Huge December Unboxing | Nostalgia Nerd

29 dec 2018
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Well, I hope you're enjoying the festive period, however you choose (or not choose) to celebrate it. Of course, Christmas seems to mostly be about materialism these days (nod to capitalism), so it seems appropriate that I've got a huge pile of donations to open for the holiday season. Some of these are viewer donations, others are from companies wishing for their products to be seen by all (although they tend to ask me first, so I can weed out anything which I don't like). LET THE UNBOXING BEGIN.
Thank you to all those who donated. If you wish to send something to me please email
Thank you also to Octav1us for helping me open this giant pile of things (AND FOR SCRATCHING MY DESK) -
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  • Thanks to everyone who donated this time around. Some fabulous items here, which I will either treasure or use to make a future video. Likely both. Apart from the DVDs obviously, which I'll use to make an archway of glory, leading into the studio.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • I should have sent the 20 floppy disc version of Lotus Smart Suite. I copied in the early 90s

      TheZXKUQYBTheZXKUQYBÅr sedan
    • darknessviking it’s free advertising for the companies that sent him stuff.

      nick Barnettnick BarnettÅr sedan
    • must be great now that lgr and 8-bit guy have run out of room for donations... haha

      ray wtray wtÅr sedan
    • "yes lets send a random guy stuff so he can open it while making money" great idea

      darknessvikingdarknessvikingÅr sedan
    • Yeah I got presents to. My old man grabbed me handed me a carton of cigarettes and said "Smoke up Johnny"

      Twilight SnarkleTwilight SnarkleÅr sedan
  • Watching Pete and Sarah bicker over how to correctly use scissors has cheered me up no end today :D

    knotsandcrosses1knotsandcrosses114 dagar sedan
  • 10:37 Kinda flappy? You mean Professor Flapjacks is there? He could make short work of the packages I guess

    Richard PurvesRichard Purves15 dagar sedan
  • @18:34 - Get the fuck off me ? you treat all women like this.

    4cc3ss434cc3ss43År sedan
  • Great video. #FriendshipGoals

    Jason McintyreJason McintyreÅr sedan
  • Dang!!! My hopes of finding a cool lady that loves retro games has been denied:( Good onto you bro:)

    12345apeters12345apetersÅr sedan
  • need more videos with you both...clarkson/hammond style banter

    burtobmburtobmÅr sedan
  • Man you two remind me of my siblings and myself when we were young, very entertaining lol

    VileStormsVileStormsÅr sedan
  • 13 minutes in and I am sitting here, constantly screaming: "GET A BLOODY KNIFE!!!" :)

    CatrionaCatrionaÅr sedan
  • dendy with keyboard...

    TTSkyHammerTTSkyHammerÅr sedan
  • All that British chatter is just charming. "You're being cheeky!"

    42's Stuff42's StuffÅr sedan
  • He definitely is.

    rhyfel zenrhyfel zenÅr sedan
  • affair?

    Terence EdwardsTerence EdwardsÅr sedan
  • lol she looks kinda jealous xD

    Carlos DoeCarlos DoeÅr sedan
  • holy shit! did somebody just send you a fucking PSIO! :o that's awesome man!

    Carlos DoeCarlos DoeÅr sedan
  • You are so very very cute : )

    DaarkDaarkÅr sedan
  • I want your hoodie.

    AsmoAsmoÅr sedan
  • you two are sooo british omg I love this so much

    verzocktesverzocktesÅr sedan
  • This was posted the day after I rushed my wife to the hospital for a stroke. She got better and was going to leave then died Jan 3. So not fair.

    DaehawkDaehawkÅr sedan
  • Wow! 4D Driving - wasn't that called Stunts? A boxed copy is awesome!!!

    Roger SkagerströmRoger SkagerströmÅr sedan
  • Seriously, people need to grow up in the comments section. Men and women can be good friends together without there having to be some kind of romance in the middle, and I think these 2 are a great example of that. Any relationship that may develop between any 2 of the general UK youtuber gang is bwetween them 2 and should be respected... and those dirty comments are childish to say the least. I love the chemistry they have together, you can tell they really love each other in a good way, and you could see this also with Octav1us with Larry in that Spectrum Vega episode, which maybe they should have borrowed that sorry excuse of a console for opening these boxes, BTW!!

    Andrea WoodvineAndrea WoodvineÅr sedan
  • Man, that 4D Sports Driving aka Stunts is in mint condition! Love that game! :) So many awesome stuff there, Pete! Thanks for sharing! All the best!

