Die Hard Commodore 64: 31 Years On | Nostalgia Nerd

24 dec 2019
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JUST in time for Christmas eve; Die Hard, one of the best Christmas movies of all time (if you have decided it to be a Christmas movie), but how about the game. I'm not talking about Die Hard Arcade or even Die Hard Trilogy for the PlayStation, noooo, I'm talking about Die Hard for the Commodore 64, released in 1990 by Activision. Let's delve into this festive feat. for the senses.
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  • I hope you have a great Christmas period folks. Thanks for all your support this year. Stay tuned for some truly sensational content (my words, not yours) lined up for next year!

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan
    • I wonder what content would be available this 2020

      J2004J200410 månader sedan
    • Your support is well earned.

      SHIFTYSHIFTY10 månader sedan
    • It's why they make tampons with holly in place of string ;)

      Colin JonesColin Jones10 månader sedan
    • @Colin Jones Please, do tell. : )

      Philip CooperPhilip Cooper10 månader sedan
    • ​That reminds me of a joke that probably doesn't belong here 😂

      Colin JonesColin Jones10 månader sedan
  • No mention of the legendary H&K MP5?

    Terrance TysonTerrance Tyson3 månader sedan
  • Yipee Ki-yay [DEMONETIZED]

    RAP64RAP647 månader sedan
  • I love that they say “in stunning detail” And now we have stuff like god of war

    Thies Van der kooijThies Van der kooij9 månader sedan
  • This actually looks better than the NES version...

    ShielZorShielZor9 månader sedan
  • what? No TRS-80 COCOII version? so dissapointed.. You wouldn't happen to have Raid on Bunngling Bay would you?

    Mike DancyMike Dancy9 månader sedan
  • Ah Die Hard. Not just the best Christmas movie of all time, but a great adult version of Home Alone as well. Fantastic!

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA9 månader sedan
  • Nice video 👏

    RetroheadRetrohead9 månader sedan
  • 4:32 Joe Don Baker IS Det. John McClane!!!

    Ben WolframBen Wolfram9 månader sedan
  • My first experience with computers was a late model C64 I brought for over $600 back in 1994 and I see they have released a modern version with over 60 games built into it, My favorite game was called Hounded a greyhound racing game made in Aus

    leongt1954leongt195410 månader sedan
  • Oh let's all borrow stuff from Mr Ashens 😁

    Self Indulgent GamerSelf Indulgent Gamer10 månader sedan
  • Heck, the NES version really wouldn't be such a punishing slog if it just had it's difficulty balanced a little better.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah10 månader sedan
  • Why does the latter half of this video have some ear-piercing music?

    the junk food kidthe junk food kid10 månader sedan
  • I wouldn't be able to get in to the play and feel of this game nor would I play on a computer. I'm a console type. The movie was good though. That's about it.

    SirKeith VincentSirKeith Vincent10 månader sedan

    WalterWalter10 månader sedan
  • wasnt it die hard trillogy on the playstation, with 3 diffrent gameplays? die hard arcade was the saturn version like streets of rage if im not mistaken.

    durtySumthingdurtySumthing10 månader sedan
  • I got your book for Christmas and I love it glad to have a collector’s book that isn’t just about US products thanks!👌

    Epic fortnite cool clips epicEpic fortnite cool clips epic10 månader sedan
  • Activision wasn't really one of the better companies.

    Tim DTim D10 månader sedan
  • 6:38 😂

    d vibe (swe)d vibe (swe)10 månader sedan
  • Die Hard Arcade was a SEGA Saturn exclusive. Developed by SEGA for SEGA's ST-V arcade board, then directly ported to Saturn.

    Burnt ReynoldsBurnt Reynolds10 månader sedan
  • Lol Gary Glitter! My first thought was Gary Numan! Awesome video bought back lots of nostalgic memories!

    DODGE THISDODGE THIS10 månader sedan
  • To the presenter: AWESOME!!! I also consider Die Hard my fave Xmas movie. You seem the only person in the world that confirmed it!

    Chris WysockiChris Wysocki10 månader sedan
  • It was Die Hard two that started on Christmas Eve. Die Hard the original was released on 3 February 1989

    Tom TurnbullTom Turnbull10 månader sedan
  • > Die Hard Arcade for the PlayStation I think you mean Sega Saturn, or the Sega Titan arcade board, or you meant Die Hard Trilogy but that also had a Saturn and Windows release.

    Matthew HowardMatthew Howard10 månader sedan
  • NN I don't mean to poo poo your latest videos at all, they've all been wonderful BUT what the hell has happened to your catchy music intro? Merry Christmas pal!

