When Netscape Almost Destroyed Microsoft | Nostalgia Nerd

20 dec 2019
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Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/NERD, Enter promo code NERD for 83% off and (for a limited time) THREE extra months free! Here's a story that started in 1989, with Microsoft's alliance with IBM, and their joint OS/2 venture. But it would lead to an Antitrust case waged against Microsoft in 1998 by the United States Government. At the core of this case was Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and the way it had been rammed into Windows '95, in order to crush the competition of Netscape Navigator. It's a story that the media followed intently, and I felt it was time to re-tell it, and just refresh our memories.
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  • Now in 2020 we're still waiting for the lawsuit against Microsoft for the use of malware to forcibly install Windows 10 on over 120 million computers in October 2016 without the required user consent. The development and distribution of malware is illegal in 179 countries around the world, and Microsoft not only made it, they also hid it under the guise of an "important" update which deliberately didn't include any description of what it did or why it was important. When really it served to assume control of user computers by rewriting user rights and locking users out of essential system and security processes.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent9 timmar sedan
  • Gates threatened to pull all microsoft windows licenses from the government if they didn't stop. It worked. The history books aren't gonna tell you that tale.

    Brett HageyBrett Hagey4 dagar sedan
  • Bill was too practiced by his lawyers which for a guy like him doesn't surprise me.

    Silas MayesSilas Mayes5 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating indeed

    Hank FacerHank Facer5 dagar sedan
  • Is this why windows 10 is basically free now?

    SkillsDNDSkillsDND6 dagar sedan
  • In the end, Microsoft was right: the internet would soon become so integrated into our lives that the operating system needed some form of browser built in. And, in the end, NOBODY was going to pay for a web browser or media player.

    WardenWolfWardenWolf7 dagar sedan
  • Bill Gates' haircut.

    David SmithDavid Smith7 dagar sedan
  • This antitrust suit was the first major pop in the internet bubble.

    Ernie MillerErnie Miller8 dagar sedan
  • Well, looks like the sequel to this event is in development starring Google

    the hevythe hevy8 dagar sedan
  • They should have broken them up.

    Lorn RobertsLorn Roberts10 dagar sedan
  • Internet explorer has always been behind and always will be.... oh wait I meant edge which is just now a chromium skin. It's not a bad browser though because it's based on chromium.

    Dtr146Dtr14611 dagar sedan
  • Just like Nvidia buying arm hey Microsoft again when they bought Bethesdas parent company

    Dtr146Dtr14611 dagar sedan
  • micrsoft wins, video is a waste of time

    First LastFirst Last11 dagar sedan
  • but what if netscape won in destroying microsoft?

    Ernesto Antonio VErnesto Antonio V11 dagar sedan
  • it's so weird to see someone like Bill Gates that was such a cutthroat businessman ( like Bezos today) go from what he was to probably one of the most philanthropic people today is amazing

    CripticCriptic11 dagar sedan
  • I find it halarious that Microsoft buried Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in the OS Kernel. As you could not install windows 98 without them... But Microsoft got shafted. As anybody outside a business didn't even pay for windows. It was the most bootlegged OS on the Planet. Till Windows 10 come along..Which is why Windows 10 is bloated with Malware\Spyware....With it's telemetrics phone home scheme. That steals all your personnel information. Why I switched all my devices to Apple Products.

    Claude RainsClaude Rains13 dagar sedan
  • Did I just see King Kong Bundy in a commercial?

    AkashicRecordAkashicRecord13 dagar sedan
  • 27:44 so 9/11 never happened or typo?

    Andrew cAndrew c13 dagar sedan
  • In fairness to Microsoft, within a few years, almost every OS bundled a web browser with it. I don't think it was even slightly wrong of them to code their own rather than license Netscape like Apple did. The only real scummy they did was bullying PC vendors away from bundling their own software with the systems. As Firefox proved almost immediately after the trial's final conclusion, IE's status as default browser did not mean people wouldn't switch away from it. Netscape was killed by its own mismanagement, not by Microsoft.

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton13 dagar sedan
  • My first browser was Mosaic. About 2007, with a fresh build of s/w, Explorer/exploder couldn't read internal company sites. Downloading Safari for Windows solved the problem.

    Jere LullJere Lull14 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 how lovely screen ps. your code page operation not supported on this device

    SelamiSelami14 dagar sedan
  • This video needs an update. Since around September 2020, Microsoft is up to its old tricks again with a Windows 10 forced update that Installs Microsoft's efforts to edge even further towards pay per use software in the form of aptly named Microsoft Edge, which like it or not, completely integrates itself into the OS (which is already very browser-based). Yes you can take the risk and delve in to removing it from your system (some scary looking but simple programming is required) but the important (forced) parts of it still remain intertwined in the system. Yes I can still use Firefox or Safari or any other browser, but Microsoft Edge still sits in between every process. Google and Microsoft continue to monopolise our internet and computer usage. ....don't get me started on Opera. Governments have actually made it almost compulsory with anti-terrorist laws, guidance and policies which require continual spying and logging with unremovable local software and utterly unavoidable server intervention that slows down the internet and throttles every single internet throughput. Don't be fooled by the promise of freedom with Linux-based alternatives either. It was good while it lasted, but there's no such thing as Personal Computing anymore. I'm Sad

    Pen FoldPen Fold14 dagar sedan
  • I remember when windows came out it was the thing to have them became the norm and still is I think I only use my phone now if I remember right didn't all this help create dell computer making competition .. stopped watching videos half way through..

    Victor ClabaughVictor Clabaugh16 dagar sedan
  • Love the comprehensive take on that whole ordeal. I was in highschool playing video games and MUDs when all that was going on...I saw what was going on but didn't quite grasp the enormity of it all. Good videos, mate.

    Austin AlexanderAustin Alexander17 dagar sedan
  • 9:22 Then why was IE so much worse then Netscape and every other browser to ever exist? 15:57 I wish we'd bust monopolies now Google is 100x larger and more nefarious the Bill Gates genitals ever were. 17:05 Now this smug critter wants to inject your kids with ID markers they can use to bank and who knows what else. 18:22 Now Robo Zucc goes before the senate and talks like this and they just smile and nod.

    John GaltJohn Galt17 dagar sedan
  • These videos are becoming difficult to watch worth the current bombardment of ads.

    racoiawsracoiaws17 dagar sedan
  • The Sherman Act is one of the biggest scams of all time. It baffles me that a century later everyone still falls for it... *Antitrust is the anti-competitive practice.* It's a way of playing favorites. What defines a monopoly isn't how big a market share is*, but whether it has any government backing. The whole Sherman Act is based on quackery that doesn't take this into account. Because of course it's not in the interest of state-"economists" to prevent themselves from favoring their cronies. And the FTC is pretty much a facade these scams. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, check out two things: 1- Thomas DiLorenzo's lectures on antitrust and monopolies, where he documents the origins of the Sherman Act. 2- The book Basic Economics, by Thomas Sowell. Understanding some *actual economics* makes it rather easy to see through the bullshit in the Sherman Act and the market myths that it's based on (such as predatory pricing and collusion). *(if a majority market share was what defined a monopoly, then the term would be totally meaningless, because someone will always have a majority share of any given market at any given time.)

    skarutsskaruts20 dagar sedan
  • Attorney: Do you have a role at Microsoft? Gates: Yes. Attorney: What is your role? Gates: There are a few. Attorney: How would you describe these roles? Gates: Cleverly....

    Невада большевикНевада большевик20 dagar sedan
  • Dave Pickeles? What a patrion

    Matthew AlfaroMatthew Alfaro20 dagar sedan
  • fuck any and all VPN's they are useless

    MrDjBigZMrDjBigZ20 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Definitely brought more light to microsoft for me.

    Jace BranhamJace Branham20 dagar sedan
  • Love your channel. Clear, listenable voice. Concise, detailed and informative. Much appreciated.

    camdflagecamdflage21 dag sedan
  • 0:59 You call that a problem, I think it was glorious. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry would have a PC because of that and you literally were special because you did. Browser wars led to that "choose your browser" frame that 99.9% of users just click away. Internet Explorer and Edge are literally programs for downloading a browser. And for a very long period of time, ie7.com led to a site that had a big fat Firefox logo, clicking on it would redirect to the Firefox page. And then... Apple: laughs in Safari

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash22 dagar sedan
  • Rich nerd in 1990s wants to force everyone to use his OS: REAL SHIT Rich nerd in 2020s wants to force everyone to use his vaccine: I sleep

    please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 نplease use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن26 dagar sedan
    • Did the vaccines mess up your intelligence?

      the hevythe hevy8 dagar sedan
  • Back in the days, the government had the balls to tackle an industry titan. The DOJ successfully broke up AT&T, ffs! Today, we just let Facebook, Google and Amazon steamroll through completely unchecked.

    mlu007mlu00726 dagar sedan
  • Very cool story. It fills the holes in my knowledge that exist because at the time, I was too young to care about stories of legal cases in the news.

    World TheoryWorld Theory26 dagar sedan
  • Awesome look back. The frequent ads in this video also had a monopoly with interruptions every 5 minutes.

    Racer XRacer X26 dagar sedan
  • Shout out for the King Kong bundy commercial. Lol

    Joshua GibsonJoshua Gibson27 dagar sedan
  • At 21:28, Bill Gates says "Who decides what's in Windows? The customers who buy it." Well, that was definitely not the case with Windows 10.

    Edin FifićEdin Fifić27 dagar sedan
  • 22:08 "..someone undoubtedly intelligent, but also deceptive, arrogant and manipulating." - i.e a psychopath! 🤪

    OldgamingfartOldgamingfart28 dagar sedan
  • Today: It's all Gooey... Everything is Gooey.

    Paul BergerPaul Berger28 dagar sedan
  • Bill Gates was and still is a savage

    aceous99aceous99Månad sedan
  • 22:47 praise Jesus you recognized Firefox as the new Netscape which it is. Doesn't matter. Just send you to Heaven now! Yeah!

    Nate The ShockerNate The ShockerMånad sedan
  • It's funny how I root for Microsoft here but hate apple. Could Apple one day. . .? NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Nate The ShockerNate The ShockerMånad sedan
  • @13:37 (no pun intended) These two look like they'd be happily married :D

    Nate The ShockerNate The ShockerMånad sedan
  • This lawsuit is the reason it took another 20 years for MS, you know; the company that wrote the damn OS, to release AV.

    Occam's RazorOccam's RazorMånad sedan
  • I think i watched this video at least twice already. Nice vid

    Boriss VassiljevBoriss VassiljevMånad sedan
  • Netscape, Word perfect, Lotus 1,2,3 ect, better products at the time, but microsoft is like rome, even though their multiple attempts failed many times, they never stopped trying, eventually it becomes "good" enough. Chrome finished I.E. off, too bad Chrome OS for windows did not come out.

    johanssonjohanssonMånad sedan
  • Wow! This just makes me thankful that I have never paid for a Microsoft product.

    Will WareingWill WareingMånad sedan
  • I always referred Netscape to Windows.

    Child of the Creator GodChild of the Creator GodMånad sedan
  • Finally a VPN add that didn't tell me to that vpns are for breaking copyright laws if everyone keeps pushing it for that it will go the way of pirate bay banned lol so well done gold star for you

    Resin BoiResin BoiMånad sedan
  • No reason to say, "God damn" over the thesis... Please don't use that in such an irresponsible manner. It's extremely offensive. If you don't believe in God, why use the term? If you do, dont use his name as a cuss word. It's silly and you wouldn't use anyone else's name as a cuss word. Maybe try hitler damn or something lol I'm subscribed and will unsubscribe based off of that alone. Please try to chill out with that.

    Will spillWill spillMånad sedan
    • God damn dude calm down.

      Tom TravisTom Travis21 dag sedan
  • I simply could not have used the internet without Internet Explorer back in those days... I mean, you had to get onto the web to download Netscape. So I'm glad IE was bundled. Otherwise I couldn't have downloaded Netscape.

    Jenny TokumeiJenny TokumeiMånad sedan
  • DOJ logic, SONY should be chased for monopoly because PS1 added a CD Player option, they are trying to steal from CD player manufacturers (/s). Kudos to people that had to deal with the legal issues because I think I would give up.

    gameshark528gameshark528Månad sedan
  • 17:00 Bill, what the fuck? You're not a lawyer. Niggling about "definition" vs "common understanding" sounds dumb and condescending coming from a tech guy. He must've really been worried.

    calska140calska140Månad sedan
  • The fact that bill gates isnt in prison and micrsoft isnt broken up 10+ years ago is an emberassment of our society.

    NA NANA NAMånad sedan
  • The magic is gone now

    Gabriel DubéGabriel Dubé2 månader sedan
  • *_Man,_* it took a really long time to settle the Netscape Vs. Microsoft court case! it took over *_*SEVEN*_* years to settle it!

    Steven VillmanSteven Villman2 månader sedan
  • Bottom line you should be able to do what you want with your own fucking product.

    DukeljkDukeljk2 månader sedan
  • Bill Gates: "If you define 'definition', for this conversation in a loose way, then I'll understand what you mean". I think this may have topped Bill Clinton's, "it depends on what your definition of 'is' is" for a 90s WTF quote.

    DigitalChainsawDigitalChainsaw2 månader sedan
  • tons of mid-roll ads AND a tinfoil hat vpn sponsor plug?

    Adam WishneuskyAdam Wishneusky2 månader sedan
  • Fast Forward to 2020 microsoft edge, a forced app most people googled how to remove

    skio147skio1472 månader sedan
  • As much as I hate what Microsoft has become, Bill gates was right about IE, if Microsoft makes an internet browser and includes it in Windows, that's entirely up to them

    MWB GamingMWB Gaming2 månader sedan
  • If Netscape Destroyed Microsoft then windows 10 will be Netscape 10

    vipul kumarvipul kumar2 månader sedan
  • Gates was the son of a very successful lawyer, Allen always said that gave him an edge during negotiations

    ingusmantingusmant2 månader sedan
  • Netscape was so much better

    CreativeGuyCreativeGuy2 månader sedan
  • How does Apple not fall under this?

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • The government had no business getting involved in this.

    Derek SmithDerek Smith2 månader sedan
  • You and Kim make the best documentaries out there. Must be something in that English water 😁👍

    Poohbear01xPoohbear01x2 månader sedan
  • Now he’s trying to corner the vaccination market. Dude is a power hungry, globalist scumbag.

    RowsdowerRowsdower2 månader sedan
  • People called Gates the bad guy but honestly i think it’s normal to grow cocky if your Company has such a big market share and solid foundation.

    BadeendBadeend2 månader sedan
  • Microsoft scamming since the 80s? How shocking!

    Stanislav ZaverukhaStanislav Zaverukha2 månader sedan
  • 7:42 and now he's pushing vaccines for Corona Really makes you think

    if only you knew how bad things really areif only you knew how bad things really are2 månader sedan
  • Honestly, nutscrape sucked assholes, though internet exploder wasn't that much better Watching this reminds me of how nice it was to not use either for the first time

    if only you knew how bad things really areif only you knew how bad things really are2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else agree bill gates has a punchable face?

    Deklan BurrowsDeklan Burrows2 månader sedan
  • A big aspect of getting IE dominant (and why for all but the last few versions it ignored most actual standards and had its own) was to encourage people to use Windows in the server room, using the IIS stack rather than something like Apache.

    TalesOfWarTalesOfWar2 månader sedan
  • now he's pushing a literal virus

    ky uhhlky uhhl2 månader sedan
  • So should I trust Bill today or not?

    Angeluz ErrareAngeluz Errare3 månader sedan
  • "This is nit picking on super heroic levels", when you are dealing with the law nit picking is the name of the game, a good technicality can win or lose a case.

    CazRaXCazRaX3 månader sedan
  • The existence and popularity of browsers like Chrome ultimately showed the flaw in the logic of the argument against Microsoft. The idea that they would not be allowed to include their own software on their own operating system was nutty.

    FordGTGuyFordGTGuy3 månader sedan
  • I met Bill Gates in the mid 80's at a computer/robotics fair. He was an arrogant twat even then. I just wanted to punch him, and I'm not a violent man.

    Franko WalkerFranko Walker3 månader sedan
  • LMAO is that King Kong Bundy?

    Celes TatiuneCeles Tatiune3 månader sedan
  • its funny a British man knows more about american law then most Americans

    westtell4westtell43 månader sedan
  • Honestly might not have been so bad if Windows split off from Microsoft as its own company.

    Neil GuptaNeil Gupta3 månader sedan
  • Gooey is an adjective used to describe macaroni and cheese, not an acronym for graphical user interface.

    ChromaCat248ChromaCat2483 månader sedan
  • Americans attacking each other, and their own major companies, when the real enemy is China... SMMFH...

    William HWilliam H3 månader sedan
  • SurfShark VPN is Shite.

    Mike EastridgeMike Eastridge3 månader sedan
  • Honestly mate I feel youre the British version of LGR, and LGR is the American version of you! Love your content, always been a fan.

    Bob SacamentoBob Sacamento3 månader sedan
  • Even 3-4 years ago, you had to have Internet Explorer as most software with browsers embedded in it used Internet Explorer.

    =NolePtr=NolePtr3 månader sedan
  • How come ISPs aren't held accountable under the Anti-Trust act for collusion?

    =NolePtr=NolePtr3 månader sedan
  • haven't gotten to the vpn ad yet, not looking foward to it if it's as bad as the comments say

    evieevie3 månader sedan
  • Unsurprising - a Democratic administration actually uses the teeth of the law to force a company to do the right thing, and then a Republican administration comes along and throws that all away because corporations are more important than anyone and anything. At least Microsoft grew up out of that and turned into a halfway decent company. Can't say the same about our government.

    Damaniel3Damaniel33 månader sedan
    • Oof! This didn’t age well, methinks! 😬

      Jolis ParsecJolis Parsec13 dagar sedan
  • It is an outright lie that it was hard for windows users to ever use a different browser. Netscape was at the top the entire time that all this was going on. It was only after they brought this complaint and Microsoft was split that they failed. And their failure was due to stagnation and other browsers being created such as Opera, Mozilla, and others.

    LainK1978LainK19783 månader sedan
  • 19:52 can you scroll up? Lemme see what theyre saying about Carmageddon 2

    woohoo2491woohoo24913 månader sedan
  • Ah Netscape, nice try!

    Hunter MakoyHunter Makoy3 månader sedan
  • "Define definition" Come on Bill you can do better than that. God did he try hard to get them to give up.

    Cyrus CucklerCyrus Cuckler3 månader sedan
  • Can you blame Gates for swerving the questions like that? He's a smart dude. It was worth a shot.

    DigitalbootyDigitalbooty3 månader sedan
  • Watching those interviews with Bill Gates I question if he was being purposefully obscure or trying to waste time by arguing semantics. His quick reactions to conviction in his voice against "incorrect" language and was reminiscent of someone with Austism.

    Jonny GlitchJonny Glitch3 månader sedan
  • Just imagine that a world where you were not allowed to bundle software with your operating system. Goodbye chrome, everything apple have done and most of the tech industry.

    Jonathan BuchanJonathan Buchan3 månader sedan
  • jwz, the lead developer of XScreenSaver, will denounce any version of XScreenSaver made for Windows and ask you to not make a port for Windows because he worked for Netscape. C'mon. XScreenSaver is Open Source under a Permissive License. I think it's the Expat License. You can do whatever you want, as long as the license still exists.

    Doc. Tear PopperDoc. Tear Popper3 månader sedan