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26 okt 2018
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I've written a book. Good lord.
Big thanks to everyone who made this possible.
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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018
Blue Snowball Microphone
If you believe I have forgotten to attribute anything in this video, please let me know, so I can add the source in. It takes time to make these videos and therefore it can be easy to forget things or make a mistake.
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  • Looks like Amazon have dropped the price to £10.50, so anyone who has pre-ordered will get it for that. That's almost as cheap as a block of paper. Gotta be a steal? Surely??

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • Bit delayed (wife, new baby due, life, you know the usual excuses in getting behind with my favourite SEworld content) finally got to see this and ordered. It’s now only £5.99 (I think that might make it cheaper than bog roll given the page count ;-) - no insult intended ). Absolutely a must.

      Richard ShearsRichard ShearsÅr sedan
    • I feel bad for those paying double a couple of weeks ago. Then again how much does Peter get per book? A set amount or % of sale?

      stingersplashstingersplashÅr sedan
    • So your book came a while ago and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Would have liked gloss finish pages, but that's a minor complaint indeed. Very nice reading this book!

      TheCaptainTheCaptainÅr sedan
    • i got my copy today, Royal Mail, required a signature... but i got it !!

      Stephen HarrisStephen HarrisÅr sedan
    • ....and it turned up today, really don't know whats going in with Amazon lately, maybe you other guys will get yours soon too.

      Ian UKIan UKÅr sedan
  • I didn't even realise a youtuber made this it was that good

  • Got it for Xmas. 😄 Love it!

    rob davisrob davis5 månader sedan
  • Great book

    Jacqui SandersonJacqui Sanderson7 månader sedan
  • Superb

    Paul PotterPaul Potter8 månader sedan
  • I randomly found your book at my local bookshop. Love it! I did a quick video about my thoughts on the book, hope you enjoy!

    BestNerdLifeBestNerdLifeÅr sedan
  • I have the book

    Airtone PAirtone PÅr sedan
  • I just read the book....17$ cad....very interesting ,...i recommend :))

    Chuck bytheriverChuck bytheriverÅr sedan
  • Love the channel and even though the information is freely available on the internet with a quick Google I bought the book to support you and because books are really becoming retro now, so its in line with the channel.

    Marc RussellMarc RussellÅr sedan
  • Just bought the book and very enjoyable. I do have to point out a slight error. Page 51 shows picture of donkey Kong for the color computer and says it is the Tom mix version. Image does not match the text. Tom mix version was donkey king and yes that version is good but not as good as John Kowalski’s version from 2007. The image is from John’s version. In the 80s we would have loved to have the 2007 version but sadly was not available. Donkey king is fun but the 2007 version is a straight transcoded version from the real arcade and blows everything else away.

    Kirk FinkbeinerKirk FinkbeinerÅr sedan
  • I got it today. Nice quality. Eager to read :-)

    Tommy OvesenTommy OvesenÅr sedan
  • just bought it for 5.99!! and its ranked as #1 best seller ( category : history of engineering and technology)

    RetrobutionRetrobutionÅr sedan
  • Just got mine last week. Read it 3 times already. It’s a fantastic book. Very informative and entertaining. I really hope you make this the first of a series. Like one for the PC compatibles and hand held game consoles.

    NoWhereMan 42NoWhereMan 42År sedan
  • Great to receive a copy of your book after Amazon told me that they could not get me a copy in Australia. Excellent work! In the Apple II section, you reference 16 colour capability in the copy (with two greys that on early models, were the same - 5 and 10) but you claim 8 in the “Fact Sheet” inset. Which is correct or have I missed something?

    Ed YoungEd YoungÅr sedan
  • Fame seems to follow you:

    Alex FootografoAlex FootografoÅr sedan
  • I wanted to say that "this book has brought back so may memory's of joy". Thank you. I received this book for Christmas and thoroughly ENJOYED it. Highly recommended. Great job!!! 👍

    Tracy WilliamsTracy WilliamsÅr sedan
  • I LOVE this book. So much so that I may buy a couple as gifts and a spare!!

