Sabrina the Teenage Witch for PC | Nostalgia Nerd

6 nov 2018
36 108 visningar

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Brat Attack, is a game for IBM PC Compatibles, running Windows 95 or newer. It was released in 1999, based around the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show airing at the time, featuring Melissa Joan Hart. Of course, with the arrival of a new Sabrina Netflix series, it seems more appropriate than ever to look back at this 90s piece of gaming history. At least we have Salem.
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  • I watch Sabrina the Teenage witch to go to sleep at night. No Joke.

    Невада большевикНевада большевик12 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, but can it Crysis?? Pshh, Crysis? How about can it run 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch? Your PC is weak sauce if it can't..

    Christopher BrasherChristopher Brasher2 månader sedan
  • The German counterpart of Sabrina is called Bibi Blocksberg. She rides the broom and stuff.

    Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler7 månader sedan
  • Oh my god I had this game and loved it as a kid! Played it for hours 🙈

    Fsas GirlFsas Girl8 månader sedan
  • Wait, did you call an escalator an elevator? I thought that was only a gag on an anime I watched called Azumanga Daioh. Oh Osaka...

    eirinymeirinym11 månader sedan
  • I found this game in my archives! But it doesn't work on my current Windows 😱 How can I play this game?

    Sarah AinsworthSarah AinsworthÅr sedan
  • I used to have that, along with 2 other Sabrina PC games.

    SuperTed19021SuperTed19021År sedan
  • Aye it's Sylvester The Talking Cat of SEworld! XD

    Random FandomRandom FandomÅr sedan
  • Haha! I remember playing this on the Windows 98 computer we had in the dining room, getting really angry I couldn't do anything and my big brothers completing it for me.

    Probably LoveProbably LoveÅr sedan
  • Seeing this game fills me with a strange feeling of sadness, emptiness, and dread for some reason...

  • God I loved that show. I don't know why, honestly. ... Ok, it's probably Melissa.

    Pieter van der MeerPieter van der MeerÅr sedan
  • 7:33 here buddy hit me with this...

    PeKツッPeKツッÅr sedan
  • There was a Two Fat Ladies game? Oh lord....

    cfbgoespopcfbgoespopÅr sedan
  • Nostalgia Nerd, Also as far as retro PC gaming there was a British developer who made and released an F1 simulator in 1994 or 1995 that the developer stated was coded in 100% assembler code for best performance as a game in an age that preceded the advent of 3d Accelerators, I recall screenshots looking extremely impressive for it's time and there was an article about the game in a 1994 or 1995 Edge Magazine and honestly wondered how amazing it would have been if such a developer would have worked making games on the Sega Saturn back then.

    7MGTESupraTurboA7MGTESupraTurboAÅr sedan
  • Hey Nostalgia Nerd have you been able to find those first 3d Accelerators from 1995? How about the Nvidia Nv1 that came with the Sega Saturn ports and compatible with Saturn game pad? I realize that others may have done a video on them but they were not in depth enough for me.

    7MGTESupraTurboA7MGTESupraTurboAÅr sedan
  • I played this game before, but it was dubbed in Russian.

    Leonard GreenlandLeonard GreenlandÅr sedan
  • OMG I remember actually playing this game!

    Donny PollittDonny PollittÅr sedan
  • I was surprised you had not bothered to find a patch.... not only did I find this game as abandonware, but the patch as well.

    h wh wÅr sedan
  • surely you don't have to kill a frog to get its sweat. Just threaten to kill it.

    monkeybiscuitsmonkeybiscuitsÅr sedan
  • Getting a LGR vibe from this one.

    Daniel LopezDaniel LopezÅr sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd Definitely gives it that calm relaxed feel i like LGR for. freshness and of course you now.

      Daniel LopezDaniel LopezÅr sedan
    • Well. I did approach this with a lazy mindset.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Pretty good animation.

    BrendleBrendleÅr sedan
  • The animation looks really good for a Windows 98 PC game. As for the TV show itself, it was enjoyable but stupid, and can be annoying to watch nowadays thanks to plot point cop outs for the sake of conflict, which is very prevalent in 60s shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. Or maybe that's just me looking into it too deeply... but I can definitely say that judging by all the things that go wrong in the show, it gives me the vibe that life sucks as a witch, especially for a half mortal in training! I mean, how does Sabrina put up with all this crap she has to suffer through, all because of her new gifted powers gifted to her by her aunts on her 16th birthday?!

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster1986År sedan
    • Also for those of you who were wondering, Amanda was a character that appeared in one episode as a horrid 9 year old brat Sabrina tasked herself into babysitting, despite her aunts telling her it's a bad idea. Amanda often uses her magic for mischief, cheat in board games and when she turns Sabrina into a doll, it's revealed she also traps people in a box as toys forever. But in the end, Sabrina uses her obsession with making things big against her, frees the captive toys and gives her a taste of her own medicine at the very end, which is pretty satisfying. So seeing her appear as an antagonist in a video game adaptation makes too much sense. It's just a shame that the game itself is pretty flawed and not for newcomers to get into...

      Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster1986År sedan
  • I remember when u had 2400 subs now look man... Well done man

    SkyBlue 1988SkyBlue 1988År sedan

    eyrelandeyrelandÅr sedan
  • Random question. What model is that Packard Bell? Looks like the one I had back in '97.

    Woz BrownWoz BrownÅr sedan
  • Dude you're attractive no homo

    Owen TerryOwen TerryÅr sedan
  • I'm shocked anyone else actually heard of Total Distortion.

    justin fwibberjustin fwibberÅr sedan
  • Ha, spotted this in a charity shop for PS yesterday for £2

    Richard DunnRichard DunnÅr sedan
  • No need to hide your true feelings Peter. You had a huge crush on Melissa Joan Hart, and watched Clarissa Explains it All, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch just to see more of her... or, wait, I might just be projecting.

    Ten80 PeteTen80 PeteÅr sedan
    • In the UK? Uhh no there was just the original 60s sabrina show back in the 90s. Except for teen magazines

      James SmithJames SmithÅr sedan
  • (10:23) _That's_ the tantrum tamer? Oh, my - I had no idea Rule 34 was this old.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Released by *Knowledge Adventure?* You mean the same company responsible for _Undersea Adventure_ and several other CD-ROM titles added to multimedia kits for PC's?

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Oh, I miss Melissa Joan Hart!!

    Ching-Chen HuangChing-Chen HuangÅr sedan
  • I loved this game as a kid! and i managed to work it out, pre-internet as a 7 year old

    Keith BrownKeith BrownÅr sedan
  • "It still makes a logical sense" in a witch magical fictional game. Definitely logical.

    Paul NJPaul NJÅr sedan

    thevideoman12thevideoman12År sedan

    ClaudieX XClaudieX XÅr sedan
  • Do a video on enhanced music cds that had music videos lol I loved those!

    Derek ParrotDerek ParrotÅr sedan
  • I learned how to use Director and learnt lingo. turns out its a pretty usless skill to have now. still own a copy of director 2004 MX

    Stephen TonkinStephen TonkinÅr sedan
  • That's some decent animation for what feels like a throwaway game

    Global warming is hotGlobal warming is hotÅr sedan
  • That looks almost exactly like my first computer.

    maboroshi1994maboroshi1994År sedan
  • So you’re wearing lab coats now? ;)

    Elmo SexwhistleElmo SexwhistleÅr sedan
  • 2:04 Yep, a hybrid release for both Windows 95 and later, and Mac OS 7.5.3 to 9.2.2. Yep, my sisters did play this same game, but I ended up with only the disc for it, not the entire box, as well as disc only for a few other games they played. 3:15 Ah yes, the IE 4 Channel Bar. I have an idea of what the default channels are for the US, UK, Japan, and Australia, but never really seen one for Singapore. 6:05 Oh wow, an AOL reference…

    Kevin BhasiKevin BhasiÅr sedan
  • This looks like ass

    Hood BabyHood BabyÅr sedan
  • I loved this game as a kid

    HootingLanceHootingLanceÅr sedan
  • Ah yes, mid '90's big-box PC shovelware. I remember when stuff like this use to litter bargain bins in computer stores back then.

    MisterK812MisterK812År sedan
  • The Sabrina 90s TV show taught me a very important life lesson. How to masturbate.

    superscatboysuperscatboyÅr sedan
  • The "tantrum tamer" is a WHIP? I had dreams about Sabrina the Teenage Witch and a whip once..

    WagooWagooÅr sedan
    • say what now 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

      Jordan WrightJordan WrightÅr sedan
  • witch in time

    Retro80sManRetro80sManÅr sedan
  • I really really want to make fun of you. OMG I'm literally squirming trying not to tear you apart for this... you had a PC back then... and this is what you did with it. Did your parents really want a girl?

    BlackEquinoxBlackEquinoxÅr sedan
  • mmm that Packard Bell takes me right back, you're just missing their matching mouse with the wavy buttons!

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerÅr sedan
  • 2:05 Mac requires 132 MHz but Windows needs 133!

    Richard EadonRichard EadonÅr sedan
  • Me an my sister fuckin hated this game tryed loads but never got past first room lol it was overly complicated for us coming from black and white gameboya

    JasonJasonÅr sedan
  • It's kind of odd: flash got worse. The animation here was very good, whether the game was any good, it's worth appreciating talent went into the artwork.

