Live Defragging NYE 2019 | Nostalgia Nerd

1 jan 2020
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Start the year as you mean to go on. Welcome to the NYE 2019 Party. Where Drive C: is being defragmented.
(in all honesty, this is just the Defrag simulator at, but thought it would provide a nice venue to relax to the beautiful sounds of a hard disk being optimised, and even chat together as the New Year rolls in)

  • The whole point of this stream was really to ease anxieties (after all, is there anything calmer than the soothing images and sound of a defrag?) and give a venue for people to congregate and chat as the New Year Rolled in. It was great chatting to those who made it to the party; I hope you enjoyed it. Otherwise, Happy New Year! Thanks for being here over 2019.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan
    • Were you trying to be cute or accurate?

      Jared HaerJared Haer9 månader sedan
    • I just bought your retro tech book and I didn't even know who you were XD, I just saw it on Amazon and purchased it. I subscribed as this channel is lit.

      BrickisticBrickistic9 månader sedan
    • Can you upload this in 4K HDR please?

      BattleneterBattleneter10 månader sedan
    • Sorry,I was already invited by bigclivedotcom to watch the Manx Beard Club ring in the New Year. :p

      Aadil ShahAadil Shah10 månader sedan
    • Aw man come on!! Sooo close to 12h my OCD can't handle this haha :P

      Carlos FerrariCarlos Ferrari10 månader sedan
  • I got 2 2tb Hitachi Drives in Raid. Defrag then on 10 and sounds like a server

    William DWilliam DMånad sedan
  • And I thought that video LGR made of him printing something on a Dot Matrix Printer (for half an hour) was pointless. The comes our favorite nerd here and blows LGR's video out of the water.

    Marcelo SampaioMarcelo Sampaio2 månader sedan
  • Oh its not even a real defrag wtf

    Z OmegaZ Omega3 månader sedan
  • I really wish they didn't remove the graphical view of what's going on! It was very satisfying to watch.

    randomstringrandomstring4 månader sedan
    • Use Defraggler if you want that, or really many other defragmenting programs.

      The ArchivistThe ArchivistMånad sedan
  • I don't get it. I know that this is a defrag but I am lost as to the purpose of this post.

    Robert KowalskiRobert Kowalski4 månader sedan
  • So heartwarming and wholesome! The end really brought me to tears.

    Dirk TaggesellDirk Taggesell5 månader sedan
  • LOL! Click like, if you watched the entire video!

    MuranamanMuranaman8 månader sedan
  • I defragged with DOS, as it wasn't too slow, but with windows I never bothered. Took too long. What I did, was moved all the files off the disk, then back on. Did the same, but faster.

    Micheal KennedyMicheal Kennedy8 månader sedan
  • i used to get paid to do this kind of work.

    ArrowGentArrowGent8 månader sedan
  • I used to watch my defragging screens for hours. I was calming...

    American CitizenAmerican Citizen9 månader sedan
  • I like the part where this is largely obsolete on personal Windows systems' OS drives due to SSDs, and how it's unnecessary on Linux because the filesystems are smarter and designed to avoid heavy fragmentation.

    Kimberly LazarskiKimberly Lazarski9 månader sedan
    • @Louis Reed I get that and it was the intent of my comment. I guess the delivery was poor.

      Kimberly LazarskiKimberly Lazarski9 månader sedan
  • Still better than X-factor... At least this is useful.

    Zoltán Gábor DudásZoltán Gábor Dudás9 månader sedan
  • 🙈

    Sebastian WeißSebastian Weiß9 månader sedan
  • LOL I'm so doing this next year on the 20 TB of IDE hard drives that I have sitting around

    Mike DancyMike Dancy9 månader sedan
  • I used to love going to sleep listening to my old 5.25" Compaq 12gb drive (Quantum Bigfoot) defragging or ticking away at some task. Was surprisingly soothing to listen to. (I still have it and it still works.. Along with a new-in-box 120mb Maxtor that was only opened once for testing, and it works perfectly)

    Mash RienMash Rien9 månader sedan
  • Hands up if you've watched all of it?

    syteanricsyteanric9 månader sedan
  • When are you going to cover the TI 99 4A?

    My ChannelMy Channel9 månader sedan
  • I had a fragging good time watching this. Thanks NN, happy New Year to all and all that jazz!

    Craig HallCraig Hall9 månader sedan
  • Hmmm... Feels good 😌

    Yassin AbbadiYassin Abbadi9 månader sedan
  • Peter, it's 2020, we need 4k res!!!

    MrMeskiokasMrMeskiokas10 månader sedan
  • 12hrs of video, I wonder if SEworld will find this commercially viable.