    Paul DeakinPaul Deakin10 månader sedan
  • looks more like Gary Glitter to me lol

  • Gary Glitter in the intro screen? He wouldn't be interested in saving the hostages. They were all adults.

    EVIL UBUNTUEVIL UBUNTU10 månader sedan
  • Also wondering why Bruce Willis' face was removed from the box art work. But I doubt it was because they weren't sure if the movie will be a success and Willis becomes a star. Otherwise they hadn't made the game in the first place. Merry belated Christmas to you and everybody else!

    Eighties SeekerEighties Seeker10 månader sedan
  • Have you tried rewriting the disk image back to the original disk?

    SIDSID10 månader sedan
  • A licensed product ...boom

    Stevie JoStevie Jo10 månader sedan
  • Obviously you meant Die Hard Trilogy, not Die Hard Arcade which was by Sega and only ported to the Saturn at the time. Die Hard Trilogy was on both Saturn & PS1 but i only really enjoyed the driving part of the trilogy, would rather play DHA any day of the week.

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 7810 månader sedan
  • Die Hard is a C64 Game movie.

    KRAFTWERK2K6KRAFTWERK2K610 månader sedan
  • die hard arcade original release console was the Saturn. It came out on the PlayStation 2 ten years after its arcade release.

    DoctorNoobDoctorNoob10 månader sedan
  • 9:55 "as if millions of Saturn fan's voices suddenly cried out, and were suddenly silenced."

    64KRAM64KRAM10 månader sedan
    • 64KRAM I think he means thousands, not millions

      S BS B10 månader sedan
  • I never had this, but it looks like a decent game, although the change in perspective probably would have killed it for me. I hate when games do that. Just keep the camera in the same orientation, or allow the user to switch it (which works best when all the rooms are identical in size/shape). I can easily visualize 3D maps if they're always from the same perspective or I'm the one in control of the camera, but when the game changes on its own, I easily get lost. Which is one of the reasons I've never liked the U.K. Aliens game, even though all the other elements of it appeal to me.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrul10 månader sedan
  • I didn’t even know that existed! Excellent.

    LogrusUKLogrusUK10 månader sedan
  • Might check that out on the vice emulator tomorrow - this Xmas period I have been making use of that a fair bit, also the Altairra (?sp) atari 8 bit emulator. Today I went over to my bro's house to check out how the DE-10 Nano I got him for Xmas was like. Well, it turned out that after some mucking about - dispwitches, putting things onto the micro SD card etc he got some cores on there for the c64 and Amiga, but...damn, it turned out it was necessary to get some external SD RAM. Annoying...thanks for the awesome channel.

    Stuart BrownleeStuart Brownlee10 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas.. And I have just received your retro book for Christmas.. Get in..

    Paul CarneyPaul Carney10 månader sedan
  • duude, this music is something

    Milicko MijatovicMilicko Mijatovic10 månader sedan
  • 9:53 die hard arcade didn't come out on PlayStation.... trilogy did.... Unless yer thinking of the PS2 sega ages dynamite deka Japan exclusive.

    The Great JonziniThe Great Jonzini10 månader sedan
  • Yippie Ki Yay! Merry Christmas!

    Vanilla BizcottiVanilla Bizcotti10 månader sedan
  • That's a MUST PLAY (or watch) at christmas time!!! :-) Merry Christmas! Your Doc64!

    Doktor64Doktor6410 månader sedan
  • It was really hard for me to like the movie as i always had to compare it to the game it's based on.

    *** aren't *** the *** only makes it better*** aren't *** the *** only makes it better10 månader sedan
  • Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..

    Asobi techAsobi tech10 månader sedan
  • Fuking awesome.

    Jonatan P. MuleroJonatan P. Mulero10 månader sedan
  • That disk looks like it was recovered from the remains of the tower.

    Adam BryantAdam Bryant10 månader sedan
  • It is thematically a Christmas movie. He has to overcome obstacles to spend Christmas with his family.

    QuixoteQuixote10 månader sedan
  • Wonder if they changed it to uzis cause they had no idea the guns in the movie were mp5s. It Wasn’t easy to find info on guns back then

    Dick AssmanDick Assman10 månader sedan
    • Depending on the production cycle, the programmers may not have even *seen* the movie during development. They often had to work from some early scripts, concept art and production photos.

      gwishartgwishart10 månader sedan
  • Die Hard Arcade on the PlayStation!! BLASPHEMOUS!!!

    Shane's ShowShane's Show10 månader sedan
    • Th3 D1LF - I was thinking the same thing. Die Hard Arcade was only originally released on the Saturn as it was made by Sega. After a quick google I discovered that it was released on the PS2 in Japan and then later on the PlayStation Network.

      Smell the GloveSmell the Glove10 månader sedan
  • This wasnt a Christmas movie it was set on xmas time but was released in cinemas in june/july

    G1zm0G1zm010 månader sedan
  • Not seeing a disk in the drive when you did the one sequence with 3:17ish... maybe the 1541-IIs had them less visible?

    Matthew GatskieMatthew Gatskie10 månader sedan
  • What if the person playing had never watched _Die Hard_ ? Difficult to imagine, I know, but it is possible. Is it pretty straight forward what the player is supposed to do, or are there no instructions, leaving the player frustrated when they miss an essential step?

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel10 månader sedan
  • ps1 die hard trilogy was a good game

    DaviDamirDaviDamir10 månader sedan
  • "There's a constant countdown" then zooms in to show a timer counting UP 🤣

    Galbi 3000Galbi 300010 månader sedan
    • That's because it was an Australian rom and that's the corolis effect

      horsey not a knighthorsey not a knight10 månader sedan
  • PSX version was very fun.

    Empires FallEmpires Fall10 månader sedan
  • Even Bruce Willis says Die Hard was not a Christmas movie 😛

    Galbi 3000Galbi 300010 månader sedan
  • I'm literally about to watch this movie.....just waiting for my food to be ready. I watch this film every christmas. excellent video subject.

    numberyellownumberyellow10 månader sedan
  • Watched this on Christmas Day after Eastenders and after a lot of beer and whiskey. Cheers

    No NameNo Name10 månader sedan
  • Awesome!

    2006200610 månader sedan
  • I really enjoyed the PC Engine version even though it didn't follow the film in a few levels. Some of the bosses were great as were the cinematics. Merry Christmas!

    Tony McNameeTony McNamee10 månader sedan
  • The floppy disk version? What! I'm sorry, Mr. Nostalgia Snob, but this is way too fancy for us common folks. Back in the day (oh, how very back in the day those days were.................) we used cassette tapes for our Commodore games, thank you. Oh sure, there were some who owned the fancy floppy things. But they lived far away.....in the forbidden lands of the United States.

    teppolundgrenteppolundgren10 månader sedan
  • Merry VHSmas may you be blessed with good tracking.

    VHS MikeyVHS Mikey10 månader sedan
  • Mrs just bought me your book fir xmas and I must say, I'm surprised I've never came across your channel before! Time to binge! Have a great xmas.

    Deafforever1231Deafforever123110 månader sedan
  • Die Hard is just Home Alone with real consequences.

    kingbeefkingbeef10 månader sedan
    • Die Hard - Plaza Alone

      KRAFTWERK2K6KRAFTWERK2K610 månader sedan
  • Looks like Death Wish III to me. With out the ♥GORE♥ ...'cause NO floppies for me ONLY TAPE :-(

    Dalle SmalhalsDalle Smalhals10 månader sedan
  • I definitely did not enjoy the “music” at the 08:00 mark...

    CoffeeManCoffeeMan10 månader sedan
    • Yup, agreed

      5 Red Lights5 Red Lights9 månader sedan
  • Oh god I accidentally at normal speed instead of the normal 2x speed real people watch/listen to SEworlds on and I think I caught slowitis.

    Lauri3000Lauri300010 månader sedan
  • Come off it. You filmed this in June in the middle of a heat wave. Right now you are on a beach in the Bahamas. Possibly.

    Robert SmithRobert Smith10 månader sedan
  • i only played this game on the NES...

    DovicDovic10 månader sedan
  • "Lastability" that word makes me giggle

    Ross ScarletRoss Scarlet10 månader sedan
  • Thank you for your help making this video possible, Stuart @Ashens.

    Michael ComptonMichael Compton10 månader sedan
  • That was the longest loading game I remember.

    Tim SmithTim Smith10 månader sedan
  • I used have one of those joysticks for my Amiga 1200.

    RJ SpiresRJ Spires10 månader sedan
  • John McClane looks Hank Hill in this game.

    SMIFFYSMIFFY10 månader sedan
  • "31 years on", sounds like my GNU/Linux machine.