    Alexander ChaneyAlexander ChaneyÅr sedan
  • I got the book as a christmas present from my girlfriend. She gave me a weird look when I said "Look how beautiful the Amiga was!". I think there might be something wrong with her.

    rockapartierockapartieÅr sedan
  • Merry Christmas. My sister got me your book as a surprise for Christmas. She has no idea that I watch your videos, and is about as far from a 'gamer' as possible, so I'd say that's a pretty good indicator of how it's been marketed. The first thing I did was flick to the pages for the Intellivision to show my dad. That was a console he had, and the first he introduced me to, before I got my own Sega Master System II.

    DaveSimonHDaveSimonHÅr sedan
  • I'm intrigued.

    DosgamertDosgamertÅr sedan
  • Just received the book from Amazon and it is printed upside down lol. Rare misprint edition?!

    Koffee CatKoffee CatÅr sedan
  • Nothing on IBM PCs? You are a hack

    Caspar HugheyCaspar HugheyÅr sedan
  • Is this sold in sweden?

    Tobias LarssonTobias LarssonÅr sedan
  • The wife has just bought me this book for Christmas, I can't wait to read it.

    Christopher Robert WhitseyChristopher Robert WhitseyÅr sedan
  • Only been out 4 weeks and £5.99 on amazon, couldn't say no at that price!

    stingersplashstingersplashÅr sedan
  • How the hell do you still not have a quarter million subs? Been watching you for quite a while man... I love all your videos and will surely be getting this Hardcopy and Kindle copy! Keep it up mate!

    W BrownW BrownÅr sedan
  • Got your book this week. Love it, very nice. Thanks

    CRAZY6256CRAZY6256År sedan
  • A bit of an error on page 70, the first paragraph on the page is also the last paragraph on it. Its repeated completely on the same page. Love the book, btw, great read on the crapper.

    zver711zver711År sedan
  • Well worth the price. Great job!

    Ol Dirty GamerOl Dirty GamerÅr sedan
  • Have bought your book, its very interesting and nice to read, thanks

    PeprealPeprealÅr sedan
  • Is this still available anywhere?

    Philip ParkerPhilip ParkerÅr sedan
  • Excellent book! Brought it on a recent trip and had to wrestle it away from several people on the airplane. I've got a video review here:

    Chris TorrenceChris TorrenceÅr sedan
  • The SG-1000 have definitely 16K VRAM.

    Lendgen OlgerLendgen OlgerÅr sedan
  • ordered!

    Ilan DavidIlan DavidÅr sedan
  • Wicked! Congratulations on this accomplishment! Looking forward reading it!

    DiepzeevisDiepzeevisÅr sedan
  • Got it, it's great to show friends a small overview over all the systems. Really liked most of your choices for the games. Definetly worth the price (16 € here in Germany). Bonus points for being a hardcover book.

    JardrasJardrasÅr sedan
  • 1:51 I squealed in delight because I recognised Black Crypt, then I looked closer and saw that this was not the game that I lost my youth too but a look-alike called Dungeon Master. I had always thought Dungeon Master was that Bullfrog-made mischief where you dig dungeons and mistreat minions...

    Rob FraserRob FraserÅr sedan
  • Got it! Love from Italy. Keep up with your amazing job 🙏🏻💪🏻👍🏻⭐️

    Valerio OcchiuzziValerio OcchiuzziÅr sedan
  • Just bought book on amazon

    CRAZY6256CRAZY6256År sedan
  • hello,i buy your book,i m from france......i like it,simple but it a good book.thanks ;)

    Paulo LoureiroPaulo LoureiroÅr sedan
  • This thing must be hot! i pre ordered my copy the day after the video came out and well, i just got a mail from the big river that i will get it some time between end of November and mid January 2019

    Stephan WershovenStephan WershovenÅr sedan
  • Absolutely loving the fact that the Commodore 64 piece starts on page 64 of the book. Inspired pagination!

    alanrmurphyalanrmurphyÅr sedan
  • just ordered. a steal.

    Nick JNick JÅr sedan
  • #1 Best Sellers in Video Game Design congrats my man

    LEGINLEGINÅr sedan
  • Will be purchased :)

    LEGINLEGINÅr sedan
  • Just got your book, very interesting so far but is it weird that I hear your voice while reading it? :)

    Mark LeuckMark LeuckÅr sedan
  • Today I picked up the book! :-D It's amazing!

