Atari Falcon 030 | Nostalgia Nerd

16 okt 2018
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The Atari ST, STE and even Atari TT may have been decent machines, but the Atari Falcon was a new breed. Destined to be a new line of Atari computers. Unfortunately, fate would not be kind to the Falcon, and although revered among fans, most people are blissfully unaware the Atari Falcon even existed.
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  • I thought I'd try out this new PREMIERE feature. I think the general gist of it is, we all get to watch it together, with chat. Isn't that cosy?

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd I noticed something about the Lynx AD that I never noticed before! The kid is playing it in the restroom 🚽 stall and the power adapter was plugged in! I had no idea they had power outlets in the stalls back then!

      Michael DukeMichael DukeMånad sedan
    • Atari had earned such a huge mountain of money, and should still be here today, selling smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and workstations side by side near the Apple store... but they just blew it ... $$$$ all gone... Makes you wonder if they audited all that cash that went out the window...

      SeaJay OceansSeaJay Oceans2 månader sedan
    • At 40:32, that is just a "concept" right? Dang I really want that. Looks so hot and sleek.

      Ray NRay N7 månader sedan
    • The problem with this video is you take over 7min 30s to even get anywhere near the Falcon 030 with a boring history lesson. Yes, we know Atari failed. Yes, we know the 1980's were full of croney business men, especially in the home computer business. AND YES WE KNOW THEY'RE PRODUCTS WERE SURROUNDED WITH UNSUBSTANTIATED BULLSHIT RUMOURS, IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO. NOBODY FUCKING CARES, GET TO THE FUCKING POINT ALREADY!

      Meton12765Meton12765År sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd No it’s shit

      Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
  • nice BENQ monitor

    Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez9 dagar sedan
  • I saw 1040ST early 1986. Complete with monitor, 2nd FDD, etc. It was (still is) an AMAZING computer.

    Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez9 dagar sedan
  • Ahh Atari UK wanted a light-hearted approach, but those steely eyed Germans wanted a serious approach, a microcosm of a million stereotyped war film, the plucky Brit full of jokes, and his advisory all Teutonic seriousness. Before anyone comments I am half English half German so jog on mein herr.

    diecast jamdiecast jam13 dagar sedan
  • Would love to know if you could get Spectre GCR running on the falcon. I miss my ST.

    Peter HurstPeter Hurst17 dagar sedan
  • Did I just hear you say that an Atari is one of the greatest computers ever made? Don't make me reignite the Amiga/Atari platform war!

    Jenny TokumeiJenny Tokumei23 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos

    Patrick MullenPatrick Mullen26 dagar sedan
  • "The same number of lives" - when I got my STE with the Discovery Xtra pack, it had 9 Lives lolololol

    Constant DisappointmentConstant Disappointment28 dagar sedan
  • MiNT Operating System, Ey? I Met It's Breath Sure Smells Good!

    bella kintgenbella kintgenMånad sedan
  • Yes, one of the best ever made!!! Atari forever!!!

    В СВ СMånad sedan
  • nice ending ... static . . . ATARI : Signal Lost . . .

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay Oceans2 månader sedan
  • I bought a Falcon second-hand around 96-97, having had an STE as my 'main' computer up till then - still have both. There's a dichotomy of sorts regarding the Falcon. Powerful, sure, compared to the STE, but in reality it struggles to play mp3 files. Its much heralded DSP never got exploited to any real extent.

    Mojo JomoMojo Jomo2 månader sedan
    • @MagikGimp Definitely a big yes on an OS upgrade. Gem was useless for anything other than single tasks (accs excepted) and Multitos was too slow on any un-accelerated h/w, Falcon included. I had switched to the German package, Magic OS back in the 90's with the STE, bought from System Solutions in London - and who (after checking) amazingly are still in business! One of the best pieces of s/w ever developed for the Atari ST imo. Works on the Falcon too, not as well though. But yeah, a multitasking OS was what I had in mind when musing on the Falcon's power or lack thereof.