    Kacper WKacper W10 månader sedan
  • just got your book "retro tech" for xmas :) excellent book , love your shows , have a great xmas and new year

    steven brownsteven brown10 månader sedan
  • And what did you think of Movies that made us on Netflix? ;)

    NonaxNonax10 månader sedan
  • Crazy, I have no memory of this game, and I was still using my C64 on a daily basis back then

    CantankerousDaveCantankerousDave10 månader sedan
  • Great video, have a Merry Christmas

    mintydog06mintydog0610 månader sedan
  • Merry Cristmas mother[bleep]

    TurreboTurrebo10 månader sedan
  • I wanted a circular cloud of dust like you got in the old Road Runner cartoons!

    James O'GradyJames O'Grady10 månader sedan
  • Playing Die Hard trilogy convinced me to get a PSX

    Keith GunnKeith Gunn10 månader sedan
  • If that advent calendar story of Rumble escaping from a boarding school and fulfilling his hockey dreams count as a Christmas story, then Die hard has a decent chance

    Daniel McFarlineDaniel McFarline10 månader sedan
  • “’Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie. It’s a goddamn Bruce Willis movie." - Bruce Willis

    UnbravewintermuteUnbravewintermute10 månader sedan
    • @Unbravewintermute rofl

      Adam BryantAdam Bryant10 månader sedan
    • You're wrong. It's a God Damn Bruce Willis Christmas Movie!

      Adam BryantAdam Bryant10 månader sedan
  • Yippe-ki-yay Mr Falcon

    InkarmyInkarmy10 månader sedan
  • Merry Yippee ki yay Christmas!

    Jesus BearJesus Bear10 månader sedan
  • I had forgot that 3d pc game

    Lassi KinnunenLassi Kinnunen10 månader sedan
  • Great vid, a Die hard fan! 😉 Have a great Christmas! Welcome to the party pal!

    keith mcgerrkeith mcgerr10 månader sedan
  • I had the floppy drive for my C64 but missed this game for it.

    SoS Legio PrimusSoS Legio Primus10 månader sedan
    • It looks like I did not miss much. I did play Nakatomi Plaza on my I think 486 DX2 or possibly my Pentium 3 or possibly my AMD Athlon or Athlon X64

      SoS Legio PrimusSoS Legio Primus10 månader sedan
  • 6:38 best shootout animation ever🤣

    SergiusSergius10 månader sedan
  • Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas!

    Binkman85Binkman8510 månader sedan
  • Definitely watched it tonight. It's filled with christmas music, so it's a christmas movie!

    AlcasteAlcaste10 månader sedan
  • Laugh if you want: I still have Die Hard in that exact box for C64 and it was *never* opened. It's shrink wrapped with a sales sticker from long dead German game publisher Ariolasoft on it. So weird. Even I can't say why it was never opened. I guess I will sit on it forever.

    Jammet LeopardJammet Leopard10 månader sedan
    • @Smattless Yeah, when they're really, really good games, usually though. With this one, it's like ..... whyyyyy. But then again, had it this long, might as well take it to the grave or sell it for a fortune.

      Jammet LeopardJammet Leopard10 månader sedan
    • @Smokey McBongington Bad call. ;)

      Jammet LeopardJammet Leopard10 månader sedan
    • I call bullshit

      Smokey McBongingtonSmokey McBongington10 månader sedan
    • It's kind of funny how that happens. I have an SNES mini I got over a year ago, still brand new, not sure if I'll ever open it or not. I just thought it'd be nice to have.

      braiden abraiden a10 månader sedan
    • Laugh? Pretty neat to have some OLD games that are like new.

      SmattlessSmattless10 månader sedan
  • I had the DOS version of the game. Never able to finish it...But eventually saw someone on SEworld do it in short time. Looks like C64 version plays better.

    aussiebear22aussiebear2210 månader sedan
  • Let's not skip the fact that this movie has the best Ugly Christmas Sweater ever! ("Now I Have A Machine Gun, Ho Ho Ho")

    LeftoverBeefcakeLeftoverBeefcake10 månader sedan
  • The Untouchables was a fantastic movie game.

    Astral LuminosityAstral Luminosity10 månader sedan
  • ZZAP Magazine! Ahhh... good times.

    Astral LuminosityAstral Luminosity10 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas!

    jlawson910jlawson91010 månader sedan
  • You should build a 1541 cable to PC and see if you can wipe that disk and rewrite the data.

    fan1701fan170110 månader sedan
  • Good stuff! My copy is in better shape (at least box wise - don't know if the disk still reads) so I'll take that. And, yes, I count it as a Christmas movie! :)

    Ellipsis of Triple TapEllipsis of Triple Tap10 månader sedan