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12 feb 2020
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Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/NERD, Enter promo code NERD for 83% off and one extra month free! Yes, the Netherlands. Holland. The Dutch. It's all more or less the same. But, did you know that the Dutch are responsible for a wide array of fabulous computers. Some massive, some small, but all, INCREDIBLY interesting. It's for that reason, Octav1us and I took a trip to the Home Computer Museum in Helmond (which is in the Netherlands), to see these wonderful creations and to learn how the Dutch do the Computering. Creations include the Compudata Sorcerer, Tulip Computers, the Dai Computer, the Tulip System one and the incredible Aesthedes 2: Good god, what a thing.
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  • Who else remembers Exidy from those packs of MAME roms?

    Bluestar TalronBluestar Talron15 dagar sedan
  • ... rare machines, rare games, rare desks, rare chairs, rare table laps... And a non-rare robot vacuum cleaner ;-) Anachronistic at best!

    Nic FlatterieNic Flatterie20 dagar sedan
  • I used to have two of these very old computers at home in my garage, the strange thing is they are both gone now but I still have all the tapes and documentation. I think my mom brought them to De Jonge Onderzoekers Groningen over ten years ago, but she says she does not remember :(

    Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg20 dagar sedan
    • and the extra cartridges as well that go into the back...

      Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg20 dagar sedan
  • This strange computer was at Art Center College of Design in CA... we used in to create graphics and I worked on it and had a class creating graphics on it. It was extreme for the time... It was easy to use and very powerful for the time. Check out my work at ANC.com - I started on the AppleII all the way to now creating cool inventions in technology. I am amazed at what we have done and it all started on the Commodore Amiga years ago. Training started on this machine. Wow!

    Mark StrossMark Stross21 dag sedan
  • Nice to see the Radio Shack Model 16. Mine still works. The best feature of this museum is that the computers are running. That gives a real feel for what the industry was like in the beginning.

    Paul WetorPaul Wetor23 dagar sedan
  • ...Windows Millenium unfortunately...... 😂😂😂

    Rafael NádasiRafael Nádasi24 dagar sedan
  • When the Skynet will start taking over the world, this will be the headquarters of the resistance

    Michael PetrovMichael Petrov25 dagar sedan
  • I wish I knew this place existed wueno lived there

    David MeadsDavid Meads25 dagar sedan
  • Was cool to catch a glimpse of Planet X3.

    James ColanninoJames Colannino27 dagar sedan
  • 50£ roundtrip that's amazing!

    Roland KatsuragiRoland KatsuragiMånad sedan
  • bruh Im watching this vid while I live in this exact city...

    Ercan KayisciErcan KayisciMånad sedan
  • Time to move to the Netherlands and not be able to read Nederlands and having to convert my power cables over. UwU Which computer's the cutest?

    Nikku4211Nikku4211Månad sedan
  • Ah The Netherlands, my country. The place where I live, the place where a slee- ....killed by intentional game design.

    SneakyBoy 1999SneakyBoy 1999Månad sedan
  • You've really done your best to make this sound like a trailer for a porn video.

    Adam LopesAdam LopesMånad sedan
  • I visited this museum today, it was awesome!

    Oliver SakicOliver SakicMånad sedan
    • It's been changed since this video, more computers are working ;)

      HomeComputerMuseumHomeComputerMuseumMånad sedan
  • I'm just imagining the horror of a group of high school students visiting, I can't believe everything's out in the open!

    John CoxtolstoyJohn CoxtolstoyMånad sedan
    • Well, computers are meant to be used and we have camera's everywhere, so we'll see if somebody is breaking something.

      HomeComputerMuseumHomeComputerMuseumMånad sedan
  • ik vind dit eigenlijke ook wel rare computers

    Timothy BikkelTimothy BikkelMånad sedan
  • Fuuuuuuuhhhh I haven't thought of "Tandy" in literal decades probably since my first decade.

    calska140calska140Månad sedan
  • Heaven looks like a 1990’s computer lab!

    Olosnah Crafts and MoreOlosnah Crafts and MoreMånad sedan
  • @27:42 hey, isn’t that Retro Recipe’s Titanic amiga?

    JD WillemsenJD Willemsen2 månader sedan
    • Yes.