    Roman ŠtecRoman ŠtecÅr sedan
  • The book came a couple of days ago. It took some days to deliver to Germany, but still quite quick. I am very pleased, started to read it, but have to be disciplined not to gobble up too much to fast, because I want to enjoy it in small portions. So far it has been delicious! The format is also quite handy, small enough to take it with you, big enough to enjoy the nice hardwar pictures. The idea with the three games pro system is brilliant. You picked some interesting games, many of whom I have never heard of. Congrats for the #1 bestseller status. You earned it!

    Jim HikikomoriartyJim HikikomoriartyÅr sedan
  • Just got mine delivered today and absolutely love it :)

    Iain GeorgeIain GeorgeÅr sedan
  • Ordering asap if only I could get one signed for a mate for Christmas. Great work keep it up

    Mike DenvirMike DenvirÅr sedan
  • I got mine in the mail today. Nice book, well made. Has a couple of errors, such as the Archimedes being powered by the Atari 7800, but hey it's all fun. Good Job, ish. :-)

    10p610p6År sedan
    • What the hell, no Atari Lynx in the handheld section. Arghhh

      10p610p6År sedan
    • OK I need to return it, you fucked the Jaguar part up.

      10p610p6År sedan
  • Jesus Christ! I wasnt expecting this.

    welkflingerswelkflingersÅr sedan
  • Congrats from the states. Know what I'm getting myself for Christmas. Can't wait to check it out.

    Binkman85Binkman85År sedan
  • Got my dead-tree copy. Took it into work. Quite a lot of interest, however we've all worked in IT for a while ;-)

    James CameronJames CameronÅr sedan
  • Sort of book you bring into the toilet with you and crawl out 3hrs later due to lack of blood flow to the legs..

    Ditchy69Ditchy69År sedan
  • Your Amazon order of "The Nostalgia Nerd's..." has shipped....

    Mark LeuckMark LeuckÅr sedan
  • Got the kindle version cause I couldn’t wait, lol, will also order the hard copy.nice read

    W BEAW BEAÅr sedan
  • Mine came through the door an hour ago. Great little book. A couple of things, on the spectrum section, it shows a zx81 and the paragraph is repeated, and on the Amiga 1200, it shows an a600hd. No real buggy and doesn’t spoil another wise great book, with systems I had never heard of

    James BlondenJames BlondenÅr sedan
  • Ordered without hesitation.

    Herp OwOHerp OwOÅr sedan
  • I just told the wife there is the best Xmas gift ever. Amazing SEworld channel can’t wait for the book

    Darkest BroccoliDarkest BroccoliÅr sedan
  • Amazing, Well done mate! I'm off to WHSmiths to get me a copy now :)

    jegwebbjegwebbÅr sedan
  • The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech: Computer, Consoles & Games (Tech Classics) Price on order date: £15.00 Price charged at shipping: £10.50 Lowest price before release date: £10.50 Quantity: 1 Total Savings: £4.50 £4.50 is your total savings under our Pre-order Price Guarantee.

    Glyn CashGlyn CashÅr sedan
  • pre-ordred it on 23/9 :) totally forogt but got a nice surprise from amazon today

    Glyn CashGlyn CashÅr sedan
  • I’m getting this bugger! 😃👍

    Paul BriersPaul BriersÅr sedan
  • Bought. Thanks bro.

    Kalan StarKalan StarÅr sedan
  • Hey Peter, I was having a look at the Amazon page, it says it will take between 1 to 2 months for dispatch? How come? I'm really interested in getting this!

    Potato lolPotato lolÅr sedan
  • Just pre-ordered this and cannot wait to read it - thank you for this!!!

    RedFalcon696RedFalcon6962 år sedan
  • I confess, I didn't want to wait the estimated 2 months for delivery, so I bought the Kindle version. Great read so far!

    VaterOrlaagVaterOrlaag2 år sedan
  • Xmas pressie for me. Looks great.

    Tim boTim bo2 år sedan
  • I'm looking forward to reading this, sadly Amazon have screwed up my preorder, so I now have to wait a further month :(

    Ian UKIan UK2 år sedan
  • I actually have it pre-ordered. Looking forward to it...

    KaryykKaryyk2 år sedan
  • Release tomorrow! Already added to amazon cart, but I have to ask: is the Vectrex in there??

