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30 mar 2019
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Remember 80s TV Gameshows? They were incredible, yet terrible at the same time. But limited by entertainment options, and TV channels, we tuned in daily to watch these shows, usually featuring excitable members of the public. From Knightmare to The Crystal Maze, Countdown, The Krypton Factor, Going for Gold, The Generation Game, Bullseye, even Run the Gauntlet. Well, I've selected 4 80s Gameshows, and their ZX Spectrum counterparts, to see how both the gameshows and their game versions faired. Rose tinted spectacles on standby.
ZX Spectrum thumbnail artwork by Mike Hanson. More at twitter.com/zxretro/status/688865666514944000
I would have used the actual ZX Spectrum game artwork, but it's so monochrome that you'd have barely seen what it was.
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  • 6789 sounds like Sinclair Joystick controls for Knightmare. But having to use the keyboard as well as use a joystick? Madness!

    James O'GradyJames O'Grady14 dagar sedan
  • I never heard of any of these you sir are from a difrent dimension

    He-Bro From EterniaHe-Bro From Eternia17 dagar sedan
  • Good reviews... this is the first video of yours I've seen. I swear I saw the dreaded words "Ad in 5 seconds" about 10 times... I know you've got to pay the bills, but it felt like in a 20 minute video there were about 10 breaks for commercials. As an British child of the 80's, I'm all about nostalgia, but it's probably put me off watching any more of your videos to have to wade/skip through so many commercials.

    Gary BakerGary Baker23 dagar sedan
  • I disliked and unsubbed for your marxism rules segment. Sorry, you must be a loser!

    DrewDrewMånad sedan
  • Wheel of Fortune made a great NES game.

    Linkovich ChomofskyLinkovich ChomofskyMånad sedan
  • Krypton Factor on Speccy...... gruelling

    Acorn ElectronAcorn Electron2 månader sedan
  • Krypton Factor game show was excellent. Loved the flight simulator section.

    Mr DorfMr Dorf2 månader sedan
  • Target Renegade Zx Spectrum...👍

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy2 månader sedan
  • That shitty boat on Bullseye...there faces when it's dragged out...😒

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy2 månader sedan
  • I was so excited when i bought Knightmare as a kid for the Spectrum and then soooooooo disappointed.

    Johnny PhillipsJohnny Phillips3 månader sedan

    Gwi von GaloisGwi von Galois5 månader sedan
  • ZX Censored console version

    SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' TrollsSMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls7 månader sedan
  • I had that Panasonic tape player! It was a workhorse!

    Trevor GibbsTrevor Gibbs7 månader sedan
  • i would quite like to see something like "jeux sans frontieres" or even "Fort Boayard" in computer game form.

    Name LessName Less8 månader sedan
  • "Open Old Man" lmao

    ScruffScruff8 månader sedan
  • Wot no Blockbusters??

    Captain BloodCaptain Blood8 månader sedan
  • Did anyone ever win Knightmare?

    Polyester LynxPolyester Lynx9 månader sedan
    • 8 teams won on Knightmare during it's 8 series.

      Allen JeremyAllen Jeremy27 dagar sedan
  • Not a C64, that was a C128

    CraigCraig10 månader sedan
  • Maybe you could have tried other home computer formats like the C64 or Amstrad, to review the TV series tie ins?

    carly franklincarly franklin11 månader sedan
  • Knightmare: Hello Travelers, I am your guide Falconhoof, you awake in a forest. Greg: Open sarcophagus.

    PeKツッPeKツッ11 månader sedan
  • Bloody hell this certainly is a nostalgia trip for me. Knightmare was a staple of after-school telly. And those games. Bugger, I feel old now :-)

    Will BWill BÅr sedan
  • Marxism does in fact rule !!!

    None YaNone YaÅr sedan
  • The original crystal Maze was fantastic. Mix it with the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was sold. :). Knightmare was great. This was the time when the term Reboot hadn’t been invented yet. Knightmare backdrops where made on an Amiga? Wow.

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanÅr sedan
  • Oh come on, surely it wouldn't have been difficult to have a clock counting down. They only needed to animate half of it anyway. Rubbish. I used to love Knightmare, it was one of the highlights of my week.

    Adam PowerAdam PowerÅr sedan
  • Snort! I`m in America, and I drink more tea than that! Also I loved the Crystal Maze, it ran on cable TV here for a while.

    prismstudios001prismstudios001År sedan
  • I friggen LOVE watching British TV. It's so similar to US shows yet SO utterly different. Usually more straightforward and doesn't treat you like a brain-dead idiot.. American T.V. always treats you like it assumes you are the biggest dumbass ever, not so much back then just different in other ways. Today though is a different story. I haven't had cable in 15 years but when I watch it at someones house...my god. Everything has a soundtrack that "tells you" how you should be feeling: happy, sad, mad or whatever. Cuz we's be 2 stopid 2 be knowin buy R own when a sad part comes up. A great example is Gorden Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares. Watch both versions and you'll know what I mean.

    Jip JacksonJip JacksonÅr sedan
  • No its a knockout? For shame!

    JIMBO8472JIMBO8472År sedan
  • How did you miss "Ask hole" lool

    casperldcasperldÅr sedan
  • Knightmare game show was ahead of its time, always raced home to watch on TV :)

    Sir GawainSir GawainÅr sedan
  • 90s gameshows were better

    Anthony BarrattAnthony BarrattÅr sedan
  • Don’t knock “twice nightly, Whitely!”

    chinaski31chinaski31År sedan
  • Someone should make a new Knightmare game for VR.

    Mr CMr CÅr sedan
  • I'll say the look of the Knightmare game actually "looks" pretty cool for its interface. page flipping and the animated candle are a nice touch.

    Paul DonaghyPaul DonaghyÅr sedan
  • Hey! i used to love Run The Gauntlet on my trusty Amstrad CPC 6128! Although i broke a joystick in frustration - Lol ! the good days...

    Manpet EpetropManpet EpetropÅr sedan
  • Should have played Kickstart (or Kickstart 2), quite possibly the best games ever adapted from a british TV show.

    HexVexHexVexÅr sedan
    • Although it was made without the permission of the BBC, which is why they changed the spelling.

      gwishartgwishartMånad sedan
  • Family Feud (Family Fortunes in the UK) was fun on my Uncle's old Tandy in STUNNING 4-color CGA.

    Chad MawnChad MawnÅr sedan
  • Richard Whatshisface....... How very dare you, young man.... It was Richard Blacklely

    Jamie PillerJamie PillerÅr sedan
  • I owned every one of those games.

    Jamie PillerJamie PillerÅr sedan
  • I would of most likely take the crap tapes to School and use ether the Reception desk cassette Tape Eraser or the Library's Security Tag Eraser and have them wiped and recycle the tapes for my own Dictaphone use the short tapes were useful for teacher short notes/reminders

    hitechguy18hitechguy18År sedan
  • the spectrum I had had the tape deck as part of keyboard that one you have there looks like a ps2 design with those ridges on the right side

    8Bitkasper8BitkasperÅr sedan
    • Sounds like the +2. I had one, too. I went through nearly every model.

      Jamie PillerJamie PillerÅr sedan
  • “Warning Team! You should have taken the magic lamp when you had the chance”. *Adventurer dies* Now I hate to be a pedant, but that’s a fatal error not a warning

    carpiicarpiiÅr sedan
  • knightmare for the amiga, I remember looking at the box art and thinking OOOOOOOO then slotting it in the trusty old commodore and proceeding to punch the monitor.

    FrankieFrankieÅr sedan
  • Those old tapedecks were physically 70% speaker area. THEY DIDNT NEED TO HAVE A SPEAKER!!! If I remember right, you couldn't even turn the f-ing volume down!

    EvilStreaksEvilStreaksÅr sedan
  • The skull animation migiht have been made on an Amiga, but the backdrops where hand drawn. I've talked to the artist. :P

    EvilStreaksEvilStreaksÅr sedan
  • Great video! Don't knock Richard Whiteley, though - he didn't get the nickname "twice nightly" for nothing...