    ItsHyomotoItsHyomotoÅr sedan
    • I was thinking the same thing. I think it looks surprisingly good because it was done with actual bitmaps drawn in a traditional style, rather than the weird interpolated vectors that Flash used for a long time. I suspect they actually paid an artist a pretty decent amount of money for this, which helps a lot, whereas the vast majority of flash games that became popular were made practically for free.

      Daniel GDaniel GÅr sedan
  • Must get this running on ScummVM.

    Animal FactsAnimal FactsÅr sedan
  • Aaahh Sabrina. I always needed some time alone after an episode to "process" it back in the days.

    Z80Z80År sedan
    • Ok...

      Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler7 månader sedan
  • That IS a beanie. Putting a propeller in top was created by Bob Clampett for his famous Beany character (from Beany & Cecil).

    Christopher SobieniakChristopher SobieniakÅr sedan
  • What's with the lab coat!?

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • Those game cinematics looks surprisingly good.

    TheTomimtTheTomimtÅr sedan
  • flash did not start with Adobe but died!

    BoojakaschaBoojakaschaÅr sedan
  • Expect LGR and PushingUpRoses ring at your doorbell any time now

    RaveheartRaveheartÅr sedan
  • That was some nice Sabrina action

    Drumslav CzechisenkoDrumslav CzechisenkoÅr sedan
    • now I understand why i liked this show, yes, it was you, Sabrina

      Drumslav CzechisenkoDrumslav CzechisenkoÅr sedan
  • I hated that show. I called it "Sabrina The Teenage Glitch". It was horrible schlock. Regarding the game it's not a good likeness of the Actress in the game. It holds a place in history, yeah in the landfill with at cartridges of E.T. for the Atari 2600. I don't know why you went to the bother of getting this software equivalent of a pile of shit.

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • Huh... I didn't know there was more Sabrina other than the live-action show and the later animated show.

    DoctorX17DoctorX17År sedan
  • 7:33 At least from this point forward it is impossible to perform any act of injustice.

    James WilliamsonJames WilliamsonÅr sedan
  • Is it wrong to get semi-aroused at Melissa Joan Hart on a beige 90's Packard Bell?

    PierreVonStainesPierreVonStainesÅr sedan
  • Wow, "You got Spells!" dates this so, so much, haha.

    EarthboundXEarthboundXÅr sedan
  • Sounds like they tried to make it more of an action game instead they should have made it an outright point and click adventure game.

    UhfgoodUhfgoodÅr sedan
  • Had the biggest crush on Melissa Joan Hart. Still think she's the bee's knees lol. Great video man!!

    Megaglow ZMegaglow ZÅr sedan
  • You’ve got spells! A direct reference to AOL’s You’ve got mail. Interesting..

    Josh HymerJosh HymerÅr sedan
    • Yeah, especially because the US release (at least) included an AOL trial. At least the copy I ended up inheriting from my sisters (though a disc only) had it.

      Kevin BhasiKevin BhasiÅr sedan
  • Will this run on my Hannah Montana Linux with a PC emulator?

    Chris SinclairChris SinclairÅr sedan
  • I miss my 98 PC.. had to give it up or my parents would turf it, I hope it's being looked after. At least I kept the laptop.

    K9[kfg]K9[kfg]År sedan
  • Was that a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater special noise?

    KaizochKaizochÅr sedan
    • Ha, my first thought when I heard it as well.

      TehstroyerTehstroyerÅr sedan
  • 8:22 That is an escalator, not an elevator, bud.

    The Mad ModderThe Mad ModderÅr sedan
    • You can not English.

      Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler7 månader sedan
    • he's english, elevators are lifts :-P

      Joseph MillerJoseph MillerÅr sedan
  • You don’t brew spells, you brew potions. Argh, this game frustrates me.

    GameHammer Classic GamingGameHammer Classic GamingÅr sedan
    • Wanna play something that's truly frustrating? Play the PS1 Sabrina game. Truly the worst 3D platformer on the system.

      Irrelevant BMBIrrelevant BMB8 månader sedan
  • I'm so disappointed there was no whip thrashing with the tantrum tamer..

    Paul GascoignePaul GascoigneÅr sedan
  • When I was a kid, I loved that show and had a pet black cat that I always wished could talk like Salem. Also I totally had a crush on Melissa Joan Hart.

    VeezyjungVeezyjungÅr sedan
  • Shame the new show is such a swing and a miss.

    Crunchy ChipsCrunchy ChipsÅr sedan
  • Elevator.....? Or escalator?

    MrBertie7MrBertie7År sedan
  • Oh Christ

    welkflingerswelkflingersÅr sedan
  • Truly the pinnacle of NN videos xD

    CuzjuddCuzjuddÅr sedan
  • I made a living developing this kind of multimedia crap. And I am still surprised anyone would have invested money in this useless shit.