    Phil WhiteheadPhil Whitehead10 månader sedan
  • When first saw this I thought you fell asleep and you was snoring

    michail okeefemichail okeefe10 månader sedan
  • WOW 32,000+ watching you Defrag, Is it me or Should you all Go DEFRAG your Storage, AND BACK IT UP.. I got 258 Hard Disc to Defrag on my array setup..And some on Please Give the Man a NEW HD, it sounds like my old 20-40 MB HDD..

    Pica DelphonPica Delphon10 månader sedan
  • Haha! Brilliant Peter, missed this on the night, but this is FAR more exciting than what I got up to.

    philrob1978philrob197810 månader sedan
  • Only YOU can make this so interesting.

    Stuart ThomasStuart Thomas10 månader sedan
  • Yesss

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin10 månader sedan
  • So simple, yet so effective. I just watched a few minutes and it made me remember the olden days, or defragging drives, the sound, the satisfaction as it progressed - such a cool idea. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    The Retro EngineThe Retro Engine10 månader sedan
  • More exciting than my NYE lol

    stephen grahamstephen graham10 månader sedan
  • Video of the year. Both 2019 and 2020 to be precise...

    Beno_HRBeno_HR10 månader sedan
  • lol

    ACMEACME10 månader sedan
  • do NOT do this on your SSD, it'll drastically reduce it's life.

    Michael MayfieldMichael Mayfield10 månader sedan
  • EPIC!!!

    Steve WrightSteve Wright10 månader sedan
  • Wow that was an intense video

    Vincent FischerVincent Fischer10 månader sedan
  • Preferable to Craig David on BBC.

    Richard DunnRichard Dunn10 månader sedan
  • I don't miss this chore. Someone should make a video showing what happens to an SSD if you did this too much to one of those.

    Tall PaulTall Paul10 månader sedan
  • Could be the only yt video that no one has watched from start to finish!

    Andrew LittleboyAndrew Littleboy10 månader sedan
  • Thank you for the reminder! I defragged (offline too) my 64-bit W7 HPE SP1 PC's C: overnight too with Auslogics' Disk Defrag Pro. It was way overdue. ;)

    antdudeantdude10 månader sedan
  • Big brain time.

    Fat ChocoboFat Chocobo10 månader sedan
  • That's just ASMR for nerds.

    Technical TapirTechnical Tapir10 månader sedan
  • With modern Filesystem nobody needs to defrag!

    Marcus SchulzMarcus Schulz10 månader sedan
    • @Kyle K NTFS needs defraging. I mean newer Filesystems.

      Marcus SchulzMarcus Schulz10 månader sedan
    • NTFS doesn't need a defrag, but FAT32 might? In Windows XP it seemed like it'd defrag in the background if the computer wasn't used for awhile. Great unless you play on a computer next to bed, and then try and fall asleep immediately and just as you're drifting off the hard drive goes crazy.

      Kyle KKyle K10 månader sedan
  • I liked that part were the hard drive was defragmented.

    CastaaCastaa10 månader sedan
    • Never happened

      Z OmegaZ Omega3 månader sedan
    • That was good

      Wolf MerrikWolf Merrik10 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of defragging my 120gb hdd in my old ibm tower. It was named vader and defragmentation never did a thing. It just made me feel better.

    jordan secristjordan secrist10 månader sedan
    • Ahh, the bad old days. I still have a 20mb on a hardcard in my 1983 Compaq luggable. It also has floppy drives = 2 @ 5 1/4 and 2 @ 3 1/2

      Michael MayfieldMichael Mayfield10 månader sedan
  • Sound starts at 6:37. It's not defragging without the sound

    Armando CenicerosArmando Ceniceros10 månader sedan
  • I miss defragging like tooth pain.

    48pluto48pluto10 månader sedan
  • Ahhh, 32-bit memories...

    Kyles IslerKyles Isler10 månader sedan
  • Hehe, it's been a while since i've watched this screen. The only thing this misses, is the gentle purr and rattle of the HDD doing its job.

    LimaVictorLimaVictor10 månader sedan
    • which it has

      Tor JättedödarenTor Jättedödaren10 månader sedan
  • Best stream of the year.

    PatrikPatrik10 månader sedan
  • This is so exciting I might watch 20 seconds of it. OK, that's enough fun for me, there's a puddle outside I need to watch dry.

    SteveMHNSteveMHN10 månader sedan
  • Im gutted it didnt last a full 12hr

    Sean WoolfendenSean Woolfenden10 månader sedan
  • Wow.. that’s a long one 👍

    Martin Mayhem’s Retro RundownMartin Mayhem’s Retro Rundown10 månader sedan
  • You mad bastard! 😁

    Vinny the MackemVinny the Mackem10 månader sedan
  • Man, I totally missed the party!

    Joe KelleyJoe Kelley10 månader sedan
  • When I tuned into this livestream last night I briefly thought the defrag noise was Peter's snoring after having passed out at some point.

