Live! at Retro Computer Weekend

7 sep 2019
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I'm here at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, where they're having a Retro weekend, full of obscure machines and treasures. The public have just cleared out, so I thought I'd share these delights with you.

  • I have my almost 30 years of collecting collection up for sale you may be interested in. Lots of obsolete games and driver/software discs in it, along with a bunch of consoles too! I would send you a link, but I cannot see a way to send this to you by email or the like, so I have spammed (sorry) a few of your videos in hope you may see this and at least take a look and have your mouth drop :D The ebay listing is #114236847134. Take a look and see my almost complete collection I am selling !

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  • Didn’t see any NeXT cube or slab

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  • I wish I still had my Beeb. It was a marvelously designed and very capable machine. This classic little micro introduced me to a classic game that I played to death - E L I T E. What great memories. On another note thank you sir, this was a great video post and the 15 FPS really added to the whole nostalgic trip down memory lane :-)

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  • Want them all.

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  • The Altai 8800 is considered the Granddaddy of Personal Computers. I learned about it in computer history in 9th grade. This machine can claim putting Microsoft on any kind of footing because it's programming language was their 1st product Altair BASIC. This is proper computer royalty and someone just has one that they brought from home sitting on a table like it's not anything more special then what's next to it.

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  • Wish they had something like that near me!

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  • I also boycotted Gillette, but you really need a shave mate.

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  • this makes me moist

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  • If you watch this video you'll find a reason to upgrade ;)

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  • I absolutely love this, I would love to have gone to this event, when will it be on next? Great channel, keep up the good work.

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  • Acorn Archimedes weren't underrated they were min £700!

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  • Also Dick Smith trivia... They had retail outlets until 2016 in Australia. They went into receivership, but have re-emerged as an online retailer, I think in partnership with kogan

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  • Am I the only person in the world who gets excited at the glimpse of a Phillips g7000 video pack box? ;)

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  • Damnit, I was thinking of going to this as I am in Cambridge, but didn't make it in the end! Would have been great to meet you there!

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  • I am interested in buying a collection of retro pc. This was a dream trip for a person like me. I actually spent a life time. Emulating these systems.

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  • Pause at 7:16 Cheers.

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  • Whoelse has a 5yr+ old phone?

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    • I have a Nokia C3-00 that I still use for texting and calling daily - around 10+ years old now and the battery still lasts 4+ days on a single charge!

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  • Hey man just seen your beard in retro gamer and instantly thought it un natural for you to appear in a still image, I began reading the feature in your voice in my head haha

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  • Filmed in 1995? On a logitech webcam.. teehee Im used to the laggy video, its no bother

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  • Another live video made by people of the museum:

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  • Oh wow, look at that DAI at 15:05, that's a very rare computer :o

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  • Min 4:43 the Enterprise 64. The one with joystick built into the keyboard 😍😍😍

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  • Jesus man get a damn camera

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  • It sounds like there is a vibrator display somewhere near by around 3:30 - 3:50.

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  • 6:30 Почта России? What are you doing there? O_o

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  • Yes - I know the WCW MG-1s! - but the machine you're looking at next to the MG-1 notice is an IBM something - not an MG-1! - MG-1s were large & black ;)

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    • @Richard Lampard Glad to hear someone had relatively pleasant experiences with the MG-1 - I worked at WCW from early '85 until late '86 - a great experience apart from the bits where it kept going in & out of receivership! - never heard about the problems with the keyboards though! - did you ever use a CG-1? Interesting colour upgrade with a weird refresh scheme!

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    • That’s right. I studied at Queen Mary, University of London (just up the road from Whitechapel) in the late 80s and the computing lab was full of MG-1s. They were black Unix machines without the built-in monitor. For some reason the keyboards were very poorly made, and keys kept breaking. There was a lot of contention to get access to a machine in the lab, and one of the great frustrations was finding a free MG-1 only to discover that your login name contained a letter corresponding to one of the broken keys. This meant you couldn’t login to the box!

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  • Great video. Did you happen to see an IMSAI 8080 on your travels. I would love to get my hands on one of those, just to play a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War... I mean Chess.

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  • Glorious. For some reason, I thought that the Museum was owned by Quang and he lived on site.

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  • A Tandy CoCo, and a few Commodores is all I recognize. I put a post on VCFED of my Tandy collection if anybody's interested. Post #93!&s=3d58781ec83cada1c7aafa6ed2091822&p=585133#post585133 (you need to be a member to view the photos)

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  • Next time get a steady mount handle. Lol.. not bashing..

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  • Wish I was there :-/

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  • There should be some epilepsy warning in here somehow... Definitely disturbing for the brain and eye to watch this.