    It's a Pixel THINGIt's a Pixel THINGÅr sedan
  • Love your channel but had to give you my first thumbs down I'm afraid. That women is getting a little long in the tooth for her cutesy girly act and her constant preening and hair adjusting really got on my nerves. Oh and the obnoxiousness was off the charts.

    benjahnzbenjahnzÅr sedan
  • 9:13 I pissed myself laughing when that card launched out of the box. Hope it still works. Octav1us your a natural crack up. I just subbed to your channel.

    Boom BoxBoom BoxÅr sedan
  • A fantastic haul! Apologies for the tippex. I think the same word is below, it's just that my hand writing is really bad :p

    XantheinXantheinÅr sedan
  • Was Chase HQ hidden inside Excel 2000? you know Open Excel 2000 Save as web page with interactivity turned on Close Excel 2000 Open web page Goto WC2000 Hi-light whole row and making sure curser is on WC2000 While holding Shift+Ctrl+Alt double click Microsoft Office logo to access Chase HQ.

  • Please keep a eye on Sarah thank you😎

    Paul RowePaul RoweÅr sedan
  • There's a definite R2D2/Yoda dynamic going on here 😂😂😂

    CJoblivionCJoblivionÅr sedan
  • 0:32 - Shagadelic my man!

    touring21touring21År sedan
  • yay ! I love donation openings. Happy new year dude

    The 8-bit ManshedThe 8-bit ManshedÅr sedan
  • Fun banter guys, this was a good laugh.

    Duncan RathbandDuncan RathbandÅr sedan
  • Why nostalgia?

    Sinon OpSinon OpÅr sedan
  • “You can never have enough demo discs”. So true

    Mathew DempseyMathew DempseyÅr sedan
  • Sell that stuff and buy yourself better sound equipment. This vid sounds quite awful. Putting pointless music over it does not make it better unfortunately.

    Felix WinkelnkemperFelix WinkelnkemperÅr sedan
  • I hope the joystick on that 1/4 size Pacman game is not cheaply done - it's just that I remember seeing something on the cinemassacre site recently whereby a lot of these things - not just Pacman, but Missile Command, Galaga etc had some dodgy buttons, joysticks and trackballs...although to be fair, these things are not exclusively aimed at hardcore retro arcade gamers necessarily. Anyroad this video is absolutely amazing and hilarious and...I didn't know it was possible to donate anything to your HQ. I do have a ZX81 I got in 1983, and also it has a rubber keyboard membrane (Techtronics ? long time ago). The 16k ram pack up and died though. Also have got a power supply that is not yet connected to a plug. Very happy new year indeed to you and those close to you.

    Stuart BrownleeStuart BrownleeÅr sedan
  • This woman is really annoying

    Nadi RNadi RÅr sedan
  • Yup, totally platonic.

    Justin AJustin AÅr sedan
  • Not feeling the "chemistry" that people are mentioning here.......the whole thing is awkwardly forced and cringe-inducing and the girl seems genuinely offended at some points, and quite rightly so, while putting a brave face on it. Seeing a grown man acting like an 8 year old who doesn't know how to interact with the opposite sex, so just keeps saying "f***-off", isn't humour, it's kind of embarrassing all round. Add to this the poor camera angles so you can't really see any of the items properly, and the fact that about half of the 'donations' are tedious promotional stuff that is quickly brushed aside anyway. LGR / 8-Bit Guy this most certainly ain't.

    Rocks WorldRocks WorldÅr sedan
  • NEVER give women sharp or pointy tools !! they will just cut n hurt themselfs by using their tummy rather than brain.

    Axel WernerAxel WernerÅr sedan
  • you two are funny together. like that robot video

    BillyNoMates1974BillyNoMates1974År sedan
  • More videos with Mrs Nerd. She is hilarious ! :)

    Pick HolderPick HolderÅr sedan
  • Was that an N64 cart in the box with the russian computer?

    Planet BarryPlanet BarryÅr sedan
    • That's the software cartridge, it's all Famiclone stuff, just looks like N64.

      VokabreVokabreÅr sedan
  • The most fun unboxing vid so far. Love you two being silly! Reminds me that I need to get my bestie together to play games again.

