Studio Tour: Nostalgia Nerd + Ashens & Did You Know Gaming

13 jan 2020
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It's 2020, and what better way to begin the year than adding to all the other game room and retro game room tours that come out at this time. This is actually a behind the scenes video that I've been meaning to make for a while, and so I've included a progression of my studio/office since my channel began, or at least, since it was relevant, back in 2015. My office space is also housed in the same building as Did You Know Gaming and Ashens, in what I'll describe as a "SEworldr paradise". Find out how that came to be and then you can decide whether the description is accurate within.
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  • I'm still on the hunt for this damn mug, I want it so badly but couldnt find it anywhere. Can somebody help me?

    SplashpageSplashpage12 dagar sedan
  • Red Venom was the business!

    Chris GeeChris GeeMånad sedan
  • Vtech Smart start "computer" such a nostalgia blast

    mmaxeatormmaxeator2 månader sedan
  • Do you and Ashens ever... kiss?

    KevinKevin2 månader sedan
  • hmmm! familiar... yes although my hobby involves older tech namely windup gramophones the aesthetics are basically the same if there's a hole I think I can fill then I probably already filled it! I also deviate from the main theme like you, with old toys and antiques I like firsts of things so of course, I have the first 1958 commercial lego set and I have the Philips cd 100 the first commercial cd player, the 1910 eureka spring load cap arrow gun a toy that can actually kill someone at least it shoots rods straight through a board of plywood so a skull won't be much of a hindrance! so very eclectic keep up the good work!

    tino van der zwan phono cave!tino van der zwan phono cave!3 månader sedan
  • Say hi to Octy for me :)

    Saavik256Saavik2563 månader sedan
  • 1:22 That room looks like a nostalgia paradise

    grimTales1grimTales15 månader sedan
  • Got any Jobs going? I can make Tea fairly well and my Walking stick matches the cuboard door.

    SegafishySegafishy6 månader sedan
  • Those moments of just commanding "faster faster" is fuvking wild and awkward to watch

    Jacob BergeronJacob Bergeron6 månader sedan
  • Love it, what a fantastic workspace.

    Peter CoombePeter Coombe6 månader sedan
  • I recognize that couch

    Chris EveleyChris Eveley7 månader sedan
  • I love that in an age where we (finally) don't have to think too much about video standards, NTSC vs. PAL (or SECAM if you had to bother with that), interlacing, et cetera, et cetera, since no displays are locked to the mains frequency, and therefore basically every standard HDTV and display is capable of 60 Hz -- you're filming in 1080p50 :()

    Chris EveleyChris Eveley7 månader sedan
  • Damn, that's one hell of a mug, would expect nothing else from Sir Ashens.

    Dick BisonDick Bison7 månader sedan
  • nice painting :) !

    BG OllieBG Ollie8 månader sedan
  • That looks ,like a pretty nice place and from what I heard from other youtubers it seems like a good idea to really move all this stuff out of your house so you can really seperate your working and home hours

    James BrownJames Brown8 månader sedan
  • I have owned your book for a while now. I love it. Really the only one of it's kind. Is there going to be another book coming out? Hope so.

    CaskasCaskas8 månader sedan
  • I need more CRTs they're just everywhere here, I want to do that.

    RAP64RAP648 månader sedan
  • Last for years? Maybe for a lifetime already. ;)

    Alexander TrustAlexander Trust9 månader sedan
  • Why the *_fricken fridgemagnet_* did you make us wait 20:21 before we got to see THE BIGGEST ⭐ ?

    Ad LockhorstAd Lockhorst9 månader sedan
  • I used to have the green boglin those things where awesome

    neil johnsonneil johnson9 månader sedan
  • That C&A bag though ❤️

    mildsteven77mildsteven779 månader sedan
  • Watching this video gives me crippling anxiety. So much to tidy!!!!!!

    JulzillaJulzilla9 månader sedan
  • really enjoyed the space crusade mug

    M F-HM F-H9 månader sedan
  • Oh man, that classic Space Hulk mug is indeed glorious.

    SeraphSeraph9 månader sedan
  • this is a cool look into all this stuff, but man, as someone with troubled hearing but isn't completely deaf, those many many mismatched captions are a real drag :[

    signal.acessignal.aces9 månader sedan
  • omg I need this mug where can I buy it?

    SplashpageSplashpage9 månader sedan
  • Didn't even know they made FIFA for the Master System.

