What Happened to the Beige Box? | Nostalgia Nerd

31 mar 2020
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Visit buyraycon.com/nostalgianerd for 15% off your order! Enjoy a quality product at an even more affordable price. Brought to you by Raycon!.... Computers! They're amazing, right? But they have changed over the years. At one point they were a beige box that sat under the monitor, and now, they're not. Where did all the beige boxes go?
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  • Beige? I thought I grew up with light-grey or off-white boxes. Was I color blind? I know old plastic can get beige/yellowed over time, but back then? Interesting video as always 👍🏼

    The Same SameThe Same SameDag sedan
  • If you'd actually tested those raycons you'd know they're dogshit. absolutely fucking shameful.

    Sparky SummersSparky SummersDag sedan
  • My first family pc was the Acer Aspire in Midnight Black/Blue. The cheaper IBM Aptiva of the time.

    Abel LauAbel Lau5 dagar sedan
  • Boy's computer: RGB lighting everywhere MAN'S computer: No lights, everything matte black

    AlpheriorAlpherior7 dagar sedan
  • Black seems to be the most practical color.

    Lorn RobertsLorn Roberts7 dagar sedan
  • Jobs and Apple pushed PCs and Notebooks in all the wrong directions. Especially notebooks...and their rabid fanbase is so big and blindly throwing money out the windows that OF COURSE all other manufacturers followed all their absolutely asinine, impractical decisions.

    mito 0815mito 08158 dagar sedan
  • baje

    First LastFirst Last10 dagar sedan
  • i winced every time you pronounced with a “j” sound at the end rather than a “zh”

    Christopher SwansonChristopher Swanson16 dagar sedan
  • ive always called them shoebox pcs, i got my first one, a NEC 286 when i was 6 years old, playing duke 3d on floppies!!! my parents thought they'd brought a genius into the world!

    dan salmondan salmon18 dagar sedan
  • no, beige does not look cool, it looks boring and dirty. I hope we never go back. sorry.

    SpydersByteSpydersByte19 dagar sedan
  • Actually shows how corporations waste money Auto color, what stupidity. And the people that do it get stock options or cash payments. Unbelievable how stupid CFO can be and still get millions of dollars in cash payments and stock up unbelievable

    Frank MarburgerFrank Marburger20 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 Love at first sight, what is that case?

    Невада большевикНевада большевик20 dagar sedan
  • I just realized that EVEN MY ROOM IS BEIGE!

    Gerry CrisostomoGerry Crisostomo21 dag sedan
  • the more I learn about history, the more I learn that style changes that actually broke the mold came from very few people. Such as Steve jobs... Although it could be this video glorifying him a little to much too. I had pc towers from around the mid 1990s that werent biege or black. Such as Dark green. Some even had an early 2000s look.

    Tumas sTumas s21 dag sedan
  • I can do non-black. White, grey, gun-metal, brushed aluminum. But I'm not going back to beige.

    Evolution KillsEvolution Kills22 dagar sedan
  • man I remember when the colorful macs launched... they were awesome, sadly never did get one though

    Jesper AndersenJesper Andersen22 dagar sedan
  • In this video: Beyj. Bayj. Beyj. Beyj Beyj Bayj. I checked American and British pronunciation. You're sayin' it wrong. And you said it wrong a lot. The 'ge' is like 'rouge' and 'genre'

    DarlypantsDarlypants23 dagar sedan
  • That was quite informative, I must say, and answered some questions I had never really asked. Actually, all my PCs were beige until 2011, when I bought the black case I'm still using. I remember the pain of having to replace the DVD drive because beige in a black case is just impossible to live with. All black everything now, and happy!

    NdlandingNdlanding23 dagar sedan
  • Beige plastic was used in luxury cars too... Even the Starship Enterprise bridge was beige in the 80s.

    G CooperG Cooper23 dagar sedan
  • bayj

    PCEngineGaijinPCEngineGaijin23 dagar sedan
  • You forgot Olivetti.

    fierekefiereke23 dagar sedan
  • Silicon Graphics: Am I a joke to you?

    Tim OthyTim Othy23 dagar sedan
  • A 20 minute video that can be summarized by "It was designed by men".

    KafkeKafke23 dagar sedan
  • 16:30 i'm gonna have this man tell me something is like the future? hmm..

