Famicom Titler: A $400 NES That Edits Videos | Nostalgia Nerd

5 okt 2019
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Costing 43,000 Yen, or roughly $400 at the time (now approximately $800), this is the Sharp Famicom Titler. An NES/Famicom combined with a Genlock system, so that you can edit videos, or combine other input sources, 1989 STYLE.
Thank you to Quang: twitter.com/asobitech
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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018
Blue Snowball Microphone
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  • I'm not entirely sure why I say "Epic Pinball". It's clearly "Psycho Pinball". I guess I just love DOS games.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Are you the top hat gaming man?

      Joseph ShannonJoseph ShannonÅr sedan
    • But they're both DOS games...

      Owyn MerrilinOwyn MerrilinÅr sedan
    • Psycho Pinball is way too rarely mentioned with classic pinball games of the 90's.

      robsku1robsku1År sedan
    • Well they didnt sell the "titler" in europe.. I really wonder why lol

      Sakarias KarlssonSakarias KarlssonÅr sedan
    • No need apologizing, both were released mid-90s in almost the exact same pack style and the graphics are close enough to be confused with one another.

      TheBaldrTheBaldrÅr sedan
  • This, is where things get interesting. (you can hear "sega" from the distance)

    Christopher WiebeChristopher Wiebe17 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video!

    Roy HRoy H23 dagar sedan
  • All I can see now is a boob with a broom, AKA toothbrush, mustache...

    TacDyneTacDyneMånad sedan
  • Mate even today 400 bucks is a lot of money

    M. LankhofM. Lankhof2 månader sedan
  • Please, does it have native RGB output?

    home jonnyhome jonny2 månader sedan
  • Pretty unfortunate naming "titler"

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • The Titler just keeps going up in price. I was seriously considering getting one when I saw one for $600 a few years ago. Now I regret it as it's usually over $1000.

    Satoshi MatrixSatoshi Matrix3 månader sedan
  • 🤣 Famicom. Still gets me.

    Gavin SearleGavin Searle3 månader sedan
  • Pretty much the Famicom TV was actually quite useful at the time as it could be used as a cheap gameplay demo unit at retail outlets selling Famacom consoles and games! :)

    Techno UniversalTechno Universal3 månader sedan
  • Huhh, help me out here... Epic Pinball on the Genesis?

    Nesrocks Gaming VideosNesrocks Gaming Videos3 månader sedan
  • Player 2 doesn't have no Select and Start buttons. Shame

    Felipe SolisFelipe Solis4 månader sedan
  • - I feel my place as an engineer in this company being pointless - don't say that, we got a wonderful project for you to get your hands on

    Curtis NewtonCurtis Newton4 månader sedan
  • Wow! That thing looks about as high end as you can get. Why Nintendo did you not give us this case for our American Nes's? At any rate, I bet this was for used for magazines? Wait a minute....I wonder if EGM used one of these for some of their world famous April Fools jokes....Luigi in Mario 64 anyone? Two of the same characters in Street Fighter 2...both players as M.Bison on the original SF2?

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • Based on the name I assumed that maybe this device was aimed at game marketers, enabling recording of games directly with things like animated overlays without requiring giant editing suites. What it actually is makes SO much less sense.

    うぉ〜でぃんうぉ〜でぃん4 månader sedan
  • Japan is a more intimate market than the west. Rather than a "rich kid plaything", it was probably often used in department stores, small game centers, and store fronts, allowing brand flashing on the screen, deals, holidays, labeling high scores and names of local customers/clients, tournaments, ghosting of races/shmups, etc. Also, while stroke order isn't a big deal for the Latin alphabet, it is for kanji/kana. Most natives would find it pretty intuitive without instructions.

    渓羅渓羅6 månader sedan
  • people find me odd for liking retro tech even though i haven't been alive long enough to have experienced it at its time but i can't help it, old technology is so interesting especially in how it evolved to what it is today. i'm 17 and i love the hum of an old computer it just soothes the soul now ik this has nothing to do with the video but i just had to say it to someone, anyone!

    Fogolol !!Fogolol !!6 månader sedan
  • Brilliant. I had a super famicom, with a disk drive to play knock off games..... Years of fun.

    sean thomassean thomas7 månader sedan
  • I think you're confusing genlock with a keyer. Genlock only means that two sources are synchronized with each other.

    nbd712nbd7128 månader sedan
  • I think think that the Quintel Paintbox would have the edge.