    Frishmeister79Frishmeister799 månader sedan
    • Likely, FIFA games were already there before computers were invented... :/

      Green SkyGreen Sky9 månader sedan
  • I'm jealous of that copy of Space Crusade on your shelves.

    Daniel ProsserDaniel Prosser9 månader sedan
  • audio intonation is waay over the top.. sounds very fake... find your own style and be comfortable with it.. ;-)

    FiskrondFiskrond9 månader sedan
  • loved the video, a great tour

    Johnny EptonJohnny Epton9 månader sedan
  • Space Crusade FTW

    SixHawksSixHawks9 månader sedan
  • 16th century... This office space is older than my nation.

    Logan PageLogan Page9 månader sedan
  • Well there is no way around this. You have a serious hoarding problem. I love the excuses flowing as we see more and more....stuff my wife would call junk. I am kinda jealous... 😁

    gareth quallygareth qually9 månader sedan
  • I admire your space, as a SEworldr, artist, and photographer, my space is divided into 3, I wish I could have that storage you have. In NYC our office space is expensive. I rent out an artspace and that is long, but no windows. Looking at this video, I am inspired by your organizing I use Kallax as well, I usually find and repurpose them from an upscale neighborhood I find them in, def going to restructure my studio after this. Great video mate!

    Cinema MacabroCinema Macabro9 månader sedan
  • Start the Nostalgia Nerd museum lolz

    Cinema MacabroCinema Macabro9 månader sedan
  • You have no clue what a vagina is, do you.

    BucknuttyBucknutty9 månader sedan
  • Seeing Space Crusade and a Boglin in the opening shoot gave me a hit of nostalgia I wasn’t expecting. Especially the Boglin, which I had forgotten ever existed in my childhood. And now I’ll see it in my nightmares!

    JonathanJonathan9 månader sedan
  • Nice one. Starting my own channel soon beginning with my own room tour.

    Detecting RetroDetecting Retro9 månader sedan
  • I could just imagine popping into the building and into that hall! Then Ashens saying... Well... “HELLO”

    1blisslife1blisslife9 månader sedan
  • One day, that brown sofa will be housed in a museum somewhere.

    UncleFeedleUncleFeedle9 månader sedan
  • Misleading click bate title. Ashen's isn't in this video. Only his office.

    Marc ZeroMarc Zero9 månader sedan
  • Your office reminds me of the local computer shop in the 1990s. Large cupboards to the ceilings filled with random stuff and an area behind the counter in about 5x as much chaos! I remember spotting a Master Gear on a top shelf once!

    CharlieTheGreyCharlieTheGrey9 månader sedan
  • I plan on making a video about this soon...

    Richard DunnRichard Dunn9 månader sedan
  • I'm mostly intrigued by the 'Cum Disk' at 10:55

    Lord Arse!Lord Arse!9 månader sedan
  • Good stuff - thansl for the show and tell!

    Mr T.Mr T.9 månader sedan
  • I had no idea DYKG was a UK channel, nice.

    TheBrozTheBroz9 månader sedan
  • I spot cadicarus!

    ZachZach9 månader sedan
  • Haven

    Karamali NumberoneKaramali Numberone9 månader sedan
  • Gotta say that my favourite part was the random hanging mega drive controller in your office.

    Hikaru WDMHikaru WDM9 månader sedan
  • This video feels like I'm playing Shenmue.

    Walter HuntWalter Hunt9 månader sedan
  • Great video Nostalgia nerd, Is this where retro gamers go when they die? Look forward to the next video. Wes

    Wesley FlavellWesley Flavell9 månader sedan
  • Ashens was a lie. I always thought the sofa was in his living room.

    PvtHudsonPvtHudson9 månader sedan
    • This also explains why we no longer see the Shelf of Interesting Items, and why we no longer see him burn items which displease him (hard to do in a shared rental space).

      MadTheDJMadTheDJ17 dagar sedan
    • It used to be but the change over was so seamless that no one realised

      Sailor of the InternetSailor of the Internet3 månader sedan
    • I'm sure it used to be a few years ago

      Luca TambiniLuca Tambini9 månader sedan
    • me too im very disappointed to know its not

      MrJ0mmyMrJ0mmy9 månader sedan
  • Nice and I have the same retro tech book in my gaming collection room ;)

    The BoysThe Boys9 månader sedan
  • I am stunned how much of that stuff I have owned or still have. Awesome.

