Windows’ Hidden Self Destruct Code | Nostalgia Nerd

26 sep 2020
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Win your Ultimate Tech Bundle by entering Fasthosts’ Techie Test here: (competition is now closed).... There was once a piece of code, buried deep within Windows, designed to detect competitor operating systems, and upon finding them, CRASH... or at least, make the user feel like something was seriously wrong. This was Microsoft's attempt to truly kill Digital Research's DR-DOS, and although it worked, it wasn't long until the true nature of Microsoft's practices was uncovered.
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  • I realise I've been wearing the same T-Shirt for the past three videos. I call it efficiency.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd7 månader sedan
    • +10 to nerd skill

      sparx0ssparx0s10 timmar sedan
    • Or you made 1 video and cut it into 3 videos.

      P CP C27 dagar sedan
    • Jie

      DAADDAADMånad sedan
    • @MontieMongoose **chuckles**

      PyroPyroMånad sedan
    • One thing I've learned to do in this pandemic video meeting world is make sure I have a different t-shirt on every day! Sometimes I even put on a button down or other business casual type shirt. There's a difference between business casual and geek casual attire.

      Rich SadowskyRich Sadowsky2 månader sedan
  • I'm waiting for Microsoft to do this to Windows 7. Oh wait...

    MasterChief4817MasterChief4817Dag sedan
  • This is so rare, is not like Intel compilers slow down code executions when they detect a AMD processor, or they pocket benchmark. Sysmark, give absurdly nerfed score to AMD CPU for no reason. Yep this kind of things never happens.

    Black SamaBlack Sama2 dagar sedan
  • Man fuck windows

    Armando AyalaArmando Ayala2 dagar sedan
  • Man called a GUI a "gooey"... please stop committing warcrimes and posting them on SEworld

    Gaitt EvansongGaitt Evansong3 dagar sedan
  • I think they would have got the same result without the ramifications if they had just popped up a notice that said : "You are installing windows on an unsupported DOS installation, this may cause stability errors or bugs etc"

    ReabowRotorsReabowRotors3 dagar sedan
  • I really don't see the appeal in old, slow computer tech that is nearly useless today. It would be like if I said "I miss when people washed their clothes in the river. I'm not going to use a washing machine."

    No ThanksNo Thanks4 dagar sedan
  • I wish I had a self destruct code

    Jackmeta pwJackmeta pw7 dagar sedan
  • That binary making me trip yo

    Noobian GoddessNoobian Goddess8 dagar sedan
  • Oh so this is the same code that runs after every Windows update I used to get and my pc would refuse to operate correctly?

    Dan LaBrecqueDan LaBrecque9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine this plan would have backfired and somewhere in an alternate universe we're playing games on DR-DOS :'D

    ExActaExActa9 dagar sedan
  • The answer was 1 Gb. That's how much Bill Gates thought anyone one person would ever need.

    MahvimcooMahvimcoo17 dagar sedan
  • that is a trojan and/or a worm virus. not a "self destruct code." it is just that it is "legal when we do it."

    macrogramsmacrograms20 dagar sedan
  • Windows is a self destruct code. Its also the biggest virus on the planet.

    philip mc donaghphilip mc donagh21 dag sedan
  • This instantly makes me think of the people who actually believe: "Capitalism is innovative and breeds healthy competition"

    JayjayJayjay27 dagar sedan
  • Windows is not done until Novell won't run.

    Buena Ventura LifeBuena Ventura LifeMånad sedan
  • Bill Gates would never do anything bad. We can trust him in all things, especially our planet and our health.

    Slade WilsonSlade WilsonMånad sedan
  • I had a lot of fun getting windows 3.1 and win95 to run on lots of different DOS based systemd outside of MS-Dos. The editors used to be included with the windows installation tools and it wasn't that hard to get windows through 2000 up and running on almost anything. Sometimes it was a long upgrade path but it was a lot of fun every time.

    NastySasquatchNastySasquatchMånad sedan
  • Im a computer noob sadly, but I thought it was an interesting story still.

    Joseph MaginJoseph MaginMånad sedan
  • There's not actually any clear proof that he said 640k is enough for anyone. Not to mention he denies making said statement.

