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20 mar 2021
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... Last month, I had the opportunity to purchase a car from 1990, a Renault 19 TSE. It's a car model that has a lot of nostalgia for me, and indeed I've been was fascinated by them since the 80s. So it seemed the perfect opportunity to make a video about it. Little did I know that it would turn out to be almost an hour long.
This isn't just on a whim. I've been hankering to make a car video for ages, and now it's complete, I'm pleased I've done it. I have no idea how well it's going to go down with my subscriber base, but that's not the point. This was a labour of love, and I really enjoyed making it. It was nice to delve into something that isn't computers for a change. It was also nice to get outside and do some "proper" filming.
Anyway, even if it's not your thing, I hope you at least get something from it. Normal service to resume from the next video.
With thanks to my daughter for her excellent drone piloting skills.
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Earl's Court MotorShow 1991:
R19 Crash Test:
R19 Chamade, Chris Goffey review:
Renault Alliance:
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The Renault File, An Eric Dymock Motor Book (1999)
"Renault 19" (Renault Direction de la Communication) (1988)
Renault Marketing Materials (1987-1995)
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdMånad sedan
    • Your speedo cable needs greasing. Also the idle didn't sound exactly right.

      jarnoobjarnoobMånad sedan
    • That was an absolutely brilliant video, immensely enjoyable, and I think the emotional connection you have with the 19 makes it so much more meaningful than a lot of SEworld videos.

      Andy EveleighAndy EveleighMånad sedan
    • Loved it, do more car videos.

      Crocmaster McGeezaxCrocmaster McGeezaxMånad sedan
    • Great Job!!

      Gerrit TjaardA MarinusGerrit TjaardA MarinusMånad sedan
    • Thanks for this awesome video!!!!! I enjoy computers as much as cars... And particularly, Renaults... My dad owned: Renault 6 Renault 12 Renault 12 Break Renault 18 Break Renault 21 Nevada Another Renault 21 Nevada Renault Laguna 2 phase 2 (the one that was the first in gaining 5 star Euro NCap rating) Renault Latitude.

      FranFranMånad sedan
  • Didn't they run the 19 in the BTCC in the late 80s/aerly 90s, AKA the start of Super Touring? I swear I remember it at Donington 93 support races in the rain before the European GP? That race should, probably, not have startted but.. EDIT: It was. They got a 1-2 in that race because it was torrential rain. If you know how bad the 1993 European GP was...think that but worse, and touring cars going around. It was a one year wonder replaced by the Laguna from 1994-1998 or 1999

    Jace KatalakisJace Katalakis2 dagar sedan
  • Great work, thanks for this great review !

    PatôsomonPatôsomon3 dagar sedan
  • My parents had the 11. It wasnt very good. I had a clio williams, that was great fun but worrying going that fast in a very foldable bean can. Things just fell off it all on their own

    Slim RacerSlim Racer3 dagar sedan
  • I have a copy of that book.

    MJR Torque VHSMJR Torque VHS4 dagar sedan
  • Impressive video, the experience was amazing and I deeply relate to the nostalgia behind the car. I also plead you to release the b-roll footage of driving your 19 around, it looks amazing and would be great to have it by its own merit. I'm thinking maybe even a vaporwave edit. Edit: Also the stationary parked shots, they're beautiful

    HooliGanHooliGan5 dagar sedan
  • 18:09 audio skip

    Bookman's Chamber of StankBookman's Chamber of Stank8 dagar sedan
  • You got Hubnut in my Nostalgia Nerd The electric Renualt 5 could do with some solar panels above the rear lights give it that 5 look

    siricosirico11 dagar sedan
  • My dad had a Renault 19 chamade from 1989 with a low trim level. It had 1.7 litre 75hp petrol engine. It was rubbish it broke down almost every week and it handled very bad and my dad always had the feeling that he will fall out of the corner every time he cornered.

    Aleksandar ZhelyazkovAleksandar Zhelyazkov11 dagar sedan
  • This was really enjoyable and those 52 minutes flew by. Thank you for doing something so different to the usual wonderful content.