    Paul FisherPaul FisherÅr sedan
  • "Where am I? " " You're in a room " " No fucking shit "

    CuriousOrangeCuriousOrangeÅr sedan
  • Great nostalgic video here, Do you remember that 80's UK kids TV series with Ken Campbell called: Erasmus Microman Now that would of made a good game :-)

    mikey pmikey pÅr sedan
    • @Allen Jeremy Yep it sure did :-) Do you have any episodes of it? I have a few still on VHS Where you from?

      mikey pmikey p9 dagar sedan
    • That aired for 2 series in 1988 & 89 & was made by an independent production company called Mirageland Productions for Granada Television.

      Allen JeremyAllen Jeremy9 dagar sedan
  • My older brother brought Knightmare and got out of the first room. Once. It then went unplayed. Show was great though, used to scare me at times and quite tense.

    TheOneRobUKTheOneRobUKÅr sedan
  • I must say we had a bit better luck here in the US on this one. Wheel of Fortune was actually a good game, at least that's how I remember it on the C64. The other one is Jeopardy, which again translated pretty well to being a game. Anywho this was very interesting. I never heard of any of these shows, but I'm really surprised we didn't get a spin-off of that Castle game, seems like it would have been a good fit for US kids.

    Rod MunchRod MunchÅr sedan
  • (2:23) Looks a bit like Rex Garrod from _The Secret Life of Machines._ (2:56) First thing I see is the recall code O P E from _Dr. Stangelove._ (10:35) _Krypton Factor:_ I was expecting cryptography, not a Superman Challenge. (16:35) Ah, Ocean - publisher of _The Great Escape_ and _Wizball._

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Amazing work as always! That Knightmare game though.... Aghhhh! :'(

    Sam Wolfie DownesSam Wolfie DownesÅr sedan
  • rofl Hasta Siempre Nerd!^^

    MrLorbuMrLorbuÅr sedan
  • I had that tape recorder for my ZX81

    John Michael StockJohn Michael StockÅr sedan
  • I loved The Great Egg Race and The Adventure Game

    wesmatronwesmatronÅr sedan
  • I used to watch (Knightmare).. but even at time was pretty rubbish.

    Darren PorterDarren PorterÅr sedan
  • As an American, I only discovered Knightmare quite recently through SEworld, and I have to say that I probably would have very much enjoyed watching that. Shame we didn't get it or have something like it.

    DestherDestherÅr sedan
  • Can't believe you skipped over the Knightmare theme tune. You're not a real 80s!

    RichardM8422RichardM8422År sedan
  • I'd argue that the show Krypton Factor was a primary culprit for causing my flight simulator obsession. How could these intelligent people on my TV fail so hard at landing a plane?

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • I couldn't get out of the first cell on Knightmare back in the day. Loved the show.

    GarthdonGarthdonÅr sedan
  • Some of these games would be well served with a modern remake

    24magiccarrot24magiccarrotÅr sedan
  • Knightmare on a Wednesday? I thought it was on a Friday. I was the same as everyone else- there's no way I could get out of that room, when I eventually figures it out- I'd get killed almost immediately.

    FreqyBikerFreqyBikerÅr sedan
    • I thought it was a Friday too. Wednesday's were Art Attack.

      24magiccarrot24magiccarrotÅr sedan
  • you can have a bit of fun in that first room. do everything necessary to get the old man to help you by giving you the spade, then grab a rock and throw it at him. that's what we used to do

    Michael McDonaldMichael McDonaldÅr sedan
  • Run the Gauntlet was brilliant on the Amiga. On of my fav games back in the day!

    Paul HigginsPaul HigginsÅr sedan
  • I need to stream that Knightmare game one day, its always interested me

    Gaming Paradise StreamsGaming Paradise StreamsÅr sedan
  • Bullseye's jackpot quiz question was always the most cryptic and bizarre riddle which even a quiz team comprising of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Alan Turing (inventor of the machine which cracked the Enigma coed) wouldn't have a decent chance at getting right! They didn't want to give those caravans away i tell you!!

    Factual FoxFactual FoxÅr sedan
    • @24magiccarrot Right, well ive made myself look foolish now, as its was actually 3-2-1 disty bin i was thinking of: seworld.info/will/fmnFsN-unXp6q58/video extremely cryptic questions at the end.. I do apologise!

