Windows’ Hidden Self Destruct Code | Nostalgia Nerd

26 sep 2020
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Win your Ultimate Tech Bundle by entering Fasthosts’ Techie Test here: There was once a piece of code, buried deep within Windows, designed to detect competitor operating systems, and upon finding them, CRASH... or at least, make the user feel like something was seriously wrong. This was Microsoft's attempt to truly kill Digital Research's DR-DOS, and although it worked, it wasn't long until the true nature of Microsoft's practices was uncovered.
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  • I realise I've been wearing the same T-Shirt for the past three videos. I call it efficiency.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd25 dagar sedan
    • This is the reason, why I never upgraded from DOS.

      The KaiserThe Kaiser2 dagar sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd Disc Doctor?

      RPdigitalRPdigital6 dagar sedan
    • Yuck,Angel gross I'm a clean freak grem phobia

    • Yikes, are we talking about Efficiency in the same breath as windows anything? As for the shirt, it's like a spaghetti noodle. Throw it on the wall, if it sticks, it's time to wash.

      MrCoolcustomerMrCoolcustomer9 dagar sedan
    • nothing embarrassing in that I am wearing the same t-shirt since your last 4 videos. i save water, washing powder as chemicals, so we saving the planet this way. Nerdiest thing to do :).

      Sam FisherSam Fisher11 dagar sedan
  • Nothing has changed. Microsoft is still one of the worst companies around today. Windows 10 was forced on users of 7 and 8 and you can't even use any new Microsoft product nowadays unless you have Windows 10. And what's worse is that Windows has stagnated. The UI is still the same. It hasn't improved user experience at all. It hasn't become any better of an OS in all that time, just more predatory.

    Biff ButtcusBiff Buttcus2 timmar sedan
  • More anti-competitive scumbags. Microsoft hasn't changed a bit.

    JaysonSRJaysonSR2 timmar sedan
  • Digital Research: "We made a really great DOS product, better than anything MS has." Microsoft: "Hold my beer in a _really_ shady manner."

    NightRunner417NightRunner4175 timmar sedan
  • I switched to Mac OS ages ago and I don't regret it. Well, I still use Windows to run certain games and that's a bummer.

    ThinkingBetterThinkingBetter5 timmar sedan
  • anyone remember (using) DESQVIEW?

    Rick ScorpioRick Scorpio5 timmar sedan
  • And here I am watching this via the FossaPup* derivative of a Ubuntu derivative of Linux on a Eeepc. * a derivative of Puppy Linux (yay!)

    Pablo wedgburgPablo wedgburg6 timmar sedan
    • He should have said "Hooray!" I know he really hates "Yay!".

      Pablo wedgburgPablo wedgburg6 timmar sedan
  • Gates was positive the 1MB was all the memory users would ever need

    Dale B BakerDale B Baker6 timmar sedan
  • win95 always said my opendos/novel floppies were unformated and wanted to reformat them! I have known how dogey ms is and see lots of dodgey stuff in all ther software that others use.

    Victor MucklestonVictor Muckleston6 timmar sedan
  • Your Ultimate Tech Bundle by entering Fasthosts’ Techie Test sadly is only 3rd point "To qualify to enter this competition you must be resident in the United Kingdom and aged over 18 years." :(

    Robert PettigrewRobert Pettigrew12 timmar sedan
  • Why are you calling mail e-mail?

    theRealRindbergtheRealRindberg13 timmar sedan
  • And here I am...watching this on Manjaro Linux :)

    Cody TempletCody Templet13 timmar sedan
  • This is freaking upsetting

    Julian HalsenJulian Halsen16 timmar sedan
  • Tried to purchase Novell, but to No a vell

    GameCakeGameCake17 timmar sedan
  • On the note of 640K ought to be enough for anyone: We sent man to the moon with 72K of memory but A single tab in my browser needs 500MB just to open this SEworld page. Somehow we call this progress.