    JopieHaargelJopieHaargel2 år sedan
  • Congrats!!!!!!!!! Will pick it up!!!! Im from the USA but it will go with the UK Retro Magazine collection i have!

    jfitnesshealthjfitnesshealth2 år sedan
  • Got the Amazon Pre-order. Sucks gonna be without an autograph, oh well :)

    zver711zver7112 år sedan
  • I can't wait until I'm next paid I am getting this book!

    WV Productions UKWV Productions UK2 år sedan
  • What a beautiful thing! :) Congrats, Pete!

    It's a Pixel THINGIt's a Pixel THING2 år sedan
  • Ordered mine!

    Gamespacegeek EatsfruitGamespacegeek Eatsfruit2 år sedan
  • got it on pre order :)

    Vintage ViewsVintage Views2 år sedan
  • The SEworld channel brings not enough money?

    Manic SorceressManic Sorceress2 år sedan
  • A E S T H E T I C ! Already pre-ordered so really looking forward to this 👍

    geezerdiamondgeezerdiamond2 år sedan
  • Really unique would be, if the book was also a retro console itself! It would go well with my coffee table book about coffee tables that can be turned into a coffee table.

    Kamil SzaboKamil Szabo2 år sedan
  • Can't wait! :)

    XantheinXanthein2 år sedan
  • great job and congrats

    cappacullacappaculla2 år sedan
  • Paused the video at a minute and a half to order your book. Just under €17,- looks like an awesome deal!

    TurreboTurrebo2 år sedan
  • Fair play to you; really cool!!

    Peter O'GormanPeter O'Gorman2 år sedan
  • Pre-ordered!

    Andrejs NgAndrejs Ng2 år sedan
  • Looks very interesting!

    ThomaniacThomaniac2 år sedan
  • This better be inside my stocking come Crimbo day or my wife will be sorry. Very sorry.

    Jon WoodsJon Woods2 år sedan
  • I'm getting two! My brother will love it as well:)

    nfijefnfijef2 år sedan
  • Pre orded a few weeks ago.

    Daniel GrayDaniel Gray2 år sedan
  • only 3 more days

    Max Crusher998Max Crusher9982 år sedan
  • Pre ordered my copy cheers Can not wait for the movie 😂

    Retro HQ ukRetro HQ uk2 år sedan
  • Here's a mystery worth solving in the video game arena. Old turn based Star Trek game, pretty sure it was for the Commodore 64. What was it's name, and are there any copies still around? From what I recall, you could have upwards of 4 or more people take turns plotting course, speed, and allocating power to shield quadrants, and weapons, etc. Once everyone input their moves, you started the session and all the action played out in real time. Was a brilliant top down game, and not sure why a version is not around for online multiplayer. It was similar to the Starfleet Battles board game but in video game form. Cannot find it anywhere on SEworld. If anyone could dig up info, and or screenshots of it, I'd think you could. If you can gather any hard info on it, and or show it in action, and do a video on it, I'll subscribe, and go buy your book. With all the Star Trek fans out there, and nostalgia videos, and everything Star Trek, it's amazing it's nowhere to be found. It's like the damn game never existed. But, it did, because I played it with my uncle and his friends back in the day. Oh, and one more thing. It would be a much better game online with everyone inputting their moves simultaneously, instead of sequentially. It took marathon length gaming sessions to finish a game back then. Like a chess match but with 4 or more players. Was still epic to watch it in action, though.

    The Hidden PawThe Hidden Paw2 år sedan
  • Congrats, looks beautiful and well within budget!

    Davnar RagnarDavnar Ragnar2 år sedan
  • Sir, I will buy one copy if you send some to Bogota, Colombia, South America, will you? :)

    Profesor PugProfesor Pug2 år sedan
  • Pre-ordered my copy. Cannot wait to get it on Nov 6th

    Iain GeorgeIain George2 år sedan
  • At's nice, Harry. Wot's it for?

    DappieKS80DappieKS802 år sedan
  • Congratulations! Any plans to do a tour/book signing to promote the book

    MD WadMD Wad2 år sedan
  • From Atari to ZXspectrum wouldnt be enough to fill a book that big 😅. Congrats!

    lemn8lemn82 år sedan
  • Just ordered, I can't wait to read it!

    GamingInvaderGamingInvader2 år sedan