How Xbox Scared the Crap out of People at 3am | Nostalgia Nerd

30 okt 2018
322 790 visningar

The original Xbox was a luge lump of intimidating plastic. It's shadowy bulk entertained us for many years, but also scared quite a few of us. For hidden underneath, in the dashboard were spooky creepy sounds. Strange dashboard effects and weird noises which would scare the living daylights out of anyone who had just woken up at 3am, to find their Xbox console still on.
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  • 1.K pEOPLE diEd in the chat!

    Fanciful BubblesFanciful BubblesDag sedan
  • 5:16 WHEEEEEEZE!

    Fanciful BubblesFanciful BubblesDag sedan
  • The xbox background sounds remind me of something you would expect in Half-life 2

    Justin BeairdJustin Beaird8 dagar sedan
  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    The unbreakableThe unbreakable15 dagar sedan
  • "What inside the is that XBoX?" Uh... What?

    Spike KastlemanSpike Kastleman17 dagar sedan
  • I thought my original xbox was haunted when it made those sounds as a kid. Me and my nephew had to turn the console off.

    BishopStarzBishopStarz19 dagar sedan
  • god i was expecting to get jumpscered

    maahes mangfumaahes mangfu20 dagar sedan
  • Shut the fuck up and let me hear the menu

    KalvinludiKalvinludi20 dagar sedan
  • this is fkin alien stuck in xbox, plz open xbox, let out before alien go snap snap bing bong. human not like when alien do bing bong.

    Scientiae MagicaeScientiae Magicae21 dag sedan

    ColeopteraColeoptera22 dagar sedan
  • But the real question is... What inside the is that xbox?

    VOLTAVOLTA23 dagar sedan
  • I read the thumbnail as : What inside the is that xbox?

    LucasGamesLucasGames26 dagar sedan
  • So my dad when he was a kid he had the original Xbox... but he never heard the creepy noises ;)

    Westoniscool FoxWestoniscool Fox27 dagar sedan
    • How old is your dad? Cus the OG Xbox came out in 2000. I'm 20 and had one my entire childhood...

      Hidden BassHidden Bass26 dagar sedan
  • I had to put my speakers on minimum for it to not scare me

    Bryn GriffithsBryn Griffiths27 dagar sedan
  • Can’t imagine how you’d feel a sense of dread from the ps1 boot sound, man. You gotta be cracked out.

    Christian HerreraChristian Herrera28 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry but you get freaked out by the ps intro. That's pathetic.

    Zoey ReynoldsZoey ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • what inside the is that xbox? dang that's a neat thumbnail

    LLUUKKEE 4 Life!LLUUKKEE 4 Life!Månad sedan
  • if you slow down the video, you can here what it is saying

    Lex SanchezLex SanchezMånad sedan
  • Nice Nightmare jump scare...

    Napoleon BlownapartNapoleon BlownapartMånad sedan
  • OMG, you suck for that ending :D

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  • Screw u sony im not buying ur ps5 Sony: YeAh RiGhT

    Marlyn SolanoyMarlyn SolanoyMånad sedan
  • That jump scare fucked me up not gonna lie 😵

    XxCOOKIExXXxCOOKIExXMånad sedan
  • I'm an 80's kid and 90's Geek. The first 32bit console I owned (still own today) upon it's release was this --> I like the startup tune. This console was ahead of it's time, such a shame it all eventually failed.

    Ezee Posse TVEzee Posse TVMånad sedan
  • The character “Rabbot” from Aqua Teen Hunger Force also makes the same sounds in the episode “The Last One” .

    November 248November 248Månad sedan
  • I was wearing headphones and that jumscare scared the hell out off me good one man 😂

    SamPlayz YTSamPlayz YTMånad sedan
  • Hmmm bit ott and a nothing filler of a video

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  • The thumbnail looks like it says What Inside The Is That Xbox

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  • Great! You gave my mother in law a heart attack. It's cool, she was a b#tch anyway.

    fedzaliciousfedzaliciousMånad sedan
  • What inside the is that Xbox?

    DiscohDiscohMånad sedan
  • Bruh every person born in the 90s is just saying PS1 startup is cool

    Generic Commenter thoGeneric Commenter thoMånad sedan
  • Love the intros

    Bich PhucBich PhucMånad sedan
  • 7:28 that scared the hell out of me while I was browsing the comments.

    Nathan JulianNathan JulianMånad sedan
    • Jesus christ

      Youngbl33zyYoungbl33zyMånad sedan
  • old consoles are scary

    windows od microsoftwindows od microsoftMånad sedan
  • My timing wouldn't be more perfect. It's 9.30pm here, I have my smart light turned to red to eliminate any blue light effect on my circadian rhythm. I Live alone. I thought that end part was too silent. So I skipped 10 seconds. I was greeted with a face of a man immediately followed by "finishing with jumpscares..." I'm so lucky... I'm gonna re-watch it tomorrow morning. smh

    p Hsp HsMånad sedan
  • 7:28 you scared the shit out of me

    Titas21Titas21Månad sedan
  • I had a PC I did a lot of work and research on so I would leave it in hibernation to not loose tabs or work this hulking beast of a PC cost me around 3k back in 2015 and the heat it produced was that of a small heater thus it was fitted with 6 fans whitch at boot would spin up to full throtle and sound like a jet engine to get rid of dust oneday It started turning on with is fan blast at random times at night to update and I had no way to stop it sometimes it would do it every night and sometimes it would stop for weeks at a time every time it happened I freaked out

    randomcow505randomcow505Månad sedan
  • Unxboxing

    Smol Krytus of peach juicesSmol Krytus of peach juicesMånad sedan
  • How did I predict a jumpscare/rickroll

    kilgarraghkilgarraghMånad sedan
  • Please tell me you tried to read the thumbnail 4/crappydesign

    kilgarraghkilgarraghMånad sedan
  • I had a crystal Xbox. It came with Halo. One of the best Christmases ever. My friend got a regular black Xbox and was jealous at of my box. Prefer PC these days, but I've got many great memories of that beast.

    Dean FordDean FordMånad sedan
  • what inside is that xbox

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  • What inside the is that xbox? What title is that kind of?

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  • Dread and unease? Youre tripping XD

    Jake AlynJake AlynMånad sedan
    • imagine showing an audio clip and then proceed to talk over said audio clip lmao

      Jake AlynJake AlynMånad sedan
  • 3:00 those noises sound like the painter boss from castle crashers

    MicrowaveMicrowaveMånad sedan
  • Yupp that's terrifying

    It SelfIt Self2 månader sedan
  • Tf happened to ur thumbnail

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  • Godzilla had a stroke trying to read that damn thumbnail Oh btw it made it on EmKay!!

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  • "Comforting sense of dread", said no one ever.

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  • what inside is that xbox the?

    Levi AndersonLevi Anderson2 månader sedan
  • What inside is that xbox?

    Kris KehrerKris Kehrer2 månader sedan
  • I miss these old startup noises and menus. My favourite UI was the original 360 dashboard. Something about the a e s t h e t i c, man. Also I heard one of the notification tones used on my work scanner towards 6:40. Guess I know where that sample came from now

    Indi does YouTubeIndi does YouTube2 månader sedan
  • Maybe this isnt a good idea to watch at 2:27 am

    AnthoAntho2 månader sedan
  • Wakes up from a trip at 3:00 a.m. only to hear the Xbox making unworldly noises, runs away never to be seen by any human ever again living out the rest of his life in constant wonder

    R.A.T.7R.A.T.72 månader sedan
  • If you're going to make a thumbnail, learn to position text.

    Mikolaj WiszniewskiMikolaj Wiszniewski2 månader sedan
  • Ah, The years when consoles had anecdotes, sounds that freak out (me is the intro of the PS2), and especially where they had a soul

    TheDarkNetherTheDarkNether2 månader sedan
  • Wow. What a crappy thumbnail

    Nicholas MendozaNicholas Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • Wow. What a crappy thumbnail

    Nicholas MendozaNicholas Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • What in the world is that thumbnail even supposed to say or mean???

    catsdgs ‏‏‎catsdgs ‏‏‎2 månader sedan
  • 7:28 you got me, even though I was expecting a jumpscare.

    Taran CaffarellaTaran Caffarella2 månader sedan

    William HWilliam H2 månader sedan
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  • Staring at original Xbox downstairs... Oh crap... AMBIENT SOUND

    krissi Putansukrissi Putansu2 månader sedan
  • Great video !

    Mac GyverMac Gyver2 månader sedan
  • Ya know what? I have headphones and that specific console Hmmm........

    Geometry CraftGeometry Craft2 månader sedan
  • Thumbnail: What is inside that Xbox? Me, reading it left to right: What inside is that Xbox?

    Tails_Mania_55Tails_Mania_552 månader sedan
  • I love the original xbox, to me, it seems like a complete console. No need to buy memory cards to save your progress, since it has a built in hard drive with a modest 8 gb capacity. I also found the controllers more comfortable to hold.

    Jose Hernandez MartinezJose Hernandez Martinez2 månader sedan
  • I've heard that sampled in house music.

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  • ahahahahahaha, i had the Nightmare the game.

    gcKukiegcKukie2 månader sedan
  • I'm confused because there are people complaining that the PS1 startup sound isn't scary, I thought it filled every one with dread.

    MitspeithEtcMitspeithEtc2 månader sedan
  • I'd have put in another jump scare in the explanation of the first.

    TurreboTurrebo2 månader sedan
  • Hey man, loved the video, except for the fact that the entire time you're talking about the intro-sounds for different consoles and for the Xbox, you're literally blasting copyright-free 'creepy' music in the background. Couldn't hear jack shit.

    E VarnellE Varnell2 månader sedan
  • What inside the is that Xbox?

    Not Random TypekNot Random Typek2 månader sedan
  • Ok

    Bananas BananasBananas Bananas2 månader sedan
  • LIES NN! That is the sound you will hear upon judgement!!!! Sweet and booming - loud, yet subdued. In 1997 that was what the future sounded like to me.

    Mal ContenderMal Contender2 månader sedan
  • Everyone says the PS1 intro was this sort of *fearful harmony*, but for me, I always get a sense of mystery and adventure.

    Wishful ThinkerWishful Thinker2 månader sedan
  • did anybody else have a hard time reading the thumbnail

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  • What inside the is that Xbox?

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  • Didnt watch the video, just letting you know your thumbnail reads as follows: "What inside the is that Xbox?" Have a good day.

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  • The thumbnail belongs on r/crappydesign. People could read it as "What inside the is that Xbox?"

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  • Atmosfear references like that is what gets you banished to the black hole, Mr. Nerd.

    Plains ZebraPlains Zebra2 månader sedan
  • Here's another interesting fact. The start up screen? That's not a video file. It's made in real time every time you start up the system.

    Weretyu7777Weretyu77772 månader sedan
  • I prefer Terry A. Davis

    MoonmanMoonman2 månader sedan
  • Dude don't use headphones 8n this video fucking terrifying even in the middle of day

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  • Bruh its 3am right now youtube tryna do something

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  • Thumbnail: what is that *INSIDE THE XBOX?* me: What Inside the Is that XBOX?

    Painting ManiacPainting Maniac2 månader sedan
  • But at the end of the day, the xbox was, is, and will ever be a very gimped pc... with standard intel cpu, onboard nvida gpu and standard pata hdd and dvd drive... Nothing that didn't exist in 2000 already. It would have been a wonder, if the xbox could have been consumer upgradeable with a socketed cpu and ram. Even a hdd swap option would have been awesome. But what M$ was not capable of, the community fixed for them XD.

    Blök MöpBlök Möp2 månader sedan
  • Me when that music starts playing: bruh shut the f up im tryna set up my xbox

    SonicChasoZeroSonicChasoZero2 månader sedan
  • If I leave my 1s plugged in at night it makes this very high pitched noise I can only hear in the quiet

    SeagIeSeagIe2 månader sedan
  • At a young age, my cousin and I used to think that the voices in the menu were people talking on Xbox live (which we didn’t have). Thought somehow their voices were coming through my Xbox. Definitely was freaky for an 8 year old

    bbtwanobbtwano2 månader sedan
  • 3 hours after midnight in the morning...

    Old TvOld Tv2 månader sedan

    Doctor SosigDoctor Sosig2 månader sedan
  • sense of dread? wth... playstation intro is the greatest sound of ALL TIME

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  • Great job accomplishing the mood set by the dashboard

    Ben PhillipsBen Phillips2 månader sedan
  • I cant read your thumbnail properly

    Jona_SdkJona_Sdk2 månader sedan
  • Am i wierd, or these sounds are the most calming thing? The "alien voice" sounds cool, the "like water" sounds are calming, the "eerie" sounds also calm you a lot

    [Programmer] Michael Agarkov[Programmer] Michael Agarkov2 månader sedan
  • You know, I fucking knew that you were gonna pull something during that last bit. Thing is, I was expecting a rickroll instead of the clip from the Nightmare VHS. Needless to say, you outsmarted my outsmarting.

    anxietyprimev69anxietyprimev693 månader sedan
  • The main menu of the og xbox is better and cooler than any console's menu nowadays

    Furries must dieFurries must die3 månader sedan
  • don't think I'd ever bothered listening to the boot menu music lol throw in that game let's play!

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