  • Absolutely useless. I love it!

    Xenos N.Xenos N.10 månader sedan
  • Wasn't "Heil Titler" a Family Guy pun? The beach scene? Anyone?

    felixfelix10 månader sedan
  • A. Titler.

    RottenRrosesRottenRroses10 månader sedan
  • I had a look on eBay for one of these . IT'S £1,400! I also checked an inflation calculator and that is more than it was back in 1989. Why am I not surprised it's a rare peice of history.

    RAP64RAP6410 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one that red it as tit ler

    thelucasgamer215thelucasgamer21510 månader sedan
  • My friend, my friend. 1080i. No no. It's 2019. No to 1080i. You know why. Thanks.

    awesomeferretawesomeferret10 månader sedan
  • I want this so bad. It's meant for me 😳

    Denis mckenzieDenis mckenzie11 månader sedan
  • 80s and 90s are like Cambrian Explosion

    a aa a11 månader sedan
  • I wonder if this works with family basic and the keyboard.

    ArchLaypersonArchLayperson11 månader sedan
  • That thing is nuts!

    spookanidespookanide11 månader sedan
  • Screw sonic 3 & knuckles we need thunder force & gradius

    GigaLemGigaLem11 månader sedan
  • Thumbs up if you read it as tit-ler.

    WeekendWarriorWeekendWarrior11 månader sedan
  • WHO would want to combine a gaming console and a genlock Machine? A successful example is the Amiga.

    VorrnthVorrnth11 månader sedan
    • @Asobi tech In the end it became a home computer yes (after commodore bought the original developer), but the development started with a gaming console in mind. And the design reflects that.

      VorrnthVorrnth11 månader sedan
    • The Amiga was a computer, and way more functional than a Famicom.

      Asobi techAsobi tech11 månader sedan
  • I don't see any reason to buy one for myself. This machine must be made for the NERDY of NERDS.

    Rocky YapRocky YapÅr sedan
  • I think it was mainly used for selling. Because Sharp is a company, and companies sell things to make money. Mmmmm, money.

    stefanavicstefanavicÅr sedan
  • What if you needed to show your end product to someone maybe that’s what it is for (I made this game this is what it does look what I can do while I narrate through the game watch me) ... .. . K-9 0Ut...

    Balwinder GhumanBalwinder GhumanÅr sedan
  • It reminds me of the superimposed text and sprites on my 1980s Nintendo wall calendar.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • (5:23) It's nice seeing the Japanese people of the 1980s. Hi there, thanks for making the 80s a great decade. Japanese women look pretty, and the men look professional.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Is this a Russian famicom ?

    Nick PavloffNick PavloffÅr sedan
    • Nope, an official Japanese release Famicom from Sharp and Nintendo.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • Nice jvc 1400pn pro crt monitor

    abc 123abc 123År sedan
  • How much is that this worth ? We had our first sharp vcr in 1990ish and sharp was a great quality company

    abc 123abc 123År sedan
  • Thunder Force IV and Gradius in the exact same screen was hilarious af ngl

    letcreate123letcreate123År sedan
  • So it can't do the one thing you want it to do- record the famicom game you are playing.

    Cary Robert DeanCary Robert DeanÅr sedan
    • You can, if you connect a separate Famicom to the input on the Titler.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • Hitler but shemale.

    TVG28TVG28År sedan
  • Just had a thought could you run a titler through another titler with something else running through that?

    James PotterJames PotterÅr sedan
    • Add on a Casio Loopy Magical Shop

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • Titler?

  • i love how perverted it gets at the cartridge eject mechanism part :)

    ganjm0nganjm0nÅr sedan
    • Possibly the best bit.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • this machine was made to annoy the other guy playing the game, imagine yourself playing a game and you friend/brother draws a penis on screen...

    LunaticBerserkerLunaticBerserkerÅr sedan
  • Why does Nostalgia Nerd not think this was designed for gaming media outlets and company promotion?

    KeranuKeranuÅr sedan
  • Can we use "th" please?

    BazNardBazNardÅr sedan
  • I want to get a nes and put a computer in it

    PatrickPatrickÅr sedan
  • Reason for specific input order probably has to do with the Japanese language having a specific stroke order for each character (e.g. you can just write the character for 'mouth' by drawing a box, it has to be top to bottom, left to right).