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  • When are you doing any second hand shopping again

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  • Thanks for doing this. You need to get your logo on one of those mic flag things. That would totally turn this up to 11. P.S. Did you get your cartridge back?

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    • @Nostalgia Nerd yeah it's been my experience that once something gets tucked into the brassiere, your not seeing that ever again.

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    • Ooo, good idea. No, the cartridge is sadly lost to Octav1us.

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  • I love the fact that you did all the video on a 15 f/s retro phone XD

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  • For the love of God man! UPGRADE YOUR PHONE! MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!

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    • N E V E R

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  • A thing of beauty is a joy forever

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  • This filmed on a Jersey Royal?

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  • Excellent video! I missed the last few minutes because I threw-up all over the monitor due to motion sickness.... :-(

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    • Interestingly, that's how it was in real life.

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  • The 70's office need de-smelled ashtrays and a smoke machine (if NASA can do it in their refurbed mission control we can do it here too :)

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    • There is an ashtray in there! It's a promotional one from Victor computers. :)

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  • You seem like a very cheap ass for 265k subs!... judging by your recording camera!

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  • "Help wanted restoring a Whitechapel MG-1" LULZ !... Good luck with that. They originally shipped as 90% bodge wires and only 10% mainboard. It was a very flawed design. And the IBM 5100 with the satisfyingly clicky keys is unrelated to the sign next to it.

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    • Yes - but if it had worked it would have been wonderful! ;)

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  • thanks

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  • If that was streamed live, your phone is probably fine and was suffering with network limitations in that environment.

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    • @Demyx I was basing it on my live streaming of a hurricane back in 2004. Viewers complained the "show" was like a vacation pic slide show. But you're probably right, that was a different device, tech, and codec.

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    • I actually doubt that, scince bad network usually causes artifacts in the stream, which I can't really see. Its probably the phone's cpu struggeling to compress/render the video realtime whilst also uploading it. The video is enjoyable nonetheless and thats all that matters :D

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    • Possible. But I did log onto the staff network to try and speed things up.

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  • 1:32 in 2019, the Note 3 is definitely considered Retro

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  • The 70s office :D

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  • Buy a new phone and do this live stream again please

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  • I think your phone needs to be included!! Lol

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  • I somehow think, by the time you decide to upgrade your phone, you'll be able to donate it to the Cetre for Computing History.

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    • I wouldn't bother. I'm still using my Note 3 as well, and I have no plans to upgrade it any time soon.

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    • THE DREAM.

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    • Good one lol

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  • Nope, I don't feel old at all, seeing a computer I used as a kid now sitting behind glass. That abacus was in pretty nice shape though.

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  • that headache-inducing framerate is too much for me.

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  • I really do need to visit. Can I just check do the Octav1us rules on touching things and they're yours apply if you are wearing an Octav1us t-shirt?

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    • I might add that as a new law.

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  • This video runs at the same frame rate as Stunt Race FX on the SNES. What a treasure trove though. Wonderful.

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    • Yeah I've been three times, always leave wanting to go back

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  • Get a cheap go pro lookie lookie, cause if you use this phone again, I'm going to unsub you, thanks for the headache

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  • One day soon I'm gonna see a PS3 at one of these events. On that day I am going to get paralytic and lament my long lost youth.

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  • 6:26 is the Кворум "Kvorum", a Soviet ZX Spectrum clone with up to 128 kb of memory. Above and to the right of that is the Дубна "Dubna", another Speccy clone with 48 kb of memory. Cheers from Russia!

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    • ​@Kirwish5 Даже не заметил! Точно! Ж)

      Ilya TsukanovIlya TsukanovÅr sedan
    • А я смотрю, что там коробка Почта России забыла :)

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  • Roommate: "Don't interrupt the funk for some nerd video."

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  • Great show, pity for the bad quality of video ... THANKS !!!!

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  • I'm going to be in the UK next week. Too bad. I'd love to drop by something like this.

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  • i definitely have to get a plotter. Must go to this Museum. Anyone one in hampshire wants to ge perhaps we can go as a group,

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  • 5:39 That Super NES controller looks just a tad out of place among so much 8-bit glory!

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  • Sucks I can't be there

    judewest2000 burnerjudewest2000 burnerÅr sedan
  • My dad had an Act Sirius - Big heavy beast!

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  • :( i must have missed you by minutes. awesome event. Met KimJustice.

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  • Please don't post any more videos until you have bought a quality camera.

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    • That's got fuck all to do with you as to which phone NN is using.

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  • Thanks for streaming this. It gives people who could never attend something like this (me for example) a chance to experience a little bit of what it's about. I'd love to see a more in depth video, showing some of the computers playing a game or something. :)

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  • Cool computer show, headache-inducing video, sadly had to stop watching after two minutes.

