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22 jun 2018
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Join me for some live gaming shenanigans, including the completion of Star Trek: A Final Unity (NOW WITH YOUR ADDED HELP). Also featuring Mystery of the Druids and other fine games, to be played in due course.
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A full version of the Star Trek: a Final Unity SFX Reel can be found at seworld.info/will/nqLM2anNmmufqmg/video
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  • If you'd like to catch up on the previous Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity episodes first. They are; 1) seworld.info/will/j22x3L2pgmynl5M/video 2) seworld.info/will/jpyz29emiKyGl3k/video 3) seworld.info/will/l5KzmZuwe6WB2qM/video

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • I'm afraid I won't be joining you on Twitch. While the platform is over-all a good thing, the browser based viewing client doe not play nice with security based browser plugins, rendering the experience unacceptable. When Twitch commits to respecting user security, on the terms of the user, then it will be a better experience. Not until then. Thus I must request, respectfully and on behalf of all of us non-twitch users, that you upload your streams from Twitch to your Extra's channel. We'll miss out on the real-time chat interactions but still get to watch.

      TheCaptainTheCaptain2 år sedan
    • totally forgot about them, i was enjoying that it just stopped or something

      DarkShroomDarkShroom2 år sedan
    • Best game ever~

      chedruidchedruid2 år sedan
    • I feel like I've been waiting forever for the next episode of this.

      Chris LawheadChris Lawhead2 år sedan
  • Ah, Mystery of the Druids. The game where for one puzzle you put water in a bowl to carry it across a room. But the animation means you put the bowl of water in your trouser pocket to walk, then take it out again to use it. Classic game logic nonsense.

    Kwaidan1905Kwaidan1905År sedan
  • Star Trek Final Unity I loved that game! cant find my CD anymore I wish it was on GOG

    MetallicaFan1442MetallicaFan14422 år sedan
  • Oh I love that game. One of the most hilarious gaming experiences I ever had.

    Sam HickeySam Hickey2 år sedan
  • You monster!

    Andy OxideAndy Oxide2 år sedan
  • No, I'm not going to join you on twitch, fuck off.

    Jeremy KuehnauJeremy Kuehnau2 år sedan
  • OMFG watching your Theme Hospital video now.

    RighteousBruceRighteousBruce2 år sedan
  • Yeah I watched the Star Trek

    potstellapotstella2 år sedan
  • can i try a shameless suggestion that you review some more weird mods like that alien one for doom!!! best idea ever, weird mods, screw this hardware tat that keeps turning up lately!

    DarkShroomDarkShroom2 år sedan
    • well that was freaky, u mention something about aliens anyway i stand by this, it will revitalise interest in your channel (honestly), if you cover like obscure mods for doom, quake, half life etc :)

      DarkShroomDarkShroom2 år sedan
  • Twitch? meh...

    K. M.K. M.2 år sedan
  • I am looking forward to your Twitch broadcast or what ever you kids are calling it now a days.

    OlschoolgamerOlschoolgamer2 år sedan
  • Being in Australia, the chances of me ever actually catching a stream are pretty much zero, and twitch doesn't keep old streams for long. Not to mention its user interface is atrocious compared to SEworld. Hence why I don't bother with twitch, so here's hoping the streams are consistently posted to SEworld.

    UpLateGeekUpLateGeek2 år sedan
  • Mystery of the Druids isn't horrifying, it's bloody hilarious. The main character is the world's most incompetent detective, everyone at Scotland Yard openly hates him and he somehow has a $200 pizza tab he hasn't paid. One of the puzzles is literally poisoning a homeless man for some quarters.

    Be N S O NBe N S O N2 år sedan
    • It must be bad if it's meant to be based in the UK and everyone is using dollars and quarters..

      Colin JohnstonColin Johnston2 år sedan
    • Shortly after being poisoned by one of your coworkers. Amazing game.

      Harold 135Harold 1352 år sedan
  • Thank the gods, the continuation of Star Trek a final unity (not joking) No more of that ultra sexist/racist/xenophobic ape Constable lyksie (however it's spelled) required mind you.

    Superade 79Superade 792 år sedan
  • Yes yes yes

    Duncan RathbandDuncan Rathband2 år sedan
  • Can't wait!

    SMIFFYSMIFFY2 år sedan
  • You sold me with the bitchslap. I'll see you Sunday

    Sega8bitSega8bit2 år sedan
  • Nice I am totally down for some Mystery of the Druids, you had me at the thumbnail!

    AdventureGameGeekAdventureGameGeek2 år sedan
  • Why you don't try it DLive (dlive.io/) I prefer this service. Great channel!

    Knuckle NoiseKnuckle Noise2 år sedan
  • Star Trek: A Final Unity isn't a bad game.

    earthlydescentearthlydescent2 år sedan
    • earthlydescent no it's not.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • Followed. You want to apply to become affiliate and partner soon, no? For getting bits and subscriptions. Followers should be already enough, you need just a while of streaming with some viewers.

    Udo KrawalloUdo Krawallo2 år sedan
  • Nice! I actually find that SEworldrs I've Subscribed to transition well to Twitch.

    wuz352wuz3522 år sedan
    • I'm actually really looking forward to playing some incredibly bad games.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • You're a fake nerd. You have kids, and everyone knows nerds are perma-virgins.

    II IIII II2 år sedan
  • 1st

    • Keep uploading, many thanks from japan

    • No. It doesn't matter. Just a causal interest. Many thanks.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • idk maybe i'm mean, does it really matter, i love all y0ur videos

    • You say you're a friendly businessman. But how friendly are you really?

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan