiferarootifera9 månader sedan
  • Slapping down nurses wouldn't go very well these days I guess. Too bad we can't have nice things anymore!

    MadFinnTechMadFinnTech10 månader sedan
  • When is the ps4 release date please?

    PS4 FanPS4 FanÅr sedan
  • one thing i love about this is you can have your own custom radio - always fun when prodigy 'firestarter' comes on when my hospital is basically burning to the ground and people running around panicking

    Shield Yourself MusicShield Yourself MusicÅr sedan
  • The Larry Dungeon clip made the whole video more than worth watching.

    Jereth KhanJereth KhanÅr sedan
  • Sadly I can't play it. My PC is 10 years old and doesn't support directx 11

    ksp1278ksp1278År sedan
  • @Nostalgia Nerd For some reason your video no longer plays for me in my playlist it may need fixing? Cancel that its my end it works at 360p must be my crap internet or a full cache or hardrive on my PS4 making a bottleneck of sorts, if only i knew how things worked lol

    Tony HarknettTony HarknettÅr sedan
  • i really want this game or the original on nintendo switch or ios

    Gadget_ukGadget_ukÅr sedan
  • Massive fan of the Theme Hospital, lol, I still have the disk form all those years ago. Looks like they have created a truly great successor. Can't wait to give it ago

    Sylvester FritzSylvester FritzÅr sedan
  • Oh how I wish I had time for this kind of stuff

    G BlakeG BlakeÅr sedan
  • This actually interested me...but the price its way to much...might just waiting for sales.

    HolyXerxesHolyXerxesÅr sedan
  • "...and a Sega arcade machine!" ...Because apparently, Sega published this game!

    AvidSonicFanAvidSonicFanÅr sedan
  • It's not the same announcer. They went looking for her, but failed. However one wife of the developers (I think it was) could do nearly the same dead pan delivery...

    XenoxsisXenoxsis2 år sedan
  • 2:50 I'm dead!

    CursedByakkoCursedByakko2 år sedan
  • I think old one is better.

    the legend of aunty蔡the legend of aunty蔡2 år sedan
  • Thank you guys for this video!!! I loved to play Theme Hospital! And was curious to this one!!

    RinoRino2 år sedan
  • masonic floor everywhere, games satanic.

    demoniosENDemoniandemoniosENDemonian2 år sedan
  • Two Point Hospital.... Theme Hospital Two point zero...

    TheWolfkitTheWolfkit2 år sedan
    • ok boomer

      I BI B10 månader sedan
  • 2 point hospital is a play on the words "version 2 "." point 0 Hospital"

    BananafoneBananafone2 år sedan
  • Hmm PS4? Im sick of suposed AAA Sales practices.

    Tony HarknettTony Harknett2 år sedan
  • Hehehehe the Peter Molyneux/Larry Bundy reference XD

    zintosionzintosion2 år sedan
  • I was so addicted to Theme Hospital. I am so happy that this has come out. Great video.

    SoulGal7SoulGal72 år sedan
  • Can't help but think of Crapston Villas when I see the characters in this... Anyone else remember that?

    IronicbadgerIronicbadger2 år sedan
  • Thanks for introducing me to this spiritual successor. I was a big fan of Theme hospital on PS1 back in the day.

    Kyudo KunKyudo Kun2 år sedan
  • thank you for the straight forward non bullshit and drama review

    Troll BoyTroll Boy2 år sedan
  • I've been waiting for this for close to 20 years. I just wish it was sprites instead of 3D, like the original. You can't recreate that same cartoon graphics feel on 3D.

    01DOGG0101DOGG012 år sedan
  • I actually only came here cause i seen the ad i immediately thought of, Theme Hospital.

    ME 0020ME 00202 år sedan
  • Great video Loved Theme Hospital, I had it on the PS one spent way to many hours on it as well as X-com and Final Fantasy VII I'm going to have to looking into Two Point Hospital.

    Leigh BorgyLeigh Borgy2 år sedan
  • SOLD! great review made me want to go ahead and get a copy from Steam :-) I agree with you the tannoy announcer does sound like the same person did the voice acting and its great. My family hated me playing Theme hospital because they hated the voice and made me turn the volume down or off lol. Now being an adult and living in my own home I can play without such restrictions lol.

    Starby RayStarby Ray2 år sedan
  • Haha did I see a Freddie Mercury complex there, to replace the Elvis complex! That's brilliant.

    db2019 pdb2019 p2 år sedan
  • I wish Total Biscuit got to experience this game before he passed away, I'm sure he would have been pleased with how it turned out

    ZipzeolockeZipzeolocke2 år sedan
  • I hope this one doesn't have the mouse infestation like in theme hospital.

    Daniel WhisenhuntDaniel Whisenhunt2 år sedan
  • Never thought that Hysteria Hospital would get a mention. That game was beyond help!

    Derek TailorDerek Tailor2 år sedan
  • But can you still shoot rats? 🤔

    Luke HulewiczLuke Hulewicz2 år sedan
  • But can you cure bloaty head disease

    Mr. NegativeMr. Negative2 år sedan
  • Looks good but Sega and nasty DRM... no bueno

    fetBfetB2 år sedan
  • loved the larry reference xD keep up the great content

    james mahaljames mahal2 år sedan
  • Quite nice, would you consider using my music for free? You have a new sub!

    Conti MusicConti Music2 år sedan
  • Why 8/10 and not 9/10?

    CheapSushiCheapSushi2 år sedan
  • 1:40 Hah? What does "whispers weren't Chinese in origin" mean?? That makes no sense

    MoebiusStripMoebiusStrip2 år sedan
  • Freddie Mercury @ 6:45

    ElectronicleElectronicle2 år sedan
  • At least it was not done by EA

    Philip MurphyPhilip Murphy2 år sedan
  • Nice this really gives the same feeling as War on the Overworld (Dungeon Keeper 3) did.

    Glenn BronsGlenn Brons2 år sedan
  • They keep on advertising thIS DAMN GAME ON INSTAGRAM, HOLY CRAP!

    IkanziekanIIkanziekanI2 år sedan
  • The art style of this game is british as fuck and I love it.

    Agsma, Just AgsmaAgsma, Just Agsma2 år sedan
  • Is the operating room back? I fail to call it a hospital if there is no surgery going on more of a doctor's. Had Jurassic World Evolution which is kind of like a spiritual successor to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis or at least trying to. Now need a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon (original not the shitty console version) and Rollercoaster Tycoon :)

    multisturgemultisturge2 år sedan
  • Is this game any good is it mostly automated I played one like this on my phone and I uninstalled them in 3 seconds because you had to do extra stuff and I don't like that sort of thing if it's more tycoon II you putting the people to do the work for you I got no problem with it but when you have to start tapping to get a hospital to run that's what gets me uninstalling I like watching the automated stuff

    Everything CoolEverything Cool2 år sedan
  • 10/10 - Two Point Hospital. Probably the best release this year.

    Lieksa TäiniemiLieksa Täiniemi2 år sedan
  • The tannoy announcer is one of the employees from 2 Point studios, they couldn't track down the original announcer. (According to the livestream on launch day.)

    AssortedBitsAssortedBits2 år sedan
  • Has anyone got the link to the source code to make the graphics better in the original? Just started playing it again and I have to say its better than I remembered :-)

    AceBanana100AceBanana1002 år sedan
  • Does this have the same kind of addiction as Dungeon Keeper had?

    XWolvenXWolven2 år sedan
  • spent 30h with this , very good game

    Kuba W.Kuba W.2 år sedan
  • I like the new graphics. They remind me of the art style that Wallace and Gromit uses.

    xGallifreyanGirlxxGallifreyanGirlx2 år sedan
  • Thanks for showing this game! It was a great discovery!

    heroiamareloheroiamarelo2 år sedan
  • Great Review and well thought out and balanced against the Original game. It's all too easy to heap endless praise or scorn on Two point because of its links and similarity to Theme Hospital but I felt you got it pretty much spot on. I really hope that Two Point Studios use this as a platform to give us a spiritual successor to Theme Park next as we never really got that either with Theme Park World/Inc being poor sequels that didn't feel connected to the original. And from there high hopes for more spiritual successors to classics from that era and the "Bulldog" family as well as new ideas too, I'd love a Video Game Tycoon/Game Dev Story style game mode in the Two Point mould.

    Kosmic-25Kosmic-252 år sedan
  • That first radio announcer is an actual radio announcer in the UK.

    Doctor ProteusDoctor Proteus2 år sedan
  • Does no one get annoyed with having the mouse pointer visible during videos? Is it just me?

    Bernard MamoBernard Mamo2 år sedan
  • a populous remake would be amazing

    callumcallum2 år sedan
  • Love your review. You know what Bullfrog game I wish they would remake? Magic Carpet. That game was tremendously fun and really deserves a modern make-over.

    Steel BeardSteel Beard2 år sedan
  • No washrooms or ambulances

    Everything CoolEverything Cool2 år sedan
  • The guy sounds like the guy from the Lego story

    Everything CoolEverything Cool2 år sedan
  • I don't get the household joke

    Everything CoolEverything Cool2 år sedan
  • Many years ago PC gaming was considered dead and games like these were certainly never going to happen until Steam came around! They definitely regenerated simulation games for the PC market and opened them up to new younger audiences! The best thing about it all is that independent studios are developing these new titles most of the time instead of the usual large AAA developers such as EA. 👍

    KaineKaine2 år sedan
  • I hope they do this for theme park ink as well. I loved that game as a kid I still fire it up now and then. I haven't player theme hospital before but I imagen playing this would be just like theme park ink in a hospital. I may have to pick this game up.