      HomeComputerMuseumHomeComputerMuseumMånad sedan
  • TULIP Slimline 486 66MHz FTW

    Dalle SmalhalsDalle Smalhals2 månader sedan
  • Chances are you spoke to my misses btw she works at that castle you visited 🤣

    Mark BakenMark Baken2 månader sedan
  • I just love it when english People Say Eindhoven and Helmond 🤣. Funny tho you drove almost past my house and I didnt know haha

    Mark BakenMark Baken2 månader sedan
  • It's incredible that a 14 sub comment gets more comments than a 1,4 million sub comment lol

    joveaaronjoveaaron2 månader sedan
  • So I just went on google to look up what the price of that design computer would be today cuz I thought his estimate of 300 000 Gulden being worth 500 000 Euro was kind of low. turns out it was kind of high. apparantly 300 000 Gulden in 1980 would be worth 663.32 Gulden or 301.00 Euro in 2018 (latest figures I could find)

    Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel2 månader sedan
  • Please make a video about Soviet arcades

    Sargon of ACABSargon of ACAB2 månader sedan
  • When you first said Helmand, I thought you meant Afghanistan. XD

    leoleonardoleoleonardo2 månader sedan
  • I bet the computer has a plan

    BalsamicRain522yt IBalsamicRain522yt I2 månader sedan
  • 21:45 "SCETCH" is not written with a C. Neither is it Dutch.

    ZomB1986ZomB19862 månader sedan
  • Awesome. Also Jamaican ‘piece de resistance at 3:41 🤣

    Brian BarlowBrian Barlow2 månader sedan
  • Octav1us dresses like such a Brit.

    KevinKevin2 månader sedan
  • The video is cool and all, but it sure would be nice if the host would at least PRETEND to be excited to be there...

    KevinKevin2 månader sedan
  • 17:00 Haha, yeah we are definitely into breakfast. Be it sprinkles, peanut butter, deli stuff, Nutella, etc. The aisles are filled with them over here, including all the stuff to put it on.

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • Museum looks great 👍👍👍👍👍

    Mai Kim DangMai Kim Dang2 månader sedan
  • I wonder if ARM powered computers took of like a house on fire would there be any 8086 or for that mater 80586 processors, is that massive computer the forerunner of the QUANTEL PAINTBOX.

  • Glad to see the P2000T, would love to play pakmedan again. Where's the COMX35? It was from Hong Kong but had a lively community in the Netherlands.

    Barend ScholtusBarend Scholtus2 månader sedan
    • You can play that .. COMX PC1 is now on display in the museum too.

      HomeComputerMuseumHomeComputerMuseumMånad sedan
  • The Aesthedes looks like something out of an 80s scifi movie, I'll take 10

    massecurrmassecurr3 månader sedan
  • pffft, VPNs are for gay pirate assassins

    Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt3 månader sedan
  • you need a new cameraman bro

    Lor BorLor Bor3 månader sedan
  • Was hoping to see some obscure Phillips computer, and sure there were one. The Aesthedes was really something special, I have to schedule a trip to Holland next year

    Steffen NilsenSteffen Nilsen3 månader sedan
  • Amiga 600! 😍

    john stanleyjohn stanley3 månader sedan
  • 1:02 Tulip 80286-12.5 Mhz. I'm looking at one of those here now. I still have the manuals, discs and advertising leaflet. Only 40 M.Byte hard Drive, 640 K.RAM (I expanded mine with a 512 K.RAM card). Iresolution type. The video card switches between Magda and flicker free CGA via a toggle switch on the back, requiring a monitor swap. Another video card can be run to allow 2 monitors of Magda & CGA simultaneously for some of the high end CAD & ECAD software available at the time. It was side lined when I bought a Compaq Deskpro 80386-16 Mhz. top range model, with 80387 maths co-processor, 4 M.RAM & 121 M.Byte IDE Hard Drive as my latest ECAD & circuit emulation software (Proteus) demanded this. The power supply blew a capacitor last year and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. I use it to run my Sinclair Spectrum & ZX81 emulator games.

    Andy ReidAndy Reid3 månader sedan
  • Still not down with the misleading statements about VPN's. VPNs have benefits, but you can absolutely get tracked.

    Evert PotEvert Pot3 månader sedan
  • Interesting that the curator compares the Aesthedes graphics computer to PCs when he should be comparing it to engineering work Stations and the like of the time.

    Greg DGreg D3 månader sedan
  • Back in 1995, I took a tour of a super computer center in Southern California. Which was an extension of Pixar. And along with the multiple rooms of servers, they had a computer with a giant panel interface that looked similar to that Aesthedes panel. At the time, I was in 6th grade and wasn't taking in much besides "wow, big rooms and huge monitors!" So I can't confirm if the thing I saw was an actual Aesthedes machine. Maybe they told us, but I don't know. But the minute I saw this hulking machine, I was reminded of that machine I saw back then. They also showed us the famous dancing baby and lamp films. This was before Toy Story came out so most of us had no idea what Pixar was.

    maxis2kmaxis2k3 månader sedan
  • well we haven't completely move away from the idea of the Aesthedes. It kind of made me think of some of the modern lighting consoles like the ma and rog. they have a dedicated buttons for many tasks.

    gavin kempgavin kemp3 månader sedan
  • That CAD computer! Wow.

    Nerdy WordyNerdy Wordy3 månader sedan
  • i live in the Netherlands

    Yarick BoerboomYarick Boerboom3 månader sedan
  • shitty editing audio wise, expected more of you guys

    Joris KindtJoris Kindt3 månader sedan
  • Amazing collection

    Dean WildDean Wild3 månader sedan
  • Is anyone going to mention that Bart is your twin?

    NicNic3 månader sedan
  • By gods I love the Dutch accent 😂

    Jakub AdamčíkJakub Adamčík3 månader sedan
  • It is mind-boggling how many overpriced, primitive, hardware- and software-incompatible junk people produced. The very idea that a real working computer could be built with a '70 cpu like 6502 or Z80 is ridiculous.

    IkarusKommtIkarusKommt3 månader sedan
  • 10 Print "Fuck" 20 Print "You" 30 goto 10 Syntax error. Nice.

    Peter MurphyPeter Murphy4 månader sedan
  • Amazing. A period-specific European pendant to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Kudos to the team behind this massive labor of love, I hope to visit next time in the Netherlands..

    Kanal FrumpKanal Frump4 månader sedan
  • Oh no, I'm dead and have gone to heaven. So many familiar machines. I can remember trying to buy a Sourcerer when I was at high school. I had the money, but for a school kid trying to get around the government paperwork to spend money overseas, ... I gave up and a couple of years later when computers could be bought from a store here I bought a System 80 Mk II. www.classic-computers.org.nz/system-80/hardware_s80.htm. My high school had two computers, I had one.

    gadgetman_nzgadgetman_nz4 månader sedan
  • I misread the title as "Exploring a DUTCHLOAD of computers"

    tr3vk4mtr3vk4m4 månader sedan
  • I'm dutch why did I miss this video

    Mitch WestonMitch Weston4 månader sedan
  • Laugh. at 5:30, the cbm floppy unit behind him. Back when I ran my commodore BBS, I woulda sold my soul for that thing. I dont even remember the name/number of it. all I know is it was alot more storage than the 1541, and I always wanted one. Did end up having a Lt Kernal for the last couple yrs tho. Ah, those were the days

    MerlywormMerlyworm4 månader sedan
  • Went on a two week training course in Hilversum back in about 1988/89 to learn the Aesthedes 2 whilst we waited for delivery. It was a far over engineered machine and ultimately flawed and not capable of matching the up and coming Apple Mac systems. After a lengthy court battle at the royal courts of justice we were awarded damages due to CDS not being able to deliver a stable platform for work. And it cost an arm and a leg too.

    Robert LewisRobert Lewis4 månader sedan
  • Alley Cat!

    Michel ten VoordeMichel ten Voorde4 månader sedan
  • I am sitting at a original Arend desk like you see at 24:32. Still to this day a very reliable desk.

    sirBrouwersirBrouwer4 månader sedan
  • 'You think I have friends?!'

    Patrick StaalPatrick Staal4 månader sedan
  • That bike is there for a evil reason. They let you ride it among those computers and when you fall on few they write you a lovely fine and bill for which you will sell your organs to pay out.

    P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3P33b4Ugo5omwh3r34 månader sedan
  • He could get funding just by being able to read legacy formats.

    Eke van der ZeeEke van der Zee5 månader sedan
  • I never see anyone make a video on a IBM Aptiva, there were so many models. I think I had the IBM Aptiva 2134 model

    Terry LeeTerry Lee5 månader sedan
  • Planet X3? I see whatcha did thar... 5:14 Those big speakers I remember by dad had those exact speakers when I was a kid.

    LexieAssassinLexieAssassin5 månader sedan
  • Oh man, awesome collection. I had to skip most of the video, since I couldn't listen to the museum owner's stupid accent for more than a few seconds at a time without wanting to throw my phone in the toilet0.o No offense meant, it's just a personal observation.

    Business ChickenBusiness Chicken5 månader sedan
  • Geweldig! Daar moet ik naartoe :)

    Mother's little helperMother's little helper5 månader sedan

    Edward SBEdward SB5 månader sedan
  • 18:51, There.

    IsiahTomasIsiahTomas5 månader sedan
  • Ha ha, dat engels van m'n noorderburen 😄

    HarleyHildersonHarleyHilderson5 månader sedan
  • I suspect one factor for Exidy's computer not doing well here in the US might have been because they were previously under fire for their 1976 Death Race arcade game being deemed immoral and violent. They probably also didn't have the advertising reach or budget that Commodore, TI, or Apple had either. But the funniest thing about that is it was only a few years later that they made Chiller which makes Death Race look like some quaint little programming exercise by a bedroom coder.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah6 månader sedan
  • Ah the Laser Turbo XT...Laser and Turbo both features not available with this computer. Love how those advertising departments still get naming rights.

    SandyRiverBlueSandyRiverBlue6 månader sedan
  • Nice place. But the shitty camera work and editing almost gave me a heart attack.

    whatthefuck1011whatthefuck10116 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know what the music is in the video?

    Oliver WallisOliver Wallis6 månader sedan
  • Wow

    sean thomassean thomas7 månader sedan
  • 300.000 gulden in 1980 is about 2 million dollar today, this man doesn't know his economics. His parents bought a house for 50000 gulden back then.

    Willem BeltmanWillem Beltman7 månader sedan
  • Didn't at least two of the upper high-end machines run the GNAA 'Africanized' OS?

    Dave ADave A7 månader sedan
  • DUTCH people have never ever invented anything in Computer world ! Only Drugs and Sex and everything illegal.

    Joke ArpJoke Arp7 månader sedan
  • A trip to the Netherlands is never a bad thing :) I never knew that the museum existed and shall be popping by for a day of joy asap. That Aesthedes 2 though!!!! Mother of the gods - I'd have that beauty setup in my frontroom. Glad that you and your missus had a nice stay in the old country.....Awesome upload man! Thankyou :)

    Ted van MatjeTed van Matje7 månader sedan
  • If I went into that museum, I don't think I'd ever leave! lol

    Vanilla BeanVanilla Bean7 månader sedan
  • After that you should visit Zoetermeer. Our national videogame museum

    DjZiggyDjZiggy7 månader sedan
  • Anybody know the computer on top of another at 23:47?

    Nick HabermehlNick Habermehl7 månader sedan
    • HomeComputerMuseum I think my dad used the Philips Minitel for his car business up til ‘95 or something.

      Nick HabermehlNick Habermehl7 månader sedan
    • Yes, both are Videotext terminal, Dutch version of Minitel from France. A BBS/teletext a-like system from the 80s.

      HomeComputerMuseumHomeComputerMuseum7 månader sedan
  • Wow, worst camera person ever!

    Where is your savior now.Where is your savior now.7 månader sedan
  • shout out to the OG gta 5:22

    Metal MessiahMetal Messiah7 månader sedan
  • the castle at 17:43 is the castle my parends merried 35 years ago on fryday the 13th :D

    Brendan CremersBrendan Cremers7 månader sedan
  • I am currently using Windows 3.11 . Should I update to Windows 95 or go for the faster (and hopefully better) Windows 98 ? I have 500k of RAM and a 1Mhz processor, so my machine should be ready for the heavy stuff.......!!??

    telescopereplicatortelescopereplicator7 månader sedan
  • Why did i het motion sick from watching this video?

    Sicut umbra transeunt diesSicut umbra transeunt dies7 månader sedan
  • Many good and also frustrating memories return. I recognize a lot of them.

    palantir135palantir1357 månader sedan
  • I wonder how Nostalgia Nerd managed to skip mentioning the MSX on a *DUTCH* computer museum! The land of Philips! What's next? Missing the MSX on Japan? ;D

    fr_schmidlinfr_schmidlin7 månader sedan
  • That really look amazing! we are established in the Netheralnds as well. We think it's worth while to visit this computer museum!

    Refeall nlRefeall nl7 månader sedan
  • Does anybody else experienced heavy seasickness due uncontrolled camera movements?

    makiscemakisce7 månader sedan
  • Wow, what a place, brings me back to my younger years, when I was fooling around with my first computers... A friend owned a Tandy TRS-80, my dad had a LASER XT machine, with an orange monochrome "hercules" display. Later on I bought my first own PC, a LASER AT (80286 processor) with a VGA graphics card and a 256 color monitor, of which I was very proud then as my friends only had 16 colors... Me and my friends were running DR-DOS at the time, and there was a bit of competition going on to tweak the config.sys to free up as much RAM as possible (from the available 1 MB there was in the machine)...

    Frederik De BuckFrederik De Buck7 månader sedan
  • "This thing, look at this!" - Camera keeps focusing on the person talking... Really?

    luckymouse1988luckymouse19887 månader sedan
    • luckymouse1988 And the host and cameraman both not realizing that with their camera’s shutter speed indoors, there’s lots of motion blur, and thus if the camera is in constant motion, there’s no way to see anything in focus, even by pausing.

      Antonio TejadaAntonio Tejada2 månader sedan
  • 5:14 i still use these speakers! They still sound just fine even while listening music.

    Matthijs LangermanMatthijs Langerman7 månader sedan
  • Holding a Bavaria. That's Brabant for you ^_^

    James Alexander JackJames Alexander Jack7 månader sedan
  • We had Doom and Road Rash on the school computers when I was a kid.

    Doom GuyDoom Guy7 månader sedan
  • The moment the Segway to the sponsor is hagelslag. :)

    Sander HoogelandSander Hoogeland7 månader sedan