Connecting a C64 to WiFi | Nostalgia Nerd

7 sep 2018
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Welcome to the world of WiFi, to be specific, C64 WiFi. Yes, thanks to a fangled gadget, we can connect a humble 8 bit micro to the modern world of WiFi. What's more, we can surf the internet once we're there, or at least, the best substitute for the internet... BULLETIN BOARDS. So join me, as we go surfing through some Commodore 64 Bulletin Boards.
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  • Is it really possible to use Contiki or Hyperlink with this modem (Wifi 64) ? Could you explain how to configure these applications ?

    steblanchonnetsteblanchonnet7 dagar sedan
  • ".....and Bob is your FRICKIN' uncle.." 😁

    James SlickJames Slick17 dagar sedan
  • Where can I find the tape version of CCHGS Terminal software? Thanks

    Fuzzy TimeFuzzy TimeMånad sedan
  • Ill do things to that sexy commodore lol

    Jordan GomezJordan Gomez2 månader sedan
  • It's also called the NodeMCU, have one, being used to control some devices wirelessly, also compatible with Amazon Alexa!

    M3NI 021M3NI 0212 månader sedan
  • I was using a text based Lynx Web browser back in 1993-94 on PC clone/DOS for dial-up connectivity to the Internet which I though was fairly cool, but I thought that usable CSIRO-designed WiFi came later in about 1997. So surprised to see it on an archaic at the time Commodore64. Basically web browsing was shite before Netscape Navigator, web searching was shite before Alta Vista, and remote connectivity was shite before ADSL.

    Alfredo RicciardoAlfredo Ricciardo2 månader sedan
  • Holy Fart Lazerz! Wifi For C64? RADICAL!

    Seamus QuainSeamus Quain2 månader sedan
  • 0:55 I see you were about to type a "Y" for that question...

    HudsonGTVHudsonGTV3 månader sedan
  • I'm testing some of these message boards out on my Raspberry Pi via Telnet. Is there a way to emulate the terminal experience with my Raspberry Pi?

    Chris JorenbyChris Jorenby3 månader sedan
  • Contiki!

    The Lab of No ReturnThe Lab of No Return4 månader sedan
  • So is this NTSC compatible? I see a lot of BBS in the comments in addition to what you’ve mentioned

    Crumble 73Crumble 735 månader sedan

    Vornan19Vornan195 månader sedan
  • Very nice! I'm a Basic programmer. I'm using Commodore, Sinclair 1000, Spectrum, Texas TI99, Talent MSX and others. Thanks for the video!

  • does this work for c64 only I assume it does

    Mr. SoWhat?Mr. SoWhat?6 månader sedan
  • Made me think back to a software package called "FreeNet". I think it started in Cleveland Ohio. The software was sold to cities for a community bbs. The last I saw of it was the "Victoria FreeNet" about 25 year ago.

    Mean Mike BojakMean Mike Bojak6 månader sedan
  • If that's an 80mhz microcontroller why not give it 16mb of fast video ram n use it's video output..?

    ZX Spectrum 128KZX Spectrum 128K6 månader sedan
  • Why not WiFi with 80 column n 16 colours...n super cpu!

    ZX Spectrum 128KZX Spectrum 128K6 månader sedan
  • So is there a port of firefox to the 64?

    Stan BurtonStan Burton7 månader sedan
  • I had a 72/1200 modem. I was much faster typing than that thing

    Alfonso FlorioAlfonso Florio7 månader sedan
  • what music do u use?

    tech stufftech stuff8 månader sedan
  • ebegging

    Paulo ConstantinoPaulo Constantino8 månader sedan
  • Hi! I've produced a c64\pc game but I need a coder, if you know someone let me know, thank you! Here some pictures:

    Raul GubertRaul Gubert8 månader sedan
  • Well i would be more interested if in 80 column mode it was able to log into a bash prompt and act as a terminal when logging on to unix servers.

    Jayson CowanJayson Cowan8 månader sedan
  • Did you play a game of Lord? Perhaps get a chance to flirt with Violet?

    lwvmobilelwvmobile8 månader sedan
  • But why though???

    Julia PonceJulia Ponce9 månader sedan
  • I'm surprised at the nostalgia, Why use a old computer or bother to rehab one? Hobby, Easier to work on?

    Tom TowersTom Towers9 månader sedan
  • The thing is that adapter probably has more computer power than the 64, by a large margin.

    CraigCraig10 månader sedan
  • 9:11 he fucked his computer didnt he?

    patrlimpatrlim10 månader sedan
  • I found the WiFi64 code on the internet a while ago, and built it with an RS232 interface to suit my TRS-80 computer. With RS232 it should work with any machine sporting a serial port. Most BBS seem to support either Commodore or IBM PC graphics, so the good old TRS-80 is a little left in the cold here (Maybe I should just start up my own BBS) however all the BBS's I visited had the option to skip graphics. Now if I could just figure out how to 'dial into' my NAS with this device and save my software etc to my local network I will be extra happy.

    Paul StubbsPaul Stubbs11 månader sedan
  • i need this, i've done dialup on a c64

    Higher GamerHigher Gamer11 månader sedan
  • 0:56 i thought i accidentally clicked on repzillas video XD

    Zombieish _____Zombieish _____År sedan
  • Hi!, I have JVC TM1000ps with YC358 connector (pre era of S-Video) - . How You connect it with C64. The YC358 plug is very rare ;(

    Pawel JanowskiPawel JanowskiÅr sedan
  • I had 300 baud Viatel adapter to connect my c64 to the Australian service Viatel later Telecom Discovery.

    Ross2d-2Ross2d-2År sedan
  • Imagine seeing a Twitter message that said "Sent from Commodore 64"

    The Tomato WatcherThe Tomato WatcherÅr sedan
    • Nicholas Brooks actually no it’s real

      The Emerald Men OfficialThe Emerald Men Official3 månader sedan
    • kwinzman you know the rules and so do I!

      Nicholas BrooksNicholas Brooks4 månader sedan

      kwinzmankwinzman9 månader sedan
  • 0:54 What were those questions about?? Lol they are crazy!

    Dan LaBrecqueDan LaBrecqueÅr sedan
  • C64 with Wifi? Too much Star trek like.

    Than [Thanasis] ZampThan [Thanasis] ZampÅr sedan
  • The javasscript on the box :D

    FilipFilipÅr sedan
  • Can it connect to youtube?

    HuggieBear39HuggieBear39År sedan
  • 0:40 Oh the fond memories this brings back.

    HuggieBear39HuggieBear39År sedan
  • Thust spec

    GoldenhordemiloGoldenhordemiloÅr sedan
  • Load*,8,1 run

    GoldenhordemiloGoldenhordemiloÅr sedan
  • I 'member...

    1973Washu1973WashuÅr sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that the modern C64 peripherals are more powerful than the C64 itself?

    Ray CeeyaRay CeeyaÅr sedan
  • 2:29 I do in fact have a frickin' Uncle Bob...

    KonElKentKonElKentÅr sedan
  • I'm working on my own small web within the 64 soon and other systems as well. It will start in Dec of 2019.

    Diy in the GhettoDiy in the GhettoÅr sedan
  • my c64 just died, it won't POST anymore when i turn it on, just a black screen. I got it from ebay for $150, the next day, it just wanted to die. maybe the PLA is the culprit, i ordered a socket and a PLAtinum PLA replacement chip. I'll break out the iron, desoldering pump, flux, and solder and replace the PLA to see if it brings it back to life. and also add heatsinks to the chips. I use a little CRT television for my 80s computers like my Apple IIe.

    PentiumMMXPentiumMMXÅr sedan
  • Slight correction on computer modernity…. I used to dialup to the Internet on my Commodore Amiga 3000. I had software I bought which ran a full early 90s TCP-IP stack and had no trouble accessing things online at the time. Can't even remember what it was called now, but it did work an it worked decently well.

    Matt CarrellMatt CarrellÅr sedan
  • this cool , im buying that thing asap

    Je MoederJe MoederÅr sedan
    • bought !!!