    Mr McSpiffMr McSpiffMånad sedan
  • Back then, i only used MS-DOS versions. Never liked other offerings, seeing them as nothing more than parasitic gut worms.

    Александр МельниковАлександр МельниковMånad sedan
  • " try and purchase Novell, but to no avail." I see what you did there!

    mariomason95mariomason95Månad sedan
  • betcha the question was answered with a copy-paste

    AnotherCattailAnotherCattailMånad sedan
  • And now Bill Gates is here to save humanity...

    MYOBMYOBMånad sedan
  • I remember some of this and I had my own tricks. DR. DOS 5 would only support windows in extended mode but setup did not use extended mode. It used standard mode. There was a simple remedy. Boot with an MS DOS 5 boot floppy, install Windows 3.1 and then reboot. Windows would not run in extended mode. I considered that stunt clear. Windows 3.1 would install normally under DR DOS 6.

    Ravenclaw AvengerRavenclaw AvengerMånad sedan
  • Maybe MicroFocus and HP have a case against MS

    SilverBullet93GTSilverBullet93GTMånad sedan
  • 3:48 what the heck is "email"

    SilverBullet93GTSilverBullet93GTMånad sedan
  • So Microsoft was always scum.

    ElyseonElyseonMånad sedan
  • Damn I am so sleepy can't watch 19 minutes... Maybe later.

    Maj م م مMaj م م مMånad sedan
  • as usual, rarely the better product wins.

    Jean-Sébastien CourbronJean-Sébastien CourbronMånad sedan
  • what a total wanker fuck off !!!!!

    Shane BessellShane BessellMånad sedan
  • Its a self Nuke....Brilliant just brilliant...Bombed pc's and crashed kid's and parent's wallet's it sucked...but the sad thing is.....Their wallet got fked

    meme beanmeme beanMånad sedan
  • And now they have all your data and want to chip you.

    N37BU6N37BU6Månad sedan
  • You pronounce the "th" sound like it's a "v". It's hard to listen to...

    2000jago2000jagoMånad sedan
  • This reminds me of the deliberate CSS bug that Microsoft planted on their web sites that would cause web sites to shift off-screen if a rival browser was detected. This was when CSS layouts just became a thing. So, browsers that supported CSS properly would end up not properly displaying Microsoft's web pages (or rather: properly displaying it, but in the way that Microsoft wanted, i.e. off-screen).

    ugcheleuceugcheleuceMånad sedan
  • If Microsoft is not a success how come more people are using its products rather than using those of its competitors?

    MegaBobtubeMegaBobtubeMånad sedan
  • Microsoft was always a slimy company. Linux FTW!

    ֆʟʊռӄֆʟʊռӄMånad sedan
  • I have a question. Is there any place where you can get winglue?

    FridiNaTorFridiNaTorMånad sedan
  • this kinda makes me think a fair analogy would be sega making a super nintendo slot on on of their devices so nintendo puts code in the cartridge that stops it running on a sega.

    Pulse FelPulse FelMånad sedan
  • I installed w3.11 on dosbox to an android 4.1 Samsung phone. It works just like a 33 mhz 486 with a very good video card at high colour.

    Jozsi OlahJozsi OlahMånad sedan
  • WINDOWS XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Nintendo Fan UnityNintendo Fan UnityMånad sedan

    JakeJakeMånad sedan
  • This video has affirmed my belief that I will never pay for a windows copy. Cracked activation for life.

    ProdFauxesProdFauxesMånad sedan
  • Kids today just don't understand why I hate Microsoft so much. It really gets me down when inferior technology dominates. Though I was never a huge fan of DRDOS. It was still DOS, despite the extra features. And DOS was garbage no matter who made it. It was barely more than an extended BIOS.

    YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • so many necessary evils in this pathetic world. google is another one.

    Monkey Robots Inc.Monkey Robots Inc.Månad sedan
  • So maybe it IS true that Microsoft programmers went by the motto "DOS isn't done 'till Lotus won't run. Whether it's true or not I don't know, but Microsoft has certainly demonstrated that they have the business ethics to author it.

    halnwheelshalnwheelsMånad sedan
  • Bill Gates is a murderous psychopath of course he’s gonna put destruction code in his software.

