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20 feb 2019
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You can pick a Wii up for a few dollars/pounds, and instantly put it to use as a fantastic emulation machine. Here I'll be exploring using the Wii as a DOS Gaming machine, to play classics such as Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry and many many more.
We'll explore installing the Homebrew channel on the Wii, setting up Priiloader, using the Homebrew browser, installing custom forwarders and getting the Wii to autoboot straight into a DOS environment, with it's own menu system, so you can navigate straight to your chosen DOS games. You could even use it to run DOS screensavers if that's your thing.
*Links used in this video*
Letterbomb your Wii: please.hackmii.com/
Priiloader: www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Priiloader
Homebrew Browser: wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Browser
Multi Mod Manager: www.hacksden.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=93
DOSBox Forwarder for Wii: www.mediafire.com/file/mdz1z1fkvjd/dosbox.wad
Moo Menu: reimagery.com/fsfd/bin/menu/
DOS Game compatibility list: wiibrew.org/wiki/DOSBox_Wii/Compatibility_List
If you want to check out the creator of Moo Menu then visit:
*Things you'll need (affiliate links)*
2GB SD Card: nnerd.me/r7W9h
Nintendo Wii (with sensor bar): nnerd.es/2GzIKQ6
Wii Remote: nnerd.es/2V4qaT7
Wireless keyboard: nnerd.me/2SOzsGn
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Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
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Blue Snowball Microphone
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  • To clarify, this setup should allow actual mouse support. You can also mount both USB and SD devices, including as a CD.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Hey i just want to clarify you dont need the homebrew browser whatsoever Find the github page for DOSBOXWII for the mosr up to date version or see if wiibrew has a version and extract it to the SD card

      Get ZappedGet Zapped8 månader sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd Huh??.... wee on the white box and throw the fucking thing out the WINDOWS?

      SIDSID9 månader sedan
    • What model is that small keybaord? - I've been looking for one exactly like that for my MiSTer (a C64, Amiga, arcade etc. FPGA computer "board")

      David FilskovDavid Filskov10 månader sedan
    • Get a lapel mic

      MinglatorMinglatorÅr sedan
    • @Ryan C The Wii disc drive can only read the game discs. Unless someone found a way to hack that too.

      SmoggyLamb GamingSmoggyLamb GamingÅr sedan
  • Tennis? Bah! Get a nunchuck and beat the shit out of a virtual person in wii boxing

    High King TrasherHigh King Trasher19 dagar sedan
  • what happens if you cut the blue wire

    eren ozeren oz20 dagar sedan
  • Wee wee wee wee, all this wee makes me sick, how could they name it that?

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  • Running a Linux PowerPC port of DOOM or Quake on Debian on Linux for Wii should yield better performance as its running natively

    ethancedrikethancedrik28 dagar sedan
  • milk in after .. not first.. for yur tea? brave

    Squiggly SnugsSquiggly SnugsMånad sedan
  • I use doom launcher change the frames to 60 to match my tv 60. 100 % smooth on crt

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  • is this illegal to do? or is it ok for me to do

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  • Its fun i play famicom/nes games on my psp

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  • Boy I had this plussed, UNTIL, I realized you only want to boot DoSBoX. ......... Dood WHY don't you have a Tux box?

    Shane CorningShane Corning2 månader sedan
    • OMG the speed for DOOM is horrible at default and you Have to have a Wii KEYBOARD? :-( ... ..... I WILL try to get "Alone in the Dark 1 - FLOPPYS , Converted and Hacked" , running , however. How can I step down from That challenge right. I had to splice my files.

      Shane CorningShane Corning2 månader sedan
  • hey this might sound silly but what virtual aquarium did you use?

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  • Thanks for this, I am going to see if my USB floppy drive works next

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  • There is a Homebrew port of DOOM on the Wii, so running it on DOS Box isn't necessary.

    TGLadyNTGLadyN3 månader sedan
  • Out of curiosity, Nostalgia Nerd, what type of milk do you have with your tea?

    Alexander FreemanAlexander Freeman3 månader sedan
  • So Does It Just Get Rid Of The Wii Menu Permantely? I Want This To Be Just a Channel So I Can Still Play Wii Games and Choose If I Want To Play DOS And Not Get Rid Of The Rest Of The Wii

    Super Nerdy Bros.Super Nerdy Bros.4 månader sedan
  • Does this flash the nintendo firmware permanently or can the WII be reset to factory at any time after?

    JP VoodooJP Voodoo4 månader sedan
  • Running DOS on a WII is actually pretty smart, given it's relatively low (~20W on full load) TDP.

    Inspector GilbertInspector Gilbert4 månader sedan
  • "Why would you install DOS on your Wii?" "Because I can"

    DoctorX17DoctorX174 månader sedan
  • I loved the wii....

    Mrs P SadesMrs P Sades4 månader sedan
  • A peek back into a time when PCs were difficult and problematic for games in all the ways they are wrongly accused of being now.

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  • "How to play dos games. Here's what we need: One internet-ready PC" you could just stop talking there, you know :P

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  • But how do you go back to the wii menu?

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  • dont you own about 60 old pcs that you could run DOS on though lol?

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  • Why would we use this is we have a PC?

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  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that he said GENDERS ARE A THING OF THE PAST???!!

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  • moo didn't work so i deleted it (windows not wii)

    Vincent HernandezVincent Hernandez6 månader sedan
  • The original Xbox in theory should be a pretty good dosbox console, though 3d accelerated dos games probably won't work due to the Nvidia chip being bespoke.

    D827 KellyD827 Kelly6 månader sedan
  • “You absolute melon” speech 100

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  • They should've added DOS games onto the Virtual Console,like they did in japan with MSX games.

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  • DOSBOX.WAD did not install on the Multi-Mod-Manager part...any solutions?

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  • Can you install windows 3.1 or windows 95 on this dosbox emu on the wii ?

    jermey mcgrawjermey mcgraw9 månader sedan
  • Mod manager wont download dosbox

    z3n0nz3n0n9 månader sedan
    • It keeps saying I didnot complete

      z3n0nz3n0n9 månader sedan
  • Best games in dosbox 1. Stonekeep 2. Doom 3. Quake 4. Duke nukem 3d 5. Eradicator 6. Tomb raider 7. Aladdin 8. Star control 9. King quest v 10. Raptor

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  • Stonekeep was a famous skyrim game in 1995

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  • Can you go back to the wii menu

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  • He likes messing with small innocent things

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  • how to map mouse to game pad?

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  • i noticed you were not wearing your softly wrist strap that come complementary with the controller. this is how people lose their lives, my friend.

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  • I'm a simple man, I see a Wii video, I instantly click and Like!

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  • I did windows 7 instead on my wii

    The OofmanThe Oofman9 månader sedan
  • Great tutorial! Remember if you have a pre 2008 Wii, it's far better to install BootMii as boot2 rather than an IOS. Provides much more protection.

    Ben WyattBen Wyatt10 månader sedan
  • THX for your video. For Problems with Homebrew Browser Wii DSI Error You could try manually set the browser to use the backup server (ww2.codemii.com) by opening SD:/apps/homebrew_browser/settings.xml and looking for the line setting_server="0" and changing it to setting_server="1" and see if that makes a difference.

    KonsolenDocKonsolenDoc10 månader sedan
  • And now install windows 98 in dosbox. If that is possible.

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  • Shouldnt moo.bat be mooautoexec.bat, its been a long long time since i did basic.

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  • This is all very cool and all. But Doom 2 came out in 1994 and you could play it on a Pentium 3 with a 32mb graphics card with much better performance than the Doom 1 segment here.

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  • Registration is only $14.95 tho

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  • Why not just play dos games on your pc considering almost everyone have a pc?

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  • IIRC Wii games (most of them, anyway) were 480p internally, so while PAL's 576 resolution is higher, what you'd actually be getting with that 576i option would be 480 stretched to 576.

    me2oliveme2olive11 månader sedan
  • what if he used dos to install windows 95

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  • O sea, una poronga atómica!!! Gracias por hacerme perder el tiempo. Mi calculadora corre mejor el doom.

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  • Nintendo wii in MS-DOS

    Fa - AlmaFa - Alma11 månader sedan
  • My Wii is laggy as hell when I run doom on it plus I have too use a keyboard or else when typing in the dos thing I have to press home button than go too keyboard and slowly put it in than fastly type it

    Inara72 PS4Inara72 PS411 månader sedan
  • Wish you used that lovey KV-14LT1U trinitron

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  • The Wii can run dosbox... and dosbox can run windows... so the Wii can run Windows too?

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  • I remember playing Quake on my Wii. The port of course. There’s some good source ports for the old id games.

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  • You guys making me really regret selling my wii back when I got a Wii U. XD I suppose I could just do this on my Wii U as well.

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    • Florian Rabe oh heck ya!! Thanks for the info!! :)

      Hayley’s CometHayley’s Comet3 månader sedan
    • You totally can! You can run all wii homebrew on it. You can also enable "native" gamecube gaming and with more emulators, you can basically play the entire Nintendo catalog of games. In fact if you really wanted you could run dosbox better because you could overclock it beyond wii specs. The Wii-U is a great, cheap emulator machine.

      Florian RabeFlorian Rabe3 månader sedan
  • Volkov Commander. Just use it.

    Black FlashBlack FlashÅr sedan
  • could you do a vdeo on the dos game pehistorik 2? also norton commander / midnight commander could help to manage files and load programs.

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  • DO NOT do this on the Wii U (vwii) it WILL brick your console

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  • Whole planet has homebrewed they're Wiis. Would have been a cool video in 2007

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  • does it work on the wii u? i mean there is a wii emulator build in

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  • I have a new goal in life: making this work. I wish all tech-youtube video's were this humoristic and clear. Great work!

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  • NintenDOS

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  • The cheapest Wii I can find in my country sells for ~90 eur.

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    • Sounds insane, the marked value is about 30€ at this point, and that's including Wii Sports.

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  • best way to retro is with retro hardware, Proud owner of an all original packard bell 486 dx2 66 with a speedstar pro vesa local bus video card. actual compatability is awesome.

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  • Your captions are fantastic.

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  • I'm confused. I hacked my Wii with a 32GB SD card without any problems.

    Mike BlaisMike BlaisÅr sedan
    • 2gb used to be the old limit, his wii is one of the first runs as well because hes able to use bootmii,Later with wii update you're able to use larger cards. 2gb was just the old safe method, its been a while since i messed with any wii modding so i just know hes using allot of old school methods vs how its done now. He may have not updated the wii and is why hes using a 2gb since he factory reset.

      BanguloBanguloÅr sedan
  • I never saw any Wii (even on the flea markets in Belgium where I live) for a few bucks. They cost minimum 40-50€ and in his price range I'd prefer to invest in a rpi3 which will give you perfect dosbox emulation (doom is totally playable). Anyway it's nice to know it's possible to do that :)

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