      Factual FoxFactual FoxÅr sedan
    • @Factual Fox There was no final cryptic question on Bullseye for playing in the final round. There weren't any questions in the second half of the show. First round was the category round Second round was The team that scored the highest on the dartboard got first chance at answering the question This took you to the break, there was a charity challenge with a pro darts player then the team with the highest score then competed in the prize board with no questions. The same team then got the option as to whether to walk away with the stuff they've won or play the jackpot round. If they walked away the second highest scoring team got asked whether they wanted to play or gamble. the Jackpot round was 6 darts to score 101 or more with the non dart player going first. There were no questions other than gamble or don't gamble in the second half of the show. So I have no idea what you are talking about.

      24magiccarrot24magiccarrotÅr sedan
    • @24magiccarrot I think you know what I'm talking about. The final cryptic question contestants need to answer. But nice try sounding like a smart ass.

      Factual FoxFactual FoxÅr sedan
    • There weren't any questions in the Jackpot round of Bullseye so you clearly never watched the show.

      24magiccarrot24magiccarrotÅr sedan
  • P.S. I love the few random squares of soundproofing foam stuck to your wall... That must make ALL the difference with the neighbours! ;)

    Factual FoxFactual FoxÅr sedan
  • Warm feelings of nostalgia notwithstanding, I applaud you for going to the trouble of putting such videos together. My only regret is that i cannot reward you by subscribing to your channel more than once! If i could, i would! Keep up the good work!

    Factual FoxFactual FoxÅr sedan
  • A Knightmare computer game these days would be amazing, alas. Great vid Mr Nerd good old nostalgic pangs off this.

    Anna pocalypse ZeroAnna pocalypse ZeroÅr sedan
  • Top video dude

    Joe MaleyJoe MaleyÅr sedan
  • Ah multi-loads, Mayhem in Monsterland on the Commodore 64 had a painful 8 minute load between each level. Took me hours of watching raster bars to finish it.

    Properly Brilliant GamesProperly Brilliant GamesÅr sedan
  • Tenter is a word, it's a framework for drying cloth - the root of the idiom "tenterhooks".

    Ian DrakeIan DrakeÅr sedan
  • oh man I loved Run The Gauntlet! Played it massively on C64 :) looks way better then this version too!

    Willem VermeylenWillem VermeylenÅr sedan
  • Bonus points to anyone who can solve that countdown conundrum.

    Several FightersSeveral FightersÅr sedan
  • Y'know what? Knightmare would make a fucking awesome VR game if it were handled in a way like "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes." I guess it'd have to work differently, maybe the conceit is less that they're blinded and more that they're unable to see certain things, like the helmet can't perceive evil or whatever, but they can still see the "world." Meanwhile, people outside could watch. And maybe someone could join the chat and be Treygard, just making ridiculous comments.

    Kaye PlagueDocKaye PlagueDocÅr sedan
  • Dude you've missed Bullseye on the Commodore 64 ! .... that is heresy right there.

    Dave DoggeDave DoggeÅr sedan
  • *Christ, I had Knightmare on the Spectrum. I* N E V E R *got out of that first FxxKING room!!*

    - ̗̀A Bacchus ̖́-- ̗̀A Bacchus ̖́-År sedan
    • I opened the first door, but got no further. I tried again more recently on an emulator thinking my years of gaming experience would help me out. But nope, what is required to progress, as I found out by watching a walkthrough, is bullshit.

      Kickstart 1.3Kickstart 1.3År sedan
  • 6,7,8, & 9 keys is the Sinclair Interface II set.

    paulanderson79paulanderson79År sedan
  • 7:57 I got a 6, Outlaw.

    Luke HerbertLuke HerbertÅr sedan
  • Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz on the C64 was pretty awesome, also great music.

    Daniel MayDaniel MayÅr sedan
  • I preffer the Comedian filled 8 out of 10 cats does countdown with jimmy carr, running rn.

    Daniel LopezDaniel LopezÅr sedan
  • I am one such player who couldn't get out the first room in Knightmare. Thank you for showing me the answer. Bastard devs! Haunted me for 30+ years that has.

    When Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People DieWhen Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People DieÅr sedan
  • I can confirm being one of those that never got out of the first room. Seriously fuck that game.

