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16 jan 2019
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WARNING: Do not play track 1 of this game CD on ANY Audio CD Player. Now THAT, sounds like a challenge. #ChallengeAccepted
In this video I'll be using a number of 90s CD Players and Boomboxes to see exactly why there's such a pronounced warning on this Zool 2 CD about playing on a standard stereo system. What will this horrific audio be? I'll also explain the reasons why it's how it turns out to be. So let's delve into playing a CD-ROM on an audio CD Player.
You can listen to Nightlights at nightlightsuk.bandcamp.com/album/the-crystal-mountain
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  • Someone on Patreon has just pointed out to me that this was also mentioned at the end of an Angry Video Game Nerd episode. I honestly had no idea! My apologies for the cross over. *edit* I revoke my apologies because I've just watched the video in question and he calls the CD32 a piece of sh*t *awaits torrents of abusive comments from fans of significantly larger SEworldr*

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • I'd revoke my apologies after that too! Nobody insults Amiga hardware on my watch!

      bwc1976bwc197615 dagar sedan
    • We tried this with the Turbo Grafx 16 CD-ROM and it would say on track 1: "this disc is for use with the turbo grafx cd system only" or something and then you would hear the datanoise....just....don't turn it up loud

      Desterii DelQuonomonnaDesterii DelQuonomonnaMånad sedan
    • Cd32 is sh*t

      DorganDorgan2 månader sedan
    • I love the sound of doom i the morning

      Picolas CagePicolas Cage3 månader sedan
    • Well the 32X is a piece of shit and 32X CD games are abysmal. Genesis is fine and the Sega CD is awesome (thanks to Working Designs)... but anything to with 32X is an embarrassing mess.

      Bob SciasciaBob Sciascia3 månader sedan
  • I'm not even mad tbh, that was well done.

    AmandaAmandaDag sedan
  • 3:10 waste of time

    FlemishBlokeFlemishBlokeDag sedan
    • 4:35

      FlemishBlokeFlemishBlokeDag sedan
  • Pretty sure I remember like every PlayStation 1 game being exactly like this.

  • I have that casio!

    anxietyOF THEspectacleanxietyOF THEspectacle3 dagar sedan
  • music in the intro is Boulevard to Nowhere by Rasure

    PixlminusPixlminus5 dagar sedan
  • With a name like Grundig, you'd expect them to take data-CD's into account.

    Kris RKris R5 dagar sedan
  • This sounds like a creepypasta lol Btw, at 3:57, when you stated that the track length was 4m04, it made me think of all the _creepypasta_ stuff and I remembered that in Japan, the number 4 (Written out as 「四」) is seen as an omen of death. The reason was because the symbol, 「四」, can be pronounced as either "yon" or "shi", in which case, "shi" is the same pronounciation as 「死」, which is the word for death. Just thought that was cool! XD

  • Rick Astly. Lol... Nice video.

    Arcade SundayArcade Sunday6 dagar sedan
  • I was expecting some Rickrolling, especially since I noticed the CD wasn't Yellow like Zool2, but red

    LozangeGamerLozangeGamer7 dagar sedan

    Micah GriffithMicah Griffith8 dagar sedan
  • Try this with a Sega CD Game or a Dreamcast game.

    SonicSpotSonicSpot8 dagar sedan
  • I was hoping that the grundig was going to explode! Now I'm disapointed.

    Richard TardifRichard Tardif9 dagar sedan
  • Played commodore vic20 tapes and got the same thing. Expected as much when I played the data disc on a Sony stereo.

    xDR1TeKxDR1TeK9 dagar sedan
  • This sounds like a number station

    Eric LacasseEric Lacasse10 dagar sedan
  • LMAO at being Rick rolled!!!

    Chris WalshChris Walsh12 dagar sedan
  • Almost went the entire 2020 without getting rick rolled...