    Shawn GreenShawn GreenMånad sedan
    • wow, just another idiot who believes the rumors about bill. Gates didnt write a single line of code for 3.1 and any windows OS for that matter.

      tcrtylertcrtylerMånad sedan
  • I vaguely remember DR DOS back in the day, though I do remember calling it "Doctor DOS" (I didn't know DR stood for the company's name at the time)

    DJ MochDJ MochMånad sedan
  • WRAM: World Revolves Around Microsoft

    Ronald GarrisonRonald GarrisonMånad sedan
  • DOS did have memory expansion utilities that allowed pushing stuff into XMS. I vaguely remember those special config.sys edits that allowed running particularly resource-heavy games. One had to be a bit savvy to jump through the hoops but ultimately it wasn't inaccessible to your average teenager.

    SGresponseSGresponseMånad sedan
    • Yeah, I think DRDOS (and other products from companies like Quarterdeck) just made it easier. On plain MSDOS there was a lot of trial and error. In retrospect it's all stuff that should not have been necessary in the first place. We were running an OS on 386+ CPUs that was made to run on 8086 CPUs.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • Oh you’re ard!

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • In some ways, I'm surprised that Windows survived at all. Early versions like this were so bloated and clunky that most people I knew were really unhappy with the performance and only used them because they preferred to have a GUI. Now, I see these shenanigans and wonder if this extra added code, and it being "spread out all over the place" is a big reason that those platforms were so slow and clunky. Have seriously considered switching to Linux as a daily driver many times and giving more and more serious consideration these days.

    TJEssaryTJEssaryMånad sedan
    • Indeed, monopolies have more far reaching effects than people realize. If you were really a PC power user back in the 90's, Windows 3.x was pretty much irrelevant. It was just a DOS shell. I switched to Linux in the mid 90's and never looked back. I was lucky and worked in IT so I was even able to us Linux as my workstation. Then I switched to OS X in the mid-late 00's. I never ran WIndows as my daily driver.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • This makes me feel gross just hearing about this shady shit.

    Josh HeckmanJosh HeckmanMånad sedan
  • Came to see witcher comments...disappointed

    SpellMorFSpellMorFMånad sedan
  • That's only one side of the story, but, anyway, the G family is out of this presentation's scope. Just remember: MS never plays fair

    Andrew PhiAndrew PhiMånad sedan
  • 7:00 ish "and up to 4 GIGAbytes of memory could be used.." I'm sorry,... What?? This is Windows 3.1.

    wwazmanwwazmanMånad sedan
    • That value didn't really mean much in practical terms. That was is the 32bit theoretical limit of accessible memory. I don't think there was any PC at the time which could hold that much RAM, and even if there was, it would be ridiculously expensive. 4 megabytes was more realistic.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • By having that code in the Windows 3.1 beta image, it provides proof of intent to damage the reputation of a up and coming software corporation. It seems like Microsoft in it's relative infancy was one large and expensive lawsuit away from destroying itself. What a curious risk for a company to take.

    Brandon MuellerBrandon MuellerMånad sedan
  • Vis, vat, vose. What ve hell am I watching?

    PeterCamberwickPeterCamberwickMånad sedan
  • Just hit enter😊

    F.D. EnglishF.D. EnglishMånad sedan
  • Wasnt the amount of memory bill gates said was like 64gigs? Been a while my memory is fuzzy.

    nemo oceansoulnemo oceansoulMånad sedan
  • TH is pronounced TH, not V.

    AudioBeach StudiosAudioBeach StudiosMånad sedan
  • I had never heard of DR-DOS.

    Fusion DeveloperFusion DeveloperMånad sedan
  • I'd almost forgotten why I though Microsoft was evil. Thank you for the reminder.

    Sylvia ElseSylvia ElseMånad sedan
  • 7:01 - 4GB of memory? Is that supposed to be MB?

    Scott SScott SMånad sedan
    • That's the 32bit theoretical limit. 4MB was more realistic.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • keeping those algorithms happy...

    KoMaHu3λMKoMaHu3λMMånad sedan
  • Automatically Annihilates Digital Reseach

    OtakuUnitedStudioOtakuUnitedStudioMånad sedan
  • Ruthless capitalists. This is how it works. Kill your competition.