    Benjamin RamseyBenjamin RamseyÅr sedan
  • Saw an Atari 260ST. I think that was a very rare machine as I don't think it was ever released to the public in the US (not sure if it might have been released in some other part of the world). The model that was released was a 520ST which I had back in the day. I eventually upgraded my 520ST from 512K to 1 Megabyte of ram. I would have loved to have been able to attend this event. Thanks for posting this :)

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  • Nice to see all those lovely old home micros, but I must complain - you bypassed my 12-year-old self's dream computer, one I waited and waited and waited for before finally giving in and buying a CPC464. Can you guess what it is yet? That's right, the Elan / Flan / Enterprise 64/128. Oh, how I wanted one of those... and you just walked past it without even a mention of it's wonderfulness!! Thanks for the great videos.

    Wiggy SmithWiggy SmithÅr sedan
    • Btw there is an emulator from 2006: (I think google translate is not that bad for this one, course bugs a bit)

      u9vatau9vataÅr sedan
    • Haha.I am far away from being a real EP-nerd ;-). I just sometimes read around on Hungarian pages for nostalgia for my lost ep wishing we still have it :-)

      u9vatau9vataÅr sedan
    • @u9vata wow. you really know your enterorise stuff - and i always wondered what the Videoton TV computer was, because it is emulated in ep128emu which I use a fair bit (although maily for cpc emulation). I have to say, I would have found a cpc emulator on the enterprise very interesting, because you're right, an 8-bit machine emulating another is very rare. Thanks for your very hefty response, and it is good to know there are other enterprise fans out in the big wide world! I didn't ever see a disk drive for the enterprise, and that mouse you have looks very, um, industrial!!

      Wiggy SmithWiggy SmithÅr sedan
    • Haha, possibly that was one of the most dangerous element on the machine to get damaged. Thankfully only the little green plastic top was the most likely to fell off which was not a big deal, but I always played with a "typical red seperate joystick" except rarely. The small one should be handled with care. On our machine it never fell out, but it was because we took care for it. This was the joy I used for it (we also had two): What was sad though is the hard accessibility of floppy disk drives in Hungary for this machine. Later I got to know that there were a lot of unused and unsold drives around for the company while here it was a really looked-after rarity with no stock available practically all the time... I have never used a spectrum. Only used Enterprise 128 at home, sometimes C64 and friends place and PCs at home. The keyboard was not the best construct, but I would say there was no problems using it at all and we had no rumors about its bad quality like the speccy had so I guess it was much better. The QL I haven't heard before watching retro channels at youtube so likely very few if any people had that around here. Also many "spectrums" were practically clones here. Btw we also had various local micros, like the Primo that was factured here in my own small village by the - let's laugh - communist agricultural group haha. LITTLE INTERESTING PARTS: Anyways what might be interesting however to the topic is that actually there was the "Videoton TV computer" that is practically a dumbed-down version of the Elon Enterprise and made completely here but much earlier than the enterprise got out!!! Somehow the state owned Videoton company got rights to work together with engineers who was building early enterprise prototypes and the original Elon idea was to create a machine using more off-the-shelves components and only later ended up using the custom chips for graphics. Despite this early prototyping was later becoming the enterprise through a lot of changes, the Videoton TV computer got to the market earlier using this common work. Later this was the link the Elon machines got sold through... I think Novotrade was involved in this and the early deal (among a lot of other stuff - they were even involved in prototyping phase for Last Ninja haha). Novotrade then supplied software and training for the both machines alongside books and there were some ports from "TV computer" too because of similar systems... One more interesting bit is that Novotrade people also completely reverse engineered the ROM of the Elon Enterprise 128k and was selling a comprehensive book about this but only the first book arrived and not the second because Elon was crazy unhappy for them doing so haha. Despite this I heard this is a really useful resource for those in the scene... I wish we still have the machine. The packaging, the capabilities and everything seemed so professional at the time. Sad that they did not make it through faster. Also in Hungary we used some of these in networked mode in some institudes I don't remember. I was just a kid, but saw it on the TV that they are working together either 32 or 16 of these machines ;-). It was a short riport though... Look... doesn't these just look professional? The enterprise also can emulate a lot of machines using the display chipset - practically hardware emulation of speccy and amstrad modes are possible with good speed. The emulator for amstrad only came to exist in 2006 while the speccy emulator was exisiting early on and in the proper lifetime of the machine.. The CPC was never big here, but emulation works perfectly for this list of titles without considerable lag they say: I find it fascinating that a 8 bit machine can emulate considerable amount of software from similar-era 8bit machines - but the best would be if real 256 color games appear for ep128 directly :-( Only demoscene shows proper 256-color capabilities: :-( Good page: (I am not member or related to them!!!)

      u9vatau9vataÅr sedan
    • @u9vata I always thought it was a neat idea to have the built in joystick, although I don't know how long it would have lasted playing Daley Thompson's Decathalon, still a good idea, especially with the built in 'word processor'. I also had doubts about the keyboard - did it feel similar to the later Spectrums and the QL? I agree with you completely about the software situation - had it arrived on time it would have taken over completely, wiping the floor with every other micro around. It's a shame...

      Wiggy SmithWiggy SmithÅr sedan
  • Yur videos are great. Wish u can do wizard of wor video..

    FesterosoFesterosoÅr sedan
  • Viva Amiga 1200

    Gun AyGun AyÅr sedan
  • Hipster beard needs a trim.

    Tox LaximusTox LaximusÅr sedan
  • That 'Whitechapel MG-1' is an IBM 5100 portable computer in disguise. The service documents are available online. I have one of the original IBM version that works. I have at least one spare monitor for it if that is what's needed. 09-07-2019

    Kevin CounihanKevin CounihanÅr sedan
  • Hi. Around 5:50 I’ve seen the Elwro 800 Junior from Poland. Its the ZX Spectrum clone used to be most popular in Polish schools in the 80/90s. The case was taken from simple electronic ... organ - a musical instrument. On this computer I did my graduation thesis in technical school - „The interactive Basic doctionary” in late 80s ... :-)

    froggmcflyfroggmcflyÅr sedan
    • And ... just yesterday I’ve bought this organ - named Elwirka (diminutive from Elvira). The power of Nostalgia gave me this :-)

      froggmcflyfroggmcflyÅr sedan
  • More lag than Norman Stanley Fletcher.

    inkysteveinkysteveÅr sedan
  • No one will ever beat my Apple Performa 630 DOS card running win 3.1

    Dara MDara MÅr sedan
  • Is that Octav1us laughing at 15:09 ?

    DrazenDrazenÅr sedan
    • Yes. Yes, it is.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • The owner of the Micro Profeser was very educational and a Top bloke.

    phil krumanphil krumanÅr sedan
  • Instead of using your phone to record video, just use a proper camera then upload the video file to youtube. You'll have much better frame rate.

    Simon TaySimon TayÅr sedan
  • Great to see you and Kim Justice at the museum while I was also filming my video. Fantastic Place

    phil krumanphil krumanÅr sedan
    • Thank you, If you are at another event, the coffee is on me.. Many thanks Phil

      phil krumanphil krumanÅr sedan
  • For a minute i thought he called that computer "Dick Sniff" so disappointed to find out if was "Dick Smith" 😂

    ShielZorShielZorÅr sedan
  • This is paradise !!. A very complete museum for classic computers!. Thank you for this amazing video!. I really enjoyed it!!

    Claudio SoltieClaudio SoltieÅr sedan
  • That purple thing is so much better than a naked ZX81. Portable computers were referred to as "transportable". I would question what computer isn't transportable.

    Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattÅr sedan
    • @Jason S lol. I'm sure I used the wrong pronoun. 😉

      Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattÅr sedan
    • Don't be transportfobic.

      Jason SJason SÅr sedan
  • Wish you'd come earlier I was there this morning

    tdrurytdruryÅr sedan
    • I don't tend to operate earlier than 3pm.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Show folks the C5 please

    tdrurytdruryÅr sedan
    • Ahh, I forgot to look up.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Russian ZX spectrum clones there today

    tdrurytdruryÅr sedan
  • Do you know the Enter Museum of Solothurn ?

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  • Norway can hear you broooo

    Kristian SkaugeKristian SkaugeÅr sedan
    • NICE.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Wish I'd known you were coming I was there this morning

    tdrurytdruryÅr sedan
    • I did tweet it, but acknowledge that doesn't get through to everyone.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Can we have a look at the famicom and Sega keyboards? Also msx computer range?

    Nintaibo 64Nintaibo 64År sedan
  • Really enjoyed seeing all those machines - there were a few I’d not heard of before. I was hoping there might have been an HH Tiger, a rarity from Tangerine!

    Graeme DavidsonGraeme DavidsonÅr sedan
    • The Centre for Computing History That’s fantastic - glad to hear there is one preserved there! I have one too with the monitor and disk drives - I remember using it to access Prestel via its built in modem back in the 80s!

      Graeme DavidsonGraeme DavidsonÅr sedan
    • There is an HH Tiger on Display :) Here's a link to the page on our website for it.

      The Centre for Computing HistoryThe Centre for Computing HistoryÅr sedan
  • Looking good. Shout out from east Africa!

    Nintaibo 64Nintaibo 64År sedan