    QualityApeManQualityApeMan10 månader sedan
  • I still have 30 active HDDs to defrag today, and I do it every few months (or as needed when data on them changes too much and I feel them sluggish). Defragging is not just "nostalgic", even today... it's necessary in some specific cases. Use of HDD @ home has moved from the "common folk" market to the "creator" market.

    Wavetrex InfinityWavetrex Infinity10 månader sedan
  • C:\HiddenFolder\Porn contains errors. Please run appropriate diagnostic tools to fix.

    ShelbyShelby10 månader sedan
  • Living like a king on nye. How is life up there? :)

    tremoristtremorist10 månader sedan
  • love a good defrag win10...rubbish.

    johnny mac26johnny mac2610 månader sedan
  • Тебе не нужно будет дефрагментировать файловую систему, если твоя файловая система не подвержена фрагментации. Сынк эбаут ит.

    Stanley KubrickStanley Kubrick10 månader sedan
  • Still have 6 HDD in use(+1 SSD), so I've no need to emulate defragging.

    ErraticPTErraticPT10 månader sedan
  • Not a joke, I used to sleep with hard drives close to my head because of “reasons” and it was actually super relaxing in the same way this is.

    ThebucketfuloratsThebucketfulorats10 månader sedan
    • Because white noise is good for us dude

      alienozialienozi10 månader sedan
  • I hope this was followed by a proper hard disk park.

    Rick DeckardRick Deckard10 månader sedan
  • I think i fell asleep and missed the best bit 😞

    Colonel BasicColonel Basic10 månader sedan
  • Paint drying next?

    John ColeJohn Cole10 månader sedan
  • Ooook

    SmattlessSmattless10 månader sedan
  • Dude, this took like 4 hours to defrag when we had 1 gig hard drives, to all of you saying you miss this, could you imagine how long this would take with terabyte drives of today? even with faster processors it would take crazy long to defrag. I definitely don't miss the windows 98 days of defragging AT ALL. I do miss the windows 98 plus pack space desktop theme and screensaver though.

    TeamUSATeamUSA10 månader sedan
    • You can install windows 98 screensavers on modern windows releases and they work just fine :)

      Matteo CristiniMatteo Cristini10 månader sedan
  • 😂

    RobertoRoberto10 månader sedan
  • This is great, I love this.

    MikeMike10 månader sedan
  • WIN95 & WIN98 Defrag.exe is very slow and dumb. The defrag.exe from ME works way more efficient and faster.

    REALSlutHunterREALSlutHunter10 månader sedan
  • Video of a train journey from the cab or watching a Defrag, dam, probably have to be both now. Happy 2020.

    diez66diez6610 månader sedan
  • a) Yes, i can remember this - and i am NOT missing it! b) I am also not missing such noisy hard drives. [Your God here] save the team which invented the SSD. c) Luckily, RISC OS didn't force me to do defrag the hard disk - even if there is a command with *compact. Happy new year every one!

    Tygat TycheTygat Tyche10 månader sedan
    • I haven't defragged a hard drive since 2002

      Kyle KKyle K10 månader sedan
    • caugh, when we claim "we love it" it might be we mean something complete different, but we still love it.

      Gernot SchraderGernot Schrader10 månader sedan
  • It got really exciting at the 2 hr Mark

    Johnnyafc _Johnnyafc _10 månader sedan
  • Your best video of the last year? ;-)

    Meth MethanoidMeth Methanoid10 månader sedan
  • An excellent video good sir! Thank you!

    Joel HopsonJoel Hopson10 månader sedan
  • I was hoping for a different kind of defragging ;), this will do lols

    Lee TookeyLee Tookey10 månader sedan
  • You evil genius!

    gwynbleidd13gwynbleidd1310 månader sedan
  • Four hours of 'Unintentional' ASMR. HAHA!!!!

    The ArcadinatorThe Arcadinator10 månader sedan
  • Don't mean to be a c___ or anything but, it might be quicker to just reinstall the OS. LOL!! Happy New Year Nostalgia Nerd and to everybody. Looking forward to more nostalgia from the nerd in 2020.

    The ArcadinatorThe Arcadinator10 månader sedan
  • Good old fun memories

    Adam Saint GermainAdam Saint Germain10 månader sedan
  • I REMEMBER GOING THROUGH THAT WITH MY HOME COMPUTER!!! LOL I still have that 2006 Hewlett Packard Gaming Computer which still runs petty well to this day. Back in the Windows 7 Days before the confusing Windows 8 came out, and I could easily access my programs. I never did like Windows 8. LAUGHING OUT LOUD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿🇺🇲🇮🇱🇺🇲🤘🏿🤘🏾🤘🏼🤘🏻

    Chico ManChico Man10 månader sedan
  • 2:50:18 My favorite moment :)

    RekumkaczRekumkacz10 månader sedan
    • Seriously, I can't find anything there... Semi-creative joke I guess?

      some bodysome body6 månader sedan
    • @Chad Kamerad Yup, ​"SEworld Rewind 2019"

      RekumkaczRekumkacz10 månader sedan
    • My favorite was 6:17:30

      suspicionofdeceitsuspicionofdeceit10 månader sedan
    • Can’t believe you caught that!