    Gabriel Guedes BalogoGabriel Guedes BalogoÅr sedan
  • You didn't have a VHS or Betamax deck to plug in and genlock some home videos with it? Maybe some vids of Captain Lou Albano as Super Mario?

    Jeremy HollowayJeremy HollowayÅr sedan
  • This honestly had me laughing harder then i have in awhile

    Derek GrefsheimDerek GrefsheimÅr sedan
  • Woooooooooow eat ass and smoke grass

    Naked SnakeNaked SnakeÅr sedan
  • it's INSANE that this is the first time i heard about / saw this device.

    JOYPAD RetrogamingJOYPAD RetrogamingÅr sedan
  • Hi I have a strange question but I have brought a commodore 64 and would like to get it working again do you know where I can take it to get it fixed in Norwich?

    gary crowegary croweÅr sedan
  • who farted at 7:42 LOL

    ValientlinkValientlinkÅr sedan
  • Where is the video editing part?

    AlyctroAlyctroÅr sedan
  • You should have used a Famicom and played the same Game twice^^

    RetroProGamerRetroProGamerÅr sedan
    • We did this at PLAYexpo Blackpool over the weekend. Overlaying Mario Bros with Mario Bros.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • A lot of these seemingly strange combinations from Japan came about because the small size of the average Japanese home. Companies though people would want to conserve space and outlets.

    Rubycon99Rubycon99År sedan
  • This is the tits.

    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoMake Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoÅr sedan
  • A Sega Genesis and a Famicom is a weird combination considering that the nes is an 8-bit console while the mega drive is 16-bit

    Jan Eric PenaJan Eric PenaÅr sedan
  • 2:50 so satisfying

    Yume SekaiYume SekaiÅr sedan
  • Titler? As in Adolf Titler?

    Ja KooistraJa KooistraÅr sedan
  • Looks like early, home-brew SEworld to me. I suppose technologies have to start somewhere before they become convenient and affordable enough to become mass-market. Quite bizarre this even existed back then! I suppose having the Famicom game-playing capability was a kind of 'why not?', when really it was piggy-backing on it's hardware.

    Gideon DavidsonGideon DavidsonÅr sedan
  • That time Nintendoes what sega doesn’t

    Eco SmithEco SmithÅr sedan
  • I want one but it is too damn expensive!

    nensonduboisnensonduboisÅr sedan
  • Can I emulate this?

    Luke BeauchampLuke BeauchampÅr sedan
  • Wow, the language in this video... Maybe I never noticed it before.

    heinzerbrewheinzerbrewÅr sedan
  • I can't see the purpose to be honest. Seems like combining a hairdryer with a fridge.

    paulanderson79paulanderson79År sedan
    • Make titles for your home videos, of for little companies that made movies on VHS.

      F BF BÅr sedan
  • *S H A R P* _had it's shit right_

    Juan MenaJuan MenaÅr sedan
  • I think this had potential, especially if they had carts specifically for graphics and such; imagine if stuff could have been *saved to FamiCom disks!?* It could have been beautiful!

    Morahman7vnNo2Morahman7vnNo2År sedan
    • @Asobi tech Indeed.

      Morahman7vnNo2Morahman7vnNo2År sedan
    • The ultimate Sharp Famicom would have merged the Titler and Twin together.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • i guess they needed a CPU for a video titler. the 6500 seemed like a good choice and since the CPU‘s already in there, let‘s attach some controller ports. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Michael HirschmuglMichael HirschmuglÅr sedan
  • so many quirky machines from japan were using genlocks. pioneer even had an msx model with one built in. I had a basic titler built into my sharp VCR too.

    KreapKreapÅr sedan
  • Did you say, "SHARP looking video games"?

    The Mad GentlemanThe Mad GentlemanÅr sedan
  • Seems like this could have been a good idea for media, either for commercials or review or something in print even outputing images, but looks it doesn't quite hit the mark on usability.

    TheJadeFistTheJadeFistÅr sedan
  • The Atari 400 box is sick, especially in such shape. I love my 800, 600 XL, and 800XL, but it’s the fully-upgraded 800, with the monitor port that _allows for S-Video and even Component cables to be made, because of the 5th socket, which 800 XLs don’t have, in their monitor out port. I’d love to have an 800 box, like that, y’all. Totally sick. 👍

    Carson B WagnerCarson B WagnerÅr sedan
  • James Rolfe would have loved this thing. It's like it was made for him.