    Alfonso FlorioAlfonso FlorioÅr sedan
  • Just got this game at a thrift store. Haven't even installed yet.

    enilenisenilenisÅr sedan
  • I swear the animators of this game worked on the CDI Zelda and Mario titles. 😜

    BansakuBansakuÅr sedan
  • I had the game based on the cartoon Daria. It had the same isometric perspective as this and was voiced by the original cast members. It wasn't a bad game at all, but it was very easy and I finished it on my second attempt.

    Elliott JumpshoeElliott JumpshoeÅr sedan
  • I used to fancy her.

    Scott JusticeScott JusticeÅr sedan
  • +Nostalgia Nerd You were really generous with that score..

    TheCaptainTheCaptainÅr sedan
  • Is that a super nintendo connected to a C64 in the background behind your Packard Bell, are you sure your witchcraft is really contained to the Sabrina Game?

    DingDongBellsDingDongBellsÅr sedan
  • Looks like a beanie to me.

    temporaryscarstemporaryscarsÅr sedan
  • Yes children in the 90s we had a phenomenon called women. Pretty this waist fat ass. Definitely an old favorite of mine mmmm so sexy

    wayne clarkwayne clarkÅr sedan
  • Instructions unclear. Spell cast incorrectly Amiga 4000 has been turned into a Spectrum 48K What now???

    Error 42Error 42År sedan
  • That *is* a beanie, at least what we Americans call a beanie.

    Steve LovelaceSteve LovelaceÅr sedan
    • @Proscriptus we call them voovoozelas in South Africa 👍

      JamieJamieÅr sedan
    • @slipknotboy555 we call them bibawacks in Zimbabwe 👍

      JamieJamieÅr sedan
    • @Robin Sequira we also call them pumpernickels in France

      JamieJamieÅr sedan
    • Do we?

      GacMan47GacMan47År sedan
    • @Proscriptus That's the American concept of beanies too, I'm not really sure what this guys saying cause I've never actually heard that hat called a beanie. Mostly just "propeller hat" and other silly approximations.

      sonozakisonozakiÅr sedan
  • Your book has arrived today and I got to say, you did a really good job and it came out as a really high quality hardback that I've yet to put down. It's really well put together with just enough information and facts balanced with your style of writing. I may have to get another copy for a friend of mine!

    Potato lolPotato lolÅr sedan
  • This made me strangely depressed.... not in that, "oh man, how great was it to experience stuff like this"... more in a "Oh god... licensed video games have pretty much always been crap..." Something... empty and cold about this.... like everyone that had anything to do with making this game absolutely hated their life.

  • Yes, we are filthy bastards! :) I miss those installation screens as much as I miss downloading warez on 28.8K modems from BBSs

    Richard TRichard TÅr sedan
    • _Iron Helix_ had an interesting installation screen. As the game was installing, it would say different things such as reminding you to fill out your registration card. During this process, a Tyrannosaurus rex would eventually eat the man standing next to him. When the installation was complete, a satisfied "Oh, yeah," would be played.

      Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • I love the red dead references.

    RighteousBruceRighteousBruceÅr sedan
  • The irony of things... I started watching the 90's show a few days ago, this video just popped in my notifications and just today I watched the episode in which Amanda appears for the first time. lol I started watching it because of Salem, but I'm really enjoying it. It's a fun show!

    Mike DragonMike DragonÅr sedan
    • Hey, that's a cool little piece of trivia!

      Mike DragonMike DragonÅr sedan
    • fun fact: amanda was played by melissa joan harts real sister

      TTÅr sedan
  • I remember that show fondly,, i came for the beautiful girl, But it was the bloody cat and his humour that made me stay.. God how i loved Salem.

    peter obermullerpeter obermullerÅr sedan
    • I loved Salem too. I used to own a black cat. She sadly passed at the grand age of 18.

      SuperTed19021SuperTed19021År sedan
    • @Ten80 Pete It should've lasted longer......

      Jordan WrightJordan WrightÅr sedan
    • I think this might be a recurring theme with people named Peter, because this mirrors my sentiments exactly. I even watched the animated series because Salem was voiced by the same actor.

      Ten80 PeteTen80 PeteÅr sedan
    • Salem was to Sabrina what Niles was to the Nanny.. :)

      peter obermullerpeter obermullerÅr sedan
  • Oh no, let's not finish the TNG: A Final Unity long play, let's play this. Right, then. Here we go!

    kutulukutukutulukutuÅr sedan
  • how about reviewing a really shit game... i mean... A REALLY SHIT GAME... Diggers on the Amiga CD32 should do. Lets test your youtuber skills now eh :-)

    Neon EucNeon EucÅr sedan
  • 2:10 - "Year 2000 Compliant"...

    soulagent79soulagent79År sedan