    Super SophisticatedSuper Sophisticated24 dagar sedan
  • So wait, you're telling me the ones who "think Different" and invigorated the PC market with style was... *_IBM?_* lol, nice.

    Joseph DiSalvoJoseph DiSalvo25 dagar sedan
  • Imagine your life using raycon earbuds playing shadow raid legends.

    LumocolorARTnr1319LumocolorARTnr131925 dagar sedan
  • I worked at a second hand computer store in the 90's whenever we got a black system in we would call it a "CBS Computer" meaning "Cool Black S#!t". They where so different from the IBM/Compaq/Dell/etc beige systems of the day.

    JRocco 36JRocco 3626 dagar sedan
  • I used these beige computers when I was very young in the early 2000's, yet I despise their look. I feel no nostalgia towards them, they just too ugly for good memories to sugar coat it in my mind. I really don't understand how you can possibly think it looks good. Beige is the worst colour ever, nothing looks good in beige. The white old PC's look okay though, not as ugly.

    Micheal DavisMicheal Davis27 dagar sedan
  • Lol at the idea of Kotaku doing actual research. That must've been their first time.

    Techni MyokoTechni Myoko27 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I really miss the good old times when we did computerly thingies on our computers just for the computerly thingys sake - that was fun 🤓

    Oktay AcikalinOktay Acikalin27 dagar sedan
  • my first computer, while still beige, are standing on side. I think most of PC that I know already standing on side and computer that are sleeping under monitor are an old one. but Indonesia is late in receiving newest computer tech at that time. so....

    Illyasviel EmiyaIllyasviel Emiya28 dagar sedan
  • I did find it kind of funny that you were blown away by wireless earbuds in 2020. :)

    Jon RowlisonJon Rowlison28 dagar sedan
  • A lot of the (bulk) CD drives I used in the late 90s came with black and white fronts, so you could easily make it match the colour of the case you stuck it in. Even for the drives that didn't ship with both colours, you could usually get the alternate colour for cheap, directly from the manufacturer. Plextor drives for instance always shipped in white, but you could get a black front for a few bucks extra. Then in the early 2000s suddenly everything came in black and the white fronts were the optional extra. I still have my white Aopen A600 tower from back then. Well, it's not quite white anymore. It's also not in use anymore, but that's more because the cooling isn't great in cases that big. 15:08 those are 2nd gen iMac btw. The first gen ones didn't look as nice

    SteelRodentSteelRodent28 dagar sedan
  • 14:33 I had that exact model black Aptiva for a good while as a kid! My father worked for IBM at the time, so of course we always had IBM computers. I remember very early on we had a PS/1 that stayed in the family for a long time, I'd still mess with it whenever I visited my grandparents until they got rid of it probably around 2010 or something. I was obviously not particularly knowledgeable about the tech back then (I would have been around 5 or 6 when we got that Aptiva) and only recognize the PS/1 from it having been around in the family for so long and being such a widespread, recogniseable model, but the black Aptiva was completely discarded after several years and I'm not sure I'd ever have remembered what specific type of computer it was if it wasn't for the image in that video. Little weird suddenly remembering a little piece of family history.

    Olivier AudetOlivier Audet29 dagar sedan
  • I had a MITECH what was Beige and we had a DELL PC that was Beige, the WANG was Black, A machine that ran a program called C-HAIR was brown, the Personal Iris was Purple.

  • You're ascribing too much credit to a huckster at apple. Apple never had any sort of computer market share to effect any sort of trend. Status symbol items like phones it does.

    Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan29 dagar sedan
  • Go to dankpods to tell y'all how terryble raycons are

    Andrei ȘtefanAndrei ȘtefanMånad sedan
  • As far as I remember black started appearing for real around 2005.

    Peter SwinkelsPeter SwinkelsMånad sedan
  • As a German, i say... We don't regret the grey color at all. It is still Standard. We love our rules xD

    LeBawsski GamingLeBawsski GamingMånad sedan
  • I walked into a computer store in the 90s, and there was a crowd surrounding a guy playing a computer game. The only exceptional thing about it seemed to be the fact that the computer he was using was all black, keyboard and all.

