Astonishing Auction Acquisition | Nostalgia Nerd

11 dec 2018
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Auctions are dangerous. But sometimes, you can find a lot which is not only a good price, but holds items of incredible retro rareness. These two are definitely up there. You could say they're both AM-AZING and SPEC-TACULAR.
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  • omg what a ending to the video, i need to know if it is still loading?

    Youtube AdminYoutube AdminMånad sedan
  • Magic cleaning tip for anything: hit the grubbiest spots first but don't really scrub. Clean the rest. The grubby spots now had time to soak and will come off much easier.

    mikebell2112mikebell21122 månader sedan
  • Oh god. You have fine examples of my first two computers there. Speccy 128s are a design masterpiece and Amiga 1200's are so bloody lovely. I'm so jealous. I wish I had kept hold of mine instead of flogging it with the 68060 accelerator, Hi-res monitor, genlock, video digitiser and CD-ROM I had for it... and buying a crappy old Windows 95 PC from Dixons.

    LeaderOfTheStarrySkyLeaderOfTheStarrySky3 månader sedan
  • I don't care much for old computers, I'm more of a retro console person. However, retro computers are nice.

    RAP64RAP648 månader sedan
  • what.... the 200€ machines back then was new ones? explains why everything was in so insanely good shape when i bought it... it had never been opened. (200€ even then was cheap for an Amiga 1200 in Norway, problem was finding one that didn't look like shit and would ship em here)

    Børre BørresenBørre Børresen10 månader sedan
  • Fantastic find! There's no better feeling than winning something you love like this like this on eBay!

    Adam SmithAdam Smith11 månader sedan
  • Congrats on the awesome Auction! (bet your happy as Larry lol ) - love the Spectrum n Amiga ...been watching your channel awhile now, great video yet again\thanks

    Eric HeatonEric Heaton11 månader sedan
  • Complains about a new old stock A1200 costing half it's initial price when unworking units from 30 years ago sell for more... What a Smeghead

    PeKツッPeKツッ11 månader sedan
  • *You consider an AMIGA to be "retro"? Seriously? When you said you had one of the most sought after machines, I expected you to pull out an early IMSAI: Amiga is probably the last thing I expected. Finding a working IMSAI today is a $5000 and up proposition. THAT's "rare"!*

    Felonius SkunkFelonius SkunkÅr sedan
  • X ks ks BOX

    Phil SharyPhil SharyÅr sedan
  • Oh this episodes brings back memories. I actually managed to snag one of those late Magic pack A1200s.. oh and that Ferguson tape drive. Still have mine for my Beeb! Awesome memories.

    Rajesh SinghRajesh SinghÅr sedan
  • Do you have the number pad

    Dave BackDave BackÅr sedan
  • Why not use a Popsicle stick, toothpick, or old credit card for those hard to reach, inset areas instead of the blade of metal shears. An analogy would be to use sandpaper to get the bird poop off you auto, you wouldn't do that, would you? Thanks for your great videos!!! I just had to come back and add that if the shears are truly your tool of choice, you might also consider cleaning the keyboards with a petrol soaked rag, and whilst the keys are still moist, a close flame would ignite tremendous cleaning power!!! Happiness to all!

    Dan EdewaardDan EdewaardÅr sedan
  • I was hoping the last box was a CDTV

    burtobmburtobmÅr sedan
  • Please make your videos 2x speed.

    DaveTheBabeDaveTheBabeÅr sedan
  • Awesome video. Just to mention, the plural of Euro is simply "Euro" not Euros ;)

    Good Guys GamingGood Guys GamingÅr sedan
  • I've still got my Amiga 1200 (original Commodore, not the ESCOM version with slightly less compatible floppy). I've even got the first 80GB Conner 2.5" HD I put in it, which I later replaced with a 4GB 2.5" HD. Later I also upgraded it with a Blizzard mk IV 68030 + SCSI + FPU, which I understand fetch quite a lot of money second hand. I'll never sell it though - too many memories. It's the first computer I got online with - first with dial-up Bulletin Board Systems (1994-1996), then later on the internet (1996-) via Demon Internet service and using either IBrowse or Voyager web browsers, YAM for e-mail.

    satchice9satchice9År sedan
  • I wish I had an Amiga

    Tom 2404Tom 2404År sedan
  • Mr Nostalgia loves the jobs you hate to clean lol nice vid mate. Liked the whole Zen thing with wipes lol

    Badrul HussainBadrul HussainÅr sedan
  • [Chicken Sounding Excitement Intensifies]

    XzTSXzTSÅr sedan
  • Excellent. I may be getting a cheap Escom Amiga, but it's not boxed. Is the black PSU original?

    Paul PotterPaul PotterÅr sedan
  • congratulations to a video which does not mention sinclair spectrum and amiga in its description and title. how do you expect to reach people interested in this computer?

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameÅr sedan
  • Karl Pilkington is probably vomiting somewhere right now....

    Carlos FernandesCarlos FernandesÅr sedan
  • how much do you pay witoituh shipping and with shiping

    mauro esteban rodriguez zubietamauro esteban rodriguez zubietaÅr sedan
  • Pure. Retro. Pron. :D

    Paul BollocksPaul BollocksÅr sedan
  • The Amiga was beautiful

    GAMES made of CARDBOARDGAMES made of CARDBOARDÅr sedan
  • In the thumbnail you appear to have dwarfism.

    Daniel MorleyDaniel MorleyÅr sedan
  • Thanks for having the stack of books in the background, reminded me I needed to buy a couple!

    Andrew RobinsonAndrew RobinsonÅr sedan
  • Rather regret taking my A1200 apart so often now, screws are messed up and drilled a hole for a keyboard adapter. I probably will never use it again either.

    Alex AtkinAlex AtkinÅr sedan
  • What ever happened to the mystery PC you got that you said you had big plans for? That was back in April. Bring that story to its final conclusion.

    Daniel DuncanDaniel DuncanÅr sedan
  • When you opened that Amiga Christmases past exploded from my memory. Amazing haul of goodies.

    batteries requiredbatteries requiredÅr sedan
  • Got a toast rack 128k in box as well, the last Sinclair machine. The Amstrad Speccies did break some compatibility with games. I'd dispense with that Sinclair PSU ASAP too, I don't think PSUs were Sinclair's strong point :)

    6581punk6581punkÅr sedan
  • It's amazing that for some people the new millennium never exists. It will always be the 20th century. I threw my Amiga 1200 away (Along with about 300 floppies, the PSU and the 68020 expansion pack,) after I had it for about 3 years and got a PC instead, and I am so glad I did! I loved the Amiga at the time, but then a real computer came along and I have never been happier. My Speccy I never warmed to from Day 1, but it was a cheap computer (even back then,) and that's all I could afford at the time. But, now with emulation, I am starting to like it again, though I would never buy a real one, there is no point. Emulation is perfect. My first computer (bought by my parents,) was a Dragon 32.

    yogibear2k2yogibear2k2År sedan
  • Why not do what Madlemon did to her Spectrum's.

  • Very nice bundle of stuff there, always great when you get so many different bits and pieces in one order, fun to open it all and go through it

    ReplayRetroReplayRetroÅr sedan
  • Who else turned up the volume for the last 30 seconds ?

    Wayne HerbyWayne HerbyÅr sedan
    • Me

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 4:57 ... oh, yes, look at.... sounds like Gollum, my precious

    Al MartinAl MartinÅr sedan
  • I was hoping there would be an Elan Enterprise Enterprise 64 or Enterprise 128...

    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr sedan
  • The never ending loading.

    Hex TrasherHex TrasherÅr sedan
  • Would have ended the video after "this is a box" personally, and given the rest its own video.

    other tompersonother tompersonÅr sedan
  • Sweet, mate!

    silmearendilsilmearendilÅr sedan
  • I love the soft jazz, makes this feel like the porn video it clearly is.

    BiadosaruBiadosaruÅr sedan
  • That Amiga 1200 looks nice, very clean. Also one of my favourite systems, so much so I own 2, but one has a faulty floppy drive. It will be fixed one day.

    G-Man's GamingG-Man's GamingÅr sedan
  • I had that Amiga magic pack. Great times.

    Pedro GordinhoPedro GordinhoÅr sedan
  • dude man, you just unwrapped my childhood there, was born in 83, but my first computer was an Amstrad CPC (Schneider brand)

    Diurno MXDiurno MXÅr sedan
    • You young pup, you.

      bodgy brothersbodgy brothersÅr sedan
  • 0.o im looking at my first pc... those tapes took like 30 to 45 mins to load xD

    boyVAANmestreechboyVAANmestreechÅr sedan
    • Run cas; XD

      boyVAANmestreechboyVAANmestreechÅr sedan
  • Excellent haul Peter 👍👍 Just a quick question, is that you on the PayPal website riding a unicycle pulling a model of the Millennium Falcon strapped to a car tyre??

    Retro Steam TechRetro Steam TechÅr sedan
  • Nice score!

    Mentat001Mentat001År sedan
  • Ahh, that sweet noise when it loads the bulk of the program. I could sleep to this.

    Patrick FaulknerPatrick FaulknerÅr sedan
  • Never ending loading.

    Simon TaySimon TayÅr sedan
  • Cool video, thank you!

    PRiSM Visual ProductionPRiSM Visual ProductionÅr sedan
  • my love is with the 1200 but just because that's my history - what a good example of it though! nice win :)

    Dave BurfordDave BurfordÅr sedan
  • Will you also be changing the Voltage Regulator on the Toast Rack ? I would not buy any 1200 which had been defaced by Petro.

    Gary HartGary HartÅr sedan
  • I had the Dennis the menace Amiga 1200.

    LoundsifyLoundsifyÅr sedan
  • I can't read 1200 as 1200, I always see it as 2102

    television and cheesetelevision and cheeseÅr sedan
  • holy shit, guy. Very nice.

    Dylan McConnellDylan McConnellÅr sedan
  • Amiga 1200 was amazing back in the day, mines was in a tower with a PPC 133mhz 8mb expansion and Bvision gfx card :) awesome!

    Anthony FlemingAnthony FlemingÅr sedan
  • huh, is that what that is, well do you need parts? or other items i have a few bits n pieces mostly un-checked and tested but yeah there just sitting in my cupboard behind the cases i store my carded hotwheels in,

    sirmugmansirmugmanÅr sedan
    • Drop me an email!

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Shit! Amazing haul. I mean boxed speccy 128 and A1200, what more could one want?

    Alex RealityAlex RealityÅr sedan
  • make sure you recap it with quality Japanese smd caps and do it soon. I bought the EXACT magic pack in perfect box around 2006 and about a year ago I recapped it and the caps had started to leak but it wasn't serious. After recap and cleanup it's perfect again. Even a NOS A1200 is not immune to leaking smd caps, so it's one of the things that must be done to A1200, A600 and A4000 motherboards as soon as possible.

    Mr GuruMr GuruÅr sedan
  • Amigas of all types are getting so pricey now and so expensive to restore/repairs

    Timsalt3100Timsalt3100År sedan
  • Nice haul, beautiful stuff. I love the insanely tall stack of books in the background too 😀

    DominoidDominoidÅr sedan
  • Well he’s right it’s a box.

  • What do you do to afford all this stuff? You must have a great paying job or there are a lot of donations.

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • whats the blank key next to the enter key ?

    gato38gato38År sedan
  • Detritus- makes me want to play 'Into the Breach'

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • That is a nice looking machine.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • that LGR background music

    Pickle RickPickle RickÅr sedan
  • I could happily leave in a warehouse full of those things of my era :)

    Paolo KuslanPaolo KuslanÅr sedan
  • Should have wrapped the scissors with the cloth

    jvdahmenjvdahmenÅr sedan
  • Great vid hope you do a more indeth review of them both

    johnpaul johnsonjohnpaul johnsonÅr sedan
  • Great video as always. So glad I stumbled across your channel buddy.

    Tactical TezTactical TezÅr sedan
  • Is the Speccy rare due to the box? Reason i ask i'm pretty sure i still have some in my attic minus boxes

    Pappa LazarouPappa LazarouÅr sedan
  • The A1200 is a beaut.. I've seen a couple of those packs pop up on fleaBay but I think I'll get lynched if another A1200 turns up at home! Received wisdom, of course, is that it should be recapped even if it works (which I need to take care of on mine). The Speccy is proper nostalgia, though (granted I had a +3, rather than a 128). Memories.

    Aaron BrailsfordAaron BrailsfordÅr sedan
  • I really want a left handed speed king, I've been told they exist, but I've never seen one.

    Larry Bundy JrLarry Bundy JrÅr sedan
    • I feel like I saw adverts for those, right enough. Horrible joystick, though. it's irritating, it feels like it should be comfotable but it's just not, somehow.

      TheTurnipKingTheTurnipKingÅr sedan
  • Amiga 1200 u made me moist

    Jamie ClarkeJamie ClarkeÅr sedan
  • Straight Up SCORE!! Nice!

    nfijefnfijefÅr sedan
  • Tidy haul - I remember that 80s squeaky polystyrene box sound from my Oric 1 :D

    UmskiUmskiÅr sedan
  • is it a dildo? haha no seriously though, let's see.

    Alexander RewijkAlexander RewijkÅr sedan
  • Nice finds. Soo sweet that the boxes are there too

    demofilmpuntnldemofilmpuntnlÅr sedan
  • That Amiga... Makes me cry. I stupidly sold mine in 1995. Then moved to Canada. I’ve been trying for years to find one or a close facsimile here in Canada.

    Stromberg ThorntonStromberg ThorntonÅr sedan
  • THIS is what you bought if you were clueless or poor. Color clash and bargain bin games. Morris Marina of home computers. Amiga is only slightly better. By 1995 A1200 was a sad joke, but now its a nice conversation piece I guess.

    raszraszÅr sedan
  • I was curious about what software came with the Amiga magic collection (turns out it was the packages Wordworth, Turbocalc, DataStore, Organiser,Print Manager,Photogenics,Personnal Paint, and the games included Whizz and Pinball Mania) - one further thing that I had no idea about is that due to the shortage of amiga specific disk drives, these were fitted with pc drives modified to work with the A1200 - thing is that certain games would not work upon it as if they had non standard disk formats the drive could not read them - found all this out on the site -

    B3tanTyronneB3tanTyronneÅr sedan
  • OKay, I just really want to know what that stack of blue-covered books are behind and to your right? :)

    Jeff MitchellJeff MitchellÅr sedan
  • I love the card: "Please return this card immediately to the address above. Failure to do so will _effect_ your eligibility for support." Effect should be affect. So, grammatically speaking, that says 'failure to return the card will make you eligible for support'. LOL!

    Maggie McFeeMaggie McFeeÅr sedan
  • Kenwood stereo and deep fry machine company inc.

    Kowboy USAKowboy USAÅr sedan
  • I think I still have my Amiga 1200 in the loft. I wish I wasn't so fat I would go up and look. One day I'll get someone to go up there and sort it all out :)

    WV Productions UKWV Productions UKÅr sedan
  • I can't be the only one wondering about the £££'s?

    pete robinsonpete robinsonÅr sedan
  • For repairing keyboard membrane traces, I recommend conductive paint. After the doofus cat peed on my Tandy keyboard, soaking it right through, I had to completely disassemble for cleaning, and repair the corroded contact pads and a few traces. He's not allowed in my room any more. Just be sure to get as small a bottle or tube as is necessary, because supposedly it does have a shelf life. I haven't had my tube long enough to know if the claims about it's self life are true, but better safe than sorry.

    BlackEpyonBlackEpyonÅr sedan
  • You not going to tell us how much you won it for??

    Colin JohnstonColin JohnstonÅr sedan
  • With the seeming third world war looming I needed this video for a short distraction.

    NuvYouNuvYouÅr sedan
  • I'll do an un-boxing next year when I collect my boxed Batman Pack A500 :D LOVE the 1200 you've got there. I'll be after a commodore branded one in box when I'm ready. That looks like you got a BARGAIN to me. What site do you use? I have a Cheetah II on my Christmas list, but for the life of me I can't recall if I had my original with my Spectrum +3 or my original Amiga A500.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • Extremely jealous, been wanting an Amiga since the 90's but have never been in the financial position to fork out for one. Which sucks because they're only getting more expensive :(

    Razblood AlphaRazblood AlphaÅr sedan
  • With that music playing, all I can say is... Mmmmmmm. Niiice! (Hoping someone got that Fast Show reference)

    ZadsterZadsterÅr sedan
  • Yeah.... I would love a recapped and fully working 1200. No money. 😟

    brostenenbrostenenÅr sedan
  • My first computer was a ZX Spectrum+ , I paid 5 pounds for it at a Jumble sale, sadly it didn't work :P

    39K39KÅr sedan
  • At first, I was convinced those were cheater joysticks until I realized it was Cheetah. That's a cool acquisition though, considering I've never seen any of those in the US.

    Adam PorterAdam PorterÅr sedan
  • You can tell things are going well when chicken noises come about

    JikyuuJikyuuÅr sedan
  • You must have a lot of space to keep all this stuff

    MalfattioMalfattioÅr sedan
  • The way you say "This is" is really similar to "TheReportOfTheWeek" are you from the same place?

    MarquisDeSangMarquisDeSangÅr sedan