This Laptop Could Literally Save Your Life | Nostalgia Nerd

11 dec 2020
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Follow the link to learn more about online privacy settings: So here's something interesting, a laptop (or notebook if you prefer), that could actually save your life. Once used in the medical industry, this Epson ActioNote had a very specific purpose, and it still comes tooled up with all its kit. But I guess importantly, as well as all of that, does it run Doom?
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd5 månader sedan
    • nope sorry i wont. 3rd Party anti-virus programms are worthless, in times of Win10 and a very good and sleek windows defender

      Sven TobergteSven Tobergte5 månader sedan
    • can't believe they're still alive. if i'm not mistaking, I've used their antivirus software back in the windows xp era

      Môrsíne SabishīMôrsíne Sabishī5 månader sedan
    • PuRiTy

      fkdhjfghdsjkghjkfhgkfjdfkdhjfghdsjkghjkfhgkfjd5 månader sedan
    • *Kaspersky software is officially banned from being used in all US Government bodies.*

      FrankoFranko5 månader sedan
    • Kaspersky comes with free bottle of NOVITCHOK. Money 💰🤑 doesn't $mell to you, good British fella?

      FrankoFranko5 månader sedan
  • high tier post apocalypse gear

    Takeshi KitanoTakeshi Kitano16 dagar sedan
  • 5:46 Kaspersky is literally a russian company: every company in russian federation is required by recent laws to report ALL of their data to FSB and GRU, it's illegal for them to not keep logs or refuse to give decryption keys to russian spy service that's made of former KGB. It's actually impossible to compromise your privacy more than using russian software. Period. SO please don't use their programs.

    Kasumi RinaKasumi RinaMånad sedan
  • cool geek fiend . pls make more . your good!

    8wealthyone88wealthyone8Månad sedan
  • how i make usb drives bootable into dos: 1. get pc 2. disconnect hard drive 3. connect floppy drives for the install medium 4. power on and the pc will probally see the dos boot disk, connect flash drive 5. install from the floppy onto the drive 6. ??? 7. profit 8. working bootable usb drive done the ghetto way

    FlooferFloofer2 månader sedan
  • For future reference, 16 heads and 63 sectors are the defacto settings that should be used if you were to do something similar again. I didn't catch too much of the values changing but the cylinder size should change automatically when setting the other values.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • Kaspersky AV comes with a little bottle of Novitchok nerve agent.

    FrankoFranko3 månader sedan
  • I've never had social media and haven't ever put my real name online (aside from my bank) so thankfully, I'm still about as anonymous as is possible nowadays. And I've been online daily since late '95 -- Also, 70045**2 ;)

    Mash RienMash Rien4 månader sedan
  • You should by one of the drug administration thingymupbop and test it

    Captain RetroCaptain Retro4 månader sedan
  • Smooth transition into ad, if there weren't any notification about it, i'd figured it was part of the content. Luv your vid mate.

    Petir GardaPetir Garda4 månader sedan
  • 🤘😁🤘

    IT Guy in actionIT Guy in action4 månader sedan
  • I'd forgotten just how incredibly awful PC laptops were back then. This thing was a contemporary to the PowerBook Duo 280c - which feels almost like a modern laptop in comparison, only with a trackball where the trackpad would be on later machines. (No, I couldn't afford one, I had a PowerBook 160 in '94 which I'd bought used.)

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • You must use trackballs with the thumb

    Micki MausMicki Maus4 månader sedan
  • Kaspersky are commie spies, nice throw back nerd🧐

    silmearendilsilmearendil4 månader sedan
  • Great laptop. I have same IBM monitor.

    Modern&Retro GamingModern&Retro Gaming4 månader sedan
  • Wow... What a combination. A device that was used to program smaller, live saving devices, sponsored by snakeoil :P

    mamalalamamalala4 månader sedan
  • Now install doom on a defibrillator. I DON'T CARE IF A DOCTOR IS CURRENTLY USING IT TO REVIVE A PATIENT! DO IT! 😋

    PhilippePhilippe5 månader sedan
  • You forgot to press the key (f3? f5? f9? f10? cant recall) that downscales the pixels on doom for lower spec cpus....