    Jon RogneJon RogneMånad sedan
  • Looking at pictures of electric typewriters from the 79s and 80s, although there were a variety of colors available, many of them also were beige. The aesthetics of those typewriters was continued with the computers, to blend with the existing office equipment.

    Jon RogneJon RogneMånad sedan
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCO_Certified I believe they had a standard that measured the contrast level of the display relative to the color of the bezel, which effectively disqualified dark colors. At the beginning of the 1990s, screens without the tco sticker would not sell. I thought it was an industry requirement, but it turned out it was just a union's purchase requirement standard that just was adopted as an approval stamp.

    Jon RogneJon RogneMånad sedan
  • When is that “Thinking Machine” video coming?

    Peter KnutsenPeter KnutsenMånad sedan
  • Wow, I thought this video was going to be about internal CD drives and floppy drives. But instead, it was about the colors of the computers themselves. I never even paid attention to computers' colors before because I saw computers as multiple improving models of the same tool, as opposed to several different tools, which is what I saw gaming consoles as. I mean, seriously: A GameCube looks different to a Nintendo Wii but a Windows 95 computer looks exactly the same as a Windows 98 computer!

    WadelDeeWadelDeeMånad sedan
  • I remember when I got my first silver Desktop Computer. It had no floppy drive so I had to reuse the one from my old beige computer. Then, I had a silver computer with a beige floppy drive. It looked ugly. I resolved to make sure that my next PC after that would have a floppy drive so that I would never be in that situation again. Because why would you want to use a PC without both a CD drive and a floppy drive? I now have a triangular PC that isn't even modular anymore, meaning that I can't even add an internal floppy drive anymore.

    WadelDeeWadelDeeMånad sedan
  • Nowadays, when I close my eyes and think of a "completely normal" computer setup, I picture a silver up-right rectangular Desktop Computer with a black widescreen monitor, a white keyboard, and a beige mouse. The mouse has a wheel and ball inside of it and everything is connected via cables. Oh, and the keyboard doesn't have a Windows key. I am currently using a triangular black RGB Desktop Computer with a black optical mouse and a beige keyboard with no Windows key. And everything is connected via cables.

    WadelDeeWadelDeeMånad sedan
  • What's the music from 5:36 onwards?

    WadelDeeWadelDeeMånad sedan
  • As someone who has beige walls, it's very offensive lol

    wyatt hatchwyatt hatchMånad sedan
  • Awesome vid and thanx to Nostalgia Nerd for the good memories... Why do I want my old Beige AMD 386DX 40 Flip top back again ????

    SARSteam RailwaysSARSteam RailwaysMånad sedan
  • Also at the time everyone smoked like a chimney. I guess by turning it beige you could mask the fact that everything would turn beige eventually

    Skullair313Skullair313Månad sedan
  • 12:07 my digital overlord!

    Christian EnriquezChristian EnriquezMånad sedan
  • A few years ago I saw I saw an older beige keyboard hooked up to a Hospital's black desktop. This was at the nurses station in the emergency room. I'm guessing it was a nurse there the preferred the thickness of the old the keyboard.

    Robert KnightRobert KnightMånad sedan
  • Moonwalkin' at 1:02

    The Retro EngineThe Retro EngineMånad sedan
  • Weird seeing someone recommend raycons after watching da Kloß Video after them

    Evan RomeuEvan RomeuMånad sedan
  • Screw beige, I want one in "no see um green" or "go away green". You know, the color that Disney uses on things like maintenance panels and stuff in their parks. That way, my PC would never get stolen by a burglar, they wouldn't even notice it.

    KuraiWolfKuraiWolfMånad sedan
  • Most of them turned yellow. Either because of a chain smoking nerd with bad premises ventilation or the plastics being exposed to UV and chemically reacting. I think the SNES consoles actually had problems with the flame retardant in the plastic formulation or something like that. Black plastic did away with this for the most part. Plus, it looks slicker.

    phuturephunkphuturephunkMånad sedan
  • 'Bay-juh' dude...

    GoonageGoonageMånad sedan
  • Despite all my beige I'm still just a rat in a cage

    calska140calska140Månad sedan
  • From the thumbnail and title. I thought this was the next part of what happened to this computer... seworld.info/will/erCdqby3l4J5tac/video

    Jason ArencibiaJason Arencibia2 månader sedan
  • Steve Jobs was a business man who cared only about how much money the company could make. The brain and mastermind was Steve Wozniak.