      Mojo JomoMojo JomoMånad sedan
    • @Mojo Jomo I wonder if it has something to do with installing a different OS on there? I know that in the later issues of ST Format they went into browsing the WWW fairly extensively so it must have been possible. What they were using to do it I'm not sure; I'll have to check at some point. Unfortunately those actual HTML websites they were browsing are so old they're not archived at all as that started a couple of years later around '98. I certainly had no luck finding what I was seeing in their screenshots at least when I attempted a while back. Again, something interesting to dip in to.

      MagikGimpMagikGimpMånad sedan
    • @MagikGimp Well, 'back in the day', 96-97, it was regarded as a fairly powerful computer, and well, 'modern[ish]'. I was thrilled back then that it could play mp3's, though there wasn't many spare cpu-cycles left over to do much else. Internet browsing was a another matter entirely - way, way more than the humble 16Mhz 68030 could handle - though I admired the efforts of those that had a shot at coding browsers. Admittedly, the only Net my Atari's ever surfed was Fidonet & bulletin boards. I recall those 'simpler times' fondly.

      Mojo JomoMojo JomoMånad sedan
    • A lot of people upgrade theirs to sort out its shortcomings. I certainly can play MP3s with some enhancement although I don't really understand why people are so keen to make old computers do modern[ish] tasks! OK, so it's impressive but I hope there's some task the DSP was more aimed at. Do some demos use it at all I wonder.

      MagikGimpMagikGimpMånad sedan
  • If I'm understanding Atari right in the 90s, they had some if not the best of the best machines in every sector they developed, but they went bankrupt in their marketing, gambles, and in internal strife with which Atari branch would decide the direction

    Marshall GillisMarshall Gillis2 månader sedan
  • Kelly Summer, Commodore UK, described the Falcon as being,far too expensive at £519-£999 and how Atari could claim it was superior to the Amiga 1200 was beyond him. The only advantage the Falcon had was the DSP chip and it's appeal was extremely limited. Commodore had looked at putting a DSP Chip into the 1200, but it just wasn't worth it. The Falcon wasn't moving nor was it a serious rival to the A1200, nor would it ever be one.

    The Furthest Man From HomeThe Furthest Man From Home2 månader sedan
  • Seeing Cubase Audio running was an amazing thing

    axs203axs2032 månader sedan
  • Atari paid the price for opting to have the Falcon manufactured in the Far East, where it was far cheaper than the USA, the first and second batches of Falcons off the production lines failed Q. A tests which held back distribution by almost 12 months. It later turned out that the Q. A testing equipment itself was faulty

    The Furthest Man From HomeThe Furthest Man From Home2 månader sedan
  • October 1992:Sam Tramiel boasting you'd see the best PC games appearing on Falcon, only now with true colour and speed

    The Furthest Man From HomeThe Furthest Man From Home2 månader sedan
  • BLOODHOUSE (Stardust) speaking at the time about the Falcon: There's nothing wrong with the hardware, although it should of been more powerful.. The major problem is Atari itself, they don't seem to want the Falcon to succeed.

    The Furthest Man From HomeThe Furthest Man From Home2 månader sedan
  • Cool little machine. I love(d) using FractInt to explore fractals so when I saw this software running on these types of computers it became more interesting. To me though at the time Atari was never a real computer. It was always a game console. I would have been a fanboy of either Sinclair PCs, some Amiga PCs, or IBM PCs. That is what my friends and I were into.

    IraQNidIraQNid2 månader sedan
  • I remember ... and my personal experience was this: "Atari is developing a new machine, it will come with a 040." "Well, that looks interesting. I'm looking forward to buy one." . "Atari released the Falcon, it has a 030 and will / or will not be upgradable to a 040" "Nah, I rather buy an Amiga 040 then" I bought an A4k back then, never had plans to buy a Falcon, but every one of my friends back then bought an A4k instead of a Falcon for *this* *one* *reason* ... it didn't came with a 040 right out of the box.