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  • Im a little concerned that you own the actual original Rick Arsetley album 😂😂😂😂

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  • Sometimes i come across channels in my youtube feed and wonder "why the F am im not yet subscribed? Watched 1000 videos already" yeah ... fixed that now

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  • yo i just got rickrolled by youtube algorithm, so i guess skynet is self aware now

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  • That's in great condition. Nice find

    AdamAdam14 dagar sedan

    AnimeSunglassesAnimeSunglasses14 dagar sedan
  • I love the sleek all-black look of those 90's stereos! Also what was the music from the beginning (before you played the Nightlights cassette)?

    bwc1976bwc197615 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/sKvOudWqiGOhvoE/video

    ZX Spectrum 128KZX Spectrum 128K15 dagar sedan
  • I couldn't tell the difference between the first songs played on each CD

    JalebJaleb16 dagar sedan
  • Try playing a Playstation 1 video game CD in a audio player . Some cool easter egg stuff on some of those games . Might have to play different tracks to find them on some games . Try it out .

    ioloAvatar 84ioloAvatar 8416 dagar sedan
  • He put in a cd and we got rick rolled....MY GOD

    ImortalKiller 21ImortalKiller 2117 dagar sedan
  • You need an older player, and it will god-awfully screech.

    James SchappertJames Schappert17 dagar sedan
  • my like is for the Rick Roll...thanks for that!!!

    Osrick DeWolfeOsrick DeWolfe17 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was gonna be about castlevania SOTN

    Moustafa AwadMoustafa Awad17 dagar sedan
  • Click bait by any other name wastes time the same.

    Dennis MixDennis Mix17 dagar sedan
  • Well you officially have rick rolled 1 million people

    Gameing ClanGameing Clan18 dagar sedan
  • It would be really nice if the subtitles would match up with that, what is really spoken. That shouldnt be that hard, dont you think?

    Dragon TouchedDragon Touched18 dagar sedan
  • I hate you for rickrolling D:

    KoNotkittyKoNotkitty18 dagar sedan
  • why would you did this to me, nerd. You've assaulted my ears with not only raw noise but catchy 80s tunes!!!

    TheKangang YTTheKangang YT19 dagar sedan
  • Within 24 hrs a menacing long haired girl comes out of the speaker of the CD player!

    David BowmanDavid Bowman19 dagar sedan
  • gotem

    maahes mangfumaahes mangfu20 dagar sedan
  • I KNEW that CD looked suspect when you first put it in the player! XD

    BologneyTBologneyT20 dagar sedan
  • Anybody else notice the 2 bongs next to the speakers being used as vases?Plus. That Sanyo player was an 80s model, I had one that I bought in March 1988.

    Steve BarnesSteve Barnes20 dagar sedan
  • fryloc359fryloc35921 dag sedan
  • The optical audio disc error scared the s*** out of our ears!

    John Clyde Cenia BerdigayJohn Clyde Cenia Berdigay22 dagar sedan
  • What’s that red boxy thing you called a “tape”?

    Good CitizenGood Citizen22 dagar sedan
  • 2:37 it is his plan to rick roll us ...

  • that rickroll boi

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  • It's kinda shame that it doesn't actually play Rick Astley :)

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  • Wait...did we just get rick-rolled?

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  • cd player:Nooo! You Cant Just Play Binary On Me! Him:hahahaha funny binary go aaaaaaaaaaa

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    • Lmao salty Roblox kid that got rickrolled lmao

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  • Did this man just Rick roll us.

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  • Nice mix of decades. CD's '80's, stereo and boom box from the '90's and a Rickroll from the 2000's.

    Russ LehmanRuss Lehman28 dagar sedan
  • how about Final Fantasy 8, CD 3, track 2? :)

    ChillicrabChillicrab28 dagar sedan
  • I remember borrowing an early PS1 game (Thousand Arms, for those of you in the know), and finding 2 tracks on the disk. One was nothing, and the other was a song from the game itself. Made a copy of it on repeat to a blank cassette and had my sleeping music for some time. Miss that weird game.

    Adrian M BeardsongAdrian M Beardsong29 dagar sedan
  • Quick question at 7:41 what is the brand and the model of the stereo system in the bottom I'll try to find it when I go to the US.

    Marco BastidaMarco BastidaMånad sedan
  • Hey look it's bootleg bootleg avgn

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  • You win sir

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  • 4:37 Music To My Ears!

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  • No you didnt....

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  • why did i get rick rolled

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  • You own a Rick Astley Album? You sick puppy.

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  • Not gonna lie, you got me.

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  • Damn I still own that exact model Sanyo. Great system.

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  • But have you played a Sony music CD on a PC? At some point, Sony was tired of people ripping CDs into MP3's, and they Boobie Trapped them. They put some code on the CDs that would install mallard onto the non suspecting computer. It was the origin of the infamously, still found in the wild, "ROOT KIT" Many of the early Rootkits that were used to get malware on to PCs actually just copied the code and used it to install their malware into the PCs OS, so that Anti-virus software could not detect it.

    Dr. Robert JohnsonDr. Robert JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Perfect For 2020

    JungleNatine77JungleNatine77Månad sedan
  • It's like importing something that's not an audio file into Audacity.

    PK SuperStar256PK SuperStar256Månad sedan
    • PK SuperStar256 it just screams at you

      Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa27 dagar sedan
  • Game: DO NOT PLAY TRACK 1, IT CONTAINS GAME DATA Ferb, I know what we're going to do today

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  • LOL Rick Roll

    Ryan YanceyRyan YanceyMånad sedan
  • It's a bit hard to get past your speech impediment.

    Andrew WilliamsAndrew WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Interesting, over the years I played many data & game disks in audio players - never ever heard the sound of the data coming out the audio and figured they're all like this. My first CD audio player was manufactured in 1993 - didn't last long however...

    David FloreyDavid FloreyMånad sedan
  • What's the background music of this video?

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  • Nice rickroll

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  • Zool... What a fucking game

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  • White Noise........... Racist Noise

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  • Oof. Rick rolled. In 2019

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  • I was full on waiting for the white noise (I saw the AVGN video where he showed this off) Props to you for catching me off guard

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  • Could you decode that audio back to data somehow?

    Mario_Zombie VideosMario_Zombie VideosMånad sedan

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  • -whats this honney? +its our son, he came to visit and summon lucifer 👄

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  • You bastard

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  • Skip to 02:26 for the playing of track 1.

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  • I lasted 8 years without playing THE GAME or getting Rick Rolled

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  • Ehh 1 year later I'm not really phased about the whole Rickrolling. It really does not bother me anymore at all.

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  • Me encanta tu canal, todos los dias aprendo algo que no necesito pero es divertido aprender. Saludos y me suscribo

    Juan CarlosJuan CarlosMånad sedan
  • I actually prefer the first one XD I remember thinking it would blow up my speakers and being told it would blow up the speakers so don't do it haha good times :) dream cast was interesting for that because of the built in audio player some games would play a track telling you it's only for dream cast and to put it in a dream cast console despite being in one already

    James mJames mMånad sedan
  • Rickroll starts at 9:54

    TheEeveeLoversTheEeveeLoversMånad sedan
  • i kept turning down the volume lol

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  • Anyone else feel violated?

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  • by the way im wondering if Nostalgia Nerd is not more RickRolled then we are...i mean he owns the bloody album

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  • can say about rick what you want but he is never: - gonna give you up - gonna let you down - gonna run around and desert you - gonna make you cry - gonna say goodbye - gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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  • @1:25 well if the world ends today we know who to blame

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  • haha, the sound on that stereo is terrible

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  • What a waste of my time , bitch you suck

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  • You suck

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  • I had that Sanyo stereo. Now I kinda miss it.. or maybe just the Ninety's.

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