    Knack WurstKnack Wurst2 månader sedan
  • Release your soundtracks!!

    DanielOCDanielOC2 månader sedan
  • My first family computer as a kid was an Acer Aspire with windows 95. It was black and I thought it looked sleek as hell compared to the beige boxes.

    Adam JensenAdam Jensen2 månader sedan
  • lol I thought this was about the phone phreaker beige box =P should rename to beige case

    John BidwellJohn Bidwell2 månader sedan
  • I always just thought that people eventually started putting those boxes upright and manufacturers noticed and went along with it. I mean they still were available in beige for quite a while

    milpmilp2 månader sedan

    Marcus CookMarcus Cook2 månader sedan
  • What about silicon graphics machines?

    Oskar KejOskar Kej2 månader sedan
  • 17:15 - Sponsor is over.

    Guilherme Huerta e SilvaGuilherme Huerta e Silva2 månader sedan
  • Sesame Street LIVE SHOW 1993

    Jose VelezJose Velez2 månader sedan
  • Now we have black dell optiplex box with square monitors on them at school.

    TitanTubsTitanTubs2 månader sedan
  • Also remember the old clam shell cover on old computers. It was practical for the flat form factor especially if you put an heavy monitor on them but was also used on towers and here it was pretty stupid. And the two positions for hard drives even in huge towers with lots of 5 1/4 slots who you also could put hard drives in.

    Magne MoeMagne Moe2 månader sedan
  • Europe and it's standards.

    DELTACX10DELTACX102 månader sedan
  • JUST A THING: Here in Italy in '90 verticals were mostly common(even if in home) because were homemade and second hand so easily to manage and less difficult to broke.🙂 I have a Compaq with Olivetti mouse and keyboard, Compaq display...it was handmade and it was second hand. It was Windows 98 and my mom didn't wanted spend money for pc so when i was kid(at 13 years old my mom bought adsl, italian Alice) so we used modem and the phone! I still remember it, lucky a friend of my mom gift her a Nokia because at that time we were quite poor(but happier honestly because we had enjoyed everything new). It wasn't beige but something might way from beige and white. I remember the client mail...probably my mom used Rocketmail(after Yahoo!)! I still remember that whole was illegal! 🤣 Is funny because actually is cheaper and legal...but surely it was greater, nothing was obviously so having a pc like that felt you great. I still have a usb from that period(is one of the greater as quality despite is 1gb). I didn't have audio and we bought speakers was weird for me, still I usually mute my pc(now i own a mac and mom a laptop). I still remember tha crashes of Windows, Wordart and Explorer(we used the basic because my mom worked with pc but never really believed in them and she still doesn't really believe in this).

    Yep6803Yep68032 månader sedan
  • "Beidge"... Sure let's go with that.

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • apolgy for bad egg lunch where were u wen beige box die i was at home eating dorito wen phone ring "beige box is kil" "no"

    RetroBrick [GD]RetroBrick [GD]2 månader sedan
  • I Want A Retro Beige Box PC With Windows 95 & Games & A Wifi Modem Installed Edit: And A Manual On How To Use MS-DOS Properly

    Seamus QuainSeamus Quain2 månader sedan
  • Europe helps ruin everything it touches.

    Random UserRandom User3 månader sedan
  • "I first test their products" - Are you sure about that?

    Channel7331Channel73313 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the music that starts around 09:30?

    Simon BurnettSimon Burnett3 månader sedan
  • I last used beige/off-white/bright gray computers in 2007.

    SPNKrSPNKr3 månader sedan
  • Not having watched the video, I'm going to assume it stopped being sold due to being a horrible and extremely unattractive color that no one wanted

    Skiplock FredoSkiplock Fredo3 månader sedan
  • So that’s why...

    Ben Jenko LivesBen Jenko Lives3 månader sedan
  • This may be coincidental but... in the 70's, 80's and early 90's, many places still allowed smoking IN the office space. Plastic has a tendency to draw the Smoke and tar out of the air. I never really understood this phenomenon but I believe it has something to do with a chemical reaction with the plastic. So, due to smoke "damage" what was once white, off white, or light cream colored will darken over time to beige. If you start with a beige color, the transition will be less noticeable.

    Rodney KochRodney Koch3 månader sedan
  • I always hated the beige color.... just looks so blech.

    pri vatepri vate3 månader sedan
  • The standard now old Mac Aluminium "Color" is the new Beige. not only in concept but in looks absolutely.

    Sebastian RuedaSebastian Rueda3 månader sedan
    • Yucky. Something you'd see inside a dystopian prison from a 1980s or 90s film. Hope it goes away and people think for themselves. Also WHY do people NEVER change their ringtones anymore? Are we back to the 1960s when there was 1 or 2 ringing noises from all telephones?

      SPNKrSPNKr3 månader sedan
  • 8:29 I'm confused. Surely it should be mandatory to allow your workers adequate access to natural light in EVERY country?

    hamishfoxhamishfox3 månader sedan
  • In 20 years someone's gonna make a video about computers being black.

    Ben ZimmermanBen Zimmerman3 månader sedan
    • We always think we're so fucking special and "made" in the present and modern times. There are countless and endless amounts of things to poke at and lampoon in 2015 and later.

      SPNKrSPNKr3 månader sedan
  • trs80 is practically space gray lol

    miviezgenerationmiviezgeneration3 månader sedan
  • I always have to remind myself that these things weren't actually made in various vomit inducing shades of piss yellow.

    Woogoo336Woogoo3363 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one that has a PS/2 port in the back of their motherboard which is pretty recent? I was surprised to find that the cheaper motherboards ($100 range) still come with ps/2 ports. Now I can still keep my beige box vibe ... or at least the keyboard part of it!

    The Official NerdsThe Official Nerds3 månader sedan
  • The Germans and their sense of visual uniformity. There was a time when their preference went to the all-brown aesthetics...

    Salty NutsSalty Nuts3 månader sedan
  • 3:06 I look at all my apartment walls..... Beige! I once had a black CD drive in my beige computer box and it looked out of place.

    DexxterDexxter3 månader sedan
  • As a North American, I am cringing every time you say beige with a hard "g". My ear is tuned to want to hear beige, with a soft "g"....

    Max MorinMax Morin3 månader sedan
  • Thinking machines CM1 - that looks like some Cyberdyne systems model 101 shit going on there....

    Kalbay AwanKalbay Awan3 månader sedan
  • 01:06 am i the only one who instantly noticed the people walking in reverse? xD seworld.info/will/iJeryqzPmpmg2GA/video incase timestamp is broken

    Norwegian SmoresNorwegian Smores3 månader sedan
  • The screen on top of chassis is something that I madly want now, it looks great

    Jakob LindskogJakob Lindskog3 månader sedan
  • I think it would be neat to have a new computer in beige lol.

    Wheelie BlindWheelie Blind3 månader sedan
  • 0:36 I have those exact speakers and they still work.

    Nathaniel LewisNathaniel Lewis3 månader sedan
  • I still prefer blinding white with silver trim. With RGB lights these days, it'd probably look even more spectacular. That said, my PC has been black with red lighting for many years. (I keep reusing the same case.) The one old office trend(?) that particularly amused me though was the invisible computer. In a couple of offices I had the dubious pleasure of crawling under a lot of desks because of this. Imagine a rather nice looking wooden desk with a clear window flush in the desktop, set back slightly to not be obscured by a sliding keyboard tray to hide the keyboard "under" the desk. And under the desk was an angled mount to hold a CRT ... which is not a light object to freaking position under a desk. Also under the desk, to the side, was another mount for the actual box, another "fun" item to position with all that lovely working space under a desk. All this so that office workers could have a lovely unscary office desk where the computer was completely hidden. Because, you know, computers are scary. If you see your computer, you might have a heart attack! How these office workers didn't absolutely ruin their knees, I don't know. Not my problem. You also couldn't put in a floppy disk. LOL Again, not my problem. The customer is always right.

    Just Some PersonJust Some Person3 månader sedan
  • 6:27 Zooey Deschanel's mom???

    Ricardo CaianoRicardo Caiano3 månader sedan
  • Blast from the past for sure man.

    turbojoe2turbojoe23 månader sedan