    Phil's Solo TravelsPhil's Solo Travels12 dagar sedan
  • Made the history of The Renault 18 !! the most great car in latin america , and i meaning , the best car ever

    mauro esteban rodriguez zubietamauro esteban rodriguez zubieta13 dagar sedan
  • damn my family still keeps our renault 19, shame it has alot of rust on it now, hasnt been used in about 2-3 years

    ApexApex15 dagar sedan
  • I learned to drive in a 1992 Jeep Cherokee

    EriumErium15 dagar sedan
  • I used to have white R19 1.8 16v as my first car back in 00's. Man, I wish I didn't sell her....

    John NashJohn Nash17 dagar sedan
  • We have a Renault R9 from 1986. It's my favorite car.

    Kobe Bryant GamingKobe Bryant Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • RegularNostalgiaCarNerd

    DjendoDjendo19 dagar sedan
  • Renault has gone so... bland lately. I remember when they use to do whacky stuff like the Espace F1, or cool, albeit polarizing cars like the Avantime. My father was a huge fan in the 80's, in fact his first major purchase was a white Renault Fuego, which got destroyed in an accident. After that he imported another Fuego, this one was light blue, really cool looking, but police took it because it seemed the importer had gotten a stolen car.

    ComandanteJComandanteJ21 dag sedan
  • Thank you for this video. I myself had been driving 19 (although a newer, 1993 model) for about a year without relizing how interesting the history behind this model was.

    kombajnokombajno23 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoyed this and I don't even like cars! Your enthusiasm is clearly infectious 😜

    Colin HoadColin Hoad24 dagar sedan
  • That was something different and very enjoyable

    Joshua SpeechlyJoshua Speechly25 dagar sedan
  • I am here for computer/console related content. I hate Renault and their shitty cars. However your voice and the research you did to make this video I very much appreciate. I like history, cars and technology ... Thank you for making this video.

    Barry R. BrownBarry R. Brown26 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoy the video as a once owner of a late 1994 top of line R19 16V executive in Black with leather as standard and also had the 1995 upgrades on and was used as show car in in its first year of its life by Renault UK before I took ownership.

    razor000999000razor00099900027 dagar sedan
  • The Renault 19? Does it have any similarity to the 1989 Opel gsi? Looks similar. I had one when I was stationed in Germany in 2004.

    Ruffman SavageVeteranRuffman SavageVeteran28 dagar sedan
  • Techies have an intrinsic interest in cars (in my experience). I really enjoyed this episode! 👍🏻 Big Car is quaking in his boots 😄

    TooleaterTooleater29 dagar sedan
  • Ive got those orange fuzzy dice on my truck!

    Abstract IdeaAbstract Idea29 dagar sedan
  • Renault, cars made to fall apart.

    VorrnthVorrnthMånad sedan
  • NN You should use the tune The Knocks - Classic for a video. Well maybe a few seconds of the chorus.

    ThAdonisThAdonisMånad sedan
  • I learned to drive in a Mk1 Clio. Nice little car, pretty robust too despite the French reputation for crappy reliability. It had a deceptively sloping Renault nose too, so much so that when our cat jumped up to greet us and absorb some engine heat, he'd slip off, looking bewildered.

    Alastair WardAlastair WardMånad sedan
  • I appreciate the effort taken in pronunciation! Solid video as always. Merci!

    RaphaëlRaphaëlMånad sedan
  • Just can't beat that old boxy look

    Homebrew InstrumentalsHomebrew InstrumentalsMånad sedan
  • Thanks for this lovely trip down memory lane. I also learned to drive in a Renault 19 that my Dad and I owned together. I thought I’d take a quick gander at eBay to see if I could acquire one again. There used to be so many for sale, but now just one at four and half grand! Wish I’d kept my old one now.

    Jon PadfieldJon PadfieldMånad sedan
  • Excellent work, im not even really renault fan (4cv and fuego aside) and still enjoyed this. thankyou

    Notmah CuppateaNotmah CuppateaMånad sedan
  • Oooh, I had a GTS-X in white...about 20 years ago!! Sounds like I should've kept hold of it...

    sumorabbitsumorabbitMånad sedan
  • :O dude. I' have owned 14 renault 19's. 3 of them 16V's! and i have owned over 50 renaults.

    jarnoobjarnoobMånad sedan
  • Definitely restore it, and please give us updates of its progress! 🙂 I hope that it gives you many years of enjoyable service, and I suspect a lot of your followers will be interested in seeing how your ownership experience goes! 🙂 When I was a child, my parents also had a Renault 19, a white 1.7 TXE, G458 XMH, so I too have a slight soft spot for the model, and find it sad how rare they've become. My parents have had 4 Renaults: an 11, the aforementioned 19, a 2001 Clio, and most recently, a 2009 Clio. I much, much prefer the older Renault models to the current 1s.