    G00nB00stG00nB00st23 timmar sedan
  • Used DR dos 6 for a while way back when. I now can't remember the detail of why I switched to MS dos only that I kept running into problems using it. Looks Like I was AARD'ed

    Paul ZabornyPaul ZabornyDag sedan
  • Are there laws now that make it so that you're not allowed to do this

    ahmost 22ahmost 22Dag sedan
  • CLS 10: print "hi world!" 20: goto 10

    Deconverted ManDeconverted ManDag sedan
  • Great episode! I have only one piece of criticism: Have the text appear as you are saying it. It's annoying to have text on the screen that I've already read and then have to wait for you to read it to continue on. ...This sounds like a humble brag now, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed.

    Nun YaNun YaDag sedan
  • i wouldn't be writing computer code either with $280M in the bank!:-)

    Ian CleggIan CleggDag sedan
  • I did just that: Installed Windows 3.1 No such message. Too bad I had a "Microsoft future". So glad I met Tux in a bar drinking a Scottish single malt and a cigarette, where he and said: "Hey kid, wanna' buy an OS"? I fell for it. Best mistake I ever made in my life! (

    RDE LutherieRDE LutherieDag sedan
  • Microsoft the eternal assholes

    PoleftaigerPoleftaigerDag sedan
  • I have just installed DR-DOS 6.0 (when Digital Research was still the owner) via DOSBox and a virtual HDD. Also installed GEM/3 and both Windows 1.0 and 2.0. Weirdly, I'm using Windows 8.1 for running the DOSBox.

    John Daniel EsguerraJohn Daniel EsguerraDag sedan
  • "Editing PC". Right. I suppose it ought to have a RTX 3090. For uhm "Editing".

    Luitzen SikkemaLuitzen SikkemaDag sedan
  • Can non adults win (theaoretical question)

    Adam Congrady -Ferup-Adam Congrady -Ferup-Dag sedan
  • i distinctly remember my dad having a 3 1/2" floppy disk labeled "KILL PC" i felt sick just holding it, to this day i don't know what was on it, or if it even did anything.

    Stewart MckinnaStewart MckinnaDag sedan
  • We could have had a higher quality OS from a decent company.

    patrikcathpatrikcathDag sedan
  • It wasn’t apps back then Programs

    Greg LarsenGreg LarsenDag sedan
  • What's worse then "AARD Code in windows beta" or "Planned obsolescence of apple products"?

    Magnus KramnikMagnus KramnikDag sedan
  • This MS politic led me to Linux. By the way Bill Gates has said that 640k of RAM would be enough for everyone.

    Angel GAngel G2 dagar sedan
  • isn't this anti-consumer?

    Alvise Tancredi della PortaAlvise Tancredi della Porta2 dagar sedan
  • Does it just seem confusing to anyone else that they INTENTIONALLY created bugs instead of removing them? Maybe they're picking up a similar philosophy with Windows 10

    StalStanStalStan2 dagar sedan
  • "So Microsoft had done it, they had won the battle, using perhaps sneaky and weasely tactics..." Not to mention ACTUALLY ILLEGAL!

    Juniper the FolfJuniper the Folf2 dagar sedan
  • DR-DOS was also used in embedded systems, not just desktops. When I worked at K-Mart over 20 years ago, the hand-held scanners had an embedded DR-DOS setup on them.

    brandishwarbrandishwar2 dagar sedan
  • Also, DOS/4G was the biggest influencer in the history of PC gaming...

    SeanTheMacSeanTheMac2 dagar sedan
  • Dr Dos was much easier to work with on Novel IPX/SPX networks. No base memory juggling, or at least LESS base memory juggling. Novel were in Bracknell then...

    SeanTheMacSeanTheMac2 dagar sedan
  • None of this matters any longer. Just take your vaccine so that we can get back "to normal".

    ZC45 ZXC21ZC45 ZXC212 dagar sedan
  • At 7:01 did he say up to 4gb of ram could be used? I don't ever remember a gigabyte being available then.

    Eddie NemitzEddie Nemitz2 dagar sedan
  • I say 64 KByte, or was it less?

    Helder PinheiroHelder Pinheiro2 dagar sedan
  • we all new the error was bullshit at the time

    TheShorterboyTheShorterboy2 dagar sedan
  • another reason to hate windows

    yolosnuffyolosnuff3 dagar sedan
  • over 4gb of ram support? nope :)))

    Eric ChristmasEric Christmas3 dagar sedan
  • How is this a self-destruct code? Nice clickbait dude.

    Nikko GajowniczekNikko Gajowniczek3 dagar sedan
  • I've always known Bill Gates and Microsoft to be dirty and HE an They are continuously bringing forward that tradition to 2020 with his ridiculous politics and their shitty OS

    Chuck HolmesChuck Holmes3 dagar sedan
  • Just another reason.

    StigStig3 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft was ruthless, I remember all of this. Ever play with windows 3.0? I saw it on an IBM XT 8088 computer. Watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley for a movie version of what transpired with Microsoft.

    Grant MyersGrant Myers3 dagar sedan
  • any amount of memory

    Smash CreeperSmash Creeper3 dagar sedan
  • Screw M$ Now I know why their error messages contain no data and drive me insane every time I'm stupid enough to run windows for a while.

    Aleksander CzajkaAleksander Czajka3 dagar sedan
    • The event viewer usually has more info.

      Matt LRMatt LRDag sedan
  • This vile corporate crap is kinda freshly boiling my blood here :| Hard to imagine how people accept them as /not/ evil or even somehow good. So many people just want to pretend everything's fine, I guess. Speaking of crap, I'm just gonna post this and leave instead of continuing to try to work out where the in-video ads end.

    Princess RiikkaPrincess Riikka3 dagar sedan
  • Okay, that flashing colours bit didn't need to happen.

    Princess RiikkaPrincess Riikka3 dagar sedan
  • Very interesting..... What is more interesting is at the end, apparently it takes a 246 person team to do a 19 minute SEworld video lol. WTF? Netflix makes 60 episode series with half the people..... I call bullshit. Pretty sure I saw a shout out to your grandma in there. Unless.... you are doing this SEworld video on Windows 3.1 machine?

    TheHighEndTheHighEnd3 dagar sedan
  • at a computer trade show in 1981, Bill Gates supposedly uttered this statement, in defense of the just-introduced IBM PC's 640KB usable RAM limit: "640K ought to be enough for anybody."

    Aryan ZijlstraAryan Zijlstra3 dagar sedan
  • Imagine hiding a borderline illegal practice behind a fucking XOR operation.

    Raz TRaz T3 dagar sedan
  • What is that Windows 10 you're talking about? Are you talking about that Computer Virus that Microsoft made that makes all older OS automatically update into it... Fuck that. Windows 10 is a spying tool for Microsoft, it's worse than their previous products in all regards, not only is it running 50 billion internal checks all the time between different part of the OS, but it's also constantly checking if you're online, and much more. It's a fucking scam I tell you.

    The MajorThe Major3 dagar sedan
  • It really irritated me that the person doing the screen control in 3.1 (the antivirus section) didn't just DOUBLE CLICK THE DROPDOWN and moused down to close. I could be wrong though and that functionality wasn't available in Beta.

    BenjaiBenjai3 dagar sedan
  • Is there a similar type of hidden self-destruct code that's found in the Windows 10 operating system???

    Steven VillmanSteven Villman3 dagar sedan
  • Man that music at the ending credits is charging my endorphins :: SONG:: "In The Hot Spot - Wanda Shakes" ... me likes your style sir ! - THANKS ( and i thought 2020 was a complete dumpster fire) [Best Phrase of 2020] " STAY ++POSITIVE++ " & " TEST --NEGATIVE-- " ( Can be said to EVERYBODY )

    Michelangelo ZeeMichelangelo Zee4 dagar sedan
  • I knew it....I KNEW IT and I SAID IT all those years ago. They didn't believe me. They all laughed at me and rejected me from entire community. Sigh.....seeing the bigger picture isn't blessing. In this rtarded society it's a curse and ignorance is a bliss... Now if ya'll excuse me I'll have another mental meltdown as this old scar just opened up...

    Thamiri VonjaahriThamiri Vonjaahri4 dagar sedan
  • After I had accumulated a stack of machines 5 feet tall of totally bricked and blue screened to death I finally move on to LinuxMint. Have been using it exclusively now for over 6 years. I live in Micro$oft's back yard. I give them the finger as I drive past every time. I just installed Mint 20 two days ago. What dream to use. Someone wanted me to look at their Win10 machine about some issue they were having a few months ago. I realized after a few seconds I had no idea what was going on and had no idea what to look for any more. At that point I realized I didn't care about Windoze at all. Now MS is migrating to Linux. I wouldn't touch their version with the longest pole you could find. (PS): Been actively on computers since the late 1980's with DOS OS's and on the internet in 1994 with the Mozaic browser system.

    Webb TrekkerWebb Trekker4 dagar sedan
  • And it's this guy (Gates) that is in charge (nobody elected or nominated him) of the vaccines (he isn't a doctor or scientist) for the world. Think about it...

    Pedro CoimbraPedro Coimbra4 dagar sedan
  • And I always thought it was pronounced "Doctor" Dos. Doh!

    zakoplanezakoplane4 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else think the audio is a bit mushy at parts?

    Jacob BuffingtonJacob Buffington4 dagar sedan
  • THIS is the reason why I use Linux whenever I can... Just don't like how MS/Windows chooses to do a ton of crap in background whether you ask it to or not... :-P

    Chad VChad V4 dagar sedan
  • Okay I just saw the thumbnail - what the f is the meaning of this

    AardAard4 dagar sedan
    • I didn't do jack!

      AardAard4 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft scum. They should have been sent to prison for 10-20 years to set an example.

    Marc RightMarc Right4 dagar sedan
  • that was a great video man, I like the document displays so I can pause and read them.. I'm glad you have the time to do this because it is very interesting to me- and obviously, others :)

    theunseen010theunseen0104 dagar sedan
  • So there was no need for DOS to be killed off like it was! The ONLY reason Microsoft stated "DOS IS DEAD" is due to their own legal problems and superior competition! DR DOS was superior. This makes me furious. What might have been if not for Microsoft's crooked moves. >:(

    Neil RoyNeil Roy5 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to unregulated corporate operations.

    gridsleepgridsleep5 dagar sedan
  • I remember using OS/9 at that time. After that, out of nowhere, IBM sent me a CD of OS/2. I still have no explanation for why they did that.

    gridsleepgridsleep5 dagar sedan
  • "xor encryption" :-)

    Rob FieldingRob Fielding5 dagar sedan
  • I used to sell the hell out of DR DOS.

    Robert ThomasRobert Thomas5 dagar sedan
  • aarde is flat btw

    Happy DudeHappy Dude5 dagar sedan
  • Never forget that this is the same Bill Gates who is now developing a vaccine to save your life from the Kung Flu virus. OF COURSE you can trust him!!!

    matismfmatismf5 dagar sedan
    • Research gates eugenics. And his bloodline thru father. And council of 300.

      ITS Computers LLCITS Computers LLC3 dagar sedan
  • Antitrust?

    John ClarkJohn Clark5 dagar sedan
  • I can hear that barely audible noise that the analogue TV is giving off.

    Jay JayJay Jay5 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see a class action against M$. I've an older machine, which works fine, except that every so often an update will come along and do something unpleasant, like slow everything down or kill the sound. Reinstalling the appropriate sound driver is a pain in the tush, and fixing various other issues.... well, at one point in time it got so bad I bit the bullet and reset my machine back to the factory settings and lost a lot of software in the process. I've put in a lot of hours fixing things updates did, and I can only imagine how many people actually believed the lie it's your machine and forked out the money for a brand new computer?

    N HansenN Hansen5 dagar sedan
  • Caldera didn't stop causing trouble after the Microsoft lawsuit. Eventually, they acquired rights to UNIX from SCO, and eventually renamed itself the SCO Group. It went on to sue IBM for $1B (because deep pockets) claiming Linux had unfairly appropriated bits of UNIX. And, of course, SCO Group sued former customers that had moved to other flavors of Linux and away from UNIX and SCO Linux. And, in true enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend form, Microsoft funneled money toward SCO Group (formerly Caldera) to keep the heat on. The whole sordid and stupid tale is here:

    Joe ZbiciakJoe Zbiciak5 dagar sedan
  • To answer your question bill gates said 640k ought to be enough for anybody

    Abc AbcAbc Abc5 dagar sedan
  • Its very sad to see how sneaky and slimy Microsoft was and in my opinion still is today. Microsoft had been forcing all Windows users to use Internet Explorer and their previous Edge programs for years. Now, their Edge program has been replaced with an open-source Chromium browser, with their 'stuff'. Why can't Microsoft be original anymore and make things work seamlessly?

    Jefferson TanJefferson Tan5 dagar sedan
  • 11:34 Imma start using AARD as a swear word.

    Elizabeta MacoveiElizabeta Macovei5 dagar sedan
    • Geralt of Rivia approves. But would also like to teach you a more powerful variant.

      Daniel HarvisonDaniel Harvison4 dagar sedan
  • i have a strong feeling all of that should have beend completely illegal

    Lapantouflemagic0Lapantouflemagic05 dagar sedan
    • It was/is, but $money!

      Daniel HarvisonDaniel Harvison4 dagar sedan
  • No wonder that Bill Gates is now known as Satan!

    Andy JaryAndy Jary5 dagar sedan
  • Windows 3.1 was not worth the cardboard it was shipped in.

    Juergen P.Juergen P.6 dagar sedan
  • I don't care what they did. I think they "Microsoft" should have done more. DR-DOS was always an issue on PCs back then whether it was drivers or some other issue most of the time repairing a PC meant simply uninstalling DR-DOS and everything was working great. I spent so many hours trying to fix PC's crapped on by DR-DOS. That was my experience with it anyway.

    CaptnmoregunCaptnmoregun6 dagar sedan
  • I know this is all evil, anti-consumer business practice, but you gotta admit it's deviously evil. I can't help but be impressed by the ingenuity of it.

    buca117buca1176 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft has always been guilty of shady tactics... In 1999 a company called Mindcraft did a "study" comparing Linux and Windows servers which claimed that Windows was 2.5 to 3.7 times faster, as it turns out Microsoft paid them the do the "study" and that the Linux server had been misconfigured (likely deliberately) to perform slower... when a 3rd party replicated the same tests with correctly configured servers they found Linux to be 31% faster... In the early 2000s they were threatening to sue Linux users for patent infringement... of course these patents were either fraudulent (One of these patents was for a feature Linux added in 1998 and Microsoft patented it in 2002, Check US Patent US7010755, it even has the KDE and Gnome logos on it!) or incredibly vague, but the fear of a lawsuit was enough to deter people... Until 2008 they also refused to support the Open Document Standard until forced to do so under threat of an EU anti-trust suit, and even then they only did the bare minimum to avoid the suit, leaving lots of compatibility issues... likely on purpose as there is no real reason to have compatibility issues with an open standard... In 2009 Microsoft provided training material to Best Buy employees labelling various things about Linux as "myths" and even bashed Linux for not support Microsoft products...

    [Cyberiad] Phoenix[Cyberiad] Phoenix6 dagar sedan
  • everything made by Microsoft nowadays looks like a pure bloatware

    Subaru DriverSubaru Driver6 dagar sedan
    • @EndUser I switched to Debian completely since i tried Win10 pre-release for the first time and realized it's going to be a pure madness. And thanks Godness i changed my job to the one that involves hard&soft engineering tasks only, thus i have no need to work with those .xlsx or .docx anymore, only that office shit needs Windows for comfortable operation, because GNU office software still can't provide 100% compatibility with that Microsoft crap. And thanks Google for their GoogleDocs. Now i can't imagine the world around me without Linux.

      Subaru DriverSubaru Driver4 dagar sedan
    • Windows 10 has a keylogger and telematry built into it, so whatever you type into the OS is being sent directly to Microsoft's servers and used for God knows what. I had to give up my hobby because I can't justify ever installing that garbage on my PC.

      EndUserEndUser5 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu6 dagar sedan
  • 4GB of memory in 1992??? holy shit

    BananaPhoPhillyBananaPhoPhilly6 dagar sedan
  • Was this the first occurrence of purposeful OS vendor lock-in (not just sheer incompatibility but purposefully blocking competitor's software that WOULD work)

    CoolAsFreyaCoolAsFreya6 dagar sedan
  • TY. ..

    MountainManXXXMountainManXXX6 dagar sedan
  • 7:01 4GB of memory or Hard Drive? 4GB memory seems like a ton in windows 3.1 days.

    Michael HansonMichael Hanson7 dagar sedan
    • Nvm... other comment covers this. Took a bit of scrolling.

      Michael HansonMichael Hanson7 dagar sedan
  • I had PCDos from a computer purchased at CompUSA. Later on I got MS Flight Simulator (forget which version). It wouldn't run on PCDOS. I had to build a MSDOS floppy disk from a PC at my college so I could play Flight Simulator.

    azmax623azmax6237 dagar sedan
  • Keep in mind that by this point in time, the Microsoft/IBM relationship was pretty much up in smoke. Microsoft finished out what they had to do contractually, and then parted ways with IBM. Microsoft at that time was used to riding on IBM for big business sales, but they knew that the PC clone market was so huge by the late 80's that they would not likely have a problem. Apple was in the dumps, NeXT was way too expensive, SG was an infant, and IBM was failing with PS/2 and OS/2 (mainly because of the outrageous cost and proprietary hardware). Microsoft only had to worry about clones of it's own products and Novell. [Intergalactic] Digital Research could be Microsoft today, were it not for their own short-sightedness ten years earlier. So if they purposely caused failures, it was due to paranoia that they would be kicked off the pedestal, in reality they really had nothing to fear in the long run. Everyone copied the OS so getting DR DOS and MS DOS and running them at will was not a problem. Note that most people didn't even start buying computers with hard disks until the early 90's and booted from floppies.

    JacmacJacmac7 dagar sedan
  • Wrong! Windows 3.11, 95, and 98 could only use 256mb of ram, and would have problems if the machine had more ram installed.

    Alan GrimesAlan Grimes7 dagar sedan
  • 7:00 I think you mean 4 Megabytes of memory can be used no?

    Troll AcademyTroll Academy7 dagar sedan
  • "but hey, many of us are still here using windows 10" **viewed from Ubuntu...** uh huh...

    Morgan BlackpowderMorgan Blackpowder7 dagar sedan
    • Go the Penguin!

      Daniel HarvisonDaniel Harvison4 dagar sedan
  • I like how most people here are like "oh my god that's so evil" and I'm here like "oh my god that's fucking brilliant"

    chronovacchronovac8 dagar sedan
  • I believe Gates' comment about sufficient was "128K should be enough for anyone."

    deltavee2deltavee28 dagar sedan
    • No more but less then 1mb.

      Edward RichardsEdward Richards6 dagar sedan
  • M$ = We consider changing our apps to not run unless the OS is OUR OS. The early days of M$ skullfuckery. Win 10 is fucking crap. Currently investigating a BSOD caused by them, most likely, that results in a never ending boot cycle. Hate mac's even more so defo not goign down that road. Seriously considering using linux again and only using winfail box for games.

    Sumin ShizzlesSumin Shizzles8 dagar sedan