    BigLBA1BigLBA12 månader sedan
    • Huh... My Amiga has an 040... go figure...

      Jenny TokumeiJenny Tokumei23 dagar sedan
  • I wish there was Falcon 040 PC case.

    Old LiquidOld Liquid2 månader sedan
  • What a dirty times, corpo schils breathing down your neck, pushing lies down on you with colorful magazines of bullshit, I feel so exploited)

    rochr4rochr42 månader sedan
  • Lived the era, drooled like many over the Falcon, but was too much too late, didn't traction in your shops and the price etc, just pushed it into the fantasy land for many. My geek out got played out with Psions and like many. Yet to play with one, and perhaps one day as on my bucket list. Still recall the upgrading a 512 ST to 1Meg by doubling the RAM chips - solder another chip onto the top, stil these days seems mad and I'm sure saw many think they could add another cpu on top and other madness. One of my favorite times of that era was multi-player multi-machine games. Midi Maze, amazing fun. Then Falcon via RS232 linked to friends Atari ST - great fun - more so if you read the manual and saw the plan had a higher flight ceiling than the missiles and I'd climb, shoot at friend who was below me and he'd shoot, my missiles would fall and hit him and his would fail to even reach me. Schooled him for over a month with that trick until you finally caught on and then it took his son to work it out. Fun times indeed. Back then the graphics left much to your imagination and allowed it to grow, today is all curated imagination graphicly.

    Paul GrayPaul Gray2 månader sedan
  • The Lynx was such an amazing machine...the Jaguar? Shows that powerful specifications without proper resources and libraries for developers equates to simple 16 bit ports. This was truly a shame. The Falcon? A mystery machine that I wanted back in the day, but also a piece of kit with very little software, sadly.

    Magnus InventumMagnus Inventum2 månader sedan
  • The last home computer me and my brother ever bought was the A1200 - an upgrade to our venerable A500. I vaguely remember the Falcon at the time, but Atari was so far off the radar by then that we just never even contemplated getting one. A mate of mine, whose dad was a computer scientist and therefore an "early adopter" I guess, got an ST way before Amiga was around, and a very young me (I must have been about 13 in 1986) was totally blown away by it (especially when it sang "Starglider - from Rainbird" - I'll never forget that!). But two years later, when we got the A500, the ST really did seem like old hat. Amiga seemed like a next gen upgrade, even to the 1040ST, which was still just an ST to a 16 year-old. I don't think Atari ever recovered from that as a home computer brand no matter what they produced.

    ludocratludocrat3 månader sedan
  • Story of Space Junk, a planned Falcon showcase game.

    The Furthest Man From HomeThe Furthest Man From Home3 månader sedan
  • 17:24 it's a fucking PS 2, is it?

    Dr QDr Q3 månader sedan
  • Your MegaBoss Melodic voice Always sends me back to my uncles kitchen the first time I ever saw my first computer. A spanking new comador 64. I could never thank you enough every single time you post a video my friend. You are amazing

    TooSwossTooSwoss3 månader sedan
  • You sadly forgot to mention the amazing Cubase Audio software, which gave us musicians tons of MIDI and 16 track, 16-bit audio capabilities. I produced a ton of songs on my Falcon. Other than that, an excellent video! :-)

    Sven BornemarkSven Bornemark3 månader sedan
  • Falcon came too late, when people changed to Mac. The Atari company did suicide by the Jaguar 64 bit console, mostly unknown - also by Nintendo, who did the same mistake, to sell a 64 bit console and there are no 64 bit games. But Nintendo was strong enough to survive, Atari died, the name survived.