    Eric PriceEric Price9 månader sedan
  • 8:06 You are a Krtek fan as well I see ;)

    MDMD9 månader sedan
  • 14:19 Was it intentional that the Alone in the Dark games was, in fact, alone in the dark?

    Filip Bak BruunFilip Bak Bruun9 månader sedan
  • Did you know gaming, crammed in a cupboard. 🤣

    LL9 månader sedan
  • Yeah, 2020! Windows 7 is without support but i will stick to that OS haha i love W7

    Guilherme 1988Guilherme 19889 månader sedan
    • @SlyPearTree XP is a good OS, i used from 2003 to 2010 and replaced for Windows 7 because my old PC just died and then i got a new one with Windows 7 and 10 years later this pc is still active!

      Guilherme 1988Guilherme 19889 månader sedan
    • My dad left Windows XP last year.

      SlyPearTreeSlyPearTree9 månader sedan
  • 20:26 is that part of ashens' brown sofa?

    Tom Williams ProductionsTom Williams Productions9 månader sedan
  • This is what a retro tech horder's wet fever dream must look like... I envy you ^^

    Danny N.Danny N.9 månader sedan
  • Woo! We have the same B&O TV!

    ItsAnArseItsAnArse9 månader sedan
  • Does nostalgia nerd do a lot of videos on other sites (such as Patreon) that aren’t published on you tube? Love his stuff but SEworld stuff is not published often?

    BenKBenK9 månader sedan
  • Still wasting time...

    patrikez1patrikez19 månader sedan
  • Hate your fucking voice!!!!

    patrikez1patrikez19 månader sedan
  • my first videos back in 2009 were shot on my washing machine with a cloth backdrop. then I moved to my freezer :) . I'm still shooting them in my basement on a workbench.. sigh.. you'd think that after 3 million views, i'd be moving up in the world

    Mike DancyMike Dancy9 månader sedan
  • Saw something really rare in Nostalgia Nerds collection at 1:57 so jealous. Its an original C&A plastic bag 😯

    The Retro ByteThe Retro Byte9 månader sedan
    • The Retro Byte --- C&A still exists in Europe... Too bad we are leaving...

      LiofaLiofa9 månader sedan
  • Wow, that's a sweet set up you guys have there. Grand to see like minded souls pooling their resources to make things happen, in a good way. Kudos to all. Look forward to seeing further output this year, from yourself & associates.

    Mark TurnitonanovMark Turnitonanov9 månader sedan
  • 20:24 Upstairs At Eric's anyone? :3

    Ben H.Ben H.9 månader sedan
  • Great insight into behind the scenes of the Nerd, thanks for the upload Pete. I especially enjoyed the Shelves of Glory!

    Craig HallCraig Hall9 månader sedan
  • 20 years since my ex .. thank God 😳

    Daniel SonDaniel Son9 månader sedan
  • This is so interesting, and somehow makes me feel ten times more productive as well. This messy uni student is inspired! EDIT: Also I am SURE we used to have a Precision 3100 like that at home (is that its name? I don't know tech stuff; I just like watching it on SEworld)

    Isabella MorrisIsabella Morris9 månader sedan
  • I noticed several shots of reversed video to make your B-roll long enough to work with your voice-over. If that editing trick is good enough for George Lucas to have a Tusken Raider shaking his weapon over his head, it's good enough for Nostalgia Nerd! Nice tour.

    ThriftyAVThriftyAV9 månader sedan
  • Oooh God, sharing with Ashens eh? Get ready for the stench of spaghetti hoops from 1978

    solidstate0solidstate09 månader sedan
  • There's no such thing as a "small roof leak"... 😟

    Cass LyrisCass Lyris9 månader sedan
    • @Liofa Oh my, someone put on his pedantic pants this morning...🥱

      Cass LyrisCass Lyris9 månader sedan
    • Cass Lyris --- Of course there is... Didn't you go to school and learn about volumes and flow rates? Are you trying to say there's no difference between a drip and Niagara Falls?

      LiofaLiofa9 månader sedan
  • Living the dream!

    Gamespacegeek EatsfruitGamespacegeek Eatsfruit9 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the tour of you office and bace of operations. It like going to universal studios only for gaming geeks.

    Curtis stolleryCurtis stollery9 månader sedan
  • sooo...whats wrong with Sonic Mania?