    Erika AyalaErika AyalaÅr sedan
  • I love your attitude, Im subbed to 8bitguy, love his vids, but when it comes to donations he looks a bit rude IMHO. Edit Spelling

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeÅr sedan
  • OMG!!!! I'VE *DROOLED* AT "VARIOUS PROCCESERZ" (19:52) 🤤 !!!!!!!1 Dunno what happened 🤔 Probably had a brain stroke or something. Nothing too serious i hope 🤔 At any rate, sorry for the distraction, carry on, do your thing, carry on, keep reading those comments..! (They look rather interesting too..!) 🤔🤔🤔

    Rand0m_Bud7650Rand0m_Bud7650År sedan
  • The cupboard dwelling scissor girl is hilarious.

    JopieHaargelJopieHaargelÅr sedan
  • Octav1us!

    AleAleÅr sedan
  • 18:34 such a true gentleman.

    Retro PC ScotlandRetro PC ScotlandÅr sedan
  • One of those Atari ST books almost looks like it uses a Roger Dean painting for the cover. He did all the classic Yes album covers.

    David WalshDavid WalshÅr sedan
  • Think of the kinky space suits that could be made with all of that bubble wrap with some hot glue, silver paint and black laminate paint and sequins (if you're extra kinky)

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • 8:17 - Wooaaarrrhhhhhh!!! I can feel that absolute excitement!!

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • Now children play nice! lol

    grfeld84grfeld84År sedan
  • Nice random yell at 3:30

    CJJCCJJCÅr sedan
  • 18:32 is she trying to hug you or to strangle you?

    Luzifer KupferLuzifer KupferÅr sedan
  • (13:13) Octav1us Kitten scratches.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Special Reserve was the best!

    Koffee CatKoffee CatÅr sedan
  • "You're a sealed operating system" made me snigger.Childish cus but very funny.Also the squishy ghosts and random nastiness was very good.Good chemistry together.

    Sparks TronSparks TronÅr sedan
  • More of Octav1us laughing, please!!!

    CoffeeologyCoffeeologyÅr sedan
  • "Remember X?" "Nope" Of course not, you're a women. You wouldn't have been seen dead with this nerdy tech shit back in the 90s.

    Jodie PriceJodie PriceÅr sedan
    • @Octavius King Aren't you both about about the same age?

      Jodie PriceJodie PriceÅr sedan
    • I was a small child in the 90s. That's why I don't remember some things.

      Octavius KingOctavius KingÅr sedan
  • Do you seriously not know how to use scissors?

    What's next?What's next?År sedan
  • "What does the youtube video say about her maturity level?" "It's under 9 yeaaaarrrssss ooooolllllllddddd!!!" "Under 9 years? No way!" =D

    thewiirocksthewiirocksÅr sedan

    Nate PearlNate PearlÅr sedan
  • Sell octavus's cupboard for the table rip Nostalgia Nerd's table 2018 - 2018

    Nate PearlNate PearlÅr sedan
  • Is this a couple? They fit together perfectly!

    Phaik YouserPhaik YouserÅr sedan
  • Umm octavius did a swear

    siricosiricoÅr sedan
  • Can i have the gameboy games, maybe we can do swapsies

    Sun WukongSun WukongÅr sedan
  • Fuuuck, that MEGA CD is SEXY!

    cpnnprcpnnprÅr sedan
  • You two bicker like an old married couple. Is there something you’re not telling us?

    I Can Haz Aspergers?I Can Haz Aspergers?År sedan
  • You keep Octy in a cupboard like Harry Potter? Lots of nice stuff here, lucky peeps. Hope you both had a nice Christmas

    NovabugNovabugÅr sedan
  • You know they sell craft knives in poundland, little tiny ones that fold up very nice

    Sun WukongSun WukongÅr sedan
  • Did you unbox your wife too?

    uK8cvPAquK8cvPAqÅr sedan
  • Wow absolutely amazing haul

    SuperNerds UKSuperNerds UKÅr sedan
  • You guys have great timing and chemistry, would love to see more videos together.

    hustlebwnzhustlebwnzÅr sedan
  • Oh nice loot! You have enough to cover at least 15 or 20 new episodes! Nice banter between you and Octav1us - makes for a more interesting video than just unboxing solo.

    10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast10 Minute Amiga Retro CastÅr sedan
  • This was so jolly I watched it twice. Merry Christmas to you both!

    Ben TurnerBen TurnerÅr sedan
  • You sound so much like NerdCubed in this one.