    Ultgamer cwUltgamer cw2 år sedan
  • 10:06 that clown didn't wipe...ewww

    Joseph CalandriaJoseph Calandria2 år sedan
  • I wish the would add option of multiple floors for expansion with build-able elevators.

    Nathan BrownNathan Brown2 år sedan
  • Now I want a Sim Theme Park remake with cartoony style as the original

    KarkovbKarkovb2 år sedan
    • Rollercoaster Tycoon did that years ago and still sets the benchmark. Though there are now countless TP clones, many of them are brilliant, the most recent being Parkitect which is on Steam early access.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • I love the Larry/Peter ref lol

    Charlie FlemingCharlie Fleming2 år sedan
  • I would like to see a spiritual successor to Theme Park.

    purplefreak3purplefreak32 år sedan
  • Thanks. Gonna watch Biffa's lets play which I had been avoiding but no longer.

    RobeightRobeight2 år sedan

    Jiří SloukaJiří Slouka2 år sedan
  • This does look like a spiritual successor, and seems to fix some some of the dated game play mechanics, like starting over again as you level up.

    RobertRobert2 år sedan
  • Apart from people complaining about the DRM that they announced 24hrd before release the game looks good

    Nakatomi UkNakatomi Uk2 år sedan
  • Geeze this is just beautiful I need it asap

    R4Z0R84R4Z0R842 år sedan
  • Oh wow, great! Nostalgia in a new coat :). Here's hoping for a Two Point Theme Park :)

    Laura tgGamerLaura tgGamer2 år sedan
  • Patients are asked not to die in the corridors.

    Theo VolzTheo Volz2 år sedan
  • Heres hoping for a theme park revamp

    Monster BarbellMonster Barbell2 år sedan
  • If you love/loved Theme Hospital then you will love this. Its very enjoyable (even though it does repeat itself sometimes) and you will lose hours in this. The radio stations are very funny as well and as its on Steam be interesting to see if any mods and thus more stations may appear? Its worth playing anyway :)

    Doughnut DoneyDoughnut Doney2 år sedan
  • Did anyone ever fail a level on the original theme hospital when your hospital it literally filled with a million people? Lol

    Will PalmerWill Palmer2 år sedan
  • also, people , staff and patients, have their own personalities. They react on each other by many ways and it makes them so much more real... this game is pure gold and will be as classic as was its predecessor.

    89saur89saur2 år sedan
  • Oh theme hospital always brings back the memory of overheating a corridor outside the room they treated people being sick and getting a chain vomit reaction. Was a fun game and will stay on my list for a classic game.

    UKVamp UndeadUKVamp Undead2 år sedan
  • Its more like reskinned version of TH than successor, so its all good :3

    ExiledDicloniusExiledDiclonius2 år sedan
  • I still play Theme hospital, just brought two point hospital. I must say the original is still great fun AND i love the new one. Will I give up playing Theme? Nah. Will I enjoy the Two Point? oh yes!

    Stephen JoinesStephen Joines2 år sedan
  • Theme Hospital was revolutionary for the time. Without it I dont think we would have games like The Sims. Thank god EA didnt get their hands on it

    James BarnesJames Barnes2 år sedan
  • I’m noticing a distinct lack of benches in your hospitals. I remember having to cram them in all over the place in theme hospital.

    ChocolateRobChocolateRob2 år sedan
  • Yeah, Mark Webley and Gary Carr (who both were involved in making Theme Hospistal) made this game. They've been wanting to make this game since 1997 basically but have had bad luck getting it made until now.

    csgrambauercsgrambauer2 år sedan
  • Can't decide whether to get this or Planet Coaster. I like simulation games like this where you can grow a business and can watch characters doing stuff. Loved Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 but never played Theme Hospital. Both games look fun to me. Anyone played both and can suggest one over the other?

    phoenixbluexphoenixbluex2 år sedan
  • Good review. I would like to know if there is going to be any dlc in the future. Is there a roadmap?

    Comrade LynxComrade Lynx2 år sedan
  • I found the original game way more difficult

    PleylandPleyland2 år sedan
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux...I'm sold! Now I can play the game on all 3 OSs!

    aussiebear22aussiebear222 år sedan
  • I just bought it and I am hooked. I played 4 hours straight on my first sitting.

    Hashem HashemHashem Hashem2 år sedan
  • I remember reviews at the time weren't very high, more around 80% but the game has stood the test of time quite well.

    dcikarugadcikaruga2 år sedan
  • Absolutely sublime game. My only issue, personally, is the amount of fecking GP's required. I have about 6 to my current 1 diagnosis, pharmacy, ward, cardio ect, and there's still an insane queue for my GPs.

    Neon EviscerateNeon Eviscerate2 år sedan