    Phoenix XPhoenix X5 månader sedan
  • Haven't heard the Doom PC Speaker sounds since we got a soundcard, 24 years ago...

    NegirnoNegirno5 månader sedan
  • You are 20 times better than RMC

    Oliver LaneOliver Lane5 månader sedan
  • probably should have formatted the cf card using the laptop then put files onto it afterwards using the desktop

    M TeaM Tea5 månader sedan
  • Haha nice Segway in to the sponsors advert 🤣

    chris brownchris brown5 månader sedan
  • Can it run crysis?

    Zack CloudZack Cloud5 månader sedan
  • Ah yes, DOS 6.22, the version which still lists Yugoslavia as a pickable option.

    CarthagoMikeCarthagoMike5 månader sedan
  • Why run DOS if it can do Linux?

    Marius SchäferMarius Schäfer5 månader sedan
  • It gets a little upset when you whop something so large in; heh, that's what she... So, that compact flashcard I was trying to use before.. lol

    thesaiyanwithin45thesaiyanwithin455 månader sedan
  • Love how excited you got when it finally booted! Top work! 💪

    David JohnstonDavid Johnston5 månader sedan
  • What if DOOM controlled the implanted device?

    Zipplet GamingZipplet Gaming5 månader sedan
  • For next time you need to use a large (e.g.: 8GB) Harddisk drive on an ancient 386/486 machine (that only understand specific Cylinder/Heads/Sectors): there are drivers, that one can install on the boot sector: e.g.: EZ-Drive or OnTrack. Once booted, they replace the BIOS's disk routine (Int 13h) with ones that understand modern drives, and then continue the normal booting. That's how I used to do it with my actual old 386/486 PCs back when I was a kid. A slight upgrade would be to plug-in a parallel port sound card for FM music (e.g.: OPL2LPT or OPL3LPT if you don't want to solder it yourself) or a 16bit PCMCIA soundcard for full sound effects and FM and/or midi music (don't know about driver availability, but I would be surprise if they didn't attempt to support enough Soundblaster compatibility make sure Doom is supported)

    DrYakDrYak5 månader sedan
  • As some one with a Medtronic implant this was very cool. I also like how this one can run Doom.

    Peter KiemelPeter Kiemel5 månader sedan
  • My god, that.. was indeed a very nerdy and time consuming approach. Well done.

    nightrazer85nightrazer855 månader sedan
  • 5:26 why is Kloppo hacking my internets?

    CCCWCCCW5 månader sedan
  • Chernobyl was built in the seventies and was still able to run DOOM in 1986 in full 3D and surroundsound! Comments from bystanders at the time were that if felt so real that you could literally taste metallic air! I wonder at what speed the core was running at? I think that water cooling didn't work. They don't make them like they used to LoL.

    Peter MilanovskiPeter Milanovski5 månader sedan
  • @5:42 Heh, could be something from /r/youdontsurf

    ElgoogElgoog5 månader sedan
  • It does run Doom very well and it’s way popular!!

    Andres BravoAndres Bravo5 månader sedan
  • Can it run modern Linux? :P

    sebastian Johanssonsebastian Johansson5 månader sedan
  • It's because these were modified to allow at-home euthanasia or "assisted suicide".

  • All that work to play Doom. You are hard core man.

    Jeff HycheJeff Hyche5 månader sedan
  • Maybe 'From Dusk Till Doom'

    jNet DowlingjNet Dowling5 månader sedan
  • "Activate Morphine" -Rick

    IFMIFM5 månader sedan
  • Lmao 15:39 perfect timing for an ad, and then (that KFC Christmas snowman ad) saying "why does it have to be so piping hot"

    madmax2069madmax20695 månader sedan
  • These older IDE hard drives don't have the internal identification information necessary for modern systems to recognize them. Thus, USB adapters cannot read them. Source: Have an older IDE hard drive.

    Joshua C.Joshua C.5 månader sedan
  • this would be a good video for the doscember thing some youtubers are doing, excellent find!

    CH32mixCH32mix5 månader sedan
  • I have a Medtronic Pain Pump Implanted In My Back Right Now!!! I also had the Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulator Previously!!! I’m using a SynchroMed II 8637-20 & my doctors office used the Medtronic 8840 SynchroMed II B Programmer but now uses an iPad and iPad App v1.1.342 that’s interesting to see how the original SynchroMed Programming Was Done ✅ With A DOS LAPTOP 💻!!!

    Zane Da Magic Puffer DragonZane Da Magic Puffer Dragon5 månader sedan
  • My wife and I both have one of those those pumps! It’s so cool that you covered what this was actually for

    Stephen MStephen M5 månader sedan
  • I have a baclofen pump

    scott jeffersscott jeffers5 månader sedan
  • 14:42 Looks a bit complicated. You should check out Qemu. It's super easy compared and even let's you pick chs without hickups. # qemu -device file=/dev/sd?,cyls=?,heads=?,secs=? -floppy dos6.img -boot a

    Viljamin SomemakuuhuoneViljamin Somemakuuhuone5 månader sedan
  • Wonder if the compusa in the comparison was meant for dos, considering it was pretty competitive with the thinkpad in that scenario

    aara555720aara5557205 månader sedan
  • Reminds me of the time i made a dos ramdisk setup for a Thinkpad 600E I used to have... that booted off floppy disk... Took a while to load, as it had to copy several huge zip files from multiple floppies, then extract them, but on a 400 MHz pentium 2 with over 200 MB ram, it ran stupidly quick once booted... Edit: before anyone asks: yes it could run doom.

    Thomas LeathersThomas Leathers5 månader sedan
  • Hmm.... Yes it runs Doom, but not very well.... In some levels

    Drake, The DragonDrake, The Dragon5 månader sedan
  • This is amazing

    crystal sheepcrystal sheep5 månader sedan
  • *Yup, you're talking about MY STATE * My spine stimulator (PERMANENTLY EMBEDDED INTO MY SPINE; yup... Guess I'm a Cyborg Since April 2019...) sadly isn't Medtronic Branded, but instead a Nevro HF-10... No thanks to the Veterans Affairs/"VA", due to being injured almost 10yrs ago this next April 2021...

    Sgt_HoagieSgt_Hoagie5 månader sedan
  • But can it run Crysis?

    J BJ B5 månader sedan
  • 2:06 ah yes the arc reactor Mark negative three billion

    Maniac536Maniac5365 månader sedan
  • We not done until we can Play Doom on a Nanoleaf. Which we can if you hundreds of them.

    Neoand12Neoand125 månader sedan
  • Can it run Crysis?

    FearlessGamer29FearlessGamer295 månader sedan
  • Modern pacemakers use roughly the same method to check programming and battery level, etc!

    biarocabiaroca5 månader sedan
  • Me: Sees title Also me: It better or we're all... DOOMED!

    cujoedamancujoedaman5 månader sedan
  • Dear Mr. Nerd: It’s quite common for old drives that those USB IDE adaptors don’t work. I bought up a bunch of old 386/486/Pentium era drives and had to test them all. I had a Linux box with all the tools I needed, but the USB adaptor wasn’t having any of it. Had to get a PCI card with an IDE interface and add a hot-swap drive caddy instead. That did the trick. I still have it set up, with an added SATA bay just to cover all the bases. Highly recommended if you do this sort of thing - which, of course, you do.

    Nick WalletteNick Wallette5 månader sedan
  • 7:21 - toasted tantalum detected

    FlextroFlextro5 månader sedan
  • Fuck sponsors.

    CSTCST5 månader sedan
    • @Crøst Dærgön Still, having one in literally every video is getting annoying at this point.

      CSTCST5 månader sedan
    • A man's gotta get the money he deserves for his hard work.

      Crøst DærgönCrøst Dærgön5 månader sedan
  • Really enjoyed this video! I really have to commiserate with you I spent a TON of time putting DOS 6.22 on just modern a thin client. VM Virtual Box is by far the best way to get this done, I didn't know about that guide (Its great). The thing that I found was there was so much extra crap out there that is basically just bad advice for doing excactly what you are trying to do. Just love what you've done here; this is great!