    Duff ChimpDuff ChimpÅr sedan
  • I was a contestant on Knightmare back in the day. It'll be 30 years this year since we were on it (last two episodes of series 3).

    MrThunderwingMrThunderwingÅr sedan
  • Knightmare was the shit. So was Sub Zero.

    XaranarXaranarÅr sedan
  • Spell casting “H E A V Y N O S T A L G I A”

    Ben LBen LÅr sedan
  • Sword Weilding Bastards - quality lol.

    BobshortforKateBobshortforKateÅr sedan
  • 0:59-7:12 Both Dark Souls and Fable seem to have inspired aspects of their gameplay from Knightmare by Activision.

    Samuel J WeberSamuel J WeberÅr sedan
  • I had The Krypton Factor on Commodore 64 but I didn't know how to play it. I suggested it on Octav1us' C64 stream the other day to no avail.

  • Bullseye was pretty good with a light gun

    Ross TheNinjaRoss TheNinjaÅr sedan
  • Seeing this I thought to myself I wonder if they made a pc game of my favorite show The Young Ones doing some research a game was made. I have not seen too many videos Nostalgia Nerd but have you done a video on the show if not I would like to know what you think about that game by the way interesting video.

    MrSurferlonelyMrSurferlonelyÅr sedan
  • The reviewer calls the Knightmare game "a crop of crap", but I have to say, I really did love it! I don't care that it was difficult. It _was_ difficult, and I didn't even get very far myself. But as a child, I just found it incredibly exciting. Like the show itself, the game seemed steeped with a sense of intrigue, mystery and classic English folklore. I love the candle, the turning pages, and the old-fashioned typeface. For me, the small, "locked room" scenario just made it all the more captivating. It wasn't a big, loud in-your face game. It was a quiet, thinking man's game, which , like the TV show, took itself seriously, and expected the viewers to be intelligent and to pay attention to small details. I do think the game could have been a lot better in some respects, but the overall concept is one I found intriguing and exciting, and I still feel that way when I see it now. By the way, I love making Spectrum music, and I've made a pretty decent version of the Knightmare theme tune :) Just throwing that out there… in case anyone's making a new Spectrum Knightmare game? You never know. LOL :)

    Lee BeeLee BeeÅr sedan
  • It's Richard Whiteley; show some respect!

    goofus funderbungoofus funderbunÅr sedan
  • Damn, Run The Gauntlet! Long forgotten about that. It also jogged my memory of the little remembered Craig Charles classic Cyber Zone. Now THAT would have made for an interesting ZX Spectrum port. For those who don't know of it, it was a couple of contestants playing missions against one another on your standard early 90's VR machines. A rowdy audience of yobbos, an industrial setting, Craig Charles shouting "AWOOGA!", and the sound effect to the gunge machine from Noel's House Party, for some reason. I can well imagine a Spectrum game of that, in the same mould as Castle Master.

    97channel97channelÅr sedan
  • To be fair, Knightmare is pretty accurate. If they didn't pick up something random or go the right way in the TV show then it was game over. It should also get bonus points for being partly inspired by Atic Atac.

    Steven GrieveSteven GrieveÅr sedan
  • it's not a dungeon of despair without an evil prince and a sinister little midget with a bucket and a mop

    Dave WeghDave WeghÅr sedan
  • I like how the ground spells out N O P E

    SNATHSNATHÅr sedan
  • Knightmare came out on the Commodore Amiga a few years later but was different to the Spectrum version as it was a dungeon style game.

    Mouse PotatoMouse PotatoÅr sedan
  • It's using 67890 because you pressed 0 and it thought you'd pressed Fire on a Sinclair Interface II joystick as it mapped to that. If you plug in a Kempston joystick interface and press fire on that it works with that too (IN31 port not keys that way). Might be worth using a joystick interface and joystick for future reviews?

    Damien GuardDamien GuardÅr sedan
  • If I was rich I would pay someone to make an 8bit Cheggers Plays Pop game

    zubazubzubazubÅr sedan
  • How can you have missed out Blockbusters and Bullseye!

    Richard HarrisRichard HarrisÅr sedan