    Dave DuffyDave DuffyMånad sedan
  • GLaDOS

    Cayden BauerCayden BauerMånad sedan
  • Old school Microsoft were real bastards like that

    strider07strider07Månad sedan
  • Capitalism; efficiency, innovation.

    Berkehan YılmazBerkehan YılmazMånad sedan
  • how many better products could we have had if it wasn't for microsofts monopoly and shutting down competition.

    Antony FirewalkAntony Firewalk2 månader sedan
    • It's difficult to say. Depends if you are just talking x86 PCs, or include Apple and Amiga. On the x86 side DRDOS was a minor improvement on MSDOS. DOS was a dead end. So no big loss there. The real competition didn't really start until Windows 3.x era and the only serious competition there was OS/2 and I think you can blame IBM for botching that. IBM was more interested in protecting their own PC hardware than making a superior product for PC clones. IBM was too big and slow. If you consider platforms like Apple and Amiga we see that Apple eventually prevailed, so maybe it was just delayed? I don't know that Amiga necessarily suffered by the MS monopoly. I think they were just too niche.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • i stayed with win 7 and im happy as i can be. when someone gives you stuff for free and its big and underhanded company, thats when you know for sure that its a crooked deal and they want something in return, but they are hiding it, or that the product is worse than previous one.

    Seushimare JikazeSeushimare Jikaze2 månader sedan
  • Ahh the good old days when bill gates created viruses for computers and then sold you the cure. I wonder what he's up to nowadays?

    John GlassJohn Glass2 månader sedan
    • The same goddamn thing.

      DigitalAlphaDigitalAlphaMånad sedan
  • Microsoft really are such a scummy company, much like most of big tech sadly

    SarahD1987SarahD19872 månader sedan
  • bruh no wonder why ID removed the "aardwolf" easter egg from Wolfenstein 3d it was to be later a self destruct code!

    Slit ThroatSlit Throat2 månader sedan
  • annnd this is why i use Linux now. the less big tech shenanigans the better. or at least as close as i can get being disconnected from it.

    NexusNexus2 månader sedan
  • He is a good guy, let him vaccinate you.

    ꧁༒TOG༒꧂꧁༒TOG༒꧂2 månader sedan
    • again a nother idiot who believes the rumors

      tcrtylertcrtylerMånad sedan
  • i thought this was a witcher video

    Ádám VörösÁdám Vörös2 månader sedan
  • .... and people want us to take Bill's vaccine? Yeah, no.

    rc carrc car2 månader sedan
    • @tcrtyler "yOu sHoUlD bE GeTTiNG VaCCiNEZ AnYWaYz" >"yOu ShoUlD bE RePoRTiNG UnTErMenScH tO yOuR loCaL SS hEaDQuArtErZ" that's what you sound like...

      rc carrc carMånad sedan
    • @tcrtyler and it's my choice whether I should want to be a test subject or not for a vaccine for a disease that has a 99.95% survival rate. You can't control that, the government can't and if you say otherwise you're actually a nAzi, so fuck off you smoothbrain. You're not smart enough to be debating this if you haven't even realized the things I've just said.

      rc carrc carMånad sedan
    • @tcrtyler I have no problem taking vaccines that have been through the wringer. You know, ones that have had at least 2-3 years of human trials after having animal trials? Like normal vaccines do? There's a difference between getting a vaccine that has been tested thoroughly and one where YOU are the test subject.

      rc carrc carMånad sedan
    • @rc car proof he made viruses? also, you should be taking vaccines anways. and he's not "pushing everyone" he's just saying you should

      tcrtylertcrtylerMånad sedan
    • @rc car what proof is there that he made viruses

      tcrtylertcrtylerMånad sedan
  • I started with an AMD 386x40 and a Monochrome monitor. 4MB of RAM, 3.5" floppy, and a 245 MB hard drive which I felt was generous. I cleaned up every file that wasn't "essential" before doing a backup. 41 floppies later, and my backup was done! It had my personal files, Windows system files, everything! Now I use a NAS drive with a ridiculous amount of space on it just to save a fewer number of files that take more space. Does this channel have a video on bloatware?

    YouGotsTheRabiesYouGotsTheRabies2 månader sedan
  • Somewhere around 6:56 - 7:03, 4 Gigabytes of memory (assuming it stands for information memory) could be added? Is that the absolute limit? A 4Gb HDD was a massive thing back in the day

    GPteslaGPtesla2 månader sedan
    • That is the 32bit limit. 4MB was more realistic at the time.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • Windows new platform is to sell insecure software in windows 10 that continually updates but started your insecurity from the start through data collection.

    Kenneth CochraneKenneth Cochrane2 månader sedan
  • 6:50 windows 3.1 beta could address 4gb of memory?!?! On a 16 bit operating system where most people didn't have 1mb of memory?

    Jin KeeJin Kee2 månader sedan
    • By the time Windows 3.1 came out, 4MB was common enough. Windows 3.x it wasn't really an OS (DOS was always running under the hood) but it did have a 386 enhanced mode. IN theory it could access 4GB total (32bit limit), but no one process could be bigger than 16MB. In short, if you wanted a proper 32bit OS on PC back then, you needed to install OS/2 or WIndows NT. Windows 3.x was a broken hybrid.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • I remember Caldera and actually ran OpenLinux for a bit. I miss when Linux distros were unique and interesting and not just Debian or RedHat variants.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • No,not the Blue-screen of Death!

    prismstudios001prismstudios0012 månader sedan
  • I pay SEworld for no ads, your video has ads. I’ll be thumbs down your videos and not subscribing!

    El DiabloEl Diablo2 månader sedan
  • Microshaft glad I dumped them years ago for Linux

    Mind BlastMind Blast2 månader sedan
  • *Bill Gates:* *640 kb should be enough for everyone."*

  • Anyone remember Novell NetWare? I remember even in 2002 being able to tell who had a shared file open we needed to update using NetWare that we couldn't do on the Windows shares.

    deV14ntdeV14nt2 månader sedan
    • Yup, I managed Netware servers through 2007. Client side it was quite sophisticated, but the server itself was clunky as hell. I do not miss it a single bit.

      YarnoshYarnoshMånad sedan
  • wow, my dads pc store used to make a lot of money fixing those errors, hahaha I even got drafted to help, 1992 hey wow blast from the past! thanks for the video!

    fhhsvnggbhfhhsvnggbh2 månader sedan
  • What we are talking here is old fashioned business hard ball. Microsoft would be considered warm and fuzzy by the standards of JD Rockefeller JP Morgan and Comadore Vanderbilt.

    Allen HonakerAllen Honaker2 månader sedan
  • Typical microshit. And people said Opera was "making things up" or "suffered delusions of persecution" when the company reported deliberate targeting of its browser.

    Guess UndheitGuess Undheit2 månader sedan
  • Michaelsoft Bimbows

    Ot4ku_FididuOt4ku_Fididu2 månader sedan
  • And people feel that dealing drug's is a cutthroat business, that overpowers an individual's right to make a choice 🤔

    Timothy ATimothy A2 månader sedan
  • Let's not forget the other self-destruct code: *Format c:\* Too bad that wasn't input into the work desktops of certain Microsoft executives back in the day.

    josephsherandajosephsheranda2 månader sedan
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    _-Voxeliorn-__-Voxeliorn-_2 månader sedan
  • 10:31 How did he get the source code? The only ways I would imagine are banned; reverse engineer, leak

    MPG187MPG1872 månader sedan
  • 7:45 MWAV???? What is that supposed to stand for? Microsoft Windows Anti-Virus? Because it just says Microsoft Anti Virus w/o Windows...

    MPG187MPG1872 månader sedan
  • 1:12 I thought Caldera Dr DOS was Dr. DOS like doctor, today I found out it's an ancromym for Digital Research...

    MPG187MPG1872 månader sedan
  • I was very disappointed how windows stopped with the eye candy themes that had originally setup with windows 7. When they included those visual features, I thought to myself, "this is what truly makes Windows! It's like a nice car with a beautiful body to show its elegant performance and show how advanced it is."

    Pony RescuePony Rescue2 månader sedan