    Z80DadZ80Dad5 månader sedan
  • Dislike for promoting Russian spyware tool

    Сергей БыковСергей Быков5 månader sedan
  • Patient:”So, my meds are good and I’ll live another day, ha ha?” Doctor: “Neither of us will be alive if I don’t complete this level!”

    MatchstalkManMatchstalkMan5 månader sedan
    • Me: Don't worry, I'm fighting the disease inside you, 1v1.

      Nurse XóchitlNurse Xóchitl17 dagar sedan
  • needed a zip drive ;-)

    Galen ThurberGalen Thurber5 månader sedan
  • I love watching these videos with the captions on. I assume they're copied from the written script so there's always little deviations where you improvised a line

    SedricdragonSedricdragon5 månader sedan
  • patient: what u got there doc? doc: this? unzips his bag ...DOOM...

    alt puddingalt pudding5 månader sedan
    • *tumbleweed*

      DanimalDanimal5 månader sedan
  • Got to admit, that transition into your sponsor ad was pretty slick!

    The WatchWorksThe WatchWorks5 månader sedan
  • The way I deal with situations like that is to just format the drive to have somewhere to boot and I use file maven 3 to hook up the computer to another computer trough the LPT port for file transferring, then I just install the preferred version of dos.

    Captain Dagon's World Of Fun StuffCaptain Dagon's World Of Fun Stuff5 månader sedan
  • Nice job! It's always satisfying to force a computer to do something it refuses to 🤪

    MadMatt ManMadMatt Man5 månader sedan
  • 2008: But can it run Crysis? 2020: But can it run Doom?

    Not.LRGNot.LRG5 månader sedan
  • Shame it's very likely too slow and RAM-limited to run Windows 2000 and iTunes. It would be trippy to see the iTunes visualizer on that ghosty old LCD!

    DestherDesther5 månader sedan
  • "Kaspersky" as in "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned Kaspersky products from all government departments on 13 September 2017, alleging that Kaspersky Lab had worked on secret projects with Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB)." yeah i'll stay away from THAT and stick to my BitDefender (also far better than John David [ McAfee ]). even my place of employment very quickly dropped Kaspersky when it got into that hot water. "Doesn't appreciate hard drives over 8GB" NO. REALLY?! "Where are your brains, in your a**?!" Hackers 1995

    Robert FRobert F5 månader sedan
  • I just want something that gives me insulin and tracks my levels to correct said insulin dosage. I'm in Australia so our government will throw you as much money as you want, so get it done already!

    Uncle NedUncle Ned5 månader sedan
    • But, but I need Doom! 😂

      Nurse XóchitlNurse Xóchitl17 dagar sedan
  • The sound that the thermal printer makes when printing sounds like the printer in Dr. Kliener's lab in Half Life 2 the one printing straight into the recycling bin. You should try to hook it to a modern PC and print stuff with it. And yes it runs Doom. Speaking of Doom, I'm actually playing Brutal Doom hell on earth at the moment.

    coondogtheman1234coondogtheman12345 månader sedan
  • lol love this little machine. very retro

    Jobe ArestoJobe Aresto5 månader sedan
  • "... the little BIOS on this EPSON doesn't appreciate hard drives over 8 gigabyte." I genuinely doubt that this BIOS actually supports any gigabyte hard drives at all. In the early nineties, the size of common hard drives was measured in megabytes. I think it's around 1995/1996 when gigabyte hard drives slowly started to become available for desktop computers. After that it took quite some time for gigabyte laptop hard drives to start become available. 8 gigabyte desktop hard drives were hitting the market around 2000. Around 1995/1996 I worked at a computer shop and I remember building the first desktop computers with gigabyte hard drives but not all BIOS'es supported those "huge" hard drives by default. The BIOS had to be updated by that time (if there actually was an update available that added the support for gigabyte hard drives). But obviously, this is just a minute detail in a great story 🤣 You took me right back into the nineties. This video actually made me remember that I still may have a Toshiba Libretto laying around somewhere. ❤️

    Sierra WhiskySierra Whisky5 månader sedan
  • Amazing.

    Kevin NunesKevin Nunes5 månader sedan
  • It's funny. I'm left-handed, but I've always used pointing devices with my right hand.

    David FrischknechtDavid Frischknecht5 månader sedan
  • Hah work with these guys on stepper motor systems. Lots of med tech in MN, very interesting market!

    DUYT09DUYT095 månader sedan
  • Judging by the thumbnail, I thought that it being able to run Doom was the life-saving part. Turns out, the part where it monitors pacemakers is.

    Roland KatsuragiRoland Katsuragi5 månader sedan
    • medication injectors*

      Timothy WarnerTimothy Warner5 månader sedan
  • One of your best in awhile man, thanks

    Will BaileyWill Bailey5 månader sedan
  • *Reads video title* bulletproof laptop? Yeet! *Actual purpose of this machine* oooooh

    Carl JenkinsCarl Jenkins5 månader sedan
  • I made a 386 run Doom I'f I remember right it had 4MB of ram I had to turn most of the hard drive into a page file to get it to run.

    medwardlmedwardl5 månader sedan
  • WOW!

    DjGalaxy88DjGalaxy885 månader sedan
  • I wonder what modern medical equipment programmers use to program them? Do they use off the shelf laptop PCs or do they use a more purpose built system? I presume these days they probably use purpose built computers.

    Lachlant1984Lachlant19845 månader sedan
  • Were you able to get a backup of the Synchromed software from the hard drive before it passed away? If you did, you could probably set up a partition just with the Synchromed software on it, then the other one as a DOS partition? What will you do with the medical programmer equipment that came with that notebook PC since obviously you can't use it?

    Lachlant1984Lachlant19845 månader sedan
  • This was one of the most natural ways a commercial was implemented on a video I didn't realize the commercial till I watch the ad and he says marvel's about it xd

    Gasheta UwUGasheta UwU5 månader sedan
  • As some one who has done computer and internet related tech support for nearly 20 years Kaspersky is as bad as a virus. Taking money from them, while it may be necessary to pay your bills, is a BAD look.

    rlt422rlt4225 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know what's the metal song at the end?....

    Celarkus SpiritlordCelarkus Spiritlord5 månader sedan
  • Holy crap even the music is metal when playing Doom on that machine

    BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' SeagullBASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull5 månader sedan
  • Nice:)

    Jeuris VinasJeuris Vinas5 månader sedan
  • Nice decision to select Kaspersky - russian pro Putin regime "security" software developer as your supporter. Just read wiki about oligarch Kaspersky and his deeds. Fun fact, that many EU countries banned Kaspersky products out of their markets as they are causing national security risks. And yet you are advertising it. Money does not smell ey? Next time blood diamond money perhaps?

    Tadas UstinavičiusTadas Ustinavičius5 månader sedan
  • Epson ActionNote: I will not let you play doom on me NNerd: I will run it on my calculator.

    The 64BIT CHANNELThe 64BIT CHANNEL5 månader sedan
  • I think about the hot dog theme sometimes. It was proof that even my desire to do unusual things intentionally had its limits. I think I only lasted about 10 minutes with it before switching back to something else.

    CallOfDrewthulhuCallOfDrewthulhu5 månader sedan
  • I always love getting my wads out and seeing how they play on random devices

    BlackSunshineBlackSunshine5 månader sedan
  • god forbid someone knows what medication i take, with all the political secrets and stuff i have, they could give me the ANTIMEDICATION!!!

    Patrick DorionPatrick Dorion5 månader sedan
  • I think you should use that trackball with your thumb...

    NULL SWEΔTNULL SWEΔT5 månader sedan
  • Druaga1 would be proud.

    George SearsGeorge Sears5 månader sedan
  • Color screen so it's from around 94-95. That means it's probably 486 and will play the original Doom.

    PGTMR2PGTMR25 månader sedan