    Andy EveleighAndy EveleighMånad sedan
  • I didn't expect to watch the whole thing but I did! Well done! Very interesting video.

    Hans de BruinHans de BruinMånad sedan
  • So I just bought a 19 Chamade 16V from a scrapyard with the aim of saving it! Decided to look up videos about them and did not expect to see one from you! Great vid

    Carlstone13Carlstone13Månad sedan
  • Ahh, so nice to see the Renault 19 given some love! My old 19 TS was the first car I ever bought with my own money. It had 60,000 miles on it when I got it, and I then drove it another 100,000 miles, all over the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland. I taught two of my friends to drive in it, and it helped me move house five times. It carried everything from mattresses to surfboards. In all that time, the only thing that ever went wrong was a broken fan belt. Sadly, eventually it was consumed by rust, otherwise I'm sure it would still be running today.

    Rob GRob GMånad sedan
  • AMPEX 220 terminal in left bottom corner at 9:27

    InkSpot101InkSpot101Månad sedan
  • Love your computer videos about old programs, operating systems, hardware, etc. But We have something in common - We're both like computers and cars. I had Renault in the past and my parents as well, they were great cars on most aspects, but the second hand market for France cars isn't great mostly... Some diesel models are on demand in the second hand market, as well as the last generation of the Peugeot 3008 (whether it's a diesel or a petrol car). This Renault is pretty in my opinion for it's era. Even some cars that came after it, were ugly in my opinion (like the Toyota Corolla or the first generation of the Nissan Almera).

    Dor sDor sMånad sedan
  • I approve.

    André RenaultAndré RenaultMånad sedan
  • I had the 16valve version. Black with black leather. I was 19. Insurance was £4000!!! But I did like it.

    biscuitsalivebiscuitsaliveMånad sedan
  • You've done a car review, now it's time to get Doug DeMuro to do retro tech videos.

    Very CringeVery CringeMånad sedan
  • I feel like shifting with my left hand is one of those things that I think would be a massive adjustment, but in reality only takes about 15 minutes to which to adjust.

    Crocmaster McGeezaxCrocmaster McGeezaxMånad sedan
  • Not a car guy at all but this was really interesting and you obviously put a lot of effort and love into the video. Hope it does well for the channel.

    Ivan SorensenIvan SorensenMånad sedan
  • First car was a 1990 Renault 19 with 300.000 km on it. I drove it like an idiot, hitting the rpm limiter quite a lot, but it never failed me over the 3 years I had it. Great car and engine!

    Martin Møller JensenMartin Møller JensenMånad sedan
  • I know this comment will probably get buried, but I'd love to see you do a video on the Honda CBR900RR.

    AlcatrazAlcatrazMånad sedan
  • I have a 1990 ford sierra, nothing beats a classic

    Christina PritchardChristina PritchardMånad sedan
  • Interesting, how the R19 Phase 2 already looks very much like the first Megane. (Evolution that is... ;))

    Loenne555Loenne555Månad sedan
  • 41:30 i liked the fact that the phase 2 advertisment was Dutch much more than i should have

    Nils den DekkerNils den DekkerMånad sedan
  • I had a 1500 cc Renault 5 for a while I used to call a pocket rocket because of its acceleration

    Tom TurnbullTom TurnbullMånad sedan
  • Damn, was that Mia Sara in that '92 commercial? Swoon.

    Adam PollAdam PollMånad sedan
  • I had a 1.4 pushrod one in about 94. It was only s couple of years old, but was well on the way to being shagged. I preferred the Peugeot 309.

    conkerman01conkerman01Månad sedan
  • Loved this video and what I would of seen as an ugly car as a child I now find it very good looking . The love for retro cars is Changing

    Zach tatum-haggerZach tatum-haggerMånad sedan
  • When you start making that sound when getting out of a car, that is a clear sign you do not have long.

    JustAManJustAManMånad sedan
  • Great video packed with content. Such a reminder of my old Clio RT with the 1.4 Energy engine which was still sweet at 100k when I sold it.

    Dave EdwardsDave EdwardsMånad sedan
  • The many stylish car designs of the 80s that gave hints towards a sleek and sharp future gave way to identical mundane roundness in the 90s and beyond.

    Alan RizkallahAlan RizkallahMånad sedan
  • This was one the cars my grandfather had when I was a kid, and I remember helping him wash it on the weekends. Great to see you took a shot outside of your comfort zone, with this video :)

    Diestro CorleoneDiestro CorleoneMånad sedan
  • Oh I didn't know you were a fellow Renault sufferer and enjoyer. It's both a blessing and a curse really.

    Dat BoiiDat BoiiMånad sedan
  • This was wonderfully produced. I know you don't normally do car related content, but I'd LOVE to see more!!

    will2993will2993Månad sedan
  • I jokingly always thought cars from the 80s were so.... angular... because the early versions of CAD didn't exactly do well at curved lines xD Had no idea they were still using polystyrene models at that point!

    WillJR880WillJR880Månad sedan
  • As an American I loved AMC and every time I see Renault I just wanna strangle Renault for putting the nail in the coffin of my lovely AMC

    Alex FitzpatricAlex FitzpatricMånad sedan
  • Love cars and computers too. More car videos please!!!

    Paul LeonardPaul LeonardMånad sedan
  • I live in the US. We had a Renault 'Medallion' wagon. I don't recall much other than it had a third row seating. We loved riding in the 'way' back as kids. I think it's similar to the 21 wagon?

    FailoFishyFailoFishyMånad sedan
  • What a great video - a real departure from your normal stuff, but frankly, it was worth the effort - excellent. The mother-in-law had a dark blue, 4-door 1.9 which I did a lot of the maintenance on, and I was always impressed at how easy it was to work on. Some real thought had gone into it. It lasted a long time and did many trips back and forth across Europe. We later bought a 1.8 16V Laguna serie 1, which turned out to be one of the best cars I've owned - superb vehicle: I was sad when it had to go. More like this, please!

    Rob SchofieldRob SchofieldMånad sedan
    • PS. I agree, your daughter has some serious drone flight skills - the overhead night-time car park shots look *great*

      Rob SchofieldRob SchofieldMånad sedan
  • IMO that’s a terrible looking car even for the period. But admire your passion and quality of this and all your videos. Keep up the good work.

    Power RyderPower RyderMånad sedan
  • Wonderful video! I'm in Canada and French cars are virtually non existent but it's great to hear the history as I've always thought that 80s to early 90s French cars were some of the coolest of the era (19, Fuego, BX, CX, 205 GTI, 309 GTI)

    Justin RenaudJustin RenaudMånad sedan

    It'syeeOLEDskoolFurryIt'syeeOLEDskoolFurryMånad sedan
  • Did you REALLY trust tossing off your keys to a total stranger TRUSTING that they would bring it back AT ALL (much less still in one piece) back then!??!

    It'syeeOLEDskoolFurryIt'syeeOLEDskoolFurryMånad sedan
  • My first big car and I bought it on looks alone at the time, a ph2 1.4 "lack of" energy. For £900 and a Renault Clio. Best feature was the front speaker elements replaced with kitchen roll🤷

    Barry WellsBarry WellsMånad sedan
  • Congratulations! What a fantastic video, made me go back in time to my first beloved car that was Renault 19 TDE. It was a fantastic car for that era. Many Thanks!!

    Filipe CartaxoFilipe CartaxoMånad sedan
  • Family car from my past renault 11 then renault 19 ^^

    antoine magnierantoine magnierMånad sedan
  • I owned a 1990 1.4 TSE Chamade. She was a good car by that time.

    Geeky Gamer's TVGeeky Gamer's TVMånad sedan
  • 37:04 Is this meant to be a married couple who drive away in their Renault's to cheat on each other??? I am really confused as to what this ad is about.

    Boom BoxBoom BoxMånad sedan
  • O man, I had a Renault 19 16v Chamade (saloon) back in the day. I loved it and kept it for 9 years. It was shockingly quick in a straight line, but bugger me, it wouldn’t go around corners at speed for love nor money, chuffing deadly in the wet. But it was so much fun. Never had abit of problem with the engine, but anything else was made of chocolate - 2 gearbox’s and countless wheel bearings and started motors (which was mounted under the exhaust manifold) just wouldn’t last. I loved it tho. Not many left now. Sad times. O, and that lovely bonnet air scope is just there to funnel air onto the exhaust manifold.

    The DadThe DadMånad sedan
  • The only Renault I have ever owned was the avantime one of the best cars I have driven

    Sir Ashley O.B.ESir Ashley O.B.EMånad sedan
  • I feel like we're brothers

    FranFranMånad sedan
  • Love Renault 19!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    FranFranMånad sedan
  • I love this video. This is a car I would've loved and possibly would've owned if it had they been widely available in the US.

    Charles GrapeCharles GrapeMånad sedan
  • Never heard of Renault!

    PharmdkeithPharmdkeithMånad sedan
  • Top gear aint top gear if there is no Jeremy, Richard and James. And on that bombshell... Back to the studio

    klizzard5166klizzard5166Månad sedan
  • Still drive my R19 phase 1 till this day. Great car

    Yo BroYo BroMånad sedan
  • that was the most exciting car video ive ever seen

    steven Gsteven GMånad sedan
  • in Portugal we also had the 1.9d atmospheric on the phase 2

    HardlyFunHardlyFunMånad sedan
  • Liked the video, however hate that car. Can not say why directly but I never agreed with my Renault 19. When the torsion springs broke and the price to repair it I gave up. Only good thing that came from it was my liking for Honda forward ;-) Thanks for a nice video, still as nostalgic as ever.

    Nisse HultNisse HultMånad sedan
  • I stole a few convertibles in my time

    BiG AlBiG AlMånad sedan
  • As a huge car enthusiast and also fellow nerd of all things electronic, AV and gaming I whole heartedly mean it when I tell you this is one of the BEST videos I’ve ever seen on SEworld. Amazing work man!

    Joseph FranzenJoseph FranzenMånad sedan
  • "I have owned 10 Renaults" Slow learner? ;)

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy ModelerMånad sedan
  • Pfft my 2010 Clio is much cooler! and it was made in my city! Seriously, this was super damn cool.

    EdEdMånad sedan
  • i hate the 90's obsession trying to make the 80's more oval and curve, BARF!

  • 46:12 Is that Tony Gardner from My Parents are Aliens?

    BlurredmanBlurredmanMånad sedan
  • 44:30 "touch it" advert reminds me of the Peugeot 205 "see me, feel me, touch me" advert...

    BlurredmanBlurredmanMånad sedan
  • This has made me want a Renault 19 😯 I found one on eBay with a leather interior it looks plush 👌

    Phill Wyatt OutdoorsPhill Wyatt OutdoorsMånad sedan
  • All I remember of Renault was the Le Car, which was the vehicle of choice for Molly Maid over here back in the 80s, I think. I haven't seen either in about 30 years. Great video!

    Tech Time TravellerTech Time TravellerMånad sedan
  • Cant believe u had those in US,greetings from Europe.

    Novak SvrkotaNovak SvrkotaMånad sedan
  • My school teacher had one. I remember the day she came Into school one day on 1994 all excited with her new chamade. It was a silver colour coded model.

    Casual Retro CollectorCasual Retro CollectorMånad sedan
  • my sister had an 11, it was a great car to drive

    Taxi RobTaxi RobMånad sedan
    • btw the 11 was the Encore in the USA, and the 9 was the Alliance

      Taxi RobTaxi RobMånad sedan
  • Weird how American cars were, at this time at least, more advanced than European offerings, even my truck. My 1990 F150 has electronic fuel injection, rear antilock brakes, power steering, air conditioning, then American cars had been phasing out leaded gasoline since the '60s at least.

    Lynestro The ConquerorLynestro The ConquerorMånad sedan
    • Then catalytic converters were required since the '70s ('87ish I believe for trucks).

      Lynestro The ConquerorLynestro The ConquerorMånad sedan
  • this a daily car in mid east and i cant even afford it

    wubwubMånad sedan
  • Love this - excellent video. Reminds me of my friend learning to drive in an early facelift dark green Biarittz. I remember the soft seats, gearbox whine and hooded instrument cowl

    S TomisonS TomisonMånad sedan