Tiger's Most Ridiculous LCD Games | Nostalgia Nerd

24 jul 2020
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Go to www.brilliant.org/NostalgiaNerd/ to sign up for free. The first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership.... Tiger LCD games; we're all familiar with those. Handheld games which offer brief moments of distraction, but did you know that Tiger actually made deluxe versions of these games in tabletop format. The outcome is, as you'd expect, ridiculous and absurd, so I felt like it was time to look a the 3 main culprits. Afterburner, Outrun and Batman.
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  • hahah I remember going to the book fairs at my school and begging for the tiger out run game. I didn't get it. I love you mom. thanks for saving me

    KillchaosKillchaos9 timmar sedan
  • 2:02 they really used ww2 Me 163 models as space ships?

    NauravaPerunaNauravaPerunaDag sedan
  • What is a Jagyouwah?

    JaybirdJaybird3 dagar sedan
  • sound is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    The Mad ModeratorThe Mad Moderator3 dagar sedan
  • So basicaly it's an LCD Tomy Turbo dashboard?

    AlystasAlystas5 dagar sedan
  • Karnov!!! Man, I had totally forgotten about that game! What a weird one...plus, I could never get very far on it.

    soyburglarsoyburglar7 dagar sedan
  • Man, I hated those little handheld single game units that somehow ended up in our Christmas stockings every year and went totally unplayed until we got a new one the next year.

    soyburglarsoyburglar7 dagar sedan
  • I never liked these LCD games as a kid, quickly realizing it was static shapes on and off, not even overlapping. It got better with pixelized LCD

    Pat GooglePat Google7 dagar sedan
  • As an actual 5 year old playing that in 1994 it was awesome

    Chip SkylarkChip Skylark7 dagar sedan
  • i was so lucky to have been a member of the gameboy master race instead of a tiger electronics pleb back in the day.

    UberKrassMannUberKrassMann8 dagar sedan
  • They could have at least backlit the screen. And/or added an AC adapter.

    Amaroq StarwindAmaroq Starwind9 dagar sedan
  • I've still got my Afterburner.

    meangene408meangene4089 dagar sedan
  • My cousins had outrun when we were young. It was really cool because it was just so different from how gaming was evolving at the time since Nintendo and Sega were changing the arcade market into handheld controllers. This style of play somehow made me feel like I was playing a game more in the classic era when arcades were popular-before I was born

    Krazy SkittlezKrazy Skittlez9 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/q4nRnKnaapplmmA/video

    羅乜水羅乜水9 dagar sedan
  • I can't stand the sound of this car thingy. I had one of these as a kid. I still played with it, when it was already broken and dead :-P

    DudeDude10 dagar sedan
  • I had one that looked a lot similar to our run but it used neon vector graphics and was a suburd. I wish I could just remember the brand. I’d love to see it again

    AirsoftfattyAirsoftfatty12 dagar sedan
    • Had a full steering wheel too maybe just the American version

      Chip SkylarkChip Skylark7 dagar sedan
    • I'm in michigan too and I think I had that same one didn't have real tires like this one

      Chip SkylarkChip Skylark7 dagar sedan
    • I think it wasn’t a game though I think it was a baby toy, all I remember is it looked similar to our run and used vector graphics I think the colors it used on screen was blue green and red.

      AirsoftfattyAirsoftfatty12 dagar sedan
  • I had the batman and ninja gaiden games. I gave them to two neighbor 9 10 years old boys not too long afterwards.

    Joseph ContrerasJoseph Contreras12 dagar sedan
  • Is it true what they say about black guys, that they have MASSIVE BONNETS?

    TwerkToSpecTwerkToSpec13 dagar sedan
  • Amazing retro dive

    CarthagoMikeCarthagoMike13 dagar sedan
  • Those silly contraptions are like mini-sized arcade cabinets, only without the "arcade" in it 8) That's a huge amount of plastic for such a small gaming experience :D

    MillermanMillerman13 dagar sedan
  • ‘GrandStand’ is actually an appropriate name (as a verb, that is)

    Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony13 dagar sedan
  • This Tiger stuff goes for quite a bit on eBay even the handhelds.... I will have to keep an eye out for them. I never seen the ones in the videos and an garage sale or thrift store. then again I could of walked right by one .

    Eternyl BlissEternyl Bliss14 dagar sedan
  • I loved those as a kid!

    John DoeJohn Doe15 dagar sedan
  • do terror to my pain!

    ThehakkeMadmanThehakkeMadman15 dagar sedan
  • Thanks, i hate it

    Daily DBDaily DB16 dagar sedan
  • This takes polishing a turd to a whole new level

    darren jamesdarren james18 dagar sedan
  • In the US during the 90's there was a magazine called "Penny Power" later renamed "Zillions" that reviewed toys the same way the parent company Consumer Reports reviewed home appliances and cars. The After Burner game was highlighted for being a stellar example of packaging over functionality, noting the discrepancy between the size of the device itself and the tiny LCD screen. I assume there were significant cost factors involved due to economies of scale, but for the tabletop sized games Tiger should have at least had a bigger screen than on the handheld version.

    Derek LindbloomDerek Lindbloom18 dagar sedan
  • My friend Adam had that Afterburner system.. I was _incredibly_ jealous... for seriously, about 10 years...

    UnBearified BearUnBearified Bear18 dagar sedan
  • Look at all that e waste :)

    KnoxKnox19 dagar sedan
  • That's what made them good you douche ...

    kab_edckab_edc19 dagar sedan
  • I don't think there's a company on planet Earth that has disappointed more children than Tiger Electronics. Their motto should be 'Tiger Electronics, where fun goes to die'.

    T GreauxT Greaux20 dagar sedan
  • ...bonnets are hats....hats go on your head.....so wouldnt the roof of the car be the bonnet?

    stapuftstapuft21 dag sedan
  • There is a certain charm and a surprising depth of fun to these systems.

    Thomas MylesThomas Myles21 dag sedan
  • I had the sonic handheld lcd yoke. It was surprisingly decent. Then I got a PS1 and it became more of a car based solution.

    Thomas MylesThomas Myles21 dag sedan
  • Pathetic junk. And simply a pathetic cash grab.

    Sofascialistadankula MegadonakeratosisSofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis22 dagar sedan
  • It amuses me far more than it should that the sticker for the turbo gauge section on that Outrun game is copied directly from a Saab.

    FuzzdogFuzzdog22 dagar sedan
  • I want the afterburner game thats awesome i would love to see a full tiger games collection since some of these were realy good otheres just nastalgic and most crap in a game and watch way

    iamravenmusashiiamravenmusashi22 dagar sedan
  • Is that a knockoff of Beast in Black for the After Burner segment? Fuck yeah

    Typo205Typo20522 dagar sedan
  • El que tenía esas máquinas en su época era el puto amo del universo

    CuchoGameplay ́s & VRCuchoGameplay ́s & VR23 dagar sedan
  • Just a glorified Pop Station

    ABMABM23 dagar sedan
  • Come on, how many Teraflops do they have?

  • Had few of these handhelds when I was a kid. I hated'em. Also loved my 8Bit NES even more.

    Fiilis1Fiilis123 dagar sedan
  • I hated the damned lcd games. In the end as kinds we never turned this things on but used only as a cockpit of make believe planes, tanks and cars.

    EnhancedNightmareEnhancedNightmare23 dagar sedan
  • Is "the dogs bollocks" a bad or a good thing?

    Michael HawthorneMichael Hawthorne23 dagar sedan
  • ...if I could store thing in the bonnet. Maybe add a coin slot & make it a bank.

    Jacob DowneyJacob Downey24 dagar sedan
  • 7:37 I had all of those batman toys. The batwing was the shit. Good times. I remember I really wanted the tiger table top but never got that. I had to stick with the nes game.

    Jolfer 13Jolfer 1324 dagar sedan
  • Real original channel name.......not

    Jolfer 13Jolfer 1324 dagar sedan
  • haha i played that fighter one before. I thought it was neat but then again i was like 7

    Link238Link23824 dagar sedan
  • Were they rediculous? Yes...was a jealous my cousin had all of these? Yes lol

    Chris TorresdeyChris Torresdey24 dagar sedan
  • I remember playing the Tiger Out Run at my babysitter’s when I was like 6. Even at that age it sucked.

    docdizzle666docdizzle66624 dagar sedan
  • I had the after burner one growing up, and it was awesome. In hindsight i do think i had more fun with it after the batteries died and I was just pretending to fly a fighter jet.

    Jordan NeffJordan Neff24 dagar sedan
  • aaah, I had the afterburner one

    Paul AshwinPaul Ashwin24 dagar sedan
  • My brother got After Burner for Christmas one year and we loved that thing.

    stevenqirklestevenqirkle24 dagar sedan
  • Handheld LCD game pr0n right up in here it could get struck for inappropriate material!

    ArmaronArmaron24 dagar sedan
  • I totally want the Batman one for sure my cousin had the tomy car one I thought that thing was awesome

    JoJo Da GamerJoJo Da Gamer24 dagar sedan
  • Like the "console" i guess you can call it looks pretty cool ngl

    Sammy JaohnsonSammy Jaohnson24 dagar sedan
  • This is awful

    Joyce VelaJoyce Vela25 dagar sedan
  • I enjoyed Tiger Electronics games.. I mean, before the Game Boy..this was IT! So I enjoy them, but now... probably not.

    Stevie JoStevie Jo25 dagar sedan
  • 0:57 Is there anything more late 80s/early 90s than a kid's commercial with Barrel distortion?

    TheAmazingBraveTheAmazingBrave25 dagar sedan
  • should gut that and put in a nice mini itx system....its some pretty serious manufactured landfill you got there.

    I was Never In SumatraI was Never In Sumatra25 dagar sedan
  • I want them all, no jokes, for real I want every single one.

    ZOMBEEZOMBEE25 dagar sedan
  • Some of my friends had these growing up. They never had batteries in them so we just used them for toys instead

    YamiVTYamiVT25 dagar sedan
  • A proper game.

    Michael SMichael S25 dagar sedan
  • Kids these days with their phones loaded with hundreds of free games will never know the struggle of Tiger handhelds.

    Bastard KittenBastard Kitten25 dagar sedan
    • *** laughs in Speak and Spell, Coleco Head to Head Football, Blip, and Merlin. ***

      nowthatsjustduckynowthatsjustducky23 dagar sedan
  • I remember playing a Tiger Double Dragon handheld and trying to suppress the cognitive dissonance regarding it's awfulness.

    Tyler ShawTyler Shaw26 dagar sedan
  • You unlocked a memory in my mind. I remember seeing these in KB toys once as a kid, I wanted one so badly. But my dad wouldnt get me one cause it wasnt worth it. Later that year I got my Gameboy Pocket for christmas. My dad isn't smart with new tech, but he knew that the Gameboy was worth more than whatever Tiger shilled out.

    Paige ArnoldPaige Arnold26 dagar sedan
  • It would be awesome if the outrun toy could be converted in the real thing.

    Reynaldo Luna Jr.Reynaldo Luna Jr.26 dagar sedan
  • My parents wouldnt buy me a console (sega/snes era) because they were too expensive, but they bought me enough tiger games to afford a console, shrug~

    ziem83ziem8326 dagar sedan
  • Honestly that Outrun game is pretty cleverly designed. Gives a decent sense of speed considering how stone age the devices are

    Frosted ButtsFrosted Butts26 dagar sedan
  • I had Outrun as a kid. My parents picked it up at an auction they were helping at for dirt cheap. I had an Atari 2600, Magnavox, Colecovision, and a mini Pac-Man cabinet. I was not impressed with that piece of junk. It was a fun distraction for a few hours and then it went down into the basement to be forgotten until my parents sold it at a garage sale a year or so later. The NES hit the shelves not long after and everything else went to the wayside lol

    dark14lifedark14life26 dagar sedan
  • Great vid - any chance of one about the tomytronic 3d?

    DeadCat ThinksDeadCat Thinks26 dagar sedan
  • these were kind of awesome! the physical devices were exciting to look at and engage with... but the tech wasn't there, the lcd screen was a huge let down. but if you did this now with current tech, it'd probably be pretty cool.

    Matt WilsonMatt Wilson26 dagar sedan
  • Omg...I cant belive this i just found ur page bro....awesome but what has me shocked is that outrun lcd machine....I HAD IT AS A KID....never could figure out what it was as a kid I remember it well. So damn simple left and right with the ugliest typical lcd screens. I still have it but completely forgot it. Thank u so much for not only showing me which it was because I didn't know where to look lol man such a bad "game" lol fun as a kid

    Jk LoJk Lo26 dagar sedan
  • I had the batman hand held tiger game.had a bunch of those things

    asamusicdudeasamusicdude26 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of an old starwars computer game that had this awesome player attachment that you put on the keyboard

    Martin McNealMartin McNeal27 dagar sedan
  • Just a random note; the kid in the afterburner advertisement isn't wearing a jet fighter pilot's helmet, but instead a vietnam war-era helicopter pilot's helmet.

    Aesthetic DeluxeAesthetic Deluxe27 dagar sedan
  • I would like to see those updated with smartphone screens and digital controls.

    Towely SmokesTowely Smokes27 dagar sedan
  • They may be ok retro decoration lol

    Carl RoeheadCarl Roehead27 dagar sedan
  • the only good LCD games I’ve experienced are Tetris, Poker, and Blackjack handhelds.

    Enzo WarrenEnzo Warren27 dagar sedan
  • Tiger games are to blame for why we can't use plastic straws today.

    RA DiabolikalRA Diabolikal27 dagar sedan
  • Tiger games never made a 'good' game period

    Melina RichardsMelina Richards27 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised you used inches as your measurements

    howrylohowrylo27 dagar sedan
  • This type of bs we begged our parents for as kids makes me cringe, our parents probably thought we were little dumbasses for wanting this crap😂😂

    o.g Paramounto.g Paramount27 dagar sedan
  • Ah tiger. The company that specialised in LCD shite.

    Mark MullenMark Mullen27 dagar sedan
  • This would be cool to mod with a modern lcd and a bunch of arcade racing games.

    Wynn PetsovichWynn Petsovich27 dagar sedan
  • That i what we see from old times. Color LCD handheld consoles costs more money, so other companies made cheaper versions with b/w LCD with fixed pictures on it. But in big plastic box... is kinda useless, made them more expensive. But its just for fun, i guess. Childrens want grab stick or steering wheel. I bet after a while, they will just land in the back of the storage room. Because there is no much to do, and it's not portable at all. You cannot put it in your bag.

    mrdummymrdummy27 dagar sedan
  • So should it be Robin Bonnet and his merry men now?

    Larry BaileyLarry Bailey28 dagar sedan
  • Pues creo que a cualquier niño un juguete de esos lo haría muy feliz. Obviamente usted no lo ve con los mismos ojos porque usted es un adulto.

    Gangaragandaragongoragangaragond GandaragandGangaragandaragongoragangaragond Gandaragand28 dagar sedan
  • We had the Grandstand cartridge tv game system with all of one cartridge. Pong was ok. Never saw another one or any cartridges then or since. Normal families had the Atari 2600

    EakcoTVEakcoTV28 dagar sedan
  • "Filling the air with sounds of wind instruments, and fear of piety" That was beautiful and poetic. Also kinda sounds like an album by The Pogues.

    Nameless EntityNameless Entity28 dagar sedan
  • Ok, I admit I kinda want to have both cockpit and Batmobil

    DOSRetroGamerDOSRetroGamer28 dagar sedan
  • I had paperboy, double dragon, castlevania, and mega man 2 and they were all shit.

    venom74799venom7479928 dagar sedan
  • They’re Craptacular !

    prismstudios001prismstudios00128 dagar sedan
  • I was in H S when these came out. Face it: In SEworld years, I’m dead.

    prismstudios001prismstudios00128 dagar sedan
  • This is the shit some fucker convinced your grandma to buy for christmas, Bintendo.

    PleasureincontemptPleasureincontempt28 dagar sedan
  • That's it! I'm giving up on trying to get a decent graphics card and I'm going to buy a load of these off eBay!😁

    DeanDean28 dagar sedan
  • You really try to speak "impressive".

    Blatend CrudeBlatend Crude28 dagar sedan
  • Im the same age as you and even as a kid i thougt Tiger LCD games are crap! Everytime i see Tiger products i get a certain rage and want to punch some Tiger electronics executives in the face! Unbelievable how low budget and overpriced this crap was!

    datamanmachinedatamanmachine28 dagar sedan
  • When I was a kid in the 90s these games were so substandard and disappointing even in their packaging that I was never remotely interested. These were sold at the same time as the SNES and N64. Why anyone purchased these is beyond me. Cool now as vintage tech but Tiger had no business surviving into the 90s at all with terrible products like these.

    Cuy OrvisCuy Orvis28 dagar sedan
  • Good prop though

    MemeReviewerMemeReviewer28 dagar sedan