    Claudio BizamaClaudio BizamaÅr sedan
    • Just so he could destroy it? "This thing is AAAAAAASSSS"

      Nesrocks Gaming VideosNesrocks Gaming Videos3 månader sedan
    • He would make an ASS or FUCK overlay xD

      kael070kael070År sedan
  • Any school would have loved one of those. And compared to other options at the time, it was pretty inexpensive.

    Scott DuensingScott DuensingÅr sedan
  • Now we need a Dendy Titler.

    B3ro1080B3ro1080År sedan
  • Hilarious. Thanks.

    mercstermercsterÅr sedan
    • "Buttons, pads, flaps, vents."

      mercstermercsterÅr sedan
  • Do a google image search for Titler.

    Nik TrathenNik TrathenÅr sedan
  • Hi Kwang!

    JamieJamieÅr sedan
    • Hi Gamie

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • This is the epitome of “Throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks!”

    EZGEZGÅr sedan
  • this video didn't really demonstrate or describe the system very well. I wanted to see how it edits videos, and if it had any effects, and how it integrates or switches the gaming and editing functions. I still don't know what Gen Lock is, and I still have no interest in knowing.

    dedpxldedpxlÅr sedan
    • Sorry for my english, a genlock synchronises the signal of two analog video sources, for example a movie on a VHS tape and a computer. So, you can superimpose computer graphics on your movie, for exemples titles, crédits, subtitles. Analog editors were controling the tape readers and the tape recorders, signals were written on the tape to switch on the recorder and pauses the recorder. So, you could sélect the parts you wanted to keep : it was editing.

      F BF BÅr sedan
  • It looks like a sample box like an mpc or an asr

    preamstrikbiz0preamstrikbiz0År sedan
  • What the devil is a Friday Market

    Christopher FoskeyChristopher FoskeyÅr sedan
  • Do you think you could link these things together and create a inception of famicom clipart?

    TheMidnightSnackTheMidnightSnackÅr sedan
  • Am I the only one who pronounced it "tit-ler"?

    Man from NantucketMan from NantucketÅr sedan
  • Did someone say tit?

    Rod MunchRod MunchÅr sedan
  • Quang!!! :)

    retro robs game cornerretro robs game cornerÅr sedan
    • Hello

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • Early bootleg VHS anime fansubs used this to overlay subtitles because it was far cheaper to acquire than similar professional hardware.

    fiftyfuckingfeetfiftyfuckingfeetÅr sedan
    • I doubt they used a Titler, it would take way too long. It only has a memory of 5 screens.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • Cool what is it this is a video game console or fax machine so big

    DJ KingDJ KingÅr sedan
  • All these Sharp rarities make me think of this... What if Nintendo went to actual European companies for marketing the Famicom to Europe... and one of those companies was Amstrad... and Amstrad insisted on Nintendo's computer prototype that they were going to market in America before The Great Crash...? I have a feeling we wouldn't have the Amstrad CPC, but instead a NES based Amstrad micro with 128K and a lot of Nintendo's salt as Nintendo have no control over the cassette market and Amstrad insist on 3" floppy disks instad of Famicom Disk System disks! How many American developers would have been importing Amstrad Nintendos as NES devkits?

    GeoNeilUKGeoNeilUKÅr sedan
    • Kinda like how Sega and Amstrad ended up with the Mega PC. An Amstrad NES would have been insane. I know there is a Sharp NES TV out there as well.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
  • I read Titler as in Adolph. Gave me a good chuckle.

    CrAzYgIrLCrAzYgIrLÅr sedan
  • DUUUUDE. Considering this is basically NES with additional buttons and a modified analog output, this means you most likely can access the little stylus area or the additional buttons through some memory address from your cartridge!

    Architector #4Architector #4År sedan
  • Sounds like HITLER to me... That misspelled to prevent copyright issues...

    Rene ValleramosRene ValleramosÅr sedan
  • Just think of it this way. They wanted to make a titler and decided that a lot of what they needed - a small computer that can generate NTSC graphics was already available inexpensively as a Famicom - they probably already had a license. Then they probably said, what the heck, let's just keep the game function as well - wouldn't that be cool.

    djmipsdjmipsÅr sedan
  • You've heard of Adolf Hitler, Now get ready for ...

    viicviicÅr sedan
    • @storerestore you cannot unsee

      viicviicÅr sedan
    • This only works if you ignore pronunciation

      storerestorestorerestoreÅr sedan