    Adam ClarkAdam Clark9 månader sedan
  • It appears that you would still benefit from a storage locker lmao.. Also seems like you need to do some inventory management

    Jesse SingerJesse Singer9 månader sedan
  • So, I noticed a brown sofa in both Ashens office and the game room. So, did you take one seat of the sofa and shove it in Ashens office, and put the rest in the game room, or did you just get an identical sofa?

    Red the IT GuyRed the IT Guy9 månader sedan
  • 10:55 - box labelled 'Cum Disk' ?

    Chris RoyleChris Royle9 månader sedan
  • Where did you place the Kinect 🤣🤣

    Theta 32xTheta 32x9 månader sedan
  • Based on the quick glance of you machines drives you need more digital storage as well

    Rhodri Mark Metcalfe-DaviesRhodri Mark Metcalfe-Davies9 månader sedan
  • How many brown sofas does Ashens actually own?

    mand0123mand01239 månader sedan
  • Holy shit, I had no idea Matt was with DidYouKnowGaming?, I used to work with the guy back when I was a bowling technician and he was a lanehost :O

    TwistedThrill44TwistedThrill449 månader sedan
    • @DidYouKnowGaming? Aw man, I knew he'd turn up somewhere awesome :) Always enjoyed our talks when the place was packed and I went out front :)

      TwistedThrill44TwistedThrill449 månader sedan
    • He just turned up one day and we couldn't work out who he was. Thanks for the positive ID match!

      DidYouKnowGaming?DidYouKnowGaming?9 månader sedan
  • I was just thinking ‘that looks like a Tudor building, bet it’s absolutely gorgeous’ then you said it was built in the 16th century. It’s like you read my mind.

    Peter MurphyPeter Murphy9 månader sedan
  • Great video, and he's trimmed his beard. All good stuff.

    Andrew BarrattAndrew Barratt9 månader sedan
  • Nice use of a shoe storage cloth over the door

    Mark GladwellMark Gladwell9 månader sedan
  • I think you have your office 'feel' spot on, constructive hoarding love it. Good luck for 2020

    HadesdetectingHadesdetecting9 månader sedan
  • Lovely video! Such treasures! Nice to see that book there too!

    James O'GradyJames O'Grady9 månader sedan
  • Holy shit I want to live there.

    SobskiSobski9 månader sedan
  • nice artexing you nostalgic bastard ;)

    Rudie RickenbackerRudie Rickenbacker9 månader sedan
  • You've shattered the illusion, I thought Ashens filmed from his mums sofa.

    William FentonWilliam Fenton9 månader sedan
    • William Fenton Indeed!

      Carlos PCCarlos PC3 månader sedan
  • I See a mid 70s commodore calculator on the bench with red magnified Leds.

    William FentonWilliam Fenton9 månader sedan
  • Moldy beige paradise.

    Geordi La ForgeryGeordi La Forgery9 månader sedan
  • What's the make and model of your comfy office chair, Peter?

    ABMABM9 månader sedan
  • You got more thank a small leak. There is water damage visible on large portions of your ceiling and it's definitely moldy as shit on the other side and already a health hazard to you and the bois :S

    RandalfRandalf9 månader sedan
  • Now that bedroom looks really coordinated, cos of course you know where everything is

    The Retro EngineThe Retro Engine9 månader sedan
  • Do you guys get random visits from the fire chief?

    Bennet FoxBennet Fox9 månader sedan
  • I'm going to pretend the thing I was most excited about, wasn't that C&A carrier bag @1:58 :)

    PiersPiers9 månader sedan
  • i didnt know ashens has a office, why hasnt he shown us?

    Williamg209Williamg2099 månader sedan
    • @Liofa after watching the vid, I didnt realised how light and studio like the sofa has been, I'm a fool lol, I do watch mostly older ashens videos

      Williamg209Williamg2099 månader sedan
    • @Liofa hmm, it usually films at home or at other youtubers places, never his office or anywhere else he owns

      Williamg209Williamg2099 månader sedan
    • MrJ0mmy --- Clearly he used to film everything at home before he moved, besides he has videos on his channel showing that he works with these other guys. His most recent one he's tasting coffee with them... He's not hiding anything.

      LiofaLiofa9 månader sedan
    • maybe he wants everybody to think hes filming on his sofa at home

      MrJ0mmyMrJ0mmy9 månader sedan