      Je MoederJe MoederÅr sedan
  • Ohhhhh. I have a similar device in the mail. Can't wait

    Mike HostetlerMike HostetlerÅr sedan
  • did you get it to work with Contiki? thanks

    Jack SeverityJack SeverityÅr sedan
  • 3:18 that moment when your expansion has more processing power...

    needforsuvneedforsuvÅr sedan
  • Oof. I remember those halcyon days of the primitive, when I hooked onto a local freenet using my C64, a 1200 baud modem and a copy of Telix loaded from my 1571 floppy drive. Actually, that began in May of 1995, here in Columbus OH. Oh, the sheer joy of watching email hash because my mail was too big for a 1200 baud to handle efficiently. How fun it was to do a WAIS search to browse ASCII websites, and hit Usenet groups via various college servers (before I learned how to bypass that via the Freenet). And all this was available for 1 hour at a time, up to 2 hours per 24-hr period! No way in hell I would want to return to those days, but I wouldn't mind visiting for a few minutes!

    Theodore RelicTheodore RelicÅr sedan
  • Do British c64s look different from Canadian ones? The one I have is a bit yellow (yellowing) but brown keys where yours is all white/cream

    meeshkin gamingmeeshkin gamingÅr sedan
    • That's actually a C64C, which was a 1986 redesign of the C64 with a nicer case and slightly less shit keyboard.

      gwishartgwishart2 månader sedan
  • hey what was BT wireplay?

    MaxiMal 98MaxiMal 98År sedan
  • I think those first two are meant to be played in reverse order

    Hydrochloric AcidHydrochloric AcidÅr sedan
  • 0:47 At 2AM in the morning, as opposed to 2AM in the afternoon or 2PM in the morning.

    KnuckleHunkybuckKnuckleHunkybuckÅr sedan
  • having a 56Kbps was amazing back in the day

    tignesboytignesboyÅr sedan
  • I remember the excitement of logging into a BBS and reading the news each morning. I spent hours behind an Amiga keyboard.

    Papi UuhmelmehahayPapi UuhmelmehahayÅr sedan
  • No ones gonna mention that he leaked his IP address? At 2:37 look at the bottom of the screen

    SpiritenSpiritenÅr sedan
    • It's in the RFC1918 block. That's inside his LAN not his real public facing IP.

      Luke RantaLuke Ranta11 månader sedan
  • @Nostalgia Nerd - you should check out IRATA.ONLINE/ There are terminals for over a dozen vintage computing platforms, including C64 and ZX Spectrum, and you connect to a multi-user graphical on-line service with its own development environment. :)

    tschak909tschak909År sedan
  • FYI "Homely" in American English means "unattractive in appearance."

    MetamerMetamerÅr sedan
  • Even if you create a C64 laptop with all the C64 add-ons, including Wi-Fi, this makes this a great C64 laptop all time.

    Sharptooth TrexSharptooth TrexÅr sedan
  • I freaking love crap like this =D

    Katrina PayneKatrina PayneÅr sedan
  • Why 2400 baud? C64 will handle 9600 baud. Had a BOCA Modem 9600/v42bis external using a Swiftlink RS232 cart. Then had that plunged into a 3 slot cartridge expander with the other 2 slots filled with 2 hacked REU's with the cartridge expander hacked to be powered separately from the C64. Ran a hell of a unlisted Color64 BBS for years

    Grym ReiperGrym ReiperÅr sedan
  • My first modem was a 300 baud Zoom modem lol

    CattleRustlerCattleRustlerÅr sedan
  • 2am in the morning? As opposed to 2am in the afternoon. Fucking brilliant

    Gregory SennheiserGregory SennheiserÅr sedan

    John MackJohn MackÅr sedan
  • 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Alp RoyalAlp RoyalÅr sedan
  • I have 6 c64, 6 5 1/4 floppy drives, and two monitors, plus a couple of analog switches. Lol I have seariusly been wanting to hook up to the Internet, and find others who are going the same! You ask why when computers have come so far? Because we will never have a stable computer, that the user have full control of again! No viruses, or reinstalling the os. No spying, or hacking your stuff. I like writing software, and I could do a lot. I have a question about the software. Can you download the code?

    Separate RealitiesSeparate RealitiesÅr sedan
  • Be careful, that wasn't just any therapist, that was Dr Freud!

    EdgyShooterEdgyShooterÅr sedan
  • This is such bliss I still (just) remember when my grandmother bought me a 300 baud modem, and my poor mom actually paid for me to get on Compu$pend for a while.

    R.L. DaneR.L. DaneÅr sedan
  • Very interesting although I think what everyone really wants to know is did Sebastian from Morocco ever get his cat back?

    The Butler Did ItThe Butler Did ItÅr sedan
  • Oh my god somebody combined AVGN and The nostalgia critic into the ultimate nostalgia nerd!!!!

    Elliot WisemanElliot WisemanÅr sedan
  • I had to see this.

    AuntyM66AuntyM66År sedan
  • Fir there were no 2400 baud modems back then in home use at least. A typical modem in early 80s was 300 baud (300 bit/s) or 600 baud (1200 bit/s). In 1984 the 600 baud 2400 bit/s standard as introduced. Baud means signal elements per second. Many modems coded four bits (16 levels) in a signal elements.

    Okaro XOkaro XÅr sedan
  • I never got on the net until 2010 so this is completely new to me. I have always had Virgin (Telewest) internet so I would not know what using a phone line back then meant in terms of speed. It's not that I wasn't around then, (heck I am nearly 50,) we were just too poor for such luxuries as a modem. We needed to eat. I did have friends who had modems, but I was never allowed to see them in action. Apparently they cost to much to use during the day so it was kicking a ball about for me back then.

    yogibear2k2yogibear2k2År sedan
  • I'm so lost

    Mk1 Rabbit GuyMk1 Rabbit GuyÅr sedan
  • seriously wish I had a C64 to play with now, though I think I'm just a few years shy of being old enough to use one growing up

    hang da clownhang da clownÅr sedan
  • am I the only one that was annoyed the wifi adapter had c code printed on it?

    John LordJohn LordÅr sedan
  • CCGMS!!!!

    Telengard ForeverTelengard ForeverÅr sedan
  • So it is possible to become a real HACKERMAN

    VulcanituVulcanituÅr sedan
  • Ive been trying nearly 3 hours to get this thing setup. i got instructions with it but the website doesnt exhist! ive retyped and retyped the url address and nothing. ive also been on all sorts of websites downloading .d64 images to my c64 sd card adaptor and nothing. either the images dont work or just display random rubbish on the screen. i'm going to email the seller and see if i get anything form them . has anybody got ideas where i'm going wrong??

    2j4ez2j4ez2 år sedan
  • Keep up the good work!

    unasked-questionsunasked-questions2 år sedan
  • Nice thing about PCs is easily available network cards, drivers, and TCP/IP apps. I have true internet in my PC/XT 5160. Pull up websites, access Gopher servers, read Usenet groups, FTP back and forth to my Windows 10 PC, etc.

    remingtonhremingtonh2 år sedan
  • I like to see that you are a "commodore image bbs"-user too :-)

    xionumxionum2 år sedan
  • 6:32 you can see his phone number

    ᴄᴀɪɴᴄᴀɪɴ2 år sedan
  • (8:01) I thought that read "... Best Tea!" rather than Best Ten.

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel2 år sedan
  • um where do i buy this, confused

    Dagga SoftDagga Soft2 år sedan
  • BBS's still exist?!

    Steven NoblinSteven Noblin2 år sedan
  • 2400 modem (1200 baud) (V.26bis) here and connected to The Electric Dream bulletin board in the UK! My first ever email came via that boards Email to BBS Gateway!

    cpcnwcpcnw2 år sedan
  • Boy! The Internet was amazing back then, when he got online and all text came on screen, I damn near lost it.

    NASIRUB1NASIRUB12 år sedan
  • Damn I wanted to put a 64 on twitter , changed the api ??? 😢😢😢😢

    Paul FieroPaul Fiero2 år sedan
  • I used to use an Atari ST in the 90s and a 2400 modem , JANET network and unauthorised access bbs . Phrack, 2600. Good days

    Paul FieroPaul Fiero2 år sedan
  • will this work on vic 20?

    ramenboramenbo2 år sedan
  • I remember Fidonet and their very poor security. Like seriously everything was in plain text.

    SNATHSNATH2 år sedan
  • Surfers are a lie invented by the media to sell more beach items. /s

    Gustavo RehermannGustavo Rehermann2 år sedan
  • I wonder what Rupert Bear's friend the Professor would think of today's technology.

    PJBearsteinPJBearstein2 år sedan
  • the Commodore 64 likely has less RAM then the NES your grandma likely has in her attic. Now... if only she had an Amiga or an old Atari ST

    Adriaan SAdriaan S2 år sedan
  • Will this work on the Macintosh

    takumi nightcoretakumi nightcore2 år sedan