    KieranKieranÅr sedan
  • Now realising why Octavius is called Octavious... It's because she probably only has 8 fingers left after handling sharp blades :-)

    lampyman101lampyman101År sedan
    • @Pingu McPing With the way she handles sharp things?.... It more than possible lol

      lampyman101lampyman101År sedan
    • @Pingu McPing Ha!... Yeah, I should have said digits.

      lampyman101lampyman101År sedan
  • I love that hoodie my good dude.

    Daniel ShimodaDaniel ShimodaÅr sedan
  • Imagine how much concentrated nerd would be in their offspring, They would come out wearing glasses and white shirts with pens in the pocket.

    The Retro MacaqueThe Retro MacaqueÅr sedan
    • Also £40 in 1994 money is like £4500 now a days.

      The Retro MacaqueThe Retro MacaqueÅr sedan
  • You guys are so cute! Hope your 2019 is a great one. Thanks

    Binkman85Binkman85År sedan
  • Pro life tip: Get rid of the nutcase and invest in a nice 3" knife. You're much less likely to damage things/kill someone

    Antony BennettAntony BennettÅr sedan
  • ""Do you remember these?" "No" -The Video :)

    Jari HeiskaJari HeiskaÅr sedan
  • I haven't had a good Christmas because my new PC build never went to plan. I've literally just got it working today.

    Hunter's MoonHunter's MoonÅr sedan
  • Lovely video ☺️

    Sergiusz RoszczykSergiusz RoszczykÅr sedan
  • Well that was alright wasn't it?

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalÅr sedan
  • you guys are a proper cool couple, happy new years!!

    William HWilliam HÅr sedan
  • Technically not Octav1us of course (no ears) ;) But yeah, this is cool. Now we can get Octav1us videos, Nostalgia Nerd videos AND videos from both of you. Cool :) I'm really curious about the Russian DOS thingy, I have to admit! And I did love Sarahs fascination with cuddly toys ;) Not too great for desks though ;)

    Erwin de WitErwin de WitÅr sedan
  • be careful letting that crazy woman out of the cupboard too much they might make their own youtube channel and then what eh @_@

    Andrew BallardAndrew BallardÅr sedan
  • i was going to donate a box-cutter.... but how would you get it out of the packaging?

    JRSJRSÅr sedan
  • I'm sure someone mentioned already but the PC-MIDI board is a new MPU-401 board replacement, for properly connecting an external MIDI generator like the MT-32.

    betamax80betamax80År sedan
    • @betamax80 yeah ofcourse PCMIDI like all dedicated mpus is supposed to accompany a soundcard and add a proper midi interface for that mt-32 goodness... the wavetable header can either add this to a system with a SBPRO for example or replace completely a bugged wt header like on some SB16s ... or run 2 wavetable boards in the same system :D the possibilities are endless LOL

      keropi666keropi666År sedan
    • I didn't think about the Buran box though of course - that thing looks very awesome.

      betamax80betamax80År sedan
    • @keropi666 Thats true! I just feel that in that instance an ISA sound card is better value.

      betamax80betamax80År sedan
    • and internal, we got a wavetable header :D

      keropi666keropi666År sedan
  • 4D Sports driving!!!! YEAH!!

    powderrider700powderrider700År sedan
  • Sorry guys, but as much as I enjoy the solo content from you both, I don't think I can accept any less than team-up vids from now on. You really elevate each other in a comedic fashion.

    Yosef SelimYosef SelimÅr sedan
  • Excellent video guys. Love it when you two collab.

    6+ Stevo6+ StevoÅr sedan
  • 5:35 Space Wars is frikin' awesome. If only I had a video toaster back in the day .

    atari-Staffroomatari-StaffroomÅr sedan
  • So how much blood was spilled to make this video in the end?

    Damien JonesDamien JonesÅr sedan
  • It's like Pat & Mat using scissors

    Kayden PrcalskiKayden PrcalskiÅr sedan
  • Yay Octav1us

    M Graugaard HM Graugaard HÅr sedan
  • Has your daughter ever used a pair of scissors before this? And why did you give that girl a knife when she can't even use a scissor?

    Koppa DasaoKoppa DasaoÅr sedan
  • So...are the Nerd and Octavius an item, or just good friends (tm)? I mean, you look _adorable_ together; you're both little puddums and I'd happily adopt you both and...okay, that got weird pretty quickly and I haven't even started drinking yet.

    AndyAndyÅr sedan
  • All the gubbins!!!

    Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan