What Went Wrong with Street Fighter 2 on the C64 | Nostalgia Nerd

28 apr 2019
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Street Fighter 2 on the Commodore 64? Nah mate, you must be having a laugh. But yet, in 1992, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior did indeed land on the humble 8 bit system, along with the ZX Spectrum and *almost* Amstrad CPC. This video takes a look at the Creative Materials SF2 versions, released by US Gold, with an emphasis on the Commodore 64 release. It then explores how this version came to be and the story of what went wrong. Also, we also take a look at a new version of Street Fighter 2 in development for the C64 by Paco. NICE.
Find out more on the new SF2 at www.pacoblog64.com/
Thank you to www.lemon64.com/ for having such a great and useful resource
Some details of James Macdonald's involvement: www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/street-fighter-2-v1/
Commodore Format archives: archive.org/details/commodore-format-magazine
Check out the original Street Fighter arcade machine at seworld.info/will/mWjWydKwoKt-nIU/video
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  • Note to self... seworld.info/will/jYbXvZqYgHx-32Q/video

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • It isn't pronounced that way in British English.

      Spartan.F AlbionSpartan.F Albion2 månader sedan
    • Could never beat MK or KI. Was barely on par with Eternal Champions.

      duell collinsduell collins2 månader sedan
    • Your videos are sooo sloooow I had to turn speed 1.25

      Dimitris AndreouDimitris Andreou2 månader sedan
    • I distinctly remember the cartridge version looking better than the cassette

      joseph ellisjoseph ellis2 månader sedan
    • Look up Gene kim on SEworld

      zach daquilazach daquila5 månader sedan
  • Sf2 c64 is bad! Don't play it!

    GoombaGoomba11 dagar sedan
  • For those having trouble getting this to run on a C64 Mini/Maxi, change the filename to this: STREETF2_ADROJ1.D64 It worked for me!

    IanStarscreamIanStarscreamMånad sedan
  • a friend gave me lots of copies of these old games lots of them where not that good. the music to most of the games where good though.

    madmomentsgomadmomentsgoMånad sedan
  • Not even going to watch the video but they didn't. Hate hate hate how misleading titles of videos are the casual viewer now. It's probably a really interesting video but tainted by a stupid title

    RetroRepairRetroRepairMånad sedan
  • I like u do better street fights than this on comodorre 64

    AboveEmAllProductionAboveEmAllProductionMånad sedan
  • Que jogo triste kkkkk

    Allan SoaresAllan SoaresMånad sedan
  • TL DW : By cutting a shit ton of corners.

    Den of LoreDen of LoreMånad sedan
  • Would be fascinated to know what the story / excuse behind C64 Cisco Heat is. That is one occasion where surely a completely unoptimised Spectrum port (a la Chase HQ, Karnov, any number of Dizzy games) would have been the most face-saving option.

    Eleanor BurnsEleanor Burns2 månader sedan
  • Honda looks as if his Head is Morphed into one with his nose

    HardWare ChroniclesHardWare Chronicles2 månader sedan
  • Wait, you got to have friends? I didn't think any of us c64 owners were allowed to have friends.

    Brad MilesBrad Miles2 månader sedan
  • This is pure elephant shit from Dhalsim stage.

    Muhammad UddinMuhammad Uddin2 månader sedan
  • cpc versions usually on opposite side of spectrum cassettes. pain in ass having to rewind tapes all time cause of it

    Down the ShedDown the Shed2 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of when I found the ROM for TMNT Tournament Fighters on NES. "How did they pull this off..?", I wondered. The answer was just about as well as this.

    DralisethDraliseth2 månader sedan
  • It Spread like a „pandemic“ how ironic

    DavidDavid2 månader sedan
  • this made the nes bootleg version look award winning

    brogo rambrogo ram2 månader sedan
  • The "Hi-Tech" PC port is graphically superior but similar in game play. Same music and controls

    Tom JungTom Jung2 månader sedan
  • I don't know what people expected buying a port of a branded game for a 64kB RAM machine without palette and with monochrome sprites. If they expected monochrome tofu block characters, two-color static background, but a fast and responsible game, they should've been looking for an independent title.

    IkarusKommtIkarusKommt2 månader sedan
  • Man id never seen this version!!!

    GaZ loves GamesGaZ loves Games2 månader sedan
  • "Us home computer owners" Not me. I sold my C64 and bought a japanese Megadrive 1989. Converted into a console gamer from then on. Computer gamers went on to Amiga and PC thinking they were high and mighty. Nothing much changed. Still a load of PC gamers who believe PC gaming on their high spec monster is the pinnacle of gaming. Computer gamers still don't get it. It was about the games. Never the hardware. And console games late 80s early 90s were incredible. Console gaming, Sega, Nintendo, nec, Neo Geo... That was gaming for me. Streetfighter 2 on Commodore 64.. why? Interesting video though thank you.

    knp77knp772 månader sedan
  • If I was not this damn lazy, i'd code one myself in assembler. FFS, there are 8 frikkin sprites available for two frikkin players. You could even go monochrome sprite mode and layer them on top of each other to get some nice and still colorful and big "hi-res" players!

    Dare BGDDare BGD2 månader sedan
  • Looks like it was done in BASIC :) "Creatures" was the only game that bent C64's capabilities, but this, as many ports from better machines, is simply disgusting.

    Dare BGDDare BGD2 månader sedan
  • Edmond Honda? Wtf

    cpt nordbartcpt nordbart2 månader sedan
  • The makers should have been fined for this crap! What an insult to the inteligence of anyone who bought this garbage!! Utter utter shit!!

    Dommi DavrosDommi Davros2 månader sedan
  • 0:49 What the heck is with that button layout?

    Richard CarpenterRichard Carpenter2 månader sedan
  • 65 pounds for cartridges? Pounds are already worth more than USD and NES carts in the 80s here were 50 bucks with few exceptions. Unlicensed Tengen carts were 20 to 30 USD.

    Garth VaderGarth Vader2 månader sedan
  • I got this damn game for my birthday and it was SO BAD (and not a Wizard reference)

    Homer GhostHomer Ghost2 månader sedan
  • spread like a pandemic?!? TOO SOON!

    Jason WJason W2 månader sedan
  • I had a heart attack when the Mortal Kombat picture was destroyed

    Andrew Ramone74Andrew Ramone742 månader sedan
  • What about the Master System port by TecToy? It's also 8 bits, but I think they've done a decent job

    Ygor MuttiYgor Mutti2 månader sedan
  • eh. you do realize it is a c64? I am prety amazed to get it working.

    Hans de GrootHans de Groot2 månader sedan
  • Street fighter 1 plays better and looks better than part 2 lol

    Sim PhallaSim Phalla2 månader sedan
  • Idk dude, for a cassette game, it looks amazing

    Ender BenEnder Ben2 månader sedan
  • I dont understand this video

    Konrad DeraKonrad Dera2 månader sedan
  • I thought, from the title of the video, that this was going to be a tale of crafty programming, genius, and determination that squeezed every bit of performance out of an underpowered machine to get something special - even if not a 1 to 1 conversion. Spoilers: It's not that kind of video.

    Dream0AsylumDream0Asylum2 månader sedan
  • IK+ beat the ass off this back in the day.

    tryand makacrumbletryand makacrumble2 månader sedan
  • 22:02 Checked my Whatsapp...

    Павел АнатольевичПавел Анатольевич2 månader sedan
  • 8:08 chun li looks sexy without her stockings

    Mister MMister M2 månader sedan
  • Back then pc gaming was pure crap. I started gaming on a c64.

    Mister MMister M2 månader sedan
  • Súper Nintendo power versión 😍

  • Superior only to the Gameboy version.

    DefectDefect2 månader sedan
  • "It spread around the world like (another one of the elite-owned mass media's deceptive lies)"

    DefectDefect2 månader sedan
    • @Alex Davies Projection.

      unlockthepowerunlockthepower2 månader sedan
    • Wow you guys are dumb 😂

      Alex DaviesAlex Davies2 månader sedan
    • Scamdemic

      unlockthepowerunlockthepower2 månader sedan
  • I bought this assuming it would be brilliant. Kids are stupid.

    Andrew AlexanderAndrew Alexander2 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one blown away by the graphics? It's. C. Sixty. Four.

    2bin2bin2 månader sedan
  • The Amiga version sucked as well...

    CP200SCP200S2 månader sedan
  • C64 is king!!

    351oldskool351oldskool2 månader sedan
  • Our first computer we played games from cassettes, we enjoyed it, but that was decades ago. This looks terrible, but 30 yrs ago, this is fine.

    DnekarDnekar2 månader sedan
  • It's funny how console gaming was superior to PC gaming in the beginning. Then PC gaming surpassed console gaming. Now console [PS5 and Xbox Series X] gaming is about to surpass PC gaming again. It's weird having been gaming since the beginning of gaming. *Full circle*

    Dave BufordDave Buford2 månader sedan
  • See's title. Chuckles. Thinks "This'll be a good laugh." Clicks thumbnail.

    BuckdawgBuckdawg2 månader sedan
  • Street Fighter on spectrum was completed by holding diagonal down and fire...Foot sweep your way to victory

    squirrel7t7squirrel7t72 månader sedan
  • I never knew anyone used tapes for the C64 instead of the 1541 disk drive. I only had tape drive with Vic 20.

    Glenn ShoemakeGlenn Shoemake2 månader sedan
  • This port is a crap.

    Cisano AppdevCisano Appdev2 månader sedan
  • I doubt anyone expected miracles on this port, but you would think a platform with such a wide install base would have gotten something more serviceable.

    777Eliyahu777Eliyahu2 månader sedan
  • I cant' believe it lol!!, this version was really crappy, Indeed back in the 90's the famicom pirate SF2 versions were far better than this!

    Frank SantosFrank Santos2 månader sedan
  • Still not as bad as the pirated NES version

    Me MeMe Me2 månader sedan
  • Sorry but those are most likely not conversion error artefacts or bad cut outs. The c64 had severe limitations of the amount of colors you were allowed in a block on the screen, so hard edges in backgrounds come from that.

    Fatih T.Fatih T.2 månader sedan
  • Chun Li is very manly as hell in the back of the box

    Sonic spinSonic spin2 månader sedan
  • abergas esos subs en español

    agitapelotudosagitapelotudos2 månader sedan
  • A bloaty head gal from theme hospital... 😆😆😆😆😆

    baccy81baccy812 månader sedan
  • Less than 1 minute in: "Sf2 ww showed up..." Shows footage of SF2:CE 🤨...wait...US GOLD has a BUDGET department??!! Good lord!

    CyberdelicXPCyberdelicXP2 månader sedan
  • Is this the gingerish guy that used to work for eurogamer or something like that?

    Guitar DogGuitar Dog2 månader sedan
    • Oh it's not, he must be from the same part of England, it's the exact same accent

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog2 månader sedan
  • Trying to beat MK or KI. Sorry but nope

    duell collinsduell collins2 månader sedan
  • Even the Chinese bootleg versions for the NES weren't this bad.

    BryantBryant2 månader sedan
  • Did the cartridge version have more memory?...and thus better graphics?

    2wheelphoto2wheelphoto2 månader sedan
  • My mate had a snes with street fighter 2 I was blown away, My birthday come and I had street fighter 2 on c64 absolutely pants

    PVFCKevPVFCKev2 månader sedan
  • I cringed when he called the Genesis a 'Mega Drive'. What a generic and boring name. Phil Collins knew what was up when he also named his band "Genesis".

    LaloLalo2 månader sedan
  • What a monstrosity 😂

    DWN-024 Shadow ManDWN-024 Shadow Man2 månader sedan
  • Darn been counters, they ruin so much

    Paul StubbsPaul Stubbs2 månader sedan
  • Welcome to 2020

    Yrmum G. aYYrmum G. aY2 månader sedan
  • I KNEW Capcom caused this pandemic but you all refused to listen. They didn't listen!!

    Nate C WNate C W2 månader sedan
  • If they had polished it a bit and solve some bugs, make it a bit faster would be ok

    lobby of spriteslobby of sprites2 månader sedan
  • Lmfao that shit looks stupid as fuck. Totally a pirated famicom version

    Frost - I trigger keyboard warriors. LolFrost - I trigger keyboard warriors. Lol2 månader sedan
  • I paid £70 for the 3DO SF2 then not long after it went down to £29 that was a scam, I got the 3DO SF2 pad as well that looks good and useable for some games , the spectrum had some good fighting games I remember playing the first street fighter on the spectrum it was more funny than fun but was glad to see that there was a street fighter 1 after on,y ever seeing street fighter 2

    glen bradfordglen bradford2 månader sedan
  • What a piece of shit

    Dr. Leatherface82Dr. Leatherface822 månader sedan
  • “And spread around the world like A PANDEMIC.” Umm 🤔

    Mistah MegaManFanMistah MegaManFan2 månader sedan
  • Lol I remember going to a Babbages in 91 during the era of "no screen shot boxes" for the C64.

    Stellar Archive FanStellar Archive Fan2 månader sedan
  • 22:03 Why do I hear a notification sound?

    Nikku4211Nikku42112 månader sedan
  • us gold + c 64 = garbage 😂😂😂😂

    tolon tolontolon tolon2 månader sedan
  • The turd has snuck out thr backdoor

    James CrowJames Crow2 månader sedan
  • 13:00 Street Fighter was visually unimpressive? What preceded it that looked so much better? (Lazerdisc games don't count 😂)

    ru55ellsru55ells2 månader sedan
  • Im actually impressed that they managed to pull of a conversion to C64 at all. I would think that it would be impossible just from the huge difference in hardware capablitly.

    Verbal ÄsthetVerbal Ästhet2 månader sedan
  • This video is interesting to watch even if I’m not a Street Fighter fan.

    Scott LantzScott Lantz2 månader sedan
  • You know what, i reckon that instruction book would come in handy. Sf2 moves all there, now you load it up on any pc using mame emulator and away you go

    fang. Clarke cfang. Clarke c2 månader sedan
  • im a little fascinated that you can load a game with a tape.

    VatchVatch2 månader sedan
  • I think they’d have done well to focus on making the game fun to play, not so much trying to replicate the original look and sound. That was never going to work on such a limited system

    LukeLuke2 månader sedan
  • The only worst version I can imagine is if they tried to make an Atari 2600 SF2 port lol

    LukeLuke2 månader sedan
  • it's lucky we don't have commodore in china....

    strategic fooyou agency first agentstrategic fooyou agency first agent2 månader sedan
  • 看到磁带就知道完蛋了。容量都不够。

    strategic fooyou agency first agentstrategic fooyou agency first agent2 månader sedan
  • The 80's/90's were weird times. Back when consoles had the better versions of the games

    Emilio BarreraEmilio Barrera2 månader sedan
  • Excellent funny video. Nostalgia makes me happy! Peace!

    DubDub2 månader sedan
  • I actually think this is pretty good considering the hardware

    Kelp PardueKelp Pardue2 månader sedan
    • The C64 can do much, much better than this.

      Retep4565Retep45652 månader sedan
  • old rivalries always die hard.

    Haruhi SuzumiyaHaruhi Suzumiya2 månader sedan
  • Nope I didn't care, never liked Beat Em Up's LOL

    smartroadbikersmartroadbiker2 månader sedan
  • Wait, I've only played Street Fighter 2 on the C64. Was it released on other systems?

    Denis mckenzieDenis mckenzie2 månader sedan
  • As a spectrum owner when I was a kid I fell for the non screen shot box art so many times and when I got home I deflated when I loaded it up every time.

    Lee & my Games roomLee & my Games room2 månader sedan
  • The fact that we can look at this and recognize it being Street Fighter 2 is somewhat of a success. Is it a good game? A good choice? No, but the devs made the best choices they could with what they have.

    SBDSBD2 månader sedan
  • Not as bad as Ghostbusters on Amstrad CPC I had that, and it was one of the few games that actually worked, along with RoboCop and Adrian Mole 😂

    Cornelius PhoenixCornelius Phoenix2 månader sedan
  • Street Fighter in a tape cassette? That is just so odd. Or strange.

    Joshua WoodsJoshua Woods2 månader sedan
  • One 8bit cpu has a good port but maybe that’s because the NEC PC Engine also has a 16-bit video color encoder and a 16-bit video display controller. They cleverly have the Select and Start buttons mapped to game controls but having four buttons still feels a bit odd. This game is the biggest I’ve seen on this platform at 2.5megabytes.

    Andy CraigAndy Craig2 månader sedan
  • You have to play a round of IK+ to clean up psychological damage from this.

    fischXfischX2 månader sedan