    Rob FRob F3 månader sedan
  • Great story, thank you! I love your content

    Jason TrenklerJason Trenkler3 månader sedan
  • Between 1985 and 1992 I was a big Atari fan, I had several ST machines from the first one released in 1985. I even went to that German event in 1992 that was shown in the video! (which was a several hundred km drive) But I got really fed up with the ever recurring "announcements" of new machines that never appeared or were delayed. I was looking at TT because it promised Unix but it was delayed and delayed and delayed.... End of 1992 I heard of the all-new Linux system and I assembled a 486-based PC system, something I was never interested in before because of MSDOS. And I never went back to proprietary systems. Atari should have done more to support e.g. Linux instead of TOS and make themselves less dependent on software.

    RobRob3 månader sedan
  • Nobody wants to talk about how Tobey Maguire was ahead of the toilet-gaming curve in that Lynx commercial?

    RokkitGrrlRokkitGrrl3 månader sedan
  • It was up to the Lynx and the ST to carry the brand. I think i see where this is going.

    Darth SchlubDarth Schlub3 månader sedan
  • 25:16 "This feels like a massive waste of Falcon power." Unfalconbelievable.

    Agent VXAgent VX3 månader sedan
  • Wow Atari finally built an Amiga killer just to kill it themselves. I owned Amiga but I heard of this mythical Falcon that can do 32 channel audio in 16 bits. What a waste 😒

    Deniz TurkmenDeniz Turkmen3 månader sedan
  • What’s the demo at 24:30? Love the music!

    EvoluZion3EvoluZion33 månader sedan
    • Found it -

      EvoluZion3EvoluZion33 månader sedan
  • You cannot sell "potential" and that is what tech companies use to sell, they don´t know if they will reach the success or will fail, but with atari in the 90s was easy: they will fail against Sega and Nintendo or the PCs.

    madjhmadjh3 månader sedan
  • I didn’t realise Atari made computers. I remember commodores were the home computer of choice. When I started university in 1992 my 386 system was $3000. Now you can get cheap laptops for a few hundred.

    iggytseiggytse3 månader sedan
  • Good luck finding one!

    MarcangelusMarcangelus3 månader sedan
  • Over priced, no software, no advertisement. Overall a great machine used one in the day.

    Richard InterplainRichard Interplain3 månader sedan
  • Here's what blows my mind....the Atari Falcon cost far more than a Jaguar. Yet the Jaguar just eats the Falcon in power. Now, I have heard many stories of the Atari ST being huge in England and Europe. I grew up in the 1990's in the US and have never seen one in real life. Most of us went from the Commodore 64/128 to consoles or the 386 to 486. Now, knowing what I know about Atari today it would seem that they should have dropped the Falcon and Panther altogether. They should have made the Jaguar into their next microcomputer after the ST. Utilizing the multi-microprocessor setup they could have truly revolutionized multitasking. This would have made the 386 look like a cheap toy and gave the 486 a real run for its money. However, I do think the 486DX2 can smoke a Jaguar.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • Maybe it's just nostalgia but I really appreciate these the designs and engineering of these old computers and consoles for that matter. Obviously they are pathetically weak compared to modern machines but I really like how Amiga/Commodre and Atari's computers didn't look like IBM Clones,(such as my Tandy 1000) that was so popular at the time. they all had their own style to them. Something else indicative of this period, is this was the era before everyone used Microsoft OS so even company had their OS/programming language. It's fun to look at these videos and be reminded of that but as a computer I'm happier with the way things are today. finally, before I forget another interesting tidbit is for people old enough to have been alive during the 80's and early 90's, is that computers didn't have planned obsolesce like they do today. Now a days there is always anew processor upgrade coming out every year. Where as back then it was normal to use the same processor for several years. A video game example that comes to mind is the Motorola 68000. It was in the Sega Genesis and other systems going into the 1990's, even though by 1991 by my estimates it was already dated.

    Robert Hisle's ChannelRobert Hisle's Channel4 månader sedan
  • If I combine three Falcon 030's but disregard the zeroes, do I get a Falcon 9?

    InventorZahranInventorZahran4 månader sedan
    • Uhhh... Three connected computers do not magically turn into a rocket...

      IndieGenius WorldIndieGenius World4 månader sedan
  • *"change tack" as in how sailboats tack back and forth to sail into the wind. :-D

    Tyler BellTyler Bell4 månader sedan
  • Most of the friends I had was Commodore owners... Some started with the Vic-20, and some with the C64 and most of us ended up with an Amiga. But we had one friend that (as I remember it had a Atari 520ST and a small bit later a the STe model). I never liked it much, (T)OS was not that great (but then again I never actually explored it that much), and if you just start the Amiga with an (pretty much empty disk) you get similar "empty no features" OS (mostly in ROM) I guess... and maybe that was the only thing I saw from the Atari 520 STe. Games on the Atari 520 STe was though pretty much the same, but usually a bit better on the Amiga 500. There was one game that had my jaws open though and that was Xenon 2, a bit later I got that for the Amiga 500 and thought it would be a small bit better, but it was not... it was pretty much the exact same game... But as far as I can remember that was pretty much the only game that was really great and looked/sounded almost the exact same... Probably developed for the Atari STe and ported to the Amiga... Anyway the AmigaOS/Workbench was the Amiga for me it's multitasking and on a TV/CRT monitor it's capabilities to show every available resolution on 1 screen simultaneously was just so awesome... even though it had only 15 multitask priorities (it was almost never needed to change) as the window/screen you actually worked with always got highest priority so with a little bit of extra memory you easily could to a raytraced image, soundtracker, Deluxe paint anim, ArtStudio render, Scenery/Vista animator while you actually programming on in a IDE and it never felt slow... as the focus task got the priority... and when programming you usually just type, and think a lot... so every CPU cycle got used... It was just awesome... Sorry about the Amiga sidetrack :-) but it was WAR :-) at the time hehe

    Alexander WingeskogAlexander Wingeskog4 månader sedan
  • 6:45 It's "change tack", not "change tact"

    Anthony CassidyAnthony Cassidy4 månader sedan
  • I had possibly the only Falcon in South Africa. I loved that machine until some static fried the SCSI chip.

    Dominic LeeDominic Lee4 månader sedan
  • Yeah, Robinson's Requiem truly needed that big box to hold a single CD and a couple of thin manuals. Thanks for the waste, whoever made it :/

    ShenaldracShenaldrac4 månader sedan
  • The Panther is black, I'm triggered! Burn down the Footlocker!

    Jason MichaelJason Michael4 månader sedan
  • Transputer, I'm triggered! Burn down the Burger King!

    Jason MichaelJason Michael4 månader sedan
  • Can you?? Err Wipe your ass with it.. ?

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN 2020ABRAHAM LINCOLN 20204 månader sedan
  • The Falcon is 'unknown' because it came out just as the Atari ST was on its last legs. Rather than change over to the Falcon, ST users moved to PCs. Only the die hards bought the Falcon.

    Carbonated LithiumCarbonated Lithium4 månader sedan
  • Amiga was better, deal with it.

    mercstermercster4 månader sedan
  • LOL ... Moshe as Mo[shh] :)))

    Blashzo NikolovBlashzo Nikolov4 månader sedan
  • Motorola suffered too as they lost their cpu market when these machines bit the dust.

    Barry BarcrestBarry Barcrest4 månader sedan
  • I want to write an angry letter to the editor of ST Format! At 4:08, that's not a STacy, that's a Portfolio!

    Some PotatoSome Potato4 månader sedan
  • These things are IMPOSSIBLE to find any more. Cheapest example on ebay is over 3k USD

    Chris HonnChris Honn4 månader sedan
  • I would have loved to have got a falcon to replace my STFM and wish Atari would have been more on the ball. gem was better than windows at the time and if they had kept going properly who knows

    Damien DyeDamien Dye4 månader sedan
  • All the Falcon was missing, expansion port for upgrade graphic card, 32bit ram bus, softwares, a stable OS, a good keyboard, when it arrive it was in an outdated form factor, also it arrive in the 846 area and it was the end of 16 bits computers.

    Inwe DavidInwe David4 månader sedan
  • I loved my TT with a ECL monitor for text and programming work.

    ethseths4 månader sedan
  • 7:18 hell yeah. I was like "Go do this, go do that. King of the castle."

    John HortonJohn Horton4 månader sedan
  • by 95 you have windows 95 and a diamond edge. or the first 3dfx voodoo by 96.. very difficult to compete with those monsters... to me is where the pc master race start..

    CapApolloCapApollo4 månader sedan
  • Ending song?

    Julian ConchaJulian Concha4 månader sedan
  • Whats the music playing at the credits? That's a jammin tune!

    Ryan GoolevitchRyan Goolevitch4 månader sedan
  • I saw one at a Birmingham university lab. The sign above said beware! the Falcon would operate in a ordnance with the users mood. Or something along those lines. Lol.

    Peter NichollsPeter Nicholls4 månader sedan
  • I have heard about it even though I have never seen one in real life. These machines weren't prevalent in the US. I was rocking the Sega Genesis in 1989 and loved it. How does this stack up against a Genesis? You know it's crazy to think how many companies were using the Motorola 68K microprocessors. You had the Sega Genesis/Sega CD, Neo Geo AES/MVS/CDZ, Atari ST, Amiga, Sharp 68000, Atari Jaguar, and Sega Saturn...I think I got the all. Hell the Snes was very close to getting its own Motorola 68K at 10mhz and likely would have been a huge problem with the Genesis. Nintendo in the end cheaped out and put that slow Ricoh 5A22 at 3.58mhz.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • Looks like this falcon missed its flight

    kirby march barcenakirby march barcena4 månader sedan
  • They just couldn't see that the pc architecture was the thing that would win the hardware battle. Both commodore and atari had a shot at developing pc operating systems way before windows saw the daylight. Imagine Amiga os made for pc, and TOS made for pc. The world would have been a better place with that lineup instead of the poor crap today. Even with all that time to mature, I am confident both of those os's would have been better today than both windows, Linux and macos.

    Lars WadefalkLars Wadefalk4 månader sedan
  • Tran-puter read/writes MATTER!

    Sprink HoleSprink Hole4 månader sedan
  • THANK YOU!!!! Great!!! I still have many Atari machines including Falcon and TT...

    bolid21bolid214 månader sedan
  • lol, Transputer immediately had me imagining the progressive counterpart to the Amazonian femmeputer in Futurama.

    poppedweaselpoppedweasel4 månader sedan
  • Cool.

    Marco FranciosiMarco Franciosi5 månader sedan
  • 68030 with only 1MB of RAM is like todays i5 with 1GB

    lopez szybkilopez szybki5 månader sedan
  • 37:51 Time Warner had a lot of dealing with the Atari brand over the years. They originally split Atari in 2 in 1984. By the time of the mid 90s they owned Atari games & as seen here had a 25-27% stake in Atari corporation. Later on Warner bros acquired midway who had acquired Atari games after Time Warner/Warner bros sold them off.

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • It's funny that Atari had decent hardware at times, but totally biffed things when it came to marketing and getting software support. By the time the 16-bit era came around people would know of the Amiga, but only some odd enthusiasts and synthesizer musicians knew of the Atari ST. (At least this was the case in the U.S., and Atari being a U.S. based company. I think Europe carried them better at the time the computer in this video came out.)

    pauljs75pauljs755 månader sedan
  • 16:04-16:15 He spoke too soon. Commodore didn't win shit in the end.

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • Atari cancelled the falcon & ended up concentrating on the jaguar lmao 🤢🤮. What a load of shit Atari ended up becoming before being swallowed up by infogrames. If they were gonna go all in with the jaguar they should have made something a little better & tried doing another handheld console imo.

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • I love your videos excellent content. You, Retromancave, and LGR three of my favorites. I'd loved to have STacy. Keep up the great content.

    William LocklearWilliam Locklear5 månader sedan
  • I really love the ST aesthetic. My first computer was a 65XE

    ahumeniyahumeniy5 månader sedan
  • How you doin honey my names TeeTee im a trans...puter. my pimps name is Atari so sometimes people call me Atari's TeeTee the trans...puter. I got a dingus.

  • When your favorite computer/console doesn’t have a lot of coverage: Most of the world: 😔 Japan: Let’s keep it on life support for a little while... Britain: I AM SICK N’ TIRED OF THE LACK OF COVERAGE FOR MY FAVORITE COMPUTER!!! 😡😡😡

    PixelcitizenPixelcitizen5 månader sedan
  • Only $3899.99 on ebay, get yours today! I loved Atari. Sad they were so clueless about managing their products.

    TurboCMinusMinusTurboCMinusMinus5 månader sedan
  • Tobey!!!

    Ryan HanselmanRyan Hanselman5 månader sedan
  • MiNT looked pretty sharp and snappy for an OS of that period.

    Matthew BartlettMatthew Bartlett5 månader sedan
  • I just found your channel and I just thought you would like to know that I found one in my dad's garage that has been rebadged for bell + howell mailstar machines!

    Anna S.Anna S.5 månader sedan
  • False memory syndrome, but I always thought it was an 040.

    6581punk6581punk5 månader sedan
  • Nice when a CD version of a game is released with very few ROM drives available.

    Magnus InventumMagnus Inventum5 månader sedan
  • Poor Atari launched better models too late. Then IBM destroyed everything despite very crappy cpu

    Browarus PierogusBrowarus Pierogus5 månader sedan
  • Fantastic quality about another machine with great potential. It is also surprising how both Atari and Commodore went went broke at the same time...sadly, a real era ended with them.

    Magnus InventumMagnus Inventum5 månader sedan
  • 39:03 - Sealab???? "if you're looking for better check under the sea....."

    R CR C5 månader sedan
  • Such a good channel, Great content! I grew up in the 80's/90's with 386 win3.11 sblaster16 and used to use BBS's to download shareware at 9600kbps until 28.8kbps came out. I love re-living this era!!!

    Maurice DalaimoMaurice Dalaimo5 månader sedan
  • I say they pick up where they left off with the Atari Falcon that looks like a ps2... let it play new modern Atari made stuff along with all old 2600-5200-7800 games n so on.

    Nick PavloffNick Pavloff5 månader sedan
    • @Nick Pavloff Atari VCS lol

      referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • Good video, but don't do the stupid voices please... Please

    Anthony BallsAnthony Balls5 månader sedan
  • Excellent video. I enjoyed this. One small mathematical error though. At 12:30 you discuss the diminishing ST software sales: "...ST game sales now accounting for 13 percent of their previous orders, 20 percent down on the previous year." The previous year's ST software sales are given as 33 percent. This is a decrease of not 20 percent, but 60 percent. 100%(1-.13/.33) = 60.606%

    pillsburiedpillsburied5 månader sedan
  • They are really har do find now. Atari STEs and Amiga 500s are much easier.

    Rutger MangerRutger Manger5 månader sedan
  • Amiga was much better, sound , graphics.

    xvovkaxvovka5 månader sedan
  • Amiga is the best computer

    Ale benAle ben5 månader sedan
  • I really felt like I was being transported into the FUTURE while watching that Falcon demo running through the crt tv...

    marcusmalonemarcusmalone5 månader sedan
  • Did this get donated to you or did you pay gazillions for it?

    Black TerminalBlack Terminal6 månader sedan