      Chad KameradChad Kamerad10 månader sedan
    • Nice catch!

      Michael BennettMichael Bennett10 månader sedan
  • Is nsfw videos like this even allowed on SEworld 😍😍

    SneakySquiddySneakySquiddy10 månader sedan
  • Was hoping for Norton Speed Disk for Windows 95. Maybe next new year's eve.

    Tim LockeTim Locke10 månader sedan
  • I really miss defragging like that. I used to get such a sense of satisfaction defragging all my drives. Moving the stuff I used most to the fastest part of the drive and trying out new defrag software. Now with solid state you just let the OS manage it and it slaps your hand if you touch it.

    Clay MannClay Mann10 månader sedan
    • @Matthias Görgens yeah, that's more what I meant. Thanks for the comment!

      Matteo CristiniMatteo Cristini2 månader sedan
    • @rockapartie didn't know that, thank you!

      Matteo CristiniMatteo Cristini2 månader sedan
    • Clay Mann Hahahah. It slaps your hand... That made me laugh... I oppose all forms of technological progress.

      Adam HAdam H9 månader sedan
    • @Matteo Cristini That's not entirely true and it's perfectly fine to leave Windows 10's drive optimization _enabled_ for SSD drives; read this:

      rockapartierockapartie10 månader sedan
    • @Jay-Z Denton well yes, you're right sir

      Matteo CristiniMatteo Cristini10 månader sedan
  • I am missing all the tick tick from the hd head......

    Thorben NielsenThorben Nielsen10 månader sedan
    • I know right? I used to know what was happening on my computer based purely on the sound. I don't really miss it because everything is so much faster now on nvme drives and such but I have lost that connection I had with what was happening. Windows could be downloading GB's in the background and I'd have no idea today.

      Clay MannClay Mann10 månader sedan
  • OMG I so miss this. I used to hope I had enough fragmentation to enjoy this as much as possible.

    dlarge6502dlarge650210 månader sedan
  • Thanks for sharing, subbed

    George StobbartGeorge Stobbart10 månader sedan
  • Watch it completely in 0.25x speed. It's amazing.

    TimoTimo10 månader sedan
    • @Gigi Hulj Still binge watching. So far a bit repetitious. Waiting for the good part.

      TimoTimo10 månader sedan
    • After you.

      Gigi HuljGigi Hulj10 månader sedan
  • This is a man who lives up to his youtube name :P Happy New Year :)

    UncleAwesomeUncleAwesome10 månader sedan
  • Damn, I missed this.

    Jari HeiskaJari Heiska10 månader sedan
    • @Tom Kay :D

      Luis CunhaLuis Cunha10 månader sedan
    • It was great.

      Tom KayTom Kay10 månader sedan
  • nice!

    donnerschweindonnerschwein10 månader sedan
  • Again again again 😂

    Michel DurieuxMichel Durieux10 månader sedan
  • these noises were so faked

    Ross ScarletRoss Scarlet10 månader sedan
    • @Tom Kay yes

      Ross ScarletRoss Scarlet10 månader sedan
    • You're pointing out something explicit in the description.

      Tom KayTom Kay10 månader sedan
  • NO D.O.S. Defrag!? Shame on you! XD

    Martin LiguoriMartin Liguori10 månader sedan
    • @Gigs Fair enough! I didn't exactly watch four hours of chat to spot that. ;)

      MansenMansen10 månader sedan
    • Who cares... someone is missing the joke... you must be really fun on parties.

      Martin LiguoriMartin Liguori10 månader sedan
    • @Mansen the video description where he says its fake? But also he said it during chat

      GigsGigs10 månader sedan
    • Fake - Based on what evidence?

      MansenMansen10 månader sedan
    • @Arcomador its a fake program. There are fake dos programs too.

      GigsGigs10 månader sedan
  • I asked in the chat, but no one answered... WHY?

    ElZamo92ElZamo9210 månader sedan
    • You have to wait until the chat defrags itself. Maybe in another twelve hours.

      The ArcadinatorThe Arcadinator10 månader sedan
    • T R stop taking people on the internet seriously...

      ElZamo92ElZamo9210 månader sedan
    • stop being needy

      T RT R10 månader sedan
  • This is so silly

    Adam SAdam S10 månader sedan
    • That's the point man!

      Matteo CristiniMatteo Cristini10 månader sedan
    • Yes, yes it is.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan