INCREDIBLE 90s Racing Simulation Accessories | Nostalgia Nerd

15 jun 2018
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Welcome to the 90s, a time when gaming & computer accessories aimed to do one thing; MAKE GAMES MORE REALISTIC. More often than not, all they did was make games more crap. In this video I'm looking at two main items; The SpectraVision Logic3 FreeWheel AND the QuickJoy SV-129 Footpedals, combined with Nigel Mansell's World Champsionship racing. This POWER trio should make one hell of an unbeatable driving simulation experience. VR MOVE ASIDE.
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  • Glad they improved on this design by the time Wii mario kart came out.

    swampdonkey491swampdonkey491Månad sedan
  • Would have liked to have seen this with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix (2)

    themrflibbleukthemrflibbleukMånad sedan
  • for extwa wheealism

    Beyond ReasonBeyond ReasonMånad sedan
  • Watching her play it, it clearly has a lag and she couldn't make the turns properly unless you can anticipate the turn.

    Stephen FisherStephen Fisher2 månader sedan
  • I wish you Britt's would say "Genesis" just once!! You guys are racist lol.

    Stephen FisherStephen Fisher2 månader sedan
    • Something against North Americans I reckon.

      Stephen FisherStephen Fisher2 månader sedan
  • That free wheel steering controller would've really benefited from flappy paddle shifting on it rather than tilting it forwards and back to shift gears on the base unit.

    James AnthonyJames Anthony2 månader sedan
  • Knowing that it's digital and operated by mercury switches, I'd be kidding myself, if I was expecting any sort of satisfactory experience from that. It's basically the same as using arrows on a keyboard, except there's major latency, as you tilt the wheel from one side to the other. As harsh as digital controls are, a keyboard allows you to make far quicker corrections.

    Jeremy GeorgiaJeremy Georgia2 månader sedan
  • mercury switches noice.

    Santa ClauseSanta Clause2 månader sedan
  • I always wanted a wheel.

    I Created An Account For ThisI Created An Account For This3 månader sedan
  • 0:54 hoo boy that old SA flag

    FluffPhDFluffPhD4 månader sedan
  • Would be much better just two switches in the wheel for gear changing like god wnated

    Jose CarlosJose Carlos4 månader sedan
  • Nigel was a great champion and personally one of the best of all times. But this wheel looked even worse than Nintendo version for the wii

    Jose CarlosJose Carlos4 månader sedan
  • these should work on a commodore 64 as well im guessing

    wolfcanine100wolfcanine1006 månader sedan
  • Looks like the problem you are having trying to get the most realistic experience is not having a racing helmet, the ultimate 90's racing accessory! Look for it at your local Block Buster or Funkoland store near you!!!

    Rad n' RetroRad n' Retro11 månader sedan
  • You guys had wheels?

    Ded BoiDed Boi11 månader sedan
  • Nostalgia Nerd is definitely a top 10 channel

    robert davisrobert davisÅr sedan
  • Nothing says 90's in the UK like Nigel Mansell's moustache.

    Ferrusian GambitFerrusian GambitÅr sedan
  • My parents skipped micro pc's and went straight for the 386sx in 1988, it's fun to learn about the non ibm-compatible computers

    Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaÅr sedan
    • @Compliment Thief haha i do appreciate everything that came from it. The chiptunes, the artwork. And a friend had a c64, we had a lot of fun with it, sure. And yes i did do the tape thing too. But you have to agree. It took some time. And there were only 64bytes to load..... come on.... and then some games like street fighter 2 kept on having to load haha. It felt very... cold war. Tapes and the computer ;)

      Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaÅr sedan
    • @Compliment Thief i watch channels like these to get to know that stuff a bit. I have 0 nostalgia for either the micropc's as for our family 386. Im typing this on a piece of glass containing something so much more powerfull, i'd rather emulate on this little thing then get the actual hardware in my house. I do want to start collecting chips. The motorola 68000, zilog z80, intel 8086, especially the ay-3-8500 (maybe even 2, and use one for a homebuilt one). Collecting history!

      Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaÅr sedan
    • @Compliment Thief idk. The only abuse we had was: windows 2 and a 386sx without the 387 math co-processor. The agony my mom went through doing spellchecking on her thesis was palpable. After an hour of hard work, the machine determined it didnt know if the first word was spelled right or wrong... But, then windows 2 gave the ghost and i had to use dos. Type in everything. Which led me to programming, and then with a friend of my mom created our own shell. I might have "missed out" on those micro pc things at home, i still had the luxury of a more powerfull machine, 16mhz, (if i remember correctly) a megabyte of ram (not 64k), it had vga and gave me more programming languages too. So idk, i never had to suffer the abuse of loading things from tape, we had a hdd, and a 5in and a 3.5in floppy drive

      Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaÅr sedan
    • @Compliment Thief was born in 86....

      Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaÅr sedan
  • “This isn’t Coyote Ugly” damn thats an obscure reference hahaha

    AshKetchum442AshKetchum442År sedan
  • What if somebody tried to play iRacing on that?

    Adrián BelmonteAdrián BelmonteÅr sedan
  • I'm sorry I cant handle that bad influence clip of her in the helmet trying to play with that wheel it gets me every time I find it way to funny

    arranmc182arranmc182År sedan
  • Guess you haven't seen this one, "The First Motion Controller Ever Can Poison You"

    Mike FellhauerMike FellhauerÅr sedan
  • play microprose Grand Prix 2 (1995) instead. It's sooo good.

    AZaphAZaphÅr sedan
  • Also on this topic of "racing realism" btw, it's kind of ironic that I recently purchased a Logitec G29 for my PS4, and a week later, returned it for a full refund so that I could buy my Commodore Amiga 500 Batman pack haha

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • Ah Amiga wheels. "Wheels" with digital (on/off) output. Yeah I guess the only good thing about the "free wheel" was that you didn't pressure it trying to "turn harder" until it broke. That's what happened with all the others.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • What, no 90's "VR" display??

    Richard ServelloRichard ServelloÅr sedan
  • I swear, whenever I hear your voice I can't help but think you're the british LGR and vice versa

    Sammy FoxSammy FoxÅr sedan
  • Holy shit this is nerdy as hell. I love it.

    M92FSINOXM92FSINOX2 år sedan
  • Remember back then a friend of mine had a 386 fully loaded with mansel installed ,I told him gp circuit in my xt was far more realistic and we had a fight good times

    Dimitris AndreouDimitris Andreou2 år sedan
  • 90s game accesories are amazing, full wanker

    Ace of HeartsAce of Hearts2 år sedan
  • Why do I recognise your voice?

    Al JAl J2 år sedan
    • Al J only you can answer that.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • running in the 90s

    Fakyra CrowFakyra Crow2 år sedan
  • Have the sued Nintendo they should

    chilling-boychilling-boy2 år sedan
  • Huh, a mercury switch is better than I expected for this price-point.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 år sedan
  • Ahead of its time, or missed opportunity for a high-quality hit? Probably a bit of both. I'd love to get my hands on one, though!

    Pacman's RevengePacman's Revenge2 år sedan
  • I swear I had that steering wheel somewhere…

    🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️2 år sedan
  • At least it's a proper wheel. I remember back in the mid 80s when an F1 simulator was sold with a free "sterring wheel" (sic) which was nothing more than a round bit of plastic you used over the keyboard instead of just pressing the buttons. Realistic, it was not.

    leopoldleopold2 år sedan
    • leopold That's priceless :D

      robsku1robsku12 år sedan
  • I don't remember the Amiga, mostly the SNES, Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, N64, Saturn, 3D0 and a few others back in the 90's.

    Mecha-ArtMecha-Art2 år sedan
  • I had a gr8 evening as per your suggestion to.

    RighteousBruceRighteousBruce2 år sedan
  • im all about nigel mansells grand prix for amstrad cpc464

    Yeah, nah mateYeah, nah mate2 år sedan
  • I had the wheel and pedals for my A1200 and to be honest it was more a gimmick to show off to other people. You could play games much better with a normal joystick. In Nigel Mansell's I used the Competition Pro CD32 controller with the 2 button joystick option. All this stuff of course bought from Special Reserve mail order.

    BedsitdwellerBedsitdweller2 år sedan
  • Great video as always. Thanks!

    Good Guys GamingGood Guys Gaming2 år sedan
  • Real cars should use these controls. Imagine how hard it would be to steal someones car if they carried the steering wheel and pedals around with them. You could have the kids in the back doing the pedals as you steer an have great fun on the way to your holiday.

    1stdrive1stdrive2 år sedan
  • About mercury tilt-switches : now that mercury is practically banned from any device, the current (very cheap) digital tilt sensor solution is a tiny metallic cylinder with plastic bits and a tiny tiny metallic ball in it. Alas, it doesn't have the same inertia and behaviour as a moving blob of liquid mercury, so it is much more twitchy and finicky to deal with. But hey, at least it is safer. :-s

    Ozone SamaOzone Sama2 år sedan
  • I have three driving wheels for my consoles, 2 Sega Saturn ones and 1 Nintendo Ultra 64 one. Although the Saturn ones don't have foot pedals, I really like their design very much. One day I'll find a way to hack the foot pedals of the 3rd one (which are removable from the drive column base, attached by an easily attainable connector) into an inbetween box like yours, so I can play Sega Rally with foot pedals too. :-)

    Ozone SamaOzone Sama2 år sedan
  • Bah, 'D-Pad'! Amiga Games are meant to be played with a Joystick, many are near to unplayable with a Pad.

    ElMariachiElMariachi2 år sedan
    • Not for Amiga games at all.

      ElMariachiElMariachi2 år sedan
    • ElMariachi d-pad > joysticks

      🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️2 år sedan
  • sex + sunday

    Flesh_BagFlesh_Bag2 år sedan
  • holy crap, that nigles world championship is a blast from the past! i had it as a kid on my snes!!! never thought i would see "the racing game with the walls thats fun to bump into" again.

    Slash0megaSlash0mega2 år sedan
  • I had the Quickjoy foot pedals, great memories of those, looks like yours is in mint condition. I never got a wheel until the Xbox 360 came along, but playing Lotus with the foot pedals was great!

    lifeschoollifeschool2 år sedan
  • I don't know man... I don't think id want that thing near me or even in my house what if the last person who had it was rough with it and cracked one of those tubes on the mercury switches? what if you get pissed and crack them your self? what if you die and your family is selling your shit and they drop it and get that stuff everywhere? or from the last scenario, what if its just not disposed of properly? mercury can do all sorts of nasty stuff, so not having it in things i dont have to seems like a good bet.

    CodenameGammaCodenameGamma2 år sedan
  • Digging the incredibly cheap little television.

    Vincent BVincent B2 år sedan
  • So glad you survived this video without blowing your face off. An occupational hazard for steering wheel controllers presumably.

    tehlastninjatehlastninja2 år sedan
  • OMG thanks for reminding me about this wheel. You made me search my attic and I found my wheel, still in it's original box - never used. Thanks for showing me what I never went through, but missed the fun then. Ol well.

    John LivingstoneJohn Livingstone2 år sedan
  • no aga version for the nigel mansel game?

    Stive Maque KekStive Maque Kek2 år sedan
  • Oh man I gotta see this Rik Mayall commercial now, that looks great.

    LobstaroooLobstarooo2 år sedan
  • they are deadly if your son broke it he could become very sik in fact the whole household ,i had mercury posioning once and i did ent even know it,every time i stood up i was nearly blacking out for about a week

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards2 år sedan
  • i wonder if violets still up for it

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards2 år sedan
  • Gladly, those switches are not mercury. They are dry tilt-switches employing a one or two balls inside a tube, and when it's tilted, the ball touches the pins. Shake them and hear the metallic ball slosh around inside. Mercury with have a dull "thump" sound to it, not like a metallic ball.

    zapro_dkzapro_dk2 år sedan
  • As a person who owns a full wheel set up with force feeback this was hard to watch lol , gotta come from somewhere though.

    ThisOneGuyIKnowThisOneGuyIKnow2 år sedan
  • But, can you play Dark Souls with this?

    dr spoddr spod2 år sedan
    • dr spod somebody probably has done that.

      🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️2 år sedan
  • :( I miss grid girls in swimsuits :(

    Richard F.Richard F.2 år sedan
  • Failed machine the A600 but I still have my beloved A1200 with a DVI port adaptor so I can run it on my PC monitor

    leongt1954leongt19542 år sedan
  • I had a "racing yoke" for my Amiga 500. Bloody thing was digital input so it was the same as pressing left or right on the keyboard. However you'd still feel the need to "turn harder" even though it made ZERO difference, and hence it broke...often.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA2 år sedan
  • Perfect controller for Dark Souls.

    MantroXMantroX2 år sedan
  • Oh, early '90s.. You were such a silly time.

    Gameplay and TalkGameplay and Talk2 år sedan
  • I remeber that wheel. Bought it back in 1994 and... It sucked!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhrgggg!!

    Alfredo MeirelesAlfredo Meireles2 år sedan
  • Oh wait - the more I can see. Are you using hindsight to disregard this tech? What have you made in the last 10 years?

    Julien MorrisJulien Morris2 år sedan
  • Just because you were a mug as a kid, doesn't give you licence to blur SEworld with crap does It?

    Julien MorrisJulien Morris2 år sedan
  • this is much worse than my 90's setup for racing games. can't for the life of me find a picture of it, but it was a kinda of airplane wheel thing with a blue level/horizon in the middle. it had like only 90 total degrees of rotation, but it was more than good enough to make racing games 10 times as fun. i accelerated by pushing the wheel in (like dipping a plane) and braked by pulling it towards me (like climbing a place). it had 4 buttons so i used two of them to shift gears. it made it possible to have analog turning, acceleration and braking. was pretty cool. i wonder where that is nowadays. [edit] found a pic: i miss the 90's :(

    GraveUypoGraveUypo2 år sedan
  • Does it work with PS4 VR ?

    sirkasticsirkastic2 år sedan
  • Back then I had the Amiga pedals, now I am glad I have the Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 wheel, pedals with a buttkicker and in VR. (My wallet is crying)

    MarquisDeSangMarquisDeSang2 år sedan
  • What's going on with the keyboard on that Amiga?

    ShiftedphaseShiftedphase2 år sedan
  • 0:03 so that's where the tick from the cover to Corps album "hiraeth" comes from

    inigoGWinigoGW2 år sedan
  • This was a cool product. Believe me when I tell you this was practically LIGHTYEARS ahead of the other stuff! Those other steering wheel systems were utter

    johnlewisbrooksjohnlewisbrooks2 år sedan
  • Had that game on my SNES. Michael Schumacher was the hardest AI.

    Runforestrun FPVRunforestrun FPV2 år sedan
  • Gaming wheels have gone a LOOOONG way from the '90s, there's realistic setups for 18 wheelers, literally simulating the driving experience for long haul trucking. SKRS makes an excellent shifter that emulates an 18 speed perfectly, something we never would've thought possible back in the '90s.

    Midnight MechanicMidnight Mechanic2 år sedan
  • Well, it aint exactly a G27

    Retro AmateurRetro Amateur2 år sedan
  • Speaking for myself, I need something for the wheel to be attached too. N64 racing wheels are a joke, at least the two I've had...too small or too brittle and flimsy. Shame since there is a lot of racing games on the system. Why does the analogue nub/stick have to be so bad?

    Clay3613Clay36132 år sedan
  • My personal favorite steering wheel of the 90's has to be the official Sega Dreamcast wheel, beautiful Anolog steering & acceleration and fairly easy to use buttons on the steering wheel for your gears, an essential purchase to play Sega Rally 2 and Ferrari 355 challenge!

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
  • Lmao that South Africa flag, can't believe how long ago 1992 was at this point.

    Finger Uke (Stephanie)Finger Uke (Stephanie)2 år sedan
  • I must demand more Simulation setups!

    TikiShootahTikiShootah2 år sedan
  • SRW s-1

    Arc CrenshawArc Crenshaw2 år sedan
  • I loved the Quickjoy Footpedal. Played Vroom, Microprose F1 Grand Prix, Stunt Car Racer, Buggy Boy and Supercars 2, relentlessly on the Atari ST with it!

    Paul GalinskyPaul Galinsky2 år sedan
  • I've used three wheel controllers in my life; my latest is the Logitech C920, before that I had the Logitech Driving Force Pro, but my first ever one was the Expansion Module No.2 for the ColecoVision. If this trend continues it means the next wheel I get will have four pedals.

    DigitalImpostorDigitalImpostor2 år sedan
  • Those "pedals" look like the cheapest piece of tat ever conceived by man :)

    A PersonA Person2 år sedan
  • Had a racing game on the Spectrum where it had a mode that allowed you to use the number keys for the steering. You just placed a roll of sellotape on the keyboard. Worked far better than you think :)

    Richard CollinsRichard Collins2 år sedan
  • That keyboard mhhhhh

    MISTERMISTER2 år sedan
  • I just watched a grown man in glasses stomping on the plastic board hardly while grinning. And I liked it.

    FrankoFranko2 år sedan
  • I ALWAYS held faddish items like this in contempt as they looked a right pile of dogs brown eggs. I suspect finding one of these was just to see how bad and crap it really was and think 'I'm glad I didn't have my hopes and dreams destroyed over 25 years ago with this junk!' I most definitely liked the ghetto engineering of using 2 separate devices to get a better experience but it was the 90's back then and joystick and d-pad ruled even if they didn't haha.

    reggiep75reggiep752 år sedan
  • Don't plug joysticks on a live Amiga. CIAs will blown up.

    Vincent GRVincent GR2 år sedan
    • At least we used monitors or scart :-D

      Vincent GRVincent GR2 år sedan
    • Vincent GR Much worse with the tv modulator for the Amiga 500. Some time after I sold mine, the one I sold it to complained about not getting any signal on the tv. I asked: "did the modulator fall out?". The answer was "yes". Then I asked: " did you plug it back in while it was powered on?". Again, the answer was "yes". Well, there's you problem.....

      Henrik PaulsenHenrik Paulsen2 år sedan

    lordcdubslordcdubs2 år sedan
  • Using the pedals with runners? What if you step into some dog shit and get it all over them.... That actually just happened to my RL car...

    The KombinatorThe Kombinator2 år sedan
  • If this just sends Atari-style joystick signals, shouldn't this work for all manner of systems? C-64? Atari 2600? I could see myself playing Enduro with this.

    PerseidPerseid2 år sedan
  • Dusted off my A600 last week for the first time in at least ten years. Started up like a dream and I too got some Desert Strike in, a bit of Hero Quest and then a quick game of Striker. Sadly my mouse is dead, any recommendations on a place to pick up a replacement?

    Stephen KeelyStephen Keely2 år sedan
  • I remember having saved for this horrible Nigel Mansell game for months only to realise it was utter shit

    Rui DuarteRui Duarte2 år sedan
  • Didn't Nintendo get sued for the motion controls in the Wii yet the tech existed way back then!?!??! I think Nintendo lost too!?!?! Nintendo should contest. I actually have something similiar for the PlayStation 1, the air pad, round controller with motion controls. Works on PS2 as well.

  • Love your oldskool turquoise digital lcd watch... nostalgic to the minute detail

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal2 år sedan
  • input lag looks horrific.

    ImgemaImgema2 år sedan
  • Hehe, Cool!! Never saw this wheel back in the days when I started to play racing games.. But I surely would have wanted one. :)

    R-VR ClosetR-VR Closet2 år sedan
  • Doesn't look particularly realistic holding the steering wheel like that. But cool nonetheless.

    Jack KrakenJack Kraken2 år sedan